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  • Yucatan, Mexico
Min. Cost: 2500
Max. Cost: 8000

Welcome to Oka Center

* We are new to which is why we don’t have many reviews yet.

Our Retreats and World Views

These master plant teachers have wandered far from their origins and into our western culture during an ominous time for humanity- a time which is naturally invoking healing and metamorphosis in response. Our purpose is to integrate these cultures by using the universal and most practically applicable elements of each one. That way, when you come to our place you will experience a safe ceremony that respects both the source of the medicines and your own personal origin.

We serve two communities: drug users who need to detox and those seeking breakthrough spiritual experience. Those seeking detox will find more information at our site, as this listing is more for those without a drug dependency issue.

Ibogaine and Bwiti

We offer 7-14 day Ibogaine retreats which include a full flood dose of Ibogaine HCL or TA. All of our Iboga products are ethically and sustainably sourced.

In African/Bwiti terms, a full flood dose is most similar to Dissumba Bwiti which is known to be the direct pathway to god, spirit, consciousness, or whatever you like to call it. In Dissumba, the initiate – or banzi – is given a substantial amount of Iboga in order to propel their spirit into a state of communication and connectedness to ancestors, or a higher awareness or entity to receive guidance. What is seen, felt, or experienced by the banzi helps to unlock the principals of their personality and oftentimes the whole of existence, serving as a guiding presence or lesson.

7 Day Iboga Retreat Includes:

● Generous, full flood dose Ibogaine treatment –always observed by qualified medical professionals. All detoxes use exclusively 99.9% pure Ibogaine HCL to insure safety and efficacy. Participants in Spiritual Retreats have a choice between HCL or TA, and can also supplement with raw Iboga root bark.
● Airport pickup and drop off at the international airport in Mérida (MID).
● Friendly, stress-free healing environment
● Private lodging with your own room and en-suite bathroom.
● 3 meals a day of great food
● Sound and music therapy
● Beautiful excursions around Mexico’s Mayan Yucatán: Chichen Itza, Izamal, cenotes, and beaches.
● Iboga root bark “micro dosing.” Our root bark is a gift from our spiritual family in Gabon
and extending this gift to you is a great joy for us.

Our Treatments
A typical Ibogaine treatment here at Oka is an homage to elements and attitudes of a traditional Gabonese Iboga ceremony.
Preparatory intention and meditations/reflections, plant bath/cleanse, and Bwiti music are all part of the process. At the same time, our nursing staff is present during all treatments, taking your pulse and vital signs and standing by with the necessary equipment and medications for any intervention needs. All Ibogaine treatment ceremonies take place within our main facility that is equipped with bathrooms and your bedroom. If you aren’t sure or are uncomfortable with any of the elements of our protocol, we can alter them to better suit your tastes and comfort needs.

Thank you for visiting our page.


3 reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Member Since: February 15, 2017

February 15, 2017

I consider myself luck to have had a wonderful healing retreat here.
Caring & highly knowledgable guidance from a committed and passionate staff, in a gorgeous environment equal the perfect experience.
And it didn’t hurt that the accommodations & meals were first class.

  • Member Since: February 4, 2017

February 4, 2017

I recently volunteered at Oka Center and was very impressed by Bobby’s expertise in providing safety with the medicine, which was coupled with his and David’s solid knowledge and authentic application of the Bwiti tradition. They have also chosen a wonderful location in the Yucatan that provides a true and much needed retreat from fast paced Western life. The beautiful cenotes, Mayan ruins, and abundant Mayan culture set this location apart. I learned so much and am deeply grateful for this experience. Thank you Oka Center!! <3


