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Shuar Ayahuasca Retreats

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  • Orlando, Florida, USA
Min. Cost: 400
Max. Cost: 500

We offer a therapeutic service through Ayahuasca sessions in Orlando, FL. The purpose in the consumption of this ancestral substance is influence in the improvement of each person, according to its own psychological necessities in search of a spiritual and mental equilibrium. We use large dose that have intense effects , for that reason we work only by individual sessions or small groups of maximum 3 people, in order to proportionate the necessary care and personalized guide. We want to give you the way for a unique opportunity for making you change or evolve trough the shocking experience that will proportionate you the effect of the Ayahuasca, guiding you step by step in this new spirituals journey of your life.

Personalized Ayahuasca
For those people that have already tried Ayahuasca (with or without us), we give the service of making a personalized Ayahuasca, depending on the purpose that you are looking or the situation that you are going through. We work with 5 kinds of Ayahuasca, each one with different sub – effects, and specific healings. We also use various recipes and combinations with plants from the Amazon region in order to achieve specific psychological, physical and spiritual healing. The types of Ayahuasca that we work are: red, sky, thunder, withe, boa snake and iwia( Demon of the jungle).


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