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San Pedro Workshops

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► 1 all-day San Pedro ceremony with an English-speaking facilitator
►  2 days/1 night at private, safe residence, nestled in the heart of the Andes Mountains
► A comfy bed with private bathroom and shower
► Vegetarian lunch and dinner on the day of the ceremony (you wouldn't want food in your belly immediately before a ceremony)
► Unlimited water, coffee, tea and fruit
►  Personal guide to meet you at the Cuenca Airport (CUE), arrange all transportation, go with you to all ceremonies, and ride with you back the airport
►  Private consultations with your facilitator, Steve Eagle Sewell, who is also an experienced councilor
►  Angel card readings at the end of each ceremony

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Spots are limited to ensure that each participant gets the highest level of care as possible, but please also feel free to add as many ceremonies as you'd like. We highly recommend at least 2 back-to-back ceremonies to get the most out of your San Pedro experience, as that format has worked quite well for us personally.

Note: Ceremonies are available any day of the week with at least a few days' notice, so please specify which dates you'd prefer in the order notes, and we'll get back with you right away to confirm availability 🙂


The Setting

These beautiful ceremonies are held in a cozy, private, safe, and relaxing space in Santa Isabel, Ecuador, and tThe stunningly beautiful mountains provide the backdrop for what is sure to be a beautiful and profound experience.

The Medicine

San Pedro, also known as Huachuma or Wachuma, is a sacred cactus that has been used in shamanic plant medicine ceremonies for thousands of years in the Amazonian region.

It is said to be a plant teacher, and you will quickly discover why as you begin to have a conversation with the spirit of the plant, which is known as Grandfather San Pedro. Because, just a like a grandfather, he can swaddle you with a level of emotional warmth and tender affection that will touch your heart in a way you might not have even felt before, and he can also provide you with tough-love advice if it’s needed too.

The Ceremony

You can expect to be under the influence of the medicine for about 10 hours before you start to gently float back down to your normal state of being, during which time you’ll be given plenty of time in solitude, surrounded by the amazing beauty of the Ecuadorian countryside.

This provides many opportunities to look inside yourself in many different ways, and you will have an unlimited amount of Steve’s support, not only as a warm, gentle human being, but also as a trained and experienced counselor, with specialties in addictions and childhood trauma.

Steve is always within earshot if support is needed, and he checks on you periodically to see how you’re doing. You’re also welcome to roam around the property to find whatever little perch suits you best.

Midway through the ceremony, fresh fruit is served, which is always a welcomed treat, and at the end of each ceremony, a warm and hardy meal is served which really warms your bones to the core.

Finally, Steve provides angel card readings which you will likely find quite illuminating!

The Facilitator

Workshops are held at the home of Steve Eagle Sewell, who is self-described as a plant medicine specialist and has chosen to dedicate his life to providing plant medicine to those who need it most.

And after a 2-year apprenticeship in Peru, he’s also partaken in San Pedro ceremonies over 500 times and is well acquainted with it’s healing power as the ultimate healer of addiction, disease and disorder.

The Bottom Line

If you want to discover who you are, what you believe in, how to heal, and how to find your path, you found the right place 🙂

18 reviews for San Pedro Workshops

  1. 5 out of 5


    Mi experiencia con san Pedro ocurrió en septiembre del 2016. Debo admitir que fue algo genial, fantástico y muy enriquecedor. Sobre todo por la ayuda y guía de personas realmente maravillosas, además que siempre estábamos con la compañía y ocurrencias de “Squiggles”. Hasta el momento me siento muy agradecido por todo lo que san Pedro me pudo mostrar. Recuerdo que todo a mi alrededor tomo un hermoso brillo y el contacto con la naturaleza me lleno de mucha paz; paz que hasta el momento puedo sentir con solo recordar el momento de las ceremonias. La generosidad de la naturaleza no tiene límites y pude experimentarlo con gran intensidad. En mi memoria queda grabado hermosos recuerdos y una experiencia que espero volver vivir. Agradezco de todo corazón a Steve un excelente amigo y guía. Y gracias a Tim, de no ser por él no hubiera conocido la medicina.

