Retreat in Chavin – Peru

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Listed in San Pedro (Huachuma)

  • Chavin, Huari Province, Peru


From May 28 to May 31 – 2016 Chavin archaeological site is located 462 kilometers northeast of Lima. It is 3177 meters and was the Mecca of the Andes and South America 3000 years ago. It is located in the district of Chavin, Huari province, Ancash region.

3000 years ago, people from all over South America used to go to Chaupin (in Quechua: “The center of the center”) to meet people of wisdom. They made pilgrimages, spiritual healing, music and received weather, cosmic and astronomical projections that occurred at that time. A place that has not lost its connection with nature and the universe.

Retreat or healing journey consists of 4 working days, following the traditions of Chavin. We’ll share Andean ceremonies, visit sacred sites (archaeological site), Andean music, and find the best landscapes making offerings to the Apus (sacred mountains), among other activities. We will work our spirituality through Ceremomia of Wachuma, an important tradition of Chavin when was the greatest ceremonial temple of South America 3000 years ago.

The use of cactus San Pedro or Wachuma dates from 10,000 years old in pre-Columbian America. Previously, we will do the “Wheel of the 4 elements (Earth, Water, Wind and Fire) that will help us understand the Andean worldview and the elements of nature.

Music, sounds and healing chants will be present in traditions and ceremonies. We’ll share a musical workshop where work instruments like reeds or bamboo panpipes, Mama Quena, the Qena, Pututo (as Chavin ceremonial instrument), percussion seed and more.

Ancestral Highlands Cultural Center is a very special space (away from town) where we´ll develop most of our activities (including overnight stays). The sky, mountains, nature and landscapes will be part of our group living.

It’s a special job for a maximum group of 12 people. It recommended for Andean ceremony Wachuma follow a vegetarian diet, sexual abstinence and no alcohol.


– Transport (Miraflores – Chavín, Chavín – Miraflores).

-Wachuma ceremonies.

– Pass to archaeological site.

– Master class of ancestral music.

– Personalized guide.

– Meals in Chavín (vegetarian / diet).

– Accommodation (according to conditions).


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