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Terramaya is a safe and loving place for inner exploration, self discovery and healing.

We at Terramaya are seekers of true connection and unity within our natural self. We share what we have: our music, our experience, our growth, our learnings and our medicine.

Terramaya is an isolated, off-grid retreat centre nestled within the mountains and rainforest of Brazil. The location offers an awe-inspiring opportunity to commune with wild, pristine nature and is blessed with natural springs and waterfalls.

The spiritual retreats are facilitated by:

Norberto, the one that guides the ceremonies and individual sessions, grew up learning to work with plants. He is a certified psychotherapist in Bioenergetic Analysis, certified in Breath work and in guiding meditation. He has facilitated the master plant Ayahuasca for thousands of people.

Milli is a professional singer and multi instrumentalist. She has, for the past 15 years, specialised her work in developing music as a tool for healing and transformation.
Milli also facilitates Women’s groups and Music workshops.

All helpers and assistants are very experienced in working with the medicine.

For more information about the retreats offered, dates and fees please visit our website


16 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

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July 18, 2020

One of the most profound, beautiful and life changing moments of my existence…through Milli and Norberto I experienced the Divine. Love in a cup…an experience I would wish for every human being!

  • Member Since: April 22, 2020

April 22, 2020

Terramaya is one of the hidden natural wonders of the world. It’s a little oasis tucked in the hills of the atlantic forest with waterfalls, natural pools, lush vegetation, hiking paths, iridescent butterflies, tropical fruit that falls to the ground, and their pet white shepherds that roam the property like magical beings.

It’s against this backdrop where you learn to heal and reconnect with yourself and others. My partner and I have worked with Milli and her late-husband Norberto for a few years, but at Terramaya the work is especially powerful. You’re in the vine’s backyard. We were able to go deep last January because of where we were and who was guiding us. Trust is so key with medicine work, and we trust Milli completely. I know forty other people who feel the same. It’s transformed our lives.

  • Member Since: April 4, 2020

April 4, 2020


A slice of heaven on earth.
I sit looking, hearing, feeling,
caught in the web of life.
Undisturbed by the ceaseless
roar of human noise.
Listening to the sounds of the jungle
as the birds sing and
the frogs drum and
the spring water flows.
Our ears and eyes are full
as we are cradled in the web of life.
Here we are bound
by the light of the sun and moon,
dancing in the rhythms of nature.

Where better to drink natures medicine? TerraMaya with her beauty and purity supports the medicine in you as you accept the gift of transformation that plant medicine is here to give you.

Millie Moonstone is the resident musician and caretaker of TerreMaya. As a classically trained professional musician her music provides an indelible richness to every ceremony. Millie has been offering musical workshops and providing her transcendental music in plant ceremonies for many years. Her workshops are for musicians and non-musicians who simply want to explore their potential musical expression. Millie is a master at helping people to build their musical confidence and abilities.

  • Member Since: March 31, 2020

April 3, 2020

The week that I spent at Terramaya a couple of months ago must be one of the most profoundly beautiful experiences of my life in so many ways. Thinking back to it fills my heart with gratitude and warmth, and I am incredibly happy to have discovered plant medicine under the guidance of Milli and Norberto. I felt so safe, supported and welcomed by this land and this loving community. The location surrounded by rainforests, mountains and waterfalls is just incredible, and there are simply no words to describe the magical beauty of Milli’s music… I would very highly recommend Terramaya to anyone who feels called and I look forward to going back one day.


March 31, 2020

Thank you Millie, Norberto and all volunteers at Terramaya.

At Terramaya I had my first encounter with Ayahuasca together with my wife, it was a truly life changing experience for both of us. I was received by the most kind and loving people that made me feel at home right way. Our group had several people that had been at Terramaya before which made me feel safe and secure. The volunteer folks were amazing and never hesitated in helping and comforting us in any way. I left Terramaya looking forward to come back and excited to share my experience with people that I love. I was fortunate to meet Norberto, the most genuine and blessed soul that wondered on this planet and now rests in peace, you and your wise words will never be forgotten. Thank you Millie for opening your home and heart to me and many others, music guided me into a journey that I cannot express in mere words.