    In English:

    My experience with San Pedro happened in September 2016. I must admit that it was something great, fantastic and very enriching. Especially for the help and guidance of really wonderful people, besides that we were always in the company of Squiggles. So far I am very grateful for all that San Pedro could show me. I remember everything around me took on a beautiful glow and contact with nature filled me with much peace; Peace that I can feel so far with just remembering the moment of the ceremonies. The generosity of nature has no limits and I was able to experience it with great intensity. In my memory is recorded beautiful memories and an experience that I hope to return to live. I wholeheartedly thank Steve for an excellent friend and guide. And thanks to Tim, if it had not been for him, I would not have known the medicine.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have had the pleasure of staying with Steve Sewell on three different occasions in the past few years. Steve has always provided and safe, loving, and supportive environment to work with San Pedro. I would happily recommend Steve to my friends and family looking to work with San Pedro.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Received everything I could have asked for with Steve’s medicine journey. I received many direct messages, was shown past lives and communicated with my ancestors.
    Steve is a great facilitator in that he gives you space to show up and be yourself. There is no judgement or shame in his space. With that said, you are not completely left to your own devices. He is always available on the side to assist you with whatever you’re working through.
    I felt completely protected within the container he creates. He also ferments his brew in a particular way, which I found incredibly interesting and effective. It was definitely alive!
    After the ceremony ended, we drew angel cards which I felt was a nice closing touch to summarize the experience.
    All in all, the space Steve created is perfectly conducive for a true medicine journey. I highly recommend him. There’s no dance of egos. You will feel deeply supported in getting in touch with your source with no intrusion.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I had been suffering from health issues for many years when I decided that doing San Pedro may be the answer I was looking for. I am so happy that I decided to follow my intuition because it was exactly what I needed and it has helped me to completely change my life. San Pedro allowed me to access my sub-conscious and with Steve’s guidance I was able to figure out why I was feeling at dis-ease and it provided me the tools I needed to begin changing my negative way of thinking.
    Steve is so in tune with the medicine and really helped me navigate through the experience. He always showed up at the perfect times when I needed an anchor or felt lost and confused. He asked me the right questions and helped me to gain insight into feelings and thoughts I never would have realized I had because they were buried so deep within me. He helped me to work through childhood trauma and to release a lot of negative emotions.
    The most important thing the medicine has taught me is how to love myself and be open to receiving love. I found my soul mate shortly after my fourth ceremony and cannot express how fortunate I feel to have found someone who loves me unconditionally and fills my life with so much joy. I am still astounded that I was able to do so much work within such a short amount of time that otherwise would have probably taken me a lifetime of therapy to accomplish.
    I am feeling a lot healthier, more spiritual, open-minded and in control of my life as a result of having done SP. The medicine and Steve’s teachings have stayed with me and I am continually working on improving myself by changing my old patterns of thinking and behaving. Of course it is a work in progress and although it can be difficult and challenging sometimes, I am enjoying the process and know that I will continue to heal and grow. Words truly cannot express what a transformational experience this has been and I will be forever grateful.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I don’t know how to use words to explain my experience with San pedro and Steve. It is a life changing experience and i am for ever grateful for it all. I have felt Seen, Safe, Supported and Loved every single minute of the way and i have discovered many beautiful things about myself. Like.. self love, connecting with mother eart and father sky and all the helpers that are right here to guide us and connecting with people for real, i have unlocked my creativity and started a beautiful journey with energy work, artwork, singing songs that were in my heart wanting to burst out, and writing the unspoken words and i have just began.
    It has been a journey of remembering so many things i once knew but forgott on my way to this life. I met Steve on the border to Ecuador and my guts said “go! just go with him and see what you are supposed to see”. and so i did, and i saw, everything is inside me and my light it shining brighter that ever. San Pedro, the greatest teacher i have had the honor to work with, is still working with me after the ceremonies, the after effects are amazing, once i saw my true self i found the currage to continue my path. Knowing i will not be given more than i can handle.
    San Pedro hasnt done any of the work for me, but the medicine and Steve guieded me so i was able to work though shadows, they helped me help myself and i got to laugh and love even on the toughest days and that is the greatest gift..
    And of course Squiggle.. the most amazing friend, she knows exactly what to do and she is amazing support in the medicine, golden love pup.
    I have learned and felt so much and i still am.
    Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  6. 5 out of 5


