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  • Iquitos, Peru
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The mission of Yosi Ocha, The Peruvian Institute of Shamanism and Natural Medicine, since its foundation in 2014, has been to establish a brand of excellence in the preservation of authentic Shipibo shamanic practices. Maestro Heberto García, who is today one of the most recognized shamans among the Shipibo descendants, preserves this indigenous tradition with great rigor. The centre was named after his grandfather and mentor, Yosi Ocha, known as the last Meraya, a title granted to curanderos that attained the highest level of shamanism.
Today we pride ourselves on offering the most complete combination of original Shipibo shamanic treatments available. The centre is the ideal refuge for those who seek deep healing and transformation through a personalised program, or wish to be trained in the fascinating art of shamanism following the ancient Shipibo tradition. Maestro Heberto makes a holistic diagnosis of each guest and designs a tailor-made program taking into account his or her individual objectives.
The passengers are free to choose the starting date and duration of their stay. Many centres offer retreats with fixed start and end dates for cost savings reasons, but in Yosi Ocha we believe that such rigidity does not favour the personalised treatment approach and goes against the central shamanic spirit that values the healing and promotion of integral well-being above any consideration of personal benefit.
Yosi Ocha is located in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, about 20 km southeast of Iquitos, in the Allpahuayo Mishana National Park. The diverse ecosystem in this magnificent part of the jungle includes majestic trees of impressive sizes, streams of reddish water and distinctive white sands that contribute even more to the enchanting beauty of the place.
Once a year, Maestro Heberto travels to Europe (Holland, Spain, etc.) to conduct intensive 3-days healing retreats. These retreats are an excellent opportunity to carry out deep personal work in a safe and loving environment, while discovering his unique approach to the medicine and healing.


24 reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Member Since: August 27, 2019

August 27, 2019

I heard a lot of nice things about Maestro Heberto and his work before I got the chance to meet him. He is a really special human; so kind, smiling and funny in a positive way. You can see that he does his work with all of his heart. Everything that he said was helpful and smart.
He sings some of the most beautiful icaros, with so much care for every participant in the ceremony!
After the first retreat with Heberto, I saw some major changes in my life and I know that I am lucky and very grateful that I found the right Maestro.

  • Member Since: August 2, 2019

August 2, 2019

Siento mucho no haber descubierto la Ayahuasca desde el principo con Heberto. Antes de conocerle a él, he trabajado con otros chamanes que simplemente no tenían el conocimiento, la experiencia y sobre todo la atención hacia los pacientes que tiene Heberto.
Desde que le conocí, aprendí mucho sobre tantas cosas: sobre mi mismo, sobre él, sobre el chamanismo (aunque en un principio no era mi intención! :)) y todo eso ha sido posible porque Heberto comparte todo con sus pacientes y no tiene «secretos».
El único secreto es su alma pura. Ayudar tanto y sacrificar todo para curar a los demás, solo es posible si uno tiene un alma pura y un corazón abierto.
El Maestro Heberto es un chamán del más alto nivel, y siempre que nos volvemos a encontrar siento que es cada vez más fuerte.
Muchísimas gracias Maestro y hasta pronto

—In English—
I’m sorry I haven’t discovered Ayahuasca since the beginning with Heberto. Before meeting him, I worked with other shamans who simply did not have the knowledge, experience and, above all, the attention towards Heberto’s patients.
Since I met him, I learned a lot about so many things: about myself, about him, about shamanism (although at first it was not my intention! :)) and all that has been possible because Heberto shares everything with his patients and does not have «Secrets».
The only secret is his pure soul. To help so much and sacrifice everything to heal others, it is only possible if one has a pure soul and an open heart.
Master Heberto is a shaman of the highest level, and whenever we meet again I feel he is getting stronger.
Thank you very much Teacher and see you soon

  • Member Since: July 31, 2019

July 31, 2019

Tuve la oportunidad de conocer personalmente al Maestro Heberto este año. Asistí a 3 ceremonias y durante esos pocos días descubrí cosas increíbles! La forma en la que Heberto lleva a cabo las ceremonias y cuida a cada uno de los participante individualmente es impresionante. Solo un amor profundo y el deseo de ayudar a los demás irradian de él. En ningún momento me sentí insegura, ya que Heberto mantuvo el control de todo lo que pasaba durante las ceremonias. Su forma de cantar los ícaros permanecrá grabada en mi memoria para siempre. Su deseo de sanar y proporcionar lo mejor para cada uno me causo un enorme respeto. Estoy convencida de que todos vamos a mejorar después de ese maravilloso retiro. No tengo suficientes palabras para describir lo privilegiada que me sentí por participar en su retiro y lo agradecida que estoy por todo lo que Heberto ha hecho por mi!

