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Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center

160 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

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Min. Cost: 1850
Max. Cost: 2850
Room Features: A/C, Bug-Netting / Screens, Wifi, Private Rooms, Suites
Property Features: Massages, Yoga, Airport Shuttle Service
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We have been hosting ayahuasca retreats since 1996. Our center is based in the midst of the beautiful Atlantic Rainforest along the coast of Bahia in Brazil. We facilitate a safe and comfortable space for you to achieve harmony in your everyday life by aligning your mind, body, and heart with your true self.

Our 8 day and 9 day ayahuasca retreats are designed to give you a balanced experience. We have ayahuasca ceremonies every other night and in between there are activities to integrate your experiences and insights. There is also ample free time to reflect, to enjoy the beauty of the jungle, to visit the gorgeous beaches, and just to relax, let go, and enjoy the pure bliss of the moment.

Calendar and prices on our website

The activities include workshops focused on spiritual development. The techniques covered in the workshops can be practiced even after the retreat to continue the journey of personal growth. Some of the topics include inner child integration, life progression, discovering the source of your blockages and the resources to overcome them. Another very important part of the retreat are the Yoga sessions in the morning which greatly enrich the ayahuasca experiences at night.

As facilitators, we have extensive experience integrating ayahuasca, psychology, shamanism, self development, modified states of consciousness, and various other modalities. We are present at all times and are dedicated in supporting you with loving care, attention, safety, and respect.

Spirit Vine & TheVine Center previously known as Ayahuasca-Healing have been created by Silvia Polivoy. She received her license in clinical psychology and had a private practice in Buenos Aires, Argentina for several years until she began to feel the need to make a transition from studying and healing the mind to exploring the worlds of Spirit. This took her away from the busy city streets to the more tranquil life in the jungle, moving to Brazil where in 2004 she co-founded the TheVine Center, a trans-denominational and inter-faith spiritual center located in the state of Bahia.

The nature of our nonprofit center is philosophical, religious, mystical, spiritual, educational, and cultural. All the retreats’ income’ serves to maintain the center grounds, create employment for the local community, and help preserve the jungle, having replanted hundreds of native trees over the years to give but one example.

The retreats take place inside of 39 acres of lush preserved area. It is about 7 miles from Itacaré on the coast of Bahia. Our location is only minutes away from beautiful coastal beaches, which back onto the Mata Atlántica, the second largest rainforest in Brazil.

The experience of sacred tea ceremonies can be challenging for some, deeply religious for others, but profound all around. Please note that we have several programs to offer and the plant ceremonies are always optional and not required to partake in during any of our retreats. The plant ceremonies begin in the evening and go through the night. The group dynamic is very important and there will be facilitators to look after participants throughout. There will be plenty of time for group discussions and also time alone to reflect on the experiences elicited by the spirit vine tea for those that wish to partake in the plant ceremonies.

At the retreat center we grow our own ayahuasca vine and chacruna plants organically! We also have an organic garden to source vegetables for the food prepared during the retreat. We have pure spring water for drinking and also coconut water, juices, and a variety of teas.

During all our programs we follow a strict (though delicious) diet. The meals served are prepared using plenty of fresh vegetables, luscious fruit, salad, and grains. A note about sexual abstinence: this varies from culture to culture; some recommending as long as 30-40 days while others as little as one day or none at all like here in Brazil. For energetic purposes we recommend sexual abstinence during the retreat as well as 3 days before it begins and 3 days after the retreat concludes. As well, a drug free and no salt diet with no red meat, pork or heavy alcohol use for the same amount of time is optimal.

We fully expect you have questions about the retreats, programs and the facilities we offer. Please feel free to explore our website or watch our videos and write to us to come to one of our retreats.

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160 reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Member Since: August 10, 2020

August 10, 2020

Beginning of 2020 I participated in the 9-day retreat at Silvia’s magical place in the Bahian jungle. It was a wonderful, safe and very peaceful experience and I can highly recommend it to everyone interested in expanding consciousness or looking for spiritual growth and healing.

  • Member Since: May 12, 2020

June 7, 2020

Spirit Vine was my first experience with Ayahuasca. I’m grateful to Sylvia and her amazing team (especially Noor!) for cultivating a wonderful energy that made this experience equally beautiful and valuable. Conversations and workshops with Sylvia were key to navigating and translating what ayahuasca is really about – the understanding of which has been unfolding over time. Her deep knowledge of ayahuasca and her history as a clinical psychologist was profound – a combination which, for me, made her an ideal guide. As for the logistics, everything was efficiently arranged with careful attention to detail. The sprawling property in the jungles was gorgeous and food was great everyday. In short, being there was an incredible learning experience, one that exceeded my expectations by far.

  • Member Since: April 21, 2020

April 21, 2020

I was at the February 2020 retreat.

I watched a documentary on Amazon Prime last September called, ‘The reality of truth’ As soon as I watched it, I felt a calling that I have never experienced before. I had never heard about Aya prior to watching this documentary.
In the days to follow, I searched the internet for retreats around the world. I found 2 other potentially suitable ones. I was still not 100% convinced due to the mixed reviews and then by random chance I stumbled across Spirit Vine. I looked at Silvia’s credentials and the trip advisor reviews and I was immediately convinced that this was the one. I am happy that I followed my instinct.
It has taken me a bit of time to write the review, mainly because I have found it difficult to put into words the amazing experience I had.
I would like to thank the facilitators, all the participants, kitchen staff, 2 massage ladies, housekeeping staff, cleaners and everyone who made the experience so enriching for me. I received so much warmth and love from everyone and I gained answers to many questions that I was not even looking for and more crucially, all the dots just seemed to join up by the time the retreat was over.
As it was my first visit to Brazil. I was somewhat anxious. I called one of the facilitators and Silvia from the UK prior to departure. They answered my queries, including the confirmation of a taxi to pick me up from Ilheus Airport to my hotel in Itacare.
On arrival at Sao Paolo, I had to pick my luggage and recheck it in again for the transfer flight to Ilheus, despite having boarding passes issued for both flights in the UK. I stayed in Itacare for 2 nights before the retreat. It’s a gem of a place and the photos on the internet don’t do it justice.
The first day of the retreat, I was welcomed by one of the facilitators. He took me to my room and introduced me to my roommate. Thereafter, we met all the retreat participants, followed by an introduction part 1, dinner and introduction part 2.
Spirit Vine is like heaven on earth. It is magical. Silvia has achieved something out of this world. The attention to detail that has gone into everything is second to none, including the quality of food, cleanliness, the timings of the daily schedule, the ceremonies, the activities etc. Everything was just perfect.
In terms of the ceremonies, in the beginning, there was a stage where I felt I was not sure if I was getting anywhere, but by the time I finished the third ceremony, despite finding it quite challenging at times, I found the answers I was looking for and everything suddenly seemed to fall into place. I started to notice my limiting patterns of behaviour over my life that had hindered my growth and that had made me more fearful.
Upon reflection of the 4 ceremonies, I would say, don’t try & imagine what to expect at the outset. Go with the flow. Everyone’s experience is different & don’t negatively compare yours with others. Write things down as soon as you can after each ceremony. Don’t lose hope and have faith in the process. Silvia appears to have formulated the perfect process & it seems to work in some magical way. It definitely worked for me. Talk to the facilitators and let them know if you have any queries/questions at all after any of the ceremonies. They are there to help and by talking, they can try and make sure that you get most out of your experience; I found talking to them helped me achieve my answers as they guided me and made sure I got what I needed (& not necessarily wanted); Group sessions were extremely useful and it felt safe to open up, where I learnt more about myself & others. Workshops left me with an entirely new way of thinking. I have learnt how better to handle challenging situations in life. I would suggest staying 2 nights in Itacare after the retreat. Thank you so much to everyone.


March 7, 2020

I attended a retreat at Spirit Vine in January 2019 and it remains among the top 10 most significant and impactful experiences of my life. If you have any fears, anxieties, or worries…just read through the rest of these reviews. They say it all. The facilities are fantastic, the location and surroundings are stunningly beautiful, the food is delicious (although it took me a few days to adjust to complete lack of added sugar and salt lol). I felt safe and supported the entire time. Words are truly too limited to encapsulate how good Silvia and Ti0 are at creating and facilitating deep, introspective, and safe experiences for everyone. I’ve had a year to reflect on my experience and I discover new insights and wisdom every week. If you are ready to go deep inside yourself and consciousness – this place is for you. I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I want to share and I’ve put together some things that I would have found helpful before going.

1) Start cleansing your body with as much time in advance. I feel that this is particularly helpful/important if you’re anxious about vomiting (I definitely was). I always think about Silvia telling us that part of the reason she asks us to refrain from meat, alcohol, tobacco, sex, excess sugar, salt, etc in the weeks leading up to the retreat is that it helps to purify your body so that the Ayahuasca doesn’t have to. Essentially, doing this before hand will help you get into “the work” faster and get more out of the experience. I didn’t throw up during any of the ceremonies and, while i’ll never know for sure, I feel that it was largely due to following the suggested diet/regimen prior to going.

2) Manage your logical mind and mitigate your skepticism. It’s hard – I get it. No one escapes the global systemic conditioning that tells us spirituality & mysticism = crazy, “woo-woo”, silly, not real, BS…etc. But if you can surrender and “buy-in” so to speak, you’ll have a better/deeper experience. I’m not telling you to turn off the skeptical part of your brain – I don’t believe that is possible or helpful. But I think it’s worthwhile to look intently at and bring awareness to those parts of ourselves that instinctively doubt and invalidate this process. I wish I had more diligent about practicing meditation, breath work, and abstaining from social media ahead of time.

3) This goes hand-in-hand with the second point: Make the most out of the workshops. They feel challenging because Sylvia asks you meditate, go back in your memories, or call certain experiences to mind, among other exercises/practices. You might feel silly at first or be thinking: am I doing this right? Am I the only one here whose having a hard time turning off my mind/thoughts? Am I just making shit up in my head so I have something to contribute? Pretty much everyone is thinking/feeling this! Lol. Just go with it!! Sylvia will teach you that the psyche is infinitely wise so whatever comes up for you has something to show you. Surrendering to the workshops will help you in the ceremonies.

4) Be mindful and selective about the research that you do about ayahuasca before hand. It’s so easy to go down a rabbit hole of Youtube videos that show people writhing around on the floor, screaming in a jungle somewhere while someone is chanting and hitting them with leaves. Spirit Vine is not like that at all. Sylvia spends a lot of time curating a playlist for the ceremonies but other than the music, it’s very mellow, quiet, and peaceful. Everyone is having their own experience and it’s not this chaotic-demon-purging-loud environment that a lot of videos would have you believe.

5) Think about your intentions for doing this – what do you want to get out of this? Obviously you can’t control what you’ll see, hear, or experience during the ceremonies but I really do feel that there is room to communicate with the Ayahuasca. For example, I’ve really struggled with self-worth and body image as a woman so my intention for one of the ceremonies was “I ask that you show me how to heal and love myself”.

6) Lastly, when you leave Spirit Vine and return to your every day life – find a therapist! It will help sooooo so so much to integrate the experiences and learnings that you’ll undoubtedly come away with. The dominant global system/societal structure/whatever you want to call it isn’t set up to nurture your spiritual journey. I can’t say it enough – invest in therapy after you leave the retreat and make sure you shop around for one who won’t be dismissive to your Ayahuasca experience or non-Western practices of spirituality and healing.

Hopefully this can be helpful to someone who is considering coming to Spirit Vine!

Lots of love to Sylvia, Ti0, Noor, and all the incredible staff. I’m so grateful to you all.


February 23, 2020

It is almost a month since my journey to Spirit Vine and I continue to feel the effects. Everything about the center and environment is glorious. The retreat is run with impeccable attention to every detail for your spiritual and psychological growth. I can’t recommend it enough if you are looking for a profound and transformative experience — rooting out old patterns and empowering your self. I look forward to returning for more healing and love


February 15, 2020

Amazing healing experience! Silvia and Ti0 are very experienced educators and facilitators. They compliment each other and were always available to the retreatants. I have left the retreat with the tools I leaned from the workshops which I use almost daily. The retreat also provides yoga classes and massages every other day. The center is very well maintained with daily housekeeping and delicious nutritional, appropriate for the occasion meals. They accommodate dietary restrictions. Also, I want to thank to all the people working behind the scenes for creating this extraordinary experience.
To top it off I visited the most beautiful beaches located in close proximity from the center. Heaven on Earth!

  • Member Since: February 7, 2020

February 7, 2020

I have just returned from a 10 day retreat at Spirit VIne. One of the best idea of my life. I was totally scared at first, but as soon as I arrived, Silvia, Tio, and the vibe of the other participants around,made me feel at home almost immediately.
The experience is definitely hard. But the learning are tremendously huge. You are in the middle of a whole mechanism, orchestrated by Mother ayahuasca, the kindness, support, wisdom, humor, and triggering of Sylvia and Tio, the energy and mirroring of the other participants and the extreme beauty of the luxurious nature around.
I have just returned home with an open heart and an awaken inner eye. It’s definitely worth the price, and a wonderful place to overcome your fears, and learn new tools. I’ll definitely be back! :–)

  • Member Since: December 29, 2019

December 29, 2019

I’ve been to Spirit Vine last year after almost 2 years of researching every single ayahuasca center in South America and Europe. I am a qualified lawyer and trained to identify risks and spot problems. Traveling to South America to do ayahuasca for the first time as a solo female traveler was a huge risk so I had done a full due diligence. I read every single review, interviewed dozens of people, looked into the credentials of all the facilitators/shamans. I can confidently tell you that Spirit Vine is the safest, cleanest, most comfortable and inspiring Ayahuasca retreat.
I couldn’t be happier for finding the BEST place to try ayahuasca under the guidance of a licensed psychotherapist Silvia Polivoy. She has been key in helping me understand the insights I had during the ayahuasca ceremonies. Let me tell you that it is absolutely essential to work with someone who knows what they are talking about and that doesn’t only come with calling yourself a shaman and facilitating many ceremonies as you would find in other centers. Silvia’s background and experience in psychology and plant medicine for decades, her loving and caring approach makes her the perfect guide. Being in this magical environment with likeminded people that are supported by Silvia and TiO is the best gift I have given to myself. Spirit Vine has become my sanctuary and a big contributor in my spiritual growth. I knew I would come back here after my visit last year and I am already looking forward to next year!

  • Member Since: December 27, 2019

December 26, 2019

I just came back from Spirit Vine a few days ago. I spent 10 days there, which I hail as a milestone in my life.
If you are looking for a place where you will escape from everyday hustle and focus on yourself, a place where you will find like-minded individuals who going on a similar journey, a place where you will feed your soul and your body with equal attention, look nowhere else. Silvia Polivoy, a licenced clinial psychologist, created this oasis in the middle of the jungle for those who are in search of a better self.
What makes this place special is the experience of ayahuasca in a group setting, under Silvia’s caring attention where there is no judgement but unconditional support. For this, I am thankful to Silvia, Ti0 and Noor. They created a wonderful environment within which I walked a path towards healing. Each and every person in the group received individual attention. The group energy and support was profound.
I have only good things to say about Spirit Vine. Managers are trustworthy and compassionate. The crew was hardworking and joyful. Ayahuasca experience was.. beyond words. Everything made my trip nothing short of excellent.
Forever grateful to have met Silvia.

  • Member Since: December 25, 2019

December 25, 2019

This was my second time in Spirit Vine and definitely not the last.
The set and setting is absolutely perfect to allow meaningful and significant processes. From the bungalows to the food and the team and the magical land (pond, trees, plants, sounds of nature). All just so amazing and contribute to both the individual and collective journeys.
I looked for a place that will be very much in nature, but will be comfortable for me to stay and focus on my journey without worries, Spirit Vine is beyond all expectations. Every little detail I wouldn’t think of has been taken care of.
I am so grateful I found this place.
Can’t recommend strong enough.


December 24, 2019

Spirit vine is a sanctuary for anyone wanting more out of life…to connect to your higher or deeper self and to heal from trauma to deepen or find your purpose in life, I just completed my 2nd retreat and started planning my 3rd. This place is the ultimate gift of self care…nothing but love, respect and gratitude for Silvia and Ti0 and the support and love they provided while I was here. I cant think of anything I would recommend more than spirit vine for self care.


December 24, 2019

By far the most magical place I have been in my life, Silvia and her team’s experience combined with their big souls is the most supportive and empowering thing you can ask for a profound and meaningful experience.


December 17, 2019

Wow, what a spectacular life changing experience!! It’s been nearly 4 months since I had the privilege of attending a retreat at Spirit Vine and rarely a day goes by that I don’t think about it.

What Silvia has created in the rainforest is truly amazing. From the moment you arrive till the very last second you depart, every detail has been carefully considered for your care and comfort and to enable you to maximize the transformational potential of the retreat.

The location in nature is perfect to disconnect from the hectic rigamarole of day to day modern life and reconnect with yourself and the oneness that is all. The grounds are stunning, the accommodations perfect, and the food is excellent. Much of it is organically grown on the retreat grounds, and having healthy delicious fresh food prepared by a chef daily is truly a treat.

Most importantly though, the set and setting of the ceremonies are perfectly designed to help you heal and learn. Silvia and TiO are beautiful souls and they do a spectacular job making sure the atmosphere is just right and that everyone feels safe and well cared for. The supportive group therapy sessions and activities interspersed throughout the retreat are equally important, enabling you to process and integrate your experience, as well as begin the process of healing past trauma.

As effusive with praise I am in this review, I still don’t feel like words can adequately express how grateful I am, how truly awesome the complete Spirit Vine experience is, and how angelic Silvia, TiO, and the retreat staff are. I highly highly recommend Spirit Vine and look forward to returning at the proper time.


December 9, 2019

Admittedly, this is the first review I feel compelled to leave for fellow travelers on the path, even though I’ve highly benefited from the reviews of others which have been so useful and influential in my decision making. I had researched the benefits of Ayahuasca for almost two decades and finally decided to pull the trigger on a first hand experience as a gift to myself for my 40th birthday. The experience was everything I hoped for and so much more! Of course when embarking on such an endeavor, safety and authenticity are paramount, which is why I scoured the internet and thoroughly scrutinized every facility I could find before finally choosing Spirit Vine. Did you know that not one person has one bad word to say about Spirit Vine on the entirety of the internet? It’s true! And now I truly know the reason why.

Everything about Spirit Vine is a picture perfect vision of beauty and serenity, thanks to its founder, Silvia. Having worked in hospitality myself for over 17 years, I have an eye for detail and a knack for service, but let me tell you that Silvia’s vision exceeds every expectation! There is not a single aspect of your stay that is not well planned out and not one need that is not well cared for and anticipated.

My boyfriend and I traveled together and even before we arrived we were welcomed. Silvia arranged transportation to and from the airport, provided a packing list, traveling tips, information about the surrounding area, and essential safety guidelines. We were greeted by beautiful flowering archways and a spectacularly manicured slice of paradise in the thick of the rainforest. Our bungalow had a gorgeous balcony with an awe-inspiring view, a table and chairs for sitting and writing, a hammock for reading and relaxing, a comfy futon with big fluffy pillows for sitting and just being in amazement. We had a little kitchen nook with a constant supply of fresh drinking water and a little living area for entertaining. Our bedroom was beyond accommodating with a spacious His & Hers closet, a super comfortable bed, a heated towel rack, and air conditioning. The bathroom was magnificent and included a rainforest shower head.

If you’re looking to look inward without sacrificing outward comfort and modern life’s little luxuries, look no further! Spirit Vine has it all!

I don’t have enough good things to say about the people we met there, the staff who worked there, or the workshops and activities created for our benefit. I went there prepared to work and found that every moment of “the work” was a joy. From floating in the pond, to sharing a homegrown organic meal and a laugh or a much-needed cry with new found friends, perusing the magnificent library, enjoying a massage and morning yoga, a trip to the beach, bathing under a waterfall, and soaking in the spectacular beauty of Mother Earth- this is the work of a lifetime!

Silvia, Ti0, and Noor have provided us with the tools to make our everyday better and more fulfilling. Still, we can’t wait to return to Spirit Vine one day soon! You are forever in our hearts a home away from home. Many thanks and a thousand blessings to each of you!


December 2, 2019

Having just returned from the November retreat at The Spirit Vine, I can say without any hesitation, this place is just amazing. If you are thinking of going to a retreat to experience the healing power of Ayahuasca, The Spirit Vine can facilitate this with love, care and beauty.

Silvia has built a little slice of paradise where you can heal in a safe space and meet other like minded folks who are on the same path. Along with her excellent team of facilitators, Ti0 and Noor, you’ll be given the time and space to work with Mother Ayahuasca and feel its infinite power!!

I’ll be back next year to experience The Spirit Vines exceptional beauty, so if you too are on the path, go for it, you won’t regret it!!


December 1, 2019

A piece of paradise.
It is where I have explored my most beautiful and profound memories, have ended my worst nightmares and found a purpose. It is a place where good intentions and love belong.
It is a place neutral of religion, where you can be as skeptical or open minded as you want.
A big thanks to Silvia for sharing her deep, lifelong knowledge of both psychology and spirituality. And for sharing this beautiful place and vision. And to Ti 0 and Noor for their clear understanding and for helping with anything and everything.

And also, the food is really good! Just got back from my second retreat, and I am already planning my next. I found my place!

If you consider going.. stop reading reviews. Lay down, meditate, you probably already know if this is the place for you!;)

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November 29, 2019

Spiritvine is a magical place. The founder and visionary of Spiritvine, Sylvia, together with her team create an enabling environment where all guests can unfold and access the healing powers of ayahuasca in a safe and cocooned environment. During my 9-day retreat in November, I had the fortune to connect in a very sincere and meaningful way, not only with untapped parts of myself but with other like-minded people and the beautiful surrounding nature. Words can’t properly describe how incredibly fortunate I feel to have had this opportunity. I look forward to returning soon.

