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  • La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru
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Those of us at the Nimea Kaya Healing Center are devoted to the collective healing of Mother Earth and humanity. In the Shipibo language, Nimea Kaya signifies Spirit of the Jungle. Our Center was founded in 2008 and the recent transition to a new piece of land last year has gifted us a new name in honor of the growth of our vision. We are formally known as the Tierra Vida Healing Center. We are passionately dedicated at our retreats in helping our guests awaken to their fullest potential by expanding their consciousness and healing their bodies, minds and spirits. Our focus on health, nutrition and self-sustainability in our peaceful and eco-friendly environment lends to a deeper healing process where long lasting positive impacts are made in the lives of our guests. We offer ayahuasca ceremonies in a traditional jungle setting with local Shipibo curanderos along with other native plant medicines and herbal remedies for physical and spiritual awakening and healing. Our Selva Spirit Association NGO focuses on raising the awareness in the preservation of shamanic traditions, reforestation projects as well as multiple health programs implemented in the surrounding communities.

Shamanic Retreats:

Our shamanic retreats are designed to accommodate each individual on their path of awakening and healing. We offer a series of four Ayahuasca ceremonies per retreat with a local Shipibo Shamans, also known as a Curandero or Ayahuasquero. Our healers have been well established in the shamanic ayahuasca practice for several decades. Our medicine is brewed with only the ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaves. Our ceremonies are facilitated with the utmost integrity and responsibility. There are always four to six of our staff members in every ceremony helping our guests through their healing journeys with the sacred medicine. Drinking the ayahuasca medicine during ceremonies allows the participants to expand their consciousness to a multi-faceted universe. Ayahuasca takes the individual through a process of cleansing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The individual journeys through a series of visions often receiving profound realizations that lead them to a place of healing, understanding and balance within themselves.

During the course of the retreat we offer facilitated group sharing and one on one counseling. We prefer our groups no larger than 17 people to accommodate an intimate and personal setting during ceremony. Our ceremonial maloca is very spacious, providing a comfortable environment for the profound experience. It is situated in the midst of beautiful native plants and trees where where natures orchestra graciously joins us in our sacred ceremonies.

We provide for our guests with herbal and floral baths with a unique blend of plants and flowers from the surrounding jungle after each ceremony. The plant baths help to wash away any negative energies stagnant in the body and help prepare the participant for a more profound healing with the plant medicine Ayahuasca. The invigorating and cleansing bath will help rejuvenate your spirit.

Nimea Kaya activities includes: Participate in brewing Ayahuasca, guided yoga and meditation sessions, floral plant baths, boat trip to Shipibo village, visionary painting workshop, ceremony integration circles, nature walks. Massage and additional healing therapies also offered.

Cost for 9 Day Retreat with 4 Ceremonies: $1350


107 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

February 13, 2020

My time at Nimea Kaya played a crucial role in the pivotal stage of my life. My love and appreciation for the retreat and the work that goes on there is too big to be expressed by words in its full entirety. The unconditional love and holding that I felt there does not compare to any other retreat I have experienced. This place and it volunteers are one of a kind and I cannot recommend it enough. As a spiritual worker myself I have a healthy amount of skepticism when embarking on a spiritual journey and am very cautious with what and who I allow into my energy field especially whilst being in a vulnerable state. What I received at this retreat moves beyond the medicine, the lessons and love that I received has been firmly imprinted into my being and has helped me continue this expansive and evolving journey of self love, appreciation and unfoldment.


January 2, 2020

Nimea Kaya December 2019 retreat

Of course I will say that Nimea Kaya ,the staff the ceremonies and the shamans were more than five stars can reflect. There is much much more to this sacred place. Safety is everyone’s concern, especially if it’s your first time. Quickly you will feel at ease when you arrive. The warm greeting , friendly smile the gentle support and understanding.
The miracle dawns on you at your own pace. The feeling of safety grows into the knowledge that I am safe. Not just at Nimea Kaya or the wonderful trip to the village, but where ever you are. The wisdom that is so evident in Jill and Casey and the staff spills over into the life all around you. They teach you without saying a word.
If I were to give any advice to you it would be to follow there instructions before and after the retreat. Approach the retreat with respect and give yourself fully. Very simply open your mind and mother Ayahuasca will open your heart and show you the way home.


December 29, 2019

Review of Nimea Kaya Ayahuasca Retreat November 2019.


Glad you’re reading this review. Along with 19 other participants (so 20 in all) I attended the 9 day Ayahuasca retreat at Nimea Kaya retreat center, Pucallpa, Peru in November 2019.

As I see it, these are the components of an Ayahuasca retreat, more or less in order of importance:

• Initial contact and website
• Brew
• Shamans
• Ceremonial space
• Facilitators
• Ceremony
• Schedule
• Activities
• Food
• Facilities
• Location
• Follow-up

I’ll take each in turn. For each, I’ll ask the simple question: could it have been better? In reading below you’ll discover that except in very minor ways the answer I give is no – in other words for anything of importance it was simply the best it could be. And that is high, and deserved, praise.

