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  • Cusco, Peru

Our healing retreats are focused in guiding travelers safely into the world of entheogens (ayahuasca and san pedro).

Here the possibilities for learning and healing are endless. You will find yourself immersed in shipibo shamanic practice, meditation, yoga and amazonian plant diets.

There is amble opportunity to begin the process of healing oneself, eliminating blockages that may be physical, spiritual or mental. We work with a variety of plant diets. These include, but are not limited to chiric sanango, ajo sacha, piri-piri, clavohuasca, chihuhuaco, nova rao and wayusa. Every person is unique as will be their experience and treatment.

The mission of Shamanic Vida is to create a community of like minded individuals to spread the message of their positive experiences with plant medicines. Thus creating incentives to protect the Amazon and giving their lives new rituals. All who work with us and volunteer are grateful for their life paths in shamanism and guiding others.

The work we do is personal and groups are small. We look forward to you joining us!


29 reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Member Since: August 29, 2017

August 30, 2017

Shamanic Vida has brought much cleansing and healing to my life, from a cellular level to a spirit level and every inch in-between and every meter beyond. Pacco is an amazing Shaman with much experience, holding much wisdom; I recommend his guidance to anyone who wishes to transform and, or expand themselves in a deeper sense. Along side Pacco, Chrissy was also their to bring her balanced energy; I feel the two hold a unique space for all kinds of healing because of their bond. Although we are all repairing from different life experiences, Pacco and Chrissy are there to bring clarity, guidance, understanding and insight on the beautiful and sometimes confusing inner journey we get to witness. My time here, I drank Ayahuasca in four ceremonies, San Pedro (Huachuma) once and took Rapé around five times. All of the ceremonies were greeted with the humbleness and confidence of the Shaman (Pacco), which brought a sense of trust and gratefulness. Pacco works with the plant spirit(s), his grace and essence held the utmost scared space, a place that was filled with the teachings of the land and all that is here. When I was in need of guidance during ceremony Pacco had this sense of knowing, divine timing we will call it, he would be there when I needed it, to make sure I was okay, he let me know that I was not alone, which had a profound impact on my experiences. Pacco’s ethics towards his guests is humbling; he did not tell me how to heal, how to think, or force any belief on me, he just made it aware (nonverbally) that I as a human-being am full of many of my own truths and much more that is yet to be unveiled, he was there and able to be a guide during the deep healing process. Not only awareness was brought, I gained this humbleness and confidence that went hand in hand, towards myself and expanding outward creating a harmonious shift in relationships I have been wanting/needing to mend. I left Shamanic Vida about a week ago today, and already I am noticing shifts in my actions, words and thoughts. I could not express in words the gratefulness I have towards Pacco and Chrissy for hosting the most life altering experiences I have ever had, I am so thankful to have had the honor of meeting the two, as well as the other wonderful, kindhearted people I have met while staying at this retreat, many bonds were formed with people from all over the world. While at this retreat I learned many self-truths, I gained numerous skills that would not have been available to me otherwise, and I worked with the ayahuasca overcoming many challenges that at the time seemed almost impossible or maybe improbable. I will be visiting again in the not so distant future.

Thank you, thank you,
Grace <3

  • Member Since: August 20, 2017

August 20, 2017

I have total trust in Paco and Chrissy and felt like I was in excellent hands. This aspect of trust is so important because the medicine and the ceremony is powerful and there cannot be any doubt about the intentions of the shamans and facilitators. Staying here was a magical experience; the atmosphere is totally serene and chill. I would highly recommend Shamanic Vida to anyone who is interested in shamanic healing. My own experience was profound and I was beamed into the spirit world. Now I am integrating the experience which is still pretty fresh. I am sleeping much better at night and spiritually I feel as if I am now going through a gradual, but steady waking up progress.

June 26, 2017

I just spent 11 incredible days learning, growing, connecting and awakening at Shamanic Vida—it was the most life-invigorating thing I’ve ever done. I feel reborn, full of love and light, and enthusiastic beyond belief!

I arrived with little experience in master plant healing—just one Ayahuasca ceremony. I was drawn to Shamanic Vida because of wonderful reviews, their holistic approach to healing and the opportunity to experience a variety of plant medicines and meditation/healing techniques (ie. Rapé, San Pedro, Kambo, & Yopo.) The experience was more than I could have ever hoped for! Chrissy, and the shaman, Pacco, have created an incredibly nurturing environment for healing. I immediately felt at home, and by the end, part of the tribe, which is imperative because this type of therapy can be very challenging, mentally and physically.

