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  • Iquitos Peru

Phoenix Ayahuasca Retreat Centre is nestled in the beautiful Amazon rainforest. Located just 25km from the jungle city of Iquitos, Peru our center is a perfect blend of solitary jungle isolation with convenient access to a modern city.

The centre derives its name from the legendary Phoenix, the firebird that lives up to 500 years before dying in a nest of flames to be reborn from its own ashes.

The creators of Phoenix Ayahuasca, Mark and Tracie Thornberry, saw the parallels between the process experienced through ayahuasca ceremony and the legend of the firebird. Ayahuasca helps us to let go of the past and be reborn into our true nature, that of spiritual beings having a human experience.

The Phoenix is an Egyptian legend, but many countries have the same story. In Hindu the name is Garuda, in Persian Ankal or Simorgh, in Tibetan, Me Byi Karmo, Chinese, fenghuang and in Japanese, Ho-oh. In every culture it is associated with resurrection, regeneration, rebirth and immortality.

The Phoenix reminds us of the one constant in life: change.

“Ayahuasca helps us to let go of the past and be reborn into our true nature, that of spiritual beings having a human experience.”

At Phoenix Ayahuasca our focus is on offering a safe and supportive place to experience plant medicines and explore the true nature of the self. The safety of women is a priority. Ayahuasca is a purgative that removes spiritual and emotional blockages. It is extremely beneficial for people who have suffered emotional trauma through war or abuse. It is also a useful tool for spiritual seekers.


12 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

July 9, 2017

I recently spent a month at Phoenix rose healing center. I left only a few days ago and already I miss the center dearly. I arrived in the jungle searching for the healing of an undiagnosed illness that had an extremely negative and limiting effect on my life. I feel so fortunate and grateful to have found Phoenix Rose and it’s excellent healers. Not only did they help me understand and cure my illness on many different levels, they taught me many techniques and gave me the tools I needed to live the life I always wanted. Javier is a fantastic shaman who is very wise and serious about his work but is also kind, jubilant and warm-hearted. Troy, the owner and shaman in training, is truly wise beyond his years, remarkably eloquent, caring, and is a good man and great friend. Ken is a superb translator who is a focused and productive person and a cool and affable confidant. Paul is a magical energy healer and a benevolent teacher who helped me a great deal. Together they all offer great advice and create a loving sense of family. The month I spent at Phoenix Rose was one of the best in my entire life and I strongly recommend that anyone, ill or not, spend some time out there in the beautiful jungle away from the headache of society to find peace, solitude and learn what life is truly about.


June 23, 2017

It has taken me awhile to write this review because it was such an overwhelming experience for me and as such it is a struggle to put in words the impact this retreat has had on me. The Shamans, Javier and Jessica, are not only very powerful and amazing at what they do, they are also both incredible people. They are caring and warm and immediately helped soothe my fears. The people at the retreat were welcoming and kind from the outset. They made me feel completely at ease. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the kindness they showed me while I was there. The whole retreat was an incredibly healing experience for me and I cannot imagine completing that journey with anyone else. It is a very special group of people that make up Phoenix Rose Ayahuasca and I would recommend this retreat to anyone.

  • Member Since: June 15, 2017

June 15, 2017

This place is the best place! After visiting several centers in Iquitos, I got to Phoenix Rose and I couldn’t have chosen better. The shamans, Javier and Jessica, are amazing curanderos, full of pure energy and their observations are always on point and given with a huge smile on their faces. The ceremonies are simply incredible, as are the icaros and the medicine. The center itself is gorgeous and the social area overlooking the pond is definitively what is needed after a ceremony. The team, Troy, Jim, Paul, and Tracie is the most welcoming and genuine, ready to advise and to talk about the experiences with Mama Ayahuasca, but also to share a good time. There is also a wider range of services and treatment that are offered at this center, including Sapo, mud baths, jungle steam bath (THE BEST!!!) and much more. Also, food is pretty good too! This place has the perfect atmosphere in which healing could be done and yeah, I obviously highly recommend it!! I couldn’t be happier 🙂 thanks and see you next time!

  • Member Since: June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017

The lessons we learned were more than what we could have ever asked for. Troy and team were so supportive and made sure our experience was custom tailored for an amazing ayahuasca experience. Javier and Jessica were incredible shamans that turned out to be great spiritual guides. Our conversations outside of the ceremonies with the Phoenix Rose crew proved to be just as beneficial our ayahuasca experiences. Taking the lessons of the vine with us back home until the next time we return to Phoenix Rose. Thank you!


May 25, 2015

This was such a fantastic retreat. It was very intense, very cleansing and very healing. Marc & Tracie were very kind and our female shaman sang so beautifully. This is a must if you are clouded by doubt, and fear is ruling your life. I discovered I have no bounds. I will be returning here in the future and will recommend this retreat to everyone I know. This was the single best decision of my life!

  • Member Since: November 28, 2014

November 28, 2014

After extensive research my girlfriend and I decided to do a retreat at Phoenix Ayahuasca in September 2014. It was our first experience, and we were grateful that we chose Phoenix.