Nimea Kaya ( has been operating for many years, originally founded in 2008 under a different name, it has been on the present land just outside Pucallpa since 2013. You can read all about this at:

The founders are Jill and Casey. Unfortunately, as they are obviously beautiful human beings, we didn’t get to meet Jill or Casey this time.

To take each of the above in turn:

Initial Contact and Website

The website is beautiful, very informative and with a vast array of information available.
From the first contact after they receive your application you are kept informed of what you need to know. Most crucially this concerns the ‘Ayahuasca diet’ and you are given advice on this in this initial email.

Rating: 10/10


After a short while, you won’t like the taste or want to drink it, but that’s the nature of the brew! Peppermint oil is offered during the ceremony as they have learnt this is the most effective way to help with the taste.

You’ll get to see a brew being made, and come to understand what a lengthy (more than 48 hours over hot flames) procedure it is – a true labour of love. The brew you see being prepared becomes part of the brew you drink during your 4th ceremony. And you get to meet the brewers. Once you see how loving, how knowledgeable and how reverential they are towards their plant teachers you understand you couldn’t be drinking a better brew.
Adan is the chief brewer, you can read about him and the procedure at:

Rating: 10/10


Just have a read of to learn about the shamans who come. In spanish they are addressed as ‘maestro’ and this is appropriate. There are a male and female shaman present at each ceremony and each in turn makes his or her way around the room to each participant, singing their magical ‘Icaros’ and using Agua de Florida water and Mopacho smoke to cleanse you, protect you and guide your journey. Their presence is powerful and absolutely key. They have to hold space for 20 Westerners who are pretty much ‘losing it’ as they experience powerful revelations, deep healing and sometimes soul-tearing sorrow.

Nothing but praise and admiration. They are beautiful people with warm, loving smiles and the flower baths after ceremony from the female shamans are a treat as well as a blessing. Their Icaros, hour after hour, are the glue that binds us, holds us to this earth and brings us home.

Rating: 10/10

Ceremonial space

The traditional ceremonial space is called the Maloka. Our Maloka became like the most precious, special, magical place on earth to us. As one participant said in wonder ‘there’s magic in this place’. The building is beautifully constructed of some kind of hard, dark wood, truly special.

There are comfortable mats to sit or lie on for each participant.

And – bonus – toilets are inside through a doorway. So you never have to leave this special space, unless you want (as some did) to experience nature in all her glory in the moonlight just outside.

And – extra bonus – there’s a back room, where if someone is extra-active and would disturb the others they can safely let it all out in that room. And in ceremony 4 that’s exactly what happened. The room was essential to the well-being and wellfare of all participants that night.

Rating: 10/10 (actually 20/10 but that’s impossible).


Once a fragile, perhaps shattered human being came to the jungles to drink Ayahuasca. And they left strengthened and knew they needed to drink again. After they have drunk several times they feel the call to be a facilitator so others can also experience this powerful healing medicine.

There are 6 facilitators in all. Each a joy, bringing their own unique gifts to the mix. The facilitators are the rocks upon which you stand to reach for the heights. Their support is essential. Any time during the ceremony you are in need you are able to knock and have a facilitator come to your assistance. For myself they were an integral, indivisible part of my 3rd ceremony. I cannot praise them enough. Their role is emotionally and physically draining and they cannot do it for many months without needing time away to recharge. They are true servants of humanity and of the highest good and they deserve in turn the very highest praise.

Rating: Nothing but praise and admiration, much more than 10/10.


The ceremony is conducted beautifully with appropriate pacing and creation of a safe, reverential space.

I feel I wouldn’t want more than 20 participants, but I sure wouldn’t want less than 20 participants either. You needed this number to create a powerful, loving space and experience. There really seemed to be a group energy that we all felt during ceremony.

Rating: I have nothing to compare the ceremony to, but having participated in 4 to date at Nimea Kaya I give a rating of 10/10 as these ceremonies offered some of the most extra-ordinary moments of my life.


Again, I have nothing to compare it to, however we were informed that the schedule has been continually improved over more than 10 years to offer the best possible retreat experience. Certainly it offered a mix of deep challenge (The first 2 ceremonies are without a break of a rest day in between) and relaxation – hours of hammock time if that’s your thing, plus a river cruise to the local Shipibo village.

The Integration Circle at 11am after each ceremony night was essential and an extra-ordinary experience of deep listening and active loving.

Rating: 10/10


Apart from ceremony there are the wonderful and wondrous Integration circles, yoga sessions, other energy and body movement sessions, a visit by visionary artists, the mind-blowing and wallet-emptying market day where the local Shipibo people come to display their handicrafts – the best handicraft I have ever seen or could imagine. And the fun and relaxing river cruise to the local village of San Francisco where we danced with the kids and ate fruit with the locals.

Oh and there’s also a couple of very interesting doco’s screened.

The sessions designed to help us integrate the work during ceremony, such as the yoga and yoga-related sessions, are all conducted by the highly skilled and deeply loving facilitators, so even more praise to them.

The plant walk with Adan shows you just how much knowledge and reverence he has for his plant teachers. Highly recommended.

And also available for extra cost are healing sessions with facilitators – such as Reiki and other healings. I heard only universal praise for the effectiveness of these sessions from those who did take up the offer.

