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  • Pucallpa Peru
Min. Cost: 100
Max. Cost: 5,000

Sama Nete, The World of Diets in Shipibo language, is a true Garden of Eden hidden in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, on the border between Peru and Brazil. Surrounded by an important variety of medicinal plants, this ceremonial center is the perfect place for your spiritual and healing retreat. Located in the original wedge of the true Ayahuasca tradition, Sama Nete offers its team made up of the best vegetalist masters of the region to guarantee a powerful connection with the spirits of the sacred plants in full respect of the ancestral teachings.

Apart from its intense ceremonies with Ayahuasca amplified by the hypnotizing symphony of insects, monkeys and birds that lives here; Our center offers various types of Master Plants diets for your purges, self-knowledge and spiritual elevation as well as different cures to find a natural solution to your mental and physical health problems. Our experts will also be happy to share their knowledge through various excursions, trainings and masters programs or involves you in various cultural exchange projects to support the Shipibo communities around and preserve the biodiversity.

Ayahuasca Retreats:

One Ceremony (with the night included) $150 $100 (until July 31)

One Week Retreat (4 Ceremonies) $1.000 $500 (until July 31)

2 Weeks Retreat (8 Ceremonies) $1.500 $800 (until July 31)

One Month Retreat (16 Ceremonies) $2.500 $1500 (until July 31)

Private Ceremony (with the night included) $200

Master Plants Retreats:

15 Days $3.000 $1500 (Until the 31th of July 2019)
30 Days $5.000 $2500 (Until the 31th of July 2019)
60 Days $8.000 $4000 (Until the 31th of July 2019)
90 Days $10.000 $5000 (Until the 31th of July 2019)

The 90 Days Master Plants Diet Retreat is equivalent to a master’s degree in Shipibo natural and traditional medicine and includes a complete and academic training, both practical and theoretical, to be able to practice as a vegetalist shaman, expert in medicinal plants (preparation and administration), cooker of Ayahuasca and master of ceremonies.

All Our Retreats Includes:

Food, Lodging and Transport
Sacred Plants and Healings
Free Access to the Ayahuasca Ceremonies
Purges and Cleansings
Individual Conversation to Learn How to Understand the Visions
Food Diet Supervised by the Shamans
3 Steambath with Flowers, Plants and barks from the jungle
Excursion through the botanic garden accompanied by an expert in plants
Excursion to Paoyhan, the biggest Shipibo community

The diets with sacred plants are the best way known by healers of the Amazon rainforest to physically purge themselves, cleanse themselves energetically and rise spiritually. It is also the mandatory requirement to be able to achieve mastery. Actually, the spirits of the plants are who teach one how to connect with the world of healing, self-medicate and help to others.

This discipline involves different times, doses and rules that have to be respected strictly and are accompanied by a diet without salt, sugar, oil, chemicals, drugs and other vices, elements that could interfere with the work of the plants and even provoke physical and mental complications. During his retirement, the patient must also take care of his emotional state with peace and concentration, avoiding conflicts and sexual relations.

Acting through deep visions, dreams and an intense state of lucidity, the diet with sacred plants represents then the beginning of a new chapter in the life of one who is seriously committed in this way, guaranteeing him an access to new powers that will definitely change his lifetime. In Sama Nete, we work with a great variety of sacred plants and the retreats begin with a tour around the botanical garden to get acquainted with each of them and be able to decide the program of their diet.


For the patients and investigators with low ressources or prefering alternative economic sistems, exchanges and voluntary work can be a good way to support us simultaneously.

Sama Nete Center is a young and growing project who still need some materials and work. You can enjoy one of our retreat bringing some type of equipment the center need. The volunters can be integrated to the different working areas around the center: translation and support during the ceremonies, construction and improvment of the infrastructures, gardens and farming, cooking and cleaning, comunication and marketing or realising a specific type of healing or spritual practice with the other patients.

Other interesting option could be your envolvment in the shipibo community of Paoyhan proposing some workshops ans cultural exchanges in education, health, logistic, alimentarian sustentability or ambiental conservation. Its important to not mix the fisical activities with the Ayahuasca terapies and we will respect the days of ceremonies, the working days and the breaks offereing two ceremonies per week to the patients.


2 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

November 19, 2018

Ayahuasca is not a game, it’s a medicine and if you are needing inner peace or soul cleansing then this is what you need and Sama Nete is where you should do it. The experience is life changing. I had the most phenomenal experience with Daniel and the team. People here really care for your mental and physical well-being. The location is incredible and I was looked after to the most amazing extent. I’d do it again!

  • Member Since: November 19, 2018

November 19, 2018

My experience at Sama Nete was excellent and life changing. Daniel and the shamans are the most kind heart loving souls I have ever met! Definitely have to have faith and a positive state of mind. Well this was a week I had been so excited yet scared for over many months and I am very blessed to have discovered this place.

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