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5 out of 5 stars

Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma), Peyote

  • Olon, Santa Elena, Ecuador
Min. Cost: 300
Max. Cost: 1490


Vikara (“Transformation” in Sanskrit) offers plant medicine ceremonies and yoga retreats with personalization and customized touch.

We work with experienced Shamans and offer Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies, believing that they can be a powerful instrument on the path of transformation, helping you to you refocus, work on yourself and your behavioral patterns, and reconnect with nature and your inner essence.

At Vikara, we strive to provide a safe space for participants to continue their journey of transformation and experience the ancient wisdom and healing potential of plant medicines.


Our center offers this unique experience on the coast of Ecuador in a beautiful location just a couple of steps from the beach. Only 3 hours away from the airport of Guayaquil. We can arrange private transportation.

Group Size

Our ceremonies are limited to a maximum of 8 participants in order to make sure that the Shaman can take care of everyone individually during the ceremony. This creates a very unique and personalized atmosphere which separates us from other retreat centers, who work with bigger groups.

Next Retreats

  • 1st – 9th June 2019
  • 18th-26th August 2019
  • 1st- 9th September 2019

What’s Included

  • Skype/ whatsapp call before arrival for introduction and intention setting.
  • Opening and closing ceremony: setting your intention with Abuelo Tabacco
  • (3) Plant Medicine Ceremonies ( 2 AYAHUSACA +1 SANPEDRO)
  • (2) Temazcal/ Sweat-lodge ceremonies for detoxification and rebirth.
  • (6) YOGA classes with designed especially for this program to open the heart.
  • Daily delicious meals from locally sourced produce following a Plant Medicine diet.
  • Our Shamans will attend breakfast with you after the ceremonies and we be available to discuss your experiences.
  • Fresh fruits/snacks, water and tea.
  • 8 nights Private accommodation (only 100 meters away from the beach, private bathroom, A/C).
  • A calm and relaxing environment for you to experience your transformation, with support and guidance.
  • Closing Ceremony and gifts
  • Lifetime 10% discount on return visits to Vikara.


11 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

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May 18, 2019

I was traveling alone trough Ecuador and I wanted to do Ayahuasca, but did not yet know where. I had some specific questions about the date/length, but this was no problem at all and they gave me an opportunity so it would fit for me. After calling with Roey, I felt secure about going there. He picked me up at the bus-terminal and felt very welcome.
In total I stayed there for 6 days and everything was perfect for me: the yoga-classes, surf-classes, the food (!!), the hotel and the service was always good. The preparation with the meeting with the shaman and the possibily to ask whatever you want to know were helpfull. The ceremony with the shaman and his wife, was really special to me. During the ceremony they knew exactly how to guide you and after the ceremony we shared stories and there was the possibility for all kind of questions. They took a lot of time for us.

It’s indescribable for me how this trip was. I think it was the best part of my time in Ecuador and I would love to come back to do the complete retreat. Even the Ayahuasca was mild to me (is different for everyone), I learned a lot and now (3 weeks later) I still feel the changes I made. I already recommended it to everyone in my environment and I want to share this, because for me it was a big present for the rest of my life.

For women: My last day in Ólon I did the moonsession (this was an opportunity they offered from Vikara) with the wife of the shaman, she learned me even more about myself, my energy, how to take better care of myself in the different periods during the month and so much more.

I want to thank Roey, Elba, Nali, David, Hwaneetah, Aime and everybody else who were a part of this beautiful journey.

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  • Member Since: April 23, 2019

April 23, 2019

I rarely come with expectation but Vikara has exceeded any I could have had.
Vikara is a place I will go back to (hopefully) so that shall tell you enough.
For me, what makes this place so special is all the people working there, who give their heart at what they are doing which creates an incredible experience for the end client. You can feel their intention.
Truly caring vibes, amazing healthy food, a wonderful deep yoga practice and last but not least a truly exceptional holding of medicinal plant ceremonies – which will leave you enriched towards a better understanding of yourself.
Can’t recommend this place enough!
Oh and Olon and the beach is just ever so charming!

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April 2, 2019

I joined the 10 day Yoga and plant medicine retreat with Vikara as one of the first thing I did on my 1 year of traveling. And WOW… I’m speechless. That was absolutely everything I hoped for and more. I met the most amazing, inspiring and brave people these 10 days. It has changed my view on the future and my travel and it has given me courage to go for what I want in life.
So do you feel burned out, frustrated, confused about your dreams and goals, do you feel you live in fear and not love or do you wish to understand the world and nature better. Then differently give this try. You’ll get to meet some of the most inspiring people of your life and their ideas and way of living will change your perspective on life for good.. But best of all, you get to meet yourself!
A big thanks to Aime, Hwaneetah, Pietro, Roey, Elba, Lottie and Nali for making all this possible.
I highly recommend this place and I will definitely come back for more.

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March 30, 2019

I cannot recommend Vikara enough to anyone interested in a plant medicine retreat. The location is idyllic, right on the Pacific coast of Ecuador. The waves are good for surfing, and the beach is long and beautiful, filled with coconut and ceviche stands. The medicine healers are phenomenal and take very good care of you. They are filled with love, spirit and wisdom, and are kind enough to keep in touch to help with integration. Ceremonies take place in a spacious teepee, and there is also a sweat lodge on premise.
The cook makes delicious and healthy meals that look like a work of art. Meals are shared in a beautiful setting, with birds chirping and butterflies dancing. What I really appreciated is the community that is formed with the other people on the retreat. You eat together, share together, spend time together, and ultimately develop strong connections. Everyone cares for each other – something that is very nurturing! The yoga classes are taught by a world-class teacher who touches your soul. Your needs and expectations will definitely be met.