Life. Health. Happiness. Open Paths. Health in the body. Peace in the spirit. Love in the heart.

It is this that we wish for all our brothers and all our sisters.


March 31, 2020

Terramaya may well be my favorite place on this beautiful planet! The land is abundant with life, gorgeous waterfalls, fresh drinking water from the mountain streams, and beautiful hikes through the forest.

The ceremonies are beautiful, full of love and music among a beautiful community. This work with Milli and Norberto has changed my life completely and opened my heart in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined a decade ago.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone who’s looking for a safe place to discover your inner being.


March 30, 2020

I have been to terramaya more than 5 times now. It is a sacred and very special place. Milli is an angel who has fully embodied the divine. Her songs and space she creates is so unique. Very community and connection oriented workshops that has a very unique feeling. Pure love! Nature wraps you in her arms there and is my favorite way to do the medicine. Highly recommend it it will blow you away! The best gift you can give yourself is going to Terramaya.

  • Member Since: March 30, 2020

March 30, 2020

My 10 day retreat with Milli at Terramaya was as near perfection as I could’ve imagined. I’d participated with her in other locations but this trip to the “mother land” was absolutely magnificent. The medicine itself is so pure and sweet, a heart opener that’s easy to drink and Milli herself has the gift of music that further enhances the entire experience. I felt so at home, so safe and so held, by the land itself, by the medicine, and by the music and Milli. The valleys and mountains and waterfalls are breathtaking and I can’t wait to return. HIGHLY highly highly recommend.

  • Member Since: September 4, 2019

September 4, 2019

Whoever is reading this now: You Found Your Place. Look no further.
Many are on a daily search for the meaning, meeting many gurus on the way, many shamans, healers, priests, witches, ‘messengers of god’, whoever they are called. Once you meet Norberto & Millie, you never leave. Amongst the majority of spiritually opened people, Norberto modestly calls himself as a Facilitator. And he is a true Facilitator for your own light to shine upon your life and for you to become a shaman of your own reality. This is the widom which runs through every detail in the world of TerraMaya.
Norberto has a heart of gold. So much kindness, softness, strength, wisdom, knowledge, and adequacy. You can share a great laugh as much as confide in deepest sorrow. You can really fully trust him. And his other half Millie is a very strong, beautiful, magnificent woman who walks bare feet most of the time in the jungle. She is also a professional musician, playing so many instruments. The quality of the sound is top-notch, sometimes using technologies & stereo speakers around to bring the music even deeper into your psyche.
TerraMaya is a very interesting place. You feel instantly safe, even though the location is quite remote and private. Here you can really scream. Norberto managed to combine an authentic off-grid leaving with some notes of jungle-style-comfort. You have your own hut with one wall made of glass, your private compostable toilet and a shower with a (wait for it..) … hot tub with a burner to warm the water. All solar panels charged. Norberto surely has the style.
Surroundings form your very own, large attraction park. Waterfalls minutes away, spring water creek, mini ponds, unexplored caves (go there! they are called ‘unexplored’ for a reason), mountains with an absolutely epic natural monument Peito do Pombo and a full-on show of our MilkyWay ring.
If you happen to attend one of Norberto&Millie’ workshops: the quality of ayahuasca is very high and Norberto knows how to really serve it in the best way by ‘building up’ your experience gradually. Even as an experienced aya lover, you will appreciate the grace of Norberto’s works.
It’s all the combination of high quality, safety, attention to details, organization, nourishing&elaborate food, music, and so much real love, this is what makes TerraMaya a place you come once and never leave.

