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  • San Martin Peru

An Ayahuasca, Yoga, Meditation & Plant Dieta Retreat (14 days)

Sacred Journey Peru will take you deep into the Amazon Jungle, to a beautiful & exceptionally comfortable Jungle enclave to experience ancient shamanic customs, rituals and traditions. It is here we learn that every plant, tree and flower is a true teacher and as we journey deeper, through sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies, we become more sensitive to their spirits, learn to hear their voices and eventually become ready to receive their teachings.

This sacred retreat will incorporate the main aspects of Buddhist teachings with a special focus on loving-kindness and compassion. You will also take part in a very special 3 day plant dieta with the sacred tree, Palo Santo. During these three days you will experience a silent meditation workshop, where you will practice skilfully guided meditations especially designed to allow you to connect further and deeper to the beautiful Palo Santo spirit. Eight Ayahuasca ceremonies will be included on this retreat, for the deepest possible healing and transformation to take place. Furthermore yoga lessons & classes will be offered throughout the retreat to relax and rejuvenate body & mind even further.

Our aim is to provide you with the tools you require to integrate the spiritual lessons & the deep healing you will receive during your sacred journey into your daily life when you return home. Furthermore, post retreat support will be offered to all those who may be interested.

Spaces will be limited to 16 people to allow deep healing to safely & gently unfold.

Retreats will be guided by compassionate and experienced meditation & yoga teachers and facilitators and our Maestros have been very carefully selected.

Sacred Spirit Journeys is driven by a motivation that is imbued with a compassion and loving-kindness that endeavors to serve, for the benefit of all beings. Love, compassion, faith and trust are key to Sacred Spirit Journeys working philosophy. This harmonious, honest and heart-based approach ensures that within our capable hands you are certain to have an inner and outer Sacred Journey of a lifetime.


9 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

November 22, 2014

October 2014: This retreat surpassed all of my expectations – Truly excellent.

I first found out about this retreat on this site (Ayaadvisor) and the pictures of the pool and the mountain caught my eye. After reading the reviews, which were all glowing, I wondered why it didn’t have more reviews. After some research I realized the reason for the few reviews is that this is conducted at an eco-lodge in Tarapoto, and it is not a full-time Ayahuasca retreat. Do not let this prevent you from looking further at this retreat however, it was wonderful.
This was my first Ayahuasca trip so here are my observations from a logistics point of view: The process of signing up was fast, reliable and easy and the cost was reasonable. The number of ceremonies versus the length of stay was great compared to the other options I saw at the time (8 ceremonies in 14 nights). Wonderful excursions were available to us to see beautiful natural locations nearby. I got a private room and bathroom with hot water and electricity and a view that is so staggeringly beautiful – it’s beyond words. The food was creative, all organic, tasty, healthy and in dieta. I have no complaints at all – and I can be picky. The facilitators (Sonam and Janeth) were the kindest and most caring people that I could have hoped for – they were great support before, during and even after the retreat!
In regards to the ceremonies and meditation – I can say that I was not one to really meditate before, but I do now. I learned how helpful guided mediation could be especially when working with Ayahuasca. The Shamans were wonderful. kind men – (we had initially 2 shaman), but they were very very powerful during ceremony and I will be grateful to them for the rest of my life for the support they gave me during each of those ceremonies. I can say that I thought I knew what to expect because of all the research I had done in preparation, but I was mistaken.. The experiences are all unique, and I did not get what I expected but I got what I needed. This was one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences I have even gone thru in my life. I will say, that it is not for everyone as it is truly medicine and only for people that feel called to it. You will know it when you are called to it.

Overall – It’s been over a month now that I returned and I think about this retreat almost everyday. I feel changed in many positive ways now that I am home and I am working to implement these changes in my daily life. I loved the entire experience and the people that I was there with will always have a place in my heart. 🙂
Forever Grateful,


November 2, 2014

I am not new to Ayahuasca, having spent 3+ months in the Amazon doing an Ayahuasca healing/work exchange program in 2012. This experience changed the course of my life and taught me about the power of connection and gratitude. I was very fortunate to share this experience with Sonam, Janeth and Diogenes – and this was my immediate attraction to join them again in the Sacred Journey Peru: Ayahuasca retreat in June 2014.

Sonam is an incredible meditation/Ayahuasca facilitator and I found her meditations a powerful connection to the medicine and a perfect remedy for any pre-ceremony jitters. She is a thoughtful and caring facilitator. Her beautiful energy fills the maloka with love and light, holding a very sacred and safe space for you to do the work. Together with the beautiful & caring Janeth and the incredibly loving & powerful Maestro Diogenes you have a winning combination to make your journey a deep healing and safe experience.

