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  • Review of Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth in Orlando Florida by DancingCrane 13 hours agoI recently participated in a day program at Soul Quest and had previously participated in the weekend program. I find the staff very knowledgeable and very committed to participants healing experience. I think the... Read More
  • Review of Temple of the Way of Light by Goodman208 2 days agoThe temple recently began offering plant dietas. (Don’t get too excited.) If you’ve been to the Temple than you might be familiar with the space that they’ve converted into the dieta center. I personally would not... Read More
  • Review of Arkana Spiritual Center by Pulse by yogenee 2 days agoI travelled with Pulse Tours for the New Years Retreat to their center in the Amazon. This was my second time doing an Ayahuasca Retreat in the Amazon, my first time with Pulse. To me this was an ideal way to reflect... Read More
  • bryanthooverReview of Arkana Spiritual Center by Pulse by bryanthoover 3 days agoMy time in Peru, at the Arkana Spiritual Center, was a game changer. I wish, I was still there, amazing experience, life long memories. I’m planning to try Scared Valley soon; this time, I will bring my mother. Some... Read More
  • Review of Shamanic Vida by femkeoord 3 days agoWhere do I start... Shamanic Vida, what a place! Since the moment I walked in I felt so good, so peacefull surrrounded by the beautifull nature of the Sacred Valley and the lovely beings Chrissy and Paco are. And this... Read More
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