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  • Sacre Valley, Cusco, Perú
Min. Cost: 650
Max. Cost: 1100

Sapan Inka is a Retreat Center with more than twelve years of experience integrating Ayahuasca traditional use and Psychospiritual Therapy. We are developing an Ayahuasca Therapy for people who is looking for spiritual health, mental clarity, emotional balance and inner development.

We organize Ayahuasca Retreats in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco, Peru. It is our commitment to offer a healing and safe space in our house for everyone who might be interested to participate in this type of retreat.

In these retreats you will be able to participare in ayahuasca ceremonies and San Pedro ceremonies. We use only ancestral medicinal plants. No other substances.

We include in our Retreats the use of Pandora Star Light, this device emits flashing beams of light focused on the retina, stimulating different regions of the brain. People who are exposed to light with their eyelids closed may experience images of kaleidoscopic patterns, of mandalic and psychedelic type, which may allow deep introspection, similar to a state of deep meditation. To participate in this session with the Light helps the body to produce its own DMT by simulation of the pineal gland. So, a session with the Light helps to be more prepared for the Ayahuasca experience and the journey to the psychic reality.

To participate in an Ayahuasca Retreat is a possibility to explore your spiritual dimension, to reconnect with the healing power of you own body and spirit, and to connect with wisdom of higher Self.

If you are interested to know more about these Ayahuasca Retreats and, maybe, to be part of the retreat,  contact us and it is our pleasure to share with you


91 reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
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April 29, 2020

Erik and Nilda are both very beautiful and kind souls. They keep the retreat very organized and systematic so you know what to expect. They provide you with all necessary accomodations – a room, bathroom, shower, etc. and the freedom to explore their large retreat house and garden, so you feel right at home as soon as you get there. The food they provide is perfect for the ayahuasca diet and is both healthy and delicious.

Erik and Nilda are very friendly and approachable so if you have any questions or apprehensions about the ceremonys, they will always be there to help. Before each and every ceremony, Erik would give us a run down on the procedures and went into detail on what to expect, which gave me the peace of mind I needed going into such an intense experience. Afterwards, we would have individual meetings to discuss and gain additional insight into our experiences.

Overall, I can’t recommend this retreat enough. This was my first ayahuasca ceremony ever and it was just what I was looking for. Look forward to doing it with Sapan Inka again.


April 8, 2020

Today marks one year since my first ceremony at Sapan Inka. I’ve experienced tremendous growth this past year and I attribute much of it to the lessons I learned during my time with Erik and Nilda at Sapan Inka.

A little background information – I had spent the previous 15-20 years of my life mired in opiate/heroin addiction. I had been wanting to do ayahuasca for quite some time but was never able to get my life together enough to make it actually happen. Fast forward to April 2019. I was finally able to put together 6 months of clean time and made the trip a reality.

I did quite a bit of research on options before deciding on Sapan Inka. I was drawn to Sapan Inka because it seemed to be as much of a passion project for Erik and Nilda as opposed to a business. This being my first experience with aya, safety was also of paramount importance. I can say that I felt welcomed and safe from the moment I stepped on to their property. It was also evident that careful consideration is given to every detail, from the size of the group, to dosing, and the order of the ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies. I really could not imagine participating in such ceremonies in groups of 15-20 or in any environment in which I don’t feel 100% safe.

I won’t go much into detail regarding the ceremonies as I believe the are intensely personal for each individual. However, it did seem like the equivalent of years of intensive psychotherapy. I was also provided some answers to existential questions that had been plaguing me.

One last thing I’ll say is that ayahuasca certainly is not a cure-all. The reason why the ceremonies were so beneficial was because I was already on a positive trajectory. I also treated the experience, including preparation, with complete respect.

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April 6, 2020

Sapan Inka was my first Ayahuasca experience and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot. After doing some research, I decided on the Sapan Inka retreat because they offered two Ayahuasca sessions and one San Pedro ceremony. I thought that would be enough for a beginner and was not disappointed. Erik and Nilda were great host. Very warm and welcoming. The food was delicious and their pets were an extra perk when visiting. As other people have mentioned, the villa is gorgeous and comfortable. My only suggestions would be – use some insect repellent as I got bit in the jungle during the San Pedro ceremony.

All in all I really enjoyed their method of using the plant medicine in tandem with light therapy and music.

Would recommend to anyone and am planning to go back myself.

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March 4, 2020

I had a an amazing experience at Sapan Inka with the hosts Erik and Nilda who were so warm and lovely since the moment we walked into the retreat center. I had some visa issues and had to postpone my tour which they understood and kept an empty spot for the next batch. I had decided to participate in a 5 day Ayahuasca and San Pedro (huachuma) retreat which included 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 Pandora Star light session, 1 San Pedro ceremony with Pachamama ritual and a hike to the Inca tombs on the nearby hill ending with a sound healing session. Number of participants is limited to 5 people in a batch and this really helps as it enables Erik to conduct a one on one session with each individual.
This was my first Ayahuasca experience and it has really made a deep impact in my life. I feel relaxed and grateful for everything this nature provides.Content and Light headed.
I would like to describe my first Ayahuasca session as an introduction into the magical world of visions followed by my second Ayahuasca session as a journey through higher dimensions. The way Erik and Nilda set up things beginning with individual assessments to guidance through the ceremonies without interfering your personal space is commendable. Their approach to this ancient technique is in a modern scientific way.
The San Pedro ceremony provides a deeper understanding of visions from the Ayahuasca followed by a clarity in thoughts which left me in awe.
The property is beautiful and located in a peaceful and relaxing place. The sound of water from small fountain inside the premises itself provides a deep relaxing meditating experience throughout the day during preparation for the ceremony in evening.
The house is clean, tidy and always feels fresh.
The food is simple yet delicious and Nilda really has magic in her hands.
The cute little dog (Negra) is a special character in the house and interacting with her is a therapy on its own.
I had an overall amazing experience at Sapan Inka and would recommend it to everyone and would definitely participate again in the near future.

Paresh (India)

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March 2, 2020

I researched a lot different ayahuasca retreats and I was so glad and happy that we chose Sapan Inka to have our plant medicine experience at !
Erik and Nilda are like family, they are so kind, caring and compassionate, from the very first moment that they greet you and welcome you into their beautiful home you know that you are in for a beautiful experience and a great retreat.
Sapan Inka was definitely an experience to remember. We took part in 2 ayahuasca ceremonies and 1 San Pedro ceremony and I cannot say enough about how much my wife and I experienced so many emotions and healing in those three sessions. We had an excellent group that was fun and supportive of each other.
My experience at Sapan Inka was very profound and changed my life in so many ways, I feel so much lighter and in sync with the Universe than ever before.
Erik has a PHD in Psychology and he recommended several great books that were “spot on” and really helped me on my journey after I left Sapan Inka. If you are reading these reviews and have not yet made up your mind please consider Sapan Inka as I feel that it is the very best and most highly recommended ayahuasca retreat that provides everything that you could possibly want to help you on your journey to enlightenment !
Thank-you very much with lots of Love Erik and Nilda !

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March 1, 2020

First, I heard about Sapan Inka 5 years ago and it took me 5 years to pull myself together and mentally mature for AY ceremonies. I am glad I’ve chosen Sapan Inka at the end. Before I start talking about ceremonies let me just say that the facilities are great, very comfortable and renovated to really high standards. There is also a nice big garden with fountains where you can stroll and ponder over your experience.
Now about the ceremonies: At first sight the shaman Eric does not seem to be very talkative. He prefers to listen to you to what you want to share and have to say. Only then Eric starts talking and trust me every word is counted and carries a deep and profound meaning which you may not even realize at the first glance.
I keep still coming back to what Eric said earlier and I find more and more meaning and sense. I also read some other reviews. Some people felt disappointed because the AY ceremonies did not meet their expectations. I felt that too after the first ceremony when I did not feel anything at all. But: I listened to Eric’s explanations attentively and trustfully. I did believe him at full heart when Eric said that the invisible hand of mother AY and the healing has already started and is already working on me even though I felt like nothing happened. This is just the deceitful perception of your body and mind but not your consciousness. Eric proved himself right when during the next healing ceremony, I was hit big time and got an overwhelming experience making up for all past if you want to apply the Western term for the justification.
I cannot stress enough the point that it is so crucial to have an experienced and proficient guidance when you do the AY healing practice who can help you to understand what’s going on within you, with your body and you mind. All you have to do then is to trust the guide and your experience. Eric is the guide I did and I do not regret. And I will come back again one day.


March 1, 2020

Erik & Nilda facilitated an amazing retreat at Sapan Inka.

My friend and I participated in a 5 day Ayahusca + San Pedro retreat with 3 other people. We were all incredibly satisfied with the facilities provided and the ceremony. The accomodation is very nice and the location was perfect.

Erik & Nilda are genuinely great people. Their intention to help others was very clear. If you choose Sapan Inka I’m sure your experience will be as positive as ours. Thank you very much for your amazing service Erik & Nilda. I wish you both all the best!

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February 29, 2020

I traveled to Peru a couple of months ago with one plan in mind. Participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony. I researched thoroughly and found Sapan Inka. Erik reached out to me through email and sent me a very professional questionnaire. A few days after I arrived in Cusco Erik sent a bus to my hotel to pick me up. This is where I saw there was only 4 other people participating in the ceremony. Sapan Inka limits their ceremonies to 6-7 people. This was amazing! All of us had very personal reasons for attending and the smaller group was perfect. It allowed us to really connect.

When we arrived we were greeted by Erik and his wife, Nilda. Their home is spectacular! I felt like I was in a 5 star hotel. Really beautiful.

Erik and Nilda were amazing the entire retreat. Erik explained the ceremonies before we started and also guided us to understand our Ayahuasca experiences better after each night.
The entire 5 days was amazing and so helpful. Anyone searching for the right Ayahuasca ceremony please go to Sapan Inka.

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February 29, 2020

I came to Sapan Inka in November 2019. I had been interested in an ayahuasca experience for a few years, researched heavily, and finally had the finances and time to come to Peru! I came to the retreat experimentally, but found intense healing I didn’t know I needed. I have a better relationship with my family, I feel more present in my everyday life, and I became more compassionate in the months since coming back home.
Erik and Nilda were wonderful hosts and worked around the clock to make everyone in our retreat comfortable. Nilda’s cooking is absolutely the best! Erik was a great leader for all of our ceremonies. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone considering an ayahuasca experience. What Erik and Nilda provide is such a special and generous gift.

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January 15, 2020

My husband and I completed extensive research before deciding to book a private retreat with Erik & Nilda. We attended the six day retreat in September 2019. From the beginning Erik answered all the questions and concerns that I had and their questions to potential visitors show how serious they are about your safety and well being. I had been to many spiritual retreats but my husband was completely new to this experience and was nervous. He is a dedicated professional who at the age of 45 worked very hard for the life he created but realized that he had cut off some early life trauma and he knew being at this retreat might unlock that box.

We stayed a few days enjoying other sites in Peru before being picked up at our hotel and taken to the retreat center. Erik and Nilda met us at the gate and immediately hugged us and we felt so welcome the second we met them. I’m a psychotherapist with 14 years of experience and let me be clear Erik and Nilda are modest and true shamans don’t need the recognitions of being called shamans. Erik has a PHD in psychology and they both have all the book knowledge, practical psychotherapy experience, and are the most TALENTED healers I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

There is a ceremony the first night and while Erik was clear this occurred I had forgotten in the excitement of being in Peru. We hadn’t fasted that day but went on with the ceremony. The ceremonies for me were nothing but beautiful and exactly the spiritual experience I had hoped would occur. My husband had locked many emotions down deep as most American men are taught to do. Erik worked with him during the first night and guided him through some difficult moments. We felt truly supported and loved from Erik and Nilda.

My husband and I are seasoned travelers and we both stated that we never felt so rested after our trip to Peru. Without the distraction of email and phone we just relaxed like Erik said to do and we slept beautifully. I wrote in my journal and took walks and even completed a go pro video journal for myself on their property.

The San Pedro was amazing. We loved having the Andrean Priest ceremony, the hike, the sound bath, it all created the most amazing day. For me personally, it was the best day of my life. I have printed photos and have them all over out home now. Tom and I consider Erik and Nilda our family and their smiling faces remind us of their love and healing everyday.

Words can’t describe how healing this experience was. The food was amazing and we completed both the pre and post diet recommendations. Erik and Nilda have coordinated everything beautifully so don’t worry about anything. We had the best tour guide Irving when we went to Machu Picchu. We had a private retreat that was worth every penny. We had our own private room but also the home and the grounds were ours to wander. I loved that they offered this option because many centers just want to cram as many people as possible into their ceremony. I felt this was very important since it took some time to talk my husband into this experience. He was so delighted and had such profound healing that we intend to go back. Even thought it has been four months since our trip we both still feel the awakening and healing that continues to occur.

Erik and Nilda are the most loving enlightened individuals I have ever met. Nilda doesn’t have perfect english but she radiates pure love, in fact, she reminded me of mother Mary and how I envisioned she might have made people feel. When I’m back in the US working, caught in traffic, frustrated from my day, I often think of Nilda and how she would manage. Her profound example of love struck a deep cord within me and I must say just interacting with her changed my life.

I will say that I wandered off one day hiking and had a slight injury. Nilda immediately took me into the bathroom once I returned to clean my small wound. She showed such loving affection and true compassion for me and my husband. This was the most beautiful experience, vacation of our life. My husband and I felt so close after this experience and we plan to return. There is no one else I would trust besides Erik and Nilda. We will be eternally thankful to them and the gifts they offer the world.


January 14, 2020

If you are looking for a very safe and welcoming place to undergo healing, Sapan Inka is a great choice. The house is beautiful and the food they make is so so good. I was very comfortable with Erik and Nilda as our shamans, they are very good at what they do! My life was changed after working with this medicine, I would recommend anybody to visit this place. Thank you for everything Erik & Nilda!


January 14, 2020

I was facing a quarter life crisis. I had just quit my previous two jobs, could not pursue my passion due to an injury, and was depressed because of my addictions. I had been studying yoga and meditation for years, with some progress but I knew I needed help to change my life around and more importantly, understand more about myself and why I am here. I had been researching about ayahuasca, and have been interested for years.

I knew I had to ask for help because I was not finding the answer for myself after years of inquiry. I chose Erik & Nilda to perform the ayahuasca ceremony mostly because of the detailed questionnaire, which showed me they only wanted participants who were ready for the experience. I also liked that they included a recommended diet and psychoanalysis to help digest the experience and bring something home.

