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Rainforest Healing Center is an Ayahuasca medicinal plant healing center and Permaculture farm; and we welcome you on your personal journey into the magical Amazon Rainforest, just outside Iquitos, Peru. It is our first priority to offer a safe, private, and sacred space tucked away on 60-acres of jungle property home to over 110+ documented medicinal plants.

Our mission is from the heart: to facilitate the safe, and deep healing of individuals one being at a time through unconditional love so that present and younger generations have a loving planet to coexist in harmoniously.

In addition to Ayahuasca retreats, we offer several master plant dietas such as Ajo Sacha, Chiric Sanango, Uchu Sanango, Ayahuma, Bobinsana, and Remo Caspi. Based on careful observation, discussion, and analysis by our Shaman and administrator we can help guide you toward the right plant diet for you. We also offer Kambo medicine as an optional add-on for all Ayahuasca retreats.


30 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

November 5, 2017

I could write for hours about my experiences at this retreat and the shifts I’ve experienced in my life since my time there, but suffice to say that I am 100% a believer in the work they are doing at RHC.

I did a TON of research before committing to RHC, and my biggest point of concern in choosing the right retreat was that I was not looking for an ayahuasca/jungle adventure, but I was looking for a place where healing and fully immersing yourself in your inner work was of the highest priority. I was so lucky to have found exactly that place at RHC. The people there are AMAZING – they’re so grounded and loving, you will be hard pressed to find a place where you will be so supported and cared for during your retreat.

One of the things that really drew me to RHC is that they keep the groups small – there will never be more than 10 people at a single retreat. A lot of other places will have 20-30, which is INSANE. With the small groups you get a lot of individual attention from the facilitator and the shaman. Our facilitator Isadore is one of most incredible people I’ve ever met in my life – as loving and supportive as she is brilliant. With her support I was able to set my fears aside and surrender myself to the medicine.

Ceremony is treated with the highest reverence, and the medicine is stronger than I ever thought possible. A huge emphasis is put on setting a clear intention for every ceremony, and then processing your experiences the following day. This ensures that you get the absolute most out of your ceremonies and that you go home with much, much more than a couple good stories to tell. I went into the jungle with a healthy dose of fear and apprehension –  I came out glowing with my heart wide open. This place is pure magic!

I am so thankful to the group down there for providing such a supportive environment – so much care and attention to detail has gone in to ensuring that we are best positioned to truly immerse ourselves in the great work. I am so happy I found them! I plan on returning every year for the foreseeable future. If you’re thinking that you may be ready to start your healing journey with ayahuasca then this is 100% the place to go!

November 5, 2017

The entire team at Rainforest Healing Centre went above and beyond during the 11 day Ayahuasca Retreat. Rather than feeling like a guest, it felt like I was apart of a big family.

The healing, awareness, and removal of blocks that I experienced during ceremony was so profound that I’ve been inspired to one day right a book. If I could describe the retreat in one line, “50 years of deep therapy in 5 ceremonies” would sum it all up. It’s been almost a week since I last drank and the effects of the medicine is still unfolding. It feels like there has been a huge weight lifted off my soul and I can fully breath to my capacity.

The Shaman, Don Joel was a 70+ y/o humble man who went out of his way to heal us with extra plant medicines, sacred baths, and special healing rituals. It was a nice bonus that was unexpected. We even got to be apart of the harvesting and brewing of the medicine.

The facilitators Esadora & Karin, made me feel safe and protected in the extreme jungle environment. What sets RHC apart is their intention setting and post ceremony integration meetings with the facilitator. Sometimes it felt like “1000 bricks” were dropped on my head and I had no idea what just happened. It was nice express my deepest insights, insecurities, and even doubts with someone who I fully trusted.

The supporting team made sure the tambos (huts) were clean and filtered water jugs filled. The tambos were nestled deep in the jungle for a truly authentic, peaceful and private jungle experience. A big thank you goes out to the extra helpers and chefs that kept us fed on the Aya-dieta and made sure the days went by smoothly.

I highly recommend RHC to anyone who is seeking deep healing and a transformation on a soul level. I loved the small and intimate feeling of the retreat. After participating in the small group setting (8ppl), I don’t know if I would ever go back to big groups of 25. I left the centre with a big smile, and I’m going to miss everyone!

-Eddy Phimphrachanh

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November 4, 2017

I just came back from RHC about a week ago after having a very intense Ayahausca experience. It was definitely beyond my expectations. I would like to express my gratitude to people that made it possible: Omar – the founder of RHC, Karin the administrator and Isadore – the loving and patient angel. Thank you guys so much for your hard work and dedication.❤️

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October 31, 2017

RHC is more than just a healing center for me. It became my home and its people also became my family.

My other half and I stayed there for 2 months; volunteering for six weeks and 10 days retreat with mother Ayahuasca.
I truly received more than what I expected.

The jungle, the place itself is beyond words in describing its beauty. Clean air, lush green scenery and everything that the jungle offers really detach oneself from the chaos from the modern world and assist its visitors in deep journey within.