—In English—
I had the opportunity to meet Master Heberto personally this year. I attended 3 ceremonies and during those few days I discovered amazing things! The way in which Heberto performs the ceremonies and takes care of each of the participants individually is impressive. Only a deep love and the desire to help others radiate from him. At no time did I feel insecure, since Heberto kept control of everything that happened during the ceremonies. His way of singing the icarus will remain engraved in my memory forever. His desire to heal and provide the best for everyone caused me great respect. I am convinced that we will all improve after that wonderful retreat. I don’t have enough words to describe how privileged I felt to participate in his retirement and how grateful I am for everything Heberto has done for me!

  • Member Since: May 26, 2019

May 26, 2019

Heberto is a great shaman, a real master of light and love. His ceremonies are an art, his amazing Ikaros make deep transformation and healing possible, connecting soul and spirit to become who we really are. He always meets the individual needs of the patients, helping in the best way he can. He has my full trust and confidence. His center is an absolute secure place, very comfortable and clean, his whole team is always friendly und helpfully, being there is like being at home. Muchísimas gracias, Heberto!


March 18, 2019

Hello Heberto!

This review has been a long time coming. I came here in 2017 for a two week predominately ayahuasca retreat as I had been called to do it for some time. It was the most intense incredible experience of my life and I cannot thank him and his team enough for his care and expertise during my time there. My life has changed so much since my visit and as more time passes I make more sense of my experience back then, the gift that keeps on giving. If I am ever called to do ayahuasca again I will be sure to return to Heberto. 🙂


March 10, 2019

If you are searching for a genuine traditional ( shipibo), safe and trustworthy experience with different kinds of plantmedicine, look no further. Heberto gives it all and more. I stayed for two weeks and now i feel homesick. I miss the jungle and the love and care of Heberto and sjamanka Mamasoila and the whole staff. Certainly want to go back for more healing and teachings. Oh feels this was just the beginning.


December 31, 2018

I actually have been a member since 2011. I have been to the retreat center several times. That is indicative of how much work we have to do on our light (i.e., soul). The first time I went, I keenly remember don Herbert’s determination as well as do a Rcilia’s. Barriers between the so-called physical world and the nonphysical were broken as don Herberto stayed the path of clearing nonphysical, dark entities from me. This was hard to believe at first, especially when it nearly costed him his life, for the price to pay was a set up a day later via a car accident, which would reveal itself later…In any case, it is not hard to see that don Herberto is a master shaman who cares and is dedicated.

  • Member Since: December 17, 2018

December 26, 2018

It was the 2nd time I did 3 ceremonies with Heberto and both times the medicine was calling me. I knew I had to go. The process already started long before the actual ceremonies took place. Although the ceremonies were sometimes very intense I always felt very safe and without fear knowing Heberto was in control. I was touched and impressed by his love and unbelievable energy to sing the powerful ikaros in such a perfect and passionate way. I am very grateful for the personal ikaros he sang to help me heal my fears and let my inner light shine again which had become very small because of several difficult times in my life. Heberto is a real Maestro and I recommend him to everyone who likes to do a ceremony.

Ver abajo mi comentario en español a través de Google Translate.

Era la segunda vez que hacía 3 ceremonias con Heberto y las dos veces la medicina me llamaba. Sabía que tenía que unirme. El proceso comenzó mucho antes de que tuvieran lugar las ceremonias reales. Aunque las ceremonias a veces eran muy intensas, siempre me sentí muy segura y sin miedo de saber que Heberto estaba en control. Me conmovió y me impresionó su amor y su increíble energía para cantar a los poderosos ikaros de una manera tan perfecta y apasionada. Estoy muy agradecido por los ikaros personales que cantó para ayudarme a sanar mis miedos y dejar que mi luz interior brille nuevamente, que se había vuelto muy pequeña debido a varios momentos difíciles en mi vida. Heberto es un verdadero maestro y lo recomiendo a todos los que les gusta hacer una ceremonia.

