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The Way of The 12 Plants

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  • Padre Cocha Iquitos, Loreto, Peru
Min. Cost: 649
Max. Cost: 2950

The Way of the 12 Plants is a healing center in the Amazon Jungle centered around healing, rejuvenation, and awakening through a series of plant diets.

A plant diet is a method of spiritual healing in which one drinks a daily tincture of a specific plant (or tree) for a continuous 7 day period. In addition to taking the daily plant tincture, throughout this period the individual will also be put on rigid dietary restrictions: no salt, no sugar, no oil, no dairy, no spices, and no meat of any kind.

The dieter will only be given a fruit drink in the morning and a small bowl of steamed vegetables or a fruit plate in the evening.

Through the combination of the dietary restrictions coupled with the daily ingestion of the plant tincture, the innate medicinal properties and healing potential of the plant is able to work its way into the body, mind, and spirit of the dieter.

This is the idea of “dieting” a plant: when we “diet” a plant, we allow our body, mind, and spirit to fully open to the natural medicine within plant.

Throughout the 7 day period of the plant diet, the individual will stay in a private tambo (a small jungle cabin) on our property. This is a time for reflection, meditation, or light reading. It is also a time for rest and relaxation. The medicine of the plants are very powerful and they often produce very strong physiological and physical reactions in the individual as they perform their healing and cleansing work within the body.


0 reviews

0 out of 5 stars

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