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  • Playa Avellana, Costa Rica

Rythmia Life Advancement Center is an all-inclusive luxury ayahuasca resort and retreat center dedicated to helping guests awaken to their soul’s purpose. Offering yoga, organic farm-to-table food, spa massage, colon cleanses, life transformation workshops and plant medicine ceremonies to guide you towards your highest potential – everything is included in one price.


2 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

November 2, 2018

♡♡ Hi there! I had been searching this website long before I decided on a place to do my first ayahuasca ceremony. Rythmia was on my list of top three choices, but I was unsure about it mostly because I did not see any reviews here. Four ceremonies and one week later, I am here to tell you that choosing Rythmia was the best decision I have EVER MADE IN MY LIFE. The people I met at Rythmia were the most extraordinary beings I have ever met in my life, and I now feel proud to be able to call them family. Although I was at first apprehensive about having such a large group of individuals (in comparison to some retreats that just take a few dozen people), I learned that taking ayahuasca is about collective healing. Being surrounded by so many other people produced a tribal atmosphere which allowed me to heal my own wounds more deeply than I otherwise could have. The people I met supported me in ways I didn’t think were possible and allowed me to connect in profoundly. The vulnerability of true connection is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. I learned that the deepest form of nourishment the human body and soul is forming connections with others through vulnerability. I loved that we had such a large group as it also allowed me to push through my anxiety.

The arrival orientation, workshops, and wellness programs are specifically designed to help you integrate the plant medicine experiences more fully. I loved hearing the talks done by Gerry, Candice, Paola, and Panache (our guest speaker). Their wisdom guided me and encouraged me throughout the harder parts of my journey. I got to meet with each of them personally and they were eager to meet and hear about the lives and experiences of each and every one of their guests. They were all so calm, patient, and genuine. Now that I’m integrating the knowledge I’ve learned, I often think back to their advice when I need more guidance. The ceremony temple was beautiful and everything was pristine and wonderfully curated. The ceremonies were the height of my experiences there and the temple dazzled with a delicate beauty – everything was perfectly arranged an thought through. I was able to speak to some trees and rocks too (haha!) but the helpers guided me back to the temple when I strayed too far. It was nice that we were able to outside to look at the moon and constellations and to partake in the Rapé before the Ayahuasca. The medicine was strong and powerful. The shamans prayed to it in reverence. I was impressed with the amount of individualized healings given throughout the ceremony nights. There are so many wonderful helpers (many of whom are shamans themselves) that were ready to assist anyone needing help throughout the process. I will really miss the beautiful aromas and the live music from our ceremonies. The shamans (and everyone that works at Rythmia) displayed a deep respect for the medicine – that was an essential component for me. The people at the front desk and in the restaurant also revere the medicine and they gave me SO much support after the ceremonies.

While I at first had qualms about this being a resort, I still felt immersed in nature. I felt that I got to appreciate nature again as I did as a child. Before going to Rythmia, I felt very lonely, but I am happy that I now have friends for life. Meg’s food gave me a new appreciation for what I eat and how I eat it – I now view food as art. I really appreciate the medical care that I received throughout my time there. I will be the first to decline Advil in favour of a natural remedy but knowing that I was at a legal, medically-approved facility, gave me a peace of mind I didn’t think would be necessary. I was exploring uncharted territories of consciousness, so that allowed me to stay grounded and feel safe. Though you might think this is an expensive amount of money to pay for a one week vacation (as I did), I promise that it will be the longest, most important and transformational week of your life. I would have given my last dollar to be able to go to Rythmia because ayahuasca has a way of knowing just what you need and enabling you to turn your life around. I know a few people that went using credit cards and they too do not regret it.

I really didn’t think I would turn out to be such a fan, and I realize that it might sound like I’ve been paid to say this, but I feel compelled to share due to how amazing my experience was!! Like many others, I didn’t think the “miracle” would work for me, but I healed my heart on the very first night. I have never felt better, happier, and more open, free, and alive as I do now. I need to go back. If you are considering going to Rythmia, please contact me personally! I would be so happy to get to know you and answer any questions you may have about Rythmia. I just want to talk about it forever! Rythmia will exceed EVERY expectation you have – just be sure to keep an open mind! Here’s my email if you want to contact me: For a limited time, if you mention my name when booking your stay, I would be happy to offer you a personalized print of my intuitive artwork to help you when you’re going through the ceremonies.

Thanks for reading, and I really hope you get the chance to go to Rythmia! ♡♡


May 24, 2018

Excellent in every regard!

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