Tracie is the owner of Phoenix and was very helpful answering questions beforehand. She arranged for our transportation from the airport, and 45 minutes after being picked up in a private moto, we were in the jungle, sitting down for a chat with Tracie and her brother Mark. My girlfriend and I felt at home immediately, and we were relived to feel safe in the new environment. Tracie, having previously established and managed a larger retreat center in the area, has very clearly shaped and structured Phoenix with wisdom.

We liked that Phoenix hosts groups of roughly 10 people or less, and our retreat included 8 visitors. This felt like an ideal size.

The meals were freshly prepared and delicious, and many teas and fruits were available 24/7.

The accommodations at Phoenix were simple and ample. My girlfriend and I had a large private cabin (or ?tambo?), nestled in the jungle, 40 yards away from anything else. Although the firm beds took some getting used to, we were very comfortable.

It was important to my girlfriend and me that we have a strong feminine energy inside the ceremonies, and Celia, the Shipibo Shaman, was a dream come true. She guided the ceremonies with the kind of love and care that made us feel very safe in such a vulnerable situation.

We also appreciated that Phoenix offered many healing opportunities in addition to Ayahuasca, such as San Pedro, Sapo, plant diets, flower baths, etc. It was very useful for us to encounter other plant teachers and to compare the experiences. And with these many medicines, Tracie and Mark were able to be flexible and customize programs for each person.

I should also say there was never any pressure or obligation to participate in any of the ceremonies, Ayahuasca included. The tone at Phoenix was very calm and honest and straightforward. Although serious healing is always happening on the property, with the most powerful and majestic forces at play, the vibe at Phoenix is simple and light and helpful.

Thanks again to Tracie, Mark, Celia, and all the kind local people who were so helpful and accommodating!


November 3, 2014

I visited Phoenix Ayahuasca for a 10 day retreat in October 2014. It was the most healing and consciousness expanding experience of my life! Mark and Tracie are very loving and care deeply about there guests. They really went the extra mile to make sure everyone was safe and had a positive experience. The property is the perfect setting to work with these healing plant medicines. As an added bonus there is a natural spring on site that forms a swimming pond and supplies the shower water. After 10 days my hair and skin were healthier than ever.

The use of the tobacco purge, Sapo, and San Pedro along with Ayahuasca amplified the experience so that the Ayahuasca could heal the soul and body on deeper levels. It has been 2 weeks since I left Phoenix and I have since noticed big changes. The circle meetings held with the Curandera Cecilia and group are structured to make it easier to integrate the experience into daily life upon return. I learned just as much from the other guests as I did from the ceremonies.

My experience at Phoenix Ayahuasca exceeded my expectations by a million. I can’t recommend this place enough and hope to return soon. 🙂


October 30, 2014

Phoenix’s beautiful location topped only by the beautiful people you meet there. I was blessed to have my first (and so far only) Ayahuasca experience here. Tracie and Mark are welcoming and always there to listen. The feelings of security, love, and true dedication can be found throughout. My retreat at Phoenix provided me life changing experiences and a steady foundation to build the rest of my life. I will be forever grateful for my time spent there. I cannot recommend Phoenix highly enough.


October 23, 2014

I just returned from a 10 day Ayahuasca retreat at Phoenix Ayahuasca. It was my first time doing Ayahuasca. My experience was beyond words. Not only are the owners Tracie and Mark Thornberry some of the most loving, compassionate and genuine people I have ever met but they guide you on journey of self healing and love. I feel like I receive 20 years of therapy in just 10 days. The staff that works at Phoenix are so welcoming and some of the most lovely people I have ever met. It’s incredibly beneficial for anyone seeking spiritual development, help with healing addictions, healing emotional or physical trauma and the list goes on. Don’t look any farther then Phoenix Ayahuasca, this is the place for you.


October 23, 2014

Amazingly wonderful!!! All I can say is WOW. Three years ago I went to a different retreat and it was very nice. That is where I met Mark and Tracie. This October 2014 my wife and I were looking for a retreat for powerful healing as we have both been through some very tough times. Life looked like the underside of a bus to be honest and our souls were hurt and heavy. My wife never had experienced anything like Ayahuasca and I remembered from three years ago that it was a life changing experience. All the retreats offer Ayahuasca but we were looking for something extra. Not like extra “stuff” or even hot water…but extra on another level. It may sound silly but extra LOVE. I remembered Tracie being someone who has committed her life to sharing and giving mega LOVE from the deepest levels. When I went through the reviews of most all of the Iquitos retreats, my mind got overloaded making a choice so I just asked spirit to guide me to the LOVE and I saw Tracie’s face. OK then! So I booked after a few emails to confirm dates.

Wow. Saying that Phoenix Ayahuasca is home to a Flock of Angels would be an understatement. The last retreat kept the local workers apart from the guests at the retreat or “Passengers” as we are referred to. At Phoenix we were all family. These people shined the light of love so brightly we didn’t need flashlights at night when they were around. My wife loves to cook and actually cares for people with her food energy. At Phoenix she was allowed to share her gift of cooking with everyone (within the diet of course). The staff was our family which made it real for us instead of just being “guests”.

