Birds-eye view of our Center and the beautiful Amazon sunset!
A night of medicine under the stars.The Milky Way graces our Center.Setting up for ceremony inside our sacred Maloca.Cleanse your spirit with our evening pre-ceremony floral baths.

Arkana Spiritual Center

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4.9 out of 5 stars

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At Arkana, we create the space for you to get in touch with your truth, opening your path for deeper meaning and greater fulfillment in your life. We work with ancestral medicines such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Bufo Alvarius, Nunu/Rapé, and Kambo, using the traditional practices of the indigenous cultures of the Peruvian Amazon. We currently operate two centers, one in the Peruvian Amazon and a second one in the Sacred Valley (close to Machu Picchu), the choice is yours.

With great respect for the plants and the knowledge and healing that comes with them, our lineage of Shipibo shamans set the stage for truly deep and profound healing. Awaken your inner power through their sacred and powerful icaros (healing songs), and discover your connection to all things by exploring some of the 2.2 million hectare Pacaya Samiria National Reserve which is our backyard. Nourish your body and soul with fresh, clean, delicious meals that promote your Ayahuasca experience, and integrate healthy habits into your routine with our yoga classes and extensive selection of gym equipment for all levels. We believe the health of physical body sets the foundation for the health of the energetic body – Often ignored in this type of spiritual work, we find this to be an important part of the healing process, so you can begin implementing the healthy habits that will carry this work with you into your life back home. Finally, relax your mind and spirit with sound baths, meditations, breathwave sessions, and OM circles, or simply enjoy the tranquil views of both sunrise and sunset from our front porch on the banks of the Ucayali River, surrounded by lush biodiversity and the mesmerizing sounds of the jungle.

Arkana’s exceptional team of highly-trained Shipibo Master Shamans represent an unbroken lineage of plant medicine work. With a combined history of over 70 years of experience working closely with Ayahuasca and other master plant teachers of the jungle, our compassionate healers lovingly share their teachings, healing songs (icaros), capabilities, and knowledge with integrity and honor. We strive to maintain the traditional practices passed down through thousands of years of indigenous Amazonian culture, in order to continue to promote the true purpose and nature of plant medicine work.

Experiencing the medicines with us is a transformative personal journey, and so much more. We also work closely with our local community, the Amazonian village of Libertad, to ensure that our Center can benefit and give back to the people who have so generously let us into their homes and hearts. We create employment opportunities, teach free English classes, provide a space for the ladies to sell their handmade crafts, and assist in construction projects, among other things. Our latest endeavor is outfitting the entire village with free solar panels, so every house can have light and electricity. When you join us, you are helping the rainforest and the Amazon communities that live here.

Guests that come to our Center often say they feel like “part of the family” with us – that’s no coincidence, as we are one big family at Arkana! The people that are with you throughout your experience can simply facilitate your own healing journey or become an integral part of it. Our experienced, loving, and professional team of caregivers welcomes you to join our tribe, where we strive to make you feel at home and at ease, supported and cared for with all the love and compassion that is at the core of the plant medicines and people we work with.

Ayahuasca is a powerful medicine that offers us the opportunity to understand our true nature, by shining a light onto our darkness, and holding a mirror up to our fears, negative thought patterns, and self-limiting beliefs. We provide the environment and expertise of a team of highly skilled, warm, compassionate Shamans and facilitators to guide you through the process of awakening, of choosing differently, healing, and expanding. It is a slow but steady path towards freedom – from fear, from illusion, from self-constructed boundaries – resulting in a lighter, brighter, more authentic self, and the full experience of love. It is our honor to help you on this most fulfilling of all journeys: the journey back home.

Feel free to check out our reviews from previous guests, on here (AyaAdvisors) as well as our Facebook page ( Or, visit our website for more information and to book a retreat with us: We look forward to having you with us!

Lots of Love,
The Team


325 reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
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January 13, 2019

I had the most amazing and life changing experience in the jungle with Arkana and now so glad I went. The facilitators are so open and warm that is impossible not to feel safe and in the company of people you can trust.
The Ayahuasca itself took about 3 ceremonies to really work for me (some people from the first ceremony) and when it did it was really worth it – I had some great and helpful insights into my life and issues from my past that have held me back in many ways through my adult life. Also I was given some tools by the “spirits” that I now use on a daily basis to boost myself up. Given that we were a group of 7 (I have heard of centres with 75 people) I felt safe at all times and knew that help was just a moment away if needed. The shaman guided us through the ceremonies with their beautiful icaros that really did regulate the energy in the room and I found them immensely powerful.
For me the most liberating experience was the Sapo ceremony where I felt a huge and overwhelming release of hang ups from the past. It was so much of a release in fact that I felt so relieved and at peace afterwards it caused me to cry hysterically afterwards. Bear in mind that I never really show emotion and haven’t cried in over 20 years! It really was the most beautiful experiences of my life.
The centre itself is set on stilts on the riverbank within the jungle and it is beautiful. I was concerned in advance of being so embedded in the jungle before arrive and surrounded by snakes and spiders etc, but once you are there you feel safe and can only admire the place. The bedrooms themselves are basic, but very clean and definitely comfortable.
The food supplied was delicious – my only issue with the whole trip was how hungry I could be at some points as we had to limit ourselves to 2 meals a day on ceremony days, but given the advantage this ultimately gives it is by the by.
I am already thinking of returning, just need to work out when!

December 21, 2018

I attended Arkana, Sacred Valley location, this past spring. The centre is beautiful and very comfortable-great food, beds, showers, etc. Yes, the place is first and foremost run as a business, which I can see from other reviews bothers some people, but I didn’t mind. This place is safe, and honestly, running it as a bit of a commercial enterprise keeps it safe, in my opinion.

I have to single out Angel, Alise, Paco and Rafael-such humble, compassionate, caring people! I learned so much from them.

Why not 5 stars? The staff are a bit disorganized, and we weren’t allowed the opportunity to check in as a group after 2 out of 3 of our sessions, like we were supposed to. Of course, we all chat, but I think a facilitated debrief is important. Also, I think Chandra should be a bit more discerning in selecting volunteers. There was one facilitator (I won’t mention his name because he thankfully no longer works there) who was incredibly immature, boasting about how much ayahuasca he had done, acting like a 5 year old. He was clearly there for the free drugs and nothing else, and it’s alarming he was allowed to stay for months (he was primarily at the Amazon jungle location, so maybe they do things differently over there).

I also want to add a note for folks who are considering ayahuasca as a potential treatment for severe anxiety. That’s why I was there. I had dabbled with therapies and meditation in the past, but never consistently, and had one terrible mushroom trip-that was the extent of my experience with psychedelics. Going into this experience, I had a fear of physical pain and discomfort (nausea, purging, as well as unfamiliar bodily sensations), but no fear about potential visual hallucinations. So, I guess it’s not surprising my trips manifested themselves purely in the body, and not in the mind. I didn’t purge, but I probably should have. During my second ceremony, I started to feel like my limbs were being ripped out of my body, and that my face was being attacked and cut up by chopsticks-it was the most intense physical pain I had ever felt (don’t worry! you always come out of the ceremonies feeling the best you ever have in your life-really nothing to be scared of) I realize now, this was my version of approaching ego death, as I really felt I was dying, but my ego is was so intact and my mind so rigid after a lifetime of destructive thinking, that I was able to stop the experience by curling into a fetal position and repeating to myself “this too will pass” until the medicine wore off. I have since started practicing Vipassana meditation (10 day retreat and now for 2 hours per day) and I do wish I had learned that technique before trying ayahuasca. I know I would have allowed my trip to run its course and I think I would have experienced what they call ego death. I have absolutely no regrets about trying ayahuasca and will do it again, but I would strongly suggest that any folks reading this who have anxiety, to try meditating very seriously for months before trying aya-you will get so much more out of it!

November 24, 2018

I had stayed at Arkana Sacred Valley for one week in October. I have worked with the Medicene before coming to Arkana. I always had issues with trusting the Medicene and battling fear and anxiety during ceremony which prohibited me from having any type of breakthrough. The retreats I participated in prior to Arkana had 80 plus people during ceremony. It was definitely overwhelming for me and there were a lot of distractions. We had a total of 8 during my stay at Arkana and it was absolutely perfect. The shamans were so amazing!! I had never experienced the personal icaros before and it was simply magical. In a nutshell, the Medicene unlocked childhood traumas for me which were needed to be released in order for me to understand my life, my behaviors, etc. Those traumas were completely blacked out and stuck inside my soul. Although it was very difficult to face, that night changed my life. I do not carry with me any type of hate or resentment, I now have peace. The workers at Arkana were by my side throughout this entire journey. They were all there to offer support and love. They are all angels in my eyes. The grounds at Arkana were beautiful and the rooms were very cozy and the bed was SUPER COMFY!! I did a lot of extra things like Reiki, massages and bio magnetic therapy. I’m so glad I brought the extra money for those services because it just added to my experience. The food was delish!!! I loved how we could leave the retreat and go travel to Machu Picchu and other locations. I felt very very safe at Arkana and it’s so important for me as a female that travels alone. The sweat lodge ceremony was amazing and the day we drank San Pedro was beautiful. Words cannot express the gratitude I have in my heart for Arkana and everyone that works there. If I feel the call to work with another again, I would definitely go back!!!
Much love! Michelle NJ

October 25, 2018

I started researching Ayahuasca about 4 years ago. After many years of anxiety and depression taking over my life, I was looking for something to actually make sense for me. I had tried everything… EVERYTHING! Therapy, medication, support groups, vitamin supplements, you name it. But nothing truly took away the weight that had been holding me down. Even though I thought I had worked through grief, abuse and trauma… it seemed to linger and at times overwhelm all parts of my life. After finally finding a “partner in crime” to join me on my journey, I chose Arkana Spiritual Center for this experience. I truly didn’t know what to expect or what would come of this, but I felt such an extreme pull.
The experience was difficult, there were times I just wanted to go home. My “programmed mind” would creep in and try to convince me that the experience was crazy and too much. But just as the facilitators and shamans continued to say… “you have to trust the medicine and surrender”… I did! I forced myself through the fear and I am forever changed for doing so.
I can not imagine a better place or better people to help me on this journey! Arkana is a true gift and the people are truly there to help and to love you through the journey. I returned home a few weeks ago with the weight gone. I no longer feel the negative, the overwhelming negative emotions, or the sense of doom. I am FREE!! And I owe it completely to EVERYONE at Arkana. The experience was one I will treasure for the rest of my life! There’s still work to do, and I have dedicated my life to continue the journey. Arkana, the facilitators and the medicine have given me the “missing link” I had been searching for, for so long.
If you are being pulled to the medicine, If you are searching for the connection you feel that you have lost… Arkana is the place to find your LOVE, SPIRIT, STRENGTH and HEALING!

October 13, 2018

I’ve been waiting roughly 10 years to start my journey with the medicine! A few months ago I knew it was time, Mother Aya was calling me! It was time now to pick up a center and with the first search i sure found a lot of them, it wasn’t easy to just pick one,it had to be right one! I came across Arkana reading reviews and experiences of others ,I cannot explain what it was but I knew Arkana was the one! I booked a one week reatreat at the end of September and i was still terrified by the thought of being in the middle of the jungle ,being surrounded by snakes and spiders and all kinds of bugs! All of it was gone as soon as ve arrived at the center! The views of the Amazan and Ucayali rivers was just breathtaking, the jungle was just so majestic and beautiful! There was nothing to be afraid of anymore! I’ve never felt more safe! The center is well maintained and clean! The staff was always so helpful and kind! The facilitators were amazing, always there for us,during the day,the night,during ceremonies,they has so much love and kindness to offer. The shamans were amazing and so powerful,we did such good work during the retreat,plus we had the opportunity to work with other powerful medicines like Kambo ,Sapo, Nunu.
As I mentioned before,I only had a one week retreat booked initially but a week later I found myself in the Sacred Valley and i knew my journey wasn’t done yet,I booked another week with Arkana family in the Sacred Valley and the place is just magical, located in the valley,right on the Urubamba river, surrounded by the Andes! It was really rewarding to be there and the week that fallowed was just beautiful, again great staff,amazing facilitators ,exceptional shamans and powerful medicines. I also had the honor to meet the owner of Arkana, Jose, a man truly caring, kind, humble and driven by his purpose to help and serve others! There are not enough words to describe my experience with Arkana and how grateful i am for healing my soul, for opening my heart,for teaching me how to love again! ❤️

September 25, 2018

I’ve been home from my trip to Arkana Spiritual Centre for a month now. I wanted to wait before writing this review so that I could give this perspective from a more balanced place. Reflecting on how I feel now and reading my journal entries from those 2 weeks can be summarized in 2 words: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I was shown pure unconditional love from the Shaman, the facilitators, my fellow visitors and all the Arkana staff both in the U.S. and in Peru. It was with the help of all these beautiful people that I learned how to love myself – the most important love of all. The Arkana people have carefully created an environment to support healing and growth. They are there with the purest intentions and give their love freely.

I spent 1 week in the Sacred Valley and 1 week in the Amazon Jungle. Although vastly different, both are well managed, maintained, comfortable and clean. My Sapo ceremony in the Sacred Valley was a vastly beautiful experience. The sounds of the Jungle at night connected me to Mother Earth and Father Universe and taught me that we are all so much greater than our form – a lesson I am very grateful for. The facilitators in both locations are incredibly gifted musicians.

If I could rate Arkana 10 stars I would! I have already recommended it to my family and friends and am planning to return next summer.

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September 11, 2018

I went to Arkana near the end of August this past summer. My experience there was absolutely incredible. Arkana is a space of pure love. Over the one week I was there, I really connected with myself and the jungle. I learned so much about myself and I think because I was really open to the Ayahuasca I was able to have the experience I needed to move forward with my life. The center is absolutely beautiful and is just on the river in the Amazon rainforest. The helpers there are literally angels and were very friendly and helpful whenever we needed it. A big shout out to Angel, Nidia and Sarah for being great teachers as well as helpers. The shamans at Arkana were astonishing and had so much love to give. Their singing of the Icaros was beautiful and they created a protected space for healing and self-exploration. There were a lot of activities during the day like fishing, exploring the jungle and yoga which I really enjoyed. I also really liked how they offered other medicines other than Ayahuasca such as Kambo, Nunu, and Sappo. These medicines made my healing and experience exponentially greater. Overall my experience at Arkana was one of the most profound experiences of my life and I would highly recommend this retreat center to anyone who is looking to do Ayahuasca in a protected space of love.

August 17, 2018

Overall I had an amazing experience at Arkana Sacred Valley 7 day retreat. The facilitators and the Shamans were incredible and that is the #1 priority for a retreat in my opinion. The food was good although it seemed less strict on the diet than the last place I went to. The accommodations were good although it did get a little chilly even with a space heater in the winter. I did have one night where the power went off and since I need to use a medical device to sleep at night this was frustrating as I was told the facility had 24/7 power but the staff took my call at midnight and had someone pick me up and take me to their place where the power was still on which was really nice of them. The location is amazing, right in the heart of Sacred Valley on the river; hiking is great right outside the door.

If this is your first time I HIGHLY recommend following the diet and restrictions on drugs/alcohol very closely for at least 14 days (30 days better) as you will get more out of the experience in terms of insight and visions rather than spending a lot of time up front purging out the junk in your body. Overall I highly recommend this retreat and will be going back!

A few items that are making this review 4 stars instead of 5 (I already provided this feedback verbally and I assume next visit will be 5 stars!):
1) The ceremony hall had no heat and it got really cold at night during the winter. It would have been nice not to have to deal with this as part of the experience, but was doable/manageable with layers.

2) The hike during the Huachuma day was fun but our guide didn’t take us down the safest route. While we all made it back safely this could have been managed more professionally. I know the boundary between staff/participant can get blurred when everyone is taking the plant medicine as part of the experience but this is one time where I feel it should have been a little more of a “guided” hike both up and down rather than blazing a new trail. I still had a blast this day though, one of my favorite days!!!

3) I missed my flight the last day due to the Taxi driver showing up over an hour late. I know this isn’t Arkana’s fault per se, but I still expected them to ensure I got to/from the airport as promised and so this experience was a little disappointing (and stressful!). However, when I spoke to the owner Jose about my issue he agreed to provide a credit in the amount of the cost to change my ticket which speaks volumes about the integrity of this business.