Once I stepped into the place, I could feel its vibration instantly. The high vibrations of the jungle really put me into state of healing from physical to etheric bodies. Not only that it assists me in healing within, it also allows me to expand beyond my limits.

My healing process in the jungle started straight after I decided to visit RHC. It was and still a deep journey. Nothing was easy but the hard work you put into the jungle and yourself as a being that walks upon one’s healing and ascension path; the process and lessons are priceless.

The tambos (huts) are catered for quiet meditative and inner reflections. Enjoy the early morning with fresh air and shower from a natural stream which is constantly purified by up to hundreds of medicinal plants in the compound. My skin felt fresher and smoother, as well as my aura feel clean and lighter as well.

The medicines that RHC offers really gave me a good kick in releasing what was hidden deep within me. From Ajo Shasa, Sapo to Mother Ayaahuasca; every spirits within those medicine still stay with me until today.

RHC cares for its place, people and guest. Everything in RHC will put you into place of healing, deep reflections and self – empowerment.

My Ayahuasca ceremonies were beyond words. The beauty and love that the facilitators provided. I felt safe all the way through my retreat.

Just like many reviews, I strongly recommend RHC for those who seek for a safe and loving place with authentic Amazon Jungle vibrations, deep healing journey and expansion on one’s spiritual state of being.

October 31, 2017

My wife and I stayed there for 8 weeks, 6 weeks of volunteer which was amazing. Yes there was some hard work involved but you in a rainforest it’s expected. The energy at the center kept us going it’s so powerful and energizing. I definitely recommend doing some volunteer work there and then do your retreat afterwards. Then we did our 10 day retreat which was so incredibly awesome. The staff are amazing and know exactly what they are doing. So helpful and always guiding you in your journey during your ayahuasca experience. This is definitely the best center to go to, it’s personal and loving and you will definitely be wanting to go back. My wife and I are missing every soul at the center. Love you guys so much and you will forever be in our hearts.

October 27, 2017

Hi there,

It’s been a little over a month ago now since I have left Rainforest Healing Center. This is a very aptly named. These people are serious about healing!
For instance there are free bi weekly integration meetings for past guests over the internet. That are very helpful in helping to adjust to our busy lives back home.

I won’t write much about the amazing facilities and staff, as they are just fantastic and already well-described in other guests’ reviews.
Everything is very professionally run by people who genuinely care and love what they are doing, something that really shows. I was really fortunately to receive a very generous family discount, otherwise I would not have been able to attend. Despite this, my opinion is in no way affected by this very kind act. This alone shows to me that this place is set up for helping people and not as a money maker. It shows in all the details of the centre.

The one word that keeps popping up to describe RHC is ‘sincere’.
For a place as alien and challenging to city slickers as the jungle can be, great efforts have been made by the staff to make it as comfortable as it can get. It still is no 5-star luxurious resort and it will never be that. It’s arguably a far richer experience than that! I personally had no issues being comfortable whatsoever.
I have attended the 11-day ayahuasca retreat with added Ajo Sacha dieta for integration purposes. All I can say that it has done more for me than years of trying to find help for my issues (a mix of generalised anxiety, mild burnout and PTSD) here in the West, which I felt is just not available. And where the standard suggestion always seems to be to take some antidepressants, which I have always kindly declined.

Deep down inside I knew that the root of my issues was trauma, regardless if it was caused by others or myself while being in a less conscious state. I had enough of these issues hampering my ability to live a full and satisfying life based on my own terms. I realised I had to go deep inside and get a more complete understanding of my condition and being.
For me the retreat was the way. It is like the reset button has been pressed and I can start rebuilding myself anew—not being hampered by old trauma, and with greater awareness and consciousness. This is the real work that needs to be done and still is ongoing. And although the healing centre could/would never claim that they can heal, for legal reasons, take my word for it that it really does. Thanks to my time in the jungle I have managed to kick unhealthy habits such as drinking too much alcohol and caffeine, having a poor diet, and not exercising.
I fully realise that I have been given this fantastic opportunity to change my life for the better and am now able to take full responsibility for my own well-being, something that I was not able to do to this extent before. This in itself has been very empowering. I am really grateful for this whole experience and am already able to experience moments of deep happiness and inner peace that I had never imagined possible.
In hindsight it is the best investment in myself that I could have ever made. Even at full price it would have been.

October 15, 2017

I’ve just returned back home after a 6.5 week stay at The Rainforest Healing Centre and it was one of the most magical, profound and soul shifting journeys I have been on. A couple years ago I had spent some time at other ayahuasca centres but none of them compared to the intensity, support and loving cared of the surrounding jungle and centre at RHC!
The medicine at RHC is super powerful and you can feel the love interwoven throughout it. One of the things that I loved most about RHC is the support given and deep care provided by all of the staff not just during your stay but also pre and post retreat. Karin helped me so much on the lead up to my trip helping me book and rebook stuffed up flights that I had booked and made sure I was processing and integrating and was always available to chat at anytime of the day. Isadore is just epitome of love and selfless service. The way she holds space, facilitates and conducts pre-ceremony chats and integration is second to none. Its amazing to watch and feel as she weaves her love throughout the retreat, continually making sure everyones needs are met. Kristina is just a straight up jungle goddess, her knowledge, love and care of all things jungle medicine truly blew my mind. So much love for all the staff there as they helped me through some truly dark periods in my journey.