Then there are Mark and Tracie. What an AWESOME team. When you add the wonderful Shapibo shaman Celia, you get the mega triangle of LOVE energy as a foundation for our joining with Ayahuasca. Mark is an Ayahuascero (sp?) He is a powerful soul that flows big big energy through the medicine. He is amazing to be near as he sings icaros and plays many instruments which are all like giant pipes of energy for Ayahuasca to flow her universal healing energy through. He is like a power tool for Ayahuasca yet he can be gentle as a butterfly at the same time.

Celia the shaman is amazing in a completely different way. She flows mega Ayahuasca energy as well but in a way that is sweeter than any earthly version of sweet I have experienced. The beauty of her soul entered my very being and illuminated my reality with colorful, loving, blooming gifts I had never imagined possible. She gave and gave of herself as well as cleansed my soul. Her songs carried me other dimensions as we danced with Ayahuasca healing us all.

Tracie was the angel watching over us all. She radiates LOVE from the core of her being. To be near Tracie is to know you are cared for and in a safe place. I have never seen anyone able to connect to people at such a deep level regardless of what kind of silliness my monkey mind might be up to. She just beams LOVE and caring directly into me. No matter what I was afraid to discuss she never held judgment and always had loving advice.

These three wonderful humans and the family of the staff were like the foundation or base of a pyramid with Ayahuasca at the top, forming the most sacred energy object I have ever experienced. My wife felt the same (just not quite as wordy as me ha ha). Honestly, my wife is a new person after our stay. Her and my heaviness of the soul is gone. We are both shining the light of LOVE that we were born with in the brightest way! My on and off depression is gone. I have something beautiful to give to every person I meet every day. I wake up looking forward to the awesomeness of this life. My wife and I spontaneously break out in icaros from the ceremonies and just laugh for no reason. Yes, we took the actin to get ourselves to them but the people of Phoenix, in a magnificently LOVING way, propelled us into the place where Ayahuasca could do her magic powerfully. They opened the sky so Ayahuasca could beam the soul shine of the LOVE of CREATION directly into our beings. I owe them all my deepest GRATITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words can not express my love and respect for them. Thank you , thank you, thank you is all I could say as I was leaving.

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October 15, 2014

I stayed at Phoenix for an ayahuasca retreat in February. I cannot recommend it enough, and I will be back there in the near future to continue my ayahuasca journey.

Mark and Tracie are the most beautiful, welcoming people you could imagine, and their staff are super lovely and helpful too. As soon as I arrived I knew I was in safe hands.

The setting is stunning. Obviously they put a lot of work and planning into the layout and setting. It’s not too far out of Iquitos, but feels deep in the jungle. There is a swimming hole which is so refreshing on the warm days, and the maloca is absolutely magical.

Phoenix provided a much more holistic experience than just ayahuasca ceremonies. I also had Sapo treatment, purges, mud baths, flower baths, and San Pedro. Mark and Tracie work closely with the shamans to figure out a plan for your stay that will best work for you.

Thank you Phoenix, I will be back!


March 27, 2014

I stayed with Mark and Tracie Thornberry at Phoenix Ayahuasca for about 2months and was there for the final stages of its construction and first retreat.There are several aspects of Phoenix that make it a great place to stay:

1) The lush jungle site is situated around a small damned lake that is great for swimming in and diving from the damn wall. Lots of beautiful birds, strange creatures and the occasional monkey visitor too. You really feel like you are deep in the jungle although in reality you can be back in civilisation in less than an hour.

2)The Moloca (where the Ayahuasca ceremonies take place), is very magical. It looks out across the tree tops of the Amazon Rainforest on one side, as it is perched on the top of a natural hill that is partially cleared on one side. There is something special about this space and I used to love using it for yoga and meditation as well as for Ayahuasca ceremonies. The hire in caring shamans to create beautiful ceremonies.

3)The Phoenix Ayahuasca Family; Mark & Tracie Thornberry and the hell hounds (Bindi, Frankie, Mooney), Dona Maria and Don Huanito, Leo and Lucila. What lovely people! Everyone of them contributed in various ways to my healing, learning and growth during my stay at Phoenix. I can’t say how cared for I felt at this place, people went out of their way for me so often. I have lots of love for you all. Jokes, discussions, medicines, games, ceremonies, blessings, creativity, teaching, we experienced it all between us.

4)Variety of ceremonies. This isn’t just about taking your money, giving you some Ayahuasa and sending you on your way.This is really about helping you along your path. You will experience a variety of shamanistic medicines here from; San Pedro and Sapo to the ever tasty tobacco purge and particular plant dietas should you require it for your journey. Mark and Tracie and not money driven at all, they just want enough to run the place, pay the staff and be able to grow; becoming more self-sufficient and run more out reach. Tracie takes care of several street kids, putting them through school and is known to many of the local children as Mama Tracie. A little girl called Violet has adopted Mark as her ‘Papa’ this should tell you straight away what kind of people they are.

If you are thinking of going somewhere to get that personal touch, in a relaxed, caring but still fairly authentic setting then Phoenix is the place for you.

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