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  • Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios Peru
Min. Cost: 1000
Max. Cost: 2100

Treehouse Lodging. Small group retreats with personal attention. Flexible Pricing. 2000 hectares of Virgin Amazon Rainforest. Volunteering.

Our goal is the protection of 2000 hectares of Amazon Rain Forest. For this we have decided to operate as a platform that offers the necessary space for the implementation of projects where all work can be carried out under the concept of collaboration and harmony with nature. We are an open laboratory for human/nature interaction in this part of the world. We offer ayahuasca medicine retreats, nature retreats, and artist residencies.

Keeping our retreat groups exceptionally small ( 6 -8 people), allows us to provide personal attention to each of our guests and to keep the atmosphere of a small family house in the deep forest.

Each retreat will offer you:
– Transportation from Puerto Maldonado to Novalis
– Accommodation in our shared tree houses completely screened from mosquitos and with mosquito netting provided over the beds.- Ayahuasca ceremonies (the number dependent on the type of the retreat)
– Individual health consultations, if required
– Flower baths and cleanses ( optional )
– Individually selected plant dietas (depending on the type of the retreat)
– Pre- and post- ceremony sharing circles
– Jungle walks- Locally grown vegetarian food cooked with love
– Translation from Spanish to English

Our home is located in the middle of primal rainforest full of animals and birds and we offer unique tree house living as a way to re-connect with nature. We offer flexible pricing on our Ayahuasca retreats, shamanic plant dietas and work exchange opportunities.

Novalis offers various options for accommodation and can host between 6 and 12 people at a time in our 3 double occupancy treehouses or the ground level 4-bedroom house. We are also available to host any guest retreats that might benefit from the rainforest setting. All our houses are completely misquito-proof and built with locally sourced lumber, often from salvaged wood and with focus on simplicity, sustainability and functionality.

Loyver Yui Lopez is our vegetalista and he conducts our ceremonies. He is a shipibo from the Alto Ucayali community of San Fransisco and learned to work with rainforest plant medicines under the tutelage of his mother, who learned with her grandfather, father and father-in-law. Loyver’s mother recounted her many experiences of Medicine and ceremony to her young son. Loyver sings, helps oversee ceremonies and is a visionary painter. You can see his paintings in the photos.


1 review

5 out of 5 stars

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February 4, 2019

I recently arrived back from a trip to Novalis.
I was on my pre ayahuasca dieta for a few weeks prior. I stayed in Anaconda Lodge for a night before ( be mindful, weekends are very noisy with disco there!)
embarking on a boat ride to the thick jungles of Madre de dios region.
The crew of lovely medicinewomen, and the owner of Novalis, Juan picked me up at midday and the boatride was 50 minutes. After that we trekked into the jungle to reach the hidden paradise called Novalis. (New flower!)
It is the land of the Jaguar Spirit and all the ladies were making flower essences, floral baths, beautiful fragrant breakfasts and vegan dinners.
I was schedule for a 2 week stay with plant dieta of Una de gato and Jergon Sacha, also San Pedro and Ayahuasca.
For reconnecting with Spirit, to purge all past traumas from childhood, and to clear cysts and viruses that were present in my body.
San Pedro ( Huachuma) was life altering for me, i faced a lot of masculine issues, and also a lot of my fears, Grandfather Huachuma helped me face my fears.
Jergon Sacha and Una de gato did wonders, i tested for everything upon arriving and i was clear of all viruses and my whole body was on optimal newness.
I can’t be more happier.
The groups are small here, and the faviliators are really focusing on individual development of the soul and very careful with each of us.
The ladies Cassandra, Jessica, Melanie and Breanna are wonderful and were a great help each and every day in their own light, and going through the San Pedro experience with Juan is the best thing happened ever. He is the calmest greatest helper when you need him he is there for support to help you through any hardships.
Loyver, the shipipo curandero is an amazing man, and i had the honor to walk with him back into Puerto Maldonado after my dieta ended.
Many thanks for this amazing family of light, who are focused on oersonal healing, even people with sicknesses like cancer, tumors…etc.
This place is not focused on aya tourism but it is the real deep experience in harmkny with nature.
I had the honor to meet the presenters of the forest: the boa, snake spirit, in real life, the jaguar spirit and all the cats of the forest, the spiders and scorpions, the anteaters, toads, butterflies, dragonflies, colibries, cicadas, bats, and possums, and toucans, macaws.
and many more. It is a sacred forest. You should really try.
Are You ready for a lifechanging transformation?

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