As for the ceremony itself, all 3 I can consider some of the most profound experiences of my life. Erik & Nilda were extremely professional, and they had my confidence the whole time that they knew what they were doing. I experienced sorrow, terror, anger, joy and ecstasy during the ceremonies. I saw images that didn’t make much since at the time, but Erik helped me understand better by describing symbolism that explained what I saw. I learned more about myself in 5 days at this retreat than I have my whole life, and for that this experience was priceless.

On top of being professional, Erik & Nilda are both very kind people and it is easy to see they have the purest intention of helping the participants as much as possible with the sacred knowledge they have. I plan on doing another ceremony in the future, and Sapan Inka retreat is the only one I will go to because I can’t see it being done any better.

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January 14, 2020

Erik and Nilda are amazing people. They took so well care of each and everyone of the group. I did an ayahuasca retreat for the first time and I couldn’t imagine something better even if I tried.
I am from Switzerland, female, 29 years old and I was traveling alone. I felt at home with the group and with Erik and Nilda (+Negra). I always asked myself why they dont consider themselves as shamans because the calm, warmth and love they are radiating in combination with the years of experience and knowledge they have in this field, as well as the healing and guidance they give to each and everyone that is coming to their house, is for me the definition of the qualities a shaman has. I read more about Shamans after the retreat and I’ve read that real shamans do not consider themself as shamans and from there on I knew that I was really at the best place I could have imagined to take ayahuasca. I was with a lovely group (7 ppl.) and with two true healers for one week and I am soooooooo thankful to the group and to Erik, Nilda for accepting me to come to their retreat. I really really wish all people in the world could go to them and learn from them and benefit from Erik and Nilda’s existence.

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August 13, 2019

It was my good friend of mine that had been to Sapan Inka Retreat in Peru, with Eric and Nilda twice. I trust her implicitly. When we discussed where she went for her Ayauasca Plant Medicine Journey and what it was like for her, it sounded amazing and I knew it would be a safe place to go and that I could go by myself as a single woman. She used words like kind, compassionate, supportive, safe, thorough and beautiful to describe Eric and Nilda and the 5 day retreat she went on.

I went, for my 50th birthday in 2018, to do ayausca for a number of reasons, healing, self discovery, opening of my mind and heart and any other body and mind shifts I was able find my way to. To say I was excited and nervous would be an understatement. It was extremely beneficial knowing first and foremost that as a woman and lone soul on this journey that I would be completely safe as can be. I knew my body would be safe and that my mind would be protected in the most sacred way.

It is impossible to go to the Sapan Inka retreat without first filling out a very thorough questionnaire. To be frank about this, it would only be to a persons detriment to be anything but brutally honest. Filling out this questionnaire with integrity and honesty ensures a few things. One, that you are prepared for the aya; two that Eric and Nilda can ensure you have no indications that demonstrate you should not do ayausca; three that Eric and Nilda our aware of where you are in mind, body and spirit and what you are looking for or why you are doing the aya. Although, I am not the pro, I believe this again helps them to know what to potentially expect and to support you in the best way. Create a safe container for you as it were. I have to admit, I was nervous I would be turned down.

I was overjoyed that I was allowed to attend the Sapan Inka Retreat for 5 days.
The accommodations were amazing. Shared room with one other, private shower, super healthy yummy, yummy, yummy food. Vegetarian of course. Quiet and very safe at night and in the day. Beautiful yard to sit in and ponder, write and integrate.

Eric was very thorough in that he also had what I like to call the pre and post aya interviews to help each of us prepare and integrate after. The interviews are very personal and very appropriate and one should be honest and prepared to answer such questions.There was a maximum of 6 of us in each ceremony, which I have since learned is really really good. Easier to support and keep each of us safe. It is quite clear from the questions asked and suggestions that Eric gives he is extremely knowledgable about aya, the mind, psychology, mindfulness and the history of these things.

My personal experience was one of complete terror the first night. It did not start this way. Yet ultimately I began resisting where I was being taken by the plant medicine and I believe this is what started my slippery slope into terror. Eric was respectful of my journey and let me try to find my way through my terror. When it was clear I was stuck or maybe lost somewhere and could not find my way on my own, he used music, his voice and gentle words to help guide to “trust the medicine” and “find my light”. I will never forget these words. They have been woven into my very soul now. Ultimately I found my way back and had some amazing visions, awakenings and realizations.

Yes, I did go back and do the ceremony the next day and took more aya. Most of my friends and family can’t believe I did the second night after my absolutely terror filled first night. But I did, and it was nothing like the first night. The post interview with Eric after my first night of aya was extremely important and helpful for me in the integration of my journey the first night. I believe this combined with the knowledge of being safe and trusting Eric and Nilda so much allowed me to do the second ceremony. They never pushed me to do it; it was completely my choice. I do not think that any of us should decide to do aya because we have flown a long way or paid a lot of money, it should be because you are ready and prepared. Always be ready to walk away if it does not feel correct for you. I was ready to not do the ceremony at one point. I had a great deal of time to think and process. As I spoke with Eric and listened to his words, introspections and guidance I decided I very much wanted to do the second aya journey and was completely prepared to in the hopes of allowing the plant medicine to show me. To be very clear, it was always my choice and I never felt pushed.

I was so glad I did the second night. Completely different, as everyone will tell you, each journey is always different from the last.

I can’t tell any of you how absolutely important, especially but not only as a single woman or female friends together, it is to trust where you are, who you are with as far as Shamans and/or guides and those that will keep you safe; your mind, body and soul during ayausca ceremonies. It is a very serious medicine and not to be taken lightly. The Sapan Inka Retreat absolutely checked all the boxes for me. I hope to go back someday when the medicine again calls me and I would only go back to Eric and Nilda and the Sapan Inka Retreat. I hope this helps anyone trying to find a safe, healthy and peaceful place to take some journeys.
Much Love, Mia

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July 25, 2019

I think I had a fairly atypical experience here. I approach plant medicine from a purely chemical perspective, and am interested in how the medicine can treat ptsd and depression. I’m not at all interested in the spiritual or ritualistic elements of the ceremony. But as a first timer, I didn’t want to be in a clinic setting. This was actually a great fit, as the group was small and Erik approaches the work with a psychology background, just what I wanted. However, I have a lot of gastric issues, specifically acid reflux. You are told to stop all medications before the retreat, so they don’t interfere. However I did a lot of reading after the retreat and learned that hydrochloric acid kills the DMT. So, the medicine didn’t have much of an effect on me. It was still extremely valuable, and I look forward to trying again, but next time I will continue my regular stomach medication and hopefully will be able to feel the medicine more fully.


July 12, 2019

Sapan Inka was an experience to remember. I took part in 2 ayahuasca ceremonies and 1 San Pedro ceremony. The ayahuasca caused the best feeling of coziness that I have ever felt in my life. I was quite relaxed during the experience and felt the urge to snuggle up all wrapped in the blanket. I didn’t experience a large amount of visuals, but the thoughts flowed more clearly. I also found upon returning home that my habit of picking and biting my nails had diminished, so apparently ayahuasca has the ability to help with beating drug addiction AND bad habits.

The San Pedro experience in nature was weird in that I found myself thinking about negative things while on the San Pedro, but they didn’t bother me as much as they would if I was sober. I had the feeling this was an attempt to bring negative thoughts to the surface in a way that I could deal with them better.

But the best part of the Sapan Inka retreat was the trip to Machu Picchu. I felt profound metaphysical energies while there, and did indeed feel like a more spiritually enhanced person upon leaving.

Erik & Nilda were really interesting folks. Their way of making the ayahuasca ceremonies more enchanting with song and music was quite enjoyable and psychedelic. The food they served was wonderful. The nature atmosphere of Sapan Inka was quite pleasant to be in. Erik also did a great job of helping prep for the ceremonies and showed great wisdom.

The only reason I give 4 and not 5 stars was because Erik took the air out of my balloon a bit at the end of the retreat when he suggested I seek some therapy since I came across as a schizophrenic or autistic spectrum individual to him and he felt that could be problematic for me in the real world. I was kinda astonished to hear this because even though he wasn’t the first person to tell me that, I would expect someone in the field of entheogenic medicine and shamanism to be quite accepting of people like I who talk about far out things like metaphysics, conspiracies, and alien life. I guess he wasn’t too used to having people like that come to his retreat center. Nilda also got uncomfortable when I tried to give her a special type of goodbye hug before leaving and wasn’t interested in hearing why I decided to hug her the way I did, and seeing her get uncomfortable also took the air out of my balloon a bit.

But all that aside, the retreat was worth it and I would indeed recommend Sapan Inka as a potential ayahuasca retreat center, regardless of how Erik & Nilda perceived by uniqueness to be detrimental, they were still wonderful folks that and are definitely NOT snake oil salesman who care only about money.


April 20, 2019

To travel half way around the world and take part in sacred ceremonies can be daunting to say the least. Erik & Nilda dissolved any feeling of such from the moment my son and I got off the bus and accepted their welcoming smiles with heartfelt hand shakes.
I will never forget these beautiful experiences of being a participant in such vital activities.
The care and love and complete restful approach that Erik & Nilda gift is immeasurable and could never be counted in dollars. Theirs is the ancient gift and art of sharing the beauty of realisation that one is in the process and presence of epic proportions.
Mother Ayashauca is very caring and kind if one allows her to encourage you to trust in her way. I felt and still feel her movement in a way that words fall short to convey.
Thank you Erik for your gift, thank you Nilda for yours also.
I will finish this review now with words of a sensing that awoke me before dawn just now to attempt to describe what is now flowing through and of me:

She same in from a directionless moment full of purpose and vitality carrying a vibrant knowing.
Hers is the truthful way that only dreaming brings. A soft breath caresses the dawn of seeing as ones realises what beyond words means ………………………. this is the stirring place of creativity
Awareness is so much more than ever could be described, it can only move in such a way that its very moment gives rise to a recognition that language in most cases has no words.

The Art of pure awareness is knowing reflective patterns that mirror pure organic warmth of vibrant pulsating energy.

Resting nowhere but only where truth resides, she gifts you much while allowing you so much more. Her expression is your movement, her voice is your heartbeat.
Wild within many moments, she approaches to where she already stays.

To recognise this simple truth is to express it freely and completely.

To hold this forever is to be truthful to the flexibility that is the gift of Life itself.


February 18, 2019

I recommend this place 100%. My life has been completely transformed, and there are not enough words that I can put together on how truly deeply grateful I am for everything the medicine did for you, and how Erik and Nilda helped me through it. letting us share their warm home providing us the opportunity in the most professional yet gentle ways. I am getting ready to go through another journey in few years though, I talk about the medicine all the time and recommend Sapan Inka every-time. I was never the one who was going to attend a group setting of 20 something people. client host ratio really makes you feel safe as the ceremony is performed in a little temple in same house we are staying. the intimacy of the whole environment made me feel very grounded the second I entered their house. strangers became family and the whole 5 days were led in such loving way. and lastly the trip planned to macchu picchu was organized in such timely manner and the staff Erik hired for transportation is very trustworthy and professional. I am left with nothing but deep gratitude for everything the medicine and the most loving humans did for me. home Wifi is only allowed for emergency purposes, so arrange your service connectivity beforehand, also pack warm , I went in month of April. forever grateful for this true transformational journey

with love
Sumeet Dhillon

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February 14, 2019

Yo soy una de las personas mas excepticas q puedan existir, y tuve miles de dudas antes de hacer este retiro y sobretodo en este lugar, pero después de leer muchos reviews, he informarme acerca del tema, decidí contactar con Erik. El cariño y el cuidado que uno recibe por parte de Erick y Nilda es fraternal, genuino, y sincero. La pre dieta es muy importante, y Erik esta en continua comunicación para q uno se sienta preparado. La charla previa a la ceremonia es primordial, donde Erik te explica y te prepara para lo q vas a experimentar, te da consejos, te avisa, y te guía en lo q debes hacer una vez entres al cuarto en el momento de la ceremonia. Durante la ceremonia ellos dos están contigo guiándote durante tu viaje, esta pendientes de que te encuentres bien tanto física como mentalmente, y se quedan contigo hasta q hayas regresado a este plano, no importa si se ha pasado de la hora q dura la ceremonia. Tu bienestar y tu integridad priman en todo el tiempo que dura la estadía. En cuanto al lugar es mágico, maravilloso. Se encuentra en El Valle Sagrado del Inca, la casa campestre es muy linda y muy cómoda, y las comodidades de la habitación de huéspedes son optimas y propias para tener el pleno descanso y tranquilidad que requiere una ceremonia de Ayahuasca. Con ellos se me fueron todos los miedos y temores que tenia de hacer Ayahuasca con unos desconocidos. Ellos velan por tu seguridad y tranquilidad. El día q yo vaya a repetir otro retiro de Ayahuasca, sin duda lo hare con Erik y Nilda. Totalmente recomendados

—In English—
I am one of the most exceptional people that can exist, and I had thousands of doubts before making this retreat and especially in this place, but after reading many reviews, I have informed myself about the subject, I decided to contact Erik. The love and care that one receives from Erick and Nilda is fraternal, genuine, and sincere. The pre diet is very important, and Erik is in continuous communication so that one feels prepared. The talk before the ceremony is paramount, where Erik explains and prepares you for what you are going to experience, gives advice, warns you, and guides you in what you should do once you enter the room at the time of the ceremony. During the ceremony they are with you guiding you during your trip, is aware that you are well physically and mentally, and stay with you until you have returned to this plane, it does not matter if you have passed the time of the ceremony. Your well-being and your integrity prevail in all the time the stay lasts. As for the place it is magical, wonderful. It is located in the Sacred Valley of the Inca, the country house is very nice and very comfortable, and the comforts of the guest room are optimal and proper to have the full rest and tranquility that requires an Ayahuasca ceremony. With them, all the fears and fears I had of doing Ayahuasca with strangers were gone. They watch over your safety and tranquility. The day I go to repeat another Ayahuasca retreat, I will undoubtedly do it with Erik and Nilda. Fully recommended.

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February 13, 2019

My mother, daughter and I all traveled to Peru for this retreat. We each had very different experiences during our time there. I thoroughly enjoyed the safety and security of the house as well as the location. The Andes mountains were breathtaking to wake up to every day. The ceremonies themselves were beautiful and the schedule allowed for much needed rest and integration time between them. I was very surprised and pleased by the San Pedro ceremony since I had never really heard of it before our arrival. Do note, that the one tiny issue we had there was that it was very cold during the month of August and there was no heat available. Be sure to bring layers of clothing so that you can adjust as necessary. Other than that, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Erik and Nilda and I am so grateful that they welcomed us into their home. Many blessings to all seekers. Good luck on your journeys.


