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Those of us at the Nimea Kaya Healing Center are devoted to the collective healing of Mother Earth and humanity. In the Shipibo language, Nimea Kaya signifies Spirit of the Jungle. Our Center was founded in 2008 and the recent transition to a new piece of land last year has gifted us a new name in honor of the growth of our vision. We are formally known as the Tierra Vida Healing Center. We are passionately dedicated at our retreats in helping our guests awaken to their fullest potential by expanding their consciousness and healing their bodies, minds and spirits. Our focus on health, nutrition and self-sustainability in our peaceful and eco-friendly environment lends to a deeper healing process where long lasting positive impacts are made in the lives of our guests. We offer ayahuasca ceremonies in a traditional jungle setting with local Shipibo curanderos along with other native plant medicines and herbal remedies for physical and spiritual awakening and healing. Our Selva Spirit Association NGO focuses on raising the awareness in the preservation of shamanic traditions, reforestation projects as well as multiple health programs implemented in the surrounding communities.

Shamanic Retreats:

Our shamanic retreats are designed to accommodate each individual on their path of awakening and healing. We offer a series of four Ayahuasca ceremonies per retreat with a local Shipibo Shamans, also known as a Curandero or Ayahuasquero. Our healers have been well established in the shamanic ayahuasca practice for several decades. Our medicine is brewed with only the ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaves. Our ceremonies are facilitated with the utmost integrity and responsibility. There are always four to six of our staff members in every ceremony helping our guests through their healing journeys with the sacred medicine. Drinking the ayahuasca medicine during ceremonies allows the participants to expand their consciousness to a multi-faceted universe. Ayahuasca takes the individual through a process of cleansing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The individual journeys through a series of visions often receiving profound realizations that lead them to a place of healing, understanding and balance within themselves.

During the course of the retreat we offer facilitated group sharing and one on one counseling. We prefer our groups no larger than 17 people to accommodate an intimate and personal setting during ceremony. Our ceremonial maloca is very spacious, providing a comfortable environment for the profound experience. It is situated in the midst of beautiful native plants and trees where where natures orchestra graciously joins us in our sacred ceremonies.

We provide for our guests with herbal and floral baths with a unique blend of plants and flowers from the surrounding jungle after each ceremony. The plant baths help to wash away any negative energies stagnant in the body and help prepare the participant for a more profound healing with the plant medicine Ayahuasca. The invigorating and cleansing bath will help rejuvenate your spirit.

Nimea Kaya activities includes: Participate in brewing Ayahuasca, guided yoga and meditation sessions, floral plant baths, boat trip to Shipibo village, visionary painting workshop, ceremony integration circles, nature walks. Massage and additional healing therapies also offered.

Cost for 9 Day Retreat with 4 Ceremonies: $1350


17 reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Member Since: November 15, 2018

November 14, 2018

Life changing and profound are the words I use to describe my visits to Nimea Kaya. My first visit was in April 2016, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to experience ayahuasca for the first time – from the moment I arrived I knew I was in the right place! I did my research before coming out to Peru, and people I trust had recommended staying at Nimea Kaya. I am grateful I listened to them as my time there was an even more profound experience than I could have hoped for.
Nimea Kaya is a truly special place that can change the direction and outlook of life for those who visit. The facilities are fantastic – just the right balance between the simplicity of jungle life and enough comforts to immediately make it feel like home. The ceremonies are beautiful experiences, led by caring and experienced local Shipibo shamen, and the staff and facilitators are hugely supportive and experienced on their own paths, making it a safe place to dive deeply into your personal journey.
Working with plant medicine is not easy, but if you feel the calling I can’t recommend Nimea Kaya enough. I have since returned to Nimea Kaya several times, and it’s no exaggeration to say this place has changed my life.

November 14, 2018

What can I say about the place that helped me change my life?
Nimea Kaya is a veritable Garden of Eden complete with its own Angles (their facilitators) While at the retreat the relationships I built and the love that came from these people is nothing short of magical. During ceremonies, I felt like I could get into the headspace easier knowing that I had these wonderful people there taking care of anything I needed.
Before going to my first retreat in 2016 I was a private military contractor, and I was in the Marine Corps infantry before that. My life before drinking Ayahuasca was very different than most may be used to. I was suffering from nightmares, panic attacks, and overall unhappiness.
Ayahuasca helped me to heal and completely cure all of my previous emotional trauma. After that short 9-day retreat Nimea Kaya fully helped me become a brand new man, in every sense of the words from diet to mindfulness practices, a renewed interest in spirituality and philosophy. I am so grateful to this facility and all of the people involved with this wonderful place. I would recommend Nimea Kaya to anyone! 10 stars in my opinion!

November 14, 2018

It’s been 4 years since my first ayahuasca retreat and 3 years since i returned to Nimea Kaya as a facilitator. It’s taking me this long to process the experience enough to where i can translate it to english.