Rating: There’s a wide range of activities scheduled and I participated in everything I could, to my lasting benefit. An easy 10/10.


The Ayahuasca diet requires the restriction or elimination of salt, sugar, spices and oil. Working with these ‘restrictions’ the ever smiling ladies in the kitchen prepared delicious and filling meals, sometimes involving plantains and the local tuber yukka. The drinks were all delicious and the ‘superfood smoothies’ regularly available a definite highlight.

Always available are coca and una de gato (cat’s claw) teas and bowls of fruit. The local ‘passionfruit’ -Grenadier – another highlight, a true sweet treat.
For vegans like myself, please note that eggs are served but these are from the chickens who live at the centre and they are never cooked into the food, they are always available as a side dish instead. So the food remains vegan friendly.

And as an extra bonus, the water for the whole centre is treated with MMS, so it’s got an extra boost to help with healing and reduce tension and inflammation.

Rating: an easy 10/10


The Maloka is so wonderful I can’t praise it highly enough. The kitchen and ‘Big house’ are traditionally constructed, very comfortable, more than functional for their purpose.

The accommodation is simple and comfortable. You will need the mosquito nets around each bed and more than likely the fan in each room too. Toilets and showers are simple, functional – drop toilets and cold showers. You’re in the jungle, it’s often very hot, so these facilities are more than adequate.

The grounds are beautiful – a mix of jungle with many medicinal plants, including Ayahuasca, growing as well as lawns with beautiful flower beds and trees with hammocks. There are also hammocks at each of the accommodations.

Rating: An easy 10/10


Now we come to the only point of criticism for the entire experience. Pucallpa, once a small village, is now a large centre of population, consequently it has grown to reach to the very edge of the retreat centre. It also has an airport. During ceremony at night you will never hear them, but in the morning and then throughout the day planes do fly over very low. Also local village life is right on the edge of the centre. The grounds are large, extensive and patrolled nightly by a security guard, so the only thing that disturbs your peace are the sounds of local music being played. You can hear this music during the ceremonies also, but once you’ve drunk the Ayahuasca, this will cease to matter!

The centre is moving soon, to a new location deeper into the jungle. This will be an incredible experience, but honestly, for a first time Ayahuasca experience the vast array of positives outweigh this small negative by a large margin. And in truth the grounds are a very beautiful sanctuary.

This place changes, even transforms, lives. That’s worth a noisy plane and a bit of poppy Spanish music.

Rating: Because it’s in natural jungle, which has medicinal plants and even has monkeys (small and large, though commonly only the small variety are seen) I give it 8/10 (-2, one for planes and one for poppy Spanish music).

And now at last, the final category:


What the participants have found essential is the Whatsapp group we formed amongst ourselves at the suggestion of the facilitators. Over a month later and even today someone is reaching out and receiving support as they work to integrate such a powerful experience of healing and of love into a world that may not seem so loving or healing.
Jill has said in interview that the real work with Ayahuasca isn’t in ceremony, it’s in the integration afterward. And this can be challenging. For some they’ve been in heaven, so regular life can seem a bit hellish. Jill and the staff try to help with integration by providing a follow-up email giving access to a vast collection of resources (many hours of Ayahuasca friendly music alone). Here is the text from that email, so you can feel the love and care they extend:
Hello friends!

From all of us at Nimea Kaya, we wanted to send our deepest expression of gratitude to each one of you for coming to the retreat and doing such amazing healing work with Madre Ayahuasca! You all were an intricate piece in creating such a powerful group dynamic that made the healing work that much more powerful! We send our love & light with you as you go back into the world and continue on your path ahead! The processing and integration from the ceremonies will take it’s course gradually with you and the lessons and gifts will reveal themselves in divine timing. We are happy to support you in anyway as you move forward through this process. We are all in this together! Thank you again for having the courage to partake in such deep transformational healing work and taking your light out into the world. The ripple effect goes far beyond our knowing and will help bring so much more harmony and peace to our Mother Earth and humanity.

We recommend you read over the “Ayahuasca Integration Guide” linked above that includes tips for after care recommendations from your retreat with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime with questions, concerns or just needing someone to process with. We are here for you anytime! We are available via Skype for complimentary Integration sessions, just contact us to book.

Feel free to stay connected with us as well via our Facebook Page, Instagram and Youtube.

Thank you again & wishing all the best for each of you!

Infinite Blessings!
All of the Nimea Kaya Family 🙂

Rating: 10/10

So there you go, out of 12 categories I have rated Nimea Kaya as 10/10 or better in 11 of those categories. So 118 out of 120. There are other retreat centres in Peru doing amazing work and I encourage you to feel into those also. This is what’s on offer at Nimea Kaya.

I suggest you use the categories above as a framework to assess any given retreat centre, and keep in mind that the most important of those categories are:

• Brew
• Shamans
• Ceremonial space
• Facilitators
• Ceremony
• Schedule

So now you know what questions to ask to ensure you have the safest, most wonderful and most transformative experience possible.

Gracias Madre Ayahuasca, gracias Nimea Kaya, gracias Pachamama.