February 9, 2019

Going to the Sapan Inka retreat was the most incredible experience of my life. Eric and Nilda are amazing healers. From the first short conversation i had with Eric, by just being in his presence, i felt that I let go of baggage and pain I had been carrying for years. Thoughout the ceremonies I felt completely safe at all times. I was understood by the medicine and the healers and I learnt to understand. I left with a new perspective, and the experience continues to influence my life, as I meditate upon the experience often. I would recommend the retreat to anyone who feels the calling and wishes to be healed. It takes place in the most beautiful setting, with the wisest people, and you leave feeling better and like you have recovered from an illusionary sickeness. Peace and Love x

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January 30, 2019

I visited Erik and Nilda in September 2018 for the Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreat. It was my first experience with Ayahuasca and I was extremely grateful to have them preparing us, overseeing the ceremonies and guiding us but still allowing us to each have our own experiences. Prior to leaving the retreat Erik also gave us guidelines for how to continue to get the most out of the experience after we left and the months to follow, I did not realize at the time the impact, and new insights I would glean from the experience in the months to follow. But looking back I now see the reason for the instructions as we left. I highly recommend Erik and Nilda as overseers and guides for anyone looking to experience Ayahuasca for the first time or even if you have already experienced it before.

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January 3, 2019

After much research and one attempt at contacting another retreat center, I kept returning to Erik and Nilda. I was a bit nervous, having never participated in an ayahuasca ceremony before. My fears were allayed upon entrance to the retreat center. The warm, calm, and loving energy is readily apparent the moment you step through the front gate into the beautiful courtyard.

At no point in this journey did I ever feel unsafe or uncared for. I shared a room with another woman, who has since become a kindred, and will likely be the rest of my days! The home is beautiful and comfortable. The food was wonderful. The setting is pure magic. I am glad I chose the Sacred Valley for this experience.

It is the biggest medicine I have ever worked with. I think I will be processing this experience all the days of my life. Erik’s integrative approach really jived with me. All participants are interviewed upon arrival and post ceremony, which I think helped clarify my intentions and gave me tools to work with post retreat.

Should I ever choose to work with the medicine again, I would return to Sapan Inka. Erik, Nilda, and Toby are truly wonderful beings and I am forever grateful to have shared this profound experience with them!


December 14, 2018

At risk of being cliché, my decision to embark on a 5 day retreat at Sapan Inka was, quite certainly, the most important one I have ever made. I am a careful person, a hypochondriac. Like, I get a momentary surge of panic when I take one too many Tylenol. Nonetheless, I felt this constant, nagging urge to see the world from a new perspective. I felt happy, but stagnant and unsatisfied with the pace of my personal growth. After thoroughly researching ayahuasca, I thought it might just be my anticipated catalyst for growth. Now, 6 months post retreat, I reflect back on these initial “curiosities” with overwhelming gratitude, because the outcome was profound, beyond words.
I look back at Sapan Inka with the same gratitude. I was able to find a state of comfort so quickly in the home of Erik and Nilda. I felt comfortable with the other participants, and the morning after the first ceremony, the connection I felt with everyone in the home was incredible. For context, I was a 25 year old female traveling solo through Peru, and I was terrified that I would feel unsafe at this “psychedelic gathering” I had so willingly signed up for. However, from the moment I was picked up from my hostel in Cusco, I felt safe, comfortable, and cared for. Erik and Nilda can be described as nothing less than angelic. They have these transcendent smiles that seem to embody kindness and wisdom. These smiles will make you feel welcome and comfortable throughout the entire retreat.
The morning after each ceremony, Erik will provide invaluable insight to your experience, free of judgement (visions can be very personal). You will have lots of time for personal reflection, as well as connecting with the others at the retreat. Despite getting only a couple hours of sleep each night (sometimes none at all), I felt thoughtful, euphoric, and energized the entire time. For months after the retreat, I could access this feeling of euphoria with a deep sigh and a bit of intention. It’s an unbeatable feeling. My strongest memory of the ceremonies was this “eureka!” sense of realization: “I found it, I found exactly where I am supposed to be. Why isn’t everybody in this place?” I would describe the visuals, but whenever I try, people give me the look that says, “Oooooh I get it, you’re off your rocker!” Regardless, I felt like everything before the retreat was slightly derailed, and suddenly I had found alignment.
Aside from recommending Sapan Inka passionately and wholeheartedly, I have a few general aya recommendations. Follow the recommended diet, both before and after. Aside from avoiding serious chemical reactions, it will give you a cleansed feeling that helps your headspace from straying to dark places. You want to be your purest self when you enter the ceremony temple. Afterward, you will better reflect on the experience if you maintain the diet, because you will more readily connect with the medicine, which seems to stay with you for months. Next, be prepared for fear. Even with Erik and Nilda creating the best environment imaginable, ayahuasca will take you to places of discomfort at some point in the trip. Like I said, I am a hypochondria, and I have gone into anaphylactic shock from an allergy attack before. On the third ceremony, I was certain that it was happening again. I was sweating profusely, felt like I couldn’t breath, and was writhing on my mat. I accepted that I was definitely going to die, and I decided to not scream out for help, and to just keep breathing, and the feeling passed. Long story short, practice your anxiety diminishing breathing techniques, so that it is second nature to breath through uncomfortable sensations, because like any state of panic, freaking out will only amplify the discomfort. My last bit of advice, is to do an ayahuasca retreat, not a single ceremony; this is vital! My three ceremonies felt influenced by three entirely different substances; it was three different worlds. If I had any one of them without the other two, well it would be okay, but it would not have provided the depths of insight that changed my life. It might sound exhausting, but the energy you find at Sapan Inka will give you the desire to continue taking this unpredictable and ego-shattering medicine.
Erik and Nilda have a powerful presence during the ceremonies as they sing the Icaros and perform the protecting rituals, and outside of ceremony, they have a gentle kindness that I constantly strive to emulate. In another ten years, I may drink ayahuasca again, and I hope that it is in the presence of the wonderful Shamans, Erik and Nilda.

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December 10, 2018

My experience at Sapan Inka retreat was truly profound and incredible. This was my first time doing ayahuasca.

Firstly, Erik and Nilda are such incredibly genuine and warm people, you will feel the love the moment you meet them.

The setting is perfect. The surrounding area is very scenic.The retreat home is comfortable and has all the amenities you could ever need. The rooms are super comfortable and have their own bathroom/shower. The food is also delicious.

Erik spends time talking to you before the ceremonies so you feel prepared and you can ask any questions. He makes you feel relaxed and ready to step into the unknown.

The ceremony is in the temple in the upstairs of the house. It is an extremely good setting. Our ceremony was very intimate as it was only me and my 2 friends. I felt very comfortable in the temple. The songs Erik and Nilda sing are beautiful, and they always come at the perfect time during your trip. I really liked the fact that they ceremony was only 2-3 hours, and then you can retreat to your room to continue your work with the medicine(you can stay in the temple if you wish).This felt like the perfect amount of time.

The day after the ceremony, Erik talks with you to discuss your experience and offers his insight and wisdom. I found this to be so important as it helped me gain a fresh perspective on what I experienced, and led to some very important lessons learnt.

On the last day we did San Pedro and went for a walk into nature for a few hours. This was truly the cherry on the top. The hours spent reflecting and meditating were blissful. If you have the chance, I highly recommend doing both ayahuasca(I did 2 ceremonies) and San Pedro.

This was easily one of the best 5 days of my life. I thank Erik and Nilda so much for the experience they facilitated. I cant recommend this retreat enough. I really hope to be back one day.

Erik and Nilda thanks again, you will always have a place in my heart. All the best!

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December 8, 2018

Erik & Nilda are lovely and knowledgeable. Great experience. I would recommend highly to anyone interested in a vegan retreat.

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December 7, 2018

This experience was life-changing for me and I can’t imagine having done it anywhere besides Sapan Inka. I stayed for a 5 day retreat in September 2017 with a friend.

I remember from the beginning Erik and Nilda were very good with email communication, ensuring I had the information I needed. When I arrived in Cusco, they picked me and my friend up at our hotel and drove us to the Retreat Center. A very beautiful hour or so drive in a comfortable SUV.

I appreciate how they always gave us time to settle in and have alone time. They would hold meetings with the other people in the group so we were informed about what to expect for the ceremonies and gave you time to answer questions (i.e. what to wear). I also appreciated the 1:1 time Erik does with you the day after the ceremony to debrief on how it went. There’s also a good focus on journaling and disconnecting so you get a really nice integrated, off-the-grid experience.

The ceremonies you will see for yourself and I don’t want to spoil anything but I will say they were beautiful, organized, and give you the clarity you need. I have friends who have done Ayahausca in other environments (i.e. outside, with a bunch of people, where you’re open to the elements, etc). While I’m sure that’s all well and good, for me, someone who is prone to anxiety — I liked being in the safety of the beautiful retreat center, in the ceremony room. I felt very safe and it was intimate with such a small group. It’s like you’re ‘there’ for each other while going through such an intense internal (and physical) process.

My friend and I had a room with twin beds which was great because we had access to a shower and our private room to go back to after the ceremonies. The house is very comfortable and safe (large wall gate) so you don’t have to worry about that at all.

The food is delicious and healthy. The staff is amazing, very warm. And we really enjoyed getting to know the other two members of our group. We had dinner with them we we all returned to Cusco and are still friends on Facebook.

Be sure you take Erik and Nilda’s advice to cut out meat, dairy, alcohol, etc. for a good amount of time before the retreat. It will make the experience better and you’ll feel more ‘clean’ going into the retreat. We had just come from Argentina where we had been eating red meat and should’ve taken the advice more seriously …

I would love to do Ayahausca again at some point (San Pedro also, but I got more out of the Mother Plant) and the three main points that I took away from the ceremony still stay with me.

This was a wonderful opportunity and you won’t regret it.

Thanks Erik and Nilda. Miss you guys!

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December 7, 2018

This was my first experience of Ayahuasca which I undertook after several years of research and internal questioning. Erik and Nilda came highly recommended and the entire experience gave so much more than I could have dreamed of.

I have read another review on this site suggesting that Sapan Inka was austere and dry. My own view is that what Erik and Nilda do is create an environment where anything which could distract from the medicine and the process is minimised, and this creates the most effective way to enter the spiritual world. That being said the house itself and its setting is absolutely beautiful by the way, in case anyone was worrying, and the food delicious and sustaining.

I will minimise any description my own experience with the medicine because that will be different for everyone, but I can say that my life has been profoundly changed and I do believe that Erik and Nilda’s guidance was a significant part of that. Erik’s knowledge, wisdom and honesty cannot be questioned by anyone who has been through the process with him. If and when the calling comes to me to engage with the medicine again, Sapan Inka is the place I shall go to do it.

Main tips: be firm in your intention, stick to the diet, be honest and open yourself up.

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December 4, 2018

Four of us stayed for two nights with Erik and Nilda in 2018. It was the first time doing ayahuasca for all four of us.

Erik and Nilda were very kind and clear, with a lot of experience, which we greatly appreciated. Erik speaks better English, so he prepped us and screened us to decide how much to give us. We did ayahuasca two nights in a row.

In short, the first night was one of the most difficult of my life. I probably did not do the diet perfectly, which is advised. I also got to face and see my demons and shadows right in my face, terrifying but all good.

The second night was one of the best experiences of my life, super profound. The veil lifted, and I felt like I was hanging out with God and the angels all night!

Food was fine. Overall, a great experience. One difference between this and other experiences I have had is that Erik and Nilda find that keeping the group experience short (2-3 hours) and then sending people to their room (when ready) is more powerful for personal process time. Other experiences I have had where there was longer group time and group processing, and also more individual attention from the leaders. Both ways work well.

Oh, the music was awesome as well! I would recommend Sapan Inka to anyone! Blessings.

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December 2, 2018

Sapan Inka, Erik and Nilda, an experience which changed my life, without possibility to go back to what was before.
The best way to describe it: imagine someone puts you in a washing machine, full power, and then squeezes out all the negative/bad things you have inside and around you. After that, it’s your job to fill yourself up again with something new, more meaningful, more positive.
The experience can be quite dark at some points, blissful at others.
Erik and Nilda are there to help, support you, just the way you need, gently guiding you about the best way to approach the ceremonies according to your personal story.
I’d recommend Erik and Nilda, because they are professional, serious. Safety is extremely important in such a context.
What in the very beginning made me choose them is the smaller groups they host, with the lower price: it gave me security they were not “just looking for money”.
Again, thank you so much.


October 10, 2018

Wow, can’t really put into words how grateful I am to have come across Erik & Nilda and their Sapan Inka Retreat. Erik & Nilda are the most caring, loving and supportive couple I have honestly ever met and they both have a great understanding of healing and reintegration practices. The entire 6 day retreat was flawlessly organized. Me and my cousin did the 6 day retreat, with two ayahuasca ceremonies and one San Pedro ceremony – because of Erik & Nilda’s extensive knowledge with these healing plants, all participants had a positive healing experience that can’t quite be put into words. Also, on the last day of the retreat, Erik & Nilda organized the entire day of visiting Machu Picchu and even paid for lunch. The cost of the trip pays for itself and I can honestly say I would pay 5 times the amount they charged to experience what I did. For me personally, I credit Erik & Nilda’s knowledge of the sacred medicines for the reason why the experience was so positive and uplifting . The location of the retreat house is really awesome, it’s in a really quiet area in the sacred valley of Peru, with a clean river flowing from the top of the mountain and the house is basically in a bowl of beautiful mountains. I will remember and cherish this experience for the rest of my life and recommend Sapan Inka to all who seek and need powerful internal healing. Kindest Regards! -Brian M.


March 28, 2018

This was my first experience with Ayahuasca and San Pedro, and prior to having it I had heard a few things and watched a few videos out of curiosity for other people’s experience. I was very impressed with Erik and Nilda. They made us feel very welcome the minute they met us. Their home was very comfortable and they were very intentional and organized. I felt the ceremonies were run efficiently as well as the day trip to Machu Pichu. I felt very comfortable during the ceremonies and even after when we had our down time to reflect and recover. They had very good insight during our one on one sessions in regard to our personal experience with the medicine. I am so thankful for both of them and would highly recommend anyone who is interested/called to the medicine to seek Erik and Nilda.

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February 7, 2018

Raúl. I am from Panamá – 47 years old. I heard about the term ayahuasca on 2011 for first time, when I began to read and take a look at many videos about personal experiences, documentary and scientist research. Then I took the decision to live this spiritual experience and selected the Sapan Inka Project, after a period of looking for a confident and serious place during 4 years.

