Santuario de la Dieta Shipibo

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  • Ucayali River, Peru

Santuario de la Dieta Shipibo is an indigenous centre for the study of medicinal and teacher plants in the Shipibo-Conibo tradition. Working directly with a family of Shipibo Onaya (maestros / curanderos), the Santuario provides a place where one can connect more deeply with sacred Amazonian plants through traditional Sama (dieta or plant diet).

The Santuario is located in the Peruvian Amazon along the Ucayali river, 6 hours by boat from the city of Pucallpa, and a 30 minute walk from the Shipibo village of Santa Rosa de Dinamarca.

The Santuario is for those who not only seek a deeper connection to jungle plants but also to nature. Please be aware that in choosing to come to the Santuario, you are choosing to be immersed in the Peruvian Amazon in its most raw. While there are many other retreat centres that provide more of the comforts of home, the Santuario is an authentic experience of jungle life. You have the opportunity to completely disconnect from the outside world and modern conveniences, with no electricity or running water. This means:

No internet

Candles in the dark

Bucket baths

Outdoor latrines

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other jungle insects

Rustic jungle living can be intense but is very much a part of the dieta experience at the Santuario. However, it is important to assess before booking whether this is something for you.

Available services:

Charging – If you bring anything that requires charging, someone can bring it into town for you to recharge for a small fee.
Telephone – There is one community telephone in the village of Santa Rosa de Dinamarca.
Laundry – A member of the Garcia family is there to wash your clothes and your linens when needed.


1 review

5 out of 5 stars
  • Member Since: February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015

I’ve just come back home today from a month retreat in Peru and 2 weeks at Santuario.

The place is POWERFUL, I could feel the good energies around ! I went there because I was surrounded by quite some bad energies which were affecting my health at multiple levels and creatings various blocages.

The 1st meeting with el Maestro Enrrique was great ! He took the time to listen to me and was concerned by the reason why I had come to him. He assured me that he would help me. And guess what ? He did !

After just the 1st ceremony I could feel things were changing, and after the 2nd one I had no more blocages anymore and all the bad energies had gone ! WOW ! Such a powerful shaman ! And he and his familly are so caring and loving people ! They make you feel like at home.

This place is magic and so beautiful !

Maestro Enrrique is so kind and here to help and offer you insights !

He did in 2 ceremonies what 6 shamans – in my first 2 weeks in another retreat – had been unable to do : get me rid of my bad energies and blocks !

No hesitation : if you need some healing, you have to go there ! Maestro Enrrique will help you, that’s for sure !

The escort man Elias has been very helpful and kind as well to get me there and back in town.

Everything was exactly what I needed to be healed and back on track !

Thank you El Santuario !

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