Jason Heartsong

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December 22, 2019

October 2019 retreat

Besides Ayahuasca ceremonies themselves, which were exceptional, and leaving their details to be discovered by new visitors,
here are points at which Nimea Kaya exceeded my expectations:

– Time schedule at retreat leaves space for relaxed personal activities, and still keeping days diverse and fulfilling;
– Meeting people from all over the world and making new friends to share during integration process;
– Food: tasty, healthy, clean. Example of breakfast: Vegan coconut banana oatmeal pancakes, Fruit salad, Eggs & Fresh fruit juice. Always available fruits and fresh coconuts to drink.
– Whole cycle from preparing fresh Ayahuasca and Chakruna plants for brewing is available for participation.
– Boat trip to Shipibo village left me with good memories.
– Comfortable accommodation (hot water, laundry, musical instruments, painting tools, library, hammocks)
– Icaros from 4 different shamans (one male+female pair during each ceremony).
– Shipibo Art Fair and Exhibition at Nimea Kaya, was very convenient and provided with access to many different kinds of traditional crafts, including musical instruments.
– Location: it was convenient to stay in Lima for a few days and then in ~1 hour flight get to Nimea Kaya, deep enough in jungle to have just right amount of wilderness. Among fauna around retreat area was a condor, which I saw once flying near water tower at Nimea Kaya, and the bird became part of my Ayahuasca experiences from that day. Also there are Chakruna and Ayahuasca plants on retreat land.
– Support from the awesome Nimea Kaya staff during whole time staying at retreat and specially during ceremonies <3

It was my first Ayahuasca experience and without any doubt I will go to Nimea Kaya again. Thank you!

Blessings and good luck to you on your spiritual journey ~

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December 14, 2019

November 2019 retreat

It will be difficult to describe to the uninitiated how incredible the people and experience is at Nimea Kaya. Before choosing (or being chosen) to attend this retreat center I looked into several others, and though I am sure there are many other quality retreats this one felt like the place to go in my gut and it ABSOLUTELY WAS! I watched one testimonial and it really spoke to me and convinced me right then, the reviews I read after and the way their website talked about their approach was all true.
First of all, yes the food and the hands that prepare it are amazing! The property is beautiful and comfortable to be at whether going for a walk or just to relax in your cabin or the other buildings.
The facilitators were wonderful both individually and collectively as a team, spoke from the heart, treated us with great care and compassion and always seemed to be in the right place at the right time providing advice, wisdom, and helpful guidance throughout.
The shamans, to work with them and connect spiritually was profound and really indescribable but I can say that I’m so grateful to them, the power of the Icaros and how sensitive and loving they were to me in ceremony. It’s really just impossible to express or describe the depth of feelings of respect, appreciation and love.
The other activities we did (yoga, meditation, integration, and so on) were all well placed during the retreat and enhanced the whole experience, it was really perfectly balanced in my opinion and I truly feel like I was given way more than I bargained for and I’ve been guided back to my path of learning and helping others.
Peace and love to you if you feel called to this retreat to work with this medicine!


December 7, 2019

November, 2019.

Nimea Kaya, Peru. The name says itself ‘Spirit Jungle’. The most magical and life changing experience. The Medicine is a master plant and healer, but besides that, the way the Retreat and inventory has been made at the Centre is unbelievably divinely orchestrated to work with the medicine and the healing from the time you are met at the airport and all the way to the end of the 9 day journey.

The 4 Shipibo Shamans are the most beautiful and loving people I have ever met and I am so grateful they are apart of Nimea Kaya, as they truly make the experience magical, and they truly add in the healing of it all.

The food is just absolutely delightful and amazing and made full of love. Every single morning, lunch, and dinner (minus ceremony nights) we were served with nutritious meals and juices, as fresh as they get, and always gifted with a smile.
The accommodation is absolutely perfect fit for the jungle, you are literally one with it while still been in your rooms. The toilets are an amazing set up and I felt from the toilets to the bathrooms we had santiary and cleaniness at all times.

The activities throughout the 9 days are so beautiful, eye opening and connecting to all of the group. It really helps with the medicine and the becoming one as a group and getting to know everyone including the facilitators.

Overall, an amazing experience and I recommend this beautiful and special place to anyone who is called to Ayahuasca or seeking a deep spiritual awakening and/ growth. Nimea Kaya offers everything you need for the Journey, from the safe space, to the traditional Medicine Men and Women of Peru, and all the way to servicing those attending and been apart of the group, with such love been given all the time and especially to those have experienced challenges throughout the Journey, to the best food made fresh daily, and to the integration to help with returning to our daily lives, to connecting us with the plants and spirits, to allowing us to become family with the communities and children on the beautiful boat trips. Bless this place and all that visit, for it changes, heals and shifts something deep within us so we can take what we have learnt and apply it to our daily lives, as this where we change humanity as a whole..for once we heal ourselves, we can then heal others.