I have participated in these retreats in December 2015 and December 2017. In both journeys I had experienced an extremely spiritual and mystical connection with the rest of universe both at a particle and at an existence level.

The job Erik and Nilda make is to guide every participant to face what the medicine would immerse every person in a unique way. Every detail of the retreat is carefully taken by them including logistical steps, vegetarian feeding, one to one talk before and after every experience, the selection of the house, the room, every step of the ritual, the icaros, etc. I felt them with me in my internal journey, even when I was under intensive catharsis trances. When they sing the icaros, their voices move the male and female energy to clean everything in our body, constituent elements, particles, in the material, mental, astral and many other dimensions that makes part or a connection within our existence.

In my case ayahuasca retreats in Sapan-Inka allowed my more vivid experience than all the information read and heard for the last 20 years, from many mystical sources.

If you need to go an step ahead in your own existence, no matter how elevated you feel to be, in my retreat experience I have seen there is always something to clean in our very profound inner dimensions. Based on this extract I recommend to those who want to be in charge of their destiny to visit Erick and Nilda at the Sapan Inka Project. I universal hug to everyone of my sisters and brothers.

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January 24, 2018

If you are like me, you’ll be scared that you will either die or go crazy (or go crazy and then die!) during the ayahuasca ceremony. Yet, I’ve lived to tell the tail and I believe the experience have put me on a more psychologically even keel. Erik and Nilda are kind and sincere and at all times you will feel safe and taken care of. I would have awarded the experience 6 stars if I could! Francois, South Africa

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January 24, 2018

My experience at Sapan Inka Retreat Center was deeply profound. For years I have desired to travel to Peru and attend ceremonies. I have researched dozens of retreats and reached out to several of them. I finally choose Sapan Inka because I believed they were the most authentic and that their hearts were truly in it. Now that I’ve stayed there, I know those beliefs to be 100% true. The ceremonies were beautiful. Erik and Nilda’s amazing music and voices carried my psyche through the currents of the plant medicines in beautiful harmony. The retreat center and its surroundings are peaceful and picturesque. Spending the days reading, meditating, and walking around the valley was therapeutic. The vegan meals were delicious and fulfilling. The arrangements for our trip to Machu Pichu were also perfect. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend a retreat at Sapan Inka and hope to experience it again.

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January 23, 2018

I did my research prior to picking Sapan Inka Retreat. Initially I wanted to have my ceremony near the jungles of Iquitos but I am so thankful I chose Sapan Inka instead. The ceremony was held in Sacred Valley inside of a luxurious villa. There were no bugs, running toilets, warm showers and comfortable beds.

Erik and Nilda were very warm to the entire group. My group consisted of only 5 people. 4 women and myself (a male). Everyone was very comfortable during the ceremonies and Erik did an amazing job debriefing everyone after each ceremony.

I followed the aya diet exactly as prescribed and I was very happy I did. The experience was very spiritual, loving and positive. I have since recommended it to anyone who has asked me and if I ever return to Peru I hope to give Erik and Nilda a visit!


January 23, 2018

I found Sapan Inka retreat online and decided to try it out for my for my first ayuyhuasca retreat while traveling in Peru… heard rumors saying retreats near a Cusco were a scam but felt a connection with Erik and Nilda through their emails and knew this was the one… and must say had zero regret they exceeded my expectations. They limit the number of participants to 5 but in our case there were only 3 and it was great we bonded and were able to share our experiences in a super safe environment. As explained in their website they only offer 2 ayu ceremonies per retreat because they believe it’s enough.. it’s not about the money or quantity but the quality of the experience and the ability to guide each participant in an intimate space.

The first ceremony was quite intense for me and every time I felt afraid or lost I could feel their presence surrounding and guiding me… if they could they would have walked the path for me but I knew I had to do it alone… it was like having the mother and father along the journey it was rough and beautiful at the same time highly recommend anyone in Cusco to find time because it’s was a unique experience.

House, food, transfer, nature was all amazing and had all my needs met. Will definitely revisit next time I’m in Peru.

Hard part is leaving and continue the path and lessons alone but I know if I ever need help they are always available a click away.


January 16, 2018

This retreat was beautifully designed for true spiritual growth and reflection. I trust Eric and Nilda’s intentions fully heartedly, and I believe this to be one of the most important aspects when searching for a shaman to work with. They both take the whole thing very seriously and are not just in it for the money. They keep group sizes small, because they want to be able to give their full presence to everyones needs, which would not be possible in group sizes of 40-50. They are both wonderful, authentic and experienced. This retreat is designed for true internal reflection and they help you each day with the short therapy sessions.

This retreat however is not easy, and is not for you unless you are very serious about your personal growth. This was by no means a “fun vacation,” but instead one of the most difficult and transformational things I have ever done. The house you stay in is simple and minimal, which aids in giving you ample time and space for internal reflection. You will not be flooded with distractions of any sort. There are a couple games me and my partner played during the day, as a break from the processing of our experiences. The food is wonderful and simple, just vegetables and some spices. You can leave the house in the day to go on walks and explore the surrounding nature, which was very nice.

I believe ayahuasca to be a tool, to open up your mind to show you where you are not aligned with your higher self. To awaken you to the areas in your life where you are still living in fear. I do not consider it a one-shot “answer” to your problem. My experience at Sapan Inka was extremely intense, and I ended up only participating in one ceremony. I believe it would have been very difficult for me if i did not have my partner present, to help me and support me all the following days. That said, I fully trusted Eric and Nilda’s ability to hold sacred ceremony. As i experienced the scariest things I have ever been through, they sang me through my experience and lifted me towards enlightenment. The songs were so sacred and so important. Towards the end, Eric brought me back to the room when the ceremony was over, by using one of his shamanic techniques. They were both so capable of handing my situation, even when I deemed myself a bit out of control. They are wonderful people and I would recommend this retreat to anyone who truly believes they are ready for what ayahuasca may offer them.


January 15, 2018

I went to Sapan Inka for a 5 day retreat including 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, one San Pedro ceremony and the Machu Piccu tour at the end. I am a 35 year-old American woman. I am a hard-evidence, skeptical kind of person, not a spiritual person.

Eric acted as the primary “shaman” figure, at least partially because he speaks reasonable English where Nilda does not, although they both clearly have their roles in the retreat. They are both very conscientious and professional in every aspect of their approach to this experience. Eric informs you of every detail of your somewhat strict schedule, answers all questions and reviews your thoughts and experiences at numerous points throughout the week in one-on-one interviews and during the ceremonies. While they both are clearly dedicated spiritualists, Eric is refreshingly clinical in his approach to interpreting and integrating your experience. He makes himself available before, during and after the retreat to help you along. He is obviously experienced and equally obviously works to improve himself at every opportunity, from both a psychological perspective and a service-oriented business perspective.

They are a very dedicated couple and address every angle of this experience between the two of them. This is a whole body/mind wellness retreat, not a drug experience. You are encouraged to meditate, write and otherwise process your journey alone. You are not entertained, there is no wifi or even board games. Your food is simple and healthy and served to you as-is…i.e. no menu or alternative options. The accommodations are clean and comfortable, but not luxurious by American standards. Eric and Nilda are friendly but distant. I’m not sure how much of that was a language barrier, but I firmly believe it is a deliberate choice on their part. If you are looking for a magical experience that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy, go somewhere else. If you are looking for an opportunity to affect real personal growth and are prepared to put in a lot of work before, during and after this experience, then I highly recommend this retreat.

A few notes:

While the food was simple, it was tasty. I made a pest of myself getting one of Nilda’s soup recipes.

The area where the retreat is located, which is their home, is beautiful. The San Pedro hike was one of the highlights of the experience for me because there was so much to see and learn. Incidentally, I felt the most engaged with Eric and Nilda during this hike. They seemed to love nature and sharing Peru’s bounty as much as I wanted to soak it in.

In my personal opinion, I feel that Ayahuasca is a tool, not a solution in and of itself. I wish I had prepared a more specific goal for myself instead of keeping my mind open to whatever came up with some nebulous ideas floating around. I also wish I could have stayed longer to do a few more ceremonies. As much as they aren’t really enjoyable, I feel like I barely scratched the surface of what I could’ve learned and would have happily done more.

I’m glad I followed the diet the month before going on the retreat. It seemed like the people who didn’t had a much harder time and didn’t get as much out of it.

I felt safe and secure at all times, despite being pretty nervous. They know what they’re doing.

The Macchu Picchu tour was very well planned by Eric and Nilda. Their guide was excellent. Honestly, as much as I want to be awed by history and whatnot, I’m much more likely to get bored and learn nothing. The guide was interesting and passionate about the site, I am very thankful for the experience.

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January 10, 2018

I have participated in two 5 day ceremonies with Erik and Nilda. They are both professional and serious about their work as healers. I felt safe, cared about, well-informed all round, and highly recommend Sapaninka as a place to observe ceremony. Both ceremonies have provided me with life-changing insights about myself as a spiritual being living in a physical body and world. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything. They were worth every ounce of energy and money.

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January 5, 2018

Unlike most of the reviewers above, I did not have such a great time at Sapan Inka. It felt very dry and austere to me, completely different from the amazing, beautiful and juicy ceremonies that I am used to at other centers.

Erik and Nilda do not stay with the retreatants during the whole ceremony, but go to bed after about two hours, leaving people to deal with their trip for the remainder. This to me is not the way to run a safe ayahuasca ceremony.

My first ceremony involved quite a lot of shaking and bodily release, which is normal for me in the first ceremony of a retreat where by the body is releasing tension, and every shaman I have worked with has told me this a a normal and natural part of the process. Erik’s interpretation the next day was that this was ayahuasca’s way of telling me that my “lifestyle” had not yet caught up to insights from previous retreats, and he tried to talk me out of participating the second night.

The second night went fine, but I still had my reservations with the way they run their ceremonies. When I shared these the next morning instead of engaging with it, they just ordered a car for me and told me to leave.

It was weird being kicked out of an ayahuasca retreat, but on the other hand I was happy to leave. Did another aya ceremony at Sacred Valley Tribe and a San Pedro ceremony at Hummingbird, which were both beautiful and amazing and which I likely would have missed out on if I hadn’t been kicked out. So in the end it worked out for the best for me.

Response from Sapan Inka Retreat Center on January 5, 2018

Hello Oege
Thank you very much for leaving your review about your experience in our Retreat Center. We believe your point of view about our work is interesting and rewarding, since it is the first time that a participant shows disagreement with our therapeutic system and with the way how we guide the retreats. We think that this experience is an indication that we still have a lot of work to do and that we should not cease our efforts to improve. The Sapan Inka Retreat Center has been organizing retreats for more than 10 years and there are more than a thousand participants who have attended our retreats, and it has been always our main interest the psychic and spiritual health of all the participants. Over the years we have developed a therapeutic model that integrates ancestral Amazonian / Andean wisdom and psychotherapy. And it is a top priority for us to make the participants feel safe in our home and that everyone can benefit from the therapeutic process.
We are sorry if we were not able to provide you with the help you expected during your stay in our home, during the ceremonies and during our integration talks. We are sorry for not doing a job according to your expectations and your personal quest. It is true that it was our decision to ask you to leave the retreat and to refund some of your money, and we do not regret it, since we considered it to be the most healthy decisión for both sides. We are responsible for our decisions. And we honestly hope that everything goes very well on your personal development path.

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December 30, 2017

I’m not really sure what to think about this experience.

Erik and Nilda are WONDERFUL. They are genuinely interested in your well-being and growth, and do everything they can to help you prepare and, later, integrate what you experienced into your life. Theirs is a small group experience, which was ideal for me. The center is beautiful, spotlessly clean, comfortable and very well-maintained. Even when I examine my time with them closely I can find nothing I would change.

But what I went looking for, a better understanding of the Spirit World, I did not find. Perhaps my search was not well enough articulated. Perhaps I did not even know what it was I wanted. It could even be that the message was given and I am just now beginning to be ready to receive it.

There is a unique fullness of the Spirit in the Sacred Valley. This in itself is enough to draw me back. I’ve worshipped all over the world and never found anything approaching what is here.

My message to anyone considering this experience would be to prepare yourself. Physically and spiritually. Clearly define exactly what you want to get out of it. Your intentions must be as exact as you can make them. Ayahuasca is not a toy, something to take recreationally. It can save you, or it can damage you. It’s more powerful than you think.


December 22, 2017

I had a great experience at Sapan Inka Retreat Center during my visit to the Sacred Valley in August. I participated in the 5 day Ayahuasca & San Pedro retreat and the event exceeded my expectations. I was initially attracted to Sapan Inka Retreat Center because of their extensive website covering aspects of Ayahuasca and psychological integration.

I contacted Erik and I was lucky enough to procure a place along with three other retreat participants from varied global geographic locations. Although I had participated in another Ayahuasca workshop in northern Peru, I had not experienced a retreat incorporating psychological integration in the way Erik and Nilda present it.

This retreat very well run. Erik and Nilda are focused on providing an environment that is ideal for calm and introspection. They also provide incredible healthy and delicious cuisine. I was blown away by the fresh ingredients put together in a traditional Peruvian style. By far THE BEST cuisine I had during my 11 day stay there.

If you are interested in self development, I would highly recommend Sapan Inka. Erik has relevant reading material available and shares his learnings in western-style psychology and the traditions of Ayahuasca.

When I return to Peru I will be back to do another workshop with the Sapan Inka Project.

Much Thanks to Erik and Nilda for an unforgettable experience.


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December 17, 2017

The reason I chose to go to Sapan inka was for its location(I was reluctant to go to a retreat in Amazon Jungle by myself) and all the good reviews I read about them and the moment I met Erik and Nilda I felt that i made the right decision. They made me feel home the moment I arrived to their beautiful house in the valley. They gave me a room with a private bathroom. There were 2 other couples in the group and they were really nice people. The energy in the group was really beautiful. Afterall I believe everyone goes to these retreats to be healed in some way and with the best intentions.

Erik and Nilda take what they do very seriously. From the moment you sign up to their retreat they make sure the medicine will not affect you in any negative way and until the end of the retreat they pay attention to everyone in the group individually. During the ceremonies they make sure everything is ok and everyone is taking the most out of the ceremonies. It was definitely one of the most unforgetable and life changing experiences of my life. Its been a year since i was there and i am planning to go back again soon.


December 15, 2017

Sapan Inka is a place were shamanic wisdom meets western knowledge. Erik and Nilda are wonderfully compassionate and welcoming people. Genuinely caring and passionate in their work.

