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  • Pucallpa, Peru

We are a Shipibo Shamanistic Center on Yarina Cocha Lake in Pucallpa Peru, in the Shipibo Heartland, on a 19 hectare permaculture Rainforest farm with lots of room for exploring. We also offer ecological and cultural trips into the Rainforest, as well as teach Earthskills. Our remote location is near to the largest Rainforest reserves in the world. We have a NGO Ni Bero, Seed of the Rainforest and Eye of the Rainforest. Dedicated to conservation and reforestation of ecosystems, and permaculture, as well as opening peoples eyes to the consciousness of the forest. We are partly owned by Shipibos, and work with Shipibo female and male shamans in their homelands of the Ucayali river. Tierravida means living earth, that the earth is alive and gives us life. Benxote is the Shipibo healing arts using Ayahuascha and other medicinal plants.


1 review

5 out of 5 stars

November 1, 2014

I’m so glad I found this place!! Unlike other ayahuasca experiences I have had in Peru, Tierravida Benxote is run and operated by indigenous Shipibos. They truly provide an authentic experience for their guests. I stayed for a 10 day “dieta” and was able to partake in their permaculture projects and even prepared and cooked the ayahuasca I took! I felt completely comfortable with their shamans and was reassured by the clean water and overall safe environment throughout the dieta. I will definitely be back one day with my friends. Thank you Tierravida!!

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