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Santuario Healing

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  • Pucallpa, Perú

Santuario (The Sanctuary) Huistin is a center of shamanic healing and personal discovery located on the Pachitea river in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. It is here where one can begin a journey into total mind/body health and personal awakening. Set amongst the ancestral medicine trees in the Amazon rainforest and against a backdrop of a boiling volcanic river, Santuario is a center of dreaming, healing and detoxification, where one can restore oneself to a level of peaceful mindfulness in nature and recover one’s vitality away from the stress and innervation of modern life in the city.

Here, under the guidance of the gifted Maestro Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez, a master curandero (healer) and vegetalista with over thirty years experience in traditional plant medicine, you will have a very personalized experience with tailored “dietas” or medicine plant diets of flexible duration depending on your needs. Dieta can be as short as one or two days or extend for months in duration, depending on your needs. Working with ayahuasca in ceremony is only one important part of the process, with an infinite number of plant medicines in the jungle available to treat some of the even more resistant diseases and conditions as addiction, anxiety, epilepsy, depression, immune system disorders, diseases related to the major organs and nervous system, and yes even cancer! The results of working with the plants can be miraculous!


3 reviews

4 out of 5 stars

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February 6, 2015

Great center, beautiful surroundings, and a great staff! This is a really quiet spot that many people havent discovered yet, and it is a real gem! The volcanic river the center straddles is a real gem, and the jungle her is remote and untouched feeling.

Enrique and his wife Aimee perform amazing ceremonies here, and the staff is all family. This is a family run operation entirely, and these are really great people to support. Some nights you may even find yourself in ceremony just you and the family (during nights when the center doesnt have many visitors).

Good prices, great people, and great ceremonies. I received a lot of insight and a friend of mine experienced some deep healing he didnt find at other centers.

  • Member Since: February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015

I’ve just come back home today from a month retreat in Peru and 2 weeks at Santuario.

The place is POWERFUL, I could feel the good energies around ! I went there because I was surrounded by quite some bad energies which were affecting my health at multiple levels and creatings various blocages.

The 1st meeting with el Maestro Enrrique was great ! He took the time to listen to me and was concerned by the reason why I had come to him. He assured me that he would help me. And guess what ? He did !

After just the 1st ceremony I could feel things were changing, and after the 2nd one I had no more blocages anymore and all the bad energies had gone ! WOW ! Such a powerful shaman ! And he and his familly are so caring and loving people ! They make you feel like at home.

This place is magic and so beautiful !

Maestro Enrrique is so kind and here to help and offer you insights !

He did in 2 ceremonies what 6 shamans – in my first 2 weeks in another retreat – had been unable to do : get me rid of my bad energies and blocks !

No hesitation : if you need some healing, you have to go there ! Maestro Enrrique will help you, that’s for sure !

The escort man Elias has been very helpful and kind as well to get me there and back in town.

Everything was exactly what I needed to be healed and back on track !

Thank you El Santuario !

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