I began my stay with a 7 day aya retreat with 3 ceremonies which were absolutely incredible and deeply healing. I then went on to my Master Plant diet in isolation with Uchu Sanango which also deeply healing but also physically intense. My reason for the Uchu diet was to help heal my body from chronic inflammation and chronic nerve and muscle pain. The diet brought out the pain excruciatingly but now since being back my pain has dropped down about 50% so was definitely worth it. The after affects is well is feeling the strength of Uchu through my body and learning an icaros to call him when needed.

I also began my Kambo apprenticeship (the first one they had) with Kris after a couple of days of being there. The knowledge passed on from Kris was exceptional. We began by receiving mambo from her and then learning to administering it to myself and then at the end of my stay I was able to share the medicine with the guests on the retreat. An absolutely incredible experience! I highly recommend anyone feeling called to work with Kambo to get in contact with them.

The shaman I spent most of my time with Eladio was incredible to! He was a tobaccero and an ayahuascero, a super powerful combination. It was such a blessing to have been able to spend some much time with him and being able to learn from him.

I couldn’t recommend RHC enough to anyone that is looking for deep healing with ayahuasca in a safe, supportive environment!

September 10, 2017

My retreat at the Rainforest Healing Centre was one of the most beautiful and profound experiences I’ve ever had. Not always easy, but worth it I hope.

Th facilitators were so supportive and loving and from what I can see, it seems to be one of the centers in the area that takes your intentions, your healing and your integration the most seriously.

I still feel like I’m on a journey and that I will have their support whenever I need it.

July 18, 2017

I did two Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Netherlands and two in Portugal. In June this year I went for the first time to Peru to do a ten day Ayahuasca retreat with 5 ceremonies at RHC Chakra Alegria.
Both, Netherlands and Portugal, was a nice experience for me but only after Peru I really understand what Ayahuasca can do for you and how powerful this medicine is. It is comparing amateur football with Champions League!
RHC wants to heal people and that’s why they will only accept maximum 8 guests so that every person can get the full attention of the manager, it’s staff and the Shaman.
The location is perfect, each Tambo stands alone while they’re spread over the property. A bucket shower is like a blessing, your day will start happy! Because of the more than 120 plants on the domain, the water is from an unheard quality, your hair will feel softer, your skin looks better.
It’s not easy to prepare a good and delicious meal with the restrictions of the Aya diet but at RHC they manage to do so, food is of good quality and it is tasty.
I want to say once more: ‘Thank you very much Murielle’
Murielle is the manager at RHC and she is a fantastic person, dedicated her life to help others.
She travelled throughout the world, has passed her exam at the University of Life Cum Laude and in my opinion, that makes her the perfect person to run RHC and help the guests.
The Shaman was not only a nice person but also very professional, His brew was of high quality and he led the ceremonies in a very good way. Once the ceremony is finished, between midnight and 1 am, everyone sleeps in the Maloca, the Shaman and one of the staff will sleep there as well, so they will not leave you alone. As you can see at RHC they really care about you!
The rest of the staff and the volunteers, all nice and friendly people, all there to help you, also a big thank you to all of you.
And don’t forget Karin, she’s the one you will meet first via Skype. I spoke to her for 1 ½ hour, I immediately had a good feeling and no doubts about the quality of RHC. Thank you as well.
Conclusion: If you’re serious about healing and looking for a professional center I can recommend RHC Chakra Alegria with confidence and with all my heart. You don’t have to look any further.

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July 13, 2017

I am beyond grateful for everything RHC has done for me. The center is very safe and the staff are friendly. They make time for any questions. The staff are always smiling and I am so thankful for their service. My trip to RHC is the best thing I’ve ever done. RHC also prepares us before, during, and after the retreat. I asked a lot of questions before coming and received so much support. I came with a lot of baggage, became naked spiritually, and left transformed. I defintely am coming back.

July 13, 2017

I was in the isolation tambo, I was bathed in the love and light. I can see so many spirituality from the deep of the jungles. I can feel them touch me and my body, they are dancing and smoke the smudging that I can smell them. It is very peacefulness and love, the jungles have bought me into healing and peace. And during in my kambo frog, my third eye exploded and brung the beauty out of jungle that left me in awestruck of their beautiful. I want to be lost into their dreams of jungles with the ancestors and the kingdom. Ayahuasca drink that healed and bought me out of my childhood death that won’t let me go, I have been fought for long time. The mother of vine broken the chain and bounded me from the death. I have been freed from the virus since age two. I have been transformed from kambo frog, uchu Sanango and ayahuasca. I feel so wholeness and I am!