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July 24, 2018

I spent my New Years eve at a 10-day Ayahuasca retreat in the Sacred Valley, at a Spiritual Center called “Arkana”, and boy what a magical experience it was. When I reflect on my time there, the words that come to mind are: Powerful, Beautiful, Loving. The team is world class. Each and every one of them added to my experience. The Shaman has a pure soul and a huge heart and I felt completely safe and inspired in his presence. The facilitators were multi-dimensional talents, and inspired awe in me. On several occasions I couldn’t help but feel deep gratitude that we were supported through our journeys by so many deeply talented and truly caring people.

The environment was warm and inviting and I felt comfortable being vulnerable throughout my time there. And the positive vibes were felt by many. My fellow attendees became very close, and connected, and still communicate actively several months after we left the retreat. In fact, we’re coordinating a return trip back to Arkana!

I can’t recommend them highly enough. I look forward to seeing each of them again for another retreat!

July 23, 2018

Wow enlightenment at its best. I have PTSD and went there with my heart and mind wide open. I was running out of option when I went here. I have to say being alone and far away from home wasn’t an issue. The people at Arkana really care about you and take care of you and give you guidance when needed or ask for. The Price is worth every penny. This place is a real deal and NOT a tourist trap. Met some wonderful people there and left as friends.

July 23, 2018

I chose Arkana Spiritual Center in the Sacred Valley to attend one of their 1WK Ayahuasca Retreats recently and it was truly outstanding in any possible way. From the moment I arrived, the warmth of Chandra, the center manager made me feel at home. As a first time Ayahuasca drinker, I was very apprehensive about the whole experience, but the team of facilitators quickly put me at ease and made my retreat a very special one. They are a group of gentle warm hearted individuals that treat everyone with great respect and love and are fully committed to serving others. Jorge and Sulmira their shamans are very talented healers, who helped me work through some childhood trauma that I had been carrying for a long time.

Cant say all of my experience was rainbows and ponies, because Ayahuasca can be very challenging at times, but it was all worth it. I came out of the retreat with a fresh perspective on life and have never been happier. I will forever be grateful to these people that helped me rediscover my better self. If you feel the calling to come and try to medicine I could not think of a better place to do it than Arkana, they are true professionals and really care about their guests. Two thumbs up and six stars! I would definitely do it again!

July 23, 2018

The staff are exceptional, and this experience was transformational. I recommend this to all my friends and loved ones. If you’re wondering if you should go, just go!

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July 22, 2018

Just came off a 2 week retreat in the Amazon and it surpassed my expectations. This retreat was the real deal. The staff, facilitators, and shamans go above and beyond to make sure the passengers get the most out of the experience. From the daily excursions to the delicious food, to the clinical ceremonies, it all runs smoothly. Thanks to everyone involved for making me feel comfortable for my first Ayahuasca experience!

July 21, 2018

I went to a retreat recently at Arkana and I have to stay — beware. Although many note positive experiences, please be sure ON YOUR OWN that you are mentally stable and ready to partake in this experience.

The medical intake/interview process with Rafael Lopez is beyond absurd. After describing my state to him — how mentally unstable I was, on verge of breakdown, feeling on the verge of snapping etc., he reassured me I would be safe. While I take full responsibility for my decision to try and help myself out of a very poor state, the intake process is dangerously misguided — trust YOUR own judgment if you are ready to take part in this.

Secondly, I was encouraged to take part in the Sapo ceremony — the guide instructed me that this experience would be straightforward and safe, more straightforward than ayahuasca and get to the root of the issue. She explained that I would simply lean back, fall asleep, and have a quick vision. Yet again, I was misinformed as the complete opposite happened — my body lost control and contorted, I screamed, thrashed around violently and had to be held down. At one moment, it felt like I lost complete sanity. While this may happen, I am upset I wasn’t informed this would be a possibility, especially after describing over and over my mental state at that time.

Following my experience, I was hospitalized and am still not ok. Suicidal ideation is an every day occurrence and I only hope to get better.

I don’t mean to make this a post of victim blaming, as again I take responsibility for wanting to try something and get better. However, the medical intake process and guides at Arkana completely misinform you and don’t prepare you for the experiences whatsoever. Do your OWN research (as I have, with the exception of Sapo — I later learned this is 10x more intense than ayahuasca).

July 16, 2018

I attended the 7 day Arkana retreat in the Amazon, and the trip surpassed all expectations. It probably surpassed them in the first two days alone. Also, I didn’t even have expectations, but since I can’t think of any way for the trip to be enhanced, I’m just stunned that such a place really exists. There were times after a ceremony came to an end where we simply looked at each other and thought aloud, “Is this real?”

It might be worthwhile to note that Ayahuasca wasn’t a singular, life-defining experience for me. I understand its healing power, it opened a tremendous amount to me and will be a special moment of my life; I felt it accelerated my journey to understanding aspects of my life in a manner no other substance could, but in a grounded way it has limits. What does not have limits and what was more significant to me was the work of the staff and shamans at the center.

This is a serious substance and environment is everything. The kindness, preparation, and enhancement provided by the facilitators was so very, very helpful and meant so much to each and every one of us. They’re super-talented, selfless individuals called to do amazing work, and their examples was as inspiring as the medicine I experienced. They were open, knowledgeable, and giving of all they had. It’s much more difficult to describe the shamans… but they contributed about a million times more to the ceremony than I had expected. Can I say that I possess the skills necessary to review the shamans? No. Can I say they were unlike anything I had witnessed and quite clearly had dedicated their lives to plant medicines and healing? Without a doubt.

I apologize, this isn’t comprehensive, but I was trying to make the people standout since they deserve it and it wasn’t even on my radar before the trip. If I was looking for a difference maker – something that couldn’t be replicated elsewhere, they would be it. The facilities are wonderful, food perfect (tasty yet ideal for the situation), medicine is strong, every aspect of the trip was utterly authentic, and for my week – and what I suspect to be the case in the vast majority of weeks, the quality of people that a place like Arakana draws really can’t be assembled elsewhere. Thoughtful, talented individuals seeking the most out of life. Probably funny as well, although be wary of Ukrainians, or whatever nationality the trickster figure chooses to hide behind (just kidding my Kievan companion).

July 15, 2018

I just attended a 7 day retreat in the Amazon, and had an amazing time. Most of the reviews focus on the medicine, but I’d like to bring attention to the rest of the trip since it was so impressive.

I got to Iquitos a day early and walked a few blocks from the town center, where the hotel is, and was approached by one of several tour guides with green shirts. They seem to have a similar tour, where you get in a boat on the Amazon and stop at 5 locations. I went to a zoo where you can hold an anaconda and a baby sloth, danced with a couple native people at a few stops, went to a butterfly farm. It was a pretty cool way to spend the day. You can get a lot of great pics to justify your Peru excursion to the squares back at your office. I was a little resistant to just go at first. It’s a pretty poor country and can be a little intimidating at first because it is so foreign, but the people are all really friendly. I can speak high school Spanish and my guide could speak less than that amount of English, and we still managed to understand each other (at least I think) and had a great time.

I met the group of people going on the second morning and everyone who attended were really cool, friendly people. We all got along great and everyone had a great time. The people who work there were also friendly and really helpful, especially when shit got real!

The facilities blew me away and the pics on the website don’t do it justice. It is a small village on stilts on the shores of the Amazon. It’s would be a great trip even without the medicine. They have a ton of activities and a ton of time off to relax. You’d have breakfast, group share, yoga, lunch, an excursion, a floral bath, then the ceremony. It was the perfect mix of things to do and time off. You can skip whatever you want. You also had a lot of time between things to either sleep or do something else. The excursions included going to a nearby village, going into the jungle, going to see and feed monkeys, fishing, swimming in the Amazon, etc. The food was also great.

All of the people that worked there, in addition to the shamans, were incredibly nice, helpful, and cool to hang out with. I highly recommend the Amazon trip. I loved it!

I don’t think I need to sell you on the other stuff….

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July 14, 2018

Sublime … one of the most fulfilling, significant and wonderful experiences of my life. Arrived as a tourist and left as an intricate member of the family circle. This moment will live with me the rest of my life. In a safe, loving, secure and beautiful environment, spiritual medicines and ceremonies entrapture and heal. Shamin Celestine and Roberto are the Word. Pamela and Chandra are beautiful inside and out. The entire staff including Daniella bend over backwards. The facilities are gorgeous. Go with intention! Just go! I love my new family. Nemaste.

July 8, 2018

I just got back a week ago from a 2-week stay at Arkana Spiritual Center. I did the 1 week in Sacred Valley and 1 week in the Amazon Jungle and I had one of the most amazing 2 weeks of my life.

The staff, shamans, facilitators who work there are all absolutely amazing. They took such great care of me and the group and I really felt comfortable from the moment I got there till the moment I left.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but also the most rewarding.

The Sacred Valley really sets you up and filled me with self-worth, opened my heart and the Amazon Jungle is like the deepest cleanse of the deepest energy in your mind, body and spirit.

I can’t recommend this place enough and I will 100% come back at some point in my life when I know I need it.

If you are looking around, deciding on where to go for an ayahuasca retreat then look no further than Arkana. I can’t rate it highly enough because 5 stars is just not enough. It should be a star for every star in the sky that you can see when you are in the Sacred Valley (the view at night is phenomenal).

The group of people that I met will be friends for life and I look forward to keeping those connections aline.

Thank you Arkana from the bottom of my (now opened) heart.

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June 30, 2018

I spent a week at Arkana Sacred Valley and was quite impressed with the work they do there. They were my first ayahuasca experiences and the setting and guidance was really good. Everything is taken care of so you feel as relaxed and ready as possible for something that is going to be really transformative. The ceremonies, the shaman and his wife, the facilitators: they are all amazing and warm and make you feel like a family. I really helped to have a good group of people staying there as well, working together on themselves and for each other. The food is nothing short of amazing, I don’t think I ever had ever such plentiful and delicious meals outside of home.

I cannot give this place a perfect review though, because at times, like mentioned before in another review, the place seems somewhat disorganized. For example, they forgot to book my Machu Picchu tour and had to do it at the last minute when I enquired about it myself. With a little less luck, I wouldn’t have been able to go. The schedule on the website says you book until Sunday, but actually the last activity is on Saturday and you can leave the retreat that day in the afternoon without missing anything. Would have been nice for planning purposes to know these kind of things beforehand.

Still very much recommended and I’d like to go back one day for sure. The memories I made there and were made for me will stick to me for the rest of my life.

June 26, 2018

I spent one week in ceremony at Arkana in February. The journey was rich, and the experience deeply healing. The staff and facilitators were memorable, available, and each offered their own intuitive magic to the experience both in ceremony and in social connections. The medicine is held reverently, and I would absolutely recommend this for first time Aya journeys. I am already planning my return this time for two weeks. The experience is constantly integrated into my life and there is one thing for sure, I am 150% sure I made the right decision when I chose to attend a retreat at Arkana.

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June 20, 2018

AYAHUASCA – SAN PEDRO – TOAD in the Sacred Valley in Urumbamba

This retreat really fulfills everything for the most amazing experience.
The staff are beyond what to expect, really a family feeling around the retreat. The food is great and very clean for the ayahuasca diet. The place overall really gives a feeling of being sacred, and will forever have a special place in my heart.

I really recommend this place for everyone. You will be taken care of by this professional staff who always helps you with whatever you want. Also the shamans are professional and do their thing perfectly – they have many years of plant medicin and you will get a ceremony that will really bring out the best potential as you can have for a transformative experience.

If I do ayahuasca again I will definitely go back to this place – no doubt.

Some good things with the retreat it that it lets you stay more days if you need and you can get extra ceremonies like private sessions – so it is quite flexible if you tell them a few days before or so.

The schedule was also optimal because you have the possibility to do some hiking with guide, visit Maccu Picchu and other activities during the off days.

Hope you will book this retreat and be as happy as all of us visitors are.

Highly recommend!

June 17, 2018

Arkana runs an amazing facility in the sacred valley. The staff were all amazing and very helpful. The facilitators provide so much support, guidance and assistance that you feel safe and comfortable in all aspects of the retreat and they really elevate the entire experience.

The food, facilities and location are all excellent. Highly recommend this place!

June 11, 2018

Feeling so so grateful for the beautiful healing work that is being done here. This center is a place for deep transformation, family, trust, healing, shifting, and connection. I’m so appreciative of all of the work that goes into this as well as the incredible healing of Mother Ayahuasca and having access to it. This center and the medicine here helped me feel at home in my body, grind in a deep sense of trust for the way of things and feel so appreciated and welcomed along my journey. I will definitely return in one way or another 🙂

June 11, 2018

My decision to choose the Sacred Valley location between the two retreat locations offered by Arkana was due to the fact I wanted to enjoy the Ayahuasca experience in comfort and have some of the lifes essentials and luxuries while on the journey and the Sacred Valley location certainly delivered in that respect. Tranquil surroundings flanked by a meandering river and lovely accommodation framed by peaceful gardens and space for reflection and connecting great you immediately on arrival .Rooms offered comfortable beds with well appointed bathrooms and plenty of hot water and great water pressure. (If you have traveled much of South America you will understand why I was so happy about this) The fire pit outside and beautiful ceremony room really added to the enchanting atmosphere and appeal of the setting.

The food was excellent, fresh and generous portions with plenty of snacks in between meals in the form of fresh fruit and nuts. All the staff and facilitators were warm and friendly, I cant speak highly enough of Pamela and Chandra whose beautiful voices and serenity are like guiding lights in your ceremonies. Mike also is a really sincere genuine person who provides great company and often unexpected insights and wisdom that I feel have been hard earned in his life journey.

Arkana is a safe and secure environment with passionate and committed staff who undertake their work with compassion, enthusiasm and dedication. While I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Arkana I must admit that the centre was somewhat disorganised and at times the schedule for the day or how activities / ceremonies would operate was unclear. There was also very little group share or personal follow up individually post ceremony which was frustrating at times as you can have powerful and overwhelming visions and feelings with ayahuasca which leave you wanting guidance or assistance to understand, process and integrate.

However we were made aware at the time of our retreat they were signification understaffed and had less facilitators then they typically would which may account for this. On a whole however if you are looking to have an incredible experience in a beautiful environment surrounded by a team of people who radiate love I would highly recommend Arkana, Sacred Valley Retreat.

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June 4, 2018

This place is the real deal. Was only here for a week but it was long enough to make a lifelong internal change of which I’m still feeling the afterglow weeks on. The facility is beautiful and the staff are super friendly and helpful. They will help you along your journey. The food is also great and makes the dieta bearable. Strongly recommend.

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May 28, 2018

This place was absolutely incredible and I would highly recommend it.

I did the seven day retreat in the sacred valley which consisted of 3 ayahuasca ceremonies, one San Pedro ceremony, and a temezcal (aka sweat lodge). I also paid extra for a Macchu Picchu trip and for the Sapo toad medicine.

The place – starting with the location…unreal. you can immediately sense the magic as you drive into the sacred valley. The mountains have an incredible majestic and grounding energy to them which anyone can appreciate. The Arkana grounds are also gorgeous, nice rooms, pretty campus right on the river with huge pine trees and mountains surrounding you. At night there are so many stars out and you can see the dust of the milky way. All of the elements of the location lend towards the overall magic of the experience.

Food. The food is delicious! Each meal is healthy, local, and flavorful. I wanted to get the recipes of all of their dishes. They also have an endless supply of delicious fruit and hot tea for you to enjoy whenever. Again – all lends to the experience.

The people. This is what really did it for me. I traveled alone and was wondering how the people would be. I was also a bit apprehensive because I knew that this was going to require a lot of vulnerability and i wanted to make sure I felt safe to open up. Everyone from the driver who picked me up at the airport (and stopped to buy me lunch just because he wanted to watch me enjoy the local food) to the property managers always had a smile on and made me feel right at home. My main facilitators were Pamela, Mike, and Chandra…i wish I could take them with me everywhere I go. Each facilitator brought a different critical element to the table. Mike with his humor, Pamela with her calming and nurturing presence, and Chandra with her wisdom and mysticism. They were all so selfless and make me feel very safe and comfortable the whole time. I’ll never forget on the night of my 3rd and final Aya ceremony, I was having a hard time coming back into the room and Pamela (who wasn’t feeling very good) came and spend time with me to bring me a sense of peace and calming. The shamans were also next level – so jolly and selfless and watching them / hearing the stories of the healing they brought to me and others during the ceremony were kind blowing. I’m not sure if I just got lucky with the other guests or if the facilitators helped…facilitate but I also fell in love with the other guests- all of them – and formed feel friendships. So much support for one another.