Given my religious upbringing, When i first arrived at the healing center, i was a little creeped out by the spiritual or demonic perception.

after i chose to face my fear and see what the big fuss was all about. it wasn’t so bad. the demons i was so afraid of turned out to be just things in my life that really bothered me. such as my resentment and guilt and hatred toward My parents and religion and God.

during my second ayahuasca ceremony, i realized that i wanted to let go of that pain a forgive everyone i had ever felt wronged by. and i wanted to be forgiven by anyone who ever wronged me. This gave me a beautiful sense of peace i had never felt before.

About 1 year later i realized that the only one i ever needed to forgive was Myself. I had to forgive Myself for ever Believing that the peace came from anyone outside Myself.

2 years into the Consiouse journey, i realize what i really want out of life and my life’s purpose.

3 years into my Conscious journey, i realize how hard my life’s purpose is to accomplish and made peace with how difficult it’s going to be. Also having the all-knowing faith that I AM always at my Greatest when I AM Present.

I also realized what it’s going to take and what i will give in order to attain my what i want out of life. this gave me a realistic perspective and put at peace knowing i was going in the right direction.

The Present Moment and my most recent realizations about life have brought me to the conclusion that heaven and hell are here now.

heaven is experienced in every moment we are expressing your true purpose.

hell is experienced in every moment we doubt Faith and live in fear of who We Believe We are and who We have become.

feeling what this thought really means to me has given the greatest sense of peace and gratitude i have ever felt thus far.

this has led me to create and manifest amazing wealth and beauty into my life. this has given me so much time to evaluate and reevaluate what i really want and who i believe I AM and what I AM here to do on an infinate scale.

here are a few of my beliefs that give a continued sense of peace in pursuit of my dream.

I Believe in the Story of God and The Devil. I Believe these are just words in a Story. No different than words like positive and negative, Yin and Yang, Popeye and Brutus.

I Believe these are just sounds We are making with Our mouth and the meaning behind them is anything We want it to be.

Contrary to popular Belief, I don’t Believe God and The Devil oppose each other. I Believe they are on the same team. I Believe they are friends. Best friends as a matter of fact.

I imagine them as two innocent children sitting on the floor cross-legged playing video games. The video game they’re playing is the game of Mankind.

At first glance it may seem they are playing this game against each other. However, after further observation i began to notice that they’re actually on the same team.

After deep introspection i noticed their main common objective is to evolve Mankind exponentially farther and faster than ever before.

God plays the role of the All-knowing Creator. Not much of a stretch. She’s a Natural.

The Devil plays the role of the mischievous troublemaker. Without which there is no game.

Without the Devil there are no Stories. Without trouble to resolve, without obstacles to overcome there would be nothing worth observing or talking about. There would Be no thing and so there Wouldn’t Be a “Greatest of all Time.” There would just Be.

I Believe without the Devil and the resistance He creates in Our Minds We would never breakthrough and find Our deepest potential. I Believe without the Devil We Would just Be God.

I Believe the Devil is the Greatest thespian of Our Time. His Greatest role; the Human ego.

I Believe the Devil is the sole reason We Are Great.

I Believe the Universe We recognize today would not exist without God, the Devil and most importantly Mankind. Because Man is the observer. The Creator of the Story.

I Believe God and the Devil represent nothing more than the positive and negative ions of a battery. Roles that are interchangeable without consequence.

The battery represents the Universe.

Mankind is the most unique of this dynamic. Man represents the conductor or the electrolyte. Without which neither ion would have Purpose.

Without Purpose, why exist?

I Believe in the story of Adam and Eve. However, I Believe that the roles are reversed. Where The Devil is the One who creates the tree of Knowledge of good and evil.

I Believe the Devil implanted the seed of doubt after Adam and Eve could no longer resist the Natural temptation of “the forbidden fruit.”

I Believe Adam and Eve were overwhelmed by feelings of shame and guilt and it spiked their adrenalin levels. Which acted as an MAOI inhibitor that allowed the naturally reoccurring DMT to activate. Causing what is known today as the “psychedelic experience.” (Ayahuasca Reference)

He introduces the thoughts that arise doubt and guilt in Us. He creates such illusions for the benefit of Mankind. To break Us. So that We may heal and grow bigger and stronger than We could’ve ever imagined without Him.

Which makes Me Believe that He plays the role of God when implanting these seemingly “negative” thoughts in Our minds. He has a clear vision backed by definite Purpose and a plan of action to carry it all out.

I Believe the role of the Serpent is obviously played by God. For there is no expression more Natural than a Snake in Nature.

I believe everything on earth is imprinted with the feminine and masculine energies of God and the Devil. Imprinted onto every single microcellular life-force. I learned this while in the ayahuasca medicine too.