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July 7, 2017

I’ve been to a couple of healing centers (in the south of Peru and Colombia) before Chakra Alegria, and honestly, both of them were really good places.. but Chakra is nowhere near ! Chakra is way above ! The place, the center, the tambos, the brew, the shaman, the staff and facilitators… it wrings my heart just to think and write about it. They are genuily wonderful people who are doing an amazing job.. not because it’s their job, but because they are amazing, kind, strong, loving, caring people. Yes such kind of people exist !! and you’ll meet a bunch of them at Chakra 🙂 I feel so blessed to have crossed their path… In life there is family,there are friends, there are strangers.. and sometimes there are strangers who become family. Muchas gracias Muri, Juan, Isadore, Christina, Luc, Steve & Co.. I love you guys 🙂

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June 13, 2017

Just booked flights for my 2nd trip back over (from Australia) for this December coming. Considering my 1st stay with you was only 6 months ago, in December 2016, clearly I can’t wait to get back. Last time I was lucky enough to travel over with my bestie and this time I get to bring my partner as well.

Knowing what the healing space at Chakra Alegria De Amor has challenged and nourished within me, I feel grateful to be returning again and paying it (the love, light and healing) forward so soon. Anyway, in my revived excitement about returning, I felt compelled to revisit and reread your website… through the eyes of a now past guest… and I can tell you it kicked me right in the feels. Why? Because what you write about Chakra Alegria De Amor and how you portray it to be, is actually the truth. How beautiful is that?! See you lot again soon! xx

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April 25, 2017

I’ve recently come back from a 10-day stay at Chakra Alegria, where I did a solitary Uchu Sanango diet along with two ayahuasca ceremonies. I’m reasonably experienced with ayahuasca and have dieted other plants before, so I’d like to share with you what I feel makes the work here so good, and why I’ll be returning to Chakra Alegria again the next time I go to Peru.

The first aspect is so basic, but so important – the location! Chakra Alegria is deliberately located as far from the road, the local villages and Iquitos as is reasonably possible. Sound carries a long way over the jungle and it’s rare to find a centre that is properly isolated, but this is – no motorbikes, dodgy music or chainsaws, just the magical jungle sounds and nature spirits.

The second aspect is the shaman, and the medicine he or she brings. During my stay Joel was holding the ceremonies and administering my Uchu diet. Joel is a true master, I can honestly say I’ve never drunk medicine as powerful as his. It’s incredible. It brought me the deepest purge I’ve ever gone through, and I can genuinely say I received everything I came for, and more. The Uchu diet was also immensely helpful, I came to it with the intention of grounding and calming my nervous system, and it did exactly that. I now feel more grounded, more embodied and (finally, after a lifetime of insomnia) actually able to sleep, which is a complete miracle to be frank.

The other aspect that’s really important to me is the quality and integrity of the centre and staff. In this regard, I can only say how impressed and grateful I am for the consistent love and care shown by everyone there, especially Erin who kept watch over us all the way through the night and radiated her kindness to us throughout. The atmosphere in the maloca (where the ceremonies are held) is deeply safe and reassuring, I felt safer there than any other place I’ve had a ceremony in, and felt I was able to go very deep because of all the support, both from Joel and helpers, and from the spirits that come together in the space to work with us. And since coming back it’s been really lovely to find that Karin has kept in touch with us all! I’ve never met a centre that offers so much support, especially to folks who are new to the medicine.

By the way, I should also mention that they only ever work with small groups, and it makes such a difference. No conveyor-belt approach here! There is something really very wonderful about this place, and about the people it attracts too. I was very glad to share my time there with a small group whom I felt brought real sincerity and genuineness to the process we shared. I’ll definitely be back again for another diet, next time with Chiric Sanango. But until then, I can thoroughly recommend it – if you’ve been looking, and this resonates, then look no further, you’ve found the place you need 🙂

March 6, 2017

We absolutely loved our time here. The jungle is a special place and the people here are too. We were treated with respect and true kindness through out our time here. The people here truly care about you and your healing. You will receive one on one guidance throughout your process. I found this to be invaluable; starting from before we arrived in Peru to after our retreat. You are an individual, going through a unique experience and the people at Chakra Alegria understand that and will be there to support you during your journey.

February 17, 2017

At a time in my life when I needed a place to escape to, learn about myself and heal some emotional wounds; the rainforest healing center was and still is everything I needed and more. From the moment of arrival where we were smudged by Juan the Curandero at the gates, I knew this was the place where I could be accepted for who I am and that my intuition in choosing the correct place was spot on. All the facilitators Eren,Muri and Karin do an exceptional job in providing the passengers as much support as is needed in a beautifully caring manner before,during and after the ceremonies.the smiles and kindness i felt when being tucked under my blanket after the ceremoniesclosed will stay with me forever and bring a fuzzy happy feeling when I look back.
Omar is a marvelous man of the highest magnitude, such warmth and wisdom eminates from his soul and it is infectious, he makes people feel good and I enjoyed our one to one moments where he really helped me visualize ways of fighting off negativities,to be a strong warrior of light and to love myself. The last words I said to him were “wow, that is quite the place you have there” to which he replied ” it’s quite a place we all have there including you”
Juan the shaman is such a beacon of light, he is so humble and down to earth and truly powerful during ceremonies, I felt like I was part of his flock and he was a cosmic shepherd guiding us on our journey and preventing us from straying too far whilst giving us all time to focus on our individual journey, truly phenomenal.
The jungle itself and the grounds of the Center are absolutely beautiful, I really felt as though,just being there alone was worth every penny, the opportunity to reconnect with nature and to feel it’s embrace was one of the most amazing feelings,it rekindled my childlike fascination with the world, looking at bugs and plants that I had only ever seen on wildlife dicumentaries and being amazed. The pure sound of the jungle rocked me to the deepest of sleeps with ease.
Everything about the experience from the food lovingly prepared by maria,time in a nurturing environment,encounters with amazing animals,refreshing bucket showers,beautiful tambo’s to sleep in and a sense of awe at mother nature’s intelligence made this an unforgettable experience that has given me the strength to rise up with strong roots to take on this new chapter in my life. I want to thank everybody at chakra alegria de amor for all your kindness,beauty,wisdom and passion for what you do. I have already made leaps and bounds since returning to the UK.
This isn’t just a place where you come and go, this is a place where you feel like you are part of the family and madre Ayahuasca is the ever loving and guiding spirit that looks after all members in the way that she chooses and deems necessary.