The ceremonies. I don’t really have a point of reference to how over places do it but here are the key points. I felt so safe and taken care of throughout the ceremonies. The facilitators were there and took care of our every need through good times and tough times. I felt first hand and witnessed the healing that took place on each medicine. I came out of the experience as a firm believer in the power of plant medicine. The ceremonies were very personal experiences- some people had a really challenging time but those who trusted the process and were able to let go felt deep healing and appreciation as a result.

Overall – it was just such a positive experience for me. A lot of the work I do at home is designing experiences for others and I was just blown away with how.every component and activity and person contributed to such and unforgettable experience. I’ll absolutely go back and would recommend this place to anyone who feels ready to take this journey. Thanks Arkana!

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May 26, 2018

Absolutely the most magical, amazing and heart opening place I’ve ever visited. The experience was beyond anything I could imagine. The whole staff and all the facilitators are so welcoming, loving and helpful – they really make you feel like home. I have never learned so much about myself, spirituality and nature of life than I have during my time in Arkana.

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May 22, 2018

I connected very well with each of the medicines and will forever treasure the time I spent at this center.

May 12, 2018

I spent a week at Arkana Spiritual Center and wished I had booked longer. I participated in 4 ceremonies at the Amazon retreat and every experience was different. I learnt a lot from my journeys with ayahuasca and I plan on continuing educating myself with the medicine. All the facilitators are dedicated to helping you with your experience and really love their job. All the day trips really help break up the ceremonies and keep the trip entertaining. The food and facilities are great, just remember to stock up on good insect repellent. I also recommend including the sapo treatment into your retreat.

May 7, 2018

I just came back from a recent visit to Arkana’s Sacred Valley location and I was blown away by the quality of the retreat. I have been drinking ayahuasca for 8 years having visited numerous retreat centers in Iquitos, and Arkana is by far the best of them all. Its biggest asset, its people, really sets them apart. From the first couple of emails where they responded to all of my questions I knew I was in the hands of people that know what they are doing and care about their guests.
Upon arrival I was greeted by Chandra, the center’s manager who is a very loving and caring medicine woman. The rest of the team, is a well balanced group of individuals who made me feel at home as part of their spiritual family. They deeply care about their guests and their overall healing experience.
The medicine is strong and is administered by Maestros Jorge and Sulmira, a lovely shipibo couple that are true masters of their craft. Their icaros led me to another dimension and helped me heal old wounds that I have been carrying with me for years.

Thank you Arkana for creating such a magical place for healing, I will come back to you with my loved ones for many years to come. Special thanks to Chandra, Felipe, Pamela, Alise, Angel, Mike, Jorge, Sulmira and Felipe for making this trip an unforgettable one.

If you are looking for a place to drink ayahuasca, look no further, these folks are the real deal. I encourage you to read past the noise of some of the reviews here and follow your intuition. These people have earned their position as the top center in the region for a reason. Im available to talk to anyone, to share more intimate details of my experience.

May 6, 2018

I left a review on this place after my trip in December and while talking about some things I didn’t like.. I ultimately left it 5 stars because the Shaman was unbelievable and I didn’t have it in me to knock the business of some truly great people there.

As someone who spent a boat load of money to go do Ayahuasca for my first time.. I feel like I along with other reviewers and participants have a major responsibility to those researching about making the same leap that I did. Not picking the right retreat is truly a disaster. Some won’t have the opportunity to do it a next time.

Taking the time to re write this review is not being done out of spite. It’s being done out of that responsibility. I don’t want to mislead someone into the wrong retreat for them based on a 5 star review that I don’t believe in. I also see just an overwhelming amount of 5 star reviews on here and I feel its very misleading. It’s what got me to commit to this retreat. It’s not easy to come back and leave a mediocre review unless you truly had a horrific experience. I believe if you polled every single person thats been through here this is far from a 5 star retreat.. and that needs to be talked about here.

The Shaman that I worked with is no longer there. He is the result of many of the rave reviews on here. The new one could be amazing too.. That I don’t know. I do know without Diego there.. that in itself would completely change my review of this place.

When traveling to South America the most important thing is safety. This place is extremely safe. Meals are good.. you’ll be comfortable. The average person that wants to go drink Ayahuasca and expand their consciousness could be fine here.

For someone that has issues to work out I believe you can do much better. I have terrible anxiety. I wanted to be listened to. I wanted opportunities to talk to the Shaman one on one. I wanted to feel like a priority and have the opportunity to really work through that stuff. I didn’t get that. It was advertised as a smaller group retreat and it was overbooked. This retreat to me felt like a business. I was nothing but a number. Questions were answered in BS robotic scripted responses. The first night there someone that had been to a previous Aya retreat asked about getting time with the Shaman and honestly the response he got was extremely rude IMO. When you hear “dont do a retreat” I believe this type of place is exactly what they are talking about. You are going to get quality Ayahuasca in a safe environment but you are nothing but another number before the next group comes in.

In saying that.. I’m changing my review to 3 stars. You could do much worse. If you have the means to travel around and do this as much as you want.. by all means.. you might enjoy this place. If you don’t have the money to make a mistake and are struggling with anxiety or some kind of a traumatic past.. you are the people I am leaving this review for. Anxiety is a nightmare that ruins so many lives. Ayahuasca is DEFINITELY something you should look into. Don’t put your hopes into this place if it’s the only chance you’ve got. Research, research, and research some more and find the perfect place that will make you feel like you matter and that will get you through what you are searching for.

Edit: I posted this review earlier today. Copying my review word for word.. my review was still 3 stars.. which I would rate as average. Nothing wrong at all with someone wanting to leave an honest 3 star average review for their experience. I was immediately bombarded on Facebook messenger by Chandra.. the woman mostly in charge of things.. with 15 messages full of drama. In this above review.. I held back. I did not want to be blunt.

Now I will be. I am changing my review from 3 stars to 1. Why is this place rated so high? Because people with negative opinions are uncomfortable saying something.. and pressured to rate so highly. Chandra was my number 1 complaint with this place. She did not listen to myself, or others concerns while there. She bombarded me with messages about an instance that had nothing to do with my review.. and was actually something I agreed with her on (someone leaving the temple during ceremony). My review above about her being rude to someone was actually someone who handled himself very well and was very low maintenance. Small things matter.. and she was rude to him over a question I felt similar about. Take a look in the mirror Chandra and listen to people and their intentions more. You are in a place to where you can make a massive difference in peoples lives. The fact that I was bombarded over a 3 star review is ridiculous. Earn your 5 stars and I will respond in such. Harass people about 3 star reviews and that is exactly what is wrong with this system. Misleading great reviews that lead people to waste their money. If someone else feels you don’t deserve 5 stars don’t harass them. Leave them alone and be better. I did not have it in me to poorly review this place but now I do. This is my only experience with Ayahuasca but I whole heartedly believe you can do much better and I will look to do so next time.

Response from Arkana Spiritual Center on May 22, 2018

We highly appreciate every review we receive.

Every review is an opportunity for us to understand the way we serve our mission, according to the way that is perceived by the ones we serve.

Not only does every guest have the right to offer his or her feedback, every guest is encouraged to do so in a sincere way. Through it we can better behold what we do and how we fulfill our purpose as a healing Center.

Feedback, by definition, is something that is supposed to nourish by giving back. Like medicine, it is supposed to do well, regardless of the way it tastes at first. True feedback will uplift and heal even when it might not have a pleasant taste.

Feedback uses facts, and it also reflects the subjective perception of the one who offers it.
Each individual´s own perception speaks not only about that which is being referred to, but also, if not more than anything else, the degree of committed effort to discern any affair clearly, or on the contrary, the lack of truthfulness contained in one´s own perception, when clouded by deluded understanding.

Both, delusion and clarity pertain to a human being´s understanding, and that does come across inevitably.

We can make a conscious effort to come from a place of truthfulness if we are to serve as an agent of true transformation in our world, if we are willing to leave behind that which does not truly serve ourselves, or others.

Many a times lack of commitment to admit our own shortcomings come across and lead the way we react and behave in an attempt to excuse our own inability to admit, confront and work out what is being asked from us at any given moment.

We are and will remain open to all reviews, for we have faith that all people benefit from the opportunity to exercise truthful speech, to offer uplifting feedback filled with truthfulness, including nice and tough observations springing from an inner place of truth.

We have hope and confidence this space will serve that highest purpose, welcoming all that uplifts us helping us to serve our mission in the best way possible, refining it again and again.

Thank you all.

May 1, 2018

I spent a week at this centre in Urabamba about 2 hours drive from Cusco and I had such an amazing time! All the staff were more like family. Living, caring and kind. They are all very experienced and always willing to answer any questions. This was my first ayahuasca experience and I am so glad that I chose Arkana to have this sacred medicine. They made me feel safe, looked after and loved. Totally going back!

April 25, 2018

I visited the Arkana retreat in the Sacred Valley after 5 years of deliberation. I had the calling (multiple dreams about a kaleidoscope diamond headed snake telling me to drink), but didn’t get up the courage to go until this year. I’m so glad I did and I’m happy I chose this location at this time. My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to have Alise, Angel (Ricardo), Chandra, and Paco as facilitators. They were an amazing and dynamic group of individuals. Each has their own strength in ceremony and got us through some dark nights facing some difficult histories. Alise was ethereal and gentle. Angel was strong and kind. Chandra was attentive, severe, and sweet. Paco was powerful and fluid. They each made the first week bearable. The work we were doing was a lot to handle. They made it possible.

The retreat itself was amazing as well. Felipe made us all feel at home and was extremely helpful in pointing out hiking trails. He’s a great person with fantastic stories. Sami and I enjoyed our time getting to know him and will always keep him in mind when thinking back on the trip. The space itself is small, but that was never an issue. You feel connected to the hills and river because of the size. Everything you need is there. Specifically, water, tea, and fruit at all times. Angel made all the meals, which helped facilitate the days drinking as well as recover on the off days. He’s creative and adapt in the kitchen. There were trips scheduled to town and up to the salt mines located right in the backyard of the retreat. Our guide was great. He was knowledgeable and was able to tie in our purpose at the ceremony with the history of the area. If you wanted to head in to town, there was a day for it. Machu Picchu? You can absolutely go for another $350 dollars. Other hiking trips? Yes, no problem. Tours were provided. We had breathwork, a temazcal ceremony, yoga, massage, and meditation along with the ceremonies. The only thing I wish there were more of was a morning or evening movement practice. We ran and hiked instead, but something more dynamic would’ve been great to get back in our bodies.

The ceremonies were great and difficult. We actually had 3 different shamans over the two weeks we were there. This led to very different experiences in the ceremonies. The first week, Sami and I felt that the space wasn’t held very well (with the exception of the amazing facilitators.) our shaman felt distant, distracted, and unconcerned. Both the suggestions for our intentions and the icaros felt boilerplate since they were the same for everyone. Christian (the shaman) seemed nice, but I ended up singing my own icaros and mentally kicked him out of my space. Sami and I checked in on each other and did all the work together. Angel helped a ton to wrangle our energy when it got difficult. The second week was a complete turnaround. We had shamans that immediately calmed the group with kindness and attention. They had a beautiful sense of strength and compassion. I can’t explain how great it was having them. I can explain, however, an experience I had. I’m skeptical by nature as well as open to novelty (I understand the dichotomy of that statement). I’ve experienced astral projecting and visits to the fourth dimension plenty of times in the past. That feels as real as the physical world. I do find it difficult to believe in a lot of the folklore of mother ayahuasca and powerful shamans. With that said…these shamans knew how to navigate both worlds with skill I’ve never experienced before. I was going through a difficult time on the Monday of the second week. The histories of all my past and future lives were rushing at me. All of my family lines were screaming at me in their pain and trauma. It started becoming overwhelming, so I looked up to see where the shamans were. Unfortunately, they were singing to someone way across the room. So, I thought, I’ll deal with this on my own. Better to not bother them. They’re helping someone. As soon as I thought that, I could hear my icaros being sung right next to me. I looked to my left and the shaman was there. He was both across the room and right next to me. He said “I can give you a break for 10 minutes. After that you have to confront this on your own.” A sense of ease, comfort, and joy washed over me as the pain left. When it came back, I felt ready to face it. The trauma stored in my neck and shoulders washed away and the depression and anxiety shed like a clay shell falling away. Both shamans during the second week had strength and kindness that allowed for healing. They were playfully singing with each other, building off their strength and pushing each other in a gentle way. Both Sami and I had a healing, but difficult experience as we were working on ourselves.

I shouldn’t leave a review without mentioning the San Pedro or 5-MEO-DMT experience. SP the first week gave us the strength to continue with ayahuasca the second week. Sami literally laughed for 6 hours straight. Everyone who drank became the funniest version of themselves. Our jokes were creative, novel, intelligent, and obscure, but somehow hilarious. We became more social because we were at ease. At night I had more introspective thoughts and explored an expanding universe and the mathematical equation that would see it end in a singularity as it compressed and expanded again. Fantastic. Like MDMA and Psilocybin together. The second week SP led to an extremely calming and expressive walk in the hills. Sapo, on the other hand, was rough. I wasn’t in terror. I wasn’t afraid. I did throw up more than I’ve ever experienced and released a ton of trauma. The sad part is that I don’t know what I saw. I took it in, felt the darkness come on and saw something in my past that shut me down completely. After that I was throwing up for about 45 minutes. I won’t do sapo again. I wouldn’t dissuade others from taking it. It’s just not for me. I want something I can work on. I don’t want to take anything that shuts me down.

I’m very happy with my experience overall. I’m already planning on going back in a year with other people who have been asking me to go with them. The thing I’m going to offer them, after knowing what I know, is a movement, breathwork, and meditation program to help integrate after their trip. I’ve been having difficulty with how many senses are overwhelmed by living in NYC. I did the worst thing possible, I scheduled 12hr days for two weeks straight (with another training certification over the weekend) with clients. As a trainer, I’m responsible for others emotional and physical wellbeing in our sessions. That leaves very little time to address my own needs. Sami, Ari, and I have been calling it integration impossible (coined by Paco during the first San Pedro ceremony). I’m already starting to feel the trauma creep back into my hips and upper back. If I had a week of integration built around realeasing the tension and strengthening around it, I think I’d be further along in my progress.

It was amazing to meet some really great people and start to heal some unheard trauma.

April 23, 2018

I stayed in Arkana Sacred Valley for one week in the beginning of April, and enjoyed three Ayahuasca ceremonies and one San Pedro. The retreat location was beautiful, the facilities were great, and the Shaman, Christian, was amazing! I also can’t begin to explain my gratitude for the rest of the facilitators there, including Chandra, Felipe, Alise, Angel, Paco and Rafael. The atmosphere of love, care, kindness, and generosity was present during my whole stay. I felt truly happy being there, and am so grateful for the experience. I highly recommend Arkana to anyone who is looking to seek healing in their life, whatever it may be. I, myself, hope to go back there again!
Thank you for everything!

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April 23, 2018

Going to Arkana was the best decision I made in the past 6 months. Sure, they can improve on some of the logistics (organized groupshares, following the schedule a bit more, etc., but overall it was an incredible space full of love, warmth, and healing.

The facilitators were top-notch. Angel, Paco, Alise, Chandra, and Filipe are some of the most kind and generous souls I’ve ever met. The Shamans were wonderful. And most importantly- they created a healing space for all to safely express themselves and grow to love themselves and one another.

I’ll be back.

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April 14, 2018

I spent 1-week at Arkana in the Sacred Valley location. It was my first experience with Ayahausca and overall found it to be a very positive experience, with Arkana providing great space to work. The core facilitators and leaders, Chandra, Angel, Alice and Paco were exceptional in their support, kindness, and seriousness in the process.The medicine was powerful and our shaman Jorge did a wonderful job. Aside from the Ayahuasca ceremonies, the temazcal and yoga provided a good support for the work. Not to mention the space is beautiful and the food was delicious.

All that said I decided to give Arkana 4-stars as I think there’s still some room for improvement. Some personal thoughts are: the retreat could use indoor social space for when the weather turns; the itinerary could be managed more tightly to ensure there’s more time for group share and integration discussions as this is in many ways a shared healing process; the cost of the retreat and extra-cirriculars seem a bit inflated, and lastly, in very limited cases I think they can be a bit more selective in choosing mature facilitators to guide the process.

All that being said, Arkana’s as good a place as you could ask for to explore this medicine; the people are wonderful and create a very positive space to undertake a scary but worthwhile process. I fully expect to be back in due time.

