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Canadian-owned and operated 5th Dimension Offering life changing ayahuasca ceremonies, nestled in the heart of the Amazon jungle utilizing decades of experience from indigenous shamans as well as raw passion that our founders have about the medicine.
The company was started by two brothers – Charles and William Edgar, who experienced firsthand the healing power of an ayahuasca retreat. After their incredible experiences, both brothers ignited with passion made it their purpose to share the incredible healing potential of ayahuasca retreats with as many people as possible.

Share the ultimate journey of self discovery and healing with extraordinary people from all over the planet.
We work with incredible male and female Shipibo Shamans. Our life changing retreats honour the traditions of Shipibo healers and indiginous plant medicines in a safe supportive intimate group setting with no more than 12 participants. Individual attention is given before during and after ceremonies. Our retreat takes place in a beautiful jungle location and is a perfect setting for those seeking physical, mental, emotional healing, spiritual and personal growth.The ceremonies are led by a staff with years of experience who humbly assist our guests as they work towards restoring physical health, emotional wellbeing and happiness through expansion of conscious, self discovery and self acceptance.

Our master Shipibo shaman brings over 25 years of experience to the retreat, carrying a trusted ancestry and pedigree, 5th Dimension’s master shaman can trace his roots back through a line of powerful healing ancestors. with on-site multilingual western facilitators trained and experienced in the arts of plant medicines.Visitors will be immersed in an ancient, beautiful culture and reap the positive benefits of healing for the mind, body and soul. We offer a range of plant medicines and holistic healing experiences for those seeking enlightenment and treatment for a range of illnesses.

Sacred plant medicines Nunu, and Kambo are optional plant medicine therapies included.These extraordinary medicines fully compliment ayahuasca ceremonies by cleansing the body of toxins while un-cluttering and focusing the mind. Reconnect with Mother Nature in the heart Amazon rain forest. Take in the breathtaking sights, sounds and scents of the lush rain forest during guided jungle treks, trips to monkey island and star gazing by boat.


16 reviews

5 out of 5 stars
The 5th Dimension
  • Member Since: October 15, 2019

October 14, 2019

If you want Ayahuasca experience, this is the place to go!
Beautiful place, beautiful souls and I was feeling very comfortable there from the very beginning! I will never forget the experience.
It was truly life changing and I look forward to going back one day! Thank you!

The 5th Dimension

September 22, 2019

I can’t say enough about the crew that run these retreats and the experience itself. The owners genuinely care about everyone’s journey and it’s so refreshing to meet people more interested in providing a quality product than making a huge profit.
The way they catered to our groups individual needs was so appreciated and we all left feeling forever changed and completely fulfilled. You will struggle to find a stronger brew and they take pride in producing a quality product.

Whatever your circumstances rest assured you’ll be in good hands at 5th dimension.

The 5th Dimension

September 20, 2019

Life Changing! The 5th Dimension is amazing and I highly recommend it if you are thinking if doing ayahasuca. I was travelling solo (female) and was doing ayahasuca for the first time so naturally felt pretty nervous leading up to it. Straight away I felt completely safe in the care of this retreat. Charlie, William and Tanya are all incredibly friendly and super supportive during the ceremonies. The staff at the retreat are all lovely and cook an amazing meal. The rooms, linen, bathrooms, dinning area and moloka are all really clean. The atmosphere at the retreat is amazing. I think it really adds to your ayahasuca experience. I’m lost for words when it comes to the Shaman and his wife. Their energy and Icaros are incredibly powerful which took me to places I didn’t realise I needed to go. I am incredibly thankful I choose this retreat. If I was ever to do ayahasuca again I would 100% come back to the 5th Dimension