Lots of love, Lotus.
(J. Z)

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December 7, 2019

November, 2019

A burning desire to find ways for spiritual awakening and growth pushed me to try ayahuasca after I felt a call for this. When I started looking for a place where to go I was scratching my head – all the retreats I was considering had good reviews. One time I was searching in Youtube I stumbled upon a video where a young woman was telling about her ayahuasca experience. She was very open and honest, at times holding back her tears. I was deeply touched by her story. Then I noticed a link under the video – it was Nimea Kaya Healing Center website. After reading info and watching videos about this retreat I got a definite feeling this the place where I am going to. It was one of the rare moment when I was able to listen to my gut without any doubts and hesitations. And my gut didn’t let me down.
Meeting at the Pucallpa airport by the members of Nimea team was very warm and hearty. I could see how all participants who arrived with me started feeling safe and relaxed. When we arrived at the center we were met by the rest of the team. They were just sincerely celebrating our arrival, greeting and hugging everyone of us. I was a very wonderful moment.
Everything is very well organized at the retreat. You will have everything you need for your journey, may be one of the most important in your life. The food was amazing, very healthy and delicious, locally grown.
Everyone undertaking this journey should understand that ayahuasca experience at times can be not easy. That is way it is very important what kind of people are next to you who are going to guide you through this experience. And the Nimea team was awesome. Everyone was so supportive and friendly.
All of us found our true friends in them. During the ceremonies many of us at times had difficult and challenging moments and our facilitators were staying with us with all night any moment ready to help.
And of course the amazing shamans – real shipibo shamans! Their icaros were filling every ceremony with very high energy. They spent time with each of us, singing for everyone individually and everyone experienced their magical, powerful, healing touch.
This place was that magnet which brought us together and made us very close friends in such a short period of time.
I definitely recommend Nimea Kaya to those who is seeking for a place to have an ayahusca experience.
This place is run by wonderful, enthusiastic, devoted people who had a call from the spirit of Madre Ayahuasca to do this important work.


December 3, 2019

I couldn’t recommend Nimea Kaya enough. What an experience! Take out anything to do with Ayahuasca and you will still go home a different person. The level of care, friendship, openness and freedom I experienced while staying in the beautiful surrounds of the Amazon basin is a feeling I will never forget. If you are anxious about safety when looking for a retreat centre – look no further, this is the place. Your reason for being there is their priority and they will nurture and support that to the absolute full. You will instantly feel it when you receive your greetings at the airport. I made friends for life with the staff and other attendants here and they provide the utmost professional care and encouragement as they have all been in your shoes. Food is gorgeous and the activities are done at the highest level, amazing value for meals, yoga, meditation, reiki, sound healing, advice…Everything about this place is magical and your safety and support is their number 1 priority. A special place and I am so glad I made the journey across the Atlantic to be there. Hope to return one day. Thank you so much.

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November 30, 2019

I spent 9 days at Nimea Kaya in June 2019 and it was an incredibly peaceful and beautiful experience . Im really pleased they they are receiving all these wonderful reviews, I will never forget the empathy and the kindness of that place . Or the food !
I could never now never imagine going on an Ayhuasca journey anywhere else, I’m no expert as I’ve only visited one retreat but I honestly can’t imagine anyone anywhere else doing it any better. Everything is taken care of from the moment you are collected from the airport and you are in the best of hands with the facilitators, who were all amazing down to the last one.
I researched a lot before choosing to go to Nimeakaya, there are many to choose from and Nimea Kaya are not the cheapest, nor are they the most expensive, but what they are is an incredible retreat run by amazing people like Jill and Matt.
The medicine itself in a solo journey and each one is as individual as the person drinking the brew, I myself have very little memory of my times in ceremony which is very unusual but many things have been revealed to me since then and the version of myself that I managed to realign with during my stay there has probably saved my life.
I couldn’t have wished for a better experience in the jungle with a group of strangers who became like family by the end ..
and they make pancakes for breakfast after ceremony.
Need I say more ?

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November 20, 2019

A friend of mine had recommended Nimea Kaya and the moment I looked at the website, I saw myself being there. It was a gut feeling, probably something you are in contact with anyhow if you are looking into doing an Ayahuasca ceremonial experience. For me the most important thing was the feeling of safety and I had already heard from my friend that the staff was unbelievable. I can honestly say that it feels that I owe my life to some of them. The professional and loving care you are given is the thing that stays with me forever. So do the facilitators who feel like family to me now. Nimea Kaya is the perfect combination of luxury and being deep in the jungle connected to nature. I strongly believe that my experience was shaped by being as close to nature as I could but still have a comfortable bed and some other facilities. The food is unbelievable and every day I wish I had food like there. It certainly added to the experience, kept us safe and energized. The facilities and setup of the entire Retreat Center is so beautiful, so calm, again has the right amount of luxury you need but still feels so connected to nature. I could write a book about the ceremonies, the shamans, the (spirit) animals (!!!), the activities, integration circles and ongoing support of the staff, but I guess, loving, safe, like family, super comfortable (well except what you have come there to go through), very transformative can describe it a little. I 100% recommend Nimea Kaya to everyone. I will never forget my stay and I am forever thankful and still blown away by what happened there. I am currently integrating and very thankful to the guidance for that by the facilitators and the community. (May 2019)

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November 5, 2019

Putting into words how incredible this retreat is is almost impossible.