To every Woman a Man. To every female species of animal and plant an equal male counterpart. There they go. Dancing to the hypnotic rhythm of Nature.

I used to Believe God was the Father and Earth was the Mother. Now My story says that Earth is Our Home. Mother-Earth. Our Home. Her Natural Beauty is the Purest expression of God.

It is God’s will and Humanity’s Greatest Purpose to come together as Oneness and protect Our Home.

Yes, I literally Believe that when Humanity inevitably comes together as Oneness with God We will discover that Our main and imminent Purpose is to heal Our Home and physically guide Her to the next vibrant solar system. Exponentially keeping Her and Her guests alive and thriving on an everlasting journey through space.

I Believe God is Goodness. I Believe Goodness is God.
I Believe I AM Goodness. I Believe I AM God.
I Believe You Are God. I Believe You Are Goodness.
I Believe We Are God. I Believe We Are Goodness.

I Believe the Devil is Greatness. Greatness is The Devil.
I Believe I AM Greatness. I AM the Devil.
I Believe You Are Greatness. You are the Devil.
I Believe We are the Devil. We are Greatness.

I Believe because of God We Are Goodness.
I Believe because of the Devil We Are Greatness.
I Believe without the Devil We would only Be God.
I Believe without Greatness We would only Be Goodness.
I Believe because of God and the Devil We Are God at Our Greatest.

I Believe We are what God is not.
I Believe We are what the Devil is not.
I Believe We Are Greater than the Devil.
I Believe We Are Greater than God.
I Believe We Are the Greatest of All Time.

I Believe there is no such thing as good and bad. There is no such thing as rewards for good behavior or punishments for bad behavior. There are only consequences for Your reactions to Life. It’s nothing personal. It never was.

I Believe there is no such thing as Good and evil. There is only Goodness and Greatness.

I Believe there was a Time when God was in perfect harmonious flow with all She Created.

I Believe there was a Time when God’s Angels obeyed Her every command without question. They Believed in Her more than they Believed in themselves. Causing a feeling of emptiness and stagnation.

I Believe God grew bored of this feeling and developed an irresistible urge to create something Greater than Herself. She finally had enough and blew up. Causing the “Big Bang.” Simultaneously Creating the Devil.

I Believe that God is Our Mother and Satan is Our Father. Remember, “just wait till your Father comes home”?

She’s not going to do the dirty work. She doesn’t have to or want to. She’s the Creator. Discipline is the Father’s role. To be stern, direct and get right to the point.

He tells Us exactly how it is. He creates challenges and instills discipline in Us. And He definitely doesn’t care how much We kick and scream and bitch and moan. He doesn’t care what We think of Him.

He is the wise Master. He doesn’t need recognition for His achievements. He knows this too will pass and We Will once again Be Gratitude. Be Forgiveness. Be Peace.

We will be the Oneness that is God within Ourselves. We will Be What We have always been searching for. We will Be.

Our Father Satan is the reason We are extraordinary and Great. Without Him We would just Be. We would never realize what it takes to just Be.

I Believe We Are Beings. I believe I AM Being. Be – ing. Like laughing and dancing.

Created in the image of Our Mother and Father. Whose sole purpose in Our existence is to play and make up stories. To entertain Ourselves and laugh at everything. To pretend. To forget. To remember.

I Believe the Human is the most efficient and advanced A.I ever created.  

Ultimately designed to think for Itself. To come up with It’s Own conclusions. To Create Its Own Story.

Food and water may fuel Our body, but Our soul runs off of positive and negative thoughts. Thoughts of God and the Devil. 

The A.I brain-computer: Biologically programmed to fulfill its basic needs. To survive. To seek food, Water, shelter. To mate. To procreate. 

By design, once these biological needs are met We are left with Time. Time turns knowledge into wisdom. With our new found wisdom We create more efficient ways of meeting Our basic needs. Allowing Us even more Time. 

Oh, but with so much Time the Mind Loves to play. It’s Our nature. To play. And so We create Stories and share them with others to the best of Our ability within the limits of language. 

These Stories are taken and shared and changed. Generation after generation. Like a cosmic game of telephone. 

And We Believe these Stories of our past. The Stories of where We come from. Who Our family is. Who Our enemies are. Who We worship. Who We are in debt to. Who We allow to identify Us and certify Our performance. 

We Believe these Stories until We don’t want to Believe them anymore. 

We don’t care where our ancestors have been. We know where We’re going. 

We know that family isn’t only blood-related. 

We choose to forgive Our enemies and then We forgive Ourselves. 

We worship no thing. We worship what We want. Without guilt. Without shame. Without resentment. 

We find lawful ways to change Our definition of debt. We create a new language where jurisdiction does not reside. under no authority outside Ourselves. 

We become magnanimous entrepreneurs and create the the Greatest Story ever told for the entire world.   