April 14, 2018

We just returned from Arkana at Sacred Valley. I can’t say enough about the service and people we met. We stayed a week. The level of support and help they offer is indescribable. Special thanks to Angel, Paco, Fillipe, Chandra, Alice. Shaman Christian was just amazing.The love they feel for everyone and each other is genuine.They have a passion for helping people, put in long hard days, and always make time for anyone who needs. I would highly recommend this place for people who want more comfortable stay than you can get in a jungle.

April 10, 2018

Ayahuasca’s powerful healing: It is necessarily difficult. It is genuine. I came to Arkana seeking real change, and of course, this is entirely up to me. What the Arkana experience gave me was a combination of insight, motivation, mystery, ritual, reflection, and a holistic toolset with which to make whatever changes I deem necessary.

Now, at this moment, I am exactly one week beyond my time at Arkana in the Amazon jungle. I sit on my darkened back patio, macbook in lap.. armed with Mapacho and Agua de Florida (but not much left) to reflect and share. Sigh… I finally can.

Expect this: personal challenge. You will be only slightly uncomfortable during your stay. It is, simply put, a perfect discomfort, forged in mosquitoes, jungle humidity and natural intimidation. Welcome the unfamiliarity and sincerely acknowledge your own shit. Get used to it and revel in it, for it serves a purpose. It’s more than okay. You are among friends.

Hope for this: Gracious and insightful hosts. Mine were Weronka and Rob, Chris, Falcon, and other very important servants which I cannot name but must commend. My meditations were expertly guided, my ears received magical, purposeful sounds, and I never entered any ceremony space unprepared or ignorantly irreverent. My sparse room was consistently cleaned and the toilets served their magical purpose of removing, as I have said, our own human shit. Good riddance, and thank you, toilets. More importantly, thank you, caring human guides. You were always exactly where we needed you to be, and the love flowed freely from the moment of our arrival.

Look forward to this: Scheduled and seemingly obligatory ‘group share’ conversations which occur the morning after each Ayahuasca ceremony. Just when you think you can’t possibly find the words to frame your personal experience, you will. And as you enter the maloca to flop down on your best friend for the week (love that well-placed, clean and soothing mattress), you might be tempted to feel ambivalent about the experience of your fellow Aya adventurers. Make no mistake. This is likely the richest vein of experience – revealed just for you. They, like you, will share things that truly matter and I invite you to take in every word, despite your initial perception of hungover aya exhaustion.

Revel in this: You are (albeit temporarily) an organism in the jungle of Amazonian Peru. You’ll learn something that your ancestors’ ancestors pushed aside generations ago. Let it envelop you; for there is no more LIVING place on earth. You will make peace with the humongous spider under your bed. You’ll learn to check every article of clothing before you don it. Expect ants in your sweetened teacup. I promise you, it will all work perfectly, harmoniously. You will be the recipient of one thousand mosquito bites and it is the smallest of cover charges, considering the payoff.

Yep. Cold showers. Yep. Barfing and bowel-control exercises await you. So, however, do icaros that will dwell in your ears for eternity.

Trust me, fellow urban dwellers/seekers. It is all perfect and you will know it soon enough. It all starts when you click ‘book now’. Without knowing what you are seeking, I promise that clicking that button means that you will never be the same. And it is such a good, good transformation!

Do. It.

Oh, and whatever you do, DON”T elect to skip Sapo. Fear not and give your entire self to this experience. There IS MEDICINE IN PERU.

Blessings to all who cradled me in their safe and competent, loving arms. Your guidance has made all the difference, and your work echoes in every life you’ve so deeply touched.

‘Somebody take me to the jungle!’ LOL @ my ignorance, my impulse to perform and my blissful surrender to source. Finally.

Compelled by an unexpected tugging and feeling of connection with the citizens of Libertad, I promise to return. And soon.

This time, I intend to give as much as I know Ill receive. We’ll fix that generator..!

So. Much. Love.


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April 9, 2018

This is my second time at Arkana, and I can’t say enough good things about this place. I was a bit apprehensive, as when I first came here 2 years ago, it was run by different people and the facilitators (who are no longer there) became like my family. But I was turning 40, and I wanted to go to a place where I knew I felt safe. The new people at the centre are just as lovely and caring as those who were there before them. The lead facilitators (Rob and Weronka) are so loving and giving. Just a beautiful couple! I hope our paths meet again! Alise was an awesome volunteer, she is young, but she is so wise beyond her years. I didn’t really connect with the other 2 facilitators, Bronte and Chris, but they were really nice and supportive. Ceci was wonderful too, thank you for taking care of me during my sapo ceremony 🙂 The cooks are awesome, and the meals have improved since the last time I was there, and there are a few great upgrades too. Electricity in the rooms as well as fans to help cool you from the hot, humid jungle air. The cleaning staff make sure everything is in order, the guide who takes you out on excursions knows so much about the plants and wild life in the area. The shamans are magical, and this time I really witnessed their magic with my own eyes. I would highly recommend this place, it is traditional ceremonies in a traditional setting, and the ayahuasca they serve is a very strong brew that is made by the previous Shaman and his family. I will definitely return here!

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April 4, 2018

I have recently returned from a week at the retreat in the Amazon, and I can hand on heart say it was the best week of my entire life.

Firstly, the center itself is absolutely stunning. The facilities are perfect for what you need and the food is great, pretty much as good as it can be considering the limitations. The center will have a place in my heart forever.

Secondly, the staff are all fantastic. There were 3 volunteer facilitators (Alise, Chris and Brunte) and they all were completely great – they all knew their stuff and were kind, loving and helpful – all 3 went above and beyond. The 2 head facilitators (Rob and Weronka) are literally they two nicest, kindest, most genuine people I have ever met – they make this place what it is. They understand that for many people this type of retreat is very much out of their comfort zone, but they have a way of taking away any anxiety or skepticism you may have.

Thirdly, the fellow guests. I made many friends for life at the center, and that was one aspect I really did not see happening. Everybody completely opens their hearts once they set foot in the center and makes the experience so very special.

The place is the real deal. I would not ever go anywhere else and I will definitely be back sometime soon. My perspective on life has completely changed and i am full of optimism for my future because of my experience here.

The trips and activities are all top notch too – as are the guides.

I could continue bigging the place and the people up but my hands are starting to hurt!

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April 1, 2018

A magical place in paradise.
not only this but the Staff at the center are selfless, caring and beautiful people.. you have restored my faith in humanity.
I came to Arkana wanting to work out some remaining kinks in my life and left with so much more .
a new life awaits and i will be coming back for sure.
Thank you so much for an incredible experience .. love to all

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March 31, 2018

My experience at Arkana was more than I could have ever asked for or imagined. From the location to the food to the staff (especially the staff, truly top notch), it was absolutely amazing. I’ve already recommended it to three friends, and anyone else who asks about it will be getting my ringing endorsement for Arkana. I hope to go back again later this year!!

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March 25, 2018

I spent a week in Arkana Sacred Valley and a week in their jungle retreat. Both centers are amazing. Great shamans, a lot of love, experienced fascilitators and the best of the sacred medicine.

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March 17, 2018

My journey in Peru was for about 2 weeks and I am glad that I had the chance to built my second family there. Every single person including the staff were very kind and helpfully with all the questions that I had! I strongly recommend to everyone to have the courage to jump into the unknown! I strongly recommend Ayahuasca retreat!

March 11, 2018

I recently completed a 3 week retreat at Arkana Spiritual Center – and WOW! I’m 69 and this was my first time working with Ayahuasca, first time in Peru and first trip to the Amazon. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was hoping to find a way to transform what ever remains of this lifetime.
By the end of week one I felt I could go home and nothing would ever be the same again, and I know that’s true. Then week two took me deeper, into a place of profound calm. I felt that I belonged here in my life in a way that I never have. I felt, I’m enough and who I am now is the very thing I’ve been looking for. Such a homecoming.
Week three opened my heart and mind and being to the absolute beauty, kindness and love of life. And I mean every part of life, even the tough and unwanted parts.
This entire process was held in sacred space that was created by Veronica, Rob and the shamans. The rituals that began and ended each ceremony created a space where it was absolutely safe to open to whatever the medicine brought forward. Each morning following a ceremony we had a group sharing where we could not only explore our own journey but learn from everyone else’s experiences as well.
Back at home now and my wife says Wow! You are a new person, so alive and present and loving. She tells me that she is intrigued and wonders if we do a retreat together sometime soon.
Thank you Christian, Veronica, Rob, Craig, Alice and all of the Shipibo people who keep the centre so clean, comfortable and welcoming – I won’t forget your beautiful smiles.

March 11, 2018

I had an absolutely amazing time during my stay at the Arkana spiritual retreat! All the staff and shamans were great people and willing to help you in anyway. I would recommend this retreat to anyone wanting an unforgettable experience!

March 4, 2018

I went to the 7 day Amazon Ayahuasca retreat in February. The venue is beautiful, the facilities really good and it’s very clean. The facilitators, shamans, guides and staff are all very friendly and approachable. I enjoyed all the activities and excursions, and the ceremonies were conducted very well. I found the treatment very thorough and careful and I felt very safe there. The medicine tasted clean and fresh compared to what I had tried previously at other locations, and it was very powerful. I feel like I got everything out of the trip that I’d hoped to and more. 5*

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February 26, 2018

What an amazing week! I think some more time would have been very beneficial. But one week has me back on the right track and ready for more excitement the world has waiting for me. Beautiful staff and delicious meals made this a great experience. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

February 25, 2018

The most profound 2 weeks of my life. The staff and shamans were excellent and the daily program was great, you could do as much or as little as you liked. The support and activities helped a lot with integration and guidance through the whole process, I can’t wait to return soon!

February 15, 2018

My time at Arkana Spiritual Center was truly life changing. The safe and supportive environment allowed for incredible healing and insights. As a first time, solo, international traveller, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Everyone from the facilitators, shaman, and kitchen staff created a uniquely serene and friendly atmosphere. Thank you all for your mission, purpose and friendship.

February 14, 2018

Truly an investment in the rest of your life. These people are absolutely EXCEPTIONAL at what they do. A place of healing, where you can unshackle yourself from your past and illuminate your future. Not only does your money go towards the knowledgeable and capable staff, but you also get a real cozy bed, fresh clean drinking water (an understated amenity in Peru), hot showers, and the cooks make up some delectable meals for your stay. I am recommending this place to all my friends and family who could use some healing in their lives.

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February 12, 2018

Having been to Pulsetours’s Amazon retreats, I was so excited to try out their new Sacred Valley center. Accommodation situation in Sacred Valley was better compare to Amazon in my opinion.

Quite environment made me to focus more on my retreats.
Shamans and facilitators were very caring and tried their best to help me go through healing process.


February 10, 2018

I stayed 3 weeks at Arkana spiritual center and came back for one more week a month later! The people there are amazing and i love to think of them as brothers and sisters. They are authentic, caring and humble and really do everything in there power so you can heal. It was not always easy, it was actually very hard sometimes, but i was always supported through it all and came out of it a better me. It’s a beautiful location, the rooms are comfortable, the food is great and it’s the perfect setting for deep transformation. Grateful!

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February 10, 2018

I stayed at Arkana center in the Sacred Valley for 3 weeks. It was intense, it’s a busy schedule and repeats week on week (which made the second week more relaxing as I didn’t do the outings).
The team is excellent and very supportive, they’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the medicine or post ceremony.
The San Pedro location is AMAZING! As of the guides and support staff.

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January 30, 2018

went there for 2018 new year retreat. very comfortable. good food. warm showers. no bugs. great people. shaman named Dieago was the real deal. wouldn’t have believed it if i didn’t see and feel it with my own eyes and heart. very cleansing for the mind heart body soul and chakras. purged a lot of garbage memories and energies from my past. aka. abuse from others and self abusive patterns. highly recommend this place. this is where i would send my mother if i could convince her to go. if your new to the medicine or a repeat practicing person try this place. you won’t regret it. well worth the money. these people know how to run a retreat. VERY AUTHENTIC AND INVESTED IN HELPING HUMANITY HEAL ONE CLIENT AT A TIME. GOOD LUCK.

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January 20, 2018

I travelled with Pulse Tours for the New Years Retreat to their center in the Amazon. This was my second time doing an Ayahuasca Retreat in the Amazon, my first time with Pulse. To me this was an ideal way to reflect and review the past year, and recharge for the new year. It was an amazing experience and I am deeply thankful to the people that make this possible. But really, any time is perfect to do this, as for many it will mark a significant event in their lives.
Some in our group experienced break throughs in overcoming depressions and it was amazing to witness their healing process. My own experiences were challenging and profound, and as always deeply healing. My experiences with Aya go back to the early 90’s. I consider this medicine the most profound and effective way of emotional and physical healing, spiritual connection and real mystery.
The Arkana Spiritual Center is built very beautifully, the big Maloka is a magical place and the small Maloka perfect for Yoga and Meditation. The whole center is build on Stilts and many areas are screened, which is a blessing because of the Bugs.
The Staff was outstanding, many thanks to everyone from the kitchen staff who prepared beautiful meals for us, those mangos dusted with Spirulina were marvellous! Thanks to the angels who tidied up constantly. Our guide Falcon was amazing. The Facilitators were fantastic. Helpful, caring, knowledgeable.
The group sharing was beautiful and made me appreciate my fellow travellers for their courage and beauty.
When the Shamans sang the Ikaros the magic was happening – tangible. Can not be described, only experienced.
Thank you, to all facilitators and contributors.

The only reason why I can not give 5 stars is because of the accommodation situation, as I struggled throughout my stay with
not having a private bathroom or close bathroom as we had to walk quite far to the (shared) bathrooms which were also to few for so many people in my opinion.
For me, waiting for a shower to free up was ok, but waiting for a bathroom was not – it was especially unpleasant.

Overall I would recommend Pulse to everyone who is truly interested in the inner journey and want a good introduction in this powerful medicine.

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January 19, 2018

Where to begin?

I spent 3 weeks with Pulse in december, and putting what i truly experienced in written language is impossible. All i can say is that if you’re interested in going on this journey, you probably won’t find a better place than this. The facilitators with their love and wisdom will guide you through both the good and hard times. The shamans are unbelievable, especially Wiler. You can feel their love and safety projecting to you through their icaros during the ceremonies. The indigenous people who work there do everything for you so you only have to focus on your own journey. Everything is taken care of here, just come and let yourself be healed or whatever else your motivation is for this stay.

I could probably write a novel about my 3 weeks and it wouldn’t scratch the surface of what i experienced here. To keep it short, highly recommended!

January 15, 2018

I just came back from the New Years 10 Day Retreat and as promised, it was life changing. I chose Arkana through a friend’s referral and he was spot on with his recommendation. From the center to the facilitators to the shamans – everything was professional and 1st class. I ended up only participating in 2 of the 4 ceremonies for personal reasons, and the staff were kind, patient and understanding of my decision, though they encouraged me to continue. Also, the food was excellent :). I’m so excited to have learned so many tools I can continue to use as I integrate back into my daily life. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a change.

January 15, 2018

I am experienced with ayahuasca and chose Arkana Spiritual Center because it was one of if not the only center having a retreat over the holidays and New Years. I was also interested in trying Kambo which they also offered.

The kitchen staff which prepared our meals was very nice. The cleaning staff who made everything tidy as best can be, was excellent. The tour guides and boat operators where friendly and sharing. The facilitators were kind, caring, much needed and there for you. I would like to thank the manager Cece for all her help to make our experience comfortable and pleasant. The shamans were amazing including the Kambo shaman Johnny (our prayers go out to you for speedy recovery).

Several people in our group experienced breakthroughs, clarity and healing. Profound work can be done at Arkana as well as healing and I can recommend the center for its dedication to helping those in need.

A 5 star review is one that confirms brilliance. For those in our group whose lives were changed, 5 stars would not be enough. I gave 4 stars for a few factors worth commenting for future visitors. I gained clarity and knowledge from this retreat and will carry this with me into my days. There were a few items listed on their online itinerary for our retreat package that were not actually included. Such as a few meals and a few activities. If there is something of importance to you listed in an itinerary, contact Arkana to make sure its part of the retreat. There were times during the week when the group (or part of the group) did not know what was going on or what exactly was going to happen. Better communication is always possible and I feel this was ‘loose’ at times. The facility was special, built on stilts, one can walk everywhere at the center without touching the ground. I found during the ceremonies that even though I was in nature, I was somehow removed from it as I saw no green in the main Moloka and a few of the passage ways were screened (for good reason) making the view to the jungle veiled. I wanted to reconnect to nature and found it difficult during my stay.

I would like to thank everyone at Pulse and Arkana for their hospitality, care, knowledge and work. Many Blessings.