  • Member Since: December 18, 2018

December 18, 2018

Bob and I went for the first time to a ceremony with Heberto, on the advice of a friend. It was very special and valuable! The safe invironment he creates, his energy, his patience, his dedication, the icaros he sang for us individually full of love and also that he is completely tuned in on us, made me feel safe so I could completely surrender to the the process and to him. This has given me profound insights and healings in a loving way, which I am very grateful for. It was a valuable experience, for us no more ceremony without Heberto. Next year we will definitely go back (in the Netherlands) and hopefully next year, or the year after that, to Peru. We recommend him very much to anyone who is interested in an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Google translate Spanish:
Bob y yo fuimos a una ceremonia de ayahuasca este año por primera vez con Heberto, por consejo de un amigo. Fue muy especial y valioso! El ambiente seguro que crea, la paciencia, su energía, su dedicación, los icaros que cantó para nosotros individualmente llenos de amor y también que está completamente en sintonía contigo, me hicieron sentir segura y completamente entregada al proceso ya él. Esto me ha dado profundos conocimientos y curaciones de una manera amorosa, por lo que estoy muy agradecido. Fue una experiencia valiosa, no más ceremonia para nosotros sin Hebert. El próximo año definitivamente regresaremos a Holanda y con suerte a Perú. Lo recomendamos a cualquiera que esté interesado en una ceremonia de ayahuasca.

Muchas gracias, Heberto!
Bob y Annet

  • Member Since: December 9, 2018

December 15, 2018

Participé de dos semanas de dietas y ceremonias con Heberto, y lo recomiendo mucho, como buena persona y como buen curandero. Lo primero que hizo fue soplarnos mapacho en la cabeza, las manos y los pies. A través del humo nos fue leyendo a uno por uno y al mundo invisible a nuestro alrededor. Sus visiones fueron tan acertadas que me sorprendí, sin dudas él podía ver. En las ceremonias la potencia y belleza de sus cantos me hizo emocionar hasta las lágrimas, ayudándome a destrabar bloqueos muy antiguos. Después, cada mañana nos reunimos en círculo y él se encargó de interpretar y comunicar los mensajes que le llegaron con mucha paciencia, recomendándonos meditaciones, hierbas y rituales pensados especialmente para cada uno de nosotros. En todo momento compartió su conocimiento con generosidad y humildad. Para mi fue evidente que, además de su sensibilidad innata, su habilidad para viajar entre los mundos es fruto de mucha disciplina, profundo amor por su trabajo, y toda una vida dedicada al servicio de los demás. Muchas gracias Heberto!

—In English—
I participated in two weeks of diets and ceremonies with Heberto, and I recommend him a lot, as a good person and as a good healer. The first thing he did was blow mapacho on his head, hands and feet. Through the smoke he was reading us one by one and the invisible world around us. His visions were so successful that I was surprised, no doubt he could see. In the ceremonies the power and beauty of their songs made me move to tears, helping me to unlock very old blocks. Afterwards, each morning we met in a circle and he was in charge of interpreting and communicating the messages that arrived with great patience, recommending meditations, herbs and rituals specially designed for each one of us. At all times he shared his knowledge with generosity and humility. For me it was evident that, in addition to his innate sensibility, his ability to travel between the worlds is the result of a lot of discipline, a deep love for his work, and a whole life dedicated to the service of others. Thank you very much Heberto!


December 9, 2018

Having the priveledge to work with Herberto has been nothing short of amazing.
I am blown away by the level of deep healing he can do in such a short space of time, whilst still holding the space in such a gentle and loving way. I trust Herberto’s work so much so I came back again to his retreat three weeks later for a plant diet and more cermonies to work on my blocks.

Having worked with various other healing work, by far this this is the most profound and the most incredible. He is a true gift to the world and I would definitely urge anyone considering shamanic work to go and see Herberto, For a life changing experience and to open you up to a new world of possibilities. Having spent much of my life searching, I feel like I have stumbled across something that has started to guide me in life of alignment with my true self, and open me up to the bigger picture of the universe.

I first came with my friend and she has been to many ceremonies before and was so frightened of the medicine and it’s effects because of her past experiences with shamans that didn’t hold the space for the group as Herberto does. By the end of the retreat her faith and trust in the work had been restored as she had never seen a ceremony conducted in such an individually supportive way for such a large group of people. All down to Herberto.

Next stop peru!