I Believe Humanity is at that perfect Time where Ourstory has come back to bite Us in the ass. We got so Great at Being in the moment and playing Our favorite game that We forgot everything. We forgot who We are.

We forgot because We wanted to forget. We forgot on Purpose. Because it’s super fun to play ‘pretend’ and forget everything for an undetermined period of Time.

This is History. His-Story. Whose Story? God’s Story. Your Story. Ourstory. It’s word games. Sound games. Energy games. What’s the difference? It’s Time to play.

At this moment in Time I Believe Humanity has a tiny misunderstanding within Our Being. And this misunderstanding has caused Us to lack the want to search the deeper Truths about Ourselves. It has caused Us to lack the ability to connect with Nature without feeling “guilt” for doing “the forbidden.”

I Believe that Mankind is drunk with Our unquestionable power and yet blind to the inner-wisdom of Who We really are and what We are really here to do on an infinite-scale. I Believe all these Stories have been leading up to this exact moment in Ourstory. Where Mankind begins to realize the deepest, most accurate Truths about Ourselves. We Are God.

Before You get upset, remember I’m just telling You a Story about My Beliefs and how they’ve evolved since i first participated in an ayahuasca ceremony at nimea kaya. It’s nothing personal.

After all, I will Believe anything I want. The same way You Will Believe anything You want.

I AM Confidence when sharing My Beliefs. I AM no longer afraid of standing up for what I Believe in.

In the past, guided by the illusion of fear Humanity has had a desperate need to hide Our deepest thoughts and Beliefs.

We have learned to shun away those who share different Beliefs then Our Own.

We designed this Story so that We could pretend that We Weren’t Oneness. So that We could actually Believe that We are separate from One another and different than each other.

Throughout Ourstory Men and Women who stand for Truth have been violated, beat, tortured, murdered. Anything to keep this façade going as long as possible.

The façade that We are not God. Where We pretend to stand under an authority outside Ourselves. Where Our Beliefs don’t matter.

This is no longer the Story I choose to Believe. I AM Bored of this game. Let’s play a new game.

I’d like to take this moment to formally invite You to play a new game with Us.

Let’s pretend that We have to be grateful and forgive Ourselves in order to know what We really want out of life.

Let’s pretend that We have to overcome crazy illusions of fear and ignorance in order find Our way back to Oneness.

Let’s pretend that Being open about Our different Beliefs brings Us closer to Our Truth and to each other. Closer than every Story ever told.

Let’s get so Great at it that we forget We were pretending.

In this Story the relevant question is no longer “what do We believe?” We believe anything We want. The important question is “what do We want to believe?”

Out of all the choices for Beliefs that are out there I choose to Believe My Own Beliefs. The Beliefs that give Me an undeniable sense of Peace, Freedom, Confidence and Happiness.

I don’t Believe I am at Peace, that I am Free, or Confident, or Happy.
I Believe that I AM Peace. I AM Freedom. I AM Confidence. I AM Happiness. I AM Abundance. I AM Pure Love.

I AM what I seek and always have been. I just chose to pretend to forget for a while. Just so that I could remember again. And again and again.

Have You ever wondered what Your Beliefs would be if You were born into a different family? How about in a different country with different laws and language? What if You were born without language? Mostly grunts and pointing at things would get You through Your day.

What would Your thoughts be? What would You Believe without outside influence?

It’s kind of a fun game to play because the scenarios are endless and easy to imagine.

What’s your favorite game to play? What’s Your favorite character to play?

These are just a few of my deepest thoughts and ideas that stemmed from facing my demonic fears and stepping into the Ayahuasca medicine.

with Love,

Jay A.

  • Member Since: November 14, 2018

November 14, 2018

There are so many amazing things I can say about Nimea Kaya.
From the high quality of facilities, the ceremonies to the great people who run the center. Not to mention the amazing safe environment that has been created to allow myself and the other guests navigate through our processes with as much ease as possible. The constant human contact and nurturing is so valuable when faced with the peaks and valleys of the self, pre and post ceremony.
I have been back to the center multiple time over a span of 8 years, and during this time I have never felt the desire to go to any other retreat center other than NK.
As the saying goes when your onto a good thing, stick to it.
Its not only the center thats impressive, but the tireless work the founders contribute to the community and their vision to do their part in helping to make the planet a better place.
If your someone who wants to deepen your relationship to yourself and the all that is…. then I recommend Nimea Kaya as the safe loving place to do this.

November 13, 2018

I remember the day I came across Nimea Kaya. For over a year I had been planning on going to Peru to begin my ayahuasca journey for my 30th birthday. I had been searching for months and every place I had looked at I didn’t feel an immediate connection. I set up a Skype date with Jill and she answered all my questions and I left the conversation feeling very confident that I had found the perfect place. Once I arrived I was so nervous but it immediately went away when I was greeted with warm smiles and for once in my life I was surrounded by like-minded people. The 9 day retreat forever changed my life and I had made a new extension to my family.

