Story #2: The Dragon


I was once in a San Pedro ceremony which had come after 2 or 3 years of ceremonies prior, as I was living in Ecuador and had regular access to the medicine whenever I felt the time was right.

So except for one very rare instance, which I refer to as ‘the washing machine experience‘, which I’ll save for another day, I felt like I had a pretty firm grasp of the bounds of the medicine.

That is, it was incredibly powerful, but I knew it’s limits. Or so I thought.

They say that the medicine can effect different people differently, and that with San Pedro, some people get visuals whereas some people do not.

And previously, the extent of my visuals were seeing sound waves emit from a gong and bounce off the ceremonial fire, which was memorizing but only happened once ever, which was one of the first times I had ever taken San Pedro (so maybe….75 ceremonies previous?).

The one type of visuals I would get more frequently were whenever I was feeling the peak effects of the medicine and looking at a swirly pattern like marble, and in those moments, the marble would be swirling in the surface as though it were alive.

Mind you, the marble itself wouldn’t swirl, just the pattern.

Anyway, I was sitting on a front porch, gazing out across the Ecuadorian countryside, which was my favorite place to perch and ponder life.

Among other things, I enjoyed staring at the clouds and blissfully watch them pass as I collected my thoughts and spoke with San Pedro from time to time.

So I’m looking at the clouds, and out of nowhere, this GIGANTIC translucent dragon’s head came into focus (translucent similar to how you can see through gel capsule while also seeing through it at the same time)! And we’re not talking some vague shape in the clouds that looks a certain way for a few seconds, it had definitely lines to it, and it didn’t look like a cloud.

a clear dragon's head in the clouds

THEN, it whipped its head around and glared at me, angrily!

I don’t recall if it was bearing it’s teeth or what, but it looked pissed!

I almost fell back in my chair, laughed, and said “I’m sorry, did I do something to offend you?”

(I mean, what else are you supposed to do when confronted with an angry dragon in the sky, right?)

There was no response, and in fact, there didn’t seem to be any noise coming from this silent, translucent dragon, with no apparent body.

I’m a little hazy on what happened next, but not long after, I also saw this sort of worm-with-teeth way off in the distance. It was like its mouth was its entire head – open and circular and full of teeth – and it was closing it’s mouth on something.

Kinda like this, only I think just one row of teeth

I can’t even begin to tell you how astoundingly baffled I was! It was like I was watching a LIVE sci-fi movie!

This wasn’t in ‘the spirit world’ either, it was happening in ‘my reality’!

I believe it was the same day that I was also seeing faces with menacing teeth everywhere I looked – in the leaves of trees around the property, in the pattern of the metal fence next to me, in the tiles on the ground – all with this evil grin.

And just…stunned beyond all belief that this was even possible, I asked San Pedro “What are these things?”

And his reply was something like “Oh, those. Never mind them. They’re just trying to get a rise out of you.”

He was calm but kinda dismissive about it, as though they were bugs on the windshield or something.

To this day, I have no idea what it meant or if there was some sort of lesson, but I do recall hearing that being able to see them was a gift and that now it was up to me to use it for good.

Oh, I’ll also add that in another ceremony, a friend of mine recommended that I ask San Pedro about these things in more detail. So I did, and when I asked if they were real, he said that they existed outside of what I usually consider my reality, but that the medicine allowed me to see to this other realm (I don’t recall his exact wording, but “realm” seemed to be the gist of it).

Phew! That was intense just to relive the tale!

Next time, I’ll share the part about the bull, which was a similar experience that also blew me away, but for now, I’ll leave this here.


Tim G.

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Do you have your own story in the medicine to share?

April 29, 2020 |

Story #1: The Essence of the Universe


Ok, I’ll go first, and what better story than the story of my very first plant medicine experience?

Well, in the moments leading up to the (Ayahuasca) ceremony, I found some quiet space and meditated to get my head in the right space, and as I walked down the hill towards the maloka where this was about to happen, it was so surreal! I couldn’t believe this was actually happening after all this time!

Such excitement, wonder, trepidation, and respect, all intertwined!

Well, fast forward to taking my first drink. It didn’t taste good, but it was far from being the nightmarish taste that many people had described (which from I can tell depends on who’s preparing it, what ingredients they add, and how much care they put into de-barking the vine, amongst other things).

And I was surprised at how quickly afterward a conversation started happening in my head (which I estimate was about 15 minutes after I drank).

My memory of the exact details and structure of the following conversation are slightly hazy, but I clearly remember the important parts that went something along these lines.

I thought to myself ‘Wait a minute, am I talking to myself?’ And the voice in my head goes ‘Nooo you’re not! I am Mother Ayahuasca.”

“Well…I’ve heard the term before, but I don’t understand. I have a mother.”

“The person you know as your mother is your physical mother, but I am your spiritual mother.”

“Okay…. Well, what are you?”

“I am the essence of the universe.”

*Mind blown already*

I’m a little hazy on the conversation immediately afterward, though I remember it had something to do with essences of things.

And then at one point she said, “I just want you to know that I love you, and you deserve to be loved,” which brought tears to my eyes and triggered something inside of me.

And I said “I…I love you to…but I don’t understand. I feel like we just met, so how can I love you?”

“That’s because we know each other from not only this life but past lives as well.”

Mind you, I’ve never even believed in past lives before this, and I’m still not sure what exactly I believe about them. But it’s a detail like that which makes me think that this wasn’t just made up in my head by my subconscious.

Even if it were, as long as I received lessons from it, I would argue that it’s still just as valuable, but sometimes you experience things that seem like just couldn’t have possible been made up because they so utterly boggle your mind.

Anyway, I could go on and on about various experiences, but I’ll just leave this little snippet as Part 1 of what has turned out to be a very lengthy journey of learning and exploration, which no doubt is still ongoing. One that changed my life very profoundly and eventually lead to me starting this website (AyaAdvisors).

I hope this inspires you to share your own stories, snippets, and/or lessons and snippets you learned while in the medicine 🙂

-Tim G.

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Do you have your own story in the medicine to share?

April 22, 2020 |
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