January 14, 2018

I chose Arkana after exploring the web site and reading reviews – the same way you are. But it’s very difficult to explain the level of support and commitment that they offer in a review. From the Skype interview before travelling, to the sensitive and personal care I received at the centre, I am so grateful that I found Arkana. And that Arkana found me.

I stayed for 8 nights at the centre in the Sacred Valley over New Year 2018. Our group was relatively large – 16 in total – but we’ve become a healing family to one another. The bonds we grew in Urubamba, fostered by the Arkana team, will stay with me forever.

You can read about the practical process elsewhere, but Arkana is all about its people. The facilitators need a better title – they are spiritual guides, friends and confidantes. Shantanu, Kunti, Javier and Chandra pour their souls into the place. And the people who’ve found a home there – Mike and Chris when I was visiting – provide a vital link between the world you’ve come from and the one you’re heading towards.

A special mention for Diego – the inspirational shaman. He has a telepathic understanding of what you’re going through in ceremony and connects immediately to support you. The level to which he seems to feel what you’re going through is extraordinary.

I have written in detail about what brought me to Arkana and how I think it’s changed me at In short, I would recommend Arkana without reservation. It’s a beautiful place doing beautiful things.

January 7, 2018

The most difficult but amazing experience of my life yet. To start the people working here are genuine healers. I honestly have never met people like that who radiate so much love. I was there for one week. I did four ceremonies of Aya. They were both beautiful and difficult experiences. Nothing that you will read online will prepare you for what your about to experience. I saw my future and went back to my childhood. I felt things I’ve never felt before. Suppressing everything through the years I felt like Aya let me release everything. Lastly the people I met here are friends for life. I would highly recommend this centre.

December 30, 2017

The people are incredible. The experience wonderful. The accomodations OK. Good for Peru—–<motel 6 by north american standards. Was a great experience overall.

Food was great–even for vegan—was good. I'm a meat eater—was challenging.

Staff was unusually dedicated to a positive client experience. I grew to love them. And they made me feel loved.

December 30, 2017

Overall my experience with Pulse tours was an amazing one. I spent 3 weeks in the jungle, receiving 12 aya ceremonies, 2 nunu and 2 kambo in the duration. The staff was very helpful and honest. They seemed to have a interest in helping with your problems and assisting in your healing. I never felt pressured to participate in anything or to perceive things in a certain way. This was my first time drinking ayahuasca and although I have no experience with other brews I feel safe to say Pulse tours Ayahuasca is a good strength. It was a great worry of mine that I would arrive to find perticularily weak aya brew but, by the first ceremony I was blown away by the power of the brew. Although Pulse tours was a wonderous place to experience aya, especially for my first time, there was an uneasing sense of commercialization and misled intention. It felt as if some of the culture had been lost and consciously or unconsciously facillatators and shamans alike were there more for their own development and profit than for others. I was also somewhat disapointed in the shamans ability to hold down the ceremonial space. With that said I am still very grateful of my experience at Pulse and rate it 4 stars.

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December 22, 2017

J’ai suivi avec Pulse ma cinquième retraite Ayahuasca .
Ayant connu plus ou moins de bonheur dans les précédentes je suis ravi de ce séjour.
Les points forts sont pour moi :
le lieu:silence et le fleuve tout près
les shamans:leurs icaros sont magnifiques
le staff vraiment chaleureux et attentionné.
Bon séjour à tous ceux qui se laisseront tenter.

In English:
I followed with Pulse my fifth Ayahuasca retreat.
Having experienced more or less happiness in the previous ones I am delighted with this stay.
The strong points are for me:
the place: silence and the river nearby
shamans: their icaros are beautiful
the staff really warm and attentive.
Good stay to all those who will be tempted.

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December 19, 2017

After 2years of umming and ahhing i booked my Ayahuasca experience with Pulse Arkhana, The moment i booked it i felt a great relief.
I traveled from Australia to Peru alone solely for the purpose for healing from Mother Aya.
I was not disappointed! We met at la casona hotel where the facilitators picked us up and took us out to the retreat, this was a huge relief and a good peace of mind.
I was there to fix my anxiety, self inflicted constant putting myself down which caused me depression. Which i managed to do! <3
The 3 shamans were utterly amazing and absolutely perfect, i felt great ease with them and the facilitators looking over me and the rest of us.
I couldn't rave enough about the Sappo experience as well, a lot of healing for me from that.
Such an amazing experience and I've definitely made friends for life! 10/10 Would go back again.
A couple of tips for people going! If you are going down for 2+ weeks and plan to do the Dieta, consider small portions of bug spray/shampoo/body wash etc as (its advised not to use them whilst dieting)
Take a bandana for mosquito's on jungle walks etc, Take a couple of books, and take a journal for trip reports its amazing the small details you forget which take you right back after you leave!
Its now a month later and I'm still radiating love! I cant thank the team at Pulse Arkhana for such an amazing experience. Love you all

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December 17, 2017

Focus is on healing, not hallucinogenics

Arkana Sacred Valley location: 1-week retreat.

Summary: Though it was my first and only retreat experience, I have nothing but positive things to say about the place and the people, this is everything you could wish for and more. No safety concerns, no medical concerns, no concerns about being forced to do anything you don’t want to do. The staff were able to manage the retreaters, assembling a group of strangers that large always has the potential for difficulty, but fortunately everyone was positive and supportive of each other. Amazing experience, would highly recommend it. For more detail, see following:

Price: I was glad to have the 1-week option as I didn’t know what to expect and thought 2 weeks would be too long. After the first few days, I wish I would have booked another week, some people were able to extend their stay. There was an option to come a day early, which I was able to do, which saved me money on flights and I didn’t have to worry about altitude sickness by staying in Cusco. I also paid extra for a private room, which was a good call due to the “cleansing” process I experienced throughout the week. It may cost a bit more than the other retreats, but you get what you pay for- the facilities were clean and comfortable, the staff work extremely hard and put in long hours, the ceremonies were very involved and the activities were abundant and well planned. It’s basically an all inclusive. I think the higher prices also served to weed out the people who may come for the wrong reasons. The itinerary was a bit fluid, but there was a good mix of spare time and scheduled activities, with lots of time for nights by the fire.

The Facilitators: I cannot praise or endorse these amazing people enough. Chandra, Pamela, Kunti, Rayo, beautiful people inside and out. Fluent in English, and translate for the shaman. Incredible singing voices, Rayo also plays guitar. The love they feel for everyone and each other is genuine, there is lots of laughter and joy. They have a passion for helping people, put in long hard days, and always make time for anyone who needs. The focus of this retreat is dealing with whatever issues are negatively affecting your life, and helping you resolve your issues in an empathetic and gentle way. I was worried there was going to be a lot of mystical and hippy mumbo jumbo forced upon me, or a bunch of people looking to get blasted out of their minds on the new trendy high, it was not like that at all. They give their advice and help you understand your experiences, and guide you through the week, you are free to participate as much or as little as you want. They assist in the shaman with the ayahuasca ceremony and conduct the Temazcal (sweat lodge) and Sapo (Sonoran Desert Toad) ceremonies, they also administer the Rape (ground tobacco). Kunti shared her extensive knowledge about Sapo, and prepares the medicine. I had one ceremony with Chandra and Kunti, and one with Pamela, Rayo and Kunti, and had 2 totally different and amazing experiences, which are indescribable. I highly recommend this experience. Even though I was completely comfortable with the staff from the first day, I was glad I did the Sapo at the end of the week, when I was more open to letting go and going through the process. A past retreat participant Mike from USA had stayed on as an assistant. Mike was a great intermediary, was able to answer our questions, help people out during the ceremony, go outside with anyone who needed it to allow the facilitators to continue the ceremony, and help out with anything in general. He was a great asset and resource to have.

The Shaman: Diago Sanchez Rojas is the shaman, from a long lineage of Shipibo shaman. Though not ancient and withered as you picture a shaman would be, he has an air of quiet wisdom and confidence about him. He speaks little English, Pamela translates for him. He is calm, kind and caring, and still makes little jokes when you least expect it, was joking the ayahuasca was like chocolate milk. Very approachable, I wish I spoke Spanish. The facilitators cannot stop saying what a unique and talented shaman he is, and how they were so lucky to find him. Diago’s wife, I believe is also a shaman, cooks up the ayahuasca at their home village in the jungle and ships it over, she also brought over some beautiful clothing and tapestries for purchase on our last day there.

Participants: There were 16 people ages 20-70 from all walks of life with a wide range of personal issues they wanted to work on. I feel honored and fortunate to have been part of this group. Great vibe, fun and interesting people. The group really bonded through the week. Some people added an additional week, I wish I would have as well. With any large group, some drama is expected, the facilitators were able to manage the people having issues and direct them back into focus

Facilities: Site is a converted hotel, comfortable beds, hot showers, flush toilets (garbage for TP), power outlets North American 3 prong grounded plug compatible, no converter required. The free Wifi is slow/intermittent, but they encourage you to disconnect anyway. I was able to keep in touch with loved ones via Facebook and WhatsApp. The facility is gated, but people were free to leave on their down time, some people went running, some people went shopping and exploring, the area was very safe. I went in December, it was forecast to rain everyday. We only had rain at night, good mix of sun and cloud, definitely needed a hat and sunscreen, was lucky to not have any mosquitoes. Lots of flies if you leave your windows open.

Food: Meals follow the restricted diet, but delicious with large portions. Breakfast and lunch served, and large bowl of a variety of local fruit always available. Eating on ceremony days not recommended after lunch, fruit and tea served after ceremony. Filtered drinking water from mountain stream always available and accessible, as is self serve coca tea and hierba luisa tea. Kitchen/housekeeping staff friendly, speedy and accommodating. Take the diet seriously, one girl ate red meat after Machu Picchu, was very ill the next day.

Services: Free laundry service on Wednesdays, delivered by Friday. Massage (deep tissue/Thai/etc)/reflexology/Reiki at extra cost. I had an fantastic deep tissue massage from Kunti. Pamela conducted a Yoga class one morning, also very good.

Ayahuasca: The ceremonies lasted 8pm-2am. Everyone got their own mat, blankets, and vomit bucket, and each person got a beautifully embroidered pencil case-like pouch containing mapacho, palo santo and Florida water, which helps with the nausea. There are 2 bathrooms at one end of the malorca, bring a flashlight with a red lens as the room is in total darkness throughout the whole ceremony. The first ceremony, everyone got the same cautious dose to see how it would affect them. I appreciated that they administer this in a safe and responsible manner. Tastes terrible, not as bad as expected, but definitely worse on the way back up. Best to drink like a shooter. There were a wide range of reactions, from no effect, to life changing experiences. Some people vomited, others not. Be advised, some people experienced diarrhea throughout the week, but this was manageable, and Imodium is allowed if it is not. The shaman and facilitators sing the icaros, use instruments and singing bowls, going from person to person, assessing how they are doing, helping anyone who is in need. It is also quite normal for them to vomit for you if you are unable. So, there are hours of listening to singing and vomiting, no one is supposed to leave until the end of the ceremony, so they can keep everyone safe. Some people fall asleep during and sleep there until the morning. There was a gathering of the group the next morning with Diago and the facilitators, so we could share our experiences and find out what they meant. There was no pressure to participate, but everyone had bonded by then, and everyone was interested in hearing what happened to everyone else. It also gave Diago and idea how much to administer for the next ceremony, and who might need extra assistance. By the third ceremony, people had a good idea if they needed more, and asked for additional doses during the ceremony, which Diago assessed on an individual basis. The icaros and the instruments were amazing, we are hoping they will release a CD or upload some recordings.

Rape (Sacred tobacco): The facilitators will perform a mindful blessing then blow the ground power up each nostril through a wooden tube. Burns for a shot time, like when chlorinated water from a swimming pool gets up your nose. Each facilitator has their own mix, effects range from simply clearing the sinuses to feeling tingly and lightheaded.

San Pedro (Huachuma): This was done offsite at a farm by a large lake in the mountains. It is not anything you’d want to sip on, its like a slimy glass of Metamucil. I only had one glass, others were free to have as much as they wanted. I would describe the effect on my as feeling like I had a good sleep and a strong cup of coffee. The guide Jimmy (?) poured everyone a drink and performed the ceremony, then gave everyone and individual Reiki healing session and tarot card reading. It also included a nice lunch. Great day!

Sapo (Sonoran Desert Toad): indescribable. Has to be experienced. I had 2 sessions, both completely different. First one with Chandra and Kunti was very spiritual, had the out of body/white light experience. The second with Pamela, Kunti and Rayo. I was completely aware throughout and it was more of an emotional release. This is a must do opportunity!

Tours: We hiked up to the salt mines close by, very interesting, Rafael was a fantastic guide. He took the group shopping in Pisco a few days later, I did not go, a few of us walked to a local town not far away and did our own shopping. The Machu Picchu was great, all of out tickets were paid for and organized, we took a bus and train, so the only hiking was at the site. A few people hiked up to the Sun Gate. The rest stayed with the guide, who was very knowledgeable and informative. This was well worth the extra cost, and I have a Machu Picchu stamp in my passport.

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December 17, 2017

I stayed for a week in the Amazon retreat and it was just amazing.
I had 4 ceremonies to go through and I now realize what they mean when they say you should be patient.
My first 2 left me confused but after the 3rd and 4th ceremony I was just amazed at what the plant can do for you.

The shamans were wonderful. Each one had their own vibe and their icaros were really powerful.

The facilitators were just amazing. Always made you feel at home and were there if you needed anything. Most importantly, during the ceremonies if anyone had any trouble they knew exactly how to be and what to say to calm us down.

The place was also very nice. Nothing too fancy but good enough to make you feel you are out of the city and in a jungle. Food was decent.

The daily activities were really fun. Your schedule is actually packed which is nice because you make the most of being in the Amazon. The tour guides were also fantastic.

I would definitely recommend anyone to come here for their ayahuasca journey as it has given me one of the best experiences of my life.
I’m coming again for at least 2 weeks lol.


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December 11, 2017

Very peaceful and professional retreat. We were a group of military veterans and all had an amazing time. The staff and the shaman were there for anything we needed. Thanks Jose!

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December 7, 2017

I chose Arkana for my first time doing ayahuasca so naturally I was a bit worried about it all, but as soon as we arrived at the jungle centre, I felt safe and calm, everyone there was super warm, helpful and lovely. Every person working there (kitchen & cleaning staff, guides, facilitators, shamans) radiates love and kindness, they always make sure you’re okay and are ready to help in whatever way you need at that point. The shamans are extremely powerful, they know just what you need and their icaros work on you like magic.

I am eternally grateful for this place and everyone who made my 2 weeks there so amazing, I left feeling happier than I have been in years and still feel the love & light that I finally found while there.

The centre is in a beautiful location, the facilities are just what you need when you’re in the jungle, nothing too fancy but enough to be comfortable and have a break from the city life.
The organised daily activities/expeditions are fun too, you get to see lots of cool animals & plants, and the tour guide, Falcon, is really knowledgable and funny.

The non-dieta food is pretty good but if you have the chance, definitely try doing the dieta for as long as possible. After 2 weeks of no salt, sugar, oil I felt super healthy, clean and energised, and it helps with the ceremonies too.
If you can, do the sapo ceremony too, it is something indescribably beautiful that goes perfectly with the whole experience.

Overall, the 2 weeks there were incredible and life-changing, I still feel amazing 3 weeks later. I finally found and saw the light that I am, and learnt what love, happiness, peace is, and how to just be. Before this I was not a spiritual person at all and couldn’t have imagined feeling this way and saying things like this but people really can and do change!

Love to all <3

December 4, 2017

I recently returned from my third visit to Arkana / Pulse and the experience was just as incredible as it always is. I stayed for three weeks and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect time. I got everything I needed out of it.

Their shamans are the main reason I keep coming back. The head shaman, Wiler, is amazingly powerful and his icaros will take control of your soul and bring you into the light everytime. I felt a strong connection with Hilberto, the older shaman, this time around. His icaros will make you soar. Then of course there is also Angelita, whose songs will pierce right through to the core of your soul.

The rest of the staff there are also amazing. Craig is one of the funniest guys I’ve met and brings a lot of light and laughter to the centre. Jess is an absolute angel and even baked me an amazing cake for my birthday. Shantanu had an infectious laugh and was amazing at helping people through some difficult moments during the ceremony. The local staff including the guides, cleaning and kitchen staff and others were all amazing. I felt very safe and taken care of at all times.

The facilitaties at the centre are top notch and have improved since my previous visits. In particular, they now have electricity and lighting at all times (this wasn’t there in my previous visits).