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February 11, 2017

I embarked on this journey after my husband had an outstanding experience with them. What sets Chakra Alegria apart from the other centers is the personal care and affection. Everyone at the center cares about the personal well being and they were there to help, starting from the first moment we contacted Karin, the administrator. She’s been there at our sides not only prior to the “retreat” but also after. She followed up to help us transition and integrate in the “real” world and she was there long after my husband’s retreat was over as well. They just give their time and loving care unconditionally. We had personal sessions prior to the ceremonies as well as after, to process the messages and visions. I would not have been able to do it without Erin’s loving, wise and deep care. She was always there, relentlessly at night or during the day. Everyone’s dedication and love shines through. A special thank you to the most beautiful souls Erin and Karin. Their wisdom, love is so inspiring.

February 8, 2017

the team at Rain forest center were excellent they started with an extensive application, then called me & made sure i was going for the correct reasons… they sent me some educational material, which was very helpful I arrived in Iquitos, where they made sure i had a driver waiting for me at the airport, & took me to La Casona hotel for no extra charge on the first day we were met by Karin & Erin who took us to the center the facilitators Erin & Moody had a talk with us individually to help us with our intentions & made sure we were comfortable with everything Our tamboos were beautiful 2 persons per tamboo the jungle sounds were wonderful, my room mate was great during ceremony the facilitators did not drink…they were there for all our needs Juan the shaman was my angel Omar the owner was also there to help with all our needs the food was very good the bucket showers made my skin soft mother ayahuasca gave me everything i needed the ceremonies were very intense & today i am still using the tools i was given thank you for all the love

February 8, 2017

i really don’t know how to start…i am completely astonished by the great job these guys are doing! All we found there was coming straight from their heart and their desire of accompany us toward a successful healing process.

The property itself is blessed with a special glow of peace and the surrounding plants already generously emanate a medicinal air for us to brethe all day long, which aids to the purpose.
Everybody that works at the center is so devoted and puts the heart in all activities. We always felt support coming from everybody, they went WELL BEYOND the extra mile to make us feel safe and understood, every step of the way. Well organised and knowledgeable too.

Omar, the owner of the center is an incredible lovable character and once we met him it was clear that the whole idea came straight out of his heart. He shows his genuine interest in helping us finding that self love we all deeply long for.

Karin, is the first contact we got with the center, she immediately gives out the feeling of being available to help us on keeping up with the commitment, even as a loving mom sometimes. It is incredible how she can always find the right words to make us feel her support.

Muri, such a good heart and a great help during the ceremonies. One of us. Good managing of the center and well prepared to answer all our technical questions.

Eren…no words to describe Eren! She works so hard and never lets us down, next to her we did the greatest part of the journey. After ourselves, she’s the first person we relied on, it must have been a whole lot of work for her, but she demonstrated to be so strong and capable of coping with us! She really helped directing our intentions for owr healing process.
This “counseling” time was really what made a difference in the whole experience!

Juan….the shaman. I had no idea there could be such a great amount of positive energy inside one man! All you can ask for and more, i feel so lucky he was on our side throughout this journey, making us feel always so safe.

La medicina if honor her, believe in her, work with her, let her guide you deep inside and up to your HigherSelf, She will never disappoint you. You will be so grateful 🙂

it is hard to believe somebody created such a wonderful place to go and heal our souls, we all should have the chance to visit Rainforest Healing Center once in our lives.

February 7, 2017

Have been back a week now from spending 10 days in the Jungle at Chakra Alegria De Amor, aka Rainforest Healing Center. I’ve scanned the other reviews here, and wholly endorse their enthusiasm. I’ve considered myself almost a professional skeptic most of my life. I was concerned at the time, cost, and various forms of self-denial that this trip would require; mostly concerned that it would amount to chasing rainbows. But desperation drove me to give it a try… and it was all I (the inner me, beneath the skeptic that has run my life) had hoped. In short, it was really, really (REALLY) hard, and so worth it. The people, (Eren, Muri, Omar, Juan) were amazingly genuine, open, caring, and insightful. It wasn’t just singing kum-ba-ya; was real, transformative, work. I have a hard time seeing how a club-med version could deliver the same. Also- the small group size they have at one time was… wonderful. We weren’t cattle, or ‘patients’; we had time to get to know each other, and the staff, which in turn allowed for impactful relationships to form. I’m so thankful to Omar for creating this space, and to Eren, Muri, and Juan for… sharing themselves. They say it’s a non-profit, and it clearly clearly is. It’s a labor of love for them all, and it shows. If you go, you’ll be challenged, but if you’re really seeking healing, and are open to it, you won’t be disappointed. I know in our group, we all have come away knowing this: We were in the right place.

