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We have 10 years of experience in the treatments of Iboga working with all types of substance abuse, sex addiction, depression, spiritual development, as well as mental and physical disorders. We are based in Southern Spain where we have worked for the past 8 years in our family home with 100s of clients. We work with respect for the plant but we do not try to recreate Bwiti ceremonies in Europe. We work individually with one or two people at the most in purope built rooms in a tranquil setting..

June 23, 2017

Before I explain my experience at Harambe Detox Center, I would like to provide a bit of background on myself. I’m 25 years old, from the United States but currently living in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been a heroin addict for 8 years, starting at the young age of 16 and continuing steadily through until now. I first found out about Ibogaine three years ago and since then, I’ve gone to ClearSky in Cancun, Mexico as well as an individual provider in the Netherlands in order to undergo ibogaine treatment for my addiction. I never managed to fully kick my habit, as I found myself relapsing 6 months or so after each treatment.

As many addicts can relate to, the process of gathering up financial and moral support to undergo something as expensive and complicated as ibogaine treatment is incredibly difficult. The longer an addict proves to be a problem, the less and less likely family members, friends, and loved ones want to help and support them. I found myself in this exact position recently as I fell into a hole of heavily using and retreating from my support structures. So when I finally came to my senses and realized that I needed a way out of my life of despair, I reconnected with my parents and friends and attempted to raise the money I needed for these expensive treatments. During this time, I encountered the Iboga Healing House, a seemingly professional looking facility run by Adam ##### and Edyta#####. Over the course of two weeks, I had numerous skype calls with them, got them a full medical work up and EcG examination, all at my expense and finally convinced my parents to support one last attempt at saving myself by utilizing ibogaine. Well, life seemed to have a different plan for me and I couldn’t have been better off for this turn of events.

A mere hours before I was to book flights to the Iboga Healing House and pay them their fee, I get a message from them claiming that they no longer want to treat me and that their only reason for denying me treatment was because “they reserve the right to refuse treatment to any patients they feel they don’t want to treat.” I’m young, healthy, and was able to afford it in that moment, but with their refusal to treat me, the financial and moral support that I had worked so hard to get from my loved ones was stripped right out from underneath me.

I was shocked and terrified that people claiming to be “healing providers” would treat a vulnerable addict in such a manner as this, and to this day they have said absolutely nothing in response to my numerous questions regarding why they refused me as a patient. Life had a different answer for me, just when I needed it though. In a frantic search, I came across the Harambe Detox Center in Valencia, Spain. They were immediately responsive and incredibly accommodating to my needs and scheduling and their fee for treatment expresses their sincere desire to help people, not monetize them. Upon arrival in Spain, I was taken care of in such a caring and understanding manner that I instantly felt at home at this beautiful plot of land in the countryside where you feel like you can honestly connect with yourself and your place within nature. Another thing you should really consider when deciding upon a ibogaine provider is simply what “kind” of ibogaine they are working with. Not all are the same and it’s very important to know what you are getting. They work with the strongest total alkaloid I have ever had the pleasure of taking and the results speak for themselves. Highly reliable and quality material which provides the best setting for a proper flood dose.

I cannot express my sincere gratitude for Catherine and Bilal, they are exactly what you want in ibogaine care providers. They work together in a family home environment to provide a balanced and challenging environment where you are given the best set of conditions and tools to really work through your internal issues surrounding addiction. Bilal pushed me to fight through my weaknesses and forced me to become a stronger person for it; but not in a patronizing or demeaning way, but simply encouraging me to dig deeper into myself and my psychosis with what I believe I need. I initially resisted this advice, but I soon came to learn it’s importance and value in this recovery process. In the three times taking ibogaine prior to coming to Harambe, there was limited instruction or drive to the care providers. They just wanted us to be happy and didn’t really want to invest in learning about us and pushing us in specific ways about our personality. The environment at Harambe is the perfect place for those who are seeking a true and brutally honest look at themselves and why they are where they are and how to get up from there. I will be forever grateful to Catherine, Bilal and the kids. You all have shown me such compassion, respect, and joy that I will never forget the time I’ve spent here. Thank you.