January 13, 2017

I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s say that I had no high expectations but I was at such a low point being addicted to pain killers, then sniffing heroin, finally as gross as it makes me feel about myself to even type it-to towards the end shooting minimum 15, max 30 bags of heroin a day. Something I never even thought I would be around. But that’s where my life turned out to be and I have been researching ibogaine treatment/healing for almost a year and finally along with my 8 1/2 year partner, and son’s Father, started looking at places and calling them and figuring out where we wanted to go. First off the bat, we crossed off any of the places that were “hospital setting” types. We definitely wanted to go somrwhere that was more of a relaxed environment,no stark white walls,or nursed walking around in white all day-and most importantly we wanted to pay homage to where ibogaine/iboga comes from aka Africa and wanted to be involved with a place that had real Bwiti initiated shamans and wanted to experience the whole ceremony in a healing way, and that’s why we really looked into Oka Center. Off the bat my boyfriend hit it off on the phone with David who was beyond friendly and being that there were 2 of us understood how hard it was for us to save the money and helped us figure out a price that we were able to accomplish so we could actually get down there,(which is hard for I’m sure a lot of ppl who aren’t being helped by their families bc in the mean time of saving money to go down- you still have to somehow support your habit). We finally made leap, booked the tickets and agreed on which dates to go. I was st the point where I didn’t know if it would work but I had nothing to lose at this point in my life. The worse that would happen is it wouldn’t help and we would’ve went to Mexico for a week. We were picked up at the airport and from the beginning David was very friendly and we felt at home. Pulling up I felt nervous but as soon as we walked in the others welcomed us offered me food ASAP, and automatically asked us if we wanted to play card games and we did. It was fun off the bat. I was also nervous we would get sick as soon as we got down there as we kept ourselves steady on the flight but didn’t bring anything illegal with us,but they kept comfortable at the Oka Center right up until our ceremony,(we arrived Friday night around 9-10p.m. and had our ceremony Saturday night/Sunday morning around 2a.m.),so until our ceremony we were kept very comfortable. Let’s move the night of the ceremony,it was one of the deepest most spiritual things I’ve ever let myself be apart of! Between the cleansing ceremony using our intention plant/flower mixture-we scrubbed ourselves with this homemade cleansing water, basically scrubbing all the negativity and impurities off of us physically but it felt like it was cleansing me from the inside out. We took our test dose during that so as we were finished I already started thinking maybe I was seeing floaters,and felt a little off-as we walked back to the main house by the pool where our ceremony was taking place it was the perfect background for something like this. We,my boyfriend and I, and one other person, went to our designated areas, all spoke out loud what our goals were as did the staff speak out loud what their goals for us were and then we took our flood dose. I can’t speak for anyone else but the ibogaine experience was one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced. It’s not like tripping where you see things and colors and things that aren’t there. When your eyes are open you know exactly where you are and who’s around you but when you close them it’s almost as if there’s a movie screen where you see your whole life flashing in front of you. I don’t know what it was like for everyone else but that’s what it was like for me. I saw things and remembered things I didn’t even know would ever come back to my memory. After the ceremony we were all ushered back to our rooms,which I forgot to mention were basically like or even better than 5 star hotel status rooms,with a beautiful room, and amazing bathroom. But we got into our rooms and basically relaxed in our rooms since afterward it’s called a grey day, and you’re somewhat out of it and so I slept most of the day. The day after I still was a little groggy but I felt good. I even felt happy. Like the person I used to be when i was younger before i ever touched a drug. I went in bitter and angry and left HAPPY and filled with life. Even though I had almost zero withdrawal symptoms the only thing that I struggled with was being able to sleep. But if that’s the worst of it I could deal since it didn’t compare to how things would be if I didn’t take the ibogaine. As the days passed we went to see the Mayan ruins, and cenotes,and Izmael, and it was just a great time. But at no point did they make us feel like we HAD to do anything. The atmosphere was totally relaxed the whole time which I feel is so imp. bc as adults it’s never fun to have ppl tell you that you HAVE to do something. That was in august and it’s now midway to February, and I haven’t used since and even though I occasionally might have it cross my mind i can truly and honestly say I have zero real cravings to use. I know for a fact by now in any situation I would’ve relapsed already and going to Oka Center has given me a new chance at life. There is so much more I could write if I had the time right now but all I know is that I would and have suggested this place to anyone and everyone I know.

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