September 13, 2016

There simply aren’t enough superlatives to describe Chakra Alegria de Amor and the beautiful people who run it. My wife and I went there for an Ayahuasca retreat as the focal point of our honeymoon in Peru, to help us heal past pain and prepare for the rest of our lives together, hopefully as parents in the near future. We are forever changed by the amazing experiences we had there.

The CAA team couldn’t have been more helpful with their online resources in the months prior to going on retreat. Karin in particular was a source of many gratefully-received pieces of advice, and her recommendation of Hotel La Casona was a very good one for the overnight stay in Iquitos, prior to entering the jungle.

Right from the moment we arrived at CAA, and throughout our time there, we felt loved, safe and protected by everyone (everyone being Christian, Cristina, Eren, Juanita, Karin, Muriel, our host Omar, the jungle workers, the jungle Herself and the omnipresent Mother Ayahuasca). The whole experience was magical and cleansing. The people of CAA work so hard to make it the best possible spiritual journey for the guests, with love at the core of everything they do. They are crusaders of light and wisdom with hearts of pure gold.

The land is treated with the highest regard, and the Mother Vine is re-planted abundantly in place of that which is harvested. The medicine is brewed and blessed with love.

The ceremonies themselves are carried out with the utmost respect and integrity. The facilitators genuinely care, and are always there when needed during ceremony. Christian, the shaman, is truly incredible. He has a great wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight. His ritual practices are time-honoured and beautiful, as are his icaros. He has a humble and jovial personality too.

The medicine is potent and I am still processing everything I went through. Suffice to say I feel my personal healing has been accelerated and I have been shown some profound truths.

Ajo Sacha was available as an optional extra, again administered with maximum respect for the medicine and its tradition. Kambo was offered and lovingly applied by Cristina. Lou and I love our Kambo scars! They’re a reminder of an amazing journey, both inner and outer. The center also provides Chiric Sanango and Uchu Sanango dietas.

The food, lovingly prepared by the naturally maternal Juanita, was delicious.

The tambos are a delight to stay in! The connectedness with nature is unparalleled and the bucket showers are the most refreshing imaginable.

I would recommend CAA to EVERYBODY, and would also say that it’s a fantastic place at which to volunteer. We met Jimbo while we were there, a volunteer and traveler by trade, who was very happy in his work, and was yet another amazingly friendly, kind and helpful presence.

Thank you again, CAA. All of you. Lou and I think you’re amazing. We’re deeply grateful and always will be.

  • Member Since: August 26, 2016

August 26, 2016

It was simply such a blesssing to have found the Rainforest Healing Centre. Making my way to the other side of the planet (from Western Australia) for this pilgrimage literally took years of preparation, consideration and saving. Originally, I had intended on going to another, well known, retreat. However, once I was in the position to make the decision, something made me look even further than I already had. I am so glad that I did. Amidst all of the other recommendations from North American friends (for whom the distance is not so vast) and internet adverstisements there was something about this place that just had me inquire.
From the first conversation with the intake administrator to the first day at the retreat to finally leaving 18 days later (It was an extended stay involving 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies and an isolation dieta with Uchu Sanango), the intention and the integrity of the staff involved with this centre really resonated with me. I, and my partner who also attended, felt comtpletely safe and perfectly cared for the whole time. The facilities are very basic but beautifuly constructed, they really put you in the beauty of the jungle in a simple but comfortable way. The food was very simple, healthy, prepared with love and amazing! We still try to emulate a couple of the meals at home. The centre keeps the groups small in number. This provides for a very personal and intimate space where each person’s experience, and their safety, can be optimised.
The Rainforest Healing Centre and all of the people involved there are an absolute blessing. We are so very grateful for having had the opportunity conduct our cleansing, grounding, re-setting and healing with them at their beautiful centre.

  • Member Since: June 19, 2016

June 19, 2016

Deep inside the Amazon Jungle, there resides a special place some may call it paradise,. Where all are welcome and treated with the same love and respect and this place is called “Chakra Alegría De Amor”.

What makes this place so special is the staff, the care and attention the love is unparalleled and from the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough.

The Ayahuasca retreat with Rebecca Sharman is truly magical and a unique experience, you will never find any experience like it, this is a hidden gem not to be missed.

2 Sharmen’s, the balance of female and male energies, singing Ikaros together in perfect linguistic harmony.

I highly recommend Chakra Alegría De Amor, a place of mystical beauty, love, amazement, animals, true deep healing and a connection you have never felt before. As the transformative energies, cleanse and heal you into a new version of yourself.