No matter where you go, ayahuasca is going to be a challenging experience. For that reason I cannot recommend Arkana highly enough, because they take a challenging experience and provide all the love, support and care to help you on your own personal journey.

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November 27, 2017

It’s been 2 years since i was at Pulse, and I read that the ownership has shifted/changed. I’m now 50 years old, and will give my summation.

I felt safe in this journey and with the pulse members, the amenities, the restaurant on travel to the river was great. there were at least 3 newish relationships going on when i was there…the aya and sex/heart with the new members was probably not a good mix. there were a lot of vulnerable ppl there. but the drama of 2 of the relationships, took away a lot from those people. also,

there was also a man who was very deceptive (on heart/BP meds)…and a pathological liar (I’m sure bc my dad was a naval officer, this guy claimed to be a colonel, hell no). I read that after i left, he was kicked out…ugh…it’s hard to face a person I don’t like for reason of knowing him a liar, every morning at breakfast, to greet him openly. I wonder why it took so long. after that…there was some black magic going on around there; i’m repeating what was said on reddit. and i do believe in darkness now.

so, saying all that, I have my sanity and reason, my intuition, and knowing. The 4th aya journey, was BAD! I did not have the ability to integrate that journey…all the others were good. I had no one to help me process anything…bc it was a journey to choose sanity over insanity. I landed, with the Jesus’ help, on the sane side.

If one if brave enough to journey w Aya, I hope that there is an umbilical cord to their sense of self…that can harbor them if/when, it goes south.

btw, i didn’t follow the messages that i received, they happened anyway ( w a realtionship). aya told me the truth there. I think i needed love more than….

bc la medicina , aya, is so potent….and i had no one to process my experience with (i left the morning after) , i strongly recommend an aya pre and post counseling, and during I’m writing this 2 years later. would i do it again? maybe, maybe yes… Mel

November 19, 2017

I returned from a 2 week retreat with Pulse Tours last week. I spent the first week in Sacred Valley and the second in the Amazon.

I understand now why all the feedback says it’s impossible to put the experience into words. What I have to say is that it is definitely worth it and a life-changing journey for those who are ready. It’s work, it’s not an easy experience by any means, but I left this retreat a different person with a different understanding of life from when I entered, and I’m all the better for it.

More practical information: the two locations are completely different experiences. That was amazing because it felt like I was in two different countries, two different cultures, with two different types of ceremonies. The Sacred Valley location had a much gentler feel. The landscape there is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in my life. There was only one shaman in ceremony compared to 3-4 in the Amazon. The Sacred Valley location definitely felt more about the overall experience of that region alongside the medicine compared to the Amazon whose environment itself felt like a part of the medicine. The Amazon was more intense for all of us that experienced the two. I wouldn’t have changed a thing as both experiences were so valuable.

The staff was amazing. The facilitators helped me to grow more than I could have anticipated and were always there to offer help and advice.

I absolutely recommend this to anyone who believes they are ready for it.

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November 11, 2017

Hello! I hope my recent Ayahuasca experience may be useful for those who are interested in the medicine and consider Pulse Tours. I’ve participated the 14 Days Ayahuasca Retreat (Oct, 14-29) and thanks to God (or someone else) I didn’t limit myself by taking just 7 days. I know it depends on a person. As for me, I’m sure that four ceremonies wouldn’t be enough and I would certainly be frustrated. However I met very excited people from previous tours who took just 7days retreat and seemed totally satisfied.
My retreat was not occasional; I planned it since last year being inspired by Graham Hancock’s and David Icke’s youtube videos about their experience with DMT and Ayahuasca. My favourite singer Tori Amos once said that the most influential journeys she had ware with Ayahuasca. So I can’t ignore that signs and started to investigate the topic. That eventually leaded me to ayaadvisor and there I found the Pulse Tours. My attention was also attracted by another organization but they require rubber boots to take from home. That is not convenient for me so PulseTours won in that competition 🙂
Well, don’t expect too comfortable conditions to have in the jungles, however, it doesn’t matter after being there for some time. Ok, honestly I missed hot water every time but everyone can take it for a week or two. What really matters is people at Pulse Tours. They are very kind and always ready to help if you need something. I felt very safe. All guests I met were also very nice people, so we lived like a big family, indeed. Pulse Tours deserves five stars just for that. Tamara, I miss your ‘Group share!’ calling )) I even get a Facebook account after the tour to be in touch with my new friends.
Now it’s time to tell something about the medicine itself. Well, for a long time I didn’t understand it. Every time I just took the dose, listen to the Icaros and wait for something. Well, actually something happened, but it was very far from what should really happen. I had some visions but it was just a “surface” as I understand it later. Unfortunately I wasted a lot of time getting almost nothing useful from the ceremonies just hard sleepless nights and physical exhausting. I thought the normal dose is not enough for me and I tried more but nothing really changed except it became more difficult to endure.
It was my seventh ceremony when I somehow started listening to that internal thin sound of Ayahuasca playing in my body. This tuning of attention turned into the magic door in me, or connection to the medicine as they call it. When it happened, all my bad physical feelings faded away, the vomiting signals disappeared, the breathing became very free and the “rabbit hole” took me really deep. It was the first time I couldn’t walk by myself when the facilitators came to take me to the personal Icaro. My body was in this world but I was in another world(s). At last I understood what was going on during the ceremony, what Ayahuasca did, what Icaros did, why we needed shamans. By the way, the shamans are Great.
DMT or Sapo ceremony is another AMAZING story, if you would have chance to take it, DO IT.
I won’t go into the details of my “rabbit hole” experience, it does matter just for me. I was looking for answers, but Ayahuasca gave me the answer that made most of my questions irrelevant. That answer was a treasure for me. The tour is not cheap for me but I would certainly look for a possibility to come back. I really want my parents, my friends to have such experience, but I can’t recommend somebody to take Ayahuasca, because this way may be very difficult physically and the result in not guaranteed in a short period of time.
If somebody have decided to participate and looking for a piece of advice, I would say you should not have ANY expectations. You have to be patient, honest, don’t stay away mentally during the ceremony, listen to yourself, the magic will be happening inside, we just have to notice it behind that physical unpleasant symptoms and follow the white rabbit.

November 10, 2017

Everyone at Arkana Spiritual Center was so amazing. You feel completely taken care of, and welcome, and safe from the moment you arrive. I can’t believe that there are people in the world that are so incredibly giving, so incredibly loving and selfless. They give so completely to people they don’t even know.

This week was one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had. It was definitely one of the most difficult and intense weeks I have ever had. Ayahuasca doesn’t let you off the hook easy. She takes you to the heart of your “stuff” and if you are ready for it you can experience profound healing. I can’t say I would recommend it for everyone. I would say you have to be ready to be confronted with your deepest darkest issues. There were times I felt completely broken down to my core. If you are not in a place in your life that you are ready to do that then don’t go. If you do go, I can’t say enough good things about Arkana. I’m sure there must be other great places to do Ayahuasca but after seeing how this team works together to completely support every single person that walks through their doors I would not trust anyone else.

The Shaman was amazing. He was a true healer. He is completely committed to helping you.

The Shamans assistants and helpers gave and gave and gave. I don’t think I have ever been in an environment where people were being supported with so much love as I felt from them. When the week was over I found it very difficult to find the words to be able to thank everyone that helped me in my journey to healing. What do you say to someone that helped you finally overcome the issues you have been trying to release and let go of for your entire adult life? This one week trip felt like you got the equivalent amount of deep insight and healing of going to see a therapist every week for 20 years.

I highly recommend Arkana

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November 9, 2017

It was the second time for me at the Pulse retreat center. This time I spent 3 weeks there as compared to 1 week the first time.

Again the overall experience was great! The shamans, facilitators and staff all did a great job in making it an unforgettable experience. The ceremonies are carried out carefully and the guests are being taken care of nicely. The shamans Wiler, Abuelo and Angelita are the professionals you want to have on your side, guiding you through the psychedelic journeys from the first “consulta” to the ceremonies and finally the daily group shares.

Wiler recommended me to do a Pinon Blanco plant diet during my stay, which was a great addition to the experience. The special food diet accompanying the plant dieta might become uninteresting after a few days, but it’s definitely worth it as it helps you to better connect to Ayahuasca and to yourself.

I met lots of interesting people there from all over the world. Activities include: Jungle tours, boat trips, sloth visiting, visiting the village nearby and movie nights.

Great place, feels like second home now 🙂

October 31, 2017

I’m an Army veteran who was dealing with pretty heavy PTSD-related anxiety disorder and depression. After 5 years of all-too-regular breakdowns and one too many destroyed relationships, life was feeling desperate. Numerous pharmaceuticals had failed me. I had learned about Pulse from some YouTube videos I saw a few years ago, and proceeded to slowly research what Ayahuasca was and what it could do. Then, last summer, the universe smiled on me at the exact right time, and I found myself traveling into the middle of the Peruvian jungle in seek of seek a different kind of healing. A healing that even I was still a bit skeptical about. But after 2 weeks of working with Ayahuasca under the guidance of Shaman Wiler, I found myself completely healed. It may sound hyperbolic, but – honestly – I still catch myself now, a few months later, in awe of just how much I have changed. The way this powerful medicine stimulates neuroplasticity is undeniably true. So many walls were broken down, leaving a clear and open mind, no longer plagued by negative thoughts and patterns. So many symptoms are gone and staying gone, and I am 100% medication-free now. It’s hard work, mind you, both in ceremony and throughout the integration process after returning home, but the newfound (rekindled?) senses of empathy, love, and patience I have gained were worth every ounce of physical and mental sweat. I feel that I have been given nothing short of a new lease on life. I sincerely owe so much to the entire Pulse family, and can now look forward to a more peaceful, joyful, and loving future than I thought possible just a few months ago. They have truly curated a place of love and healing down there in the jungle.

-Andrew P

October 29, 2017

One for the veterans:

Receiving an invite to participate in a veteran’s retreat here at Arkana Spiritual center was a true honor!

I have stayed at several ayahuasca centres in previous years and the Pulse Tours team are exceptionally brilliant! You are in safe hands when you’re with these guys. They are the real deal!

Seriously, if you’re a veteran looking for sacred plant medicine healing in the awesome Amazon, then you need to look no further. Everything they say and do here is trustworthy, safe and full of the utmost integrity.

The staff are conspicuously intelligent, sensitive – and full of fun and light. The very fact that this very special group of people found each other and work together so beautifully as a cohesive team to help those who need it most is just incredible! I love you guys.

Alex Seymour

Author ‘Psychedelic Marine’

October 17, 2017

Everything was really good. They have solar power and outlets that work everywhere! The shamans are fantastic and powerful and the facilitators are very helpful. The food is awesome and I was very happy with my options for master plants. I wish the ceremonies were a little smaller, it felt like we were really packed into the maloka every night. Other than than that, this is my third time to Pulse for good reason!


September 23, 2017

Really amazing people. The shamans are powerful and definitely have something special to them. Their jungle center is nice and organized. Beautiful place. I’ll be back.

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September 23, 2017

If you’re reading this post you’ve made the decision to do ayahuasca, and you’re now just looking for the best place to do it.
Look no further. Pulse tours – Arkana was the best possible way to experience this adventure. The staff was compassionate and attentive throughout. They made me feel truly special during ceremonies and throughout my time at the center.
They really do it right here. Their Shamans have decades of experience. The facilitators offered wisdom and healing and good conversation whenever you needed it.
After hearing from other travelers about experiences with other tours I am truly grateful I chose this place at this time. I left feeling brand new.

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September 18, 2017

Got back from my retreat with Pulse tours a few weeks ago. I won’t go into the specifics of my personal experience, because it was very personal and may give someone else expectations of what their journey will be like (I learned in a tough way that expectations can be very detrimental to any experience). All I will say is that it was amazing. Exactly what I needed. I believe 100% that the reason I had such a good overall experience with Ayahuasca was due to the environment I was in at Pulse. Everyone there, the facilitators, the shamans were there simply to allow you to experience the medicine in your own way. They had absolutely no personal agenda, did not expect or try to get you to experience things in a certain way, no ego at all, there was never a moment of “Ive been doing this for a long time to you need to do it like this”. They were of course available any time to answer questions or give you their stories and experiences, but it was never forced upon you. It is a hard feeling to describe, having a group of people like that around you that just wants you to do the work you need to do, and are simply there to allow you to do it and help you along if you need anything at all. Just knowing they were there makes the whole ordeal a lot safer and allows you to focus on learning. So again, the biggest thing for me was the staff there. Couldn’t say enough good things about them. Other than that, the food was really good, great fruit around all the time, the accommodations were comfortable and clean, the Arkana center is really amazing and beautiful. If you feel that Ayahuasca is something you should do, then I would recommend Pulse’s Jungle experience over anything! Thanks guys!

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September 15, 2017

I did a one week long retreat with Pulse Tours at the Arkana Spiritual Center, and it was amazing! It exceeded my expectations in every way! The facilities they had for us were very clean and well maintained, and the food was healthy and delicious (best fish I’ve had in my life).
It blew me away how much the shamans contributed to the experiences; it was clear the generations of cultural discovery that they draw from were present in our ceremonies.
The facilitators were amazing! They were all there because they believe the work they are contributing to is the most worthwhile thing they could be doing at this point in their lives, and that purity of intent absolutely came through.
I went through a couple of the most challenging nights of my life at the Arkana Spiritual Center, but it was set up perfectly and I was able to go through that process and learn more than I would have thought possible! I could write for pages about what I got out of my Ayahuasca experiences with Pulse Tours, but for me the most important things were that it connected me with my path (I now have a clear vision of what I should be working toward in the long term, and the steps to take in the short term to move in that direction), and it showed me that listening to other people, really listening with the mindset that they may be trying to convey something that you don’t already know, and engaging with understanding, compassion and love is the medicine that the world needs to heal. Now I get to practice living those lessons.
If you feel the calling to work with this medicine Pulse Tours is a great place to do it. This work is difficult and challenging, but if you are willing to learn and transform, it will teach you more than anything else in your life.
I’ll be going back as soon as I can!

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September 13, 2017

For those who do feel The Call, this is The Place.

The staff creates a thoughtful and attentive space/set/setting, and answers questions directly without over-promising/sugar-coating. The shamans do a tremendous amount of work, both vocally and spiritually, making the ceremonies amazing. This is ancient stuff, “old time religion”, but no pressure to convert you to their way of seeing the world: you’ll be shown that directly…

This experience is not for everyone, no sugar-coating: in the moment it can be very scary, feels like many real-life experiences happening in the course of a few hours. As others have said though, the post-impact is profound…and “profound” will mean different things to each person.

For me, the experience was probably milder than others’ but still deeply meaningful…many pages of notes in my journal. It led me to immediately repair some long-broken relationships, and my S.O. says I’m more open-hearted and light. I’m sure I’ll continue to discover new things over time.

Thanks to the very thoughtful staff and shamans!

September 13, 2017

I chose pulse tours 7 day retreat at Arkana,the place and the people were amazing.
I traveled from Australia with my girlfriend and sister and we all had an awesome time. The ceremonies and the day tours were conducted by professionals who were incredibly friendly and informative and the knowledge and expertise was impressive to say the least. The centres location and spirituality were inspiring and added value to the whole experience. The cost of this adventure quickly became insignificant as the sharmans work tirelessly throughout the ceremonies as do the facilitators and the day tour guides. All the staff offer help, support and councelling at any time.
Whilst the ceremonies can be challenging,the results are more than worth the effort and life changing. I did not believe i would make such great friends with both the staff and other participants from such diverse backgrounds and cultures but by the end
they truly felt like family. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough and tell everyone it is the most important thing you will ever do. I am already looking forward to returning again and again. I would not even consider going anywhere else.
To be critical i can only blame my expectations about the tropical fruits and juices but now understand that some of the fruit i expected was simply out of season and the juices are watered down through the necessity to reduce the intake of sugars so as not to compromise the effects of the medicines. This also proved to be just another bonus by correcting my diet and illustrating my dependence on sugar and salt.
I can totally recommend Arkana to anyone interested in transforming their lives.

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September 12, 2017

Best experience EVER! Best Shamans in the world – wonderful !!!! And such a loving and heart centered staff!!! Unbelievable!! Thank God for such a place!

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September 9, 2017

It’s been about a week since my 2-week stay at Pulse Tours, Arkana Spiritual

This past week has given me time to reflect on my experience, although, I expect to continue to learn more about my experience and myself as the weeks and months go by. Even the past 5 days has seen major changes to my life.