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May 15, 2017

I just loved every minute of my experience with Cathy and Bilal.. What a fantastic retreat …. For me it was a perfect mix of tranquility and vibrance. They are such lovely, chatty, caring people and I felt so looked after and safe. You can really tell that they care about people. I had a great 2 experiences with Ibogaine – don’t get me wrong its no walk in the park but Bilal knew how much to give me. My trips were personal to me and my OCD – very repetitive (almost drives you mad but its what I needed to get over my OCD). There were other visions in there too but I don’t feel like discussing as Iboga shows you what you need and its different for everybody… though I do believe I saw the future and the other side…. I also saw things from my families point of view and how they view me which can only strengthen ones relationship with family members. I would go back in a heart beat. I’d go back tomorrow and do Iboga again if I could find the time and money but I certainly will be back hopefully next year or the year after. Big hugs…. I could go on all day and write a lot more… the only other things I’ll say is that I LOVED cathy’s cooking (even though Ibogaine makes you not very hungry) and Bilal’s music. And they are both incredible, knowledgeable intelligent people. Awwwwwwww I want to go back!!! 🙂 big hugs and thanks again – see you guys soon xxxxxx

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May 13, 2017

The best place I coudl have chosen to do Iboga and a life changing experience and I’ll tell you why! In my opinion.

First I feel I need to write cause of all the good reviews Harambe has, one is realy not good and I don’t understand. It’s like if those people were never in the same place I was. And if you choose to do Iboga, you have to place yourself in good professional hands. And this is what I found at Harambe detox center, at Bilal and Catherine’s house. As it is mention on their website, its a non-clinical approach. And for me that’s what made me decide to go as well as all the good experiences people had there. I decided NOT to look around on the web about people experiences with Iboga or other stuff cause I truly think this is not a good way to prepare yourself. But of course I read what people experience were they go and even though I’ve read the bad stuff, wich was only 1 above almost hundred, it did’nt put me off at all. I tend to think that people who are so judgmental, are not comfortable with themself, were ever they go. To do that kind of work you have to be NON-JUGMENTAL, open mind and your heart in your hands. Because you deal with all sort of people. You have to had work on yourself. This is my opinion. And this is what I found at Harambe. Good open-mind people, professional, serious in their work/dedication, loving and caring. I first went in november 2016 after being on prescription opiates pain-killer and my consumption went in the wrong direction. I’m a woman in my forties and when I was in my twenties I had an experience with opiates and full on withdrawals. And I did’nt want to feel that horrible again in my life. So I search a bit the web and I found Ibogaine. Something I knew absolutly nothing about. It was hard for me to believe a plant like this even existed and most of the people don’t even know it exist and can help in so many ways! I mean to take something and after a long “trip” you wake up NO W/D it’s hard to believe. It’s a miracle! So after my very little research, I came upon Harambe, looked at their reviews and got in touch with them. I was not feeling good at all, realy anxious and wanting so bad to get rid of the opiates. I had loads of questions and Catherine would answer at all of my emails, before booking and after I made my reservation. I mean I was writing almost every day and I would always get a response. This is good service. So I arrived at night and Catherine came to pick me up at the airport and I was in w/d. They got in touch with me in the morning and on Bilal advice, we decided to start the treatment upon my arrival and I was realy happy about that. When I arrived I was so cold and on the edge. There were 2 others at the house that arrived the same day. And all 3 of us were there for 3 very different reason. So that means they can deal with all sorts of “problems” at the same time wich for me is pretty good. In their own house, with the kids around. Opening and letting people in their intimacy/family life tells a lot about what kind of people they are. But even though you are reading this, you have to experience it to believe it! Ok, so I’m going in other direction now. Coming back to my resume of my experience. Upon arrival Bilal took care of me right away. Put me by the fire place to make sure I was getting warm and gave me the test dose so my withdrawals could cease. And after about 30min or so I was feeling much better. We were all in the living room, talking to each other, casual normal chat and I felt I could really trust them. Not long after Bilal gave me the rest and I decided to go to my room and lie down. Wait for Iboga to come in. I was ready, no fear. I was happy. I could feel it kicked in gently. Catherine came in my room, she lied down on the other bed and I ask her why? And she said it was to make sure I was ok. When I felt the Iboga more and more I told Catherine she could leave. I wanted to be by myself. She left then, BANG! I was under for a very long time and it was not scaring at all.Bilal was coming in my room, don’t remember between how long, to make sure I was ok, asking me my name etc. I was a bit sick, not much. The days after I was lying down almost most of the time in my bedroom. I felt like it and one of Bilal advice is to Lie down as much as possible. Loads of people are scared to do that cause being with themself make them unease. But Iboga wants you to lie down so it can work better at healing you! In my opinion. I truly think that my first experience went so well cause I didn’t had much expectation (the only one being NO WITHDRAWALS PLEASE), I didn’t read nor search the web and I didn’t made a plan with Harambe. But I know that if someone has other needs, they can ask them ANYTHING and they will do it. So it really depends on each one of us to ASK. Cause no one is gonna read your mind. When I was ready to start eating and I could feel some hunger I starded to ask for food and was offered with a variety of really good fresh home cooked food. They have a huge garden but during winter, as most people know, not much grow in it. So they have to buy and it is fresh, organic and for my taste, really good food! I mean you go there to get clean and better right?! So why would you put junk, bad food inside yourself? Bilal was very attentive with me, making sure I stay hydrated with water, tea, herb tea, anything good! Catherine cooking was amazing! My type of cooking so for me it was not hard to adjust. But I understand not all people eat that way. But it’s the WAY to eat! About the sounds ( or noise ): Normal every day family life sound. Under Ibogaine you have ear sensitity and can hear stuff that are NOT happening at all, I know that cause I went back! During the first days Catherine, if it’s possible, takes the kids out cause they know, of course they do, about the sounds! I remember, and this is a good feeling, when Bilal started to play really good music, it was strange at first but felt really good! My recovery was pretty good and quick and even though I lied down.Oh I forgot, go for some massages, it’s gona help you a lot. One of the magic moment is when all of the crap in your head stop. Just like that. Finishes. It is an unbelievable feeling. Feel free to talk about anything with them, ask them anything. They are so non judgemental and it’s a good feeling to be around people like them while doing something so transformable! I was there for a whole week and almost didn’t want to leave!!! So I came back! yes very quickly, or not. I wanted to do a doble dose, the doble dose Catherine had proposed from the start. From their experience, with my background, this is what I needed. But I didn’t saw it clearly and they didn’t impose anything. February 2017, I’m back. Doble dose, no drug involve. Very different voyage, experiences. Let me tell you to “disconnect” during your stay. Its positive for you. They won’t impose that. Just recommend. And I understand. On my doble dose I went in many different places and I really tought I went there and started to tell Catherine all sort of war/planet discovery, invasion etc. She patiently try to talk me out, saying it was Iboga etc. So can you imagine if I had acces to my phone or a computer and started telling all of this to my relatives? I don’t think so. Stay disconnected. For your family’s sakes! Again the second time around they took lovingly good care of me. Attentive to all my needs. Food still superbe. Kids are awesome! If you read correctly their web site you’ll see it’s a family orientated facility, a farm house with life. If you need other wise please choose another one. For their sakes and yours. Catherine and Bilal, I thank you so very much. You are amazing people that do an awesome job. Helping others like you do, that’s the way to go! Keep doing it and please, I know youre always trying to make it better around the house for example the instalations, this is ok to upgrade! But you guys don’t need upgrade at all!

