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Temple of the Way of Light

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  • Iquitos, Peru
Min. Cost: 1500
Max. Cost: 2950
Room Features: Bug-Netting / Screens, Private Rooms
Property Features: Massages, Yoga, Airport Shuttle Service

The Temple of the Way of Light is a traditional plant-medicine shamanic healing center located in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest that offers intensive ayahuasca retreats with female and male Shipibo healers. We are dedicated to providing our guests with the opportunity to benefit from the ancient healing wisdom of the Shipibo people, and to helping this unique culture preserve its knowledge and identity in the 21st Century.

We work with some of the most respected and powerful healers (Onanya) from the Shipibo tribe. They are highly experienced, gentle, caring, and deeply dedicated to healing and embodying the wisdom and sincerity of their people. The healing traditions of the Shipibo people offer an ancient yet pioneering path to health, re-discovering our true nature and re-awakening to our true purpose.

The Temple firmly believes in respecting and honoring the ancient practices of the Onanya, experts in ayahuasca healing and plant-spirit shamanism of the Amazon. They bring a rich cultural and medicinal legacy to the healing process: time-honored rituals, intricate practices, an expansive cosmology, an encyclopedic knowledge of medicinal plants of the Amazon, and a far-reaching ancestral lineage.

The Temple has safely facilitated healing for thousands of people since 2007 and has forged an exemplary reputation for stringent safety protocols, compassionate care, and a balance of female and male healers and facilitators. We have used our experience to fine-tune a synthesis of ancient Shipibo medicine traditions and modern and Eastern integrative practices that now extends to comprehensive aftercare and integration support long after guests have returned home. All this takes place with an institutional focus on sustainability, permaculture, ethics, and social responsibility.

We offer ayahuasca retreat programs of varying duration, focus, and intensity, with a balance of female and male Shipibo healers, experienced western facilitators, floral baths, a steam bath, a high ratio of healers to guests, a high number of ayahuasca ceremonies, individual consultations, a nutritional and balanced ayahuasca food diet, and a strong focus on how to process and integrate healing, both during and after each ayahuasca retreat.

The safety of our guests is paramount. We are constantly working to offer the safest container and most effective ayahuasca healing experience in the Amazon. We have developed the most stringent health and safety protocols available on any ayahuasca retreat in Peru. The Temple’s commitment to guests begins with in-depth medical and psychological screening during our booking procedure and continues after the retreat through our integration support. Guiding you safely through deep personal healing and growth is our priority, both in and out of ceremony.


94 reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

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February 24, 2020

I found this retreat center to be unethical and greedy. Their website said 12 participants for a yoga retreat, which was what I was looking for for my healing, yet they crammed 30 people into their yoga rooms and into their “personal” sharing sessions. One young troubled gentleman, who was clearly there for healing and not for the “next trip in life”, shared with me that he would’ve opened up about his problems if the group wasn’t so large. (Everyone had expected just 12 people.) What a shame! His healing, as well as my own, was hindered due to their greediness. I didn’t go all the way to the jungle of Peru to be herded and crammed into rooms like cattle, and then snapped at for how long it was taking for all of us to do the same thing at the same time. Who would want that?! It was an introvert’s nightmare. They even admitted that their website was misleading once I returned home early, but refused to refund my money. Nothing has ever been given to me, and I had done hard labor to earn enough money for this “healing” retreat and have nothing to show for it. I’d steer clear of this organization and find one focused on healing rather than profiting off of hurting people seeking help.

Response from Temple of the Way of Light on February 28, 2020

The page for this retreat states that the number of guests in each ceremony would be 12 – this is to ensure that ceremonies are intimate and there is ample space for everyone in the maloka. This is how all of our retreats are designed in Center Two – with a total group size of 24 that is split into two ceremony groups.

It is important to us not only that guests have plenty of physical space in ceremony, but also that the number of guests in our programs is appropriate for the size of the spaces where meetings, classes, and ceremonies are held and for the number of supporting staff that are present. We ensure that each guest has ample plenty of time and attention from their facilitators and the healers during their retreat, both in a group setting and individually.

We firmly limit capacity in all of our programs to maximize each person’s healing experience in the group container and understand that having intimate ceremonies has great value in the healing process. We do not jeopardize this to take in more guests. We also do not herd nor cram our guests, nor do we engage in false advertising, as all of this would go against our intentions, our values, what we seek to offer and how we aim to be of service to our guests.

In the seven years that we have been running these programs in Center Two, we have not had anyone ask for a refund because of the number of guests who were attending a retreat. You were the only guest who left the retreat out of a group of 24, and the feedback from those who were present is that the retreat was a supportive and deeply transformative experience from which they received much benefit.
During your retreat you did not mention any of these concerns to your facilitators, and your expressed reason for departing the retreat, as the healing was just beginning, was that you didn’t believe ayahuasca was going to work for you.

