Top 3 Membership Perks at

1) Reply to comments
If you’ve ever had a bad review and wanted the chance to publicy defend yourself, now you can do that!

Example Ayahuasca retreat center review

Here’s how.

2) Be in the Spotlight (optional)
Want your retreat center to be shown at the very top of the page above ALL the other retreat listings? No problem!

Ayahuasca retreat reviews spotlight

3) We advertise for you
When you join the AyaAdvisors team, you’ll be chipping in to fund a massive outreach campaign that targets people specifically looking for a place just like yours!

Just look at the thousands upon thousands of souls that were desperately searching for answers just last month (February 2016):

ayahuasca” – 246,000 people/monthAyahuasca retreat reviews - highly targeted audience
ayahuasca retreat” – 8,100 people/month
ayahuasca retreats” – 3,600 people/month
ayahuasca ceremony” – 2,900 people/month
ayahusca peru” – 2,400 people/month
peru ayahuasca” – 1,000 people/month
ayahuasca trip” – 1,000 people/month
aya travel” – 1,000 people/month

This is by far the biggest tangible value we have to offer you with over 12 years of experience in SEO and Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook ads.

Simply put, when we pool our resources, we can bring a LARGE number of people to the AyaAdvisors site where your reputation will speak for itself.

Add video to your page! This really takes your listing to a whole level:
Show your videos on your AyaAdvisors listing when you sign up to be a member

AyaAdvisors listings also have some new enhancements to the look and feel of the place, including a spot for your retreat’s pricing information:

AyaAdvisors - Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews - new look

Another handy new enhancement is ‘Helpful Reviews‘. Visitors can now mark reviews helpful (or not), and the most helpful reviews show up to the right and on the home page.

AyaAdvisors - Ayhuasca retreat reviews - example review helpful

If you have an idea for another improvement or feature you’d like to see, go ahead and click the gray ‘Feedback’ on the left and let me know!

To join the AyaAdvisors team, you can either Create a retreat listing or find yours and claim it by pressing the ‘Claim listing’ button.

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