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  • Review of Soul Quest Best Ayahuasca retreat in the USA by Tmac37 1 day agoWhat an amazing experience I had at Soul Quest this past weekend! I’ve never felt more free and alive in my life! The staff is Amazing all of the ceremonies and breath work was just what I needed! If you’re... Read More
  • Review of Nimea Kaya Healing Center by fredkirsch 1 day agoThe facilitators at Namea Kaya were always there for me. Some of them have profound words of wisdom and philosophy and some provide grounding by simply being there, listening, and sharing their story. Casey and Jill... Read More
  • Review of Heberto Garcia by inesines 2 days agoParticipé de dos semanas de dietas y ceremonias con Heberto, y lo recomiendo mucho, como buena persona y como buen curandero. Lo primero que hizo fue soplarnos mapacho en la cabeza, las manos y los pies. A través del... Read More
  • Review of Estacion Kapitari by B.withey 2 days agoHeaven on earth. Lovely people, sun, trees, lakes, good food and lots of add ons to keep you having fun. The ayahuasca ceremonies were carried out safely and I genuily felt they were effective. Don Lucho and his... Read More
  • Review of Nimea Kaya Healing Center by MikeCastillo 2 days agoNimea Kaya Healing Center is a special place! I spent two years doing research about Ayahuasca and possible retreat centers in Peru. I wanted to have an authentic Ayahuasca experience something true to the traditional... Read More
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