If you have a calling towards the medicine, I cannot recommend Pulse enough. It was a life changing experience. The shamans and facilitators are some of the most caring and loving people I’ve met. They truly care about each and everyone attending and will be there for all the challenges you face along this epic journey of self. The facility is beautiful, well equipped, safe and secluded in the jungle, there are no distractions….the summer days were pure bliss.

Don’t think about the money. If you’re going to work with Ayahuasca, especially for an extended period of time, you should do it with the right people and experienced Shaman’s. Pulse is a place of protection and love, it has everything you need to get the most out of the medicine.

I will not refer anything about the actual ceremonies themselves. There are many accounts of those online to read/watch, if you’re curious. Understand, they are extremely personal and reading those accounts might be detrimental to your experience.

My 2-weeks of 8 ceremonies, were profound. My life is now taking on a new trajectory, and I’m incredibly happy. There is a lot of work I have to do, but it’s work that I’m excited about because I know I’m following what I truly need to live my life to the fullest.

I’ll be going back, next year….no doubt about it 🙂

***Some quick tips that made my stay as amazing as it was:
-Fasting the day of ceremony. Next time I go, I’m going to fast for my entire stay.
-Sticking to a strict aya diet for 2-weeks prior to the trip. Sure, some things slipped here and there, but for the most part I was very strict with what I ate.
-Journal writing everyday, before, during and after the retreat.
-Books I read during the stay, that had a major impact on me:
-The Toltec Art of Life and Death, by Don Miguel Ruiz
-Lovingkindness, by Sharon Salzberg
-Staying off the internet for the whole trip (the internet there is very poor, but I see this as a positive)
-Meditation, several times a day
-Yoga, almost every day
-Eating the dieta food, not the regular food, as some of the regular food they serve does contain a bit of salt and oil. Food is something Pulse is a little more loose with, than other places, especially fruit…but the options for diets are still there, so no need to worry.

September 9, 2017

It was the most phenomenal experience of my life. Learned so much about myself and met some extraordinary people. I finally know the strength of unconditional love.

On my 1st and 2nd ceremony I completely freaked out and lost control. But the facilitators took great care of me. They have me courage and evetually I ended up having some great insights during and after my 3rd and 4th ceremony.
Arkana spiritual center had great facility and amazing stuff members and facilitators. Way more than what I expected.
Thank you

September 3, 2017

I am so grateful for the week I spent at The Pulse Tours Arkana centre. From the moment I was picked up at the hotel till when I was dropped back off safe, the experience was one big cradle of caring, growth and beauty.

The shamans, facilitators and staff together create a remarkable community. I met amazing people whose memory will stay with me the rest of my days. I arrived a stranger, left a friend, and felt such love and joy every moment of my stay. The food was great, the facility amazing, inviting and open, I highly recommend this wonderful place.

Thank you for maintaining such a lovely space to learn such powerful lessons from Mother Ayahuasca.

August 27, 2017

My calling to Ayahuasca and Pulse Tours began two years ago when I first began researching the medicine. Throughout that time I spent countless hours researching Amazonian Shamanism and retreats in Peru. I certainly viewed all available retreats but could not stop studying the Pulse Tours page. I knew from the start that it was going to be the right retreat for me. I had loads of anxiety about traveling to a South American country to have such an alternative vacation. But Pulse eliminates all of that anxiety with excellent communication before, during, and after the trip. I must have sent countless emails to Pulse with questions on just about everything. They respond almost immediately and extremely thoroughly addressing any of your concerns. They also provide a Skype interview when your retreat draws near which is enables you have ask even more detailed questions before you make your pilgrimage to the Arkana center. The facilitators are a fabulous and loving bunch of people. Melissa is amazing with answering questions about ANYTHING and will go out of her way to ensure your comfort. Dolan provides you with all of the tips you need to be aware of before ceremony and has a comforting presence. Tamara does excellent translation and facilitation work. Craig was an Amazing ceremony initiator and became a role model for me. Val was always available and checking in on you, making your feel important. The Shamans were some of the most impressive people I’ve met in my life. Their Icaros are literally the most powerful and beautiful things I’ve ever experienced in my life. Truly healing songs come from these beautiful souls. The Ayahuasca medicine is POTENT, HEALING, CHALLENGING, and LIFE ALTERING!!! The additional medicines of NuNu, Kambo, and Sonoran Desert frog (Sapo) are all VERY special add ons that totally elevate your experience in the Jungle. The villagers of Libertad are an Incredible group of people that I gained so much love for. They help run the center and do an amazing job of maintaining it. The LOVE i experienced from EVERYONE is some of the best I have ever experienced in my life. The food is delicious, varied, abundant, and healthy. If you don’t want to sleep in your assigned room, the Malocas make an excellent alternative. Embrace and surrender to the medicine and it will change you for the BETTER. There’s a reason Pulse is rated number 1 on Ayaadvisors. The internet is full of unnecessary criticism and any you may find about Pulse is absolute malarkey. This place radiates LOVE and HEALING and I don’t think I could ever go to any other retreat. I will certainly be returning in the future!! Much Love to all! – Evan

August 22, 2017

This was the trip of a lifetime. Probably several lifetimes, haha. Seriously, if you’re curious about trying many different jungle medicines and go on adventures, this is for you. Personally I chose the option where you also visit Macchu Picchu to get the full Peru experience.
And then there’s the personal development. I know a lot of things have changed, but I’ve only just come home, so I guess it’s too early to spot the difference in daily life yet.

Conclusion: I recommend Pulse Tours of all my heart.

August 16, 2017

WOW, I am at loss of words for the entire life changing the experience that I’ve encountered during my three-week stay with Pulse Tours. After extensive searching of retreats practicing the medicine (it took me about three months of research), I’ve come across this Pulse Tours. At first, what drew me to them was the three-week Human Transformation retreat. It was something that called to me and worked well with my schedule as an Educator. Next was the communication and openness with Melissa. She was a great help and answer every question I had and very responsive to emails. She is on her A+ game with communications and made me feel confident and comfortable with the process. I met with them at the Hotel suggested on the site, and we hit the road. It was about a 2-hour van ride with lunch provided at a local stop, a 30-minute motorcar ride (that was cool!), and a 2-hour boat ride (lots of flying fish) until we got to the center. Once we got to the site, we were greeted with song and dance from the locals in the area. Then we went on a tour of the center and met in the Maloca for the first ceremony later that night. The Staff was F$%^ing fantastic! They are a gift of light with the patience of the Gods. During my stay I witnessed them take control of situations with such calmness and ease that I’ve felt safe the entire time I was there. Dolan, Craig, Cece, Tamara, and Wiler treated us like family (hell I would say better than family in some cases). They were always open and honest and fully knowledgeable about all the plant medicines and diets. The cleaning staff, cooking staff, boat staff, and the Shaman were are astounding with a bright smile on their faces all the time. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of professional facilitators to go through this journey with for my first Ayahuasca experience. I WILL BE BACK!! Without a doubt. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TOUR for your first or next spiritual guidance.

August 8, 2017

Just got back from a 7-day ayahuasca retreat with Pulse in Iquitos, Peru. It was, without a doubt, one of the most challenging and significant events of my life.

Ayahuasca’s not easy to use, but if you have things you want to work on, it can really help. For me, my week at Pulse was the experience of a lifetime – one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, but also one of the most transformative and meaningful. It helped put a lot of things into perspective and deal with things from my past that I felt were holding me back. If you’re a fairly self-reflective and analytical person, I believe you can get a tremendous amount out of the experience, if you’re open to it.

Pulse may be a bit on the higher-end price-wise compared to some of the lesser-known outfits, but this isn’t the sort of thing you want to cut corners on. For several reasons that will make sense if you do this, you shouldn’t take aya in a random city apartment as a one-off or something. The quality of the facilitators and shamans makes an enormous difference, and they can help you turn what might be a difficult or negative ceremony into a positive one, share a key insight that can help you find the good in what you experienced, or give you the motivation to keep forging ahead with the work you feel is necessary.

There’s a reason Pulse is top-rated on AyaAdvisors. The facilitators have a great deal of experience with the medicine, so they’re well-equipped to handle whatever situations may arise. I had a great experience with all of them – Dolan, Craig, Tamara, Val, Cecilia, and, of course, Wiler, the shaman. I have a feeling I’ll continue to work with the medicine in the future, and when I do, I’ll be seeking out this team once again to help me along the way.

August 7, 2017

I recently attended a one week retreat at the peru location and was amazed at the experience. I researched several different businesses and thought that the program offered here would be the best for me. I felt at home the moment I was introduced to the staff in Iquitos and the journey to the center was really comforting with staff available to answer several questions the group had. After arriving at the center I found the accommodations to be nicer than I expected and the food was surprisingly really good as well. the ayahuasca ceremonies were exactly what I needed to re-center myself and dispose of unwanted negativity in my life. the shamans were incredible as well as the facilitators. I plan on returning to the center again, as I truly found it to be an unbelievable and life changing experience.
thanks to everyone at the center for making this such a special experience.

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July 26, 2017

Incredible!! I have been seeking for Liberation for decades attending retreats at different parts of the world but I have had the most profound breakthru experience in Peru at the Arkana center! I have never felt such freedom in my body and mind after drinking the medicine several times and going thru a huge relief. For hours I felt like a newborn baby in my body with a sharp developed mind, experiencing a brand new body. It was like nature gifted me with a new beginning a restart!! . … It has been a truly a life changing experience ever since, the feeling is staying with me and lingering around. I am living a much more conscious purposeful life in so many ways… I can not give here all details of the positive effects but I can say; people around me notice the difference and it is a must do for everyone who are seeking!! The staff is very professional, knowledgeable, kind and reliable… they are there for you every step on your journey 24/7. Two thumbs up and six stars! I would definitely do it again!

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July 24, 2017

The ceremony at Pulse Tour was amazing.
Before visiting Pulse, I was hopeless and desperate.
Words can’t describe the transforming experience I had at the center
The staff was very kind and supportive.

July 23, 2017

It was perfect! Exactly what I needed. Beautiful location, great team, great experience, wonderful group of people. I am still feeling the effect after 10 days. I definitely would recommend this place to anyone who is READY for the authentic, healing and life transforming experience. It was very helpful to share our experiences with the group. For me it was blissful, healing and visionary for others it was difficult at times, but they worked through those difficulties and received answers they were looking for. I felt very connected to the whole group and would come back again!

July 20, 2017

This was an excellent experience. The location is beautiful, secluded, peaceful, and flourishing with jungle life. The facilitators are very professional, sincere, and cool. The food was delicious and always different. The staff was friendly and the place was always clean. The jungle guides are highly skilled and fun. The gym is sufficient and the bedrooms are comfortable. The medicine is potent. The shamans and their songs are incredible. This place is full of positive energy.

July 20, 2017

Amazing experience!

Much better than I was expecting.

From the moment I book the retreat to the moment I left the facilities no complaints.

The staff is amazing, program excellent, tours very exciting.
You feel being home.Great food, friendly people, facilities kept clean all the time.

Regarding the ayahuasca, I only regret not experienced it before.

I highly recommend. Life will never be the same after that week.

I am so glad for having this opportunity

Thank you all

July 19, 2017

I can’t imagine anything else I would want out of an experience. This is a decision you will not regret!

July 16, 2017

The facilities are nice, the food is excellent Props to the chef. Followed the diet prior w/ no medications/drugs online and felt safe to explore how far the medicine could take us. If you are looking for a safe place to do some personal work the facilitators will ensure your time surrounding the ceremonies is excellent.

The ceremonies are performed in an absolute temple. Da brew is Propah but not my responsibilitay. There were 3 shamans and the icaros commanded the psyche. The shamans’ work felt genuine and of well intention. The energy is flowing in this maloca. The medicine is transformative and to be respected.

Will return at some point in my future and there is no need to search further.


Dos Hermanos

July 13, 2017

My second trip with Pulse / Arkana, and I was once again blown away by the quality and care they put into every aspect of the experience. The facility itself is gorgeous–a beautiful setting right on the bank of the Ucayali that is very comfortable, even for an avowed “city guy” like me! This year, the food was even better than last year thanks to the “upgrading” of the kitchen staff/management… lot’s of variety and fresh ingredients.

Of course the main reason for coming is the ceremonies… and Arkana hits a home run here. The brew itself does the job (and then some!) as they control its production in-house, sticking to the traditional Shipibo recipe. We had a couple of group members who had some trouble connecting and were offered a “rocket fuel” brew from one of the Shaman’s personal stash… which seemed to do the trick the next night(!!) Arkana taps into a roster of experienced Shipibo shamans (shamen?) and during some ceremonies we had FOUR of them singing icaros and weaving harmonies simultaneously. Those ceremonies were absolutely mind-blowing.

I can’t say enough about the facilitators. There was one beautiful carry-over from last year (“Hi Tamara!”) along with three new staffers who did an amazing job of making our entire group comfortable and ensuring that everyone had a safe–and deep/meaningful experience. These guys are personable, sensitive, SMART, and funny/fun-to-be-with… and they work their asses off to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Pulse has a great reputation… and that helps right from your arrival in Iquitos. They are super well-organized and professional. Accommodating and caring. They offer a LOT of additional experiences–master plant diets, sapo, kambo, nunu–in addition to ayahuasca, that can really let you go deeper into your personal work and enhance your overall experience.

In sum, the setting, organization, and expert staff all combined to give me yet another amazing aya experience this year. I cannot recommend this group/company highly enough.

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July 8, 2017

What an amazing, life-changing experience. This place far exceeded my expectations. Four ayahuasca ceremonies in a 7-day retreat as well as other plant medicines offered. The facilitators were very supportive and would take the time to listen to us about our experiences during and after the ceremonies. In addition to the facilitators and shaman, the retreat was very well staffed and had excellent tour guides. Food was excellent. Facilities were kept very clean and laundry services were provided when needed. The only pet-peeve that I had was that there weren’t enough internet sticks for internet access. Being in the jungle, internet access is hard to get. With only about a couple working internet sticks that had to be shared, I was able to get on for about 20 mins for the whole week. That was my only means of contact with friends and family and urgent matters. But then again, it is the jungle and it is hard to get internet service anyway. I suggest that you bring a cell phone with service and a data plan that works in that area. I had a prepaid plan that ran out on the first day.
Great experience overall. I can’t wait to go back to Pulse.

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July 5, 2017

Had the time of my life with Pulse in Peru! Recently returned from my late may early June visit. Craig our guide was one of the coolest most laid back people I have ever met. A kind soul and very knowledgeable and helpful and down to earth. They have great people working their tour and at the center. I did one week in Cusco/ Macchu Pichu and then went off to Iquitos and the Amazon. The spiritual center is top notch. They have an onsite kitchen which serves great ayahuasca diet foods. Falcon, he is the local jungle guide they employ there and he took our group out to see the river, jungle, and local wildlife and he was super friendly as well. The Shamans were great for the ceremonies, and truly took the experience to the next level. Also got the opportunity to do DMT for a small extra fee while there, and that was absolutely beautiful. So glad I chose the option to do both the Amazon and the Andes for my package, as Macchu Piccu was definitely the coolest place I’ve ever been in my life. I am so glad I chose pulse for my first journey to South America. They took care of all the logistics, and if I were to try and do all of that stuff myself, I would’ve been screwed. Cherished my time down there and miss it so much! Thank you Pulse!

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June 27, 2017

Hello all,
My name is Evan, I am 40 year/old medical doctor from Michigan and this was my first time I had Ayahuasca. I went to the center at the end of February 2017 with a close friend who had already been to the center the year prior.

Personal work and preparation is a must in my opinion. You will get out of the experience what you bring into it.

My main concern was the quality and expertise of the Shamans. Even though technically the medication itself can be very safe pharmacologically, I would place myself in the hands of strangers, in the middle of the jungle.

As soon as I got there I felt very welcome. The lodgings were adequate and very comfortable for the middle of the jungle. The kitchen provides delicious healthy food and the activities the center has for its guest will keep your activity level as intense as you want.

The staff and facilitators for the ceremonies are very good as well. They are knowledgeable, attentive and capable of helping someone during the most intense portions of the ceremony if needed. I think the facilitator team in the center, is a group of people that really want to learn and help people with their work with Ayahuasca.

I believe the shamans at the center are truly experts in their field. They are able to create a very safe and stable space for the individual to do their work with the medicine. A minimum of 20 years experience per shaman. I felt very comfortable and I was able to trust the shamans and the space they created for me in the Maloca 100%. Their mastery of their craft, from the preparation of the medicine, to the safe space, to their unbelievable Ikaros they sing. I was amazed by their knowledge, intensity and focus of their actions throughout the duration of the ceremony (4-6 hours per ceremony).