  • Member Since: September 21, 2019

September 21, 2019

The beauty of Spirit Vine literally took my breath away. What Silvia Polivoy has created here with all of her hard work and dedication is incredible. Silvia is so full of love and caring for everybody at Spirit Vine – she is wise and intelligent, but also has a great sense of humour. I just want to hug her again as i’m writing this! I found it tough at times – you don’t always hear what you want to hear, but you definitely hear what you need to hear. Silvia and all at Spirit Vine have helped me so much to understand myself better and put me on the right path. And then there was TiO – so kind and helpful, and dedicated to putting his heart and soul into everything he does at Spirit Vine. Every time I make food now, I miss his happy little face standing there describing everything I am eating! 🙂 And also a special mention for Noor, such a happy, peaceful and kind soul and a great guy to have around. As for the other people taking part in the retreat – what an awesome, diverse group of people. We laughed, we cried, we healed together. I have so much love for everybody who was there, especially Fotini, who helped me more than she knows with her wise advice!

The ayahuasca was pure and strong, and took me to some incredible places. Ceremonies were sometimes spectacular, sometimes tough, sometimes funny, but always a great learning experience. I think everybody should experience ayahuasca and I can’t imagine there being any better place. You feel safe and well looked after at all times.

There is so much to say about Spirit Vine I could be here all day. The day trips to the stunning beach and waterfalls were amazing! And it was definitely good advice to stay on in Itacare for a few days after the retreat – absolutely loved it!

I would especially like to express my gratitude for the final daytime ceremony. I had no idea what to expect with this one, as ayahuasca is normally always at night time in the dark. I can only say WOW!! I was straight into that beautiful pond, with the bats chasing each other above my head, all of the stunning birds and insects coming to play, and every tree alive with wisdom. I actually felt like I was bathing in the Garden of Eden. Nothing will ever come close. If I could go back to re-live just that one day, I would be there in a heartbeat!

Thank you so much Silvia – your advice and wisdom to me were exactly what I needed and I feel like a stronger, better person now that my path is clearer. I hope to return in the near future to your beautiful paradise! Lots of Love to all of you beautiful people – Elaine xxx

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September 17, 2019

It’s now a week after the retreat and I’m still buzzing from how amazing my time was at Spirit Vine! Going into an Ayahuasca experience for the first time, I had a lot of nervous energy and emotions. I didn’t know what exactly to expect and I had a lot of expectations on areas of my life I wanted “fixed”.  My nerves were quickly calmed as soon as I stepped onto the Spirit Vine grounds. This place is a true oasis. There’s a beautiful pond in the middle of the grounds where participants can float, swim, and relax. I spent a lot of my days laying by the pond or diving into it –so much healing in just relaxing and meditating by the water! 
Silvia who founded the retreat is the most amazing, wise, and pure soul you will meet! The center and program she has built is incredible. Her and Ti0, who facilitates the retreat with her, were incredibly kind, generous, thorough, and genuinely put you at ease going into, and during, the experience. We had incredible workshops before the ceremonies that really helped get to your essence and unleashing our unlimited potential. I really loved that there were therapeutic components built into the experience. For me personally, these workshops primed the experiences that I had during the ceremonies and helped me to dig a layer deeper. It was also really empowering to share our journeys afterward and listen to others as well. Our days were so well organized and helped cultivate an amazing energy for the ceremonies at night. 
In addition to the beautiful grounds, you will meet the most amazing people at the retreat. I feel like I have close friend’s all over the world now and am so grateful to Silvia for creating this space for people of all walks of life to come together to improve themselves and be there to support each other. I’m completely overwhelmed by all the love and light I feel after the retreat, and am so looking forward to making this a yearly tradition. I can’t recommend a more a supportive, loving, peaceful, and safe environment for your aya experience! 

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September 17, 2019

I went to Spirit Vine in May 2019. I have waited a long time to write a review because I wanted to let learnings and
impressions settle deep within. Silvia and Tio offer all of us a very beautiful, professional and commited environment where
we all are safe (their presence, love and care, the quality of the Work & psychological tools, the purity of the Medecine, the
rooms, the delicious food, the luxurious nature). 3 days ago, it was the full moon and it struck me. I finally understood why
my experience with the Medecine was so difficult back then. As everything outside was so perfect & as Silvia helps all of us
to learn navigate confidently in the realm of the Plant, I did not get why I was so sick (not the purging version, something
else). Now, I understand. I can summerize it in a sentence Silvia repeats : « Ayahuasca is a way of living ». It is true and it is
a demanding path.
Thank you, Aya, Silvia & Tio, from the bottom of my heart.
Hope to see you soon.
If you are willing to try the Medecine, it is definitely the place to go.
With Love,
V (Belgium)

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September 16, 2019

This is my second go around and I can’t wait for next year to continue my journey in understanding my physical, mental and spiritualness.

Sylvia’s has done an amazing job at providing a well structured, organized and safe experience in her retreat. It shows in how her staff interacts with the participants and the day to day running of the retreat.

Sylvia, Tio and Noor genuinely wants to see people get better and have an amazing experience. That is their primary focus and it shows as to how the whole event runs.

I am truly appreciate and thankful for the amazing experience and can’t wait to come back!


September 15, 2019

If you are reading reviews at this website, you would seem to be making an effort to be mindful regarding the choosing of a retreat center. You should be mindful as the full range of quality is possible, from very good to very bad. I have attended retreats at several centers in Brazil and Peru and Spirit Vine stands head and shoulders above the rest. I recommend you do your due diligence, carefully research the possibilities based upon what you want and then choose Spirit Vine. Here are three questions I encourage you to consider.

How do I know what is in the medicine I will be drinking? At Spirit Vine the plants (Caapi Vine and Chacruna) are grown onsite and ceremonially brewed with NO add mixtures. The medicine is clean and strong. Period.

Will I feel safe? At Spirit Vine you will not only feel safe, you will feel pampered. The campus is within the Mata Atlantic Rainforest, beautifully landscaped and includes comfortable bungalows, lagoon, an amazing Temple, massage room and “restaurant” that serves high quality, Ayahuasca diet friendly vegan and vegetarian fare. Special dietary requests are considered upon request such as gluten free, etc. All of this provided with the non-profit center.

Do the staff know what they are doing? The answer at Spirit Vine, is that staff clearly know what they are doing. Lead by Silvia Polivoy, formerly trained as a psychologist who has spent considerable time with shaman, using many medicinal plants. The combination of education and practice in clinical psychology with decades of experience with medicinal plants as well as facilitating retreats gives participants access to an unique set of skills. Activities are designed to help you open up to the possibilities arising in ceremony. Ti O and Noor are there to assist with every imaginable request while housekeeping and the chef’s make you feel pampered. There are other delights like massages, yoga, trip to nearby beaches on the Cacao Coast of Bahia and if you choose, after the retreat to the charming surfer town of Itacare, Brazil.

I have now attended four retreats at Spirit Vine and hope to return again as I view it as Sacred Ground, and I am agnostic!


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September 15, 2019

I have read that people talk about their pre Ayahuasca life and their post Ayahuasca life; I have fully and profoundly stepped into my post Ayahuasca life and power, with the greatest gratitude, love and thanks to Silvia and her amazing team.

Earlier this year I made the decision to research and find an Ayahuasca retreat for my husband, Mark (Weston) and myself to attend. After reading many reviews and watching many videos, including Silvia’s lovely video on the Spirit Vine website, my mind was made up and we both agreed that we should book the 11 day / 5 ceremony retreat we have just experienced. To say that this experience has been life changing, wonderful, profound and beyond any expectations I had, is an understatement!

If you are considering booking an Ayahuasca retreat, I can’t recommend Silvia and Spirit Vine highly enough; personally I can’t wait to return and I haven’t even left Brazil yet!

Silvia is one of the most incredible, talented, experienced, wonderful, loving, caring women I have ever met. A gifted, approachable, humble, understanding Shaman of the highest order. I feel so blessed to now call her my friend. What Silvia has created in this wonderfully remote, beautifully wild, part of the Brazilian rainforest is truly amazing. I was totally blown away by the retreat and its surroundings, by Silvia, her wonderful retreat team and her brilliant, happy and hardworking support team. I felt totally safe, cared for and loved in every way possible. At no point did I feel out of my depth, scared or even apprehensive – every aspect is so expertly dealt with and catered for, from the talks and incredibly valuable workshops, to the delicious food and comfortable beautiful accommodation. The whole experience is worth every ounce of planning, commitment and energy. It can be personally challenging at times for sure; it would be unfair for me not to be honest about this, however the rewards far far outweigh any challenges and my life will never be the same again.

Thank you, once again, dearest Silvia, Ti O, Noor and staff. Thank you also to all the other wonderful souls/participants of our retreat whose experiences and input, kindnesses and friendship enhanced our understanding and overall experiences. Moggie x


September 15, 2019


My intention coming to this retreat was to clear out the things that were holding me back from realising my true potential. I realised that intention and more.

The first two ceremonies put me right in touch with my body – in particular with my visual, auditory and kinaesthetic senses. From this place I was highly sensitised to my conscious control patterns and then deeper into my unconscious patterns – the things I did habitually to avoid the present moment – to avoid and sabotage life.

I felt coming into this retreat that I was a master of running away from myself. I hadn’t realised what a master I was! Mother Ayahuasca showed me clearly the many ways I do this, some obvious and some very subtle. I now feel freed up to embrace life – the brakes have been removed. I had heard others say that ayahuasca is like doing 15 years therapy in a few days. It totally is. Ayahuasca amplifies the issues and helps you heal at an astonishing pace – what a gift.

Massive thanks to Silvia Polivoy for creating this paradise in the tropical Atlantic rainforest of Bahia. The setting is beautiful, the team are wonderful and everything is taken care of for you so that your focus can be 100% on your journey. The retreat centre is stunning, the food is cleansing and optimised for Ayahuasca, the workshops are incredibly helpful and the retreat group really added to the process.

I couldn’t recommend the retreat more highly.

Admin note: This review was edited for a capitalization but has otherwise been kept intact.

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September 15, 2019

I have been attending retreats at Spirit Vine since 2012, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. If you are in doubt where to go this is THE place. In all the time that I have been visiting this center I have not met a single person who didn’t LOVE it. If Ayahuasca is your thing then this is your place

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September 14, 2019

You’d be hard pressed to find a safer, more organized, and more effective space for the respectful and mindful use of Ayahuasca anywhere else in the world.

The well planned and considered retreat takes place in a somewhat remote section of Atlantic Forest in Brazil’s breathtaking coastal state of Bahia. Set among a small cluster of rustic but comfortable bungalows is a pond for swimming next to a large and authentic Ayahuasca ceremony room with attached bathrooms. The undisturbed beauty of the nature on the piece of land where the ceremonies take place yields plants, insects, and animals that combine to show guests an experience of Brazilian countryside you would normally have to pay for a tour through the jungle to have access to.

Not only does Silvia and her wise and incredible staff have a deep respect for both the participants as well as the plant medicine itself, but they all have extensive personal, firsthand experience with this profound and potentially life altering substance. This generates an environment of professionalism, safety, and the ability to meaningfully integrate your experiences. Typically I did this through either the therapeutic workshops, art therapies, yoga, and full body muscle relaxation massages, or just by chatting with Silvia, her fellow staff facilitators Ti-O or Nur, as well as the other retreat participants over the delicious food prepared 3 times a day by a talented kitchen staff.

I could not have anticipated the quality and standard of professionalism shown by the facilitators on this retreat and was constantly assured that I had absolutely made the right choice in coming here. I could not recommend more highly and would without question both personally recommend to friends as well as seriously consider coming back.

Thanks for everything, and may our paths cross again in the future.


September 14, 2019

You are looking at reviews to decide where to experience Ayahuaska, and you have found the right place. Here’s why:

Imagine an incredibly intelligent, curious, and driven woman from Argentina with a PhD in clinical psychology and 20 years of experience with her private practice. Imagine a person of this caliber going on a personal journey to investigate modified states of consciousness in Mexico, Peru, Brazil and more, learning about Ayahuaska, San Pedro, and other plant medicine from many shamans, gaining a deep understanding of the traditions and benefits of plant medicine. Committing herself to years and years of intense immersion in this field.

Now imagine that she has created a not for profit retreat in Brazil where you can go to have your own experience in a completely safe and supportive environment, and benefit from all she has accomplished.

The place I’m describing is the Spirit Vine Retreat, and the woman I’m describing is Silvia Polivoy.

I’ve just finished my first 11 day retreat and am completely blown away by what I have learned about myself. I have done a lot of personal work over the years on my own, but this retreat broke through many blocked areas that I have been unable to sort out on my own.

I recommend Spirit Vine without reservation. Silvia and TiO hold a beautiful space for us to meet ourselves. Don’t miss the opportunity!


August 28, 2019

I visited Spirit Vine solo for a 12 day retreat in July of 2019. Having done a retreat elsewhere several years ago, I assumed I knew what to expect. I did not expect to experience the deep shift I have felt within myself nor to walk away with tools that will serve me for a lifetime. I greatly underestimated the importance of being guided by the right team! Silvia, Ti0 and Noor lovingly guided us all through our individual journeys with immense physical, spiritual and emotional support (as/if needed) in a safe ceremony space & with workshops that served as a scaffold of sorts for the greatest results in ceremony. They all empowered me to heal myself and continue the work in my daily life.
Each member of my family has visited Spirit Vine and I now understand why they all urged me and nagged me to do so! If you feel the call to Ayahuasca, you will not be disappointed by this Magical place, the delicious food, gorgeous grounds & absolutely lovely participants that are draw here. I anticipate my visit again next year.

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August 28, 2019

I flew literally halfway across the world with absolutely one reason, to work hard on myself. I wanted to face my fears. From the moment I landed in Brazil, and set foot in Spiritvine, my journey has been nothing like I thought it would be. “Better” would not cut it.

The whole retreat, the experiences, the ceremonies, the sharing – it has been so profound, freeing, and completely moving in every sense of the word. Silvia, with the help of Ti O (Rohan), and support of Noor, have brought all of us to work on ourselves, to provide us with tools to do that, and instill beliefs that WE can. That your fears are there, but it is simply our makings. And it is never that bad, that it is possible to heal, and live life simply and freely.

I did not come from a school of life that practices mindfulness, self love, meditation, and other things you may already suspect someone coming to do this would do. Aside from therapy, I survived on little. But all of this completely changed during the retreat NOT because I believe it’s a silver bullet to all the problems, but because the very real, compounded effects I feel each day.

If you are considering to do this retreat, and you have hesitations, you can always, always contact them directly and ask them. But if I may share, you have nothing to worry. From the wonderful nature surrounding the compound, the feeling of safety and privacy, the healthy and abundant food, the meaningful sharing sessions, life changing ceremonies, Spiritvine will take care of you. The complex and bungalows are lovely and clean. Enough to make you not worry about comfort, and simple enough to help you focus on why you are there to begin with.

Silvia, you have my deepest gratitude. Will definitely be back.

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August 26, 2019

This experience was the crown jewel of all of the personal development, spiritual work, and therapy I’ve ever done. I hope my review does it justice because I cannot quite capture in words what it was and how I am now changed by it. I went to Spirit Vine to heal my past, to heal my childhood, and to find my way forward – a path ahead filled with joy, confidence, trust, and abundance. And that is exactly what I got.
I won’t go on about the food because that you’ll just have to see for yourself. I’ve never eaten so mindfully in my life and my diet and lifestyle around food have completely changed since I got back. I baked my own bread yesterday and I have never cooked a real meal in my life. The jungle, the beach – of those I will simply say that my relationship with nature and Mother Earth has forever changed. The Ayahuasca ceremonies themselves – well that my friends was one of the single most important and meaningful experiences of my 35 years on earth. The connection I felt, the tears I cried, the grief I let go of, and the insights and visuals I was given – I am forever grateful to Sylvia and Spirit Vine for creating a place for me to return “home” so I can go back out again recharged and renewed to fulfill my purpose. And I am forever grateful to myself and my higher powers that led me to Spirit Vine for this experience. Whoever you are, if you’re reading this, may your journey be blessed as mine was. Much love.


August 25, 2019

My retreat was a high-level, high-precision, crazily deep and deeply crazy minitious soul operation.

Silvia Polivoy has created an organism close to perfection where everything is designed to be part of a higher mechanism of healing, insight, sharing and loving. Her preparatory workshops, her food recipes, her modesty, her beautifully set compound, everything has its place, sense and purpose. I am leaving with a couple of circles closed, others in the processing, light and full of love, trust and surrender. My eternal problem of controlling everybody and living their lives seems to be tackled, mirrored by the soft and gentle burial of my nine-year mariage (the wedding ring was slowly sinking to the bottom of the pond in the middle of the centre) and the onset of a new magical fusion in my life.

I had three ayahuasca night sessions, the first one was pure love, bliss, making love with my partner and being blessed. The second one was experiencing my own death, with ECG flat, no puls and seeing my own grave. The third one was kind of catharsis, lead by trust, surrender, but also clear insight into people’s dark sides, very clairvoyant. Love was predominant. The fourth day session was a magical closure of the three previous ones.

I have not purged, be it by a small knee operation the day after the end of the retreat when my knee pain terminated by giving to ayahuasca a lot of extracted liquid. Knee is fully healed since.

Otherwise, we had very practical workshops on childhood regression, soul retrieval and darkness. The group dynamics were amazing, full of synchronicity, among 17 participants. Also, the grounds in the jungle of Bahia state in Brazil are magical.

The centre definitely spoke to me and I will be back at some point.

Sandy Campbell

August 5, 2019

My first Ayahuasca experience was not something I had planned to do or knew much about especially at the age of 70! It came about as an unselfish gift that was given to me by my daughter and a friend of hers. So at short notice and after an extremely long flight I arrived at Spirit Vine and was warmly met by Tio and knew I would like him straight away as he wore no shoes! There is wonderful energy about the place, green, lush and quiet. The staff go about their daily chores with great enthusiasm and smiles on their face and singing can be heard as the kitchen staff prepare the most delicious meals.

Being a “non-vegan” was not an issue at all as I quickly adapted to amazing vegan food, it was delicious and there was plenty of it! The accommodation was wonderful, I shared a private cabin with my daughter which was very comfortable and private with amazing views of the forest.

Meeting Sylvia for the first time I sensed her quiet wisdom and her caring nature which made me feel comfortable and safe heading into the ceremonies for the first time. Sylvia and Tio ensured our complete comfort through the ceremonies and helped guide us every step of the way. There is a quiet discipline at the Spirit Vine which helps make your days run smoothly and ensures respect for others space and time.

My Ayahuasca experience helped me to better understand myself, my past and those closest to me, it has made me feel closer to nature and to see everything with love.

Yes, I would most definitely love to return one day.



June 24, 2019

It is now a bit over 1 year since I have done the retreat at Spirit Vine. So let me start with the hard facts of what has changed since then:

I stopped taking weed (just the thought would make me feel ill sometimes)
I stopped smoking completely
I stopped drinking with some small social excemptions
I stopped eating meat most of the time

Now all this as not even what I came for. Why did I go? The feeling in me is best described that once I was there and had my first ceremony it was like I just left a smoky dusty warzone crouching into a beautiful garden and was given some fresh spring water to wash my eyes. Even though I was not sure what was wrong with me (of course there where tons of things that went wrong but it was unclear why) I knew I needed help.

Before the retreat I had been doing therapy for a few years, I have been doing Yoga as well and I would not say that all of that was for nothing but at the retreat the Yoga clicked into a place of myself where now it is an absolute fixture in my life. I understand its power now and its principles and techniques where even helpful in the middle of the ceremony. My traditional therapy has came to and end soon after the retreat as I felt I completely outgrew its teachings but clearly it had been helpful to lead me to the retreat as it was Sylvias background in classic psychotherapy that had led me to the retreat above all.

Why am I writing a new review (replacing my first one) after one year? Because I feel I have a better understanding where the retreat has led me since then. Now all of our lifes are completely different but I feel we do all have some issues in common in this world as it is: A lack of trust in a higher power. A lack of trust in the path we take. So all this year has shown me is simply put: I am now working on being at peace with what is while opening up to what can be if I stop being afraid AND judging so much.

This retreat has taken me from my perspective of being a completely nonspiritual rational person to a place where i AM CURIOUS about the magic of life again and about the connection between all life and the existence of a bigger plan that is also a pattern that is also… ok I am loosing you now? That is fine – I would have lost myself back before then. All of this beautiful philosophical ideas, all of this talks I am now having sometimes with people that are brought to me by new winds, all of this is now part of my life TOO. I am still entrepreneur, leading my company with a new compassion and a new patience and trust that was not there before. With a new understanding of what I have but also what I want and what is worth to follow up on.
Less nervous and less angry than before with a lust for new challenges that bring be to my own borders – I am welcoming these now as experiences, as learning. And I am becoming more fearless but at the same time more responsible in my actions and reactions.

Mind you this comes from a person that at times has been on the brink of burnout and even harbored thoughts of suicide. So no, I am not your average young dreamy hippy with too much spare time that decided to go on a trip only to reinforce his weird believes. Only one of the many prejudgments we do have of others by the way. Even those begin to splinter off of my mindset since the last months. More and more I find myself emptier of judgments, gentler with others and so ultimately gentle with myself meaning in fact less desctructive and more caring.

Some of these developments came right away in the first ceremony. Bam, there it was, it opened my third eye. Light came in where it wasn’t for a long time. “Third eye? What is he talking about?” This is what I would have asked myself back then. But it came to me sure as a papercut, just more pleasurable. A experience like any other and the word was right there. Little did I know what that would mean for my life. Until a few months later I had a fight with my girlfriend and while we where both walking next to each other on the street and had superficially closed our argument I suddenly felt myself sitting on step higher in my mind watching the traffic from above: “…and then also you has said that, which is even wore because…. and on this day, really a great day to pick for this occasion! …. I mean if you would have at least….” and so on it went.

We all know this angry collecting of arguments.
But all the sudden I had a new aware me sitting on top of that and saying: “oh my, what a drama, will you just look at that!” And it made me smile and the whole thing in my mind stopped and clearly I knew: “this is your partner, she loves you, you love her, so why would you go on with this completely unimportant fight? Is it in the best interest of what you want from your relationship, from life? Will it help you reach anything?” and sure the answer was no. And it stopped. And since then I am taking a look from this new perspective at myself, a long hard (sometimes painful) look and it starts helping me to actually change my behavior. Sure it is not instantly but talking with the plant wisdom directly from a ceremony: “life on this plane is like a plant. You can make it change its growth but it needs time to adjust”.

Clearly since then I still need a lot of reminders, a lot of guidance but luckily everything is already there (eckehart tolle has tons of beautiful youtube bits that are a tremendous help and if you care about more guru looking types than there is sadguru and mooji) and in contrast to what was before I do now understand it and listening to it gives me joy.