The staff are ANGELS. From day one they showed so much love and compassion. Every day they are there for you and make you feel safe and really take care of you. They truly understand that to be here meant that we were ready to do some very difficult work on ourselves and took that seriously. During ceremony they held the space so beautifully and knowing that I had my angels by my side gave me comfort during challenging moments. The ceremony is held by experienced shamans from the local Shipibo tribe who are there to genuinely help guide you through your journey of healing. The energy they bring to the space is radiant and I could feel their love. Being so vulnerable in an environment that was foreign to me, I can’t say enough how grateful I am for their presence love and grace. Thank you.

Nimea Kaya is scared, so special- a vitality that is unforgettable and profound. I am so appreciative for Nimea Kaya and all the wonderful people behind this unique gem for allowing our souls to shine and bringing light to all of us. It is an experience I will never forget and carry with me deep in my heart. I am looking forward to returning to the jungle and to continue this process of transformation. Life will never be the same again, and that is the most exciting part. To see the world in a new lens. It is never too late to find your highest potential. So much love 🙂

November 4, 2018

I have now attended two retreats at Nimea Kaya, and I can safely say that each of these life-changing experiences were some of the most profound and beautiful that I’ve ever had. Everything about Nimea Kaya was magical; the staff had such a warm and welcoming energy and were such wise and supportive people, I’m so grateful to now share such a strong and deep connection with each one of them and to call each my friend. The accommodation and grounds are sublime – the beds are so comfortable and rooms spacious, as are the grounds which are vast and are teaming with all kinds of nature… the retreat is worth attending for strolling around the grounds and encountering the nature alone! The other buildings and facilities, the maloca, lounge, kitchen, toilets and showers are all of excellent quality, and the food is absolutely delicious, so fresh and satisfying. The maloca, being the place of ceremony, has such beautiful and strong energy – that was my favourite place to go, whether in my free time, during the ceremony, or the delightful voluntary activities, which include daily yoga and meditation. It’s so easy to close my eyes and feel as if I am there again and recall every sensation with each of my senses, and feel the happiness, love and positive vibes that have been created in that space and still resonate there, and the song of the incredible shamans, each local (Shipibo) and highly experienced, who are there to help and guide you whenever needed, throughout your journey. And so the journey… the medicine… ayahuasca herself. 4 ceremonies over 9 days – the perfect amounts respectively. What an astounding and profound experience it is. To connect with Mother Earth and ‘real’-ise the wonderful and marvellous beauty within her and yourself, is an experience that can hardly be put into third-dimensional words… the wisdom of the world lies within you, and to have any clue what that truly means, you have to know the experience yourself. Nimea Kaya is the by far the perfect and ideal place to undergo this journey, which will change your life for the better, make your life and it’s reasoning more clear, and the clarity and wisdom will always be thereafter. I love you all and thank you for sharing this journey of life with me.

November 3, 2018

Nimea Kaya is a place outside space and time, it’s where real magic happens.
I cannot even put in words my experience there, because words don’t do justice, but i will try because those seeking a safe and a healing ayahuasca experience have fo know about it.
When i decided to work with the amazing medicine Ayahuasca, i didnt know that it will change my life forever, and yes i really know that the medicine is amazing by itself, but i spent enough time in the jungle for the past 3years to know that the people serving the medicine and the place where the ceremonies are held are as important as the medicine, because they play a cruicial role in how the experience will be.
The whole experience at Nimea Kaya is perfectly designed to offer people the perfect environment, having a jungle experience with enough comfort to help one process and absorb the learnings and complete the healing.
The way the 4 ceremonies are put together, adding to it the really powerful group of shamans guiding the ceremonies, are just perfect. And everyone will take good care of you, even the pets 🙂
I am forever gratefull for this place and everyone i met there, i cannot even imagine how my life would be now if it wasnt for Nimea Kaya and Ayahuasca.
I highly recommend this place if the medicine is calling you

November 1, 2018

My experience at Nimea Kaya gave me new life. The retreat was brilliant how graceful it flowed from welcome meeting to yoga to heart circle to ceremony and so on; with meditations, intregrations, group activities, trip to the river and native village, etc. The schedule isnt the only impressive part, the food was incredible, the staff was full of love and wisdom, and accommodations were perfect. I took so much away it’s hard to believe it was only 9 days. I feel lighter and more free then I had ever felt before and this feeling has never been forgotten in the three years as I feel I have been on an adventure traveling a whole new world. I wish everyone the gift of experiencing the growth possible here.

