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  • Iquitos, Peru

The Ayahuasca Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and continuation of the ancient science of plant spirit medicine. It is our mission to guard the sacred tree of spiritual knowledge that has grown in the Amazon Rainforest for millenia, and replant the seeds of spiritual awareness so that new trees of forgotten wisdom will again grow throughout the world. Hope fills our hearts with a vision of the earth filled with compassion and respect, but changes must be made… soon.

The Indigenous Cultures of the Amazon have been gradually blending into the invading western cultures, and their knowledge of the plants and animals, as well as their philosophy of who we are and how we should live, is in grave danger of being lost to the false hope of technological materialism. One of the oldest medical traditions in the world may soon be replaced by pharmaceutical capitalism. Many communities have already lost their local healers, and the spiritual aspects of healing are not being taught to the younger generations.

Ayahuasca is a sacred medicine used to provide access to other dimensions to communicate with spirits and understand our true nature. This medicine represents the roots of plant spirit medicine, the foundation of ancient wisdom in the Amazon. Thanks to a group of dedicated healers, these roots have supported the jungle communities for thousands of years. These healers, called curanderos, have protected and preserved this wisdom as it passed from generation to generation, in cultures with no written language. Will the next generation still follow the path of the curandero, or be tempted by the lures of modern society?

We at the Ayahuasca Foundation realize that while fewer and fewer people are making the sacrifices necessary to become a curandero here in the Amazon Rainforest, there are a growing number of people throughout the world who are hearing the call, and are ready and willing to do what it takes to fulfill their destinies. So we are working to facilitate future healers as they search for their path, and we are helping the communities to remember the wisdom of their ancestors, and finding ways to demonstrate how the preservation of their cultural heritage can benefit them and the human race.

Awareness is the key to unlocking our true potential as human beings. The time has come for us to realize our destinies and to move forward to a new reality. In fact, this new reality is actually an ancient reality that we have unfortunately forgotten. Thankfully, not everyone has forgotten. There are still a small number of wise teachers ready to share. We must again become aware with this ancient truth, for it will truly set us free.

The Ayahuasca Foundation was conceived in the spring of 2008 by Carlos Tanner, an American and long-time student of curanderismo. The Foundation is the culmination of four years research and experimentation into how best to spread the ancient wisdom of Plant Spirit Medicine. Carlos has led healing retreats since 2004 and has assisted with the teaching of his six-week Ayahuasca Initiation Course since the first course in 2006. He recently directed the Amazon Curandero Seminar in April 2008. In the organization of this special event, he met with and drank ayahuasca in ceremony with numerous curanderos, and in February 2008 he was given the honor of manifesting the Ayahuasca Foundation into a reality. He quickly set out to acquire the proper certification to be a recognized non-profit organization in both Peru and the United States, to secure the funding for the preliminary stages of the project, and continued to let the concepts and ideas flow into the project.
The right people have arrived at the right time, and the project has advanced miraculously in a very short time. We have all arrived at the right time, for we all have a role in the events that are about to unfold. Ayahuasca can help us understand our individual roles, as it has and continues to help Carlos and the dedicated Ayahuasca Foundation staff.


3 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

August 30, 2016

I attended a 2-week ayahuasca retreat in March 2016 and it was absolutely amazing. I got picked up at the airport by their staff and they took 100% complete care of me during my entire journey. The camp was really awesome….there’s a river nearby for relaxing and cleansing swims, hammock deck for chilling, the staff is very knowledgable and friendly, the shaman was incredibly friendly and approachable, the food was very healthy and tasty. The ceremonies were powerful and life-changing. Outside of ceremony we also did a variety of other plant healing treatments and learned about the shipibo traditions. This is a fully integrated healing package. This truly is a complete detox and cleansing on every level. The community, the staff, the camp, the food – it’s truly an amazing combination. You will be happy you went here. Safe journey.

  • Member Since: January 26, 2014

January 26, 2014

I attended a 3-week retreat at AF in September 2014 and will be returning again later this year. At the risk of sounding like a cheerleader for AF, I can’t think of a single detail of the retreat that wasn’t well thought-out or could have been improved upon. A big “thumbs-up” to Carlos and his whole crew!

  • Member Since: January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014

My wife and I spent 2 weeks at the Mishana camp in June 2013, Carlos Tanner who set up and runs the foundation is absolutely amazing, and I would recommend anyone looking for a true healing experience to consider the Ayahuasca Foundation.

We where in a group of 9 (maximum) 10 people, and have made lifelong friends with everyone, the experience was magnificent and I will treasure the memories forever.

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