The 5th Dimension

August 20, 2019

Will and Charlie really put a lot of intention into this magical place. The ambiance and area of everything is gorgeous, along with how everything was set up. Simplicity and beauty. All of the staff were very kind and helpful. Tanya was a fantastic facilitator. My experience wouldn’t have been the same without her! Everyone did a great job at making everyone feel very at home. Food was also delicious! The ceremonies themselves were absolutely life changing. I wouldn’t have done this any other way and will never go any other way than with The 5th Dimension. Will be back, March 2020

The 5th Dimension

August 6, 2019

This was my first experience with Ayahuasca, Kambo, Nunu or Yopo.
From the moment I got off the boat I felt peace of mind, body and soul, the grounds are beautiful with many fruit trees some which you can eat from.
Weather you speak Spanish or not, you would feel relaxed here
The retreat was so clean and fresh I was surprised I was in the Amazon Jungle they also surprised me with working toilets, sinks and showers and plug socket in the bedroom (foreign plug adapter may be needed) When i was up for roughing it an it was better than glamping
Tanya was amazing with her interpretations an helping bridge between the language barriers.. she was always there to talk or more often laugh with and she gave me fantastic advice even looked after me after retreat finished, helping me find a better hotel at same cost for my stop over night in Iquitos.
The shamans Icaros were powerful and connected to, an affecting the medicine within my body… absolutely amazing experience! Unbelievable connections and they always had time for you❣️
Im not experienced but I know that Id chosen the right retreat.. travelling 1/2 way across the world as a female on my own to this retreat was the right idea.
Charlie and William were brilliant with helping me with extra needs (had a rash problem& I turned away from medical system and their symptom management, to a natural approach with plants an plant medicine)
Charlie and William got me things to try which i could bring home and treat from home
The shaman treated my skin with plants from the jungle In addition to the ceremonies they were all there to help me heal however they could help.
Tbh everyone went above and beyond to make my stay comfortable relaxed and treated me like a patient with a holistic approach with jungle prescriptions
The breakfast salad was lovely, Ive added it to my recipes
Food was plentiful, I always went back for 2nds and the fruit bowl always had fruit in it, anytime day or night!
Never a problem getting a chamomile tea at 12am after ceremonies
Definitely an excellent all round experience worthy of the 5⭐️
Heard they are going to be putting the price up so book in while its on the cheaper side, you won’t be disappointed!
And I would have paid more.
Its a very comfortable, laidback, calming, atmosphere.. and I’ll be happy to be back and meet up with what I call my soul family again. When mother ayahuasca calls me again.. I’m So grateful So thankful for my beautiful amazing experience with beautiful friendly an talented caring nurturing people
The monkey island experience was something all on its own, on just how up close and personal they can get with you.
Can’t say enough good things about this place and the people who put their heart and soul into making it special
You’ve all done an amazing job well done to you and deep love and gratitude from me an my 2week introduction to plant medicines
Shout out to Tanya, missing your humour, your a beautiful woman who helped me through the rough.
Sara, Elias, you’re my shaman. yes you are! Stay blessed!!
Karina, Maria, Shanti, Carlos, Lener, the retreat runs so well because of you all and you do in the background to make my stay so special.. you’re the backbone!
Charlie and William.. thank you for all the extra ways you went out of your way to help me! And for opening the retreat
Thank you, to you ALL from the bottom to the top of my heart YOU ALL had a part to play in making my stay a special an amazing experience which I could never forget… I want to come back purely to see my soul family… I love you all. Im blessed just to have had all of my experiences at The 5thDimensions healing retreat
Bye for now beautiful people

The 5th Dimension

July 10, 2019

I was at this retreat the first week of July 2019. This place is absolutely magical little oasis on the banks of the Amazon in the middle of the rain forest. The ceremonies were challenging but beautiful and definitely worth it. Apart from the beautiful experiences with Ayahuasca, I experienced the love and care of everyone at the retreat: The founders Charlie and Will, Tanya the facilitator and translator, Santiago, Maria, Karina, Carlos and the shamans Elias and Johnny were all awesome.