July 22, 2016

About Harambe Detox experience, review.

I had some expectations about this experience that were unmatched.

First a brief description. The place is a approximately 150m2 house, with an indoor patio, surrounded by orange tree fields, hills, the highway a few hundred meters away and a quarry on the distance. Found at the end of an exit from the highway a few kilometers from the nearest city Llíria and 15 minutes car ride from the nearest Hospital.
There are 5 people total at the house, Cathy and Bilal wife and husband of the family, and three children of approximately 16, 8 and 3 years old.

Next a note about Iboga. While on it, sound, light and mood felt sensible compared to off it. I expected my attention to be focused on the healing process, nothing else. Many unmatched expectations derive from this.

Examples. A few things that conflicted with my expectations.

I vomited during the session. The bucket wasn’t changed nor cleaned for three days until I cleaned it.

The was no use of a heart monitor during the session. There was a misunderstanding during the skype call I had with Cathy. I understood my heart would be monitored throughout the session. This reassured me as I understood that had something unusual happen to my heart rate some sort of alarm would go off. I was scared to go to sleep, worrying I might have some heart problem and it would go unnoticed. I was checked every 30 minutes by Bilal entering into the room asking if I was okay. My heart rate was taken at one point at the beginning of the trip with a blood pressure monitor.

The overall mood at the house felt unpleasant, tense, silent, unsettling. I felt Cathy and Bilal don’t get along and that creeping out on the mood. Heard a few low voice argues, and some higher tone ones. I expected a different mood and setting. Didn’t felt embraced or at ease, rather alone and worried.

As kids live there, there was way more noise at the house than expected. The young ones as they are developing their vocal chords tended to high pitch shout throughout the days. Kids to do that I expected. Kids doing that there at that time I did not. Sometimes kids were taken out, sometimes they were told to stop. Sometimes they did stop, sometimes not. I asked a few times this subject to be addressed. I expected a different quality of the environment

After two days without eating I felt starving. If Cathy wasn’t home, which happened a few times, food wasn’t available. Bilal did not provide any. I stood up still halfway down the trip to find something to eat and wasn’t helped by Bilal. Opened the fridge and didn’t find much to eat. The kitchen seemed quite dirty, as did the fridge. Decided to take some cereal, and the milk brick I took was rotten, withe the consistency of a yogurt and solid chunks, quite unpleasant. Didn’t felt like I was being taken care of.
Later on I was provided a meal. To my surprised it had spicy on it. With an empty stomach and after vomiting I suspected spicy food would favor stomach ache. It didn’t happened and at the same time the believe that I wasn’t being taken care of kept growing.