  • Member Since: July 29, 2019

August 14, 2019

As someone who lived and drank ayahuasca with many shamans and healers in Brazil, Peru and in Europe, I am quite often asked if I can recommend a place to drink the medicine. Norberto, the facilitator at Terramaya, is the only one I can comfortably suggest to someone and be absolutely fine with the responsibility in doing so.
He is working with the medicine for over 35 years so his knowledge and talent to navigate that energetic space is exquisite. At the same time, a humble person, still learning and sharing his lessons.
Together with Milli, an extremely talented musician and angelic soul, they create a sacred ceremonial space where I can feel totally safe and accept all that is offered by the medicine and the land.
Speaking of the land, what an amazing spot in nature. Very isolated, many waterfalls and with the added bonus of almost no mosquitos. So many rocks and places to sit, enjoy, disconnect from my daily life, and simply be. I love the Terramaya water, I can feel the healing provided by the pure air and water and all elements.
The accommodations are very comfortable, surprisingly so, given the isolation of the place. Wooden huts with cozy beds and toilets, even bathtubs!
And let’s not forget the medicine served, prepared with ayahuasca vine harvested deep in the amazon. Not planted or cultivated but old virgin vine grown in the depths of the Amazon without human contact. Resulting in by far the cleanest and deepest exploration of myself. So much light and wisdom, a powerful medicine containing the raw power of nature.
I am deeply grateful to Norberto and Milli, the first time I went to Terramaya was the turning point in my spiritual and personal development, and since then I returned many times. So many things to be grateful about, the sense of community, the welcoming, the acceptance, the connections, and the music … oh the music, not hard to close my eyes now, even years after my first experience, and remember the depth I felt when I first heard Milli’s music.
Thank you for changing so many lives!!!


March 6, 2019

A place in the lush, pristine rainforest with comfortable cabins and a temple next to a stream with a little waterfall.
Does it get any better?
Yes, it does!
The Ayahuasca served is of the highest quality and Norberto, the shaman / facilitator brings in the best of both worlds: decades of experience with the medicine and a solid understanding of human psychology. He also speaks fluent English and very good German. And last not least, he comes from the heart!
If you want to go to a center where profound change can happen in a safe and loving environment, then Terramaya is the place.

  • Member Since: February 2, 2019

February 6, 2019

It is never too late to find oneself, I’ve heard that many times before. Who would say though, I would have to go all the way to Brazil in order to find peace of mind and love of heart. Well, I know now that I had it all along but I just couldn’t see it. Thanks to the enduring love of Milli and Norberto and the powerful medicine!
Neither three of them would give up on me and sure enough my heart has opened at 74.

  • Member Since: January 22, 2019

February 5, 2019

There are so may beautiful things about this place. I always refer to Terra Maya as ‘The Land’. The place in itself has healing proprieties, and then the nature is pure magic, the medicine is home made and the people that facilitates the work are so in touch with their humanity and Spirit.
Ive found this place at a turn point in my life where is was crucial to learn to create my own safety.. And to learn to connect with my own core. And Norberto was and still is such an example in doing it. So much gratitude!

  • Member Since: January 18, 2019

January 18, 2019

I was coming to Terramaya many times and each time i was leaving the place more lighter and wiser. I was participating in voluntier programs, also atending workshops. I would recomend this place for those who want to meet themselfs in what ever they are doing, in the simple act like a diging the pond or working in the garden (like voluntier) or in ceremony space (like a spiritual seeker). In suroundings of the nature and simplicity of the place you can see your own projections and exspectations very well and in the silence of the mountains very easy to integrate spiritual understandings. So those things was happening to me and i came to understending that simple is fantastic, just to swim in the river, to play with the dog, to meet a frog its fantastic and real life. By the way if to speak about practical things, there is the normal bath and normal toilet in the hut, dont need to go at nigth in the forest, just if you wish so . About aya ceremonies dificult to share the exsperience, need to experience-no other way. In this place healing happens. Who ever i met there they are my family and part of my love now. Recomend. Sandra

  • Member Since: January 17, 2019

January 17, 2019

I know this place since 2012 and coming back each year to spent some time there
It is place with crystal clear waters flowing trough the mountains and waterfalls
It is place with freshest air to breathe
and to feel the silence all around..
do drink medicine with Norberto and Milli for the first timers it is the best place
safety and care and love are there..
and for the people who already have experience with medicine there place to be for sure☺
best medicine, best music and many more awaiting there..


January 16, 2019

Clean air.
Pure water.
Vibrant rainforest.
Star filled night skies.
And not a sound from human made machines.
This is Terramaya, along with a beautiful temple, medicine of the highest quality, and the best facilitator I ever had the pleasure to sit with. During my years of walking the Medicine Path, I have not yet found anything that comes close in comparison. If you are seeking accelerated transformation in a safe space, then come to a retreat in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil, a relatively short journey from Rio de Janeiro.

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