Now you will say: but I wanted to read more about the facilitation of the retreat, etc. etc. You have tons of questions about food, security, all of which I tried to answer in the very first review I wrote and I will insert it here in a slightly amended version to show you, although in hindsight it is not of great importance but of course you will have to put your mind at ease so the thing inside you that knows you NEED this can get you where you need to go 🙂

This was my first Ayahuasca Experience. And what a beautiful one. The crickets play their music and Silvia plays hers. Needless to say everything here is in perfect sync. The group work was extremely professional. Thanks to the absolutely humorous and still expertly lead by Silvia and her staff I had an absolute save feel and could take a lot with me from the experience. Actually I think I am not even yet clear on just how much I took with me. I mean, just look at my T-Shirts. I am wearing Thai-die for the first time since 15 years and feel good about it too. (Get it in nearby itacaré – totally worth going there AFTER the retreat – even if you don’t meet Vincent Cassel and Monica Belluci). Also: I am flipping pancakes like never before. And those are just the most important mentions. I am truly changed. If you feel like most of your pancakes drop just on the rim of the pan then you need to get here and things will get centered, I promise you!

Jokes aside, it has been a profound experience for me and I feel renewed. Nowadays if a one of my “pancakes fall on the rim” I can forgive myself and be happy that I am still here and breathing and learning. And that happiness is not by default. It is work and mindfulness. But I also learned that that work is the most fun and fulfilling. It is hard to say whom I learned the most of: My fellow participants, the leaders of the retreat or myself. But that is the beauty of Silvias way of leading. It is not her at the center, she and her staff are merely helpers on your way. She wants to give you all the tools to empower you for your own way. And for me this method was highly successful so far.

If you are unsure if you want to afford the retreat or a possibly long trip here I can assure you: If you CAN afford it, you should. It is worth every cent and double that. There is only one thing I can recommend: Try to follow the diet as hard as you can and give yourself a few days afterwards with nothing major planned, eat in the wonderful vegan/vegetarian restaurants and cafés of itacare (I recommend café bizarro and naturalmente) and enjoy this time with the new you!

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June 17, 2019

Writing a review for Spirit Vine is a bit tricky as there are so many positive points and I am at loss where to begin… May be by saying that if you are reading this review and considering going to Spirit Vine know that you are doing the right thing and need to look no further. That is, if your interests are into self-growth, self-understanding and self-acceptance!!! Otherwise then may be stay clear! The well thought off workshops carried out before the ceremonies and super well managed by Silvia set the tone for the evening ceremonies. To me these were (although difficult at times) primordial before the taking of the plant. Know that going to Spirit Vine, you will be in the safe hands of a ‘solid’ woman who doesn’t take any non sense and always put you on the right path. As mentioned by others she is very insightful and with her psychotherapy background is able to make sense of what was originally inaccessible and makes it more accessible. Yet, it’s not only Silvia it is Ti O too, this combined team work magically, completing one another. I only have praise for their sense of professionalism, care and support. This experience has left me very humbled, grounded and in more acceptance of my self and my inner child. I have learned few tools on how to be kinder to my inner child and can only thanks these 2 wonderful people for their help in that matter. Now there are so much more to be said about their extended team, Noor and their wonderful cook along with all their cleaning stuff. We were so well looked after, on so many different levels. Again as mentioned by other reviewers the food was unbelievable, the bungalows super clean, the set up of the place is like paradise on earth. I wish i could have stayed longer and not come back to full scale reality! I will definitely by back, just hope Silvia and Ti O would keep at it for many more years to come! In the mean times I only have praises and thanks.


June 16, 2019

I‘ve been returning to this place for many years. And every time I am convinced again and again that this experience here at Spirit Vine is the most significant, important and efficient for my development, self-healing, self-understanding. Here I always feel very safe, this allows me to achieve maximum depth and relaxation. Workshops with Silvia are incredibly useful and help to see and understand what is inaccessible to ordinary perception. Her wisdom, experience and insightfulness are so helpful in getting to the heart of an issue. Many thanks and blessings to Silvia, Rohan, Noor and everyone who is involved and makes this experience possible for all of us. I hope to be back again soon.

P.S The food is simply the best! So fresh and clean, delicious! I wish I could cook like this.. Majority of fruits and vegetables grow in organic garden located right on the land. Accommodation conditions are exceptional as well. Very clean and comfortable. You can always find a cozy hammock hidden in nature to spend some time floating in your thoughts. Or swim or sit by the pond surrounded by the jungle. Pure nature bliss magic.


June 15, 2019

The team is extremely genuine, both spiritually in tune, while humble to know that they are still many things to learn. She uses multiple psychotherapy techniques, some techniques contradicting previous techniques to open different doors and to view things from diffferent angles. As a result I explored different things about myself and of the world that I never even would have confronted or conceived. Whats more, is that on ayahuasca you listen to frogs and insects chirping and you realize that they’re all part of the ceremony and you connect to this hidden secret world and it seems like everybody is in on it. I think that could be a sign that nature recognizes the retreat as something sacred and with purpose. The lessons you learn are never what you expect or want, since if you come in looking to find something in particular,in some sense havnt you already found it? A true lesson is when you attain a realization that you previousally could not have conceived before then, and I certainly found a goid share of these lessons, despite it not being what I had in mind.

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May 9, 2019

Hi everyone, I hope that reading my review helps make your decision easier. I’m 44 (well actually turned 44 the last day of the retreat), had never done any psychedelics before so I had been researching for around four years. Looking at places, reading about Ayahuasca, very relaxed, not in any rush, but constant. Always there was something, a bit of fear, the feeling that it was not my time yet, not really resonating with the places I found as options for my first experience. Well, after all that time sometime after new year 2019 I found SpiritVine Retreat. I can honestly say I read every review on this site and I quickly felt and knew this was my place. I attended the April 2019 retreat. Best birthday gift ever. That place runs like a clock and each element is key for the magnificent outcome one receives and accomplishes. It’s a mix of had work and wonderful insights. Sylvia, TiO, I cant thank these wonderful beings enough. Where ever you are in your journey, all I can say is that when you’re ready, this is the place. Come and let Mother Ayahuasca do her magic in this safe, nourishing, beautiful, relaxing spot on earth.

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May 8, 2019

I had a lot of fears going into this experience and did a lot of research into where to go. Spirit vine was the best decision I could have made! The retreat center and accommodation, the planning of the 9 days, the workshops, ceremonies and the food were phenomenal and truly exceeded my expectations. Silvia and her staff are wonderful souls, she’s an excellent psychologist and there’s nothing to fear. It was a wonderful and awakening experience through and through. GO GO GO!!! I’d definitely go again…


April 30, 2019

Awesome retreat for a first experience! What Silvia has achieved here is inspiring. I would recommend anybody attend this retreat whether new to ayahuasca or already experienced. The area itself is stunning. Otherworldly even. I really appreciated the dynamic between Rohan and Silvia. Together they run a tight ship and make sure everything goes smoothly in terms of your experience. The diet was fun and refreshing. id also advice to stick to the diet before the retreat as well, as to not disrupt your experience. Highlights for me were the psychotherapy, nature journeys, and of course the ceremony. I even felt like the medicine was working with me inter-dimensionally before the retreat. Especially in regards to rage. Highly recommended for inner travelers and those seeking help and guidance on issues related to trauma. Silvia is intense, highly experienced, and as far as I can tell, genuinely caring and enthusiastic when it comes to healing. Worth the trip, and also worth the piece of mind in knowing you are in good hands considering the alternatives out there that may or may not be particularly reputable. As for myself, still processing the event months later. Thanks!

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April 8, 2019

An absolutely amazing retreat , couldn’t have imagined a better and safer place to do aya for the first time. It is a beautiful place with comfortable bungallows, surrounded by jungle and endless empty beaches. Sylvia is such an amazing woman, together with her facilitator Theo, and I was taken aback by their genuine interest in every participant’s problems. I didn’t expect so much of attention as I thought these kind of places run as business. It was definitely not just a business for Sylvia. Moreover, I was very impressed by other participats as I was worried to be surrounded by hippies , lost souls or heavy drug addicts. Nothing like that- all of the participants were amazing , successful and very interesting people! Food was excellent, too! Even though I was worried to take aya for obvious reasons, I felt completely safe doing it in this place. Aya opened doors for me to a a new life which is never going to be the same and I will definitely come back to this place to continue the experience. I just wish the retreat lasted longer 😉 having participated in other retreat afterwards I can reasure that this one is Top one and will definitely recommend it to whoever needs it.

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March 26, 2019

I visited spirit vine this year In February. This has been one of the most memorable weeks of my life. I can not recommend this retreat highly enough. The location itself is paradise, the food is incredible and the organisation or your stay is professionally run.

I feel so fortunate to have found this place and to have worked with Silvia and Tio. I can’t find the words to describe how incredible Silvia’s talents are! The workshops you will undertake and the knowledge you are given for the ceremonies and life after make this such a unique retreat and experience.

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March 25, 2019

I have just come back from the Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Centre in Brazil. I highly recommend this place for many reasons:
1. Silvia who is a well-connected with Aya medicine shaman as well as a highly conscious psychotherapist is very capable to guide all the participants to reach their highest healing and soul evolution potential. Those workshops she has developed to help each group to understand their soul journey process are especially valuable which you would not get anywhere else.
2. Throughout the retreat, Silvia and her assistant TiO demonstrate very high degree of presence and awareness. They seem to know where each soul is at on the journey, giving support and guidance accordingly.
3. The comfortable accommodation and the healthy and delicious food are no comparison. The entire facility is more like an enchanted paradise.

Personally, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to heal, to purify, to awaken under Silvia and TiO’s direct guidance. The journey is totally beyond words, you need to experience directly yourself.

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March 25, 2019

When you arrive at Spirit Vine, you are entering paradise on earth. The grounds are impeccable. As are the bungalows and the ceremony and surrounding buildings. You will receive 5 star vegetarian meals. The maestro of this paradise is ayahuascera Silvia Polivoy, a modern day shaman who embodies having learned from the shamans of South America as well as her own spiritual depth and her knowledge as a psychotherapist. Please trust that every ceremony she presides over you will be protected, opened to sacred knowledge your soul wants you to know, and attended to with the attention you deserve as a seeker of plant wisdom. I cannot recommend Spirit Vine and Silvia and her staff highly enough. Her’s is a divine mission and it shows in everything Spirit Vine offers.

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March 24, 2019

Is it possible to give six stars? 🙂 This retreat was one of the best investments of my life! If you’re not only interested but committed to reaching higher levels of consciousness, Spirit Vine can definitely help your process.

Silvia, Te0 and the whole team were incredible! The workshops, the ceremonies, the playtime at the beach, at the waterfalls or at the pond were amazing.

It was a wonderful experience. It’s hard work but if you’re really committed to your growing process this place is for you! By the way, I will be back in November of 2019. 😉


March 12, 2019

I’m speechless after this retreat and forever grateful. I’m so glad I decided to have my first journey with ayahuasca at Spirit Vine. This is a hidden paradise in the atlantic jungle – it’s breathtaking how beautiful it is! I felt so safe all the time and I traveled alone all the way from Sweden. Everything is perfectly planned. Yoga, food, rest, massage, painting, workshop, ceremonies, sharing… every single thing meant so much to me. I felt calm and safe all the time and even though the ayahuasca showed me some of my childhood traumas – I was never afraid. Instead I got a whole new perspective, understanding, self love, power and tools for me to start living the life that I truly deserve. All thanks to Spirit Vine – thank you for chancing my life!

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March 4, 2019

It’s just over a month since I attended the Spirit Vine retreat and I am really seeing the benefits in my attitude and life. I arrived with minimal experience with psychedelics. I am also on pretty far on the rational, skeptical, not-so-spiritual end of the spectrum, so, I really didn’t know what to expect and I did have some difficult experiences during the ceremonies. However, the insights I gained have been very powerful. These were not necessarily new realizations, but I felt them in a new, more visceral way. I also really appreciated the structure of the retreat, which is a mix of the ayahuasca traditions and psychotherapy (based on Silvia’s background as a psychotherapist). The experience with the group and hearing everyone’s vulnerabilities and experiences was also very powerful and humbling. The setting and facilitators are really perfect for an introduction to this kind of work. I think this is one step on a journey, but a very powerful and enlightening step.

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February 8, 2019

It’s very rare you get an opportunity to make meaningful change in your life. Spirit Vine through it’s beautiful, well manicured grounds and thoughtful host Silva and facilitators Tio and Noor provide you that opportunity.

All that is asked of you is that you come prepared and with a open mindset. If you choose to book your retreat with Spirit Vine you will be completely supported throughout your stay and be able to focus on getting the answers you want. Silva even makes her number available for individual consolation day or night if needed.

Lastly the people that be joining you on your retreat are nothing short of incredible. Professionals from all sorts of walks of life that will become your family for the week. They will provide you another layer of love and support.

I know my life, and the lives of many of those who were with me at the retreat, has been fundamentally altered through my experiences at Spirit Vine. I hope those of you who are interested in Spirit Vine will be able to say the same!


February 8, 2019

I came on this retreat with the intention of learning more about myself, my mental obstacles, and my path to greater peace and happiness. I couldn’t imagine a better setting in which to explore such topics of personal growth. Thanks to the guidance of Sylvia and Ti-O, the entire retreat was perfectly structured to incorporate therapeutic group workshops on topics such as childhood regression, the shadow, and other forms of healing to beautifully compliment the experience of drinking the Ayahuasca tea and help us to derive meaning and gain a deeper understanding of our individual experiences. I came to this retreat alone, but I never felt alone since our intimate and diverse group of 16 people of all ages and from all over the world connected almost instantaneously in this setting and it was beautiful to gain such a supportive and fun group of new friends.

During the day we enjoyed having meals together, but also had the flexibility to go to waterfalls or beaches if we chose to before reconvening for group workshops or the ceremonies. There was also the option to get massages at the retreat center on days of ceremonies to really prepare your body and they felt amazing. The yoga classes were gentle and exactly what my body needed. I also loved the optional art sessions we would have after breakfast on certain days. I hadn’t painted in over 10 years, but it was so fun to get in touch with my creative side and it felt so fun and relaxing.

The retreat center in and of itself is an incredibly healing place to be. The bungalows are beautiful and clean, with amazing rainfall showers, and gorgeous views of the lush surroundings. The dining area is a beautiful veranda with a large dining table for everyone to sit at. The ceremony room is a beautiful circular building enclosed partially by screens so you can hear all the beautiful sounds of the jungle. And the best part of the entire retreat center, in my opinion, is the gorgeous pond where we spent many hours floating around and basking in the beauty of nature.

All in all, I can’t say enough great things about this retreat and I cannot wait to come back. It was extremely hard to leave, but I’m so grateful I stayed in the town of Itacaré a few nights following the retreat as did most of the others. It was a very magical experience and I would recommend it to anyone interested in delving deeper into spirituality and healing your self.


February 3, 2019

I was privileged to visit Spirit Vine in January 2019 with 15 others seeking answers to why their lives were running loops of annoying, often destructive behaviour. No matter how much work we’d all done on ourselves, some of these loops had become so ingrained they seemed impossible to break. I don’t know of any other medicine or practice that has so completely lifted me out of these grooves and given me the opportunity to look at everything from a fresh perspective. A totally brilliant experience and a feast for the senses from the food, the music, the care and attention from Sylvia, Tio and Noor, the jungle noises, the beautiful clean bungalows, the plants, the pond, the yoga, the massages… it was so rejuvenating in every possible way.

One thing I would like to emphasize is, there is no ego apparent in the leadership here. The group sessions are guided by Sylvia and Tio, but it’s 95% the group and the group energy. There is no fawning over the leaders, or cliques, or favourites as I have witnessed in other groups that meet regularly. Sylvia is only interested in your healing, not in being praised for the incredible retreat she has worked years to create, and maintains with love and consistency. That in itself is extraordinary, as well as her ability to focus on everybody’s share and draw out something relevant and personal for that person. But she really comes into her own during the ceremony nights, sitting in silent witness, but speaking to each of us through her haunting, beautiful, passionate music which forms the architecture of the visions. It is the most exquisite expression of attention and love.

I am so happy to have found this place and cannot stress how important it was for me to have the follow up sessions and the professional care on hand when a buried trauma surfaced 24 hours after the third ayahuasca ceremony. If I had been on a weekend retreat, I would have been in trouble, with unresolved issues hanging. It’s really worth giving yourself the full 9 days with this deeply healing medicine and with people who know and respect it’s power.


January 19, 2019

January 18, 2019
With all my heart I recommend!

My first retreat was in 2001, and had an incredibly powerful experience, all in a grand and good way. I am determined to get the visions and imagery that came through, onto canvas someday!

I attended two other times, the last being in 2005, with very fond memories as well, and my fourth journey to Brazil to partake was in December of 2018, just recently.

What is most comforting for me, is knowing where the brew comes from ~ which is from the very forest surrounding the retreat. Our host, a very dear friend now, Silvia Polivoy, PhD, is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and trained people in the field of Ayahuasca, as a Shaman, and clinical psychologist.

She combines everything she knows with her compassion, kindness, gentle and calming ways, yet, she is tough, insightful, persistent, an amazing listener, great sense of humor, and knows how to tune into the core of what needs healing with each unique individual, if that is what one is there for. She has a way about her. She is perfect for this position of helping others heal, and offers such a safe, caring, and loving environment.

The grounds, facilities, and housing, are exceptionally clean, very comfortable, elegant, efficient, organized, and maintained with professionalism. And Nature provides the extraordinary beauty … naturally 🙂 The wildlife sings to you like a symphony, so, so lovely.

Highly Recommend!

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January 16, 2019

I joined the December retreat (2018) at Spirit Vine. Honestly, I cannot recommend strong enough. This place managed to create the perfect balance between full nature experience and great conditions and facilities to accommodate all needs. Normally, my mind operates 24/7 (!), this place made me forget about everything outside, and purely focus on myself and nature. It was magical. The ceremonies are managed perfectly. I couldn’t imagine a better way to go through this experience. It felt like it was maximizing the therapy potential of the medicine, using workshops during the day to bring to the surface things that are berried deep inside. I stopped taking anxiety pills in order to participate in the ceremonies, and left there knowing I will never take them again.


January 6, 2019

I went to Spirit Vine in December 2018 after hearing about it from a friend a year prior, I waited over a year to go. I had not done a lot of research on places to go and did not know exactly what I was going to, I was pleasantly surprised. I am an extremely fast pace hard working person and was a bit nervous about the possibility of being bored for a 10 day retreat in the jungle. I was the furthest thing from bored and only wish I had booked the longer retreat. I have been looking for answers to questions about life and my past for many years using different avenues from hypnosis to traditional therapy. Aya through Sylvia is definitely the best way to get in touch with yourself quickly, the best way to describe the experience is 20 years of therapy with 10 of the best phycologist in the world. As this is just not realistic for most of us this is a much better way. Everything from the food, the accommodations, to the nurturing and loving atmosphere provided by Sylvia and Rohan is 5 star. Please make sure you listen to what they say regarding the diet and taking care of yourself, it will make the experience that much better. I have clearly been given the tools I need to love myself and enjoy this beautiful state we live in. You have no reason not to go to Spirit Vine except possibly not wanting to know there is a better way to live.

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December 10, 2018

Silvia created a piece of paradise in the middle of the Atlantic jungle in Brazil. The whole setting in spirit vine is top notch- from the comfort and cleanliness in bungalows, well manicured gardens and the magical pond to delicious food with vegan and gluten free options and amazing service. Every single detail is very well thought of and designed for your comfort and pleasure. Spirit vine is only a short ride away from nice beaches, waterfalls and Itacaré which is a really cute little surf town.
The support that is given by Silvia before and after the ceremonies through the workshops and group sharings is very powerful. Silvia combined her background and years of experience of western psychotherapy with indigenous beliefs and spirituality. This makes the whole difference as ayahuasca retreats are becoming more and more commercial, one thing you can’t find anywhere else is Silvia – she is authentic, special and very professional!
Rohan is the most gentle and patient soul you could ever meet and he is always there to help or just listen to you always with a big smile. With Silvia and Rohan’s continuous presence and guidance in the most beautiful place that almost feels like another dimension, I can’t recommend this place enough to anyone who wants to enjoy the power of their minds and experience it in a safe, clean and a professional environment.
People who came to the retreat were chosen by Silvia and they were the icing on the cake. The music she played during the ceremonies was divine. The entire experience of being there in this setting was a reward and it was very empowering to feel such contentment. Thank you Silvia, Rohan and all my Aya family with whom I shared this special journey. I will definitely be back!


December 9, 2018

I felt safe from the moment I was picked up at the airport and for my entire stay. Every one at Spirit Vine was caring and friendly in a deeply heartfelt way. I would recommend a visit here to anyone who truly desires personal and spiritual growth. I read studies, listened to countless testimonials and looked for famous people who had experienced Ayahuasca. Also I wanted to be sure the retreat was safe, English was spoken and Ayahuasca was non addictive. Ayahuasca and Spirit Vine met all of the criteria expectations and more. If your ready for a spiritual healing and awakening I highly recommended Spirit Vine Retreat. Amazing!

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December 1, 2018

Spirit Vine is Unique in that it incorporates a few modalities in its approach to your healing/ self discovery process. Come here prepared to do inner work. Ayahuasca facilitates this process in its own unique way. It allows you to open the door to many other realms of the subconscious and to the other worlds that dominate our existence. What Silvia and Rohan provide is your absolute perfect set and setting to this transformational experience. I felt safe and secure during my time. The setting is lush and literally the word “Shangra La” is appropriate here. Meals are fully vegetarian and varied. Everyone that works at Spirit Vine carries a supportive energy. There is yoga on non ceremony days as well as massage offered. A beautiful beach is only a 10 min drive from the center on non ceremony days as well. To incorporate your experience sharing sessions are held where things that are learned can be put into place. This place does important work and more centers like this one would be welcome. Ive been to Peru for Ayahuasca and prefer this overall as it felt shall i say “gentler” in some aspects. The people in my retreat represented 8 different countries and offered some high quality soul input into my experience. Genuinely at the top of its game in many respects. Best of luck in your travels thereMore

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November 7, 2018

I spent 9 insightful days (and nights) with zero distractions around in this beautiful piece of jungle. The center has the great “setting” for focus, clarity, reflection and quietening the mind.
Workshops before ceremonies and sharing sessions afterwards brought so much clarity and opportunity for each of us to share and learn.
I would probably find difficult to process all experiences I had during Aya’s journeys, if there wasn’t a chance to discuss and analyze afterwards.
I thought I was there only to find inspiration and direction in my life, but I discovered the areas where I still needed healing and blockages that were standing in my way.
When the nights were intense, Silvia and Rohan were always by our side, providing support, care and wise words.
I felt safe and looked after, which was very important when person is open and vulnerable.
In addition, I had the great pleasure to share the medicine with individuals who were truly interested in bringing higher consciousness to their everyday life.
If you are ready to meet yourself at levels you never thought possible, in the safe setting and support needed, Spirit Vine is the place!

