The Sanctuary of Renana

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  • Unnamed Road, Peru
Min. Cost: 1125
Max. Cost: 1500

We offer a program unlike any other, for less than most of these other centers charge. During our 10-Day retreats you will receive:
– 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
– A Magic Mushroom Ceremony
– Massage Therapy with the legendary Maria Louisa, known locally as “The Bone Crusher.”
– Reiki Sessions
– Steam Baths
– Fever Baths
– Clay Baths
– Fruit Baths
– Floral Baths
– Yoga
– Meditation
– Jungle Tours
– Certified medical professionals on-site with backgrounds in Nursing & Psychology
-A multilingual staff fluent in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Romanian
– Running water & showers in every room
– And much, much more


3 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

April 14, 2017

My experience with Renana was truly a blessing. It was not only the 10 days spent on the retreat site, but also the weeks leading up to my travels and even still now two months later, that has shown just how lucky I am to have found them. I came across the Sanctuary of Renena on facebook simply by chance. I had never travelled on my own before, nor had I participated in ayahuasca ceremonies. So naturally I was frightened and looking for a sense of security. From the very first message I sent Renana, they were of outmost help and kindness, offering endless advise, answering questions and guiding me to feel safe and confident. They picked me up from the airport when I had expressed my anxiety regarding arriving alone to a foreign place (being a 5 foot 4, 24 year old white female). I was very pleased with the Sanctuary’s program and all of the additional treatments they include in the total 10 day cost. Well worth it ! I had not expected it prior to my trip, but Renena’s facilitators and Shamans offer additional plant diets/purges on top of the 4 aya ceremonies. This was one of my favorite aspects about the retreat. The planta dietas allowed us to further connect with the plants, which in turn made it easier to receive the medicine. They focus on individual needs through private consultations and group shares to ensure that each person gets exactly what they require. This was greatly appriciated because we all receive the ayahuasca differently as we are not all coming from the same traumas or dealing with only one struggle. Now that I have returned back home after my amazing journey, we stay in touch as they are wonderful friends who continue to offer suggestions on personal healing in our day to day lives. Brendan and Ana are genuinely two of the sweetest, most open hearted people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Working with them was absolutely fantastic ! There is not one thing I would have changed about my Peru experience. In fact, it was the best choice I have ever made in my life. I fully intend to return to Renana in the future. I made some wonderful life-long friends there. I highly recommend this center to anyone looking to heal body, mind and spirit.
It is also note worthy to mention that Brendan is a certified nurse, which is very important to have on site I think. Especially for anyone fighting heavy addictions, PTSD or coming off of medication. Read his story on their website, it is pretty incredible what people can survive and how we can transform !

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February 6, 2017

I feel very lucky to have found Renana. This was my first experience with Aya, so I didn’t know what to REALLY expect. Brendan and Ana(owners), run such a wonderful program. They explain the process very well, and are very open to any questions or concerns, day or night. They have years experience in the field and are very knowledgeable. They really made me feel very comfortable with everything that was going on- not only being my first time with Aya, but most of the other treatments that are included(Reiki, fever baths, etc). The shamans(they had 2 for my retreat) had such beautiful spirits and worked together so well.
The meals were delicious, the location is amazing- NO words for the sunsets we got to see every night.
This was absolutely a life-changing experience for me, and I don’t know if it would have been as big of a difference for me if I were at another retreat center. I can’t even put into the correct words how much I loved being here and meeting the people I did here. I have told numerous friends about this place and how they need to go and experience Ayahuasca with these genuinely caring people, so I would absolutely suggest the same to you!
Granted the opportunity, I would love to go back to Renana, as there is always something to learn from Aya!!


November 26, 2016

I become speechless when a life experience is too good. This is the case with the experience I had a Renana. Words will never transmit the exact experience, specially when that experience brings you all the way down to nothingness and then all the way up to unconditional love. The Renana schedule is well designed to ease the healing process. In other words, you get what you need most of the time. There is a day of rest between ceremonies for a reason. It allows the individual to process the events from previous ceremonies as well as write a journal. The location is perfect and far away from distractions. The Shaman is good and emphasizes on personal healing according to each particular individual.

Of course every person get a different experience because each individual gets what he/she needs. It flows how it needs to flows. The Ayahuasca medicine sort of adapts to you and walk you trough a process of cleansing, purging and learning.

I came to Renana after already having done 26 ceremonies. In other words, I did ceremonies 27, 28, 29 and 30 at Renana. So, for me, there was not a lot of purging and cleaning but a lot of making sense of things that I needed to realize or feel. This includes and is not limited to dreams, visuals and strong overwhelming emotions.

Brief personal experience: ( partial JOURNAL )

I had an intense dream last night . There was an abandoned boy at a hotel and I went in a quest to search for his parents. I saw myself with the little boy ridding a dragon over the valley of the death. There were different monsters and things I had to defeat. At one point I woke up and saw a bright light so I closed eyes again not to loose it. Love and compassion were taking over my entire being. it was overwhelming. I tried to hold on to that feeling for as long as I could.

My interpretation: The strange sensation of my heart glowing in my chest as I woke up while dreaming about rescuing the boy as flying through the valley of the death signifies my own rescuing through the rescuing of my heart (trough love).

Yesterday I had my Aya ceremony #28. I had a heart opening experience. Then I transformed myself into a king cobra. It was not simply the body of a king cobra but the mind and the soul of a king cobra as well. I felt absolutely fearless and extremely powerful.

Ceremony #29: At some point I was feeling fear to love but I said no to the fear with a lot of courage and love overflowed my entire being. I experienced a complete heart opening. I received just a fraction of infinite love and it was so intense that my body started shaking. I said, please slow down, remember I am human.

Death is easy, but being able to fully love is not. I lost my fear of death long time ago. This was a different fear and to my surprise my fear of loving unconditionally was a stronger daemon than my fear of death. (this was good learning)

I kept asking God to imprint this experience in my soul, heart and mind forever. An experience like this, take all fears, doubts and concerns from you. I reached a point of loving that nothing else mattered. It was simply the end of all biological games and concerns. This was when I looked at death as a ticket to paradise and smiled.

Did the mushroom ceremony yesterday and I was overwhelmed with love. I felt in the presence of God. Nature was at His command. It was very intense, the most intense thing I have ever done.

A day after the mushroom ceremony: I want to take this time to thank my soul, to tell you I love you just as you love me, to let you know that no matter what, I will always be with you. I will embrace you each night. I will cuddle you with the arms of my heart. My soul, thank you for fighting for me, thank you for not giving up.

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