Shamanic Vida

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  • Cusco, Peru

Our healing retreats are focused in guiding travelers safely into the world of entheogens (ayahuasca and san pedro).

Here the possibilities for learning and healing are endless. You will find yourself immersed in shipibo shamanic practice, meditation, yoga and amazonian plant diets.

There is amble opportunity to begin the process of healing oneself, eliminating blockages that may be physical, spiritual or mental. We work with a variety of plant diets. These include, but are not limited to chiric sanango, ajo sacha, piri-piri, clavohuasca, chihuhuaco, nova rao and wayusa. Every person is unique as will be their experience and treatment.

The mission of Shamanic Vida is to create a community of like minded individuals to spread the message of their positive experiences with plant medicines. Thus creating incentives to protect the Amazon and giving their lives new rituals. All who work with us and volunteer are grateful for their life paths in shamanism and guiding others.

The work we do is personal and groups are small. We look forward to you joining us!


32 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

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