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We are the Otorongo Center, a locally-owned traditional plant medicine and Ayahuasca healing center in Iquitos, Peru. Disheartened by our neighbors selling their land to logging operations, our project emerged to facilitate transformative healing and prove a sustainable and responsible ownership model.

The Otorongo Center is owned by the Perez family and the land has been in our family for more than three generations. We work with a renowned Shipibo Shaman, Maestra Mary Juliana.

A 7 Day Experience at the Otorongo Center costs $475 and a 14 day Experience costs $950. This allows us to generously pay our Shipibo Shaman, our cook, our maintenance and security crew, as well as purchase food for our clients.

Our ethos focuses on Safety, Affordability, Efficiency and Sustainability:

Safe- We screen our clients before accepting them into our retreat. We look at medical records and make sure there are no potentially dangerous medicinal combinations with Ayahuasca or Kambo. Furthermore, we have emergency protocols in place at the Center (Gratefully we have never had to utilize them), which include having a vehicle on site as well as a facilitator who could transport a client in duress to the hospital in Iquitos.

Affordable- At $475 for a 7 day experience, we are less than half that of most foreign-owned centers, while still providing a higher quality experience. We feel that these greed-fueled exorbitant prices ironically cheapen the Ayahuasca experience.

Sustainable- We purchase our food from local farmers and take clients to visit their land in order to more deeply connect with our food source. And most importantly, at the end of every retreat we replant Ayahuasca on our land. We have the honor to act as stewards for this medicine and thus have the responsibility to protect it.

Efficient- We work with a Shipibo healer who has been studying the medicine for more than 2 decades. Many believe that Ayahuasca is a feminine energy, and we feel the same- which is why we have chosen to work with a respected Female Shipibo Shaman, Mary Juliana.


5 reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars

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