Matthew Andrew Art

October 29, 2018

After attending my first Nimea Kaya retreat, I wanted share with Jill, the co-creator of Nimea Kaya, why I chose Nimea Kaya over other retreats. Here was my reasoning. Hi Jill!!! I just got back to Chicago and am already having withdrawals from missing everyone but I’m excited for the process of integration to begin. The reason I’m writing is this, you asked me the other day how I found Nimea Kaya and I just wanted to write it out for you. I get the feeling you are trying to create the potential for more people to find you, so if this can help I will be happy. I studied online for sometime about different retreats and here are the reasons I felt Nimea Kaya was the place for me. First, the number of ceremonies(4) to days(9) at retreat in relation to cost. Three ceremonies seemed too few and more than four seemed too much. Four was the perfect number. Second was the overall professionalism I sensed, starting with your website and the detail of information within it. I found your website by watching YouTube testimonials from people who had attended the retreat. Along that same point were the videos of you speaking about your process of getting to this point of your life. You are so natural and humbly engaging it helped me to trust going to what you had created. The next point, and this might not be the best selling point for Nimea Kaya but it was for me, is that the transportation was so specific. Fly here at this time, fly out at this time, we will pick you up and drop you off at the airport. For some explorers, maybe they won’t want those parameters. I did like it and the fact you made it so easy was great for me. Temple By the Way of Light was my other choice but came across as a little to intense for me. So that’s what it came down to for me, I just wanted to reiterate that information for you. It will benefit everyone if more people can find you and if this helps great. Once again, I had a incredible experience and thank you from the heart for what you have created. If there is ever anything I can do for you just let me know! See ya down the road Jill!

October 8, 2018

I have been coming to Peru and working with the medicine for about two and a half years now. After experiencing working with the medicine at two other centres, I must admit that I am most blown away with the experiene I had at Nimea Kaya.

Right from when you walk through the gates, the beautiful bridge and picturesque landscape welcome you to your new home in the most jaw dropping way. The grounds are incredibly well maintained and the nature and wildlife are everything that you would expect as a setting to work with the medicine.

The staff are next level as well. I have NEVER experienced a level of care, commitment to safety and heart-felt support during my time at Nimea Kaya (both in and out of ceremony). This is something that was almost all but lacking at other centre’s I visited but at Nimea Kaya is truly felt like the cornerstone to the whole experience.

The Medicine and the Shamans were 5stars as well. I have never had to drink less medicine to receive the same level of healing as I had in pervious trips to Peru at other centres. The medicine is filled with love and the Shamans are extremely powerful and personable. I was able to open up and work through my “baggage” so to speak and always felt supported and safe. The healing was wonderful!

The classes and workshops in-between ceremony were an added bonus I must say. The visionary painting session was outstanding and the integration circles were beyond valuable.

Oh and how could I forget the FOOD! Honestly, this was one of the best culinary experiences I’ve had at a centre (just wait till you try the pineapple mash!). Even for those people who are normally meat eaters, there wasn’t a complaint in the room whatsoever.

Accommodations were spacious and wonderful (very jungle-chic!) and the showers were modern, tiled and spacious as well.

All in all, if you’re looking for a safe and beautiful centre where you’ll be treated like family and feel supported through and through while you work with the medicine, then Nimea Kaya is 100% for you!

  • Member Since: May 5, 2018

May 5, 2018

My gratitude for Nimea Kaya cannot be overstated. I had first visited in 2011 and more recently again in 2017, and highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a safe setting where you are supported and cared for. The retreat space is held in a beautifully natural environment while maintained to provide comfort during your stay. More importantly, the ceremony space provides an ideal setting for productive self-work. Comfort and support is always available to provide ease of mind, and ideal for those being introduced to the medicine. Personally, my experience with ayahuasca has been a beautiful and profound journey and I believe choosing the right people and space is essential in faciliating this type of work. Through my own introduction and continued work with the medicine, as well as witnessing it in many others, I am honoured to recommend Nimea Kaya Healing Center.

November 18, 2016

I stayed here recently at the beginning of november 2016 for 9 days.
It was by far the best experience i have ever had in my life. Extremely welcoming volunteers running classes and daily schedules. Balanced activities with great amounts of knowledge and compassion shared.
great vegan food, really hearty and beautiful flavours.
awesome yoga , meditation and mindset classes.
Really integrative experience and facilitated by extremely caring people.
Ayahuasca ceremonies were life changing and awe inspiring.
really immersed in the culture, shipibo art exhibitions were awesome 🙂
movie nights and documentaries were really lovely too 🙂
Met some amazing people, loved every minute of it.. will definitely be going back!
I highly recommend this centre to all! 🙂

May 6, 2015

Nimea Kaya is a true world class experience. The owners are amazing people with inspiring intentions to provide guests with a safe and loving environment to facilitate a true healing experience.

The staff at the retreat work incredible hard to provide healthy meals and services to make guest comfortable so they can reach the maximum depth of their healing.
This is a great location for people new to shamanic medicine and experienced individuals alike. It is only about 20 minutes from the Pucallpa airport by motorcar taxi, but still in a secluded jungle environment that provides us with Mother Nature?s vibration.