  • Member Since: July 26, 2015

July 27, 2015

I had MyJourneyToMyself with 10 days of Ayahuasca & 8 days of Chiric Sanango Master Plant Isolation Diet @ this beautiful magical place Chakra Alegr

  • Member Since: July 14, 2015

July 14, 2015

Where do I begin? I am very familiar with Ayahuasca ceremonies and have experienced being in ceremony with notable Peruvian shamans, so I know a good thing when I see it. And Chakra Alegria de Amor definitely ranks as a great healing center. The emphasis is on the word healing, as that is what they exist for. And they do it well! The is the perfect place for souls who want to heal and take their spiritual evolution to the next level, while being cared for by people who are passionate and attentive about what they do. I felt completely safe (which is critical when doing this type of work) and embraced by the jungle, which is kept in pristine condition. The purity and sacredness of this property is beyond description. I have huge respect for Omar (the owner and creator of the retreat) and for the integrity he shows in the design and maintenance of the retreat. And Pedro, the shaman, is truly a gem. Don’t be concerned because of his youth – he is an old soul and that is what really matters. He is very caring, serviceable and holds sacred space very well. I underwent a 10 day Uchu Sanango dieta and he really looked after me. Talk about feeling safe and cared for! I recommend this retreat wholeheartedly for anyone who feels ready to undertake a transforming journey.

July 5, 2015

Chakra Alegria is located roughly half way between the Peruvian towns of Iquitos and Nauta. It is smack in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon, in an area not accessible by road (Iquitos is a town you need to fly into, or arrive by boat. There is no road connection to the outside world). Spread across 81 acres (33 hectares) of virgin Amazonian rainforest, the Healing Centre is, on all sides, surrounded by the towering canopy of the largest rainforest in the world. There are no clearings at the centre ? all the structures and pathways are surrounded by the jungle ? this is because Omar (the owner and operator of the Healing Centre) made a promise not to cut down any trees when he was purchased the land. You do not feel like a visitor to the forest, you fall into the jungle and become a part of it (this becomes very apparent after the first ceremony). You live, breathe, drink and eat the jungle. You bathe and wash your clothes in the jungle streams.

Accommodation is provided in private or shared tambos ? these are raised wooden structures, open on all sides (though protected by mosquito netting), and covered by a round sloped roof. We were lucky to receive a two-story tambo (with a metal, not thatched roof ? this made for very loud night during the frequent downpours), with two hammocks filling the bottom, and the two beds and living area on the top. The beds were large, comfortable, and featured additional mosquito netting, which was not necessary during my stay as the mosquitoes were few and far in between.
Each tambo carried a separate outside composting toilet, where instead of flushing you throw three cupfuls of wood chips down the chute. The toilets are surrounding by mosquito netting, have a sturdy roof, and provide a million dollar view out towards the Amazon. Each tambo also has its own private ??bucket shower?? area ? this consisting of two benches across a nearby stream, and a bucket on a stick. Fish, lizards, frogs and crabs made the river and its banks home, and giant Amazonian snails would float by. We were asked to bring natural soap, shampoo, sunscreen etc as so that we wouldn?t be putting chemicals into the stream and thus into the Healing Centre. Laundry was also done in the bucket, using the natural soap, and dried outside, greedily hugging the sparse and fleeting sunlight that filtered through the overgrowth.

Pedro, the Shaman, is an incredible soul. He conducts the Ceremonies together with Omar and Sheila (who sing incredible Icaros which she learned after having lived with the Shipibo people). As for the actual Ayahuasca ceremony, I can say that this was by far the most incredible,uplifting and life changing experience of my life.

This centre is top notch, with only 7-8 people attending the ceremonies, unlike other centres where the number can be 20-30 people. You get the experience of the Ayahuasca and an incredible jungle vacation, which is worth the price of the ticket by itself.