Thank you for the great journey



November 3, 2018

I must admit, I had some fears before I started my trip to Brazil. On the one hand to travel alone as a woman, afraid of the possible dangers of Ayahuasca and some more…
But from the moment I arrived at the Spirit Vine Center all my fears disappeared into thin air. Never before have I seen such a beautiful spot on earth, everything was created with love, a small piece of natural paradise.
The bungalows are clean, well-kept and comfortable, the food is plentiful and delicious, although cooked without salt.
At no time did I have the feeling of being left alone or missing anything. The care by Silvia and Rohan before, during and after the ceremonies is incredible. The ayahuasca experience itself is truly mind blowing and totally safe (physically and mentally) throughout the whole experience thanks to the preparation and care of Silvia and Rohan. The workshops round off the whole program, opening up deep insights into the inner self and far beyond.
I have already decided to come back next year and if possible once a year.


October 31, 2018

The beauty and richness of the Spirit Vine experience cannot be overstated. The first time I visited turned out to be the most profound and transformative experience of my life. I just returned from my second trip and I’m hoping to return annually, if possible. The entire experience is exquisitely crafted on every level: the setting is breathtakingly beautiful, the accommodations are lovely (even better than the pictures!), the food, despite being saltless, is delicious. Silvia is an astoundingly wise and skilled therapist/spiritual teacher and the workshops she provides between ceremonies are incredibly instructive. Her razor sharp insights are always delivered with kindness and humor. Rohan, her assistant, embodies a wonderful combination of staggering intelligence and genuine kindness. Together they create an atmosphere of total safety. I can’t imagine a more nurturing, enriching and positive setting in which to drink ayahuasca. If you have been called to adventure by ayahuasca, then go, no doubt she has something very important to teach you.


September 10, 2018

Wholeheartedly recommended!

Silvia and Rohan are very experienced Ayahuasca facilitators which benefitted me greatly both during the ceremonies but especially after as they helped during sharing sessions and individual talks to make sense of the experience and how to best integrate the learnings into daily life.

I really enjoyed the group sessions (which were almost as helpful as the ceremonies themselves) which covered childhood traumas, ones shadows and lots of other topics. I learned a lot about myself just from those sessions and from other peoples experiences that they shared.

The accomodation is very comfortable with a beautiful natural property with a lake, nice bungalows that have everything one needs from comfortable beds to clean bathrooms with warm water to hammocks outside the rooms. And i was very impressed with the food prepared which is in accordance with the fairly strict ayahuasca diet (no salt, sugar, meat, milk, avoidance of certain vegetables etc) but far from tasting blant. It was actually some of the best food Ive had in a long time, prepared with much love by the culinary team.

Overall great retreat center with all the comforts one could wish for and tremendous facilitators to get the most out of your Ayahuasca experience.

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September 9, 2018

Un endroit incroyable dont VERT pourrais être le mot qui résume l’ambiance de ce lieu si calme et paisible entouré de palmiers, hibiscus et autres arbres du voyageur…la douce Sylvia et Rohan le bienveillant sont ici pour vous faire sentir comme à la maison du début à la fin. Les autres participants, 11 au total, étaient des gens extraordinaires de tous les continents. Il ne faut pas avoir peur de ne pas parler anglais il y aura sûrement quelqu’un qui sera prêt à traduire pour vous… les synchronicités de la vie, heureux hasards répondront certainement à vos besoins. Les cérémonies et la rencontre avec Mother Ayahuasca sont intenses et très personnels mais le travail fait au préalable dans les workshops et les échanges nous permettent d’accéder avec indulgence au voyage et à la connection avec la plante sacrée.
Une semaine douce, passée à Spirit Vine pendant la retraite d’août, de longues nages dans l’étang, des bains de soleil, de grandes marches sur les délicieuses plages qui entourent la retraite… les discussions interminables les yeux plantés dans la jungle ou dans ceux de votre partenaire de cérémonie qui déroule émerveillés ou intrigués ces expériences de la veille… La nourriture est INCROYABLE le régime sans sel et vegan est le nouveau régime prometteur 🙂 Je recommande formidablement Spirit Vine et j’aimerais faire venir plus de français:) Love Audrey
—In English:—
A stunning place, green is the G word to describe all this beauty, peaceful space, drowned among palms trees, hibiscus, traveler’s trees… Sweet Sylvia and benevolent Rohan are here to make you feel confortable and at home from day one to the end. My partners in that retreat were amazing people from all around the world and don’t be afraid of no speaking english someone would translate for you… sweet synchronicities of life 🙂
Ceremonies and meeting with Mother Ayahuasca are pretty intense and personal but all the work that we do before and in between the ceremonies are helpful and gives us the tools to connect with MA.
A sweet sweet week I went through during my retreat in august, long swims and sun baths by the pond, enjoying the long talks, walks on the amazing beaches that surrounds the retreat or just painting or reading on the deck.
FOOD IS AMAZING, no salt and vegan food is the FUTURE 🙂
I will highly recommend and Spirit Vine and would love to bring more frenchies in. LOVE Audrey


September 5, 2018

If you’ve landed on this site, one can only assume that you’ve received the call and have been doing your research as to where to get the best experience with the sacred plant medicine so many refer to as Mother Ayahuasca. Although I cannot speak for the retreat centers I have not been to, I can openly and honestly say that my time spent at Spirit Vine exceeded my expectations on every level! When I first began researching, I was under the assumption that in order to receive an “authentic” experience, I had to tough it out in the jungle and follow certain tribal rituals that I didn’t fully align with. NOT TRUE! Although the setting of this retreat is in the jungle, there is no toughing it out. The grounds elude peace, the bungalows provide comfort, and the ceremony room allows for experiencing the language of the wildlife, the scent of the flowers and the sensation of the misty rain…all without the bugs! The food was spectacular. Vegetable dishes, native fruits, whole grains, fresh juices, coconut water and herbal teas were prepared daily as to keep our bodies light and energy centers open in preparation for the ceremonies. And as for the sacred tea itself, the caapi vine and the chacruna leaves are the only two ingredients, both of which are organically grown on the grounds and harvested with love and intention before being brewed in the shamanic traditions.
What I am most grateful for though, is the guidance of Silvia and Rohan. Not only did they hold space for every participant there, but through their workshops, sharing circles, and one on one conversations, they helped us to prepare, understand, process and integrate our journeys on an individual basis. I received so much more than I ever anticipated and I highly recommend this place for all of you who have come to answer the call of Mother Ayahuasca.


July 30, 2018

I visited Spirit Vine for a retreat in early July 2018. I had little previous experience with psychedelics (or drugs for that matter), I am not particularly spiritual and am not a religious person. I work in finance. I don’t have big problems. I am rational. But I was interested in learning more about myself and breaking some behavioural patterns that I kept repeating. I was not sure what to expect, and you could describe me as slightly sceptical overall. Still, I thought it was worth exploring, and having researched that the side-effects and negative consequences of drinking Ayahuasca are virtually non-existent, I signed up.

If you really want to, you can find Ayahuasca in your own country and drink it in a one-off ceremony. What you will get is a pretty intense avalanche of sub-conscious images, some painful, some pleasant, with perhaps a surge of compassion and a little bit of ego dissolution. It is difficult, however, to extract any lasting value from such an experience, particularly since many places don’t meet the most basic requirement of making you feel completely safe.

Spirit vine goes a long way to solve this. It is a beautiful place, comfortable, well-run and managed with care. It is set in the middle of the Atlantic jungle, and some of the most beautiful and least populated beaches you can find in the world are just a 5 min drive away. More importantly, the way Ayahuasca is treated at Spirit Vine is, in many ways, pioneering. Generally speaking, by the time we reach adulthood, we all carry baggage with us that we either picked up when we were children or that we have picked up along the way as we have grown. Some carry a lot, some carry a little. But we all have behavioural traits that we are not completely satisfied with. Ayahuasca opens up a window on this baggage and asks the question of whether we want to deal with it or not. However, dealing with it require certain tools, which is why Silvia at Spirit Vine has integrated Ayahuasca in a wider psychotherapeutic (read: introspective) programme. She blends Western psychotherapy theories with shamanic techniques in her workshops (don’t let the word “shamanic” put you off, it’s all pretty sensible stuff) to give you the tools to deal with your subconscious on your own.

This makes the whole experience much more valuable and long-lasting, so that you can go back to your own life and continue to benefit from what you have learned at Spirit Vine. I read somewhere that a good sitter (the person running the Ayahuasca ceremony) is someone you trust; but a really great sitter is someone who loves you. I think this is the main point to highlight: generally the most basic thing you need if you’re going to take Ayahuasca is to feel safe and to trust the sitter. But Silvia and Rohan at Spirit Vine go well beyond this. You have the feeling that they love everyone who visits them, and they go to great lengths to give you the tools to manage your life in a more assertive, fulfilling way.

When integrated this way, the whole experience is less scary, more manageable, and ultimately far more valuable; however, at the end of it all, the person who comes out of this experience is still you. It doesn’t turn you in to someone you don’t want to be; it doesn’t show you random hallucinations just to make the experience scary. For my part, I still work in finance. I still don’t have big problems. I am still rational. But I got to take a good look at my subconscious and at my own self. In many respects it felt like I was properly doing so for the first time, and it has made breaking out of certain flawed behavioural patterns far easier. I would repeat the experience at Spirit Vine in a heartbeat, but even if I never manage to go again, what I have learned about myself there will have made my life much more fulfilling. There are not many reasons why most people should not benefit from such an introspective experience at least once in their lives. No need to fit a stereotype – this is incredibly positive for anyone’s personal development, and there are not many experiences you can say that about.


July 21, 2018

The experience was incredible. I will try to be objective though, with the factual questions of the “pre-Brazil” me in mind.

Went to this retreat in July after a friend, who went 3 times, kept raving about it. His recommendations and the videos on the website gave me the confidence to go as a single female traveller. The ceremonies felt very safe and there was constant support from Silvia and Rohan throughout. Moreover, Silvia and Rohan made sure that everyone has the tools to navigate the information given in those ceremonies, and therefore put the magical aspect of the medicine in a useful and usable context. Silvia’s experience in group work was extremely insightful and we all learned from hearing the experiences of others.

The beaches near the retreat are very beyond beautiful – and added a Robinson Crusoe dimension to the whole experience. The food was delicious and very creative – came back with a couple of recipes I managed to replicate at home.

On a personal level, the ayahuasca experience opened some windows into my past which I have tried hard to keep shut for years. It also showed me clearly the path of bringing mind and body together after decades of over-intellectualising all my experiences. My meditation is deeper and I observe around me much more now. My critical sense can finally rest in the backseat, which is a true relief.

In conclusion, didn’t know one could travel so far by staying in one place. Through ceremonies and group work, Spirit Vine offered a charmed environment for both going deeper within and embracing the universal nature. I will go back and recommend the experience to my friends. Taking a leaf from Allen Ginsberg, this is only the beginning.

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July 19, 2018

I participated in the July 2018 at Spirit Vine. It exceeded my expectations in every single way. I am deeply grateful to Silvia and Rohan for their care and attention to every deal. First and foremost, Silvia is a deeply wise woman who has created the perfect scaffolding for working with ayahuasca safely and effectively. This includes creating a beautiful retreat center where she has obviously attended to every detail, from the grounds to the accommodation to the food. Silvia is a trained psychotherapist and as such her workshops really help to provide tools to work effectively with the medicine and get the most out of your journeys (I say this after having been to Peru and taking part in a more “traditional” set of ceremonies with a shaman). Silvia and Rohan take care at every level, from measuring and adjusting the amount of ayahuasca for each participant down to the milliliter, playing exceptional music during the ceremony, and creating a space for everyone to feel comfortable and attend to their own journey. I cannot wait to go back. Spirit Vine was truly soul healing.

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July 19, 2018

Date of retreat: Early April 2018
When I first started investigating Aya two years ago, I was immediately drawn to Silvia and Spirit Vine was my first choice although I ended up doing my first retreat in Peru, that was 18 months ago. The Peru trip was great but I knew I wanted to experience Spirit Vine at some stage and it certainly lived up to expectations. Some insights below.

Accommodation / facilities:
Top draw, can’t find fault with anything. There was limited wi-fi on our balcony, not so much inside, but for me that was a good thing, may be an issue for others. Good wi-fi was always available in the main lodge. The food was probably the best vegetarian food I’ve ever had and there was plenty. The retreat itself is just stunning and the staff were attentive and unobtrusive

I learnt so much from others during the workshops and it was a real privilege being able to witness Sylvia draw on her years of professional therapeutic work as she gently guided us along this path of healing and exploration.

Brazilian energy:
The Aya experience I had in Brazil seemed to have a different, calmer energy to Peru, where I had been before, I’m told this was down to the setting. I found the Sprit Vine experience gentler, although I did see a lot of familiar scenes and experience some of the same “spiritual ceremonies” with elders/guides
Don’t know how she does it but she managed to bring a really interesting mix of people together, something like 14 different nationalities. Loved the fact that she was all about teaching us to go inside and find the answers from within, that we already have the knowledge and not to rely on “experts” (including her) to tell us what they think. It’s not a perfect process and is work but she patiently strives to give us tools we can use in a practical sense to explore our perceptions and experiences and interpret what comes up in the ceremonies.

Group dynamics:
Silvia’s assistant Rohan is a very interesting guy who is a great listener with a lot of cool stories. Interaction between Silvia, Rohan and the group was very easy and caring. Nice balance of energy with Silvia and Rohan always making sure they were at opposite sides of the dinner table so it was easy to listen and learn.

The only concern I had before the retreat was that they used recorded music. This turned out to be the most amazing, mind blowing music that totally worked and had the shamanistic songs interwoven in a really original way. Silvia could make a fortune off those soundtracks!

Close enough but not too close to the retreat. It’s a good ideal to stay a few extra days and explore / wind down after the retreat. English in the area is not widespread, use google translate and try to learn basics of Portuguese. After the retreat I stayed for a few days of surfing in Itacare and it was fantastic to be able to hang around in the evenings with a few of the new friends from the retreat who did the same.

Health / Life changes:
I have kept up with a mainly vegetarian diet and feel amazing for it, although I will occasionally eat meat in the future if at friends’ houses, etc. Because I had done Aya before it now feels more normal for me. I haven’t experienced any drastic changes, this is what I expected anyway. I do feel like I’ve had a spiritual “tune-up” like some of my antennae have been adjusted.

Thank you Silvia and Rohan

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July 17, 2018

It is very difficult to know where to begin with this review. I find so much of what I want to say in the words I have seen written here by others…
I had done zero research and I had no desire to try ayahuasca about two or three months ago.
My friend was sitting at her computer on a weekend away and announced she had finally booked her trip to Spirit Vine. I looked over at her. I saw the website and I saw and heard Sylvia talking in a video. I immediately knew all I needed to know. It was very obvious to me that this woman was sharp and that I wanted to go and see her, never mind any thing about ayahuasca. The insight she had was so apparent and I knew that I wanted to be there. I booked that night and my experience was life changing. Literally a change of life.

I knew I had wanted to change. I had even known some of what I needed to do to change. I was just not able to do it. It was a hurdle I was not able to jump. I had climbed over many others before – but I had hit a wall. What I needed was the space. The peace. The love. The knowledge. The sounds. The feelings. The tools. The clarity. The Sylvia. The Rohan. The time. The friends. The beach. The coconuts. The birds. The bats. The beauty. The music. The words. The food. The talks. THE SENSE. The skills. The experience. The time of my life.

All these things and so much more I found at Spirit Vine. And I have managed to bring bits of these home with me. After nervously thinking when I set off to go there; that I may even end up calling home and saying “pack my things up, I’m not coming back!”, I managed to prepare myself for home while there, to give myself the tools I would need when I got back and I created a new space in my life for my life.

I remind myself now that Spirit Vine is always there and going back feels like the most natural thing to me and something I am extremely (understatement!) excited for. The desperate need for change is gone. I would return to continue my journey with myself and to reconnect with Sylvia, Rohan and friends I made and not out of the desperate and necessary feeling to change which I first arrived with. I will return for myself. Simply because I love it.

Spirit Vine changed my life. While there I managed to understand what life is and what my life is and I managed to finally click some of the most important pieces of my life into place. I am so excited to be awake in my own life. Caring for and about myself.

Excited for myself.

Thank you Sylvia and thank you Rohan. Thank you to everyone who makes that wonderful space happen and exist. Please never stop. The importance of this space is not able to be put into words.

See you soon!
“One hour!”


July 15, 2018

Spirit Vine is the absolute perfect place to experience the beauty of ayahuasca and begin the journey towards the higher self.
The center/grounds/food/care are pure light, pure magic. Silvia and Rohan are exceptional caregivers and facilitators to all on the journey, giving guidance and individual attention when needed. I felt safe and comforted throughout my entire stay, which was important since this was my first time in Brazil and first experience with the plant medicine. Silvia’s workshops were powerful preparations for the ceremonies that followed every other evening of my stay and the group share after was crucial to our growth as we each learned so much from everyone’s inner journey with the medicine. I am so grateful for this truly transformational experience and all the incredible insights I received during my stay. There is much more work to do–it is endless– I am already planning my return. Can’t recommend this place enough. Thank you Spirit Vine for bringing me back to my self!


June 15, 2018

I am so happy that I chose Spirit Vine for my Ayahuasca retreat!

I’ve wanted to do Ayahuasca for years because I’ve struggled with trauma-related anxiety and depression. I chose Spirit Vine after doing a ton of research and I’m happy to say that it was the perfect place for me. I always assumed I’d do my retreat in Peru, but I went a few years ago and didn’t like what I saw of its enormous Ayahuasca industry. So many places seemed to prioritize profits over healing, and I worried about being complicit in the erosion of local indigenous communities. Additionally, I heard and read about instances of impure/mixed brews and even sexual misconduct. I didn’t want to worry about any of that during my first Aya experience (or ever!) and at Spirit Vine, I didn’t have to. It’s run by a woman—Silvia—who has decades of experience, extensive spiritual AND psychological knowledge, conducts her work with integrity, and makes your safety—both physical and emotional—a priority. I felt safe, nurtured, inspired, and connected, from the moment I arrived.

Silvia and Rohan are experts at what they do, and they are very wise and kind. I loved all the workshops, which supported the work we were doing at the center and prepared us to integrate what we learned upon returning home. Spirit Vine only hosts one retreat a month with a set number of people, so Silvia and Rohan are very invested in each participant; there’s not risk of getting “lost” in the group, and there’s plenty of personal attention should you want or need it.

Because Spirit Vine emphasizes deep healing, it attracts very committed and interesting individuals. This was important to me, as I wanted to be with people who were taking the experience as seriously as I was. Of course, Ayahuasca isn’t a “party drug,” but I wanted to avoid people who were just doing it for kicks. Our group of 9 was full of super cool people who were wanted to grow and know themselves better and were extremely supportive of each other. We had lots of great conversations and, despite the heavy nature of what we were doing, managed to laugh a lot. Keep in mind that who you’re with is a big part of your experience and you’ll get to know them very well.

The grounds and facilities are GORGEOUS, and the area’s beaches are stunning—it was so nice to be able to play in the ocean on “off days.” I paid extra for a private room (a two-person bungalow, but we each had our own bedroom and bathroom) and it was even nicer than I thought it would be. Like, incredibly nice. While the dorms are more than fine, I appreciated having my own space; that said, the center has plenty of places for relaxation or quiet contemplation. There’s so much space that no one is ever on top of each other.

My time at Spirit Vine was wonderful and beyond profound, and I continue to be grateful for it. While I can’t compare it to other centers, I believe that the cosmic-yet-intentional combination of Silvia and Rohan, the lush, beautiful setting and excellent facilities, and the people it attracts, culminates into an energy and experience that can’t be found elsewhere.


June 7, 2018

One thing I want to really emphasize is the beauty of this center, whereas many places will artificially enhance their photos to make things look more beautiful than they are, the photos of spirit vine don’t do enough justice to the magnificence of this place This was an opinion shared by everybody at the retreat I attended, the place is so much more beautiful to experience than what can be seen in the photos and videos.

This is also representative of the way in which the facilitators Silvia and Rohan run the center, they are very humble and always keep you as the focus of their attention, without bringing themselves into the picture, the expertise with which they make the magic happen left me in awe and truly speaks of the depth of their experience with this work. I felt safer than I ever have to open up go through such a deep and beautiful experience, I feel I have learned some of the most important lessons and it was the perfect way to enter a new phase in my life. I feel unending gratitude and love towards this place and highly recommend it to everyone who has a chance to go there.

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April 18, 2018

This was my first experience with sacred plant medicine. Over the past 15 years I have studied yoga, meditation and various healing techniques and now quite unexpectedly Mother Aya was calling.
I researched Ayahuasca on the web and as soon as I discovered Spirit Vine, I knew that this was the place. Some of my friends were shocked and feared for me as a single female travelling alone in Brazil, let alone drinking an illegal brew. However, they need not have feared. I felt cradled and protected by the Universe throughout my whole time in Brazil. This was a spiritual quest that ended up being the adventure of a lifetime.
I arrived at Spirit Vine after a very long travel day involving taxis, buses and a ferry. Driving into a flower filled garden with manicured lawns was heavenly and I immediately relaxed. Everything was way beyond my expectations.

There were 16 of us on the retreat – a full house (11 men, 5 women across 12 nationalities). The group was diverse and very harmonious. Over the next 8 days we opened our hearts, shared secrets, traumatic experiences and deep, deep healings.