Again, we are sorry that you chose to not see the retreat through to the end and receive the full benefits of completing the process. Not feeling a conscious experience of ayahuasca is not uncommon in the early stages, although this does not mean it was not working towards something. Genuine and lasting healing is a process. As an analogy, if we get sick and a doctor recommends us 5 days of antibiotics and we stop after 2 days, we can’t blame the medicine or doctor for it not working. This is one of the most common issues westerners face when working with plant medicine, expecting miraculous healing in a very short space of time and not understanding that patience, surrender and trusting in the process are critical. Ayahuasca is not a panacea.

It is also natural and very common that limiting and blameful patterns can be exposed and externalized during the healing process. Although we know that it is not always possible, we aim to empower those who come to us to take responsibility for their emotions and experiences, recognizing that self-responsibility is ultimately the key to deep and lasting transformation.

However, despite all of this and our policy that we do not issue refunds if someone leaves a retreat early, we still offered you a partial refund of your program cost at your request. We are deeply committed to creating a space for healing, and always welcome and sincerely consider constructive feedback about our retreats.


March 19, 2019

I would say that while the healers of this organization are gifted the staff is dangerous in that there is a lack of awareness and accountability for blind spots and spiritual bypassing. The staff dabbles in areas of therapeutic healing that they are not skilled to handle and don’t even recognize that they aren’t skilled to handle. They can’t see what they don’t know and from that perspective they have the potential to cause great harm to clients who are vulnerable.
I had thought that I was one of few people to hold this perspective but the more I speak out the more I find that others have unfortunately had this experience as well. You likely won’t hear from these people as the Temple does a good job of silencing them.

Response from Temple of the Way of Light on April 11, 2019

The Temple is deeply committed to ensuring that we provide optimal conditions for deep transformation to occur, be it in the quality of our medicine, with experienced and well-intentioned healers and staff, providing a safe setting, etc., as well as always learning from any mistakes that arise. We do not practice spiritual bypassing and our foreign staff includes skilled and experienced doctors and practitioners in a variety of healing and therapeutic fields. Our aim is to empower those who come for retreats to be present in the Now and awaken their most authentic self. Our mission is to create a container where our guests can feel safe so that they are able to create transformation for themselves and with ayahuasca.

We always handle valid complaints and criticisms honestly and appropriately. Where and when we make a mistake (which we occasionally do), we accept it, learn from it, and strive not to repeat it. The challenges that we have faced over the years have actually been our biggest teachers and have initiated an evolution for the Temple for which we are most grateful.

Dishonest complaints, disinformation, and spurious allegations unfortunately also happen occasionally. When working in “shadow territories,” as it is the nature of ayahuasca, limiting, blameful, destructive, and self-sabotaging patterns are exposed. In an effort to manage and integrate a big experience, or if the ego is not able to face the shadow within, it may then unknowingly be projected externally, and result in being triggered and/or finding fault or blame in other people, circumstances, situations, reasons, or excuses to validate a position. This is a huge aspect of shadow work and one that we see frequently. We devote a lot of energy to guiding guests towards an awareness of what projection is in the first days of working with the medicine, as it is possible to become overwhelmed with a strong experience in ceremony. We do our best to encourage awareness of this pattern before it does arise, and then again, gently, when it does.

This reviewer’s experience, like all of ours, is entirely valid, and also a reflection of their inner world. We are never interested in silencing anyone, and there is also a line between accepting when we have made a mistake and not accepting charged blame and unauthentic assumptions, which can and does happen with a very small number of guests who are not able/willing to take personal responsibility for their experiences.

  • Member Since: January 26, 2018

February 1, 2018

Integrative Therapist – thank you for your review. We are always open to feedback and welcome constructive criticism. We appreciate the opportunity to improve any aspect of our work that is not in alignment with our mission and anything that is not of complete integrity. The Temple has evolved into one of the most respected ayahuasca healing centers in the Amazon due to being accountable for our actions and taking responsibility for any mistakes we make, then learning from them.

In response to your post, we want to share some of the actions we have taken.

Information about guests from previous retreats should never be shared outside of our team, and we are sorry that this happened. We are currently planning a staff training in confidentiality and developing standards for our integration team. Integration is a new field, and we are developing policies and protocols that are both respectful of the needs of our guests and functional in terms of how we work here at the Temple. We recognize that it’s important for guests on retreats and those working with our integration team be able to give informed consent as to how and when their information might be shared, and thank you for giving us this opportunity to re-evaluate how our integration team work outside Peru with our facilitation team in Peru.