This was the most transformative week of my life—mentally, physically and spiritually. I realized the tremendous capacity I have to bring love and light into this world and I am enthusiastic to put this inspired energy into my renewed life back home. My mind is clearer than ever, my confidence has never been stronger, and I have a sense of purpose and fearlessness that I’ve never felt before. I am incredibly grateful for all of the pleasant surprises as well: my body is much leaner and energetic, I feel an unexpected aversion to alcohol and unhealthy foods, and I am eager to learn just about everything—something I haven’t felt since I was a child.

I am incredibly grateful for Chrissy and Pacco and look forward to coming back for more healing soon!

  • Member Since: April 16, 2017

April 16, 2017

I did the 6 day retreat at Shamanic and it was amazing. Chrissy and Paco are beyond amazing people and truly care so much about helping others on their journeys. They are intuitive and pay attention to what each person needs. The medicine they gave me was very effective and I can honestly say I will never forget it. I got everything out of it I had hoped for and more and I hope what I have learned stays with me forever. A friend of mine went after I did and had an equally positive experience. So healing. Highly reccomend Shamanic to any and everyone interested and I hope I’m able to attend another ceremony with these two someday.

  • Member Since: April 12, 2017

April 12, 2017

I recomend Shamanic Vida 100 % i had great experience with the ayahuasca retreats, and with Pacco, who made the ceremony, he all the ceremony take care about people, and his place is excelent, he is a great person, and humble human!!!! and not only Ayahuasca all medicine that he works are great!!

March 16, 2017

I would strongly recommend Shamanic Vida if you would like to do a ayahuasca retreat. I just felt so welcomed immediately when I reached Pacos and Chrissys place. The four days I spent there were truly wonderful and changed my life in so many ways. I now know which guidlines I should continue follow in my life thanks to the stay at Shamanic Vida. Paco is such a professional and caring shaman to whom I can thank in so many ways for the beautiful trip I had. Truly one of the greatest moments in my life. Thanks a lot, Paco and Chrissy for your warm support and retreat.
/ Sebastian

  • Member Since: March 3, 2017

March 3, 2017

I experienced the healing power of ayahuasca and san pedro for the first time at Shamanic vida partecipating first to a six days retreat. The experience was so illuminating and inspiring that after a week I went back for other three days. Pacco and Chrissy are simply great guys, full of love and with a deep knowledge of plant medicines and shamanic traditions. They are very supportive all the time. I learnt a lot during my staying at Shamanic Vida not only with the ayahuasca but also by sharing those days with them!!!

  • Member Since: February 28, 2017

February 28, 2017

There are 2 very good reasons SV has perfect 5 star reviews and that’s Chrissy and Pacco. It’s rare to meet a couple so young with such vast life experience, depth of knowledge in their fields and dedication to their purpose. They are true healers, better equipped than any medical doctor to cure both physical and mental pains.

Few, if any, retreats offer the range of natural treatments available at SV; aya, rapèy, San pedro, kambo, temazcal, reiki attunement(!!) and many many more, all adapted to your personal requirements and delivered with expert care and guidance. They literally provide everything you could possibly need, just bring yourself, some warm clothes, toiletries and an open mind. Chrissy and Pacco will take care of the rest.

I came to them 18 months after a bad accident with broken ribs I had been told would never heal, in a week they’d proved western doctors wrong and my physical and mental pains were all but gone. I was so impressed with the the results I decided extended my stay 4 more days and wished I could’ve stayed longer, I will be back one day though 🙂

If you’re looking for a simple, boutique retreat where you will be treated as an individual with love, compassion and humour by genuine expert healers then look no further. I cannot recommend SV highly enough and have endless love and gratitude for the life changing gifts C+P gave me.

Thank you!!!!!

February 8, 2017

I just finished my retreat of six days today, it was exactly the thing I needed. Thank you guys so much for making this a life changing point for me. So many of the questions I had were answered by mother ayahuasca and the san pedro. How can I put this experience into words? Healing, self-realization, universal consciousness, love, caring, understanding, release, truth, cleaning, higher purpose, intuitive, positive. growth, relaxing… There’s more but what it comes down to is they helped me where I did not think I needed help or growth. I was liberated and educated. Going home with a confidence that I can do what I need to. Everyone in my family and friends will hear about my peru trip and how they need to come visit you guys. Muchas gracias!!