The food that was served two or three times a day was delicious yet nutritious and was eaten in a family setting with all of the staff. There were activities during the day, like a jungle walk off the back of the property (very interesting and informative), a visit to monkey island right across the river where you can interact with several different species of monkeys, and canoe trip to a nearby village market were all very interesting and memorable.

All in all this trip was amazing on all levels. Do not hesitate to book a trip with these guys!

The 5th Dimension

June 3, 2019

If you are looking to heal, this is the place to come. You will see the “5th Dimension” here. lol! This was my very first experience with this type of therapy. At times, it was terrifying. The staff walked me through each and every part. I came back to the states with a glow and a renewed faith.

I love these guys Charlie and William. They are truly dedicated to the mission of plant medicines, the Shipido way of healing, nature, and personal/spiritual growth. Tanya is an extremely competent interpreter who is also dedicated to this way of life. I can’t wait to return one day. The Shamans are awesome. They know what they are doing. Everyday, each meal, the food was fantastic. I am adopting a new way of eating at home from now on.

The 5th Dimension

May 30, 2019

Thanks to the owners and staff for the most amazing week of my life. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a true breakthrough. They have the strongest medicine. The staff and shaumen were diligent and caring.
Making this trip was the best decision of my life .

The 5th Dimension
  • Member Since: May 29, 2019

May 29, 2019

We have visited the 5th Dimension in a group of 3 persons and all of us got absolutely different but undoubtedly unforgettable experience within the week of retreat.

Our expectations were totally shifted. The spot where the retreat is located is heavenly nice. The hosts and the staff were absolutely caring and very helpful. The ceremonies were beautiful and powerful at the same time. I have to mention specifically the food which was also unexpectedly varied and even delicious even though there was no salt and sugar.

As for the ceremonies itself I have nothing to compare with but they were definitely amazing and powerful. Today is the third day since we came back but we are still under the impression and it seems the medicine still works on a mental level.

I would suggest to add also the following herbal ceremonies and potions to make the whole experiences even more complete: Chiric Sanango, Mapacho and Ficus Insipida. From what I know they work incredibly perfect especially to be well prepared to Ayahuasca.

I can not express my gratitude, respect and love to Charlie, William and Tanya. Guys, I will come again for sure and will recommend your retreat center to my friends and other people we know, please add those potions to the daily dietary.

Always love, Alex.

The 5th Dimension
  • Member Since: May 26, 2019

May 26, 2019

where do i star!?
my name is neil from ireland. i attended the retreat here at the 5th dimension in march. it was my first experience with ayahuwasca so i didnt really know what to expect but it was so much better than i could have imagined. i cant see myself going to another retreat in peru unless its with theese guys as i know its a clean safe place with plenty of things to keep you occupied during the day. the food was amazing and the facilitators were 10 out of 10 (thank you will charlie and tanya)
went down there with one close freind and left with 15 of them.
cannot recommend this place enough!

miss all you guys!


The 5th Dimension
  • Member Since: May 2, 2019

May 2, 2019

This was my first experience going to Peru and Ayahuasca. I had only a small idea of what it would be like. Let’s just say it was nothing like I had in mind. It B L E W away my expectations! The scenic was beautiful from the boat ride on the Amazon River to the breathtaking Facility right in the middle of the Jungle. The 5th Dimension did such a amazing job all the way around. They treat you like family and have everything you need and then some. The Shamans that stayed with us brought such strong spirits especially when they sang the Icaros, talk about overpowering! Will, Charlie, and everyone in the Facility- I can not express my gratitude for an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience. If you ever get the chance to go, The 5th Dimension will not disappoint! My once in a lifetime experience will actually turn into another experience, again and again and again. I will be back very soon! Again, I want to thank everyone at 5th Dimension, because of you I was able to come back home with another outlook in life. Thank you.

The 5th Dimension

April 29, 2019

I could not have asked for a better retreat! This facility is amazing and one of the most inviting places ive ever been! I left with a love for the staff and Peru I would have never expected! Will, Charle and Tayna do so much to add to the feeling of safety, comfort and unconditional love! I hope you have the opportunity to experience this magical place!