I felt I had to keep pushing to be attended and my attention kept switching from the healing process.

There’s no communicator or ring or bell to call Cathy or Billal while lying in bed. I shouted to be attended. I see a small electronic device making communication more effective effortless.

I was given the test dose by Bilal while Cathy was away. At some point being on the trip I hear Bilal leaving the house shouting on the phone, “… but he’s already taken one!,,,”`. Sometime later Cathy arrives on a hurry and gives me the next dose. I felt there was I lack of communication between them.

The service provided by Bilal I rate very poor. I feel his behaviour as rude, unemphathetic, irresponsible, unrespectful, forgetsome, noisy. Yelling, listening to music on the next room without headsets despite having ones and me asking for it. Paying liitle attention to costumer needs, arguing, imperative kind of statements, use of blaming to deviate responsaility.
After a few days an argue sparked between us, me saying something like “man you are yellling all the time, please stop yelling”.

I received no psychological guidance, which I believe I could benefit from. I don’t feel I worked on my emotions, feelings, past events… I don’t feel the experienced allowed me to resolve… I felt quite the same, frustrated.

I felt calm after moving to the wood cabin outsite the house. It was quite. Cried a bit, and felt like doing some of the work. Less anxious and worried that at the house.

During the days I stayed there (5 days) I didn’t find much to do. There was no internet connection, and no signal on my phone. No nearby beautiful places.

I left a day earlier.

I spoke with a couple of people who had gone to Harambe before me, and was given positive reviews about the experience, particularly about their resultant mood after the trip and the cease of the drug abuse.

July 17, 2016

The first thing you have to understand about ibogaine is that it isn’t supposed to be a walk in the park, and while it will take away your withdrawals pretty much straight away, there’s still a lot of work you have to do yourself if you really want to get clean. Expecting to turn up at Harambe and take a magic pill to sort out all your problems while you enjoy a week of luxury is not the right attitude, so seriously, take notice of what Cathy and Bilal tell you, because they will give you what you need – even if it isn’t what you want.

Their house is the perfect place to take ibogaine if you are really serious about getting off drugs. There’s no Jacuzzi, swimming pool or five-star catering, and it’s completely no frills, which is exactly how this sort of thing needs to be done, because ibogaine forces you to face up to your demons and spend some time taking a good hard look at yourself. The less distractions, the better, and while it may be a harrowing and uncomfortable experience, there’s no way to get clean without going through this. In fact, the reason so many of us stay on drugs is because we keep avoiding our real issues and are too scared to face up to ourselves. At Harambe, Cathy and Bilal won’t let you run away from yourself, and will force you to spend as much time as possible alone with yourself – so don’t fight them when tell you to go back to your room and lie down. Ibogaine is an amazing tool to help you achieve this, as not only does it make your withdrawals disappear, but it also brings you into contact with all the suppressed thoughts and feelings that you continually bury in your subconscious and try not to acknowledge.
However, ibogaine alone can’t force you to face these suppressed thoughts, and lots of people who come to Harambe seem not completely misunderstand what they have to do. You are here to climb a mountain, not to have a nice time. I’ve seen people come here and complain about the fact that there’s nothing to do or that the facilities aren’t luxurious enough for their liking. But the truth is these are just excuses. Yes, the days after taking ibogaine are very uncomfortable. You won’t be able to sleep, you’ll feel exhausted, and you’ll feel hungry but won’t be able to eat. It’s a weird feeling, but if you can’t handle a little bit of suffering then you probably aren’t ready to get off drugs – after all, the reason most of us get addicted to drugs is because they help us to block out the pain and suffering we experience in our lives, rather than face it.

While you’re here, Bilal and Cathy will give you tough love. Don’t ask them for junk food when you’re feeling a little uncomfortable, because they won’t give it to you – and you should be thankful to them for that. After all, ibogaine has just purged all the toxins from your body, so why do you want to start filling it with shit again? Stick to the healthy diet they give you, and man up and face yourself alone in the bedroom until they tell you it’s time to come out.