  • Member Since: January 6, 2017

January 6, 2017

If you are looking for something in the universe bigger than yourself and people who do heartfelt work. Maybe you have recently felt a soul loss and are searching, go to Shamanic Vida.

I came to Peru having been through the tough times in the past year. The ceremonies are so beautiful, the price was resonable and after the first two ceremonies I could of left and felt satisfied for what I paid them. But then the third medicine and san pedro ceremonies gave the integration and peace I needed to feel in my life. The accomodations were nice and I was fortunate to share a room with a friendly young woman who was also interested in plant medicines and curing her own traumas. Everyone at the retreat was like minded and friendly, good people. There are mountains surrounding the center and it is a very peaceful small peruvian village to look out on. The food preparation was amazing. I enjoyed the healthy diet. Chrissy gave me reiki inbetween one of the sessions to help further release negative emotions and I think it helped move things along. Going on the hike around the lake was beautiful. Not to forget the sweat tent we did was highly cleansing.

You can tell they put their hearts into what they are doing there. I really value this and will continue to tell others about the work they are doing, meanwhile I am integrating all of the lessons into my life.

  • Member Since: December 30, 2016

December 30, 2016

I had been to retreats in iquitos and the sacred valley before to drink ayahuasca, The reason I went to shaminc vida this december is I was interested in taking ayahuasca again because i felt my other trips to be lacking the profound change ayahuasca brings that i have heard so much about, but never experienced. Second reason was that i was interested in trying san pedro and have heard from people that it is a good first step to take san pedro and then take ayahuasca. When i got to the airport it was nice they picked me up and brought me straight to the center because my plane was delayed. The place was really humble and defidently a peruvian house in the valley. I was comfortable and at peace, I knew I would be taken care of. the first night we did the cleanse and a small meditation ceremony. Here I tried the strongest rapey I have ever had, it was horribly shocking but good if that makes any sense. It helped me adjust myself to the altitude too. The next day I was a little tired for fasting so for the most part I spent time drinking tea and relaxing, the cleanse did make me dehydrated. in the first ceremony i thought that wow that dosis is not enough for me i have taken ayahuasca before and i was suprised when i started to feel the effects coming on. It was a slow come on and that was good for me, i have had panic attacks before when the ayahuasca was too much. So i feel like i actually had the perfect dose where i learned and remember and did not go into panic at all. i cried liberated my emotions. The icaros were beautiful and I felt safe like i was with my mother and she was caring for me. So then i knew i was in the rigfht place and had made the best decision coming here my second aya ceremony was also cleansing and liberating. What i did not know was how impactful my san pedro would be. This feeling of being connected to the entire world to every blade of grass to every leaf on the trees gave me this divine feeling i have never felt before. I needed this I needeed to know it was all bigger than i could have ever imagined. It was perfect, chrissy even gave me a little to take as a micro dosis on the rest of my south america trip and it was stupendous. I really connected to this entheogen and I think i would like to have more ceremonies with it thrgouhout my life. So my last aya ceremony, I felt so prepared for to meet the mother again and say so long for a long time. And i did, I feel like the teaching that i have i can take with me and use for a long time like chrissy was explaining that once you take the spirit of the plant you can call on it in the meditiations how you want to and that it stays working with you. I think i have now ingested enough of the plants to call them when i need them. It has been so real and so amazing, I would not change my experience for the world. Much love and mahalo!

  • Member Since: December 30, 2016

December 30, 2016

I learned so much on this trip. About myself, plants, their spirits, my strength, my weakness, the past, the future, the present, meditation and foods. More people need to go do retreats like this and the world would be a better place. My head is filled with so much new knowledge in a good way in a positive way I think I can maybe start to help my friends and family heal too.Thanks to you all I am looking inside and practiing my teachings on this new level, i recommend anyone interested to go to shamanic vida.

  • Member Since: December 28, 2016

December 28, 2016

This trip has been a major turning point for changing my negative mental programming. I would like to thank chrissy and paco for facilitating these retreats. The remarkable thing for me was that my unexpected break through was on my san pedro journey. This highly enhanced my last ayahuasca ceremony and really closed everything off by the end of my six day retreat. The lake we went to gave off ancient healing energies and really aided me to understanding and appreciating the beauty of life. I am grateful for chrissy guiding that ceremony and she knows the spirit of the san pedro cactus well and was highly intuitive to our group and how we were feeling and what we needed, whether is was more music, chanting, regular water, shade or her positive energy.