I loved the rhythm of each day – on Ceremony days: 7.30am yoga, 9am breakfast, beach, lunch,
workshop, a couple of hours sleep and 10.30pm ceremony (ending at sunrise).

The next day would be a leisurely breakfast followed by an art session, lunch, sharing of our experiences, dinner and a movie.

Silvia and Rohan provide the perfect partnership for facilitating the course. During the workshops, Silvia with her background in Clinical Psychology and extensive experience facilitating retreats would help us to cut to the core of the issues that we each faced, shining a clear light on the source of what, why and how?

Rohan is an old soul full of wisdom, humour and deep insight. He was always smiling and willing to help, yet also firm when needed.

Together, they created a private universe in which we could safely open our hearts and be vulnerable. I felt safe and protected throughout all of my journeys.

Overall this has been, a hugely life affirming experience for which I am enormously grateful and highly recommend to anyone who is ready to do the inner work (which although a powerful and deeply healing process is not necessarily easy). I left feeling open hearted, free spirited and comforted knowing that there is a new tribe of friends with whom I can continue to share and learn.

I walk my path with a firmer resolve and deeper understanding of what I need to do next. The programming kinks from past lifetimes have been unveiled and now I can set to work on them. My heart is open and I feel deeply connected to the Universe.

I am still in awe of how much was achieved in just 9 days. Aya is an amplifier that sheds light on your unconscious shadow state. If you are ready to do the inner work, look no further. Spirit Vine provides the full holistic experience with expert facilitation, luxurious accommodation, delicious food, Atlantic rainforest back drop and idyllic beaches nearby. It really has it all. As I sit here writing this, I’m already contemplating when I might return…..

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March 28, 2018

Words alone can’t describe my personal experience at the Spirit Vine Center.
What I can say is that the facilities in place are set up with nature in mind. Imagine waking up with the light coming through the trees, birds and crickets singing or some drops of rain caressing the roof and washing away the energies of yesterday to make way for new ones.
From the almost invisible staff making sure you have a feeling of being home to being able to jump in the pond and refresh your senses, everyday feels like a treat.
The ayahuasca ceremonies happen in a beautiful and expansive shelter surrounded by the Atlantic forest trees that sometimes fireflies visit.
I felt invited, protected, safe, compassionately allowed to be.
The leaders show honour and reverence for the people and quests of the soul.
This experience will forever be point of reference for my sometimes unfathomable spirit. A spirit that the vine has managed to shake and awaken.
I have already decided to plan another retreat in Itacare.


March 26, 2018

It’s been nearly a month since I returned from Brazil from my beautiful retreat at Spirit Vine. It has been by far the most transformative experience I had for 9 days in the nearly 35 years of my life. The place is absolutely beautiful in the middle of the jungles of Itacare. Everything around me was so clean yet prepared with such love and care. I felt “home”. The food was grown in their own gardens, it was delicious and I did not even miss meat at all. I love the workshops that were facilitated by Silvia and Rohan prior to the ceremonies. It was the right food for thought that really helps guide my ayahuasca journeys that brought forth the lasting changes I have today.

I have been observing the following changes in my lifestyle, diet and inner world for the last 30 days after the retreat.

I lost all desire to drink even the taste of my favourite beverage, wine. With the exception of 2 glasses of wine that I sporadically ordered to “test” the feeling is constant. This has been progressive since I return from Mexico last year and this time it stopped 100%.

I am drawn to a mostly plant-based diet. 80% of what I consume is mostly vegetarian with the rest in seafood and little meat. I find fruits absolutely delicious nowadays. I will crave for it and when it touches my tongue I think “Mmmmm delicioooous.” If I cook, I don’t really use salt but rather season the food with natural spices. I can feel my body’s immediate joy or distaste for the food I feed it. Prior to this, I love meat and have never cared much for fruits or contemplated having a plant-based diet,

I regained my ability to sit in the quiet to read for hours instead of being distracted.

I’m very present and grounded in my daily movements and thoughts. I see that in everything I do from the way I move, talk, picking things up and putting things away. I put things away, shoes, closing drawers, even my footsteps, gently without a sound if I can.

My senses are so heightened. I feel things a lot quicker than before and also get repelled in an instant to bad smells or alerted to bad feelings in other people.

I am drawn to nature and want to spend a lot of time connecting with her and also to look within to explore my inner world through meditation and acute awareness.I relish the moments and it gives me such to be surrounded by nature. I will notice and look at trees and observe the trunk and leaves even in my daily walk through my concrete-filled city.

I feel grateful for my body and the movements and sensations I can have through it. That acute awareness extended to be aware I’m looking through my eyes and I will look up from my book and look around, amused yet grateful that I, we are so blessed with the gift of sight. I look at my hands and feet or just feel the movement through them. I feel the slight wind brushing on my skin, Our senses are such a miraculous thing.

Mind and Heart:
They both float in a white glowing light. Holding space for my inner world. Present, grounded.

My focus of leading a kind, joyful and meaningful life is sharpened and is raised to a higher level of consciousness and I let go of inauthentic expectations of the future or people around me.

I gained more gratitude, love and patience of my family, my loved ones and everything else that is the source of my intrinsic joys while at the same time I let go of everything else that doesn’t serve me in that light.

I feel absolutely grateful and have pure acceptance of who I am and what I have in the here and now.

I am aware of the breath that I take into my body and love the feeling of taking slow deep breathes in the quiet and the sun and feel it coursing through my being and the wonderful effects it has in my mind and heart.

I truly enjoy myself, my being, my light and exploring the vast inner world that has been shown to me.

Every day, the lesson continues and deepens.


Thank you Silvia and Rohan for this wonderful gift. I would love to return.


March 5, 2018

Spirit Vine is a very special place…
From the moment I arrived I got a sense of energy and grounding, that carried me so gently with love through the entire experience.
Silvia is so good at what she does, she really knows her stuff! She also has a personal relationship to the plants she works with, and it’s apparent in the plant medicine she grows and brews on her land.
Prior to Spirit Vine I had been on 2 separate Ayahuasca retreats. The previous times had each been a healing journey in its own way… but this experience was way different. This was the first time I received tools of how to work with Mother Aya to apply an understanding of myself, which has since brought about a permanent, lasting change for the better. The mental tools I had been given to work with by Silvia were able to clarify total comprehension of myself and the baggage I had been carrying for so long (lifetimes even).

As the other reviews have mentioned, the location is perfect, grounds are lush, full of flowers, plants and wildlife, food is organic and well prepared, & accommodations are comfortable with daily maid service. All of this was really great and so much appreciated! For me, my favorite things of what makes this place irreplaceable and priceless was Silvia and the beautiful, healing, retreat center she has so carefully well-thought out and created, as well as Rohan, & Andreas… I will definitely return in the future to continue the work. Peace & Love Be With You All

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February 23, 2018

I’ve already tried ayahuasca with many shamans and at many places. Spirit Vine is one of the most professional retreat centers that is currently available.

Most important is that the brew that they offer is the strongest and the purest that I have ever tried. They only use the ayahuasca vine and the chakruna leaf they don’t add anything else. It shows how strong the brew is that they are very serious about giving pariticpants the exact amounts (they measure it for each participants in milliliters)

Inbetween the ceremonies there are workshops that are extremely useful becuase they teach people how to use the ayahuasca experienc so that it really becomes a healing process.

The trajectory of the retreat is great and the whole program is well put together. As a praciticing psychologist who works with groups I can tell that the way that they work with people is very professional.

The venue is beautiful and it feels more like staying in a five star hotel then in a retreat center. The meals are delicious (which is already a great compliment since during the retreat they stick to the traditional ayahuasca diet) and there is always a huge variety of different kind of dishes. Everything is organic, gluten free and made right there on the spot. Many times they use vegetables and fruits from their own garden.

I have to admit that the place is expensive so it’s definitely not for people who have limited resources, but keep in mind that the quality of the retreat is extremely high, so I would say that every penny that I spent on it was worth it.

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January 5, 2018

I may start saying I do believe in magic!
Last year I had by unknown reasons the inner big will to heal through ayahuasca. Perhaps because I needed to change something strongly in my life. I didn’t want to give further steps in life without having kind of a light exactly in those steps. I needed inspiration and answers.
The first time I heard about this plant I was traveling in Peru. And in that moment I knew I was not ready for that experience. Later, when I heard about the plant in Europe, I was very sure that I wanted to be in a place where the plant grows naturally and is not abused in any sense. And the time I felt ready for that came, and I understood why last year was the way it was and why I went trough a strong healing process. Lucky me, life, magical dwarfs or even better ayahuasca itself (I have to say again I do believe in magic) took me to the right place.
Don’t ask me how or why but I arrived to Spirit Vine Retreat Center at Bahia. Now, after some weeks I finish the retreat, I’m still not sure how to describe what I experienced. Because is a circle of things…. Is the place, Silvia and Rohan, the bed, the food, the pond, the closest beach, the ladies and guys helping over there, the smells, the rain, the sun, the ayahuasca of course, the ceremonies, the chats, the group therapies, the exchanges, the drawings, the music….. And just to close with flourish, the people sharing the retreat, everything was overwhelming for me.
I’m trying to process everything I learnt and saw. I wish I could have had something to film the ayahuasca trip and those special moments. But only my soul will do.
It is a very safe place, they are very professional and more over, lovely people that will take care of you with love. That is very important because ayahuasca healing/ learning process is very strong. Actually, I think everybody should experienced it once but at the same time, should prepare consciously for that, to be OPEN to receive information, to know that life is a healing road and ayahuasca is a powerful tool but not the solution, though is a great connection of things that our inner wisdom knows in a way. The experience is just divine and indescribable. I do recommend this place, organic ayahuasca, organic delicious food and organic flow experience. I’m very thankful, very very.

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January 2, 2018

I just participated to the Ayahuasca Spirit Vine retreat in the marvelous facility in the middle of the jungle, just outside of Itacare, Bahia.
The experience was really amazing, not only as regards the ceremonies, but every single detail of the 8 days we spent there was thoroughly studied and designed in order to make the best out of the retreat.
Beginning with the place, which is just beautiful, in the middle of the nature, is the perfect asset to reach the peace of the senses and get emotionally and spiritually ready for the ceremonies.
In order to get ready, there are also yoga sessions, which are really useful to bring our consciousness to the present and, for a moment, forget the day to day issues of every day life, in order to be fully focused on the spiritual path addressed by Spirit Vine. Besides there are workshops that really dig into our depth, and help us increase significantly the insights.
The ceremonies were very strong and deep experiences, which really helped me look into myself and know me way better than I used to. It helped me get in touch with myself, understand some sides of my identity and personality that I couldn’t understand, and also make peace with myself.
I went back to the “real world” really renewed and I could feel huge benefits from the very first day. My perspectives completely changed, and gained much more clarity on my choices. I also managed to accomplish some little but meaningful goals within the first week outside the retreat.
It was an eye opening experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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January 2, 2018

It has been my second time at Spirit Vine in December. And this may already say it all. Without any other experience with other places (but certainly inquiries that were treated in dubious ways…), to me there is no need to look any further and I am sure I will return.
When you arrive behind the gates of Spirit Vine, you enter a parallel universe. It is a lush secluded place full of plants and flowers and all kinds of lovely creatures. Birds are surrounding you while you eat or drift in the natural pond, looking at the palm trees and clods in the sky. At night, during the ceremonies, you can actually feel the interconnectedness of all because you witness and even become part of the whole creation, from frogs croaking to all kinds of beings playing the drums, to the falling rain, all like orchestrated with the music and your personal experience. In the morning, when you come back to “reality” you slip out of your cocoon I the dawning sun and chances are you feel like newborn awakening to a new world.
Apart from the awesome magic and intelligence that Ayahuasca offers per se, I think the ceremonies at Spirit vine leverage the potential to the full, especially because they are embedded in a smart integrative retreat schedule which includes preparative and integrative workshops, shared meditation and yoga classes as well as leisure time at the amazing beach or inspirational move nights. You will truly get a retreat with the possibility to recalibrate your being.
While Silvia does not consider herself a shaman, she is a highly experienced and intuitive psychologist who is able to integrate approaches wisely and guide participants through the retreat and their own personal journeys – if necessary also after the retreat. This is important as we all have our own challenges before, during and after the retreat. You can feel the focus is one the individual and Silvia and Rohan are absolutely present, trustworthy, human, intelligent and also humorous in not only caring and sharing the journey, but also opening up on their own experiences. I could truly feel the focus lies on the purpose of healing (vs. potentially ego driven shaman roles and rites).
Together with the all the people from allover the world, an amazing healing energy is created, providing for a space for mutual sharing and support. I think the people chosing to come to Spirit Vine make up another quite important ingredient in the whole setting – I have loved the groups and individuals I met, even making true friends for sure. We have set up a WhatsApp group where we still share and support each other now we are back home integrating the experience.
Last but not least, while the Aya diet can be quite restrictive, Spirit Vine’s organic garden provides the freshest and most delicious ingredients for a very yummy and satisfying creative wholesome vegetarian (or rather mainly vegan and glutenfree) kitchen, delighting and surprising the tongue (and eyes!) every day.
I felt truly nourished on all levels – physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and aesthetically when I left the retreat.
I will highly highly recommend Spirit Vine, not only if you are looking for an Ayahuasca retreat – but actually I think everybody should experience this at least once in their life.
As a very last thought, on a meta level, it is quite amazing to see what healing paradise Silvia has manifested following her visions and her heart along her own journey. Which, to my eyes, speaks for itself.

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December 31, 2017

The Spirit Vine Center is an ideal place for ayahuasca therapy, whether it is your first time, as it was for me, or whether you have taken it before and are seeking a fresh perspective, like many of the participants in the retreat I attended.
The setting is beautiful, the accommodations are clean and comfortable, the meals are uncommonly delicious, and the two facilitators, Silvia and Rohan, carefully support each participant through a highly individual experience.
Silvia, the founder of the center, has created a structure for the medicine journeys that provides tools based in psychotherapy and visualization to help you get the most out of the process and to integrate the surprising things that you discover about yourself. She and Rohan also foster a sense of connection among the international community of participants that is itself a healing experience, and that lasts after the retreat is over.
I am pleased to recommend Spirit Vine to anyone seeking the benefits of this ancient medicine. You will discover a safe and welcoming place to deepen your understanding of yourself and the world.

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December 28, 2017

I feel like this is the start of a whole new life after just spending 1 week at Spirit Vine, something completely unimaginable. I thought that 3 ceremonies would be too less but it has surpassed my expectations by an inconceivable margin.

I feel like a child that is learning the ropes of living all over again, the only difference being that now I feel completely equipped and resourceful. I have my adult part which feels unblocked from my past limitations, and I feel this part is ready to be a mature and understanding parent to my inner child that is bubbling with excitement to explore this world.

I had lost this feeling of curiosity and aliveness for over 20 years and now this veil of depression has been lifted completely because of the week I spent with some of the most amazing people from all over the world, as well as the most wonderful facilitators Silvia and Rohan. The workshops that Silvia conducted have taught me techniques that I will be practicing for the rest of my life – to keep transforming my negative patterns and to release parts which don’t belong to me and recover the lost parts of my soul.

I am forever grateful for this most life transforming experience and I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to go within and find the resources to transform themselves. Every single aspect of this retreat is beyond perfection. There are delicious meals and beautiful bungalows surrounded with surreal landscapes of the jungle. Ahh, a part of my heart is always going to be there and I am sure I will go back for round 2 when I feel ready. Until then, best wishes to all those who take the journey and thank you so very much to the spirit vine team 😀


December 26, 2017

This was the ideal environment for my journey. I went looking for a way forward. I was able to to do so by resolving some heavy issues from my past which I can’t imagine trying to do without the council of Silvia and Rohan. The interaction with my fellow travelers was also critical to my journey. This all manifests from the harmony that Silvia casts over the entire retreat. Her influence creates the peace and safety and ensures the motivation to face the challenges. Words don’t do justice to what this retreat can provide. For those who want to do some serious work or for those who want to resource themselves, Spirit Vine gives you every opportunity to succeed.

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December 19, 2017

Ayahuasca retreat at Spirit vine center was the best life experience which I could gave to myself. After years of researching of ayahuasca field and retreats options I let my intuition to guide me on the way of retreat selection and from the first moment I felt completed trust to Silvia, the most incredible human being I have ever met. Her wisdom, transcended ego, compassion, understanding, professional knowledge, unconditional love to every human being made all retreat experience incredible. Each workshop incorporates deep spiritual practices with psychological backgrounds, giving the tools to safely navigate through the ayahuasca ceremonies. But, not just the ceremonies, that’s the tool which I put into practice into everyday life, incorporated into daily meditation practices to continue healing. Rohan’s presence and help during the retreat activities and the ceremonies, filled with so much understanding, compassion, non-judgement, knowledge, organizational skills made such a positive impact. Silvia and Rohan, thanks for your extraordinary help during my the most vulnerable moments, for your sacred work and to made all retreat experience so profound.
Not to forget the perfect accommodation facilities, surrounded with lushes’ jungle and beautiful beaches. I felt in love with vegetarian food, couldn’t imagine how tasty and delicious can be, enjoying exploring the vegetarian cuisine at home. Thanks to the all staff that made our staying so perfect. Please, just believe the now ‘healed’ perfectionist when it’s evaluated as perfect.
And the most important, the ayahuasca ceremonies. When your soul is called, you cannot escape, it will be in your mind the day after day until you just do it. Then magic happens. Yes, you get what you need and Mother Ayahuasca perfectly knows what is it. Just believe and surrender. That’ all. After the one of the most difficult year in my life where I reached the bottom, faced unbearable physical illness and pain, I left the retreat so peaceful with myself, filled with unconditional self-love, learned how to feel, accept, let go and surrender. Not learned from the mind level, but felt. It’s incomparable. The magic doesn’t stop working, it’s in your cells, showing up through the insides, your intuition, your connection to the higher self.

If you are called, just do it! Don’t be afraid! And remember, there is no safer place to do this then the Spirit vine retreat center! I’ll be back as soon as possible and can’t imagine to this anywhere else.


November 29, 2017

I just spent the last 2 days reflecting on one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever had in my life at the ayahuasca retreat that just finished at spirit vine. The ceremonies at night were very profound as I had insights into some of my self-limiting patterns and with the help of the techniques taught by silvia in the workshops I was able to rescue the pieces of my soul and transform those patterns and recover my power which had been lost in my childhood.
The last ceremony which was in the day time has changed the way I look at the world and nature forever. Seeing how everything is alive and conscious has impacted me very deeply and I now have an infinitely deep respect for nature. Thank you to the gracious hosts Silvia and Rohan for providing such a safe and trusting space to let everyone open their hearts and share, not only without judgement but also providing some very helpful insights from their own experience and knowledge. I will remember and cherish every moment of this week for the rest of my life and I am sure I will be back for more healing and growth soon! Lots of love and respect x


November 15, 2017

I am still living in the amazement of the most beautiful experience of my life at the spirit vine retreat. Ayahuasca and the guidance of silvia has transformed my life in just a week, going from a monotonous lackluster life to a feeling of deep contentment and happiness just to be alive. I feel so much gratitude to this center, the facilitators, the land, the plants, and mostly to God for giving me this life. I am in awe of everything and I don’t have words to express just how much ayahuasca has helped me to fall in love with life and to have respect for nature’s wisdom and beauty.
The yoga sessions were also a great opportunity to learn something I had never done before, now I am practicing daily and have got in touch with my body like never before. I believe this experience can help anyone who is ready and who has an open mind to explore their inner world. This center is a paradise with very beautiful accommodations, jungle, gardens, ceremony room, beaches and super-delicious food xox

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November 7, 2017

I went from being bedridden due to severe depression, to jumping out of bed every morning loaded with energy after just 1 week of this amazing and beautifully therapeutic experience with Silvia. As you will see in all the reviews below (my reason for choosing this center), everything is done perfectly down to the last and minutest detail.
Silvia and Rohan are very welcoming and make every person feel like they are completely taken care of, which I found out that it is very important during ayahuasca to feel safe otherwise it can lead to a bad experience – this was explained by another participant who had been to a center in Peru where there the shaman left in between the ceremony (scary!).
I am sure I will be back to continue developing my inner self and to feel the blissful energy of this paradise. I recommend anyone considering ayahuasca to trust their instinct and go to Spirit Vine, you will have a wonderful time =D


October 30, 2017

This is Penny from Finland writing my first review ever because I just feel so overwhelmed by what took place during my first ayahuasca retreat at Spirit Vine. It was the most beautiful experience guided by two very loving, caring down-to-earth wise people. Every detail was well thought about and it was a perfect balance of personal space with availability for guidance when required.

The food there is just sense-melting, I never imagined being vegetarian could be so easy and delicious! I feel transformed in every way imaginable, the ceremony space was so healing and I was able to let go of some very deep and traumatic situations using the techniques from the workshops, especially the energy/spirit releasement technique. It is something you must experience if you feel called to ayahuasca, I recommend this center with my heart full of gratitude 🙂

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October 29, 2017

Having an Ayahuasca experience at Spirit Vine is putting yourself in the Garden of Eden, so beautifully manicured, with only high hanging fruit – with the ayahuasca you will ingest grown on Spirit Vine’s hallowed ground. Sylvia Polivoy, the shaman of the land, provides all the psychological, emotional, mental, and physical help by the way of quality food, professional care, and impeccable living quarters all of which will help you to have an experience of a lifetime. Since plants were the first species on land…imagine the vast knowledge they hold. And want to impart to you, which will happen during your ayahuasca ceremonies which take place in a sacred temple where you will be watched by the guardian of the land, Sylvia. I cannot recommend Spirit Vine and Sylvia highly enough! They are simply and truly the best!

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September 10, 2017

In July I participated in the 9 day retreat, the highlight of my trip though Brazil and surrounding countries. I personally couldn’t have asked for anything better than the way things went at Spiritvine, from the moment of arrival to the retreat instantly feeling safe and secure to the end feeling full energy and ready to tackle the next challenge in life.

Siliva, you have done an amazing job transforming your land into such a beautiful space for spiritual rejuvenation and relaxation. I was very impressed by the standard of quality across all facilities and the attention to detail in the presentation. The way the retreat is structured gives all participants sufficient time to reflect on what they have learnt, whilst also creating a safe and enjoyable environment to share the deeper feelings within that arise throughout the journey. Thank you for the guidance and sharing with us all you have learnt over the years and last for your presence throughout the 9 days.

