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  • Kealakekua, Hawaii

Muaisa Hale Pule (“As I Aum” Sanctuary) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Chapter of New Haven Native American Church (NHNAC). Our cedarwood lodge in Kealakekua, Hawaii is located at precisely 19.5° North latitude in the place ancients knew as “The Pathway to the God.”

Here, at one of the planet’s 10 major vortices, there exists an almost palpable intersection between the surface of the earth and its planetary light body. At this vibrant location, a predisposition for inter-dimensional experience creates a “star gate” or portal, at which prayers and intentions made here are broadcast into the world and beyond.

People often find their way to us when they are at a crossroads, ready for something new, or looking for more authenticity in life. Many want to experience the healing effects of ayahuasca or other entheogens (plant teachers) without having to leave the United States. Often, people who come here are hemorrhaging spiritually from fear, stress and overwork.

Please be advised, however, that ayahuasca and other magical plants like peyote are illegal in the USA. Fortunately, shamanism does not require the use of entheogens since spiritual practice, after all, is about self-discovery. Working with plant teachers is no different than looking into a spiritual mirror.

At Muaisa Hale Pule, we are blessed to have living among us our 66-year-old Lakota-trained shaman, who is gifted at addressing the forces moving deep within people and empowering them to let go of the unconscious patterns we use to thwart our own growth. Without relying on illegal substances, his sessions, trainings, mystic tours, vision
quests, inner explorations, and 10-Day Life-purpose Intensives are life-transformative. For those seeking to know who and what they truly are as human beings, these programs present a highly effective method of self-discovery and cultivation of a genuine relationship with the sacred. .

We offer 3-, 5- and 10-day shamanic programs in the majesty of Hawaii’s pristine surroundings. Our 10-day intensive opens the opportunity for you to experience a whole new mindset, which will literally change your life.

All services and spiritually-focused lodging are available on a suggested donation basis.

“I didn’t expect to go that far and come so close.
What I found is all I need, here at 19.5 degrees.
This place is the game changer!
My batteries are full again
after just 10 days at this wonderful place!’”
— A.T. from Switzerland, 2014

“From the magical force that brought me here
to the courage I have gained to go back out,
it has all been unreal and way more
than I could have even imagined.
The tools I have taken with me are priceless.”
— L.D. from New Jersey, USA, 2015


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