    I was in Vilcabamba a few months ago and had the pleasure of drinking with Steve & Hana. What a beautiful, gentle couple. They took care of us and opened the ceremony with sage smudging.

    The medicine went down fine and wasn’t too harsh. The space they hold is safe and quiet. Nestled in the beautiful mountains with little noise or distractions. Just mother nature and the medicine to communicate with.

    At night, they made delicious soup and tea. Had a card reading as well and my ArchAngel is Hainiel (Sensitivity) which is very accurate for me 😉

    The bed was super comfy, warm and right out side under the stars. What a beautiful way to end the ceremony.

    Steve is also a mentor from the ManKind Project and former counselor – so if you do run into any emotional stuff during your ceremony, you can rest assured that a professionally trained person can assist you. That’s def a HUGE plus.

    thanks again guys & much love.

    I hope to bring other men to this place next year as part of my private retreats.The medicine went down fine and wasn’t too harsh. The space they hold is safe and quiet. Nestled in the beautiful mountains with little noise or distractions. Just mother nature and the medicine to communicate with.
    At night, they made delicious soup and tea. Had a card reading as well and my ArchAngel is Hainiel (Sensitivity) which is very accurate for me
    The bed was super comfy, warm and right out side under the stars. What a beautiful way to end the ceremony.
    Steve is also a mentor from the ManKind Project and former counselor – so if you do run into any emotional stuff during your ceremony, you can rest assured that a professionally trained person can assist you. That’s def a HUGE plus.
    thanks again guys & much love.
    I hope to bring other men to this place next year as part of my private retreats.

  7. 5 out of 5


    We had the opportunity to spend days several days with Steve and Hanna in San Pedro ceremonies. These were rich, heart opening, illuminating experiences for both of us.
    We’ve known Steve for many years and have seen the integrity, respect and heart he brings to the medicine, to the people he works with, and to the ceremonies he creates. We had the privilege of watching him make his San Pedro medicine which he prayerfully harvests and infuses with love.
    During our ceremonies Steve held a safe, grounded container that invited us to go deeply into our individual journeys. We could surrender into our cocoon of experience but if there was any time we needed support, Steve or Hanna would be right there.
    Steve is devoted to serving Grandfather San Pedro and to journey with him was an honor and a delight.
    Sharon & Kenneth Mauldin, global nomads

  8. 5 out of 5


    I worked with steve for many months, hes a great man, healer, guide, and many other things. I would highly recomend for working with the great spirit of san pedro, also named saint peter. i find it interesting that in the bible it was said that god asked saint peter to hold the keys to heavin. i drank the medicine many times with him with many other people in his ceremonies. hes great hold holding space and and he doesnt do it alone… working with steve i learned many many great things about myself and also this beautiful world we live in. i’ll never be able to thank you enough steve

  9. 5 out of 5


    I showed up in Vilcabamba February (2016). I think I did 3 family days around Steve’s.

    They’re ceremony’s really, but “family. days” is what we used to call them. Family days” because that’s what they felt like.

    They were on Sundays, 10am (ish) start, which obviously gave them a Sunday feel.

    That I found to be the perfect time. San Pedro tends to last quite a long time compared to Aye, so I prefer daytime because it takes fatigue out of the equation, as well as I think allowing a closer connection to Nature.