+Blend between shamanic and western..
+The mountain local is spectacular.
+Small groups. We were only 4 people in total.
+Traditional Ayahuasca blend, only “Banisteriopsis Caapi” and “Psychotica Viridis”.
+The 1 ½ h ride from Cusco might seem like a hassle but was a beautiful little tour of sacred valley. Good for those who haven’t traveled alot around Peru.
+Very tasty, clean food.

Negative/ Be prepared for
– The retreathouse can be a bit cold. Make sure you bring some extra warm socks. And an extra sweater.
– Bring an extra towel if you want a clean one for the duration of your retreat. There is no laundry service. Backpacker style.

Highly reccomended

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December 14, 2017

Hace ya alguno años, que empezó a resonar en mi tener una experiencia con la ayahuasca, el mes de noviembre del 2016 comencé a averiguar sobre los lugares donde podría tener la experiencia y di con Erik y Nilda, creo profundamente que la sincronía existe, no fue casualidad, tenia que ir a ahí, lo cual se concreto en enero del 2017.

Erik y Nilda son muy cariñosos y acogedores, eramos tres personas Vanessa, Anit y yo los que participábamos este retiro, así que de un principio me sentí muy cómoda y segura. El lugar es muy hermoso, el entorno a los pies del Valle Sagrado da para una conexión real, los alimentos exquisitos, para que decir de las conversaciones, donde cada uno se expresaba en relación a sus experiencias, con muchas risas y aprendizaje de cada integrante.

De los que estábamos todos excepto Erik y Nildaque que eran del lugar eramos de países diferentes, la casa muy acogedora junto a dos perrunos exquisitos. Creo que las tres personas que estuvimos en ese momento andavamos en búsqueda, por mi parte era algo que estaba ahí y tenía que realizar, sintiéndolo a modo de crecimiento, y la verdad, así fue.

Tuve dos cesiones con ahayuasca, la primera noche, fue algo que nunca había vivenciado, siempre con sentimientos positivos, que cada uno debe experimentar de acuerdo a como se sienta o este en ese momento, me costo un poco ingresar en la plantita, una vez que ingrese empezó toda la experiencia, la segunda noche después de ingerir la medicina, ingrese enseguida, fue algo que nunca había sentido, una plenitud total, integración, desear permanecer siempre en ese estado, paz, luz, claridad, gratitud, conexión total, al purgar sentía que algo estaba saliendo de mí como pariendo, pero no un hijo, si no expulsando, liberando, limpiando algo de mi, es lejos lo mejor que he vivido y me encantaría estar siempre en ese estado, que hay que trabajar mucho.

Me gustaría nuevamente volver donde ellos, espero sea más temprano que tarde.

Al otro día de la experiencia teníamos una conversación con Erik, que de acuerdo a cada persona él nos guiaba, me decía que cada experiencia era diferente, estoy comentando de acuerdo a lo que viví.

Además tuve la experiencia con el San Pedro que con eso, en esos días ya era una integración total, sintiendo y comprendiendo la integración con el todo, mágico.

Tuvimos una ceremonia con una pareja de Qeros, nativos del lugar muy entretenida.

Visitamos Machu Pichu.

Que puedo decir más que gratitud.
Un lugar seguro, cómodo, con hermosos paisajes, exquisitos alimentos hechos por Nilda, gratas conversaciones. De mi experiencia puedo decir que es recomendable completamente. Gracias!!

In English:
Some years ago, it began to resonate with me to have an experience with ayahuasca, the month of November 2016 I started to find out about the places where I could have the experience and I found Erik and Nilda, I deeply believe that synchrony exists, not It was coincidence, I had to go there, which became concrete in January of 2017.

Erik and Nilda are very affectionate and welcoming, we were three people Vanessa, Anit and I who participated in this retreat, so from the beginning I felt very comfortable and safe. The place is very beautiful, the environment at the foot of the Sacred Valley gives a real connection, exquisite food, so to speak of the conversations, where everyone expressed in relation to their experiences, with much laughter and learning from each member .

Of those who were all except Erik and Nildaque who were from the place we were from different countries, the house very cozy next to two exquisite dogs. I think that the three people that we were in that moment were searching, for my part it was something that was there and had to be done, feeling it as a growth, and the truth, that was it.

I had two assignments with ahayuasca, the first night, it was something I had never experienced, always with positive feelings, that each one must experience according to how he feels or is at that moment, it cost me a bit to enter the little plant, once that entered the whole experience began, the second night after ingesting the medicine, enter right away, it was something that had never felt, a total fullness, integration, wish to remain always in that state, peace, light, clarity, gratitude, total connection, when purging I felt that something was coming out of me as if I were giving birth, but not a son, if not expelling, releasing, cleaning something from me, it is far the best thing I have ever lived and I would love to be always in that state, that we have to work hard.

I would like to go back to them, I hope it will be sooner rather than later.

The next day of the experience we had a conversation with Erik, who according to each person he guided us, told me that each experience was different, I am commenting according to what I experienced.

I also had the experience with the San Pedro that with that, in those days it was a total integration, feeling and understanding the integration with the whole, magical.

We had a ceremony with a couple of Qeros, natives of the place very entertaining.

We visited Machu Pichu.

I can say more than gratitude.
A safe, comfortable place with beautiful landscapes, exquisite food made by Nilda, pleasant conversations. From my experience I can say that it is completely recommended. Thank you!!

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December 11, 2017

I went to Erik and Nilda because of a wonderful recommendation from a friend of mine who had done several retreats with them. I had always been curious about Ayahuasca though wanted a sacred safe place to really explore it and myself. Erik and Nilda couldn’t have been a better fit for me.

I am a healer and have been for most of this life. I have had many stumbling blocks along my path. There has been so much loss and change in my life. I was feeling very confused, wondering who I am, what, and where am I to go and be from here.

The feeling of sacredness that I felt upon meeting Erik and Nilda was incredibly heart opening. Their home is more of a sanctuary of Beingness. It is the perfect place for comfort and peace. I felt safe and able to truly open to where Ayahuasca could take me. It’s interesting because on reflecting I feel like it is Erik and Nilda that make their home this way. No matter where they are it will be a sacred sanctuary for self exploration.

The food was spectacular. I am not vegetarian although I have done many cleanses and healing retreats where the food options are vegetarian, vegan, and raw so I am familiar with vegetarian food. Nilda; however, took my palate to places I have not experienced before. The textures and flavors were magnificent. I did not miss meat at all. Every meal was incredibly satisfying.

Here is a moment from my writings while I was at this retreat:

“It is fascinating moving from one dimension to another while having a hold on this dimension. Trying to get comfortable in a seated position, knowing where the vomit bucket is at all times even in the complete darkness, and semi aware of the others in the room. It’s all a part of the experience…the fullness of this expression is expanding into my reality. It is all a part of IT ALL.

When Erik lights the candle and breaks the darkness his face is illuminated. He looks just like the magikal shaman that he is. His long curly black hair is framing his face. His expression is filled with wonder. I would love to capture this moment and remember it forever. As I reflect I wonder how much of our experiences he has traveled and witnessed. Nilda is in the back corner almost like an anchor to our journeys. She is so beautiful. Her long black curly hair is framing her round face. They are both timeless and so beautiful. Their Spirits shine so bright and their hearts are so open. Ayahuasca has truly transformed them creating their journey and mission of helping others. “

Releasing judgment of oneself is quite a liberating experience. Thank you Mama Ayawaska for helping me with that. Thank you thank you thank you. Here I am, all of me, and I can and do love me. Peru and its elevation and expansive grandeur seemed to knock down every wall I might have built to protect me. Ah Peru. I love you.

Thank you Erik and Nilda for facilitating this openness and expansiveness that I am now learning to create in my every day life. Life has shifted. For your sharing, offerings of illumination and insights I will always be grateful. I look forward to the potential of returning to learn more from you both.


December 10, 2017

Sapan Inkas was set at the backdrop of gorgeous mountains and run by an even nicer couple Nilda and Erik. I was a travelling alone and Nilda made me feel safe and I felt like she was a lioness looking out for me throughout the retreat. Very professional, knowledgable and kind. They really respect the medicine and so should you if you plan to visit their retreat. Amazing experience overall and would definately reccomend especially if it is your first time.

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December 6, 2017

My girlfriend and I have been in a retreat in Sapan Inka some month ago. We made a long trip from Switzerland to make this experience and we both can say, that it was the strongest experience we have ever made. Every second will remain unforgettable.
Erik and Nilda are amazing people. The energy, the depth and the professionalism they emit is balm for the soul. We still feel the energy and the changes after our retreat in Sapan Inka.
If we plan a second retreat in future, we definitely would chose again Sapan Inka.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Erik an Nilda

Alberto and Kelen


December 1, 2017

Eric and Nilda of Sapan Inka Project were amazing. The retreat was nothing short of spectacular. Erik and Nilda are some of the nicest and most accommodating people I have ever met. Their home and ceremonial space is beautiful and the small group setting allows for a very personal experience. The medicine is powerful but gentle and the ceremony is done so perfectly. Erik and Nilda are incredibly knowledgeable and in tune wit he plant medicines and spirits and really ensure an incredible growth experience. The village they reside in is incredibly gorgeous and tranquil, located in the sacred valley and the locals are just as friendly and warm welcoming as Erik and Nilda. Not to mention, their cooking is phenomenal! I would not recommend any other retreat center besides Sapan Inka!


November 29, 2017

After doing a lot of research my mom and I visited Erik and Nilda for a week long retreat. She was celebrating her 50th birthday, and I my 30th. We were journeying to Peru to sit with the intention of realizing and releasing ancestral trauma.

Erik led us through exactly what to expect every day. Nilda prepared healthy and clean food from vegetables and fruit grown in their garden. The house is spacious, bright and clean. We had ample free time to explore outdoors or rest indoors. The Sacred Valley and it’s people are beautiful.

The ceremonies were profound. We visited nearly 7 months ago, lessons learned while on the medicine are still showing up daily. Before every ceremony Erik sits one on one with each guest. He listens to your journey experience, giving you a safe place to be witnessed. He will listen to your upcoming journey intention and reflect back, sometimes redirecting based off your previous night’s experience. The integration piece is crucial, and Erik takes this very seriously.

Erik and Nilda are compassionate and inspiring individuals. The partnership they have created is beautiful to witness as well. That alone is medicine for so many people. I highly recommend you stay and journey at Sapan Inkan.

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November 28, 2017

It’s been almost a year since my experience with mother ayauasca. Going into my trip to to Peru I had a lot to figure out. Coming from space and culture where I felt like I was just going through the day to day emotions not feeling connected to anyone or anything. My life has been transformed by the healing from the plant ayauasca. There is still so much to work though and integrate into western culture and life, but I genuinely feel guided on a daily basis from this experience. Guided to continue to grow and evolve to live awake and continue to rest in awareness.
This experience never would’ve been possible without help from two very loving and caring people Erik and Nilda. It’s clear that they want to share their knowledge about Ayuasca in a safe and comfortable environment. We have so much to learn from this medicine and from each other. What a blessing that these two healers open up their home and their hearts to help the rest of us transform and blossom.


November 28, 2017

It was an honor to be guided by Erik and Nilda throughout the week long ceremony. They are truly humble and beautiful human beings. I especially liked that they only accept five people at a time. This allows more focus on the individuals in the ceremony and reduces your anxiety. Plant medicines have changed my life but it is equally important that you prepare months ahead of your journey. These are not recreational plants and should be approached with reverence. I fasted two days into the first ceremony and the medicine ripped me apart but it was exactly what I needed. Erik and Nilda are there to help when it is absolutely necessary but they stress the importance of working on your own with the medicine. This was a very important and critical lesson for me. I think this is what sets other centers apart because they stress the importance of self reflection and introspection by allowing you to work with the medicine on your own throughout the ceremony. They are always there in the ceremonial room for you but will only approach you closely if you ask for help. You can do it! I would say that it is not the Ayahuasca medicine that heals but the ceremonial songs, known as Icaros. Erik and Nilda take you on this marvelous healing journey with their beautiful Icaros. It was liberating and I had purged so much hate, anger, and resentment from my heart! Huachuma is also an incredible journey. That journey takes place in the serene forest and it allows you to connect with Pachamama and source. The Huachuma medicine will touch your heart if you surrender. The food is delicious but keep in mind that if you do not already follow a plant based diet or clean diet, it can potentially be hard for you since it is nutritious vegan food the entire week. Set your intentions early on and prepare yourself adequately with meditation. The energy from Sapan Inka Project resonated with me. I still have much to learn from these sacred medicines so I am definitely coming back!

Love you all and safe travels!

P.S. I strongly encourage you to also visit Machu Picchu. They will have all of your arrangements covered.

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November 27, 2017

My 1st Ayahausca and San Pedro experience was made amazing by these wonderful couple. They are both so sweet and there genuinely for your well being and not just to take you money like many other Ayahausca retreats. Erika and Nilda where very professional and made us all feel at ease. I was so scared for my first experience, but Erika put me at ease and I felt incredibly safe during there ceremony.

I have come home a different person. The medicine was beautiful. The food is amazing. I would highly recommend Sapan Inka, you will not be disappointed. The small groups are much better as you genuinely get looked after. I would give these guys 10/10 :))

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November 27, 2017

It is my wish that people who would like to attend an Ayahuasca retreat feel confident that they will be in a comfortable and, most of all, balanced space. I cannot begin even to explain how wonderfully Erik and Nilda are able to express this at Sapan Inka. Their sincere care, wisdom and guidance is one that I hold very close in my heart and with all honesty, remember each day.

For me, when I began to research to different places that offered retreats, a very important thing was trust, one that was given without much thought, but rather by intuition. I first felt this when I read what they wrote on their site, and I was going kind of blindfolded but with a security that they were the right people for me. This was re-confirmed once I met them and spent a few instances with them, one feels a real sense of trust, harmony and security around them in many levels.

Their house is a extremely beautiful place, with a wonderful and quiet friend by the name of Tobi. Their retreats are very personal ones, but also as a group there’s also a sense of closeness and connection. As they are small there’s always the chance for them to integrate experiences personally and share so wonderful times with everyone.

Due to personal matters I was only able to attend one of the ceremonies, and with all certainty I can say that it was one of the most important experiences that I have had in my life which I still work to integrate and can work in the a direction thanks to Erik and the personal talk we held after the ceremony.

Everything That comes to my heart when I write this is of great honesty and love for the work that Erik and Nilda do at Sapan Inka. I truly hope that many of you will be part of their retreats and are able to heal and have a lot of happiness in your lives. I will thank them all my life and, hope also, to come back with them at one moment.

