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We provide shamanic healing ceremonies with Ayahuasca and also various expeditions in Pacaya Samiria Reserve.

Discover and experience the love and peace within themselves and then you can find it all around you even in your daily life.

We honour the sacred tradition of spiritual healing using Ayahuasca plant and also some other visionary and medicinal plants. Our shamans have long-time experiences in leading the sacred rituals and individual healing at physical, mental and spiritual levels.

This beautiful and quiet place can help you connect with the energy of nature, trees, rivers, animals, plants, the Earth and the Universe which may help you go through the proces of healing, recovering and awareness.

The rainforest is very old and wise and goes beyond the boundaries of human understanding and there are the answers to some questions that people can not resolve by themselves.


4 reviews

4 out of 5 stars

February 6, 2017

Jorge and Vera are a peruvian-czeck couple who are running the Oni Shobo center since almost a year. It seemed though that many things are still in a phase of development!
If you are looking for a clearly organized, structured, healing and treatment oriented setting, you may definitely want to go to one of the other, more established and structured centers, with focussed and experienced staff, who are serious and professional about the work with the medicine!
Jorge works as a journalist in Iquitos and usually spends the nights in the city. At times it happened though that he worked during the evening with his laptop in the day time kitchen of the center, while a ceremony was held there, which I found to be not the ideal atmosphere to say the least. At other centers such and many other things that I experienced at Oni Shobo, would definitely be considered a big no-go!
Vera for example was the only fascillitator during one ceremony while being pregnant almost in 3rd Trimester. While of course it is solely her choice to do so and to accept being exposed to mapacho smoke for example, I had the overall impression that the whole setting was not very focussed and professional!

Another problem was the (english) language barrier. It is very important to be able to communicate with fascillitators properly, when working with the medicine. At this center though you’ll find yourself often in a situation when you have to simplify what you actually want to express and even then end up not being understood. It is though very important to express yourself, be understood and maybe even receive a helpful, guiding answer when you want to benefit the most, when working with plant medicines at a retreat center.

The shaman of Oni Shobo is a 75 year old gentleman from the murui tribe, who has a very outgoing character, likes to tell all kinds of stories and holds coca ceremonies on alternate days. The former shipibo shamana celestina apparently left the center not long ago for some unknown reason!

If you have an intellectual and/or spiritual approach to the topic or if you are even slightly experienced with plant medicines I’d definitely recommend you to chose a professional center to get the most out this experience! It’s definitely worth spending a little more money. If it’s your first time working with Ayahuasca you’d probably not recognize some big disadvantages of this center. But for me having had experience at other centers I can only advise to chose carefully. I rarely write reviews but considering the fact that the whole Ayahuasca scene/industry is growing dramatically especially around Iquitos and many centers are popping up, I find it very important to have critical testimonies. I was researching myself for a center for many weeks and chose this one mainly because of the cheap price. In retrospect I would have definitely go to another place or avoid Iquitos at all.

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August 6, 2016

Oni shobo is a magical place!! I have never been so happy in my life as in the beautiful jungle. The tambos are very comfortable and clean. The managing people, Coco and Vera, took of everything care in the nicest, best way! Also all the other workers were very nice and efficient. If you want to visit the jungle and also explore your deepest, inner feelings, I can only recommend you to come to Oni shobo. The shaman, Celestina, took away all my bad energy. She helped me so much to get on in life!!!!! I am looking forward to the day of my return!


July 25, 2016

Děkuji Oni Shobo za skvělou péči a plnění každého mého přání. Na čas, který jsem zde prožila, budu dlouho vzpomínat. Prožít mesíc na tak krásném místě, kde poletují motýli nejrůznějších barev a zvědavé opice přicházejí každým dnem blíž a blíž, je nezapomenutelné. Navíc, když celé dění můžete pozorovat skrze sítě vašeho tamba a hovět si přitom v hamace, je více než příjemné. Díky výborné domácí kuchyni si ani člověk v dietě nestrádá. Ochutnala jsem různé druhy ryb, které donášeli rybáři ze San Pedra čerstvě chycené, banány připravované na nesčetně způsobů a velké množství šťavnatého ovoce. Vzpomínat budu i na výlety do okolí, kdy jsme navštívili záchrannou stanici zvířat, motýlí farmu, pluli po Amazonce pozorujíce růžové delfíny nebo se vydali k obřímu prastarému stromu. Děkuji šamance Celestině za její péči nejen při rituálech. Děkuji za to, jak skvělá a hodná byla a jak mi dokázala pomoci. Děkuji Oni Shobo za skvělou práci, kterou odvádí a věřím, že se na toto místo ještě vrátím.


June 24, 2016

Me and my husband had a beautiful time here. Vera and Coco came to pick us up and drove us to the retreat centre, which is a baby diamond hidden in the jungle. Vera and Coco are very warm and friendly people, but they also understand you need time for yourself to reflect and they don’t dig in you with questions. These are people you want to be surrounded with when drinking ayahuasca. They both went a great extend over to make us feel comfortable and welcomed. We forgot to mention in a visiotrs’ book how greatful we are also to all the maintannace, cleaning staff and the cook, who was despite the strict diet making delicious and varied meals. Our tambo was clean and equipped to the perfection. And shaman Celestina- what a wonderful woman!. Her chanting was so soothing and beatiful… She was also around during the day ( unlike other shamans who come for ceremony only and disappear immeditaly when it is over) and made us energizing floral baths. She has 38 years of experiences in shamanism, shaman is also her husband and her son. We trusted her completely and she was working very kindly with our energies. Our host were as mentioned before really friendly.. Coco comes from journalistic background and Vera is a farmacist, who decided to learn from the nature.. Her knowledge of plants and herbs is absouletly amazing. The whole experience was a peak of our journey to Peru. I advise Oni shobo to people who are seeking personal approach, to people who prefer to be treated like human being rather than just tourists.

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