The 5th Dimension

April 17, 2019

First and foremost all my love and gratitude to everyone at the 5th dimension. Thank you so much. I had the privilege to attend a week long retreat at the 5th dimension. This was my 3rd trip to Peru and my first to The 5th dimension. After a short boat ride we arrived at the facility which was on a beautiful piece of land with breathtaking landscaping. The maloka was very large and homey, which is where I spent most of my time. The rooms were cozy and the dining area was very nice. Everyone was amazing from the owners Will and Charlie to all the helpers and staff throughout the facility. They all were always there to help in anyway. Everyone welcomed us as if we were family and by the end I left with what feels like a second family. The ceremonies were held in the beautifully built Maloka, a very safe comfortable environment. The shamans were unbelievably powerful and the facilitators were right there to help at any moment. I have and I will continue to spread the word of ayahuasca because it saved my life. When taking this life changing journey to the 5th dimension you can be assured you are going into safe professional caring hands. My family is already planning to go back at the end of June. I would highly recommend The 5th dimension you will not be disappointed.

The 5th Dimension
  • Member Since: April 12, 2019

April 12, 2019

My name is cam. Im from bc Canada and i just attended a week long retreat at “the fifth dimension” in iquitos which included 4 ayahuasca ceremonies as well as kambo and nunu. If your reading this your more then likely being called by the medicine and in search of a safe, reliable and recommended facility or already experienced with ayahuasca but maybe wernt to impressed with the last facility you attended. I cant speak enough good words of “the fifth dimension” in iquitos. First off id like to thank Will and Charlie the owners. Their hard work and dedication to providing a safe, clean and authentic facility shows throughout the property. Stepping off the boat onto land i was amazed at how beautiful the property was. The ceremonies they held were top notch with some incredible well known shamans. The rooms and washrooms were clean. Dinning hall as well and the food was delicious farm to table meals. Getting to know everyone and watching their transformations through the week was incredible. It was truely a life changing experience for every one that attended. The staff at fifth dimension were very friendly and catered to our needs. I couldnt have made it through the ceremonies without the help of the facilitators. They really make you feel safe and comfortable through the whole experience helping with any needs at any time. Hats off to you guys and gals. We also had a chance to visit monkey island, a floating restaurant with a pool, the town of Indiana and soakd up some of the culture from iquitos. Swimming in the amazon river or just relaxing in a hammock reading a book or taking a nap this was the most amazing trip ive ever had. I cannot wait to go back to the fifth dimension and i hope to see some of you readers there in the near future. Ive made some amazing new friends that feel like family after journeying together for an entire week. So if your looking for the right place to journey with Ayahuasca. Make sure you book with the fifth dimension. Youll be gald you did. Cheers 🙂

The 5th Dimension

April 12, 2019

The 5th dimension is hands down my favorite retreat! I’ve been to two other places to participate in ayahuasca and the 5th dimension is the best, their food is great the staff is right their in the mix with you everyday just making sure everyone is feeling okay and if there is anything they can help you with and then there is the option if you want to just be alone and reflect you can walk the property and be in the Amazon jungle which is really cool and feel safe while doing so there isnt alot of bugs and the Amazon river is at the front of the facility which I swam in almost everyday the sleeping accommodations are bug free and comfy. You wont want to go anywhere else!

The 5th Dimension

April 12, 2019

It has been a long time dream to go to Peru and do the plant medicine, Ayahuasca. This dream came true this March at The Fifth Dimension. It is hard to describe if just a few words how amazing the trip was. The owners and facilitators made us so comfortable, we felt at home in the brand new, luxurious accommodations right away. The Shaman were professional and had time to work with each person individually. We made lifelong connections with them and every member of our group. The healing I witnessed and experienced was unbelievable. I can’t wait until I can go back.

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