June 22, 2015

There are not enough words to describe the experience that I lived through Mother Ayahuasca at CAA. You got to live it to feel it…And one thing I know for sure and I’ll sing it to the seven seas…it was definitely the best and most intense experience of my life 🙂
How did I end up at CAA? I actually got lost, had a blackout and woke up there…hehe just kidding! Well, you can browse and research online for a long long time and you’ll find tons of different places with nice reviews that will leave you confused and indecisive about where to go…It is a life changing experience so there is a certain pressure about choosing the right place…and that’s why I waited forl the right moment and trust me, you’ll know when it comes 😉
For years I had been hearing and reading articles about Ayahuasca, even Al Jazeera talked about it! Then one day, I saw that a friend of mine had posted pictures on his Facebook about Ayahuasca and his stay at CAA and I thought the world was gonna end! He’s one of the most logical and skeptical people I’ve ever met, so I contacted him straight away and we met. So this was the moment when I knew, where it felt right. He didn’t have to convince me to hard, everything he was saying was making perfect sense to me and next thing I knew, I followed my gut feeling and there I was on a airplane (actually 3) on my way to Iquitos and about to know the true meaning of unconditional love.
He told me that I could trust the centre and everyone working there with my eyes wide shut and so I did. They make you feel like you belong there and their genuine interest in helping you is so obvious that only leaves space for you to focus on your healing and nothing else. Loved the fact that I was in the middle of the Amazon and surrounded by nature…you feel connected to everything and everybody…Food is amazing there and everything is done as natural as possible. The centre also doesn’t take more than 8 people for retreat which is great…
When you decide to experience Ayahuasca is very important to feel safe and supported, as what you’ll be going through can be compared to the biggest and wildest rollercoaster. At CAA you always have hands to support you and be there for you at your darkest moment…I had and I’ll be eternally thankful for that…
It’s not just a business, it’s a group of people trying to make the difference and genuinely helping us all in the best way they can. They also have the cutest and sweetest dog ever…beautiful Gaia…miss her so much 🙁 There’s also Luna, the cat, but I’m more of a dog person.
I was very sad when I had to leave and come back to reality after 10 days…got in there with a heavy backpack (literally and figuratively) but left lighter than ever! I had never felt so much love and happiness like I felt there and many of my deep hounds were healed, specially my depression…obviously you are always learning and changing and healing is always needed throughout your life…otherwise we would all be perfect and I haven’t met anyone else who’s perfect besides me 😉 hehe joking again!
I made a new family there that I know I’ll always be able to count on and we’ll be eternally connected, no matter where we’ll be. Don’t be afraid and follow your instinct…
“The night is at its darkest just before the dawn”.

June 12, 2015

Wow, where to begin on Chakra Alegria De Amor,

First of all this was not my first ayahuasca retreat centre, but it will definitely be the last. That’s not to say i won’t be going back to Peru, but i believe i’ve found “the one” in this centre, it’s shaman Pedro, and it’s owner/facilitator Omar. My other ayahuasca experiences had been somewhat useful in changing the direction of my life but i had begun to lose faith that the medicine could help me with my emotional, and psychological problems (depersonalisation disorder). This place fully restored that faith and then some. Omar is a beautiful soul and a down to earth dude who is just as much up for a good laugh as he is for a deep conversation about the progress of your healing, he’s now a friend for life. Pedro the shaman is one of the most beautiful uplifting characters i’ve ever met in my life, I was skeptical at first because he is a young shaman (in his 30’s) and everybody’s idea of a stereotypical top shaman is some 80 year old Peruvian who’s been working with the medicine from an early age.
Pedro blew all of my previous shaman’s out of the water, with the loving, light, youthful, caring and playful way that he conducts a ceremony. it really is beautiful. and no matter whether i can get back to Peru or not in this lifetime, I’ll have fond memories of that man and his icaros with me forever. The centre itself is also something to behold, a little more off the beaten path than most, it resides it virgin jungle and the scenery around the tambos is breathtaking and a perfect compliment to the healing process. Your shower consists of running spring water contained in a stream that had been built to go past all of the tambos, using this living water to bathe in daily invigorates the body and soul, and further helps you connect with the beauty around you. The Maloka is amazing, and the food is light, healthy and fantastic (i comfortably lost about 8kg in my 3 week stay). The centre also offers unique options in the way of isolation diets using sanango plants, and ajo sacha diets all of which are harvested right on the property. I myself completed a Chiric Sanango dieta, which was the toughest and most rewarding mission i’ve ever undertaken in my life. I implore whoever reads this to do the same if you read the outlines of the diet and believe that you’re up to it…
So to save myself going on about the place for hours i’ll just cut it short here and beg you to do yourself and everyone that you hold close in your life a favour, come to this place, and go back home the human being that you’ve always known you could be. You’ll reach your human potential here i can tell you that much for sure

Ryan (Osito) from Australia 🙂

June 4, 2015

Chakra Allegria de Amor is a great retreat to have your healing. I was looking to do an isolation diet and it ticked all the boxes. Its got a perfect balance of comfort to closeness to the jungle. For example it does not have a nice pool, which no-one really needs, but each tambo has its own private stream to have a shower in. All tambos are isolated and you have to walk a 100 yards at least to get to one. Omar and Pedro do things as they should be done. Don’t expect spiritual tourism, expect proper healing.
I was unsure about the place originally, but I met Omar in person in Iquitos and he suggested I go to the retreat that night, see everything for myself and then decide and pay if I am convinced.
I ended up doing uchu sanango diet, probably one of the hardest ones. And Pedro looked after me for all these 8 days. I was unsure about Pedro at first but towards the end I realised that he is what a true healer should be — tough enough to fight the condition you have, but empathetic enough to provide the required support.
The final ceremony was amazing. The medicine did not seem to work at all up until I thought the ceremony has ended. I thought Pedro fell asleep and that would be it. But in the end I have had the most powerful purge of my life and then I realised that Pedro was actually expecting it. He was visibly uplifted by what has happened and proud that the healing was complete. So don’t expect him to give up on you until you get what you came here for!

May 31, 2015

My Ayahuasca experience at Rainforest Healing Center was the best experience of my life! It is located in a very special place deep in the Peruvian jungle. The bungalows are comfortable, the hosts and the shaman were very kind and helpful, the forest is gorgeous and the place is filled with a lot of love and positive energy. I’m looking forward to returning soon!

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