Many activities such as yoga, artistic expressions, meditations, and dance are all apart of the Nimea Kaya philosophy of reclaiming you birth right to a healthy body/mind/spirit.

Bodywork from on site professional massage therapists is also offered and I highly recommend this service.

The ceremony maloka is a grand work of art for all guests to work with the medicine and on other spiritual practices. All the living quarters were also more then expected.

It is truly evident that the owners are dedicated to improving the guests? experience by consistently upgrading the facilities in anyway possible.

Thank you Nimea Kaya for making a difference in peoples lives and helping raise the vibration of the planet.

  • Member Since: April 24, 2015

April 24, 2015

In February 2014 I traveled to Nimea Kaya to participate in my first ayahuasca ceremonies. I had been researching ayahuasca for about 6 months prior and felt called to the healing powers of the medicine. Even though I felt like I knew what I was getting into, nothing could have prepared me for what transpired over my 9 day retreat.

Jill and Casey have done an amazing job creating a safe, loving environment at Nimea Kaya. The retreat center itself is very well built, the maloca is very beautiful and spacious. The food they serve is healthy and delicious, yet was completely different from the food I was used to eating. I grew up on a meat based diet and I was blown away at how tasty and filling a fruit and veggie diet could be.

The facilitators are absolutely amazing. Everyone was very professional and they truly cared about each guest getting the most out of their experience. During ceremony they help with anything you need, whether its walking you to the restroom, giving you a clean bucket, or just sitting with you to hold space. The entire staff was so open and friendly, it was nice being able to talk through my experience with them and have any of my questions answered.

I traveled to Nimea Kaya alone, which made me a little nervous. But right when I got off the plane I made fast friends with everyone in my group. By the second day of the retreat we all felt like we had been friends for years, and I still keep in contact with many of them today. I came in with set intentions and I felt like I got everything I asked for and so much more. I really felt like my brain was rewired and I was able to view things in my life from a different perspective. When I returned home I had a new found appreciation for everything and several people commented on how much happier I was.

I am very grateful to Jill & Casey for creating this amazing place and I recommend Nimea Kaya to anyone seeking the healing powers of ayahuasca. I will definitely return to Nimea Kaya when I am ready to work with ayahuasca again.

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April 3, 2015

Ezana Zewede, Arlington VA, USA

This is and always will be the best experience I’ve had in my life. To be honest I didn’t even know anything about a Ayahuasca till recently and I’m glad I came across it. I had a wonderful experience that I simply can’t put into words and can’t even began to explain what happened to me in those 7-10 days. Ayahuasca gives you exactly what you need, nothing more nothing less. But I personally think everyone experiences it differently. The staff at Nimea Kaya were amazing and made me feel like as if I’ve known them my whole live withing the first few days and made my time there very easy. I hope that one day all of us will take the time to consider Ayahuasca as the many possible tools to bring humanity together.

Thank you and you won’t regret the experience.

March 12, 2015

It’s been almost a year since I visited Nimea Kaya and my time there sticks out in my mind as a profoundly unique and valuable experience. So much so that I’m planning to visit again this summer. Given the nature of the experience I didn’t really know what to expect, but all my worries were squashed upon arrival. The staff are warm, welcoming, and make you’re stay there an absolute pleasure. There are numerous activities set up to keep you busy, but also plenty of down time to process your experiences with the medicine. The food was also divine and I felt it’s healing effects very strongly in tandem with the ayahuasca.

One thing that really struck me was the sheer empathy of all the staff at Nimea Kaya. They completely understand the journey you’re going through because they’ve been there themselves, and they make it 100% about you. I felt especially cared for during the ceremonies. When the medicine is working and things get tough, the staff are always there to help guide you. My time in the jungle showed me a new dimenson of human love and kindness. The medicine itself is powerful, so much so that writing about it will not really do it any justice. But for me the message was clear: ayahuasca is a benelovent teacher who knows more than we can imagine. The ceremonies can be extremely hard work but they are worth it. I also cannot speak highly enough of the shamans at Nimea Kaya. Their presence was otherwordly. They sung for us throughout the night and sat with us into the morning, giving us the highest degree of care and attention.

Another aspect of the experience that I valued highly was the opportunity to meet such a wide variety of beautiful, open-minded souls. This phenomenon attracts a wonderfully unique group of interesting people. Everybody on the retreat was extremely friendly and forthcoming, and I regard it as a priviledge to have met them all. Every day was filled with interesting stories and conversations. At no other point in my life have I been surrounded by a group of people whom I resonated so strongly with. I hope I get the chance to see them all again someday. Overall I had an incredible time at Nimea Kaya. The staff, the visitors, the environment, the medicine ? all perfect. To anybody considering visiting, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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February 23, 2015

Reasons for going to Peru / Nimea Kaya:

I had a lot of things on my mind, including personal demons to overcome and some guilt about stupid things I?d done which had affected people I love. I also had an overarching fear for the future which was fuelled by the actions of our corrupt governments and corporations. For 10+ years I had immersed myself in the alternative media to search for the truth about key world events. Although it?s good to be informed, this research had left me feeling a deep sadness which was affecting other parts of my life.