Our retreat facilitators are not trained psychotherapists: they are experienced plant medicine people. We are proud to work with some of the very best facilitators in the Amazon / in the field of ayahuasca healing. We have comprehensive recruitment standards to ensure our staff, first and foremost, have many years of experience of personal work not just with ayahuasca, but with plant dietas too. We are continuing to improve our skills with regular staff trainings that include tools like non-violent communication, deep processing, self-inquiry, ontological modalities, and trauma release exercises, to add to the untrainable, unteachable element which all of our facilitators have in common: personal experience, kindness and compassion.

Regarding the “dark side of shamanism”, there is a culture of rivalry amongst many Amazonian healers. This is well known, and at the same time, the belief in dark shamanism, while it has its merits and some truth, is also often misleading. It is the result of several factors including gossiping, jealousy, competition, and mixing energies (of different traditions and systems) although most often it is simply fear based projections. While there are certainly people out there utilizing the power of medicinal plants for self-gain, we have worked closely with our team of Shipibo healers to establish and maintain the highest standards of care at the Temple over many years, and we trust the people we work with. We have a zero tolerance policy on what is called ‘brujeria’ (witchcraft) in the Amazon and are proud to work with a team of well-intentioned, highly skilled, kind and deeply caring healers from several core families.

Regarding the 13-day program: this retreat option was added about a year and a half ago. We no longer have the 13-day retreat guests arrive in the middle of the Deep Immersion retreat, but only at the beginning because we realized after a few trials that this format was not ideal for group cohesion. We make it very clear on the website that this offering is held within the Deep Immersion retreat (see the 13-day website description: “participants of this 13-day retreat join the 3-week Deep Immersion guests together at the beginning of the retreat and leave mid-way through the program.”). Our 13-day retreat continues to be very popular due to demand from people to have this style of retreat, with integrative practices, and more space between ceremonies but who do not have the ability to stay for 3 weeks.

And finally, yes, our founder Matthew is a businessman and is proud of the organization that he and his team have developed over the last decade. The Temple is / has always been run as a conscious (holistic) healthcare business passionately focused on individual and social transformation.

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March 22, 2014

In five ceremonies out of seven, there was loud music from the village almost all night long?.and this happens all the time. Additionally during the day there was construction work going on. Not relaxing at all…And not helpful for my healing journey. A place where I have been served medicine by a gringa facilitator whilst the shaman lady was sitting next to her doing nothing. Unacceptable! A place where you have shamans on a payroll, without any power to make decisions, because it has been taken away from them. I have been told, that I was not allowed to talk to the maestros, because everything needs to go through the facilitator. The owner came into the dining room one day and did not even acknowledge the people who help to make his “vision” come true. No “thanks for being here” or even a hello. A sign of bad manners. Ive also seen him screaming at his staff in a meeting.
During my time there, I did not see the caring and loving environment that has been advertised on the website. They say they work with the divine feminine. I had the feeling that it was all about control and male dominance. You can’t even post in social network sites, without approval. So they clearly want to control everything.
There were dogs on the ground and we have been encouraged to “beat the shit out of them” by some of the staff, because these dogs don’t belong to the temple of the way of light.
I could go on and on, but bottom-line is, if you are looking for a loving environment and personal attention, in a place where you can relax without being disturbed by loud music until 3am and shamans who kept their dignity then the temple of the way of light is not for you.
Its just a well done website with some good marketing behind by a real estate guy from england.
I cannot recommend this place at all. It was very disappointing, a waste of my precious time and my hard earned money.

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January 22, 2014

My experience was a mixed bag. Inez is wonderful…absolutely amazing. There were one or two other shamans that were excellent as well. Half of the female shamans there took every opportunity to insult and mock me. One was yelling at me for not going to the arts and crafts fair they had. Selfish, absurd and wildly inappropriate. Yes, I can take it but if I want to hear that childish nonsense I can hang out with my puerile beer drinking buddies. They were selling people magic potions for supposedly increasing the ability to attract a mate. In the end it was expected that we tip the shamans and pressured to do so. This was not discussed (as far as I know) on the website. Felt like a trap. The facilitators we had were into silly group exercises and had an arrogance about them. That arrogance that so many in the “helping” professions have where if they don’t feel that they are above you and they get snarky. They need you to need them.

I know someone who did not have any visions there and then went to [REDACTED] where they were able to clear his blocks and then he had wonderful experiences. The facilities are much nicer at [REDACTED] as well. The Temple has no way to secure important items like passports etc and the maloka’s are cramped.

There are much better places.

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