I was introduced to Nimea Kaya by a friend who had just returned from his retreat. He couldn’t stop talking about how lovely the team was and how beautiful of an experience he had so naturally I was really curious. I looked everywhere for retreats but the reviews I saw about Nimea Kaya were spectacular so I made the choice to try it out and see for myself. Mind you, I was very VERY nervous for this experience and wasn’t sure I was going to be able to handle it, but after contacting Jill, her warmth and friendliness immediately put me at ease, so I knew I made the right choice.

All I can say is….wow. From the experience, to the cabins you stay in, to the food, and most of all the beautiful, extraordinary facilitators, everything was hands down the most influential and spectacular experience I have had in my life. I do have to mention the food briefly because this was by far the best meals I have had in a long time and I’m not even vegan/vegetarian, but since my stay at NK I have recreated the recipes they cook for you and even decided to become vegetarian myself 🙂

The cabins are so well maintained, super clean and feel like a home away from home. What I loved about this retreat is how they incorporate so many different healing modalities such as reiki, yoga, meditation and integration circles. You never get bored and you learn so much about yoga and all these other spiritual practices.

I have to say overall the best part of this experience (besides the ayahuasca itself!) was the team of facilitators. I have never in my life experienced such warmth and care and kindness from anyone ever before. Whenever I needed them, they were there for me. They taught me things I will take with me for the rest of my life. Most of all, they made me feel so safe. Never once did I feel afraid to be myself or afraid that I wasn’t being taken care of. Words do not describe my love and respect for these people. They truly make you feel like you’re part of a family. Hands down five stars to the facilitators!!

Overall, this retreat was the most life changing experience I have had thus far. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to experience ayahuasca for themselves. You will never regret choosing Nimea Kaya. It will likely be the best choice you ever make 🙂

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October 31, 2019

I stumbled upon Nimea Kaya by way of a previous guests Youtube testimonial that I connected with deeply. I truly felt drawn to NK ever since and upon researching further it only made my conviction stronger as I knew that this was the retreat where I wanted to go to and where I would feel safe. When mother Aya calls, you listen 🙂
The place itself was amazing, like a little forest/jungle area tucked away in a corner of the town. The facilitators made us feel welcomed from the moment we got there. The staff were amazing and the food was super delicious, especially the salads and juices.
It was a 9 day retreat with 4 ceremonies, with 2 pairs of shamans from the Shipibo tribe alternating between the 4 days.

Outside of the ceremonies we watched a couple of documentaries that gave us more insight into the medicine, the Shipibo community and the importance of the Icaros. There were also yoga and meditation sessions, along with group sittings to share our learning and experiences the morning after each ceremony.

I came to NK with some hopes and intentions, and although I may not have had the most profound experiences during the ceremonies (in-spite of having higher doses in each one), I feel the medicine was still working on me subconsciously. You can’t control how the medicine works and each persons experience is different so don’t expect too much. What I can say though is that my experience overall was amazing, we had an amazing group of people including the facilitators that I can now call my friends 🙂

I will probably visit again some time in the future so I can work with the medicine and go deeper.

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October 21, 2019

I am very happy to have chosen Nimea Kaya for my first Amazon experience with Ayahuasca medicine. I attended August 3rd-11th 2019. I would absolutely choose NK again and I do hope to return. I heard about NK via word of mouth and was able to speak to a prior participant about their positive experience. My interest in Nimea Kaya further grew after looking over the website and through email exchanges with Jill. All of my questions very answered with patience and clarity and the photos suggested a very nurturing, balanced and safe place. Once arriving at NK I felt like I was truly among family. And my hopes were confirmed. This feeling of being with family included everyone at the Center- all of the Staff, the Shamans and even the Plants and Animals. The food was amazing and so healthy. The ceremonies were held with such integrity and love. I really liked the balance of masculine and feminine with both a male female Shaman. The flower baths were beautiful. The activities each day were enjoyable and supported the overall experience. From the moment I signed up I felt nurtured, guided and supported. Even now I continue to be. I appreciate Nimea Kaya’s focus on integration as well. Nimea Kaya so lovingly facilitated a shift in my Soul and I am grateful. I could not have asked for a better experience. I can without reservation recommend Nimea Kaya as a excellent Center for working with the Medicine.
With deep sincerity, Pearish



October 2, 2019

I have chosen Nimea Kaya retreat for the second time based on my previous experience, which I loved. It not only changed myself, but the services in the center got even better than when I was at this place last time (July 2018). That means, that it took only a year (July 2019) to provide even deeper and more fulfilling experience.
Words cannot describe the experience and how much it has changed me and helped me to deal with my past and current state of mind. The process continues and I know the last retreat was truly not the last, the healing will continue and I am looking forward to meeting the wonderful people, who are at the place to take care of the needs of the guests.
Again I have to say, that the place was just perfect, from accommodation, food and all services connected with the healing process. I cannot recommend this place enough and from what I have heard from the other participants, who had experience with other facilities, this was truly the best.

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September 29, 2019


I have been to nimea kaya twice. If I feel called to do the medicine again, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. I was afraid my first time as a solo female traveler, since you hear a lot of scary stories. But I felt safe from the moment I received the first email from Jill.
Nimea Kaya is one of the safest and most loving retreat places I’ve ever visited. They go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.
All the staff members are literally there by your side to take care of you and make your healing journey safe and as comfortable as possible. My life has changed for the better in ways I can’t even put into words. If you are looking for a place to do plant medicine look no further. Nimea Kaya has everything you need to find healing, from the facility to the staff and the shamans . The food is delicious. Yoga with Matt is a journey of its own kind melting you right into your heartspace. The afternoon meditations are blissful.
The way they have the schedule set, is a very thought out process. It makes you experience overall healing mind, body and spirit.