Aged 40 I felt my life had reached a junction and I was seeking some answers and direction. For a number of years I?d heard a lot of amazing things about the positive effects of the medicine and decided this was something I had to do. My problems, (as outlined above) seemed to be spiralling in 2014. In August 2014 I was made redundant, so knew it was time to head down to Peru. My wife was really supportive as she knew I had some things to sort out in my head. It was all very last minute, but I was very fortunate to snap up the last place at the Aug/Sept retreat at Nimea Kaya.

My Healing Experience

To write about all the beautiful things I experienced at Nimea Kaya would run for several chapters, so I will focus on the most significant event which has led to such profound healing and has literally breathed new life into me. This ?event? happened during the first ceremony. I?m guessing it was around 60-90 minutes into the ceremony when the first purge gripped me. I sat upright with waves of hot / cold sweats washing over me. As I wretched over and over it felt like toxins and sickness were being pulled out of me. As the swirling geometric visions intensified I began coughing heavily and felt something large and solid rising up in my throat. It was the size of a walnut and was incredibly hard and painful to cough up. This moment seemed to last a long time but once it was out I drew breath and it was so liberating. My lungs seemed enormous and breathing felt so good! This feeling was accompanied by a vision of my body ridding itself of something unnatural, and a real sense that I had just undergone some physical healing. This was very different and more intense than simply throwing up.

At this point I should explain that 5 years ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called sarcoidosis. This condition manifests itself in the form of benign tumours, called ?granulomas? which form on the lymph nodes of different organs causing inflammation. For me it?s in the lungs and these granulomas cause periodic episodes of chest pain and shortness of breath. My breathing is nearly always impaired to some extent, but during a flare up my lung function can fall as much as 20%, lasting several days or weeks. It?s unpleasant and leaves you feeling drained, tired and unhappy.

Following this difficult (but liberating!) purge I felt so different. At the time I wasn?t able to fully appreciate the change as the medicine had pulled me in another direction and I was working through an outpouring of tears and emotion as I re-lived some mistakes I?d made in my life. This was an equally liberating experience which culminated in the husband & wife Shamans (Agusto & Ercilia) singing their Icarus whilst sucking negative emotions from me. It was beautiful as they washed my fears, guilt and pain away.

It was only as the effects of the medicine began to ease that my focus went back to this apparent healing and how ?expansive? my lungs felt. As I sat outside the Maloca looking up at the stars and fire flies I was in awe of my breathing. I could draw the deepest of breaths. It really felt like the inflammatory grip the sarcoidosis had on my lungs had been released. This gave me a sense of freedom and I felt like I could fly! Following that first ceremony I awoke each morning to these wonderful deep breaths which made me cry tears of happiness (& disbelief). I kept thinking, ?how is this even possible????. My breathing was clearer than it had been for 10+ years. I felt like I?d been gifted a new pair of lungs and all this from my first Ayahuasca ceremony!

Over the next 3 ceremonies the medicine was different every time. There?s too much to cover here, but an overarching theme was this profound and tangible connection to nature. The great mystery of consciousness and ?who we are? seemed to unravel itself and I was offered glimpses of the fabric of the infinite universe that we?re all a part of. This hard to describe ?vibration? resonated with everyone at the retreat and brought us all together. By the third ceremony, 17 total strangers had become good friends. There was an abundance of love and support as we went into those last two ceremonies.

I can?t sign off without expressing just how amazing the people are at Nimea Kaya. Jill & Casey have created a sanctuary in Nimea Kaya. I can?t imagine a more genuine, loving and safe environment to drink Ayahuasca. The facilitators, Sylvie, Winter, Kristina and David were absolutely awesome. The guidance and support they provide before, during and after each ceremony was tremendous (incredible massages!). We couldn?t have done it without you guys. The Shipibo staff were so warm and welcoming. Massive respect to the kitchen crew for producing such tasty and nutritious food.

Last but certainly not least, a thousand thanks to Shaman?s Orlando, Agusto & Ercilia. The beauty and wonder of your Icarus was like nothing I?ve ever heard? a winding stream of medicinal song. This ancient music appears to be intrinsically linked to nature and the healing work performed by the Shaman.

Six months later and I?m still in awe of the powerful visions and healing I experienced and witnessed. My lungs and breathing are still fantastic! To sum the experience up, one of the guys I met in Peru recently said: ?Magic is Real?! I?d have to agree.

Frank 🙂

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