I would do this trip over and over again if I could, but I do not need to. I feel healed. That is what I came for. The place was good, the mountains around it were humbling. It was a humbling experience and one I will never forget. It will have a positive impact on my life for a long time.

  • Member Since: October 27, 2016

October 27, 2016

This retreat has made a massive impact on my life. I have never felt better and like I am taking charge of my life with direction. It has been about a month since I went and the effects are still with me. My life is on track again. I was in the military and really needed this for my ptsd. I don’t feel lost anymore and I brought back a bunch of new skills I am teaching to my brothers. Thanks Pavo for being understanding and trust worthy. I appreciate the whole well roundedness of this retreat.

  • Member Since: October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016

The experience was more than I could of hoped for. I have been waiting to go for three years and finally worked up the courage recently. Pako is a gifted shaman and his counsel during difficult times was reassuring. The staff made sure we were cared for and comfortable the entire time. I really felt safe and that was important to me. Thinking of the songs they sang warms my heart and I am just grateful for my time there.

I work in allopathic medicine, but have come to a stand still with the treatment available to me. The months before I coming I consulted with my doctor and Chrissy about getting off of my meds to take ayahuasca. I was grateful to communicate with her and she really understood the process.

After suffering for some years from depression and I knew I have to do something, life was becoming less and less joyous. The benefits I have recieved from this treatment I do not think I could of gotten anywhere else. Honestly, even in five years of therapy, I doubt I could feel this good. Now I feel like I have the calm and power to go where I need to in the next big steps I am taking in life and attract positive people because I am positive.

My friend recommended I come here and I am so glad they did, I am passing on this recommendation to find time to go to peru and see shamanic vida for yourself, your spirit will thank you!

  • Member Since: October 15, 2016

October 14, 2016

Very good vibes. My ceremonies were beautiful. I did a san pedro vision quest with the shaman and an ayahuasca ceremony. The vision quest was unbelievable, I could of stopped there I felt at such peace and in total harmony with the world around me. It was set up so wonderfully, the herbs, aromas, the instruments, the guide, they know the process well of the passes our spirits go through on our way to speak with the spirits of gaia on san p. This set up kept the energy flowing with positivity and a respect for nature/earth. I really felt healing after this session and smiled ear to ear the whole day.
Then I took the ayahuasca. I went into the aya ceremony with full confidence and let the dmt take me where it was going to. The experience in itself is not explainable in one review. What I can say is how cared for and safe I felt. The icaros the shaman sang reminded me I was loved, safe and that mother aya is here with us all the time. It ended and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude for this medicine. The work they are doing is distingushed in a wonderful way.
The center is nice and simple. Comfortable rooms interesting architecture. Bring good clothes for cold weather, I forgot but one of the staff gave me a big llama sweater to wear.

  • Member Since: October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016

I was brought along this trip by a friend who lives there in Peru. He told me he heard good things and so we went. When they asked me to write a review I thought of course. It was a perfect experience. The medicine they use and the way they did the ceremony all gave the very comfortable feeling of home. Like being with people you know for a long time. The place of the retreat was simple and nice. It is a beautiful natural location and plenty of room to walk around with the eucalyptus trees and meditate. In the ceremonies the music and singing, wow it is amazing. You feel it in your body and this is part of the healing. I think it gave me a very pleasurable journey listening to this music. If you think maybe like me, that I am not sure if I need healing. When you finish the retreat you know you did. I think my life is better for knowing this medicine and if you do need healing these are the healers here in Peru. Good journeying friends.

  • Member Since: October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016

Having been to asia to meet the shamans of the Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, I thought I could never have a better more authentic experience with shamans. I have recently completed the retreats for 6 days of ayahuasca in cusco Peru with this excellent group. It is to say I could not be happier with the outcome. When I planned this visit I wanted to be with knowledgeable guides. It does not matter to me their age, old or young, male or female, as long as the shamans gave the right type of ceremony energetically. To explain the true feeling of the retreat is to say the chaman pako does work with other worlds and dimensions and in their ceremonies as well. This level of life-soul force is unique to find. I am pleased to have been apart of this group we had the most amazing time. Of course, I am feeling very good and I know I will continue to. These are the people you must go to see in Peru.