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May 10, 2016

Harambe Detox Ibogaine Testimonial – Opinion

Myself and my girlfriend went for ibogaine treatment to harambe detox in Valencia – Spain as we thought we need professionals to make sure our experience is safe and we get most out of the trip. From the very first moment there was unpleasant and scary atmosphere. We arrived to their house and first words we’ve heard was: “there is no toilet paper and the reason for that is:,,if you put shit on you face you wouldn’t wipe it with toilet paper, would you? Hahahaha” so that was the way to explain that we won’t have any toilet paper. We went to our room which was also the treatment room. There was no hot water so after journey we couldn’t take a shower. As there was no toilet paper we had to wash ourselves in cold water whenever we went to toilet. Additionally we got huge dose of magnesium as Bilau said: “to release all the shit from intestines” so imagine you have diarrhea all the time, there is no hot water either toilet paper and on second day of arrival for few hours when effects of magnesium were the worst there was no water at all as Bilau decided to do building works just before our trip.
In the bathroom for both of us there was 1 tiny hand towel for entire week.

Before the treatment my girlfriend was stressed but it didn’t stop Bilau from making jokes like: “don’t worry, I will fuck you up, hahahaha” – while talking about the doses and the treatment itself, which meant to be a joke again but in this situation it wasn’t funny at all and it wasn’t the best way to build trust and safe atmosphere before the treatment.

Let’s talk about the treatment itself. We got doses and were waiting for the effects to come, we lay on the bed finally and he closed the door etc. My girlfriend was getting panic while I got knocked down by the dose and started strong trip. They didn’t bother to be quiet which on trip is so important but run family life and made noises in the most important time of our trips without any consideration of us being there even though they know your senses are very sensitive while on iboga. Noises were highly disruptive, didn’t even bother to close the door from the living room and silent the treatment room. Because of this I was not able to go deep but was more in and out, in and out all the time. Therefore I didn’t get as much from trip as I could if there would be a professional approach. My girlfriend went through absolute terror as a reason of wrong set and setting and general atmosphere of dominance and mistrust and he had no clue how to help her out (the only thing he could do was to ask: “are you ok?”. Even though he claims to have several years of experience with iboga he behaves like a child and I have a feeling that I would be able to make much better trip myself.

Bilau mentioned several times that he had problems before with women coming for the treatment and not feeling comfortable there with him and with his methods, but with their unprofessional approach no wonder he got several complaints from people and there were people who wanted to take him to the court. Even though he had so many complaints from women clients previously (which he admits he had) he still kept blaming my girlfriend that she doesn’t feel safe because SHE has a “trust issues” so ones again he never takes any responsibilities for his actions and behaviors and doesn’t understand that people come for the treatment to him because they need safe environment and care for their trip otherwise they could do it themselves.

The good thing I must say was that when my girlfriends first trip was bad (due to his wrong set up and attitude and not being able to deal with the bad trip) he offered a second trip free of charge which my girlfriend took and this one wasn’t good either. He wanted to make it right but he just couldn’t do it…

On the website states: “fresh meals cooked everyday from organic veg from our garden” but the only meal we ever got was few grapes, 3 apples and tap water. We have been suggested to buy fruit and food ourselves for which we had to walk 5km one way everyday. For the entire week we spent there we were never offered even any tea or coffee or asked if we need anything at all so being weak and tired after treatment we had to walk 10k to buy some food.

We couldn’t use internet as the “internet is only for family”, we’ve been asked to switch off lights all the time as there was no enough electricity while lights in their rooms were on most of the time and the music was played loudly in their living room just 1m away from the treatment room.

Another nice gesture of them was that because there was two of us at the same time we asked for some discount on the price and they gave as a total discount of €300 which they didn’t have to give as we only asked when we arrived.

Overall for both of us we paid €3000 and all we got for that was a bed, dose of iboga, one tiny towel, few grapes, 3 apples and that’s it. If you are looking for a professional care and supportive environment for your tremendously important treatment of your life then I certainly wouldn’t say thats the right place to go.

The guys have very good intentions and they want to make it right but they have no clue how to make it right because they don’t listen or take any feedback, they are only focused on their own family life and thats their only priority, that their family life is undisturbed and it’s not about people getting professional treatment. So there was shouting, loud music, partying while us being on the trip – no problem for them. They would need way more effort to focus on client, lead client through experience, teach the client how to cope with negative emotions while on the trip etc but they just have no skills or empathy to do it. I don’t blame them for that, its just the way they are and they can not do any better than that. Very childish approach without taking any responsibility for the client. With their current attitude it can be actually a very dangerous experience. You get something which doesn’t match at all with what is described on the website. We were shocked that something like that can happen and that people can be so selfish while charging so much money for such a poor service. Would I recommend it to others or come back again? NO F… WAY!

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