Thank you, Erik and Nilda.

Diego D.

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November 27, 2017

Amazing! I could write a novel about how much I loved this trip but I will try keep it brief. I had never done anything like this before so I didn’t know what to expect but I was very impressed. If I do it again I will definitely go back to Sapan Inka! I really liked the small group we had 4 total. 3 of us stayed for the 2 Aya ceremonies, San Pedro and Machu Picchu. I strongly recommend doing everything-they all compliment each other very well. The small group was great because it gave us the attention we needed. I was really impressed with how well organized and how well everything flowed from day to day. The schedule was layed out perfectly. The home was very comfortable and the area has lots of room to walk during down time. I went alone and had my own room and I think you can share a room if you go with a friend. I felt very welcome in their beautiful house placed amongst the mountains and farm lands. The Aya and San Pedro ceremonies were perfect they were just what I needed. Erik and Nilda are very intelligent and experienced. When it came time to eat there were lots of laughs and good home made food. Everything between getting picked up at my hostel to getting dropped off at the airport was seamless and a great experience. Erik and Nilda are very kind and loving people with a wealth of knowledge I highly recommend them. I originally wanted something in the jungle but the sacred valley was so peaceful and beautiful AND Erik and Nilda are there! Afterwards they recommended some reading to help with the integration which I am very thankful for and the reading has helped a lot. Sapan Inka is the place to go if you want a quality genuine experience!


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November 26, 2017

I can’t say enough good things about Erik and Nilda. I enjoyed my experience with them so much I came back 6 months later to do it again.
Their house is beautiful, and their hospitality was wonderful. They are warm and welcoming and all the home cooked food was delicious!
They were helpful and informative when it came time for the ceremonies. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but they sat us down and explained everything. The ceremonies themselves were beautiful and spiritual and I had a profound experience. I went home to make powerful and positive empowered changes in my life.
I’m so grateful to Erik and Nilda for thier kindness and guidance and hospitality. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to experience ayahuasca. Especially if it’s your first time and you don’t know what to expect. They are wonderful!!

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November 26, 2017

Having sat in ceremony at one of the larger retreats in the Amazon, I was looking for a different experience my last time. After a lot of research, my daughter and I chose Sapan Inka. We definitely made the right choice. If you’re researching your options, sit here if:

1. Safety is of upmost importance: You want to know that you’re in safe hands during your entire stay.

2. Authenticity: You want someone who has plenty of experience working with aya and has dedicated many years in understanding how to lead ceremony for others.

3. Humility: Erik and Nilda are the real thing. You know it from the way they hold space, they way they nourish you, and their sincere humility. It’s incredibly beautiful.

4. Price: You’re don’t want to support aya tourism and the exorbitant costs that some of the retreat centers are charging.

5. Beauty: You want to be embedded in nature. The land is important to you. Sapan Inka is located in the Sacred Valley. You’re able to leave their sweet home and take gentle strolls during the day. It’s incredibly beautiful there and heart opening.

6. Nourishment: You desire the cleanest food to fuel you during your journey. A lot of it comes directly out of Erik and Nilda’s backyard and is lovingly prepared by Nilda.

7. Processing: All of the ceremonies I’ve attended include a group processing the following day. Sapan Inka is much more personal. The morning after ceremony, Erik sits with you and talks about your journey and your process for about 30 minutes. It’s nice to be able to open up and share in such a safe and private setting.

8. People: The groups are small. Mine had five. There’s a feeling that each of us were called to create the container we did during the time we were there.

9. Gut feeling: Ultimately, the decision is yours. You’ll read many reviews and have plenty of options. Go with your gut. I’m glad I did.

Safe journeys, and thanks for doing the work. 🙂


March 6, 2017

There are not enough words I could write to express my gratitude to Erick and Nilda for their hospitality, care, and the reassurance offered during my retreat. These two are special souls who fulfill their life purpose of helping others heal through cleaning the body and spirit. Their home is comfortable, the meals are delicious, the surrounding scenery is spectacular, their super friendly dogs are playful and loving, and the ayahuasca ceremonies are extremely beautiful and impactful. I have never felt so much love in my heart. There was nothing scary about this experience. The mother plant is very effective in unearthing anything that might be hidden from the view of the person who is taking it. This is perfect for those who unconsciously tend to burry their feelings.
If you are reading this review and are seriously considering taking this journey there is no need to look elsewhere. This is the place for you.

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January 19, 2017

My husband and I will always be grateful to Erik & Nilda for helping us change our lives. We participated to an Ayahusca retreat for two nights. When we arrived to the retreat, we were blown away by the place itself, its location, and the peace we felt there. We had personal and couple conversations with Erik before the Ayahuasca ceremonies which we thought were very helpful. We have no words to describe the ceremony, it was entirely life changing, and was the best thing we’ve ever done together. From the place where we had our meals to the beautiful organic food Nilda prepared, the room we stayed in, everything was perfect. Six months after we participated to the Ayahuasca retreat, we realize that the ceremonies did not only have an effect on us during the retreat, but way after, and we believe still have effects on us. Proyecto Sapan Inka changed us forever, in the best possible way 🙂

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December 3, 2016

This was my and my partner’s first experience of ayahuasca, so we had done a lot of research about it and were extremely wary about finding the right place. The experience at the retreat that Erik and Nilda create was perfect. This seems to stem from the fact that they themselves are genuinely caring, thoughtful people who care passionately about helping others and sharing their own learnings. I am usually scared to give up control, but Erik and Nilda helped to create the perfect environment, allowing me to trust them completely, to enable me to have an experience that was truly life-changing, humbling and mind-opening. That would not have been possible if I had had any doubts. I will be forever grateful to them for creating the circumstances to allow me to have breakthroughs in insight about my life and the world/universe. Gaining self-knowledge and self-healing are processes that are utterly accelerated by this retreat – I actually would never have believed what turned out to be possible before experiencing this. Not only were the ceremonies carried out perfectly (although I cannot compare to others), talking to both Erik and Nilda before and after, during the daytimes was amazing. These were some of the most enjoyable as well as valuable and interesting conversations I’ve ever had. On the physical level, the living conditions were very clean and comfortable, all the details had been thought out (details do make a difference to allow us to feel comfortable and safe). Nilda’s home-cooked food was very healthy, local, seasonal and delicious. It was also wonderful to visit Macchu Picchu together as a group, and have great guides to chat with there. I could not imagine a better retreat really. I recommend Sapan Inka extremely highly. I feel like I have not only made incredible progress for myself and those near me, I have also made deep connections and relationships that I will always be grateful for. I do believe that the world is being made significantly better due to Sapan Inka.


November 6, 2016

I went to Cusco in Sep 2016. I attended the 6 day ayahuasca/san pedro/machu pichu retreat. I spend a lot of time researching different retreats and found the amount of options to be overwhelming. I chose Sapan Inka initially for a few reasons. I liked that it also included a San Pedro cermeony, and it also included machu pichu.

The main concern I had with booking a retreat through any of the many companies was to try to find one that offered what I was seeking; a genuine experience. I also didn’t want to break the bank.

My experience booking through Sapan Inka by far exceeded any of the expectations I had. The retreat house and surrounding property was absolutely beautiful. The shamans, Erik and Nilda were very prepared and knowledgeable. The food was delicious (all vegetarian – me, normally eating meat 3x a day, was very happy with the food).

The ayahuasca itself was as promised (legitimate, adequate dosages etc) and everyones experiences varied (as to be expected). Your individual experience will depend on you, but what you will for sure get with Sapan Inca is a genuine ayahuasca ceremony. It’s the real deal.

The San Pedro ceremony was a much more mild and ‘lighter’ experience. Very enjoyable, much more casual than the ayahuasca.

Not having attended any other retreats in Peru, it is hard for me to make a comparison. That being said, I have absolutely no regrets choosing Sapan Inka. Erik was the most knowledgable person I’ve met in real life in terms of psychology and philosophy, he was extremely knowledgable on nutrition, he knew a ton about Peru and its history, and was an encyclopedia of knowledge and experience when it comes to ayahuasca.

Contact me if you have any questions about my experience with Sapan Inka.

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November 6, 2016

Sapan Inka was my first Ayahuasca experience. I loved it, just like I love mushrooms. The colorful visuals and intense body high combined with Erik and Nilda’s beautiful Amazon song were a perfect blend. Also, I definitely had medicinal breakthroughs, quickly analyzing and resolving personal troubles from my childhood and early adulthood.

First night is intimidating so you may feel mentally and physically confused. The second night is sensational and very relaxing. I didn’t realize the shaman (Erik + Nilda) take Ayahuasca drink before giving to anyone else. This makes sense and helps them connect with where we (guests) are at in each phase of the 2 hour high.

Location and facility couldn’t be better. Isolated in the Sacred Valley 2 hours from Cusco, below a large waterfall, and quick access to solitude. Food and accommodation was great.

If you are nervous about what to expect, know that Erik’s questionnaire (emailed to you prior to the retreat) is taken very seriously. Erik study’s it and talks through it with you prior to taking Ayahuasca.

Overall a fun and enlightening experience. +No bugs!

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November 6, 2016

I attended a 6 days Machu Picchu retreat with Erik and Nilda and I can highly recommend their work!

The retreat has been really well organized and it was a very loving experience to be part of the group. I felt really comfortable and safe with the caring guidance of Erik and Nilda. Their knowledge and advice helped me to integrate this really wonderful experience.

On top of that, the food was extraordinarily delicious and the place was so amazing! The perfect surrounding to connect to nature and meditate!

Thank you so much for everything!!!

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November 5, 2016

I did 6-days Ayahuasca and Machu Picchu Retreat in Sapan Inka with Erik and Nilda. That is one of the most fantastic adventures in my life! In the beginning I planed to have ayauasca ceremonies in Amazonian Peru, but I wanted to visit Machu Picchu so much,so I stated to look for retreats near Cusco and found the Sapan inka’s website. The more I did read, the more I was getting a feeling that it’s the place to be for me . Just the way Erik and Nilda describe their approach to using ayahuasca in ceremonies, medical spiritual historical and cultural aspects,made me believe that they are not doing it for money, but really want to share their knowledge with other people. And I was 100% right about that.
In 6 days we have had 2 ayahuasca ceremonies, San Pedro ceremony and visited Machu Picchu. Pretty intense, but It was a very balanced program with enough time to learn your lessons, analyze them and relax and enjoy amazing surroundings of Sacred Valley. Erik and Nilda are such wonderful people, who make you feel very comfortable, safe, protected and cared of. They work with small groups of people (4-6 people) and create really family like atmosphere where everyone gets a lot of attention all the time. Taking the ayahuasca is a very unusual experience,sometimes even not so pleasant and it’s very important to have the Shamans, who you trust to, who will support you, protect, help you and after the ceremony describe and translate your experience to you. After each ceremony we had individual interviews with Erik where he listened to each of us and gave his insights and recommendations. He and Nilda generously shared with us their deep knowledge about medicine plants, healthy nutrition, psychology,spirituality and history of Incas and Peru. We had very interesting conversation with them. They are very good hosts: our accommodation was comfortable, food fantastic and all our transportation and the tour to Machu Picchu very well organized. I don’t write here about my Ayahuasca ,San Pedro and Machu Picchu experiences because you have to experience it for youself and I don’t want to spoil fun, but I highly recommend Sapan Inka and I am very grateful to Erik and Nilda for their fantastic job and dedication. Much Love!


November 5, 2016

I visited Eric and Nilda in the Sacred Valley this past August of 2016.
I have NEVER experienced something like this in my life. It was OUT OF THIS WORLD, literally… and for those who are brave and those who are seekers, this is the place for you. Number one, I felt Eric and Nilda were very professional and at the same time very kind, compassionate and loving. Taking Ayahuasca is not for everyone, however I had been called to do this for over 6 years…I finally did it. And, I am so happy I did. I chose the right place. Eric and Nilda’s Retreat is small (under 12 participants) and you feel heard, nurtured, protected and well taken care of.

In a nut shell, working with this practice was really tough, mentally, physically and spiritually…but, so well worth it. I call it 20 years of therapy condensed into 7 days! If you want to lovingly removed your blocks, remove the places where you are stuck subconsciously, go… go to the sacred valley, spend some time on precious you, heal yourself to a new level.

Eric and Nilda are amazing Shamans to lead the walk to your deep transformation and a more joyful you.

Warm Regards, Melissa Redd Life Coach & Founder of PURE RETREATS


September 6, 2016

A friend and I visited in the spring of 2015 for our first expeirence with ayahuasca. My personal experience was emotionally challenging and draining but resulted in great personal insights, of which I continue to benefit. While the medicine is obviously an important component to the ceremony, I believe the talents and skills of the curandero/shaman are of equal importance. Erik and Nilda have created an environment that facilitates tranquility and reflection. They established good boundaries with the guests while I was there by being available for discussion and questions but limiting their social interactions with the guests. Some may find it standoffish but I think their aloofness contributes to introspection. Similarly, the large open room used for the ceremonies was deemed a sacred space and treated as such, which helped to reaffirm the purpose for being there. Our first two ceremonies included a third curandero/shaman. Once I could feel the medicine, he created vocal melodies, rhythms, and textures (I feel that song would be an inaccurate description) that led me to a place in my subconscious where many unresolved emotions lay in wait. It was like a conductor or maestro of an orchestra but perhaps something greater because if he had ill intentions, I could easily have been led to very dark places.
My intent in trying ayahuasca was for introspective exploration. In Searching for a retreat, I was looking for small group sizes, affordability, authenticity, and sincerity and I found exactly what I was looking for. They have a maximum of four people at a time, which limited a lot of external stimulation. The cost was quite reasonable for five days, perhaps slightly more than the nightly rate at a hotel. Erik and Nilda provided an experience that was both therapeutic and enlightening. They showed great concern in ensuring each of their guests were able to use the medicine for positive and therapeutic purposes. This included some extensive interviews and dietary/health guidlines before and after the ceremony. I would highly recommend their retreat and hope to return some day. I advise anyone who has inquired about my experience to research options and determine their motivations for using ayahuasca before taking one’s recommendation or review. Thank you, Erik and Nilda.

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September 6, 2015

I attended a three day ayahuasca retreat in July of this year with Erik and Nilda at their wonderful home in the Sacred Valley and could not be happier with the experience. And because this was not my first time with ayahuasca it was not difficult for me to see that Erik and Nilda were providing a level of service, care and dedication unmatched by many other offerings across South America.