    ###Whoops Minor Insight### – While in psychedelic journeying mode, daytime is more inclined towards feeling and night time seeing. Feeling nature and seeing visions. The reverse of when you’re at ground control when daytime is for seeing and nigh time is definitely more inclined to feeling.

    Anyway, I like the daytime ceremony’s especially for longer journeys.

    Which Steve facilitates with aplomb. It’s all about how you feel. And he made me feel safe.

    So I knew, that if (which actually turned out to be when) things get a little ropey, then I knew it was just stuff I brought to the table. Which is what it’s all about really.
    You’ve got to purge the layers of psychic detritus before you can fly like an Eagle. (See what I did there, I wrote that totally by accident, it’s like jamming with words)

    Then Jane would give us a fruit salad about 2pm. Or rainbow soup as Steph called it.
    Which did dance upon the tongue and tickle the nostrils with playful adorn.
    (I don’t even know what adorn is, but I’m sure I felt it)
    “I am smell” was Steph’s conclusion.

    The fruit tends to give you another lift, although gentler with more glide.

    And Wez. Wow Wez, the apprentice. Probably 20 years my junior. But after his journeying skills, guided me through a bumpy ride I called him my Big Bro. Thanx Wez, Respect !

    Then towards the end, just when you’re starting to feel your stomach, the kitchen starts smelling ssswweet !! And it’s Soup nd tea time. Dinner is served just at the correct time to ground you nicely with digestive juices.
    Just like any other Sunday really.

    ### Minor Insight 2 ###
    It doesn’t matter how far you travel, you’re always home. (I remember having that insight with these guys on a ceremony day)

    And even though you’re not supposed to, and they wouldn’t let you anyway, you feel like helping tidy up, do the dishes or something. Cos that’s what it was, it was family day.

    It had been a long time since I’d connected with that, which was definitely part of the joy and quite likely part of the healing too. I felt like I belonged, just for a bit or like I could be naked. Not physically, but literally, in every other sense of the word.

    Then after dinner entertainment. Yet still more fun to be had. A nice family game of cards. Angel Cards. Pick a card. Then someone reads the interpretation to you.

    I remember one of my 2 cards of one evening was “Connect to your power”. Which was also my spoken intention at the beginning of the ceremony. Word for word.

    Speachless is a state that occurs when far too many words are scrambling for use of the vocal chords !

    Steve and the rest of the house rolled their eye’s. “Happens all the time”. Apparently.

    I wasn’t staying there. but I was welcome for the evening and breakfast too. I remember deciding to sleep in the garden. Lying on a matt. Gazing up in wonderment at the almost full moon dancing with the clouds and feeling lucky, grateful and connected.

    Trippy Sundays isn’t the only trick up Steve’s sleeve though.
    He’s got a Rodeo up there. But one thing he did for me that I wasn’t expecting on a ground control day was a very powerful and effective childhood baggage removal technique It probably only took an hour two but it’s had lasting effects and really helps bring things into perspective.

    As you’ve probably guessed I highly recommend Steve. However the only thing I can guarentee is that your experience will be different to mine.
    The locations changed from the a beautiful garden at the very edge of town to a more rural, idillic spot up river beside the mountains.

    But the perfectly named Squiggles the dog hopefully will be.

    I could go on for hours but at the end of the day, this is my conclusion.

    Plant Medicine Journeys are like going surfing. You could have the ride of your life. Or you could take a few on the head. Steve Eagle Sewel is a bloody good Life Guard. But when exploring your own consciousness, you always surf alone.