September 19, 2016

My time at Shamanic Vida was very well spent! Christine picked me up at the airport, she was very welcoming in a way that you hope for from someone who works with Ayahuasca. From the start, Pacco and Christine were very open about what to expect on my journey and addressing any concerns I had about the actual trip. The entire experience was incredibly relaxing and spiritually fulfilling, The retreat itself is idyllic and being somewhat within the jungle I felt close to nature and the spirit of the plant. I cannot thank Pacco and Christine enough for their guidance and for creating such a positive experience for me.

  • Member Since: September 16, 2016

September 16, 2016

It really is a blessing and a gift that people and places like this exist in the world. I found this spiritual sanctuary online and after reading more about them and contacting them, everything else fell into place. The retreat was unbelievable my spirit was connecting the minute I got there. It certainly helped that the staff was so welcoming and hospitable. It was a foreign land, but the people made it feel like home. Being in such a sacred feeling place really gave me what I realize I was looking for and had traveled so far for. I will ask it is the therapy I needed for so many years my “soul” house was lacking spirituality. I was full to the brim with everything else overflowing but empty in that room. The meditations have given me quiet and it often buzzing mind. I am really glad I took the time to come down it was amazing to see the ancient inca architecture all around in the gigantic mountains. What a beautiful journey it has been I am aligned and refreshed, my outlook has never been better. Being back home I feel like I just want to share my new energy and knowledge with everyone and I don’t think I could’ve ever gotten to this point without going to Shamanic vita. If you are considering going here it is humble and spiritual and I highly recommend it.

  • Member Since: July 29, 2016

July 29, 2016

It was such a pleasure for my brother and I to stay at the retreat surrounded by these special human beings. Thank you for all the work that you do. The experience was what I needed to regain my faith in the world. I would not change a thing, to be in the amazon, spending my days meditating, taking walks to the river and taking ayahuasca at night. My internal clock has been 100% reset as well as my spirit.

This is an affordable retreat, it fit our budget, yet we were completely comfortable with a nice room, food and swimming pool. I am forever grateful and will be telling our tribe members at home to come see you all 😉 Namaste

  • Member Since: July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016

Hola all. A friend and I recently passed through Tarapoto and were looking for someone or something more authentic and reasonably priced to take ayahuasca. We both had suffered tough break-ups in the past year and needed a rejuvenation aside from our south america trip. After asking around we found shamanic vida. They were so accommodating, their vibe was the nicest. It was a beautiful experience of two ceremonies and meditation classes.

Anyone thinking about going, you will leave feeling fresh and like a better version of yourself. We are both extremely thankful to these kind human beings for helping us both.

  • Member Since: June 28, 2016

June 28, 2016

My time here was more than I could have hoped for this past weekend. After hearing about a friend of a friend who did a retreat with shamanic vida, I felt confident to go down to peru. They went above and beyond, giving me so much insight as to what i had to see. They supported me through the porocess and now I have belief in this magical plant and all it can do; for your soul the deep down true soul waiting to blossom. I am grateful beyond words.
They do their work in a genuine manner and with lots of consideration for your goals and what is good for you. I was given a meditation to focus on, but it was personilized in the shamans language; just one of many things that really touched my heart and I am going to share with others. To have been listened to and considered was more than I hoped for. I am tearing up just thinking about this beautiful trip, it feels like a dream. I hope anyone who is in need of healing goes to them. I wish I could have stayed longer and am going to recommend this to anyone I meet in need of healing.

June 24, 2016

It is a blessing to have been in the care of these wonderful humans. To say I am deeply grateful is the best way to put how my ayahuasca retreat went at Shamanic Vida. The center was a safe environment, beautiful and really made you feel comfortable. The experience was more genuine than you could expect. They provided a setting which encouraged profound healing, deep connection with mother nature where it is easy to connect through meditation. Their compassionate energy from the staff was contagious and though we were in semi-silence or spoke different languages, I felt a great sense of oneness with the other participants. I was intent my experience be authentic and I can say it absolutely was, the songs, the ceremony room and everything. I only wish I could of stayed longer, but I feel like I got the healing and connection with the plant spirit I needed.