On the first day we were picked up from Cusco in a comfortable van that took us promptly to Erik and Nilda’s beautiful home in the picturesque Sacred Valley. There we had time to eat, relax and spend some quality time one-on-one with Erik himself before the ceremony in order to discuss our experiences, expectations and concerns. This effectively became the formula each day, which I found gave me ample time to prepare, process and consider the work that was either done or to be done, but also to relax and recuperate. The meals, too, were always delicious, light and healthy, while the facilities were always clean and sufficient.

The ceremony’s themselves, of which I undertook two, were expertly led by both Erik and Nilda who took it in turns to chant and sing their beautiful and inspiring icaros while also keeping a watchful eye over the participants. I myself had some very therapeutic experiences during my two ceremonies, and when during the second ceremony I struggled to bring myself out of the ceremony due to some difficult material I was confronting, Erik, amazingly, was able to safely bring me out of it and back to reality so that I could take myself to bed.

Overall I have learnt a lot as a result of my experiences here and across other retreats in South America. So I thank both Erik and Nilda for all their care and generosity and wish them all the best as well as hoping that they can continue their wonderful and healing work for many years to come.


August 31, 2015

In January 2015 I have visited the sacred house of Erik and Nilda and participated in an Ayahuasca/San Pedro retreat. And still now, half a year later, a can feel the aftereffects of this positive experience.

It wasn’t my first encounter with psychedelics, but until then my intentions were more for diversion and experimentation. Having heard of Ayahuasca and it?s power of giving a “life-changing experience” made me curious, although I had high doubts on the sustainability of this kind of experiences.

Looking for a proper place for getting into the ‘rabbit hole’ I was first thinking of going into the amazonian jungle to the Ucayali valley the look for an indigenous shaman to take master plant. But during my research crossed over the homepage of the sapan inca project. The way they write about their work and the plants indicate the depth of knowledge they share. And the fact that they work with small groups of max 4 participants proves that they do not seek maximum economic profit for themselves but rather maximum benefit for the guests. Also being a couple of a man and a woman made a lot of sense to me, so I decided to participate in the retreat – which turned out to be a real damn good decision! 😉

Prior to the retreat I was asked to answer a questionnaire, for two reasons: First, that Erik is able to analyze my intentions and personal topics/challenges and second, that I prepare myself appropriately for the experience – which makes a lot of sense to me and is sadly not a matter of course in every retreat location.

The house and the surrounding in a quiet village near Calca in the center of the sacred valley are simply magically. Tranquilo, pure and wonderful nature and positive vibrations from the holy mountains (apus). It?s a perfect place for these retreats.

The food served is delicious, vegetarian, especially selected for ayahuasca usage and prepared with local, organic ingredients and lots of love!

The accommodation is very cosy and comfortable.

The rituals themselves are a bit hard to describe with words and individually very different. Erik and Nilda guided us very calm, clear and in holy and sacred way. There voices and chants and their presence guide and give space at the same time.

My first ritual was not at all what I expected of one of the most powerful entheogens: I did not feel a lot a effects beside purging hard and cocooning myself on the mattress.

The talk with Erik on the next morning eased me, saying that sometimes the plant medicine first has to tear down some walls before working further beyond – and he should be proved correct:

On the second evening Ayahuasca with the guidance of the two shamans took me down into darkness and up into the bright sky again, connecting a lot of loose ends in my life and leading to a quiet and light place of acceptance of myself and connectivity to the universe.

The last ritual was with San Pedro and was initiated with a despacho from a curandero of the Q’ero people. I was fascinated of the inner energy and kindness and the respect to mother nature and its inhabitants – best practice of Buen Vivir (Sumak kawsay, Waiki!).

Looking back on the last months between now and the retreat, I am happily surprised how my life has developed. Thank you so much for this experience and the good wishes and the buenas ondas which still keep vibrating!

I am looking forward to travel back to Calca one fine day and continue the journey….

I highly recommend the Sapan Inca Project for everyone with good intentions who is looking for an authentic, safe and inspirational Ayahuasca and/or San Pedro experience.

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August 24, 2015

After I figured I wanted to do Ayahuasca, me and my friend opted for Sapan Inka. The picture of Erik and Nilda inspired confidence for me, and when I realized they only take 4 people at a time it gave me a good feeling they are not just doing this for money.

We headed out for Cusco and they arranged to pick us up at the hostel. Erik really takes his time, preparing us as a group and also having private conversations with each of us. It felt like a really important step before going in.

The first night I think I was anticipating too much too quickly and started being impatient when I saw that it was not working, it did not kick in until after the ceremony.I had a hard time after and the effects came on pretty strong. I had some negative visions and an overall negative experience.. I did not take it as such though as I figured Ayahuasca was showing me what I needed to see to prepare me for the other nights. The next day I did not feel too good and I was not having my world view changed.

Erik takes the time after each sessions (in the morning) to review what happened. This was really helpful to me.

The second evening I went in with a much more positive attitude. It was a much more positive experience. I had some of my issues tackled and I felt much better the next day.
But nothing, and I mean nothing could have prepared me for the last night. At that point we we’re only two, me and my friend. When we went up to the ceremony room, we had Erik and Nilda, and a guest shaman and his two apprentices. There we’re 5 of them for only two of us. I could not believe what I was seing and felt very humbled and honored at the same time. Without going into details, It was the most amazing experience of my life. Everything from past to present to future we’re addressed in that session. I never felt anything like it. It was also the longest night of my life. It felt like it would never end. The next day I felt fantastic and my vision was so clear.

I am so grateful for having been there and I will be forever grateful to Erik and Nilda. They have a big heart and they really care, they are true healers.

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May 12, 2015

I was with my girlfriend in their retreat in april 2015 and while she was able to just stay at my side without participating it was my first experience with ayahuasca.

It was the one of the best decisions I have made so far. The accomodation they provide is simple but beautiful and the surroundings are amazing.

The experience itself was an absolute amazing one and I am very glad I was introduced and guided by the two. The groups are very small (4 people max) which makes up for a very pleasant time and hands on talks before and after the ceremonies. And having a woman and a man guiding the ceremony gave me great comfort. You will always feel held and cared for. The preparation with Erik is serious and on point and gave me a good feeling right from the start. He also picked me up after my cleaning and gave me advices long after the retreat itself. The dishes they served are just delicous too!

Overall you can not fail with this retreat and if you decide to have your experiences with the two I wish you an experience as pleasant and changing as mine was.

I’m looking forward to another journey with Nilda and Erik in the future!

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April 24, 2015

The only thing I’d like to say is that there are no words able to describe what a life-changing experience this was for me. Ayahuasca put me in touch with my inner soul, my ‘god’ and I simply found the answers I was looking for. I removed blocks from my past, my childhood, I got solutions and I even got hints of very important things which happened to me after that, in the nearby future. Mystic, it’s not hard to believe that Ayahuaska is considered to be a Goddess plant. San Pedro, the male God plant, is lighter but gives the chance to connect with nature and complete the cleaning process started with Ayahuaska. Erik and Nilda are the humblest and most genuine people I’ve ever met and I couldn’t wish to be led into this journey by anybody better. They’re extremely knowledgable, experienced, caring and spiritually powerful, always there ready to support, advise and guide. On top of that their house is beautiful, right in the middle of a magnificient display of nature, and the food they provide you with…is just perfect! We also went to Machu Picchu, guided by Raul(…I think this was his name!!!), who showed us the spiritual side of this Wonder of the World, away from the touristic one! I would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone with the strong intention of purificating his/her mind and soul, willing to get a deeper and more truthful self knowledge. As Erik said to me when I was there, then it’s up to us to apply in the daily life the lessons we learn with the teacher plants, in order to successfully proceed with our process of self spiritual development. I’m now trying to apply that every day of my life. I will definitely be back! Thank you Erik and Nilda. For everything…


April 14, 2015

My girlfriend and I recently visited Erik and Nilda for the first time. This was also our first ayahuasca experience.
The surroundings where they live and do the ceremonies are absolutely perfect. Their retreat house is very comfortable and tranquil. The food they prepare follows a strict diet but it is prepared in such a loving way and it tastes excellent also!

From the very beginning it is obvious that both Erik and Nilda really care about each and every individual who come to them. The preparation for the ceremonies and the subsequent preparation for post ceremony life is extremely thorough and thought out with care. It is also very personalized.

Without going into detail about our personal experiences, we can tell you that the actual ceremonies are amazingly well thought out and professional. Both Erik and Nilda are master healers and they truly know how to give you the most of the experience. Another important aspect is that they only accept four people at a time in the ceremonies which allows them to really focus on each individual.

If anyone needs any more advice or has any questions feel free to email me.

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April 14, 2015

Sapan Inka Retreat under Erik and Nilda’s guidance was a very memorable experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect initially but was comforted by reading so many great reviews from other participants.
When we arrived in Calca we first encountered the remarkable nature surrounding the retreat house. We then met Erik and Nilda and immediately felt the warmth, and genuine caring which was very palpable. Our retreat was for 6 days, included 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, trip to Machu Picchu and also San Pedro ceremony.
Even though, those ceremonies are very personal, can be challenging at times, there was never doubt that we all were very safe and it was under caring supervision of both Erik and Nilda.
They are very special people, who are here to assist others with their psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical journey in a very caring, professional and intuitive way.
We all came out much stronger with new insights.
The whole time we were there we had a wonderful organic, vegetarian, fresh food, prepared daily by Nilda, assisted by Erik. I still miss their food, the wonderful nature everywhere around and mainly their company.
I would highly recommend Sapan Inka to anyone who is ready to search within and go through cleansing and reconnecting with the nature.
Many thanks to Erik and Nilda for their wonderful project which I hope to revisit.


April 12, 2015

My first Ayahuasca and San Pedro experience was at Nilda’s and Eriks beautiful retreat in March of 2015.

By putting the experience into words cannot describe the feelings of love and beauty that is the experience at Sapan Inka Project.

The retreat is in a cosy home and at all times did I feel safe and secure, the number of participants is limited so being able to connect with Erik and Nilde is easy and you are not left wanting for answers about your very own experience. Before and after each ceremony you get to sit one on one with Erik to discuss what you would like to get out of the experience and then after the ceremony what happened to you personally during the ceremony in respect to your own visions, feelings or thoughts.

The ayahuasca medicine was perfectly strong and the icaros sung by Erik and Nilde were so beautiful; I was left with the most wonderful sense of being made whole after the 2nd ceremony and in the morning at breakfast felt like I was on cloud 9, in complete bliss. 🙂

The location near the foot of a beautiful mountain with views of a large waterfall in the distance, the walk up a beautiful track to experience nature at its finest. The traditional San Pedro ceremony for me on the 2nd last day were all life changing experiences. I never have felt such Gratitude before in my life, it is not just a word with meaning anymore, it is a word with meaning and feeling.

While there on retreat there was a lovely young couple from New York who were laughing and chatting with each other in a state of sublime happiness, if you are looking for answers in your relationships then this place is for you, me, well I’m going back again as soon as I’ve saved up my pennies. The couple from New York were there for the 3rd time because they found it so healing.

Personally, I’m still discovering little secrets about myself weeks after the ceremony, many parts of the puzzle that is me have fallen into place nicely after this special time away from my home in Australia.

My next journey to Peru and Sapan Inka project will no doubt be with another special friend in my life and maybe my 24 year old daughter in 2016

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January 17, 2015

I visited Erik and Sapan inka in 2012, and their work with medicines is both safe and hospitable. The environment is perfect and the mountain view for the last ceremony is exceptionally powerful. I am forever grateful for my time in Cusco and Sapan Inka.


November 24, 2014

I have been blessed to work with Erik and Nilda of Sapan Inka over several years. I am so grateful for the beauty and integrity they share as human beings as well as adept guides of the plant medicine.

Of over a dozen ayahuasqueros that i have worked with, Sapan Inka are the only ones who I personally still refer people to work with. You are assured a authentic, safe and powerful experience with these shaman.

Erik holds the masculine in ceremony with such gentle, yet empowered strength. Nailed holds the feminine in ceremony with such beauty and grace. The two together offer such a unique-balanced way of experiencing the plants.

You will be happy you chose to work with Sapan Inka:)

Feel free to reach out to me to ask more questions:


November 9, 2014

I live in Cusco and have taken part in several ayahuasca ceremonies with different masters. By far, the best experience I have had was with Erik and Nilda and, in fact, when asked for recommendations, they are the only people I have 100% confidence in referring people to.

First of all, as people, they have the most gentle and loving energy. From the first time I met them (and I?ve known them for years), I felt that this work was a calling for them and that they were doing it to help people as opposed to as a way to make money.

You are completely supported throughout the retreat. Welcomed into their tranquil home in the Sacred Valley, Erik takes all the time you need to be sure that your questions are answered and you are ready for the ceremony. He speaks English quite well, something that is rare in the shaman who is actually doing the ceremony. After each ceremony he speaks with each person individually to help them integrate their experience into their lives.

The ceremony itself is beautiful, and having both Erik and Nilda present is a special treat. You really feel the difference having both the male and female energy guiding the experience. I especially appreciate that it is done traditionally, with the icaros being sung (the songs that the plant teaches to the shamans). I?ve been in other ceremonies where the songs used could be any sacred songs and I much prefer the actual ayahuasca music as opposed to songs to Krishna, lovely as they may be. I could actually feel the plant responding at different times to the specific songs being sung, even down to the last after we were in our beds, telling the plant it was time to let go and let us sleep. Although I couldn?t hear or understand the words, the plant and I instantly responded.

Having the retreats limited to just four participants is also a great benefit. It makes it that much easier for the energy of the ceremony to be controlled and ensures that you are able to have the experience that you need without being unduly affected by that of the people around you. This is also helped by the fact that Erik screens all participants before allowing them to join the retreat, for their benefit and the benefit of all who partake.

Staying at Erik and Nilda?s home, enjoying their company, the delicious food and the gorgeous setting alone makes me want to go back for another ceremony. If you?re at all concerned or nervous about drinking ayahuasca, you could not ask for a better space or people to guide you than this.


September 27, 2014

Seeking out the right spiritual journey is important, but having the right people to help you along the way is even more important. I began my journey not knowing what to expect or which provider I should use. After researching local providers of ceremonies in Cusco, I came across Sapan Inka. After reaching out to Erik and Nilda, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they genuinely cared about providing a good experience from the very beginning.

They took great care and effort to answer any questions I had and they made sure that I understood the process. During the ceremony, they made sure that no comfort was spared and that nothing would interfere with the process. After the ceremony was the next most important part, the reintegration. This completion of the ceremony on the following day made Erik and Nilda’s service invaluable. They were always well informed on what changes I needed to make to experience the full potential of the medicine. They also took time to give good life advice and they made sure to answer any questions I may have had. Their service was so good that I have had 5 ceremonies during 3 visits with them.