Rohan, thank you so much for sharing your story, your wisdom and your uttermost presence with us all throughout the course of the retreat. You and Silvia make the experience an absolute pleasure.

To the staff, thank you for keeping the place looking so pristine, and in particular to the kitchen staff for preparing the most amazing and healthy variants of traditional Brazilian foods which provided so much pleasure plus inspiration to take home.

Would highly recommend this place to anyone wishing to expand their mind and help forge a better version of themselves. Peace

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August 21, 2017

I did the 8 days late July retreat. Now that i’m in my city I feel that thinking about all the experiences I had at Spirit Vine feels just like I was in some heaven far away in the jungle. This place is the materialized dream of a person who wanted to assist and help deeply others with help of doctorcitos and of course, nature itself. Thanks for the experiences and blessings for all of you.


August 17, 2017

I recently got back from my second retreat at spirit vine, after 8 years! The first retreat was very powerful and gave me very deep insights which led me to making some huge changes in life for the better. This is why I decided to return, and I am so glad I did! Silvia has grown in her own practice and teachings and I found the retreat this time was even more powerful and I felt connected at a much deeper level.

The workshops which Silvia teaches now have some great techniques that I can take home with me and continue practicing whenever I experience any difficulty. This helped me very much in the ayahuasca ceremonies and it has continued over the last two months after the retreat as well. Every single moment of the retreat was something I will cherish for the rest of my life and I will surely come back, this time much sooner! Thank you to every single person who shared their hearts during that week.

I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a safe and comfortable retreat center, and who not only wants to experience ayahuasca but also deepen their overall spiritual practice. I have realized that it’s not only about drinking ayahuasca, it’s what you do with it and after it that is most important. The support from the facilitators, their expert knowledge and their guidance all give a huge boost to make some incredible life changes and learn things I think are almost impossible to discover without this beautiful combination.

I cannot leave this page without mentioning the delicious food prepared by the friendly staff and the spectacular setting of the bungalow, it’s truly worth visiting for these things alone. It’s impossible to describe how perfect the experience was, it is something you just have to experience yourself!


August 14, 2017

It is probably my first review ever! I am grateful to Silvia for her guidance and practical helpful techniques she taught us. Silvia has tremendous experience and once you meet her, you just know right away you are in the right hands.
I’m now just a week over after my ayahuasca and I still feel that it is working its magic and healing me. I practice the techniques Silvia tough us every day. I keep remembering my childhood and some scenarios are coming up now and then. Overall I feel calmer and happier. I learn how to trust myself and not be fear of my own power, taking back control over my life. I appreciate Rohan’s help, he was always there for us, sharing with us his wisdom, philosophical point of view with a great sense of humour. Whenever I asked Rohan a question, there was always a clever and precise feedback that would make me think and find an answer myself.
I am very glad I happened to travel to SpritVine to Silvia and Rohan. This was the place I was meant to get to: safe, calm, peaceful and amazingly beautiful. The energy in the Centre is pure and magical. I cannot recommend this place enough and I hope to be back sometime soon.

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July 17, 2017

In the two weeks I’ve been back from a retreat at Spirit Vine I’ve faced friends (for meals, phone calls… asking what was it like?), family (mom, uncle…where have you been? why was your gate locked?), Foes (the seismic oil exploration crew that trespassed on my property while I was in Brazil after I refused to give them permission to enter and locking my entry gate, but they accidentally left some valuable equipment behind which may soon be available on Ebay). I must report that I’m satisfied that each situation was handled in a calm, dignified, honest, lawful manner, regretting nothing said, written nor done. I feel like I’m standing on the first wrung/level of a ladder of inner peace and I don’t want to fall, step, or be knocked off.

Getting healthy, dealing with negatives and staying on a better path has been easier since the retreat. Quitting smoking has had its temptations but since I destroyed all smoking items as soon as I returned home as planned it has gone very well. I still get the urge to smoke at times but the urges aren’t very strong and they do pass quickly. I’m also working out again, though I feel tired at times, I feel like I’m on a good track. The whole trip to Spirit Vine was very important to me in every way I can think of, as without it I believe a downward spiral in my life was starting and was only going to accelerate if I did nothing to stop it. One thing still bothering me is that my anger towards my brother has increased as I see all the ways he has stabbed me in the back and I no longer choose the crutches of substance abuse or escape to avoid feeling it. If anyone asked me today if I will ever forgive him I would say I truly don’t know but I’m hoping that facing my feelings towards him and the rest of my family will help me put them in a healthy perspective where understanding, love and forgiveness all around is possible. It will take time to heal but I now have time and patience for myself. I accept my part for what I could control in my life and I’m thankful HIGHER POWERS LED ME TO AYAHUASCA which allowed me to confront and purge my toxic shame. With the shame gone I feel I can now heal my inner self and that it is worth the effort to heal. Since i”m very much a novice, only recently truly acknowledging an inner self and higher powers I’m not qualified, nor would I feel comfortable, with any sort of spiritual advice giving but maybe someone will get, see or feel something here that gives them a bit of hope, comfort, support or inspiration to do something positive for their-self.

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July 12, 2017

Today is my last day at TheVine center for this time, I look forward to return many times.
It was a great Magic experience, fulfilling, a communion of souls.
An authentic religious experience, in the etymological sense of the word: religare, re-unite, come together.
Mother Nature in full and total intimacy with my soul.
Even the snake visit on my first day here (which they say is not unusual) was wonderful.
Everything was smooth, sweet, perfect.
The companions, the service, the meals.
Silvia could not be better, she is a container, wise and has a difficult quality to find in the masters of her size: her Ego never interferes. She is authentically great, the truly great DO NOT suffer grandiosity. Long ago they overcame their “personal importance”.
Rohan, one of the facilitators, is discreet, timely, efficient and responsive in his interventions, only when necessary.

I am going home full of wonder and amazement, from the view, the colors, the smells, the noises, all my senses.
The immense and total peace that dwells in my heart.
I even got friendly with insects, I had never paid enough attention to their beauty, the subtlety of their movements, the vibration generated by that buzzing, so familiar … as the one I always feel during the ayahuasca experiences.
It was a visit to the inner and the outer Paradise, reconnected with solidarity and love.
I pray to God to sustain this state of consciousness and I ask Spirit Vine center to continue being a High Frequency channel, recognized, admired and visited by people from all over the world.
Experiences such as those I lived in here are reality transforming, making our planet a better place, since it is only our individual transformation that will change the world.

Thank you, infinite Thank you.


July 10, 2017

A Nigerian Shaman advised me to go to Spirit Vine six years ago to embrace Mother Ayahuasca, with specific instructions to see Sylvia, I didn’t listen and went to Peru instead much to my regret. After numerous bad experience in other centres I finally went to Spirit Vine. I can not recommend this centre enough, it is most definitely the best and safest centre I have experienced. You can not find fault with Spirit Vine, from the food, the workshops, the sharing, the comfort, the accommodation, the magical surroundings, the full time support, the respect, the ceremonies ,the understanding and wisdom shared by Sylvia enables each participant to find enlightenment in their own way. Sylvia is truly a magician, and very Wise Woman. 10/10.

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July 1, 2017

A journey in the Cosmic Counsciousness – May 2017

I was travelling Brazil deciding day by day what to do and I was reminded by chance that Brazil is the land of ayahuasca.
I was interested in ayauhasca already since few years, when I heard beautiful stories on how you can reach deeper state of counsciousness, heal from your wrong patterns, get to your next evolutionary step. I needed to clean myself, I needed to get to the next step in life and I felt ayahuasca could be a booster.

The idea I had about ayahuasca was to be an intense psychedelic experience allowing expansion of consciousness. That was my aim and the answers I got were exactly in that direction, but with a strength I would have never considered.

Ayahuasca itself is a magical plant that allows you to take out your divine part.
It amplifies your senses, it amplifies your comprehension, it gets you deeply into your consciousness, it makes you access other dimensions. It makes you extremely vulnerable. You become like a child when it is born and in that moment the forces of the Universe can take you over. You are just in the hands of the divine.

What I could not expect before the experience, it was the importance of the environment, the people around you, the place and most of all, the intentions.

Ayahuasca is a powerful plant. Put it in the wrong hands and it can potentially create serious damages or at least very bad experiences. Put it in the right hands and it will take you to your next step of development as a human being.

I realize how lucky I was to have this occasion, in this environment that was built with extreme care, deep love and wide knowledge from a person who has dedicated her life to give other people the possibility to move to the next step of evolution.

This was an essential factor, as another essential factor was to be together and share the experience with other people, who are the reflections of your own existence and allow you to feel we are all connected.

I was very lucky to meet a wonderful group of people from different parts of the world, each person from a different country!
Many thanks to all of you.
Many thanks Sylvia and Rohan.


June 27, 2017

This is the best place to step into the magical world of ayahuasca!

I had my 2nd retreat in March 2017, and this was an 8 day retreat with 3 ceremonies. My previous experience few years back with 4 ceremonies. Both retreats were exceptional in what I discovered about myself through and the transformations that followed in my life with the help of ayahuasca and also the workshops conducted by silvia. The only thing I will recommend is if you have the time then it is completely worth going for the 9 day retreat, the last ceremony is in the day and it is the most beautiful experience ever to be had. Going out into nature and connecting with everything, swimming, and just watching the sky, the whole time and space is beyond words.

The facilitators at this center have the utmost care and respect for each person, they talk privately if required and also spend a lot of time with the group throughout the retreat which gives a very welcome and safe feeling. The facilities are immaculate and the natural beauty is a trip in itself. The beaches, the food, the yoga and massages, the whole retreat is so well thought out and executed that it enhances the whole experience to get the most benefit and have the maximum enjoyment.

Lots of love to the whole group and all who choose to visit <3 :*


June 25, 2017


When my husband asked me to come with him to an Ayuhasca Retreat in Brazil I was first quite reluctant. Brazilian Jungle? Me? At my age? Hmmm….. Traveling across the Atlantic to get eaten up by mosquitoes while I could enjoy myself in a Fife-Star resort somewhere in France or Spain? I thought my „wild years“ where gone long time ago and therefore was not particularly interested in a revival. However, since my husband was already going for the third time I trusted him and went with him. As a matter of fact the two previous retreats at SpiritVine had changed his life in such a profound and positive way that was almost miraculous and I was a speechless witness of that change. I will be eternally grateful to him for insisting for me to come with him since my experience at SpiritVine has opened my eyes and heart, has changed my perception of myself and the world in a way I would honestly not have expected at all. That is why I am writing this review.

The Compound
First things first: The beauty of the center and its setting has blown me away. The Spirit Vine Center is located near the surf town Itacaré in Bahia, Brazil, with all its pristine beaches. It is harmoniously nestled in the „mata atlantica“ – a jungle-like forest. The compound is secluded enough to cut you from all man made noises so that you are able to immerse in the odors, sounds and magic of the jungle but is still close enough to all amenities of civilizations should a need arise. Arrival and departure is therefore easy and very comfortable which was important to me. You arrive with the plane in Ilheus, take a taxi and 1 hour later you are at the gate of SpiritVine. The whole trip from Europe has not taken more then16 hours.The Center itself is nestled in a forest clearing. It is composed of 7 to 8 private wooden bungalows each of them separate enough to enjoy privacy, all with their private bathrooms and hot water, a meeting and restaurant center, a ceremony temple and a pond with a deck, where you can swim and relax. You have access to WIFI if you need to communicate with the world. Everything is very well maintained and clean. The food is mouthwatering and the service impeccable.

The Hosts
Silvia and Rohan are very experienced hosts. They are loving, supportive, friendly and caring but never overbearing. They would be there for us when we needed them but otherwise let us be when we needed space. They would attentively listen to us, let us express our emotions but never interfere in our private process unless we wanted them to. They would make us feel at home and welcome us in their family but never impose on us. Thank you very much to both of you for this elegant mix of presence, care and discretion.

The Experience
Ayuahasca is an age-old medicinal and visionary plant, used by the native tribes for hundreds if not thousands of years. The ceremonies in the beautiful temple accompanied with mind- and heart opening music has brought me deep insights about questions like who and what I am, has shown behavioral patterns of mine of which I was not aware, has given me a new perspective to life itself and my relationships with other persons and last not least … has shown me how real bliss feels like. Thank you.

I will come again to SpiritVine simply because I could not imagine making this deep and intimate experiences in a better setting and with kinder hosts. I can warmly recommend it to everyone.

Matthias, 53
Zurich, Switzerland

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June 22, 2017

if you feel like trying Ayahuasca, you found the right place ! I m going back every year to this same place not because I don’t want new adventures or discover new places , it is simply because it is THE perfect setting . You are in the jungle , surrounded by magically colored butterflies twice the size of the local hummingbirds , light up by the infinite stars and fireflies , lift up by the incredible soundtracks of the ceremony and the symphony of the jungle animals , fed by this delicious local grown organic food , rested in these confortable and beautiful eco bungalows , you will be few steps from dream like virgins beaches and waterfalls and helped and directed by two specials individuals Silvia and Rohan that ayahuasca choose as facilitators . This June retreat was my fourth time in 3 years and my experiences there helped me to live a life I would never dreamed of before I took these first step towards pure happiness. Thank you again Silvia and Rohan for making our lives magical . If you feel the call to try ayahuasca just go there , everyone I meet want to go back , everyone that tried other places say this place is the best …. much love … david

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May 29, 2017

I can honestly say that I have never experienced a retreat like Spirit Vine. In short, it is very high quality in all aspects and you should have no qualms about attending a retreat in the resort. Here some more details:

Aya experience: The guides (Sylvia and Rohan) are very experienced, professional, intuitive and intelligent. I found that Sylvia’s professional training combined with a deep pool of personal experience with the plant made her the ideal guide. She can find a connection and mode of communication with very different personality types and does a fantastic job sensing limits and helping you feel safe. The tea itself is very high quality and safe as it production is supervised end to end.

Housing: Gorgeous bungalows, clean showers and bathrooms, comfortable. Picturesque views. Really nothing to be desired. And the location, surrounded by forest, nature, green everywhere. A lagoon that you can swim in. Really unbelievable.

Food: Delicious breakfast and healthy, hearty meals. Prepared to be vegetarian, no added sugar and salt. The retreat is not only a special experience for the mind, but also a cleanse for the body.

Overall: Honestly, this is the place to go if you are serious about spiritual development but also dont mind a bit of comfort 🙂 Cannot recommend it more, really a special place.

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May 27, 2017

I was there in February. What a beautiful and helpful expirience!
I did not know much about Ajahuaska, so I was like a baby in that case, but I felt so safe and so gentle guided, that made me do the work with an easy flow.
I can recomend Silvia and Rohan deep from my heart. Both of them do a great job and are very dedicated to their work.
The place is very beautiful and well cared for. I also liked the psychological “translation” or work we did in between the ceremonies, for beginners a very good tool and a very helpful guidance.
So maybe i come back if I feel called.
Now let’s apply what we lernen in our everyday life. Something changed for sure! So it’s gona be diffrent from now on.
Thank you Silva and Rohan.

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May 10, 2017

What a place! It was my first ayahuasca experience and it was wonderful!
First of all, we can think about “a club med” regarding the price, the pictures, etc
But NOT AT ALL! Sylvia and Rohan had a really good energy and I felt directly in trust with them and really safe, which I think it’s primordiale for an experience like that!
Also an important thing, it was not only 3 ayahuasca ceremonies but it was also a therapy, before each journey we had workshops to help us to go deeper in our journey. Sylvia takes time and does her best for each of us! And for me was really helpful because I was in trust while I was drinking the brew.
After talking with other participants who had other ayahuasca experiences they told me it was their favorite one! It’s confortable, peaceful, surrounding by nature, amazing food..
You can definitly go with eyes shutted there, you will love it!

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April 24, 2017

I have attended 4 different ayahuasca retreats in Peru, Colombia and Brazil. The best retreat I have been to is Spirit Vine center in Brazil. The feeling of safety and comfort with the facilitators allowed me to go really deep and feel connected directly with the plant. The other centers which had shamans were interfering a lot in the journey and I also noticed the participants in those retreats were much more afraid. At spirit vine it was so peaceful and each person in the group bonded so well and felt so safe that it gave the opportunity to go deep and discover some very powerful insights about myself, and every member of the group had this kind of a deep experience. The group sharing sessions were very powerful to integrate the information from the ceremony and also to learn from the experiences of others.

The workshops conducted are also extremely helpful to learn and understand how to navigate the ayahuasca journey. Overall the whole experience – the food, the accommodation, the natural beauty of the jungle, the beaches, everything surpassed my wildest imagination. It is the place I will go back to whenever I decide to journey again, and I highly recommend going there.

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April 15, 2017

It’s been almost a year since I did my retreat, I recently spent time in the rainforest – Maui Style – and thought of the piece of magical rainforest that is the home for ayahuasca – Spirit Vine. I just wanted to take a moment to express gratitude for the wonderful experience I had there.
I have thought of SpiritVine often since I’ve returned home, and while my experience while I was there was physically intense, the other aspects of my experience (spiritual, emotional, philosophical), continue to present themselves on a daily basis, often in a very profound way.
I would like to thank Silvia and Rohan again, and I will be forever grateful to you for accepting me into “la familia”… just knowing you and a place like SpiritVine exist in this ever more chaotic world brings solace.
I look forward to the day when I come back…
Until then – Malama Pono


March 6, 2017

Spirit Vine is an amazing, safe place to experience ayahuasca, especially if its your first time. The retreat space has a beautiful relaxing and grounding energy which is felt as soon as you arrive. The structure of the retreat itself is well done with inner child, past life regression workshops etc. prior to drinking which enables you to really get the best and most healing experience from the ayahuasca. Sylvia and Rohan work as a great team, with a nice, relaxed approach making your experience feel safe but still confident in their abilities to guide you on your journey. For myself, overall a great first experience with ayahuasca! Would recommend. 🙂

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January 11, 2017

My time at spirit vine was very special. Sylvia is an incredible woman living her bliss in a green jungle paradise. Rohan, a volunteer, is also amazing because he is so patient and in tune with people around him. The two of them worked very well as a team, and I felt totally comfortable going to either of them for questions, guidance, or just fun conversation. The place is run so well down to the last detail, you are cared for, considered, and encouraged to grow. This is a place for healing, and there are few things as magical as that. The rooms are gorgeous, the food is delightful, and the workshops are intelligent and unexpectedly useful. If you are ready to grow, learn, and trust this is the perfect place to do it. I had such a wonderful time here I plan on returning as soon as possible.

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December 29, 2016

I just completed the December retreat at spirit vine and it was the most magical and productive Christmas gift I could’ve given myself. I have never felt so safe and comfortable as I did here. The way the retreat and ceremonies were conducted allowed me and all the other wonderful group members to open up completely and transform the dark parts within to beautiful light and color. The expert guidance of the shamaness Silvia helped me and many other people break very difficult patterns that had been causing pain and suffering. I will be definitely come back to continue my journey of self-discovery.
Apart from the workshops and ceremonies, everything else was also beautiful. The food, the bungalow, the swimming pond, the beaches and the jungle-spectacular and breath-taking. Highly recommend to anyone who feels the call to ayahuasca!


October 30, 2016

This is a review of my first retreat at Spirit vine in Brazil after 9 retreats in the Peruvian Amazon at different centers.

For many years I thought that Peru was the way to go for ayahuasca but after my experience at Spirit vine I am certain this is where I will go back every single time. It was the most serene and divine experience I have had in my entire life! The days I spent here with the angel Silvia taught me what it means to live with an open heart, to live with compassion and to love unconditionally. The care and compassion with which she facilitates the entire retreat experience opens up the portal for the most profound transformation.

Silvia conducts workshops where she teaches very powerful techniques to optimize the experience and to integrate the lessons into daily life. These techniques are not just for the retreat, they can be used throughout life to deal with any type of challenging situation. Silvia exemplifies what it means to live the path unlike most of the facilitators I’ve met earlier who just talk about it but are completely incoherent with their actions.

Most of the experiences I’ve had in Peru are a theater and run as a business where money is given far more importance than learning from the plant. The tourism in Peru has also attracted a lot of bad energy, I felt much safer in Brazil where ayahuasca is still respected as a sacrament. The overall energy is much cleaner and conducive to the experience.

The natural beauty of the center, the gardens, the natural swimming pond, the bungalows, the temple space, the massages and the scrumptious food enhances the entire experience and gives a feeling of safety and comfort which helps to surrender to the divine magic of this sacred plant. I highly recommend the experience here! Best wishes to all that embark on this journey 🙂

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September 7, 2016

My experiences at Spirit-Vine Retreats have far surpassed my expectations and all of my previous ayahuasca experiences. Silvia is a gifted shaman and teacher, and she has created a jungle paradise for seekers wishing to commune with the spirit of ayahuasca. She coaches participants on how to actively engage in a dialogue with the spirit and express their needs and intentions. Her counsel is steady and comforting during ceremonies and sessions, and participants receive strength and support from the group dynamic.

Silvia’s patience and the personal attention she gives to each participant creates a safe setting, and the beautiful environment could not be more perfect. The health benefits I have received from ayahuasca are immeasurable, and I am profoundly grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Spirit-Vine Retreats to anyone contemplating an ayahuasca journey.


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September 7, 2016

Spiritual Revelations
I participated, with 6 other people, in the 17-25 July 2016 Ayahuasca retreat. It was the first time I had an experience of that kind. And it was unforgettable. I am a doctor (cardiologist) but still had many unanswered questions regarding my spiritual dimension. This was beyond my everyday professional practice, which has been based on scientific, pragmatic reasoning. I did the trip alone, so as to take full responsibility for whatever happened to me. Many of the things I saw and learned are too personal to describe in detail here and not of general interest, but some revelations were astonishingly powerful: – I have a soul. I have seen it. He is my higher self and he is immortal, divine energy. – I have lived before, and have now been offered images of at least three previous incarnations. The information regarding one of those gradually unfolded over three long overnight sessions and the implications were overwhelming, often too profound to digest. – The laws of cause and effect are simple. You will reap what you sow. One must strive to be a better person and offer small kindnesses to those who cross one’s path. – This present life is the important one, and must be worked upon. Give it purpose and meaning. Do not waste it. – I speak the truth. After all I am a doctor fast approaching the age of 50, an educated man who accepts objective fact and who will reject bullshit with panache and arrogance. I know the difference between sensory hallucinations, however attractive they may be, and witnessing spiritual certitudes. – I just want to go home. And I know where it is. For me, the first dose of Ayahuasaca brought on visual and auditory hallucinations, but it was the booster (about half the initial dose) which unfolded the spiritual knowledge I was seeking. The venue, in verdant hills and a lush tropical forest, is beautiful. The hospitality was flawless, the food delicious. I made some new friends during my stay in Bahia. I want to thank Silvia and Rohan for their professional and personal courtesy. I will remember and learn from this. Ultreya!!!

