Yelp For Ayahuasca – Why Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews Are Essential For Your Safety


Tim Gulley

Plant medicines have the power to heal all mankind, and at AyaAdvisors, we firmly believe that the more people on this planet that participate in these life-changing plant medicine ceremonies, the better.

The reason a site like our exists though is because it’s highly irresponsible to take Ayahuasca from just anybody willing to give it to you, and you could find yourself in a rather hellish experience if you accept the wrong person’s invitation.

Even under the guidance of an experienced, respectable shaman, you may still encounter scary or unpleasant things, but in my opinion, any reputable center will have safeguards in place to give you the support you need if you encounter these things.

That aside, scrupulous people claiming to be shamans have taken advantage of women while they’re under the influence, for example, and that’s absolutely the last thing anyone should ever have to worry about when they’re trying to do some soul searching with the aid of a such a powerful plant medicine.

And most of us have probably seen some of the horror stories on YouTube of somebody screaming their head off the entire ceremony, getting violent, or worse.

And I can say with relative certainty that these are not the norm, but it’s important that you know that these are possibilities if you don’t do your research and go to a reputable center. And that’s why we exist!

We are here to simply provide neutral territory for people to speak their truths – both good and bad – about their experiences at various retreat centers, and in doing so, they help people who come after them to decide which center is best for them.

So please – for your own sake – take a look around, take advantage of this free resource, and only go to retreat centers that have an established reputation, either with reviews here or with people you know personally and trust.

If you do that, I have no doubt that you will have a wonderful, beautiful, Earth-shattering experience 🙂

Tim G.

February 2, 2017 |

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