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March 25, 2019

Vikara Lifestyle is a little paradise.
The team is extremely nice, they will take care of you and pay attention to your felling and bring you to the most softer and nicer place for you at this moment.
The shamans (a couple who works together) are very carefull about you and your feelings.
You can book this retreat with blind eyes!
I’ll be back there very soon

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  • Member Since: March 18, 2019

March 23, 2019

I have just spent two lovely weeks at Vikara lifestyle retreat. Roey and all the crew were wonderful hosts (everyone speaks English and Spanish, so it is fun how the conversation flows!). Surfing and yoga is a perfect combination. The week was well organised with a good balance of activity and relaxation. The yoga tuition from Elba was excellent (probably one of the best yoga teacher I ever had). Her spirialty and peace is so contagious…as her love to life.
Nali’s cooking was a highlight, every meal was amazing! (I’m really going to miss her and her food!).
David is an amazing surf instructor…always so patient and with an amazing skills and knowledge.
The ceremonies were an experience that I ll never forget…that is something that at least you have to experience once in your life!
Also Olón is a beautiful village at the coast with the most welcome people. The combination between locals and foreings is exactly what I was looking for. Super safe town too where you can walk an anytime of day or night.
Fabulous weeks, thoroughly recommended.

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March 21, 2019

10 jours passés chez Vikara, sous les attentions de toute l’equipe, à repousser mes limites en yoga, apprendre à respirer et apprendre le surf, m’ont totalement remise de mes derniers mois difficiles. Je suis arrivée complètement épuisée moralement à force d’anxiété, de troubles du sommeil, de tristesse. Depuis, je suis rentrée chez moi et je constate les profonds bienfaits que m’a apporté Vikara. Je suis tellement heureuse, j’ai réappris le lâcher prise, la légèreté, à profiter de l’instant et surtout j’ai repris confiance en moi. Je ne savais pas quoi attendre de cette retraite, je pensais juste à du repos et du sport mais chaque personne de l’equipe m’a offert bien plus et je les remercie profondément pour ça 🙂

—In English—
10 days spent at Vikara, under the attentions of the whole team, to push my limits in yoga, to learn to breathe and to learn the surf, gave me completely of my last difficult months. I arrived completely morally exhausted due to anxiety, sleep disorders, sadness. Since then, I have come home and I see the deep benefits that Vikara has brought me. I am so happy, I relearn the letting go, the lightness, to enjoy the moment and especially I regained confidence in myself. I did not know what to expect from this retreat, I just thought of rest and sport but each person on the team offered me more and I thank them deeply for that 🙂

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March 15, 2019

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Ayahuasca on a number of occasions over the past few years as I worked through some life challenges. This plant medicine has allowed me to address fears and blockages and to grow into a more authentic version of myself. It has been transformative for me and I am so grateful.

My journeys have taken me to two other centers, one in Ecuador and one in the US. Both have been positive experiences but none have compared to the incredible energy of Vikara. Roey has managed to assemble a group of staff who anticipate every need, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Elba is a yoga teacher like no other. Through her classes, I feel that I have finally realized the true meaning and purpose of yoga. She is a natural in guiding us toward the gift of opening the heart. Nali is a master in the kitchen, creating rich yet healthy meals and a nurturing atmosphere throughout the center. And, finally, I will feel eternally connected to, and appreciative of, the incredible gifts of Aime and Juanita as they weave the healing power of this medicine through the journey of ceremony. The sense of wisdom, community, and respect is unmatched. These are guides who are changing the world.

All of this takes place in the quaint, safe, unassuming beach community of Olon – another gem of a discovery by Roey. Gentle waves. Beautiful sunsets. Welcoming locals.

I do highly recommend the Vikara experience to anyone who is feeling the call to ceremony. I am so thankful to have stumbled upon it in my travels.

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March 14, 2019

I did my first Ayahuasca in Vikara and I couldn’t have dreamt of a better experience. I felt protected and listened before, during and after the ceremony. The ayahusca has been the most powerful and enlightening experience I’ve had to live and I’m planning to go back next year at Vikara with my boyfriend so he could know know as well this place that felt like home.

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March 13, 2019

I have so much love for Vikara Lifestyle and their Ayahuasca retreats its difficult to find the words to do justice to them! It was a truly transformative experience with two incredible Shamans (a husband and wife team) whose their care, understanding, experience and incredible singing voices make the ceremonies a unique, 5* experience. I was absolutely blown away!

Vikara Lifestyle is a totally safe, beautiful and respectful place to embark upon your Plant Medicine journey.

The location right by the beach is perfect. The local town is friendly/safe and it is heavenly to be able to swim in the ocean, or surf on your rest days (or even after a ceremony. The ocean feels so good!).

If you are serious about healing and learning with Plant Medicine this is the place to go. The accommodation really nice with private rooms and the food is delicious, using the best local ingredients whilst following a Plant Medicine diet.

On top of that there’s a world class yoga teacher, Elba, who can guide you through a yoga practice. She has experience with Plant Medicine so understands exactly what your body needs.

If you are reading this review and considering a stay at Vikara Lifestyle don’t hesitate – just book it! It will be the best decision you have every made.

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  • Member Since: March 13, 2019

March 13, 2019

I highly recommend vikaralifestyle retreat for your 1st ayahuasca or even your 10th. Vikara has not let me down in my 3 experiences with them and their Sharman/ medicine man. If you looking for a intimate journey or group ceremony’s vikara has you covered. They also offer many other medicines plus awesome food, shelter and more then friendly connections from the vikara family. I have nothing negative to say about my experience as vikara know how to accommodate you on your journey of discovery 🙂

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