Yawanawa Sacred Garden

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  • Brazil

The Yawanawa Sacred Garden retreat is truly magical, offering a rare opportunity to experience traditional shamanic medicine within a natural tribal setting. The Yawanawa invite us to share their life, live amongst them and to learn about their medicine traditions. By visiting the Yawanawa we are not only receiving, we are also giving, the monies exchanged help the Yawanawa to further support and protect their unique culture.

The Yawanawa people are highly attuned to their surroundings and make good use of many medicines from the jungle. On this trip we will be working with Uni (Yawanawa name for Ayahuasca) from a vine and a bush, a frog medicine known as Kambo, Sananga from the root of a plant and Rapé which is a combination of tree ash and jungle tobacco. Each of these medicines is sacred to the Yawanawa and each deserves great respect.

The spirits of these plants and animals, when approached correctly bring about incredible healing, open spiritual knowledge and renew both mind and spirit. It is under the expert guidance of the Yawanawa shamans that we will work with these medicines.


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