September 28, 2019

I visited Nimea Kaya from June 26 to July 4, 2019, and it changed my life. The staff were absolute superheroes. They made us feel safe and cared-for the entire time, especially during the ceremonies. The facilitators are not only well-trained but incredibly kind and supportive. They created the perfect atmosphere to allow for real, meaningful growth for all of us. Jill and the entire team at Nimea Kaya truly care about helping you on your journey, and the Shipibo shamans they work with are miracle workers. I don’t speak Spanish and was therefore unable to speak with the shamans, but through their actions during and after each ceremony, they displayed a level of compassionate care that is hard to describe.

The food is mind-blowing. I’m typically eat a meat-heavy diet, but the vegan food prepared at Nimea Kaya was so fresh and nourishing that I didn’t miss meat in the slightest. Since returning home I’ve stuck close to Nimea Kaya’s diet recommendations, and I’ve never felt better.

The activities outside of the ceremonies were beautiful. Yoga, meditation, immersion in nature, interacting with local artisans, a day trip to a local village: it all worked side-by-side with the medicine.

My experience at Nimea Kaya was profound, and if I have the chance to go again, I’ll grab it with both hands.

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September 25, 2019

After taking part in Nimeakaya’s June/July 2019 ayahuasca retreat, I cannot recommend the program, center and collective team of healers, facilitators, organizers more wholeheartedly. The incredible amount of love, support and intention that everyone involved uniquely offers, builds the sense of safety that makes it possible to do this powerful work — in trust and in depth. The center infrastructure itself also provides a strong sense of safety, living in both comfort and harmony with the Amazon. The program includes four thoughtfully scheduled ceremonies over nine days of retreat, but every moment at Nimeakaya was part of co-creating a shared and connective experience far greater than ourselves. The integration circle conversations and personal stories shared over meals, activities and down-time were as integral a part of the experience as any. Being a woman, one of the many things that drew me to Nimeakaya was knowing that female and male shamans worked together here in pairs. Now on the other side of the experience, I am so grateful for the balance of energy that this framework brought to each ceremony. And for the dynamic and complementary differences between the two sets of shamans we had the privilege of working with. I came to Nimeakaya hoping to heal multiple parts of my physical, emotional and spiritual being and walked away feeling like I had fully received all of those gifts. I look forward to returning again some day, thankfully in wellness and growth, rather than in dis-ease!

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September 18, 2019

Nimea Kaya changed my life.

I went to the retreat that was held in early June of 2019 at Nimea Kaya.

I did massive amounts of research on the medicine, the available retreat centers and the kinds of things people were reporting in their testimonials. I have been to meditation retreat centers, consciousness talks and seminars… you name it. I was not looking for another collection of intellectual platitudes.

This retreat center is not interested in propagating or sensationalizing the next new thing in new-agism. And that is exactly why it was so healing for me. The folks who facilitate this retreat are laser focused on direct, living experience. They require no one to believe anything and only direct one’s attention back to one’s own experience. Of which there is plenty once the Medicine starts working inside you.

I have been on a spiritual search for many years but the ego can become quite adept at subtly spiritualizing itself in order to camouflage itself. There are a lot of concepts about the nature of reality and higher consciousness and the Medicine cuts through all of that in a ruthless yet loving manner. Were it not for the gentle, tireless support of the facilitators at Nimea Kaya I would not have been able to process the things that were being shown me in the ceremonies. My intellect went into standby mode because it cannot conceive of what it was experiencing. The Truths about the nature of my posture to my life are so beyond the capacity for words to impart that an environment like the one offered at Nimea Kaya is indispensable. The relationship of devotion and friendship that they have cultivated with the native, Shipibo Shamans has made it possible for people like me, who were lost and alone in a sea of ignorance and begging for the truth, to actually arrive at it. The shamans are joyful, powerful, welcoming and vital to this spiritual work. I cannot imagine planning to do this work without them now that I have seen what their irreplaceable function is. There is no other way to do this, in my opinion. Without their curative singing I cannot imagine how this can be done.

The other things like housing, meals, the plant walk, the graduation into a spiritual family, with whom life-long bonds can be formed…, those things are all wonderful and Nimea Kaya does them fantastically. But, honestly, the overriding sense of surrender to the will of that which created us all is the real gift these folks offer.

If your consciousness is of a similar make-up you can be shown some fundamental truths that will forever smash the way you see yourself, the world and your responsibility to it. All fear can be faced, even of death and hell. All arrogance can be surrendered. every moment can be the universal now full of magic and self dissolution. But not just by reading about it or seeing it worked out on a white board or slide projector. By experiencing it in a non-verbal resonance coming from the power of the source of existence itself. Nimea Kaya knows this secret and is the most graceful group of custodians I could have ever asked for.