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August 9, 2016

Spiritvine retreat was really something special. It took me 4 years to get the courage to do this and believe me I spent a long time researching lots of places. Spiritvine is a great place to do your first ceremony. You are in the rainforest, but are close to a tourist town in Bahia, you have wifi, a comfy bed, amazing food, English language and Silvia, a trained psychiatrist who is there to help you through your journey. You feel safe- which is really important when you are so far from home. What Silvia brings is a beautiful habitat, help assimilating what was experienced and the most incredible playlist to journey to. It’s really special. The experience is nothing short of epic. The medicine works in an amazing way and you get exactly what you need for that moment. In our group (which was such a lovely mix of people) more than half had dark journeys. What I mean by that is that they went to places they needed to to be able to understand who they are and to release things from the past. I tell you this just so you understand that it can be hard work – but with immeasurable benefits. You have to be ready to do this. I read somewhere that one ceremony is the equivalent of meditating for 10 years. For me, it felt even more powerful than that. Like I was getting plugged into the core of the universe and fully understanding the simplicity and complexity of everything. There is so much more I could write (be sure to bring a journal as you’ll want to record the incredible insights that the medicine shares with you). It’s been 6 months since I was there and I really can say that it’s a life changing experience. My outlook (and inlook) is very different now and I feel I have a much better understanding of energy and a new reverence for the majesty of the plant world and in particular plant medicine. Very grateful for the amazing work that Silvia does. This is an unmissable experience.


September 8, 2015

After 3 shamanic retreats in Peru over the last few years, I was looking for something different. While browsing different retreats that are coming up all over the world, I found Spirit Vine which was established a long time back in Brazil. The website and information I found online instantly appealed to me and I knew this was the place for me to visit next in my Ayahuasca path.

The vibe in Brazil is so nice! The center is a paradise created by Silvia who is a master facilitator. She holds a very clean ceremony where the energy is pure and this helps immensely in building trust so one can explore themselves deep without having any fear. It is the perfect set and setting.

In comparison, Peru has a very dense energy and it has become very commercial in most places. Some shamans are even drinking alcohol and practice sorcery. Overall in Peru I was feeling restlessness and this feeling gets amplified a lot during the ceremony leading to a very uncomfortable and dark experience for some people. I have witnessed this two times now with myself and other participants and this was one of the main reasons for not wanting to go back to Peru this time.

Seeing the manner and discipline with which Silvia does her retreats has completely changed my opinion on the way Ayahuasca is supposed to be done and I am so grateful for having this experience. I am sure this is going to be the center I visit for future ceremonies. The unforgettable beauty of the jungle and beaches surrounding the retreat, as well as the healthy food and super comfortable accommodation made the whole retreat much easier and it was welcomed when going through such an intense experience. Much love to Silvia and the entire staff!


September 6, 2015

Visiting Spirit Vine was a great experience in my life that I?ll never forget. The place is beautiful, the bungalows very comfortable, the food so delicious, during the ceremonies I felt totally safe, the workshops during the day were very helpful as well, and Silvia is an amazing woman. She does love her work. Talking to her, being with her made the experience be unique. I?ll be back!

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August 17, 2015

I just spent an incredible retreat with Silvia in her wonderful center. From the food to the workshops to the accommodation, everything was just perfect. And of course, the delicate, loving and expert support of Silvia was a marvelous bliss that has permitted me to have evolutionary experiences and insights far beyond my imagination. It has boosted my understanding and my self in such a way that I can know now who is God, what is Love, what is not death and who I am.
A special thanks also to Rohan who assisted us so graciously and to the whole group that was a constant source of inspiration, care and fun.

God bless you
Eric A

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August 17, 2015

Retraite incroyable, qui m’a aider

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August 17, 2015

I came at Spirit Vine for the ayahuasca retreat whithout knowing anything about ayahuasca. I have a spiritual path for some years and I discovered that it was very complimentary. Silvia is a wonderful and coach. She has a great experience herself and knows exactly how to help you during this spiritual development journey. I had big insights during the ceremony and after with the sharings. This retreat will really help me in my evolution.
On a practical side, the place is fantastic, in the jungle, very nice and comfortable bungalows, great food, incredible beaches around.
I will definitely recommend spiritvine (spiritvine.net) for a retreat, and I will come back.


August 17, 2015

I just attended the last retreat on August 2015 with my husband and I had an incredible journey.
Sylvia is a real expert on how to set up such retreat and the space hold by Sylvia and her team is very caring .
I felt very safe, helped and understood knowing it was my first retreat. I also appreciated the quality of the venue, the beauty of the environment and the organic food! I deeply recommend the Spirit Vine Center to people who are really serious with their inner development and look for a high level of knowledge.

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August 17, 2015

I found Spirit Vine, or maybe Spirit Vine maybe found me. I was looking for a retreat to allow me to grow vertically and horizontally. I think this is what separates Spirit Vine from other ayahuasca retreats, the way that Silvia facilitates horizontal development. This allowed me to fill in the missing parts instead of ignoring them chasing the bliss of higher consciousness. One without the other is partial.

Thankfully I was able to experience both,

Pura Vida,

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August 5, 2015

Silvia Polivoy is a woman with one of the greatest, most healing hearts I’ve come across with. If you add to this that she works with the plant medicine Ayahuasca and the retreats take place in the middle of the rainforest, you get the perfect energy for the experience of your life.
The retreats, perfectly designed to work on body, mind and soul, enhances each individual’s creativity and potential. They are a unique and wonderful oportunity to explore the mistery and beauty of life and to understand our relationship with it, so that we can change from the core.
I would recommend anyone to have an experience with Ayahuasca in this context, since it’s a very free, open space where everyone’s process gets respected and where you’re guaranteed you’ll get the answers you are looking for.

– Maya.


August 4, 2015

both my husband and i attended a 9-day retreat in july with silvia after meeting one of her now permanent volunteers (the most excellent and humble rohan!) and hearing firsthand accounts of what this very powerful life-changing spirit medicine can do.

being in the jungle in the direct influence of nature and away from the usual influences and noises of the city in itself was healing and restful, but silvia’s expertise and guidance was by far the most valuable asset of our week. she was always available for her guests, whether to call a taxi or give one-on-one counsel at almost any hour, never in a rushed way but selflessly giving her time to promote understanding and personal growth. she designed her group therapy exercises to be simple allegories of how we act and react every day to create problems in our lives and we discovered our misconceptions and mistakes gently yet in often profound and obvious fashion, surrounded by other participants in a nonjudgmental safe circle of trust and support.

taking part in the sacred ceremonies was one of the most humbling and incredible experiences of my life. though the process was very difficult for me, afterwards i felt that some layers of anxiety had literally released from my body, as if some very dark and stagnant, negative energy had been exorcised from a deep place within myself. i noticed that i no longer had an annoying back pain in a specific place that had been plaguing me for months. there is much to unravel and achieve in terms of changing negative and destructive habits and thought patterns but already i feel energy is moving where before it was stuck, creating momentum and healing. bless this space for allowing myself and others to have a comfortable, safe, beautiful, and supportive place for discovery and healing.


July 27, 2015

I am most grateful to have attended my second retreat with Silvia at Spiritvine this July. Silvia’s methods in guiding and assisting you are taken from her many years helping others with the use of transpersonal and psychospiritual practices.

The workshops before and sharing after each ceremony helped me to identify, liberate and begin to cure my own problems.The setting in the biodiverse Atlantic rainforest with starfilled nights is a true Eden and will make you feel reconnected with source.

Mother Aya is ready to teach those who are ready and whos intentions have been made clear. She can teach you to know and love yourself so you can better understand and love others.

I am thankful to Mother Aya , Silvia and her staff for helping me to live more connected to my true divine self within. I would highly recommend this great experience to everyone at least once to help in discovering your potential and connecting with your higher self.

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July 26, 2015

I had my first experience with ayahuasca at TheVine Center in Brazil. I am amazed by the overwhelmingly safe and loving environment created by the host, Silvia and the facilitators. In my own experience, ayahuasca increased my awareness to suppressed parts of my self, and also the infinite possibility that is within, the shredding of this heavy armor I had been carrying around opened me to a very vulnerable state, with increased sensitivity, empathy and a wast range of emotions that I had not touched since childhood, the safe and loving environment allowed me to blossom just as simple natural me, as I am. Simply being.

The ayahuasca experience is not a on-and-off switch that only occurred during the actual ceremonies where we drink the tea, the time in between the ceremonies where we partake in workshops and share our experiences are of big help in actualizing and integrating the insights and experiences that occur both during and out of the ceremonies. During the ayahuasca ceremonies, Silvia and one of the facilitators, Rohan was always available and helpful and at the same time never intervened unnecessary. Really, I could not have asked for better sitters.

I had never expected this profound transformation from only 9 days at TheVine center, I have lost all addictions and no longer feel any the need to mess with what is already in perfect function, I am for ever greatful to Silvia and the facilitators for making this possible.

I absolutely recommend this ayahuasca retreat to everyone.


July 22, 2015

I started my journey with Ayahuasca about 10 years ago, initially I did a few retreats in Peru but did not find it very safe and also found it difficult to communicate and understand my journeys because the shamans are not easy to speak with. Then I went to Brazil which I found to be a safer environment. Since 2008 I have been going every year to the Spirit Vine center in Bahia which boasts beautiful and modern living accommodations while still providing the traditional jungle setting for the ceremonies in the Atlantic rain forest. The ceremony room is absolutely gorgeous with nets to protect from insects and at the same time letting you experience the full jungle atmosphere with the sounds of birds, insects and the rain. The center is just 5 minutes away from magnificent beaches along the Atlantic ocean. The weather here is also a lot nicer compared to the Amazon.

There are workshops in English to help everyone integrate the information received during the ceremonies which I find very helpful. I like most that the focus of the retreat is spiritual development and self exploration. They provide a very safe and comfortable environment to let you explore as deep as you desire. Over the years I have met many different types of people here – movie celebrities, writers, artists, physicists, biologists, lawyers, doctors, meditation gurus, techies and so many more, and each and every person has a powerful positive transformation no matter their prior beliefs and mindset. The magic that takes place here on every visit is what keeps me coming back year after year. It is truly a wonderful space and I highly recommend attending a retreat here!


July 16, 2015

I did a retreat in Peru last year and although I liked the ceremonies with ayahuasca I didn?t like the superstition around shamanism which makes the energy very heavy specially if you understand Spanish. This year I wanted to try Brazil and the vibe there was completely different. I chose spirit vine center in Bahia famous for their stunning beaches and jungle.

This retreat center is very beautiful but the most interesting thing for me were the workshops with guided visualizations that helped me bring to my awareness situations that I had forgotten and now I understand my history a lot better. After this retreat I am free of my compulsions. We had 4 ayahuasca ceremonies and the energy was very clean and loving. They have their own plants to make ayahuasca. And their own organic garden for the food.

Thanks to Silvia, always available to listen carefully, thanks to the cooks making delicious and healthy meals, thanks to the gardeners for making all the center?s grounds a flower paradise and Silvia?s assistants Michael, Rohan and Jacky. After the retreat I stayed one more week near itacare surfing and learning capoeira. It is a beautiful and unique town very close to the retreat center. It was an unforgettable journey in all aspects.

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July 14, 2015

I am so grateful to SpiritVine retreat because not only revolutionized but changed my life.This is the best thing happened to my 34 yrs of spiritual journey. Ayahuasca
ceremonies are different experiences every time.It is very profound experience which I think had to happen in this period of my journey. We are multidimensional
beings,ayahuasca lets you travel into different dimensions and to me so awesome.
I cannot thank Sylvia enough for her knowledge.The retreat center is beautiful, especially at night you can see the beautiful planets and lots of stars. Lots of food,
my favorite are fresh coconuts,mangoes,bananas and papayas.
Sylvia is a light!!!. I also want to thank Michael and Jack, they are very helpful.
Frisco,Tx USA


July 13, 2015

When I arrived at the spirit vine retreat I was completely blocked. I am
a writer and I was suffering lack of inspiration and motivation for the
last 2 years. The first time I contacted Silvia she told me that the
purposes of their retreats are for spiritual development, not for
healing. I decided to go anyway. And is spite of that, during the first
ceremony I had a strong energetic shake, old memories came and I was
asked by the spirit of the plant if I was ready to go ahead. I said yes
and I said that I wanted to overcome my blockage and I accepted the
guidance of the spirit of the plant. In the second ceremony I saw why I
was depressed and which bad habits generated this depression. I the
third and last ceremony I saw my next book like a movie in my head.
Right after that ceremony started to write again and this continues
after my return home. I felt the staff was very supportive, and
Silvia?s guidance and patient made feel confident in the whole process.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, I recover my faith.

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July 1, 2015

Spirit Vine retreat Centre is situated in South Atlantic Rain Forest, close to the beaches and small town of Itacare.
First time I arrived there I experienced dejavu of coming home where I belong and had being lost for a long time.
Everything felt right for me,; started with meeting Silvia and other people there, to sharing experience of Ayauhuasca ceremony and digging out deep insights of other dimensions with other participants in the group who become dear friends to me. The simple life, without much influence of so called modern life left lasting impression on me, so I decided to spend more time in the Centre in the future.
To Silvia and her friends just—- TUMBS UP!!!


June 28, 2015

welcome to paradise !!!
For my second ayahuasca experience I went back to brazil in the amazing coast of Bahia . The first retreat was mind blowing and brought so much awakening , strength and love into my life that I could not do it only once . This time I promised myself to try to go back every year as the benefits of this brew are countless, either you need to heal yourself or just to improve your life and yourself. 10 days after I got back the beneficial effects appears everydays .
If you are decided about ayahuasca ( if you are checking this website then don’t back up … Go for this unbelievable journey !)
At spirit vine everything felt safe , Silvia is a trained psychologist that probably thought she could help much more with plants than years of therapy. She ll be there to guide and comfort you with her long experience and a loving heart so you can have the best possible setting for your ayahuasca mind travel.
The place she created in the jungle is gorgeous : you will hear all the exotic sounds of the jungle while doing ayahuasca , see the sky with billions of stars and fireflies and painted butterflies will dance around you . It has a magic vibe to it ( maybe because ayahuasca grows over there )
The bungalows are superb , the food is great even without salt , the untouched beaches stunning . Can’t wait for next year!
Thanks Silvia , Michael , Jacky

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May 24, 2015

I just returned from Brazil where I did a retreat at Spiritvine ayahuasca. This
center and their staff are all magnificent. I felt safe and integrated
in the group from the very beginning.
I enjoyed the workshops because it helped me to understand and overcame
my own limiting ideas, so now my horizon is wider. I was an atheist
before and although I am not a religious person now, I feel much more
spiritual after the retreat. I read before that we are all one but to
experience it is completely different. Since then I never felt alone
And the beauty of the place is a big bonus plus the excellent food and
astonishing beaches. I will come back again for sure.

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April 20, 2015

After 2 very traumatic divorces I realized I needed to discover how
come my two relationships were so similar. Why I was choosing the same
type of personality and I went to Colombia for an ayahuasca retreat, I
wanted the real thing with an authentic indigenous shaman. The
experience was nice but I found a little too wild for me. My Spanish is
pretty good because my mother is from Venezuela but I couldn?t talk a
lot with the shaman, their culture and way of life is so different.
Later a friend told me about a fantastic ayahuasca retreat she did with
a former psychologist in Brazil and I was intrigued. I went to spirit
vine retreat last month and everything was so absolutely well organize.
Silvia?s workshops are design specially for content integration. You
don?t need to ask, everything was already there. The yoga in the
morning, spectacular breakfast with gluten and sugar free cakes,
beaches, lunch, workshops, art, swimming in the lagoon., massage, group
sharing and ceremonies. I learned to forgive my mistakes and love
myself. I feel full of god inside. I found out everything I was looking
for and for sure I will come back next year.

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April 20, 2015

Hi, this is Francesca from Italy. I attended the March retreat at Spirit Vine and I had a wonderful experience. The facilitators were very helpful during the ceremonies and throughout the retreat. I had a tough time during one of the ceremonies because there was an emotional problem I didn’t want to face, but Silvia guided me through the entire process and now I have overcome my fear and feel so much better about it.
The retreat center is very beautiful and comfortable. Very relaxing away from city stress. I will surely return when I get a chance 🙂 Thank you for this experience!

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April 16, 2015

I was at Spirit Vine (spiritvine.net) for the ayahuasca retreat in
Feb and whatever praises I have for the place and people are not enough!
This has been the best experience of my life, not just with the
ayahuasca, but also as a holiday destination. Surrounded by the lush
rain forest in a comfortable, cozy bungalow is a dream for anyone who
wants to recharge themselves in the lap of nature.
The ayahuasca ceremonies, sharing sessions to integrate the information
and the workshops are conducted very professionally and personally at
the same time. Almost everyone in our group was new to ayahuasca, and
even to substances or entheogens. We all felt like we were cared for with
great attention, and this is the magic of one of the most loving and
professional people you can ever meet ? Silvia Polivoy. If you have done
ayahuasca before or are going to do it for the first time, you will love
every part of this place and the whole experience with Silvia.

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April 15, 2015

I just returned from the 9 day March retreat at Spirit Vine in Brazil and I still feel like I am living in the dream land created by Silvia. The beauty of this and surrounding places cannot be overstated! The landscapes of the jungle which you can see while relaxing on the hammock on your bungalow deck are other worldly. The beaches which are 5 minutes away are unforgettable – white sand, stretching far as the eye
can see, blue waters of the Atlantic… I want to go back now!

And the food! The food! Everyday the cooks would treat us to something innovative, exquisite and healthy at the same time. Tapioca fruit pudding was a favorite for most of us, and the highlight dinner dish on the last day, ?moqueca de jaca? (jack fruit)- only 1 word to describe it – outstanding.

I have had ayahuasca ceremonies before in Peru and Colombia, but I cannot ever dream of going anywhere else after visiting the Spirit Vine center. The amount of care and attention given by Silvia and the whole staff is unmatched by any retreat I visited. The conditions are as good as any respectable 4-star resort. A western bathroom with hot showers and comfortable bungalows is more than I could ever ask for after my previous experiences. I doubt I will find a place as beautiful as this
as I continue my journey with this powerful plant teacher.


March 15, 2015

I have recently spent 8 days on the retreat, I thought the retreat was very beautiful, Loved the spring water pond that you can swim in. Our hosts Silvia and Michael were very accomdating. The food was excellent .
A normal cermony day consisted of Yoga for 1.5 hours first thing followed by breakfast, then we could go to the beach or chill around the retreat. We then had light lunch followed by a workshop session that set the scene for the night time cermony. We then grabbed a few hours sleep before meeting at 9pm in the fabulous cermony room.
What can I say about my Ayahuasca experience, I have read many self development books and been on many self development seminars, nothing compares to this experience, its like learning years and years of spiritual knowledge in a few days. Thoroughly recommend this experience.
Our hosts Silvia was exceptional in her knowledge and help in this experience If you needed any assistance it was on hand straight away.
I have come away from my time there feeling at peace and have a knowing of who I am what my lifes purpose is.
Thankyou very much Silvia and Michael , will definitely go back.


March 11, 2015

I visited this retreat not too long ago and was totally blown away by it. I had my reservations before I left, as I think most people do before trying an experience such as this. The minute I landed in Brazil however, I knew I had made the right decision and when I got to SpiritVine I was totally certain. This place is not just a haven for those of us not wanting to ‘rough it’, it’s a wonderful home from home like you can’t imagine. The ceremonies are safe, facilitated by the amazing Silvia, the surroundings calm and peaceful. The workshops during the day were just as helpful to me as the Ayahuasca and the people I shared my experience with were exactly what I needed. I highly recommend it and cannot wait to return. Soon I hope!


March 9, 2015

I highly recommend going to the Spiritvine center. I went to the 8 day retreat in February and all in our group were new to the ayahuasca experience. Silvia is an excellent facilitator and she helped everyone prepare for their respective journeys inside. After our first ceremony, our small group of strangers from all over the world had become close friends. It was magical, and though I had some visions that were difficult for me to experience, they were very necessary for me to begin my journey of healing. Through group workshops and sharing after each ceremony, Silvia helped us have greater insight into our visions. This is what sets this place apart from the others. By hearing the details of the journeys of others it just amplified everything that I personally went through. Silvia, with her years of personal experience with aya and also facilitating aya ceremonies, was able to answer our questions and help us prepare for each ceremony’s possible visions. The center is absolutely gorgeous and the meals(I was not a vegetarian before I set off for this trip) were delicious. The jungle cannot be beat for it’s raw beauty and a group of us went to the mostly deserted nearby beach nearby on the off days. This place has everything. My personal aya journey of healing has just begun and has opened up a beautiful world that I didn’t think was possible prior to coming here. I will be back. You will have the experience of a lifetime thank yourself for coming here.


January 15, 2015

My wife and me attended the Spirit Vine retreat center at the end of December 2014 and I on behalf of both of us I can say, that it was the most valuable experience in our spiritual quest, witch lasts already more, than 15 years. During these 15 years we are following vedic tradition, practicing yoga, we have traveled all over the world, participated in different mystic ceremonies in India and other places, but, that experience, which we got in Spirit Vine Ayahuasca retreat center under the guidance of Silvia (owner of the retreat center), I can characterize, that it was something about what can dream the follower of any spiritual or religious tradition. During our spiritual journeys we were at “Home” where we were inspired by the experience of unconditional Love and Happiness. All Ayahuasca ceremonies were guided in a very vise way and were in a feeling of Gratitude and Love and at the same time transformed and cleaned our consciousness very deep.