    Aho Sisters nd Brothers

  10. 5 out of 5


    .. i miss you guys so much! …. steve’s place is a divine little center of inspiration and aspiration. it breathes in tune with nature and of the sounds of the river…. steve looks after everyone, it is like my home …
    honestly, after many years studying the sacred medicine, and innovatios in the brew, i believe steve may have developed the best medicine in the world …
    …. thank you .. 🙂 …

  11. 5 out of 5


    Steve and Jane are wonderful humans, and their sweet little pup that Steve nursed back to life make a wonderful addition to the home-y environment. My experience was relaxed and joyous, especially the food prepared by Jane. And the ending ceremony with Steve reading our angel cards was the perfect finale. Thank you for hosting us and our family of travelers from Izchayluma. Y’all are apart of the fond stories I tell of my trip to South America! Much love!

  12. 5 out of 5


    My San Pedro experience at San Pedro Workshops, in October 2016, was fantastic. The setting is beautiful, the food is delicious, and the San Pedro tea was powerful and healing. Steve is an insightful, warm and calming presence and I absolutely love his dog “Squiggles” who was a big part of my positive experience.

    Highly recommended.

  13. 5 out of 5


    My husband and I have known Steve Eagle for over 10 years, as a practitioner of health and well being, we are blessed enough to call him a friend. We met Steve when he ran the NORA Clinic in Durango Colorado. An amino acid therapy treatment facility that changed our life, with counseling, acupuncture and amino acid therapy. Steve is someone that we are blessed to have in our lives. He has a warm, caring heart, and while my husband and I are not fortunate enough to have done a ceremony yet, Steve would be the only person whom we would want to guide us through this sacred path. We have been following Steve’s journey with love, adoration and respect. Steve lives to guide people down a healing path. We look forward to our travel to Ecuador for our ceremonies.

    Samantha & John Sanders

  14. 4 out of 5


    guided by a mutual friend, I made in Banos Ecuador, I traveled to Vilcabamba to experience San Pedro with Steve. Given his vast experience with both the medicine and as a counselor (in another life) he afforded the knowledge and comfort (great location) to guide me through some very rough emotional purging. He is a good guide and a caring friend…

  15. 5 out of 5


    I had the fortune of meeting Steve in Peru and he supported me in several San Pedro ceremonies. Especially at one point I remember that he really skillfully guided me to release a lot of anger I was carrying around. He has also been generous with his knowledge of amino acids years after we met when I contacted him for help.

  16. boolacalaca
    5 out of 5


    My only experience with San Pedro before was one ceremony where it was mixed with Ayahuasca in a single dose, so I was looking for an immersion with the medicine by itself in which I would have enough time and a beautiful space to appreciate an in-depth conversation with Grandfather San Pedro. I am so thankful that I found the ceremony led by Steve Eagle Sewell – it was exactly what I was hoping to find.

    After three consecutive days of Kambo at another center, I felt purged of anything that might get in the way of receiving the benefits of San Pedro. But I was a bit anxious whether or not being so wiped out after Kambo would mix well with the way the San Pedro ceremony was conducted and if the space provided would be conducive. Meeting Steve and being introduced to his space put all of those concerns to rest immediately. Steve is obviously loving, gracious, and very knowledgeable of the medicine as well as counseling modalities. He is never intrusive on the experience but you feel him holding the space for you and being there for you should you need anything, including if you need to speak to someone about anything going on. I really appreciated his calm, compassionate presence.

    The location he has was perfect for my experience – big enough to roam around in but small enough not to wander off and get lost. I liked the variety of things to do in the space – from lying down on a bed, to mats that could be carried off to lie down anywhere else in the garden, to chairs and a hammock on the patio with calming music, or a short hike down the hill to the river. Lying under a tree by the river, with the sound of it rushing by was greatly inspirational for meditations.

    I am also so grateful for receiving the medicine for a 10-hour experience at one time at the start. Other retreat centers give a little bit of medicine when they begin and then they return to you multiple times to ask if you want more. I feel this is intrusive on the process and results in a series of small possible revelations instead of going deep. For true immersion and a profound conversation with Grandfather San Pedro, the way that Steve administers the medicine I think is best.