It is very difficult to express what I experienced during my week in the center. I feel that if you are ready for the work one has to do with the medication, the center is an excellent place to have that work done.

I was truly humbled by the fact that the local Shipibo people were willing to open their home to me and allow me to experience and partake in their culture and their knowledge of this world. Forever grateful.

In my opinion, the price of admission is more than worth it.

June 26, 2017

Family is how you will feel here. There is no doubt that every single facilitator truly has their heart in this and for you. Anyone of them are gladly available to you 24hrs a day. No one at Pulse is there to punch a clock. On top of this, the staff are highly trained professionals who have individual specialties that come together to help you get the most out of this incredible experience. The Shamans are absolutely top notch and highly experienced. If this is your first time, I cannot stress how important it is not to overlook the shamans.

The food was very good and healthy. Listen, I have been a meat/junk food eater most of my adult life(since this I enjoy more of a balance) so I was very weary of this diet in the first place. There is plenty of chicken and fish but you’ll enjoy it all.

The medicine…..This four ceremony retreat is my only so I can’t compare it to others. I will say that based on everything I had read and heard, it was everything I was hoping for and more. I had an out of body experience for three hours and saw myself reborn. This is when it is absolutely crucial to have these Tier 1 facilitators take care of you(they can bring you out of uncomfortable experiences and center you) and the Shamans(Can’t even explain how they do what they do but it is powerful in a divine way).

Dolan, Craig, Tamara, Wiler and every single staff member, I love you.

June 26, 2017

Ok, So I chose to experience the 3 week transformation package May-June 2017, I have to say without a doubt, it has changed my life! I felt the facilitator team was very professional, committed, hard working, joyful, offered the right guidance and support that was intuitive, accurate, and so helpful with my experience and journey, I feel so grateful for their knowledge, the way they held space, guidance and when they say “we are here for you” they mean it! I did pick their brains a lot, and it was all so spot on and I got to practice their advice/guidance and was blown away by the clarity and insight/healing I experienced through out my whole 3 week journey. The Shamans themselves were the humblest, cleanest, hardworking, powerful and committed human beings I have ever experienced in my 4-5 yrs of journeying with the medicine of Ayahausca. Their icaros was magical, effective, powerful, healing, ancient, beautiful, clarifying and so clean and offered me the safest place to do the healing work I needed to do to heal myself. I am so grateful and would highly recommend this team and this venue for deep work into relationship with self and plant medicine! Loved the food, accommodation, and excursions we got to experience exploring local village and surrounding jungle, it was awesome, I had fun and I worked hard and so did they!! My only criticism is that I think they have new management coming in and I think they want to upscale to making the retreat more like a hotel, and I think they will lose the rustic charm and appeal and will make a mistake doing that, I intuitively feel its to make more money, as I tried getting accommodation for one week in a simple(but lovely tambo) with no excursions, no medicine, just a room and food for 1 week and they were wanting nearly $900 US- I was shocked, this would be well over $1000 in Australian dollars and I just felt it was greedy and didn’t match cost for value and I was family right??? That’s just my opinion! (I got air flight tickets from Iquitos to Cuzco, accommodation for 1 week and many profound experiences for the same cost, now that was value for money!! Besides this when i chose to let go of staying and processing in stillness in the jungle, i am and would love to come back to the retreat center and am very grateful for what I experienced there. Thank you Arkana Spiritual Center for all the dedicated hard work that you do!! You all deserve the week off between 3 week retreat cycles to recharge and rest and focus on yourselves, without that, i feel it would be unbalanced and harder to give all that you do and the overall support and value you give would suffer and be felt by us all!! Thank you so much. Much love to you all. Sue Curtis ( how about you don’t moderate and just post???)

June 26, 2017

Amazing experience! Guys are brilliant the facilitators were amazing and really helpful.. Although I’m rubbish with names the translator was an diamond. Every step of the way the guys were there to help and assist. Shamans were mind blowing. The guide was full of knowledge. Im waffling as i cannot praise everyone enough. Overall I would recommend pulse tours to anyone/everyone. As a package I am overjoyed I went with them. Thanks a lot dudes. You guys helped me immensely..

June 19, 2017

Definitely Life changing tour! Great lodge, great staff, great service. The whole tour is well organized and ceremonies are so good that is beyond my expectation. 5 stars no doubt.

June 17, 2017

An amazing experience to say the least! Every aspect of my time at Arkana was perfect from the very informative and supportive facilitators (Craig, Dolan & Tamara) to the fantastic food to the incredible Shamans and more. I felt incredibly welcomed by all and completely supported the entire time. My Aya journeys were beyond words and the staff and Shamans made me feel safe and comfortable the entire time. Highly Recommended!

June 13, 2017

I read a lot of reviews before I left and there were probably more bad ones than good which left me a bit apprehensive but I am happy to say it was well worth it!
Whether it was being in the jungle for 3 weeks or touring areas around Machupicchu an experience of a life time is a understatement. My biggest shock was how good vegan food can be, we visited Green Point if you go definitely get the truffles.
In my final group share I couldn’t get the right words out; I want to thank everyone! All the facilitators for just being there, always calm, relaxed and happy which helped create a safe space, oh and not to forget making some much needed food for a few of us after ceremony, at such short notice too! The Shamans for their powerful songs and incredible knowledge during group share, along with the numerous amounts of wonderful people I met out there the whole trip was really eye opening. Not forgetting the rest of the staff who worked behind the scenes cooking, cleaning and taking us exploring everyday.
It is a very powerful medicine and although personally I found it a bit hit and miss it was my first experience and I now know I’m still learning and look forward to carrying on my Aya journey.

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June 10, 2017

This was truly a great experience. It was everything I expected and more. I came here with many questions and they were answered. I came here to heal deep rooted trauma, face my fears and grow as a human being and Mother Ayahuasca delivered. The experience was both beautiful, profound and terrifying.
The facilitators, shamans, and everyone who worked at the centre were very supportive and felt like family. They really cared and you could rely on them for support anytime. You also create deep bonds with the other guests, as you are all in this together, as warriors on a journey.
Cecilia, the new center manager, would take notes during the group sharing and approach me to discus her thoughts after the group talk. This was unexpected but very helpful in creating my intentions. Her love and caring attitude made me feel like she was my mom at the centre. I’m so grateful to have met and spent time with every person at the centre.
The location was beautiful. I loved the local people, the jungle and river are pristine and full of wildlife. We did daily excursions to experience everything the area had to offer. There are even a couple of cute monkeys living at the centre.
I’m looking forward to returning one day.

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June 6, 2017

This place was great, the facility was nice the facilitators were insightful, helpful and all around good people. The activities like outside aya were a lot of fun, I have the monkey shots to prove it.
it was a profound & unique experience. I have a hard time putting it into words and Dolan put it best “It is like trying to tell a blind person what the color red is.” but i would highly recommend this place.

Justin Watson

June 3, 2017

This was without a doubt the most amazing, lifechanging, and spiritually awakening trip of my life. I completed the 7 day Amazon Ayahuasca Retreat from the 13th thru the 19th of May, 2017. The facilitators; Craig, Dolan, Val, Tatiana, Samara, and Susha were phenomenal from the beginning to end. I came into this experience with no expectations other than knowing that I was damaged from parts of my life and just wanted to be happy and back to my old happy self again. The medicine exceeded all my expectations more than anything I could have possibly imagined. I haven’t stopped smiling since I left the retreat. I’m happy and refreshed and I have the center to thank for this. As a veteran, I would strongly recommend this retreat to all my brothers and sisters across the globe that are suffering with anything that you can’t seem to shake by yourself. Dolan (Prior service Marine) was with me every step of the way and really was my life line during a couple of the ceremony’s. Dolan, I appreciate the hell out of your brother. All in all, I will make it my purpose to visit the center once a year for the foreseeable future. The site is amazing and the Q&A is very informative and covers everything. If by some chance you know of a repellant that stops the biting flies, please pass that information to the forefront (haha).

May 30, 2017

I visited the center from May 6 – May 12, 2017. I had an absolutely amazing time the staff was incredible and any questions or concerns I had were taken care of prior to and while staying. I loved all the activities they had from the jungle excursion to fishing. I came because of a certain event and my goal was to get past what happened and to help heal. And I got what I came for and then some. I feel like a completely new person a much better person. I feel like I have more love to give and I can’t stop talking about my experiences. Thank you pulse tours and to the shamans for all their work.

Rob B
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May 28, 2017

I just got back from the 7 day jungle + 7 day Machu Pichu trip.

Verdict = pure awesome.

My background – i had attended 2 different ayahuasca retreats previous to Pulse and so had experience with other shamans and their medicine. What happened at Pukse blew my previous experiences away.

The jungle retreat facilities way exceeded my expectations. The location is stunning and there is plenty to do with excursions, yoga, a small library, a gymn, and lots of places to chill out.

The facilitators are absolute angels who go out of their way to make you comfortable, particularly during the ceremonies. I had one night were i went a bit bonkers and the patience and care they showed me was outstanding – Dolan and Craig, you guys are the best.

The Machu Pichu week was similarly superb, the only downside was that it left me wishing we had more time to explore.

I will be back again for sure, and after hearing about my adventures my wife will be joining me. I would 100% recommend this to anyone planning a trip to Peru.

May 27, 2017

Over a week in May of 2017, I had a very profound experience with Ayahuasca. I’m grateful to Pulse Tours to have had that experience with them.

In my opinion, they do everything right

– The website is extremely informative. Nevertheless, if you have a question, they get back to you very quickly.

– Once you’ve registered, their onboarding/orientation process (skype 1:1 meeting) provides additional layers of information and reassurance.

– The facilities are exceptional -you will never want to leave the Maloka is it is absolutely wonderful.

– The staff, facilitators and the shamans are some of the nicest and most helpful that people I’ve ever met.

If you’re considering an Ayahuasca retreat then I highly recommend Pulse Tours. I know that’ I will be back on day!

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May 26, 2017

I spent a week with Pulse reconnecting back to me. It was a grounding and life changing experience.

The center is relaxing, clean, and minimalistic. I really appreciated the opportunity to do yoga and the sound baths were fantastic. And the food – basic but really frickin tasty. And the bananas, oh god, eat all the bananas you can get your hands on while in Peru. SO GOOD. Also, I love all of the hammocks – you can never have enough hammocks in your life.

The facilitators are lovely and diverse – I’m grateful for the different perspectives and approaches they all bring. They create a lot of space for you and are very open to talk about anything and everything. My time there was peaceful and my introvert was nourished.

The planned activities are just enough to keep you busy during the days but not so much that it takes all your energy. It’s well balanced.

The ceremonies are intense and powerfully held by the shamans and the facilitators. I always felt safe, even when I was having a rough experience.

So much goodness here. I’ll definitely be back. =*
..Mihca, Seattle

May 14, 2017

My time with Pulse Tours was life changing – in fact, soul changing.

The team at Pulse make the tour exceptional through their always there, kind and immensely generous support they give you as you undertake the journey to finding Ayahuasca.

The team are immensely beautiful, and getting to work so closely with the Shamans as you explore new parts of yourself, is a tremendous gift. You feel completely supported as you learn to allow yourself to explore places never seen before.

The center itself is sparse, but very functional and more importantly – very comfortable. Most places are screened in which helps with warding off insects, and all the beds are very comfortable.

The food was simple but amazingly flavoursome, and you are never bored at the Center with lots of optional activities to undertake like jungle excursions, sunset boat rides, fishing, swimming, visiting the neighboring village, yoga, meditation or just resting in one of the many hammocks about the place.

You will love your time at Pulse – I myself plan to return as soon as I am able!

Michelle from Atlanta

May 8, 2017

I want to thank Willer the lead shaman he was great along with the rest of the staff, the overall care of the staff is amazing, the food overall is great and very healthy. The ceremonies are truly amazing you really go there to heal your body,spirit and soul.
This is an experience that everyone should encounter at least once in their life. Even though my journey of healing ended so far…. I will always remember and have in my hear amazing people I meet. Special thanks to Tatiana to help me and show me kind love during my Sand Pedro ceremony. Special thanks again to Willer very good hearted and honest man. Really have to recognize the amazing work of the staff, is not an easy job they do and they do it very well. 🙂 Will really miss you guys and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support and healing.

Warm Regards,
Brenda K Jurado

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May 7, 2017

It was a life changing experience surrounded by compassionate people. To keep this short and sweet I will be recommending Pulse Tours to friends, family, loved ones and anyone who feels called to Ayahuasca. I can’t imagine a better experience, environment or people.

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April 20, 2017

This is my first Ayahuasca experience and I have to say I absolutely loved it! It felt like home as soon as I arrived at this center. I can attest to all of the points they have stated in their overview and more. Pulse tours have thought of everything to ensure that your healing experience is as comfortable as possible considering you are in the middle of the jungle. It is super clean, food is tasty even though barely any salt is used, several comfortable spots to hang out in during the day, great day outings and the Shamans and facilitators were just awesome! In this Spiritual adventure, the Pulse team provides you with full support in every way possible to ensure that you get the most out of this incredible medicine. I could go on and on about how impressed I was on how Pulse has organized this retreat. In this particular tour, the travelers that came together really meshed well and were all there to heal parts of themselves. It was really special to meet and share this experience with such amazing people. We will be bonded forever – at the end we were all discussing when we could all get back together and experience this again with Pulse. I am looking forward to coming back to this amazing sacred place! This inner self work is incredible and I highly recommend to do it with Pulse.
Things I wished I would of known;
– Bring comfortable ceremony outfits, loose light clothing. My preference was a loose pair of drawstring shorts and tank top.
– You are in the middle of the jungle with no where to go – no need to bring fancy clothes – all about breathable comforts. You can wash your clothes by hand if need be.
– Show up one day in advance to settle in and leave 1 day after you come back to hang out with your new found family members. In my opinion, you only need these 2 extra days in Iquitos.
– For light packing, you only need 1 pair of flip flops – I did not wear shoes ever at the center.
– Bring some spending money, convert to Sol currency before going to retreat, you will want to tip the staff and support the neighboring families as they have beautiful jewelry and souvenirs.

April 19, 2017

This review is more than overdue…
I attended a 7 day retreat in November of 2015..

What can I say? I came to ayaadvisors simply playing with the idea. As the calling felt greater within me, I knew it was time to make it happen. I came very close to booking with another, cheaper, center… but landed on Pulse.
And I couldn’t be more grateful for that…

I had felt so stuck in my life… Working the same job for years, feeling as though I was squandering my life’s potential.. I went to Peru with the intention of unearthing my true path.
Arriving in Lima, my flight had gotten delayed and my luggage misplaced. I was alone in a new place with only the clothes on my back and my carry on bag.. And I’d forgot to get my phone activated for use in Peru (*facepalm*). I was sleep deprived, lonely, and scared I wouldn’t make it to Iquitos before the group departed to the center… I was able to somehow buy 10 minutes of internet use at the airport, and contacted Melissa. She was so compassionate and revitalized my hope.
After about 7 hours at the Lima airport, and a flight to Iquitos, I had arrived. I pulled up in a moto-taxi as fellow retreat members were boarding the vans for the center. I met a facilitator named Ian, who immediately helped me feel welcome and took me to buy a pair of shorts… Man, that was so kind… The perfect introduction to the amazing crew I’d be working with.
Arriving by boat at the center (after having some great conversation with the other guests), I knew this was where I needed to be. Communication by the staff was excellent, briefing us on all of the amenities and what we might expect in the days to come.
Speaking to the amenities and provisions: The food was wonderful. I don’t eat meat, wheat, or dairy, and I found all the meals to be fresh and nourishing. You have two beds you may choose to sleep in (one located in a cabin with an insect net, or your mat in the maloca). Showers you are free to use at your leisure, and flushing toilets… Not to mention the “Jungle Gym” for all your body maintenance needs.
As for the ceremonies….. Wow.
The shamans have a wisdom that is beyond anything I might portray in writing. I worked with Wiler and Angelina during my stay. Extraordinary experience with these wonderful humans.. Speaking to this point, the facilitators were all incredible… Each and every one brought their own energy to the ceremonies, energies that helped me through the difficult moments. Dan “the man” Cleland himself drank 2 of the nights with us, and I couldn’t be more grateful of that.. To experience the medicine with such professionals.. the perfect experience.
I’m not going to go into exactly what happened to me during the ceremonies for a couple of reasons. 1.) It’s going to be different for everyone… every time 2.) You can surely read plenty of other accounts of peopl