Also the living conditions in the Spirit Vine retreat center, which is like a small Paradises in the jungle and relations, that prevailed there, increased this common feeling of Gratitude, Love, Friendship and Happiness. Silvia and her team truly serve to others and perform the very valuable mission. God bless You, Silvia, Michael and Your team:)

In Gratitude and Love,

Sandra & Guntars

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December 26, 2014

As it was my first ayahuasca retreat, I wanted to make sure I was in a “safe” environment. And I am so glad I’ve followed my instinct : I felt really comfortable and supported along the way. To make a long story short, SpiritVine has been the ideal place for my ayahuasca journeys.
And it has really been life changing.
I have also to mention that Silvia is really super knowledgeable and helpful, she is so humorous as well.
Definetely an excellent place to go…

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November 2, 2014

I’ve attended the 8-day retreat at Spirit Vine in October 2014, looking for a safe, supportive and instructive environment for my first Ayahuasca experience – and I was not disappointed.

Silvia is an experienced guide, with background not only in the use of Ayahuasca but also in Psychoanalysis and various philosophies of mind. This has enables her to create a program of self-exploration in which consumption of Ayauhasca is but a part, with complementing activities before and after ceremonies. Such activities seem to me essential in order to deal wisely with the experience of Ayahuasca as it occurs, and in order to fully understand it in hindsight. Otherwise, instead of being enlightening, the experience might be merely entertaining, frightening or confusing, or with only vague insights that eventually fade away without a lasting impact.

Yet Silvia is only a facilitator; the main teacher at Spirit Vine is first and foremost the Ayahuasca itself. This is not trivial: at other places you might find yourself at the mercy of the Shaman, with relatively little control or understanding of the situation.

The accommodation is quite luxurious; the surrounding is beautiful and inspiring.

I believe all of this is a recipe for a responsible and enlightening Ayahuasca experience, and indeed my stay at Spirit Vine seems to have had an enormously positive effect on me and my life. It was the most amazing thing I’ve done – the strangest, the most exciting, the most difficult and the most rewarding. I’ve learned a lot, and have realized how much more I have to explore. And I have little doubt that I’m a better person than I was – more helpful and less detrimental to living beings around me, less constrained by imaginary bounds and petty concerns, more in accord with the values I hold to be true, with more faith in myself and in the ultimate benevolence of the cosmos.

Thank you Silvia and Michael and the maids, and thank you my fellow participants.




August 30, 2014

I’ve completed the 9 day retreat at The Spirit Vine in July 2014, and if you seek the power of Aya, then this one here offers you the perfect setting for it.

The place is of a beauty that is hard to believe – only visionary people can pull something like that. Service and cleanliness is flawless, the food served is pure bliss, and partly grown on the property in organic culture. Showers are fed with natural fresh spring water that lacks the Chlorine that is usually applied to the water in Brazil. The tropical garden is home to hummingbirds, lizards, and flowers. So far for the setting.

As for the guidance/facilitation –
do you know the feeling when watching a professional at work who is at the very height of his/her talent, and has mastered his/her art or craftsmanship to a degree that leaves you speechless? Well, watching Silvia at work had this effect on me, and it gave me goosebumps. This lady is the most ambitious and powerful healer I have witnessed to date.

Let me finish by stating that even without the ceremonies this place would be a five star retreat reco for the price you pay. The relaxation and cleansing effect this holiday has to your body and mind with its healthy diet, the surroundings, atmosphere and activities is worth every dime spent here.

Should you be among the lucky ones who have decided to book this retreat –
my thoughts are with you, and I am already happy for you.

This place has become a second home in only one stay.

Enjoy & Peace.

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August 26, 2014

What an amazing experience at SpiritVine and could not imagine a more beautiful environment. Silvia has a deep understanding on Aya and is able to give each member of the group her personal wisdom which really helped all of us process the Aya experience. For me the combination of mother Aya, Silvia and the set and setting which makes SpiritVine a sacred place for healing, growth and deep relaxation. Plus there are stunning beaches just minutes away! Thanks again to Silvia, Michael, Bianca(Dog), Oscar(Monkey).

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August 24, 2014

I participated in an (8) day retreat at The Vine Center in August 2014.

Silvia Polivoy the creator / facilitator / sitter / and owner of The Vine Center has meticulously designed the perfect environment, physical landscape, accommodations, meals, and physic counseling for the ultimate self guided Ayahuasca Journey.

The Spirit Vine Facility is modeled to congruently mesh with your visions, and compliments the awe inspiring beauty of The indiigenous Atlantic Rain Forest, while incorporating a human friendly habitat where you unavoidably experience a oneness with nature and yourself.

The Bungalows are designed for an indoor / outdoor existence with the comforts of home.

And, a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle is imminent after spending (8) days gorging on natural fruits, vegetables, and gourmet creations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Everything is fine tuned so you have the ultimate Ayahuasca Journey in their amazing aborigine south pacific / amazonian temple which blends into the local flora as if it had been there for decades.

Itacare and the surrounding area is slice of Paradise Found!!!!!

I guarantee that the individuals you meet during your Spirit Vine Retreat will grow roots in you, and the memories of their words, stories, and personalities will play a major role in your experience there and moving forward.

Everyone is special and Everyone has the opportunity to design their own Ayahuasca Journey. And, as a music fanatic for 45 + years I was blown away by Silvia’s selection and orchestration of music during the Spirit Vine Ceremonies. It will take you places you have never been before, leave you wanting to return frequently, and leave you with serious doubts about leaving.

If you want to better understand yourself, have an interest in learning “why on earth am I on earth”, or want to share a beautiful experience with a friend, I strongly encourage you to commit to a Spirit Vine Retreat.

I am planning to return in December 2014, and lI look forward to welcoming you into my extended tribe.

Gregory Kourtz

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August 17, 2014

The two weeks that I spent at spirit vine have been the best of my life to date. Each day was it’s own adventure. The ceremony day starts with a powerful yoga session and the most delicious breakfast spread. After that you can go relax and explore the beautiful lands of the retreat or take a swim in the natural pond. Then there’s a light lunch followed by some creative session that helps you explore your inner-self. Finally you take some rest in your comfortable bungalow to prepare for the most adventurous, exciting, crazy journey of your life!

The ceremony room is very well made and comfortable, the only thing keeping you away from the amazing natural surroundings is a net to protect you from the insects (if you ask then you can even visit a beautiful secret garden where you can lie down and feel mother earth and hug trees and talk to the plants during your journey!). Once your journey begins, you feel so connected to nature, and you’re able to hear all the sounds from the leaves rustling to critters chirping because of the great way the ceremony room has been made and located.

The journeys themselves are guided by THE BEST MUSIC EXPERIENCE EVER 😀 Silvia has a great ear for picking music that takes you on a journey so deep that you never want to come out of it! At dawn when you finally leave the ceremony room, you can either go to sleep, or just sit by the pond and ponder over your journey and the beauty of life, nature and everything around you. Shortly after you’ll be served a magnificent breakfast (which you’ll be craving having not eaten since the previous afternoon) and then you are free to relax or express your journey using art (painting/drawing/coloring). The afternoons have lunch and a sharing session where everyone discusses their journeys and you learn from your group’s insights. Then dinner and sleep and some really vivid dreams!

The whole 8/9 “earth days” that you’re there feel like ONE EXTREMELY LONG DAY, a day that will completely change your life in the most beautiful way possible with the most loving, joyous and peaceful people you will ever meet. Right from the time you arrive to the time you’re sadly bidding everyone goodbye, you can be rest assured that everyone there will take great care of you and help you through the best experience of your life. If Mother Aya calls you, coming to spirit vine would be one of the best decisions of your life 🙂


August 13, 2014

Spirit Vine is a great place to explore ones spirituality and the great mother AYA! I had a great group of people to learn from, the accommodations were comfortable, food was great, their land is gorgeous and the experience of the ceremonies was life altering. Thank you Spirit Vine! I will definitely be back!

Black Cat Goddess! aka Witch # 2

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August 6, 2014

When I was researching aya retreats I was first focusing on Peru , but since I visited Peru 2 years ago I was looking for something else and I must say I made the right decision.
Having experienced the Peru side with shamans and now comparing it, the Brazil retreat is a clear winner for me.
This place is so beautiful and Silvia is great. If you are first timer that want’s to meet mother aya I would strongly consider this one before traveling to Peru. Reason why I say this is that this place is much nicer and it’s located only 10 minutes away from beautiful beaches where you can relax and think about your journey’s.I was one of those people that believed that shamans and Peru was the only way to meet Aya but after this experience I realized that what really matters is a nice safe place ( preferably in the Jungle) with a good people like Silvia to help you if needed.
Thanks again Spiritvine for this wonderful experience !


amzing place !

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August 5, 2014

The setting at the retreat is beautiful and relaxing. I wondered if I’m too removed from the problems I needed think about in my life. However, since I’ve been back, changing things has been easier. I’ve asked myself “Was I really the person who had such trouble with these issues? Why didn’t I just stop and think where all the resistance for change was coming from?”

Silvia is wonderful. For me she was what made this retreat. I now have her voice in my head when I do stop and think about life.

Also.. get rid of jet lag before you go. You do not want to be half asleep during any of the ceremonies.

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July 29, 2014

I have wanted to try Ayahuasca for a while.

Differently from most people I did not go there to heal some particular problems, my intention was to strengthen the bond with my higher self and explore the realms beyond the physical.

The Spirit Vine is a magnificent place to visit. Gorgeous grounds, meticulous gardens and very comfortable bungalow.

I lived in a bungalow by myself, enjoying the hammock in the terrace, reading books, writing in my journal and sunbathing.

The breakfast was utterly delicious, especially after yoga sessions and followed by a very professional massage. Even without the Aya ceremonies it would still have been time spent great!

The beaches nearby are phenomenal, easily the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen! And the ubiquitous coconuts on each corner is a nice touch.

I would strongly advise to opt for the 4 ceremonies retreat, as each ceremony is different and provides insights, realisations and healing with each subsequent session being more beneficial for those who learn to navigate the realm that Aya takes you to. In fact one person from our group stayed to live there and to teach the world what Ayahuasca has taught him!

I loved it there and I am looking forward to coming back for more. The Spirit Vine combines the exotic nature of rainforest, the mystique of Aya and comfort level that will leave few wanting more.

A big thanks to Silvia and Michael for making this experience so wonderful!

Tomas, Lithuania


June 26, 2014

You are looking for a life changing experience? No need to research anymore , you found the place !
Spirit Vine takes place in a magnificent setting in the brazilian jungle without any hassles … not too many mosquitoes , snakes or stinging animals but the beautiful butterflies , fireflies and exquisite birds will colour your journey.

For my first psychedelic experience I was a little afraid of the unknown inner trip so I choose this place, instead of a more “exotic” retreat in Peru, because Silvia is an trained professional psychologist but the retreat exceed all my expectations:
First of all Silvia is to my eyes a rare human being , probably enlightened by her work with the Ayahuasca , and all she wants is to be here for you to enhance the wonderful effects ayahuasca will have on you.
Secondly the Jungle setting and the rythm of the ceremonies and activities will allow you to go quietly deep within yourself and find new friends ,that like you, want to go to the next level .
Finally the nature ,the beautiful people of Itacare ( one of the best place brazil have to offer) and the ayahuasca that grows on site will show you a different look at life , I hope, like me , that you will find strength , wisdom and peace in your everyday life.

Be ready to become a better version of yourself!

Thank you Silvia, Thank you Michael!
cannot wait to be back …love …David


June 21, 2014

My first experience at Spirit Vine was in 2011 and having been to retreats in Peru and other countries, nothing compares to Spirit Vine. My experience in Peru is that the centers and local area tend to be more primitive with little focus on spiritual development. In other countries, my experiences were not as impactful. I think this may be due to the ceremonies being outside of the indigenous environment of ayahuasca (Brazil/Peru).

Spirit Vine, however, is the perfect blend of a native jungle environment with very comfortable accommodations, coupled with an individualized approach to spiritual development. Plus, the local surfing town, Itacare, is vibrant and bright with great energy, people and beaches!

My experiences at Spirit Vine keep me coming back for more and more!

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May 4, 2014

This had not been my first visit to Silvia’s beautiful Spiritvine retreat centre in Brazil. Having already experienced ayahuasca there in 2009, I decided that I was ready to continue my personal journey of discovery and transformation and returned there in 2013.
Upon arriving, the wonderful memories of my previous experience came flooding back. The lush vegetation and luxury bungalows reminded me of the importance of being in such a nurturing, peaceful and safe environment when drinking the sacred brew. Silvia has gone to great lengths to ensure participants feel completely secure and supported during their stay at the resort.
One of the things I personally really enjoy about these retreats are the many and varied workshops that serve to enhance the ayahuasca experience. In particular, I found the regressions to childhood of great benefit. Through tracing memories back to my early years, I was able to see events that have affected my adult life without my even realising. After the ceremonies, the process of sharing the experience with the entire group I can only describe as magical! This process can be very revealing and healing to say the least.
Having a background in psychology, Silvia helps participants see the patterns of behaviour that the ayahuasca tea seems to amplify, making them plain to see; and, once brought into awareness, can be dissolved and cleared.
I also now realise how important it is to eat fresh, vegetarian food! The special diet we all follow as part of the process made my body feel light and clean. The cooks provide delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners which add to the enjoyment of the whole process.
I can’t thank Silvia enough for the dedication and selfless service that she provides for all of her participants. The Spiritvine centre experience has changed my outlook on life and I have become much more present in the moment as a result of all that I have learned.
Thank you so much Silvia.


April 9, 2014

If Ayahuasca calls to you, I’d urge you to heed the call at the SpiritVine centre. This warm, open environment is a natural setting for permitting intensive work on yourself and your life with complete trust. The Ayahuasca ceremonies are supplemented by art creation, yoga, group discussions and spiritual practices that support, enhance, clarify and aid in processing the messages you receive. You are welcome, you are not judged. You are here to learn. As someone who experienced Ayahuasca for the first time, I felt completely safe, which allowed me to trust in my experience. On a practical level, everything here is arranged to support your journey: a vegetarian diet, tranquil bungalows surrounded by nature, and, five minutes away, the energy of the sea on an infinite stretch of beach. I am grateful, I am humbled, and my life is changed.

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April 7, 2014

I was just at the March 2014 retreat. It was the most profound experience of my life. Everything I needed to know was answered. Its amazing to experience things that cannot be explained or described! I would recommend anyone who wants a comfortable place start here. Warm showers, fresh linen, great food, WiFi internet, great people, best beaches, and the cleanest filtered ayahuasca!

Thank you to all the participants, it was great meeting you.

Thanks Again Silvia, Andy, and Milly.

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January 29, 2014

I went to spirit vine 4 times and found the experience very safe and supportive. Silvia the main facilitator was a psychologist in Argentina and learnt with shamans in Peru for her personal healing before she started running her owns retreats. Although she does not do psychotherapy anymore her background in psychotherapy makes a great difference because for me it is very important what happens after the ceremonies, how can we understand and integrate all the visions and messages. The group work is very important and well managed. I went with my husband and young daughter and we found the experience as a family extremely healing and beneficial. The bungalows are rustically luxurious overlooking the lush jungle. The retreat is 5 minutes away from the most beautiful beaches I?ve ever seen in my life. I highly recommend this retreat centre for anyone wanting to spend time in a beautiful place doing some deep work with themselves. Hard work but loved it. It has changed all of our lives for the better!

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January 26, 2014

Beautiful, nourishing and safe place to have an ayahuasca experience. Stunning location in the jungle in Bahia. I stayed in the dorm and it was very comfortable and clean. Loved the facilities, swimming in the natural pond, the beaches and the wildlife. Being allergic to gluten, it was a relief for me that the diet in the centre is gluten free. I also loved being where the ayahuasca grows. All the workshops we had in conjunction with the ayahuasca ceremonies were very empowering. I felt very supported when having to deal with any challenges like my fear of taking ayahuasca for the first time. Silvia made me feel very safe and this allowed me to let go completely and surrender to the experience. I feel grateful to Silvia and very happy to have chosen to do the ceremonies at her retreat.

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January 21, 2014

The experience I had at the Spirit Vine Retreat is one that I will never forget.

It’s only afterwards that I can fully appreciate the discussions and exercises that Sylvia facilitated before and after the ceremonies that helped us get the most from our journeys into that other space that Ayahuasca opens up for us.

There were three ceremonies during my visit, and they were not all easy and wonderful. There was some really difficult cleansing that I went through as well as some beautiful visions, but having Sylvia’s guidance really helped me put everything into context, and clarify my insights about what happened. I still carry the lessons of compassion for others and myself that I learned from Ayahuasca.

Outside, of the ceremonies, take advantage of the gorgeous beaches that are out there, and get your tourist shopping done at Itacare’. Watch out for the mosquitoes and if you love chocolate you absolutely must go to the chocolate shop that’s close to the retreat, ask Sylivia, she’ll know, and get the chocolate cake there! Say hi to the chocolate lady for me 🙂

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January 20, 2014

It was an extremely pleasant surprise when I arrived to Spirit Vine because the place was so much nicer than the pictures on the website! There is a gorgeous natural pond which I went swimming every morning. I wasn?t expecting the food to be so good and healthy at the same time. I was very anxious of taking ayahuasca but once I was there the set up gave me such sense of security that I felt very at ease and relaxed. I felt very supported by Silvia and other facilitators and this was vital as it allowed me to surrender into the experience. I had a wonderful time and for sure I will be back!

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January 19, 2014

On life’s journey to find truth and wisdom about the mystery of life, I discovered The Spirit Vine in Bahia, Brazil. I was in a very dark place in my life when I arrived at the retreat and had little hope in humanity, not to mention myself. Silvia’s insight and ability to cut through the BS of ego inflation is refreshing; she cuts right to the heart and opens a path to understanding. Through honesty and openness within the group, you begin to realize we all struggle with inner demons. A lot of these demons manifest in unresolved conflicts, going all the way back to our childhood; suppressed frustrations and hurt that have been a part of our inner dialog and subconscious behavior. The experience is not all rainbows and unicorns, however with an open heart, Sivia’s helping hand, and Mother Earth it’s possible to reconnect with the wonders of the universe and your place within it. You belong here and The Spirit Vine is an oasis to rediscover that very fact.


January 18, 2014

Coming at home….
Aya experience and Spirit Vine Center for me means to come at home. Thanks to Ayahuasca every time I can contact my true essence, my inner master, my higerself and everything has a sense in my life. During the retreats I am in my hearth space and less and less in my mind space, where we usually are in ordinary daily life. All the understandings, insights, sharings is the baggage I bring back with me when I come back to Italy and will help me forever in my life.
About Spirit vine center, actually I cannot immagine to be in another place where to do the Aya experience. This place is simply magic!! Nature so present with is amazing beauty, silence, fruits, water and waterfalls, ocean, beautiful beaches, amazing flowers and much much more that everyone should experience once in his life. All conforts and very good food and healthy diet, very very important for a good experience with the plant.
Silvia is the perfect facilitator, the sister, the mother, the friend, the psycologist but all that with incredible respect of your own space, of the retreat rules and keeping a safe space and place for everyone in the group. Never invading, you know that she is there if you need her. I love her vision: she always says… Here the Master is the Plant, not me. But often when I needed her help, she became a master for me too, for my relations, for my life. Thank you SIlvia, we will be always grateful to Spirit Vine, Love, Prem and Lila


January 18, 2014

Visiting Spirit vine was one of the most important experiences of my life and came just at the right time. I am also so happy that a place like it exists!

We had a small, brilliant and diverse group, chosen personally by Silvia and the team, who all bonded very intimately and brought such different elements to the table. We all shared our experiences openly and with Silvia’s background in psychology we discussed many things in a safe and intimate environment. Its was a very bonding and beautiful experience and not at all invasive. Many of us are still in touch now. I am grateful for the opportunity to really use the plant and my own intuition to awaken me spiritually and embark me on a journey that has led to greater happiness and trust in myself.

Needless to say the food, accommodation and the setting is divine, and I was super comfortable which is important when delving into some deep personal stuff! I particularly enjoyed the final ceremony being done outside with nature, trees and sky, but the whole process is a very personal one and in my view there is no other place I would have this wonderful experience than at SPIRIT VINE- Thanks guys x

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January 18, 2014

Spirit Vine retreat was a beautiful and deep experience in many ways and levels. Place is absolutely magical and calming – it’s easy to let go, be in the present moment, recognize and remove obstacles that diminish your true potential and essence to manifest.

Silvia knows plenty of tools to help people to balance and decode their mental programming and to be more aware of the ego structure. That’s also key factor to develop consciousness in the long run. Absolutely recommend Spirit Vine to everyone who is open minded and hearted to get to know her/his higher self better. So for you reading this, follow your curiosity and be ready for an multidimensional adventure.

Now I am more openly and honestly me. Feeling good and happy about that! And in my point of view it’s much more important to be a happy person than to argue who knows the truth best. We will never know the truth, but we can definitely feel it – be it. When connecting to your inner truth and guidance, there’s no point to suffer or be a victim anymore. Life is a gift and we are meant to enjoy it fully!

I’m really grateful to Silvia for the great and important work she does to help people to heal themselves and remember that we are much more than flesh and blood. Silvia is definitely a pioneer of consciousness development!

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January 15, 2014

Visiting Spirit Vine was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. The place is stunning and beautifully run. The bungalows are very comfortable and with beautiful views. All the meals were great and healthy, especially breakfast with variety of delicious fruits.

Silvia is a very gifted facilitator and I felt very comfortable right away. All the workshops helps to integrate the experiences with ayahuasca and really helped me shift things I wanted to work with to the surface. I think this allowed my ayahuasca ceremonies to be very effective. I felt so many blockages being realised, a truly transformative experience. I have no doubt that by being in a safe place like Spirit
Vine, run by very professional people and in the habitat where the plant grows really added to my successful experience. I feel blessed to have had the chance to visit the centre and delighted to know that a place like Spirit Vine exists!


January 15, 2014

?…Sometimes in life you need to do things that you?re not entirely comfortable with. The things that stretch your comfort zones and remind you of your vulnerabilities. I felt like this when I arrived at SpiritVine. I was nervous, with a heart full of confusion and desperate to reawaken from the spiritual slumber that had somehow crept upon me.
The minute I arrived, I knew I was in the right place. Silvia, the group, the glorious jungle, they all reminded me how beautiful the external world is, once you get to understand – and appreciate – the limitless one inside yourself. I have grown more in one week than I thought possible; I am still growing…?

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