    The days I spent at Steve’s place, receiving the medicine back-to-back over those two days was one of the best experiences of my life. Without going in to details here, the lessons I received and the conversations I had with Grandfather San Pedro sorted out sixty years of stuff I was dealing with. I am so grateful for that. And I know none of it would have been possible if Steve hadn’t led the ceremony as he did, brewed the medicine as he did, provided an awesome space as he did, and been so loving and supportive. I highly recommend the Eagle’s Nest.

  17. 5 out of 5


    Recently I participated in 2 back-to-back 1-day San Pedro ceremonies with Steve Eagle Sewell and they were magnificent. The location is stellar – in San Pedro close to Vilcabamba, next to the river, with beautiful trees and mountains surrounding.

    We stayed overnight as part of our package, and slept on an open-air deck very comfortably. Easy taxi ride from Vilcabamba, and Steve provided the names of 2 reliable taxi drivers which was very reassuring and helpful.
    I’ve done San Pedro before, and I like his brew! Actually rather tasty. So don’t worry about that. We started in the morning about 9am and completed each day about 8pm after dinner of delicious vegetarian soup. Mid-day, Steve provided a very tasty fruit salad – nothing ever tasted SO good!

    I so appreciated the opportunity to commune with Grandfather San Pedro throughout the entire day, each of the 2 days – such a gift! It was especially a treat to do 2 ceremonies one day right after the other. Such wonderful insights! Steve is an excellent facilitator, and is very skilled in the San Pedro plant medicine as well as many other modalities. I appreciated how he checked in with each of us throughout the day, and intuitively knew just how to support our processes. Sometimes listening, sometimes talking with me, sometimes just holding that warm loving space. Always reassuring, in such a loving manner.

    Grandfather San Pedro is such a loving plant medicine and has provided me with such insights on my life, and what’s next for me. At times, he was even humorous, and always hit the nail on the head. I loved the flexibility of being able to be down at the river, or elsewhere among the trees, or on the deck throughout the day. All-in-all working with San Pedro with Steve was a real pleasure and true gift!

  18. 5 out of 5


    I had the pleasure of attending two of Steve’s San Pedro ceremonies in beautiful Vilcabamba, and I actually remember saying to a friend “I think this is the best money I’ve ever spent.”

    The ceremonies were at Steve’s home, which is simple and peaceful, and I stayed 3 nights there in his outdoor patio area. Mosquitos were never an issue for me, though I slept with a hoodie on anyway, and I also sleep with relaxing music playing in my earbuds, so I can’t really speak to the noise level either.

    I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the ceremonies other than the fact that they provide you much time for contemplation and reflection, without much of any talking. And I was looking forward to that aspect in particular because in the previous San Pedro ceremonies I had been in, there was nothing but talking going on (though in a controlled sort of group-therapy sort of way), and that was well and good, but I felt it was really important to really listen to the medicine.

    I enjoy a rather cozy, loving relationship with Mother Ayahuasca, and I wanted to develop the same thing with Grandfather San Pedro. We had spoken briefly on two different occasions, but we’d never really had a chance to speak for very long.

    And let me tell you, the difference between the structure of the San Pedro ceremonies that Steve offers and the ones I had experienced before made ALL the difference in the world.

    I went from having 2 very brief interactions with San Pedro to 2 entire DAYS-worth of conversations with the medicine, which was just immensely helpful, so much so that I really feel like this is really the best way to experience the medicine.

    You’re given much time and space, but Steve also keeps a watchful eye out and even comes to check on everyone periodically.

    He’s a trained counselor but also clearly knows the value of simply sitting with someone.

    On a funny side note, I remember thinking that while I was gently swinging from his hammock, watching the little patches of cloth that hang from his patio roof flow and sway in the breeze, with the beautiful Andes mountains in the background, “Plant medicine is so much better in a hammock!”

    So anyway, if you feel the calling to partake in San Pedro, I don’t believe you will be disappointed, particularly if you get a hold of Steve and make the trip to Vilca.

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