  • Member Since: December 7, 2018

December 7, 2018

Herberto was in tune and astute to what’s going on inside us and is dedicated to use his gifts and special training to heal us. He is very good natured and patient, as well as effective and I trust him to take care and protect that which he heals.


December 4, 2018

An unforgettable experience and simply a must if you want to have the best ceremony of your life. I have travelled with many Shamans and he is by far the most powerful and gifted and was simply an honour to be held in his space and to feel protected and safe to journey with this beautiful medicine. Definitely will return again and again. Can’t recommend him enough.

  • Member Since: November 29, 2018

November 29, 2018

Estoy muy muy agradecido con Heberto y su trabajo. Me ha salvado la vida, Gracias a sus retiros he podido sanar una adicción muy fuerte que arrastraba por 20 años, y en una semana puedo decir que me cure de esa enfermedad. Experimentar una transformación profunda y sincera de todo mi ser, físico, mental, emocional, energético y espiritual. Te lleva a lugares muy lejanos en un contexto de seguridad y protección. Su compromiso con el mundo espiritual es fuerte e indudable. Su manera de explicar las cosas es muy comprensible y grande su humildad. Me siento muy afortunado e infinitamente agradecido de haberlo conocido y participado en sus retiros.Ojala todos los que necesiten puedan conocerlo y trabajar con él. ES UNA BENDICION.

In English:
I am very grateful to Heberto and his work. He saved my life. Thanks to his retreats I was able to heal a very strong addiction that I was dragging for 20 years, and in a week I can say that I was cured of that disease. Experience a profound and sincere transformation of my whole being, physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. It takes you to very distant places in a context of security and protection. His commitment to the spiritual world is strong and undoubted. His way of explaining things is very understandable and great humility. I feel very fortunate and infinitely grateful to have known him and participated in his retreats. I hope everyone who needs to know him and work with him. IT IS A BLESSING.

  • Member Since: November 19, 2018

November 18, 2018

Estoy muy contenta y agradecida a Heberto. No tengo palabras para explicar lo bien que me siento después de haber trabajado con él. És un guia, un compañero, un curandero, sabio, sabe lo que está practicando con las personas. Te trasmite su conocimiento y en todo momento esta ahí dandolo todo. Desde hace un mes aproximadamente que lo conocí y me traté con él para quitar de mi vida la migraña ha sido como volver a nacer. Tengo 41 años y desde los 12 años hasta hace poco no he vivido sin tomar medicamentos 3 semanas al mes. Ahora ya no tomo nada, tuve una sanacion y voy a seguir sus consejos en cuanto a baños de flores, etc. Esto es volver a vivir. Aporto mi testimonio y animo a todo aquel que quiera curarse o encontrar su camino a que Lo haga con alguien como Heberto, no se sentirá engañado ni perdido. Y le ayudará a solucionar lo que sea como a mi. Estoy segura.
Grácias Heberto, sigue mostrandonos el camino.

  • Member Since: November 19, 2018

November 18, 2018

Hace pocas semanas tuve la oportunidad de participar junto con mi pareja en varias ceremonias chamánicas dirigida por Heberto durante tres días en Catalunya (España).

Mi experiencia ha sido completamente satisfactoria, no sólo por el resultado obtenido con el proceso de la Medicina que ha generado efectos directos en mi vida y la de mi pareja, sino que también o sobretodo, por la gran confianza y seriedad que Heberto mostró con todos los participantes de nuestro grupo.

Sus conocimientos y capacidades personales como maestro chamán sumados al elevado compromiso y responsabilidad que demostró personalmente con todos y cada uno de los participantes, han sido más que admirables para mí experiencia.

Espero poder tener la oportunidad de nuevas ceremonias en Catalunya y en Perú.

Gracias Heberto!

  • Member Since: February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018

Amazing experience! I did the two week retreat option and it was the best thing I could have done. Heberto is an extremely knowledable, patient, and down right incredible person. His skills go for beyond what I had imagined going to there and my life altering experience will have me returning in the future.

If you plan on delving deeper in the plant dietas and take your journey very seriously, I would look no where else but here. I am honored and humbled in being there and a student for my short stay.

