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The Setting

A beautiful view of Vilcabamba, EcuadorWe offer San Pedro ceremonies each week in a cozy, private, safe, and relaxing space, The countryside around Santa Isabel, Ecuador (just outside of Cuenca) is stunningly beautiful and provides the backdrop for what is sure to be a profound experience for you, as it has consistently been for us as well.

The Medicine

Slices of the powerful cactus, San PedroSan Pedro, also known as Huachuma or Wachuma, is a sacred cactus that has been used in shamanic plant medicine ceremonies for thousands of years in the Amazonian region.

It is said to be a plant teacher, and you will quickly discover why as you begin to have a conversation with the spirit of the plant, which is known as Grandfather San Pedro. Because, just a like a grandfather, he can swaddle you with a level of emotional warmth and tender affection that will touch your heart in a way you might not have even felt before, and he can also provide you with tough-love advice if it’s needed too.

The Ceremony

plant-teacherEvery day starts with a warm cup of tea of coffee and friendly conversation as we settle into the new day.

Then, around 10a.m. Steve smudges us all with white sage to clear any sort of negative energies that may be present.

Next, we sit in a small circle, and Steve shares some basic guidelines to the ceremony, and then one-by-one, we each share our intentions with the medicine. This might be as simple as “My intention is to know myself better”, or you might choose to go into more detail.

The medicine is then poured in a glass for each person, and after taking as much time with it as you would prefer, you are welcomed to drink the medicine and find a nice place to settle in.

From then on, the primary element to the ceremony is a conversation that will begin in your head between you and the medicine. You might liken this to speaking to yourself silently, although it will very likely soon be clear that the entity you’re speaking to is a very wise plant teacher who is lovingly known as Grandfather San Pedro.

Just like a grandfather, he can swaddle you with a level of emotional warmth and tender affection that will touch your heart in a way you might not have ever felt before, and he can also provide you with tough-love advice if it’s needed too.

You will feel the primary effects of the medicine for about 10 hours, during which time you’ll be given plenty of space for solitude, surrounded by the amazing beauty of the Ecuadorian countryside.

This provides many opportunities to look inside yourself in many different ways, and you will have an unlimited amount of Steve’s support, not only as a warm, gentle human being, but also as a trained and experienced counselor, with specialties in addictions and childhood trauma.

Steve is always within earshot if support is needed, and he checks on you periodically to see how you’re doing. You’re also welcome to roam around the property to find whatever little perch suits you best.

Midway through the ceremony, fresh fruit is served, which is always a welcomed treat, and at the end of each ceremony, a warm and hardy meal is served which really warms your bones to the core.

Finally, Steve provides angel card readings which you will likely find quite illuminating and may provide some clarification to your experiences throughout the day.

The Facilitator

The San Pedro ceremony facilitator - Steve Eagle SewellWorkshops are held at the Eagle’s Nest – home of Steve Eagle Sewell – who is self-described as a plant medicine specialist and has chosen to dedicate his life to providing plant medicine to those who need it most.

And after a 2-year apprenticeship in Peru, he’s also facilitated ceremony for over 3,000 people and drank the medicine himself over 500 times. He is well acquainted with it’s healing power as the ultimate healer of addiction, dis-ease and dis-order.

The Bottom Line

If you want to discover who you are, what you believe in, how to heal, and how to find your path, you’ve found the right place 🙂


72 reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

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