  • Member Since: June 23, 2016

June 23, 2016

I traveled to shamanic vida this june to join the 8 day retreat. After thinking through some other recommendations made by friends and researching, I felt my teacher was meant to be Pacco because of his understanding and practice of Buddhist beliefs. I myself am Buddhist and have been heavily reading books on plant consciousness, fields of energy and astral projection.

About my journey. They picked me up from the airport and I was so enchanted by this tiny jungle town. The center was only about 20mins maybe less from there. Right when I got there I knew this was the right decision for me. It was secluded, I was surrounded by lush green, except for the blue sky and dots of flowers.

The ceremonies only added to ambiance. I felt looked after and cared for by the friendly peruvians, gardeners, kitchen people, facilitators and cleaners. Not to mention during the ceremony shakobi? was patient with me and always one step ahead in making sure I was cared for.

What more can I say… Ahha how great I feel. My body has been purified and the ayahuasca brought me into the field, showed me this great life force working inside each and every one of us. I now appreciate everyone I meet because I know they have a purpose and are part of the energy flowing in and out of this universe.

June 21, 2016

I have never written a review for anything, but this is worth writing about. I want everyone to be able to have the type of positive experience I did. It has been a few months and I still feel like I am glowing. They were sensitive, kind and did an amazing job helping me work through my issues. I came home with a new perspective and many things changed for the better. What they provide is like an intense and succesful therapy in a few days, its unbelievable. Their puppy mini was the cutest, I still miss her! The retreat was beautiful. They were very attentive.
Honestly, the best way I can describe it is like my life was heading towards various dead ends and now some new roads are paved for new destinations and journeys. I hope anyone who has the opportunity goes with shamanic vida for their retreat.
Love, peace and light <3

  • Member Since: June 15, 2016

June 15, 2016

When I decided to come to the jungle to drink the ayahuasca medicine I was very worried how it would work out. I knew once we spoke among friends and from watching documentaries this medicine could be for me. The first ceremony I participated in was very difficult for me. I wanted to almost leave right at the finish. I did not leave and stayed 4 more days. The people working helped me very much. The talk I had with the shaman helped me to have more strength to take more ayahuasca medicine. It was only the first one was so much information for me.
To be in the jungle was breathetaking so many butterflies and it smelled just fresh all the time. The rooms gave you enough privacy and for me this was very important. Eating was good not too special but we did have some different fruits with interesting flavors.
Now I have been back, I feel this was a beautiful change in my life. The bumpy roads I was on with my family are now better. I am living in harmony and peace. This is something I did not think was possible for me at a time in my life. Everything in my life is better I know
It is hard work the people there do but it is a good work. they are always smiling and considering the people around them. The shaman is a wiseman and I could feel he was guiding me on my healings he gave me an herb to take home for tea to help me when I need to find my peace.

June 8, 2016

I will recommend Shamanic Vida to many of my friends for the reasonable price, high quality, and exceptional experience, not to mention the cleanliness. I enjoyed every minute of the six days I spent in the jungle. They all were caring and personable to myself and the others. They personally escorted us from the city and then into the more remote jungle.
We were on the ayahuasca diet, but there were a few surprising meals of fresh fish and yuccas. Sans any seasoning, but it was really great energy. The breakfasts were pretty good too, I think it has changed me for the better to see I dont need meals saturated with dressings and seasonings.
There were three ayahuasca ceremonies and one san pedro ceremony. I felt cared for and secure in all of the ceremonies. I cannot say I was afraid for even a moment. Still finding it hard to believe I traveled all the way to the jungle to take this brew that induced vomiting, visions, and a complete life change.
Here I am, to tell other people about this, if you can make it to Peru go see them at Shamanic Vida. This is the best advice I can give anyone.

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May 30, 2016

The first time I have been to Peru and done an ayahuasca retreat. I knew this would be the place for me to heal my internal emotional scars and open up my third eye to bbegin painting again. Mother ayahuasca did just that for me. I stayed quite awhile, first the five days, then I decided I had time and could do more work. Arriving in the jungle made me feel as though I had entered the garden of eden, it filled my soul. The shaman and everyone helping are pure and beautiful, they welcomed me and gave me the best care. I even got to see them cooking the ayahuasca while I was there. This made me feel at ease. The shaman leads you to know yourself in a pure way and to the worlds beyond this one guiding you in a loving manner along with the mother plant. They were professional and I have recommended my friends and family to come see them.

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