The stunning environment nestled between the river, mountains and forest of Tarapoto allow for an even deeper connection to the medicine. When the Maestro?s healing songs/Icaros finish in ceremony, the songs of the forest continue to heal and weave their magic. My room at the lodge was beautiful with breathtaking views of the valley below ? such a nurturing environment when working with the medicine. The lodge has two pools to relax and cool off in, my favourite was the natural pool hidden in the forest.

I highly recommend Sacred Spirit Journeys: Ayahuasca retreat to anyone looking for a deep spiritual experience with a highly skilled and caring team of healers. I am so grateful to have shared this retreat with a great group of people and amazing facilitators ? I will be back! Megan Lenehan, Melbourne, Australia.


October 27, 2014


I just recently completed the October 2014 Ayahuasca retreat with Sonam and Sacred Spirit Journeys. I am a 38 year old guy from Southern California, with a graduate degree in business and a great career, great friends, a wonderful family. Still, something was missing. I recently was divorced from my wife after a tumultuous 8 year journey together. I decided that 2014 is when I will commit to true change. After searching a ton, I found Sonam’s website. I booked my ticket the next day.

All I can say is, my expectations for a transformational experience were completely blown away. If you have found yourself searching the internet for Ayahuasca retreats, have heard her call, and wish to truly incorporate her into your life then this is for you. I am sure other retreats offer meditation along with the local shamanism, however this was a whole other level. We actually completed a mini 3 day dieta with the Palo Santo tree…and a silent meditation for the entire 3 days. I never believed myself capable of things like this before I left the US for Peru.

The photos of the Lodge just outside Tarapoto do not do justice to the beauty and majesty of the location. It is heaven in the Peruvian cloud forest. You are in the high jungle, with mountains, thunderstorms, gentle winds, and the sound of the river at all times. Yes there are the bugs, but they are really not bad!! The diet and preparation in conjunction with the medical advice to prepare for Ayahuasca are second to none. Yes, it is strict…but if you are truly dedicated to the healing this retreat provides it is really nothing. The vegetarian menu provided by Janeth and the staff were delightful and filling. The freshest most abundant fruits and vegetables I’ve experienced.

When it comes down to the actual Ayahuasca experience and the Maestros, I was nervous to begin. After the first ceremony, all of that evaporated. The feeling of love and peace, even amid the deep healing experiences of others in your group, is infectious. Maestro Benancio is one of the kindest gentlest souls I have ever encountered. In fact, I will return to Peru in the future to continue working with the plants and the Maestro.

Bottom line, I thought I was coming to Peru for deep emotional and psychological healing. I got that. What I did not expect, and what is the most beautiful gift I have ever received is FAITH. Faith in Mother Ayahuasca, in myself as a Buddhist, and faith in fellow people.

Love and blessings!!! -Jon

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October 27, 2014

The location is absolute paradise, the Shamans from the Shipibo Tribe are incredibly powerful! very talkative and kind with lots of Q & A’s, the facilitators are beautiful, loving, caring people with immense knowledge and understanding of Ayahuasca and Buddhist meditation. I felt emotionally supported throughout the retreat and after. Sonam is extremely knowledgable, she has an impressive list of the best of the best meditation teachers she has worked with and is an amazing teacher herself. She carefully selected really interesting short videos, and guided meditations during the retreat to further all levels of understanding of meditation. I feel that with the meditation before every Ayahuasca ceremony a deeper level of healing was achieved. Janeth offered Yoga classes during the retreat which were an amazing body balance to the meditation, it felt like so much energy was being released from the ceremony the night before.

As a very sensitive girl with personal problems i was travelling to Peru on my own from the UK, I really needed to be surrounded by compassionate, caring people who really knew what they were doing. This retreat and the people running it exceeded my expectations and thought of absolutely everything – jungle treks, swimming in waterfalls, visits to the local cocoa farm by boat, amazing Aya friendly amazing food (and A LOT of it) This hotel which is rented out by Sacred Spirit Journeys is luxury yet in keeping with the surroundings, there is sustainable fishing pools and fruits grown around the retreat.

I plan to return again this year 🙂

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October 26, 2014

This Ayahuasca retreat was beyond any expectation on all levels! Combination Ayahuasca & meditation was really really good! Highly recommend this retreat to everybody!