In the end, this is all very high spiritual work and it’s important to make sure that you have the right people to guide you along the way. Having a comfortable atmosphere is just as important as having knowledgeable people to facilitate the work. Deciding that Erik and Nilda would guide me through my experience with the medicine was the best decision I could’ve made for myself. If you want a more authentic and caring experience you may have to journey much further away and even then, you may never find one. Good luck in your journey. Love and light to you.


September 22, 2014

It is with great respect and appreciation that I write this review for Sapan Inka Project.
Our retreat took place in March of 2012. It was my first and only experience with both Ayahuasca and San Pedro. I traveled with a group of 4 very different participants, all of which had life changing experiences while in the care of Erik and Nilda. 3 of the 4 participants in our group had never been exposed to Ayahuasca, and were a bit apprehensive as we ventured into unknown territory. Each of us were required to fill out a questionnaire prior to being approved to participate. We were then given specific dietary guidelines to follow during the weeks leading up to our retreat. There are so many positive things to point out about our trip, but the most important was the care and love that we each felt from the leaders, Erik and Nilda. This is not a money making venture where they are bringing in large groups of people to participate, but a genuine spiritual retreat. Even though we were crossing into unknown territory, I never felt alone or afraid. All my questions were answered both before and after ceremony. We each represented different belief systems; an atheist, a Christian, a Buddhist and a New Age practitioner. Each of us were brought to deeper places in our spiritual lives through the experiences. For those that have not taken Ayahuasca, I would recommend reading various reviews of the Shaman and the retreat centers prior to signing up. Proper leadership during the experience is critical. The mind is exposed to new realms and dimensions beyond anything that can be verbally communicated. It was extremely important for me to be able to discuss my experience with someone who understood. Erik and Nilda are doing this because they are true healers. They are full of God’s love and compassion and you will notice a true connection to Spirit in both of them. I loved the small setting for each ceremony. The first ceremony had 4 participants and 3 Shaman. The second ceremony had 2 participants and 3 Shaman. This is almost unheard of due to the mass marketing of Ayahuasca, but is of the utmost importance for those truly seeking a life changing experience. The advise I received from Erik was the best spiritual advise I have ever received. Over 2 years have passed since my experience and I am still experiencing positive results from the plant medicine. If you are being led to this experience, you could not be in better hands than those of the Sapan Inka Project. All of my future experiences will be under the love and care of Erik and Nilda. You will gain life long friends and will be safe and secure as you experience a new level of consciousness. My spiritual understanding and knowledge has been altered in a very positive way and I will always be indebted to Erik and Nilda for the love and care that they so willingly shared with us during our time in the Sacred Valley. We also all LOVED being able to also combine this retreat with a once in a lifetime trip to Machu Picchu. If you are undecided, I encourage you to make the decision to attend. You will forever be grateful that you did!


September 19, 2014

I met Erik and Nilda in Cusco through a friend who had recently completed a ceremony with them. I knew immediately when I met them that they were kind and genuine people who truly believe in the work they are doing and the power of the vine to cleanse and reveal one’s inner self.

I found the ayahuasca experience revelatory and although there were intense moments Erik and Nilda’s presence and guidance felt like a safety net that gave me the confidence to fully release myself to the ceremony.

They are very knowledgeable and compassionate guides and they will take you on a journey like no other 🙂

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September 17, 2014

It was a bit long journey from Cuzco village to the retreat, but very beautiful though.
The retreat is located in a peaceful tiny village, surrounded by breathtaking mountains that won’t let anyone indifferent. Erik and Nilda are the sweetest people you could ever meet in Peru, not to forget about their friendly and puffy dog and cat)
This couple protected and took care of me during my 4 days stay at their cosy and comfortable house. I stayed with a friend of mine in a shared big room, and in a next room there were 2 other girls with whom we shared a big bathroom.
Ayahuasca experience itself was something i didn’t expect at all of it….it was a hell and paradise at the same time, very personal and transforming experience that you have to be morally, mentally and physically ready for. With the guidance of Eric and Nilda i had a safe Ayahuasca journey that didn’t represent any danger at any time.

If you are looking for that little something that is missing in your life, then….go for this experience. it’s something you will never forget and that most probably will change somehow your perspective of the world and yourself in this world. Experiencing it once is definitely better reading about it million times….
Dare to challenge your comfort zone….


August 27, 2014

I’ve worked with Erik and Nilda twice–in July 2009 and again in June 1014. The first ceremonies (two nights) were with my brother and step-father; the second (again, two nights) were with a close friend. For all of us, the ceremonies were deeply insightful and transformative. Erik and Nilda’s work as ayahuasqueros is truly a vocation; they are profoundly committed to this work and they organize their lives around it. Their house outside Calca is a beautiful retreat. They provide healthy, tasty vegetarian meals. They do an excellent job of explaining the ceremonies. They are also highly aware that they are working to _translate_–as they put it, interculturally–practices that developed in nonmodern Amazonian cultures for modern Western seekers, who bring varied experiences with magical plants and varied ideas about divinity, nature, and the psyche. I’ve gotten a lot from the ceremonies: above all, an awareness of my psyche, my patterns of self, and a working-through of the traumatic kernels that accrue in any self, but also a heightened sensitivity to nature and the fact of livingness, and a profound experience of collapsed space/time perception. All of us returned from the ceremonies with new intentions, direction, and self-awareness (or, perhaps, awareness of the fundamental non-identity of the self). Erik and Nilda are true teachers.

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July 23, 2014

I recently got back from Sapan Inka with Erik and Nilda, July 2014. This was my 3rd time attending the retreat and all I could say is that it was extremely humbling.

Erik and Nilda are beyond teachers to me. To really understand the level of work they are doing to help me, help the people heal is beyond my comprehension. It’s definitely a calling.

This time around, I understood something very profound about the state of my psychological and spiritual development due to a very strong 2nd ceremony. I’ve never experience the medicine on that level and I’ve drank more than my share. It hit home, that if the discipline is not applied outside of the ceremonies than everything becomes futile. With Erik guidance and Nilda’s acceptance, I know I will continue to develop. I can never say enough about Nilda. She is the most gentle warrior I’ve met in my life.

I highly recommend Sapan Inka. It’s a place where development and cleansing are priority. I will continue to return to them because once you’ve found a place filled with guidance, love and acceptance, there’s no need to keep seeking.

Thank you guys!

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July 21, 2014

The retreat with Erik and Nilda in Sapan Inka was a beautiful and deeply healing experience. I felt safe during and after the ceremony and was really welcomed into their cozy home. The scenery is absolutely spectacular and magical. I couldn’t have imagined a place more perfect to rest and heal with nature. The food was really delicious and we were given in abundance! The daytime was blissful, walking through the sacred valley and witnessing waterfalls amidst fantastical mountain peaks. Thank you very much for welcoming me into your home Erik and Nilda, in deep gratitude” – Olivia


July 19, 2014

Been to the retreat twice now. The first time was in 2013 and i spent one night at the retreat and returned exactly one year later for a full five day course. Erik and Nilda were great hosts and i was transported from my hotel to the retreat which is about an hour and half from cusco.

The retreat location is surrounded by mountains and nature. The retreat house itself is calm relaxing comfortable and clean with all the facilities you need to prepare yourself for what i describe as magical experience. Everything was explained before hand and you are free to ask or talk about your expectations and reasons for taking part in the ceremonies after which you have time to yourself to prepare your mind and body for the ceremony which is hosted in a temple.

As for the experience of the work the medicines does, in my experience, is individual to you. The plant does its work on you and chooses to take you into a world unknown. I had very good and sad experiences both times. But i never felt scared because I knew i was in good hands with Erik and Nilda. They are with you all the time guiding the healing process and how they do their work is an experience on its own.

If ever i want to do the the ayahuasca and San Pedro experience again in the future then i would only ever come back to Erik and Nilda. I like how they work in tandem and in synch and trust to be in their presence and submit myself to their unbelievably excellent work. I congratulate and thank all those that write about their experiences at sapaninka retreat because without their views i would probably never found this place. I will certainly return here one day for another stay and i recommend Erik and Nilda to anyone who wants a safe and guided experience.

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July 17, 2014

My experience with Ayahuasca is a bit difficult to describe to someone who has not experienced it for themselves. Part fantasy, part reality, part mysticism, part healing medicine. It is at the same time ancient and modern revealing truths while also showing one a path to self discovery.

I set out on this experience with a trusted friend and, not knowing exactly what to expect, we were both drawn to the medicine. We had spoken about a retreat for months and had done many hours of research about the medicine and also about the Shaman and what would become our ideal location and retreat. We thankfully found Sapan Inka and I knew almost immediately that this was going to be the place for us.

We arrived in Cusco, Peru with an excited yet calm attitude. We truly did not know what we were getting ourselves into but we are both adventurous and well grounded. Neither of us had any addiction issues nor were we particularly in need of physical healing. We were both just feeling a bit lost in our lives and were seeking something more, something beyond our daily lives, something truly spiritual.

Erik had a driver pick us up in Cusco right on time and we were off on our ride through the sacred Incan Valley to Erik and Nilda?s lovely house perched on a hill in the midst of farming community. This was the true Peru, the Peru one does not experience in a city or on a typical tour, the Peru that makes you feel as if you have traveled back in time.

Erik and Nilda greeted us warmly and we felt a sense of calm once we met them. They welcomed us into their home as friends and always treated us with respect and kindness. They are both extremely warm and genuinely lovely people. We had our initial interview with Erik and he explained a bit about what we were about to go through and added his in depth knowledge of not only ancient medicine but also modern psychology. The sense of calm deepened and we were ready for our first ceremony.

To describe the ceremony itself would be a bit like cheating as it is deeply personal and meant to be experienced, not just read about in an online review. What I will say is that Erik and Nilda not only led the ceremony but also guided us as we traveled through the experience. I felt a strong connection with them, they protected us when we felt vulnerable and not once did I feel afraid of what I was experiencing. They were there for us.

The retreat is limited to four people at a time for good reason, it is intense. I wouldn?t dream of doing this again except in the loving care of Erik and Nilda. I am very grateful to both of them and my friend and I left with heavy hearts, not because of the experience but because we didn?t want to leave.

Our retreat was several months ago but as I told my friend, we may have left Peru but Peru will never leave us. A large part of that is due to our experience at Sapan Inka. My friend describes it as the trip of a lifetime, her description couldn?t be more accurate.

I give Sapan Inka the highest marks possible! They know what they are doing, they make you feel comfortable and safe in what can be a very intense experience and they take great care of you!


July 16, 2014

I went on the Sapan Inka Project not fully knowing what I would experience. The journey I had and lessons I learnt were life altering. It will always be a time that I cherish and look back on with fondness.It is also something that I would now do again as I understand more and more how important this ritual is. My life has changed drastically for the better since my experience, I am eating healthier, I am more aware and my compassion has grown. I am reading and learning many things on the subject to continue my growth and development. I am building on the tools and knowledge I learnt on this retreat.
I could not have asked for a better spiritual guide then Erik. His knowledge, wisdom and calmness were at the forefront. The ceremonies were beautiful and purposeful. Nilda’s voice in the ceremonies lifted you to new heights and realms while her cooking was world class.
The whole retreat is brilliantly organised and you will come out with meaning and guidance.
I look forward to my next visit which hopefully will be soon.


July 15, 2014

I had been reading about ayahuasca for a few years but I never thought I would have the courage to participate in an ayahuasca ceremony. This year I started feeling the urge to experience this as I wanted to improve myself and get more understanding about myself and life. I had no idea how to chose a retreat so I let my friend Chris chose one because I know he always makes good decisions and is pretty lucky in life. After some search he emailed me the Sapan inka project website by telling me: this is the one! I m feeling good about this one. I took a look and trusted his choice. We went to Peru and spent a couple days in Cusco before getting picked up to go to the retreat and even though I was nervous, everything felt right. We arrived in the village and were welcomed in this lovely house by Nilda and Erik. They were very sweet and simple. We were a small group of 3. We had a one on one talk with Erik before the ceremony to address our goals expectations and concerns. The ceremony started at 8 pm, I was very nervous. The medicine was very potent and strong but I felt protected as if there was a shield around us. Every time I was panicking inside I would hear the soothing voices of Nilda and Erik singing the Icaros and that would calm me down and help me feel safe. The next morning we woke up to the healthiest breakfast I ever had. Fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothie. We had a one on one talk again to address the experience and help understand if better. We then decided to go walk for a bit and got up to a waterfall which I had seen in my visions the previous night. I felt reenergized. The second night ceremony was also very intense but once again I felt the good energy from Nilda and Erik and felt safe.
I ll never forget the beauty of Nilda and Erik and how harmonious their living is. I felt in a different world full of peace and love. I hope to go back there one day again. What I experienced there in just 2 days is shaping my life and destiny now.



July 10, 2014

I signed up with Sapan Inka once I saw the transformation of a friend who just came back from Peru. He was not drinking alcohol any more and his health was better than ever.
My personal experience was extraordinary and much more than what I expected! We were an small group of four and we were given such a close attention that none us wanted to leave at the end.
The Ayahuasaca experience was something out of this world and we each saw and experience things that we have never experienced before.
The San Pedro was just a great closure for our trip! I felt united with nature and felt as I was part of the trees and mountains. Just extraordinary!
I honestly believe that with the amount of time and care that they devote to each individual they should charge much more!! We all told each other that if we stayed in a regular Hotel for four days, we would be paying more!
I have been in 41 countries and experienced many things but nothing like this.
I thank Erik & Nilda for doing this for me, God Bless them.

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May 27, 2014

Sapan Inka Project is a place were serious work with the plant medicines are done. The healers/guides from this retreat primary concern is your healing and not your money like most other retreats. They incorporate plant medicines, Andean rituals and psychological development to help you integrate your life.

Erik and Nilda are one of the most humble and profound guides that I have drank the medicine with. They are the reason why I have returned to their retreat twice to continue the work. Their retreat house is surrounded by enormous mountains and vegetation. Their vegetarian meals are simply delicious. On clear nights, you can see millions of stars and the end tail of the Milky Way.

However, the best aspect of this retreat is that they are small…4 people max. Therefore they focus all their energy on healing you. In addition, you have at least 3 one to one sessions to discuss your progress during the retreat which is unheard of in other centers since they pack 15-20 people in one retreat.

Overall I highly recommend this retreat to those who want to heal on a more profound level. It’s serious work, but the rewards are permanent.

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