  • Member Since: January 4, 2018

January 4, 2018

Heberto is more than just a shaman, he’s amazingly loving, generous with his knowlegde and time, thorough in his teachings, open to questions and discussions. The feedback he gives after the ceremonies is personal, detailed and most helpful. Doing ceremonies with him feels very safe, it is clear that he has a lot of deep knowledge of the plants he uses from sure sources. I was delighted to take part in these ceremonies and advance in my spiritual quest with his help, I don’t think I expected that much. His helpers were also very dedicated, honest and always ready to help at difficult times. I felt very well held, and looked after. His traditional knowledge comes from a long line of shamans, and years of practice. I highly recommend him. His use of icaros is particularly striking and powerful, re-establishing peace in one’s soul at the end of the night. I will be back.

  • Member Since: December 18, 2017

January 2, 2018

I participated in ceremonies with Heberto Dec 2017 in Kura Waka in Netherlands (NL) For me it was the first encounter with Shipibo tradition and I am grateful it was Heberto who led me. He is a trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced, real Amazon homeopathy expert. Learned about various plants and medicine from him. Individual icaros he sang were really strong and touching. Also the stone massage was helpful and healing.
The experience from ceremonies was definitely lasting, actually I am still trying to work with them. I can highly recommend both Heberto and Kura Waka.

  • Member Since: December 16, 2017

December 16, 2017

Heberto is the most honest and capable Shaman I met and experienced.
I have met more good and experienced workers with medicine plants but Heberto is the one who knows the best how to prepare to receive the messages and healings of the plants. He is really connected to the wisdom of this in every way.
His knowledge is the knowledge of anchestors and it is a honour to recieve this and be part of this by the teachings of Heberto and the plants he works with.
I am very gratefull for the experiences with healing plants and exercises he guided.
Heberto is a great Shaman and a very nice and kind person. I have deep respect for his attitude and work.
When you really want to learn and grow and feel save and good guided I recommend Heberto to work with.
I am looking forward to do this again.

  • Member Since: December 15, 2017

December 15, 2017

I traveled to Peru nearly two weeks after hearing about Heberto’s work at the Ashi Meraya Center and stayed for 2 weeks. Heberto is a shaman with a great deal of knowledge and professionalism. He is not doing this work to take advantage of people or fool them into any “hippie” practice, this work is his passion and ancestry and it shows in each ceremony. His humor and lightheartedness make the experience comfortable allowing you to relax and absorb the full benefits of the medicine. You feel the power of his lineage and expertise in his shamanic practices, though he carries it with admirable humility and groundedness.

I cannot express enough how much I would recommend anyone and everyone to go see him. I met people that had been going for years to him, that had healed from serious conditions and never did I sense even an ounce of judgment from him. I felt safe and cared for by him and the staff at the center and during the ceremonies. After my two weeks there, I felt like family to say the least. I am so grateful to have been able to go sit with him, heal and learn; and that he has opened up the space for non-indigenous folks to benefit from his Shipibo traditions. If you are looking for the real deal and to do deep and work, Heberto is the person for you.

  • Member Since: December 15, 2017

December 15, 2017

A few weeks ago I experienced an unrest that I could not describe. During a night Heberto came in my dream, he beckoned me to come, so he could help me. Immediately the next day I have puzzled in my overflowing agenda. Eventually it was possible to book December 1 and 2 at Kura Waka (where I’ve met him before). I experienced the ceremonies as lovingly. I surrendered confidently. As a guardian, Heberto watched over me and I felt the unrest slide away. This time the ceremonies were peaceful and I fell into a very deep sleep where I felt that it did a lot. Dreams, trust and love, AMD letting go of fear and blockades. I am grateful.

  • Member Since: December 15, 2017

December 15, 2017

I’ve met Heberto for the first time at Kura Waka, Roodeschool (the Netherlands). I did two ayahuasca ceremonies with facilitators before I came to Heberto, a real Shaman. I felt the difference immediately. With Heberto the ceremony is so much more. He works on all kinds of levels, energetic, mind, spiritual. Heberto creates a safe space, and sees where you at in your process and what you needs. It’s not just one journey, he works with you through your whole path. I’ve been with him for three weekends at Kura Waka, and I visited him at his own centrum in Peru last summer. That was a wonderful experience, I can recommend it very strongly.

  • Member Since: December 15, 2017

December 14, 2017

I had my fourth Ayahuasca experience with Heberto and whilst the first three were very positive, the pale into insignificance compared to the powerful and carefully orchestrated journey that this great Shaman enabled.

I had been searching for my ideal medicine man to help me work with this amazing plant and in brother Heberto I have found him.

Seek him out.

Dermot (Ireland)

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