Ayahuasca retreat, Peru, Pumarinri, October 2014, http://www.sacred-spirit-journeys.com
A Ayahuasca retreat, some how, I just knew I had to do it. Just before my travel started, I saw some documentaries and talked with friends about my Ayahuasca plans. The combination Ayahuasca & live changing was what I heard a lot. I didn?t believe that would happen to me.
I was wrong. Ayahuasca has given me so much! But it is not only Ayahuasca that is important. The whole atmosphere where the ceremonies are held is important. And Sonam and Janeth did an amazing job to facilitate in that! The food was unbelievable good! The meditation sessions gave us a perfect basis and tools helping us to get the best out of the ceremonies. And the nature where the lodge is situated is extraordinary beautiful! What made it very easy not only to connect to the plant Ayahuasca but with nature in general. Very helpful as well!
And not to forget the work of the Maestro?s. They have been very professional, gentle and full of love & kindness! With their Ikaros always taking the time you needed. And also outside the ceremony you could have a talk with them if needed. In total with this whole team, I felt in really good and save hands to walk on my first Ayahuasca experience and being able to get the most benefit out of it. Far more benefits then I could ever have imagined!
Healing, insights, understanding, trust, feeling myself more complete as a whole and giving me guidance on where I want to go to. And yes also 2 weeks after the last ceremony, being back in normal busy western lifestyle it feels as a live changing event. I still have the same job, same house and same friends. And no plans to change that at this moment. But from the inside I have changed a lot. Only in a good way. I can recommended it to everybody!
Do know, it is hard work! It can be scary sometimes and very emotional, feeling physical un-comforts or disappointment if you thing the answers you want are not coming (yet). You need to be willing to let go of things you don?t need anymore.
Thank you all for this experience! I will come back!


July 6, 2014

Highly recommended for those who look for a deep spiritual experience, but also would like to enjoy a comfortable beautiful place.
It was the first time I tried Ayahuasca, and due to the warm and trustful atmosphere that Sonam, Janeth and the Maestro created, I felt safe and welcome and was safely guided through my Ayahuasca experiences. Sonams beautiful meditations matched perfectly to the ceremonies. The place is beautiful, both hotel and the surroundigs, and I enjoyed relaxing at the pool or in the hammocks, or walks in the jungle. Actually I never stay that comfortable on my usual backbacking tours:-)With the hotels’ fresh fish and Janeths creative ideas, I was surprised that food can be even tasteful on an Ayahuasca diet.
I met so many wonderful people and am still very grateful I could be part of this retreat!

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July 3, 2014

June 2014 – Sacred Spirit Journeys – Ayahuasca, Buddhist Meditation and Plant Dieta Retreat – Peru.

Sonam, Janeth & Maestro Diogenes.
Your love, compassion, gentleness and light radiance, in the magic setting of the luxury Puma Rinri Amazon Lodge – Tarapoto, created such a beautiful space and energy to guide us through a profound and enriching journey.
Sonam’s soul soothing guided meditations set the tone to face powerful ayahuasca downloads under the guidance of Shipibo Maestro Diogenes and his personalized Icaros.
A deep respect to all 3 of you.
Thank you! Gracias! Merci! Ir

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June 23, 2014

I attended the June 3 retreat and here are my impressions:

The obvious initial attraction of Sacred Journey Peru was the location, nestled into a rising bank of the Rio Huallaga. The views from my room were stunning, with the low clouds that moved across the moutaintops in the early morning evoking a dreamscape of seemingly impossible beauty. Wonderful vistas were secondary, however, to the quality of the medicine and the skill and care offered by Sonam, Janeth and, of course, Digenes. Sonam held the space extrememly well and with the utmost integrity. Her guided meditations allowed me to connect more deeply with the medicine – and be more sensitive to the mental distortions and judgements that stand in the way of a greater sense of inner peace. I was impressed with the manner in which Sonam allowed us as a group to take individual responsibility for our healing, rather than be a pedantic rule-enforcer. In a sense, there was no place to hide, and this optimised opportunities for growth. The traditional Shapibo vomitivo on the second day set the tone for what was to follow: a very deep cleaning, physically, emotionally and mentally.


June 22, 2014

I had a wonderful time on the June 3rd to June 16th 2014 retreat. Hala and Janeth did a superb job facilitating and care taking the group and Maestro Diogenes is a greatly compassionate and kind shaman that brings with him a strong medicine. Highly recommended retreat for those looking for an authentic, loving environment.

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