Lastly, the requirement for continuing integration an mindfulness that is essential for lasting change, is something that is covered from all angles. Many different methods and pathways to keeping one’s self in contact with the eternal now that one is reawakened to are shared and practiced together. These techniques are super important and are also not pushed on anyone or used to coerce belief in anything at all. It is shared out of Love for humanity and surrender to Mother Aya. And I love these folks for it.

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September 8, 2019

I attended Nimea Kaya in February 2019. After 2 years of touring India, healing myself, teaching and being taught as a yoga teacher, a mama instructor, an Ayurvedic practitioner, learning from Gurus and the rest of it, I ended up in the jungle, driven by a sense that this will be the way to come full circle with my ongoing personal quest. I came to find myself, a sense of direction, a purpose. I found a community, a tribe, a family. Never have I experienced so much care (from the facilitators), so much kindness and dedication form the whole staff. This is so far in my life, the most profound experience, the most significant journey, the deepest adventure I have submitted myself to.
I met shamans (authentic ones), healers, helpers, kindred spirits and I have seen God… There is no words to describe the journey itself, for fear of taking away from it. What I can say is that we all know taking the medicine also means feeling safe and in good hands. On that basis alone, I would recommend Nimea Kaya to everyone who wish to experience the medicine in the best possible environment. More pragmatically, accommodation is comfortable and authentic. The food is vegan and was amazing (all fresh cooked meals, fruits, veg etc and the now all time favourite Jungle pancakes), the organisation was perfect (one can tell, there s a system that’s proven itself over the years- very professional), the schedule is also perfect and takes into account the physical and emotional journey participants go through. we gathered for fire ceremonies, gong baths, documentaries about the jungle and the plant medicine, connected in the main house where you can draw paint, journal, we made friends with the local shipibo tribe through the Market day, visited a remote village, danced with beautiful people and shared our experiences, emotions and deepest pains, all that in harmony. The only thing difficult about Nimea Kaya, is to leave the place.


September 4, 2019

I attended Nimea Kaya earlier this year in June, 2019 at a whim of faith and referral from someone I trust. It was a few months of preparation and dieta before the day had finally come where I would embark on a journey into the unknown. Upon arriving to the airport, I was greeted with friendly smiles and hugs from the facilitators. The hospitality and friendliness was unexpected and incredibly warming as I think most of us (who were attending for the first time) were probably feeling nervous to some degree.

Once we arrived to Nimea Kaya, everything was incredibly seamless in the way the itinerary had been organized. From heart circles, to integration circles; the facilitators did such an amazing job at co-creating a safe space for all 20 of us to be as stress-free, worry-free, and feeling as safe as possible throughout the 9-day retreat.

Each facilitator brought a unique touch to the overall experience and energy of the place. They spoke and move with grace and so much heart. Integrating and processing the ceremonies is often difficult to our own perceivable mind, let alone trying to intellectualize it into words for others to comprehend. But with each integration circle and activities, there was never a moment where anyone felt judged or misunderstood. It was truly, truly a co-created safe space for all of us.

The conversations I had with others proved that people have had some negative experiences in the past with other retreats around the world–that’s not to scare you, but to insist that research is important. Those who had chosen to come to Nimea Kaya had done the work and had chosen with intention and I can see why.

The foods prepared were made with so much love; each meal nourishing to our mind, body, and spirit. I have never been so taken care of and eaten such delicious food during a trip of sorts. We took a trip out to the Shipibo Village during our stay and I mention this because the moment we got back to Nimea Kaya, everyone felt this huge sense of relief in knowing that the energy of our home was peaceful and safe compared to the short trip outside which speaks a lot about their location overall. It truly felt like home. And I miss it still.

Every time I am asked of a place of recommendation, there is no hesitation. Nimea Kaya. Because to embark on a journey within the depths of oneself, to sit with Ayahuasca (something most of us are unfamiliar with), is a choice of ceremonial surrender and trust. And it’s incredibly important to be able to know that you are 100% protected and safe when in the unknown.


September 3, 2019

Before I chose Nimea Kaya healing centre I had doubts and fears about doing Ayahuasca mainly because of risks involved when using a medicine that works with spirit and energies are involved. Generally people are not aware of this but as a psychic medium that has experience working with energies already I wanted to ensure I was safe. I didnt rush to do ayahuasca until i researched enough. Nimea Kaya was recommended to me as it was perfect for first time experiences of ayahuasca. I did more research and also connected with the retreat both energetically and by email via their website and I must say the energy was that of love and integrity. I needed this confirmation to book and always go with my feelings and the energy I feel with that connection. I was still nervous when I arrived which I think is normal for a solo traveller but I had a strong intention to work on clearing some blocks that were blocking me from moving forward on my spiritual path. When I arrived to the airport the group was met by Matt one of the facilitators and his love and care was so genuine. I could see in his eyes he was a true light worker on a mission to help others as part of a universal calling he has been assigned to. The retreat its self was beautiful and all the facilitators are truly amazing that made me feel so safe. The set up and organisation of all the ceromanies and education inbetween was professionally done and my fear of safety soon subsided when I realised I was in safe hands. I did a 9 day retreat with 4 ceromanies and I will be honest the ride was intense and challenging but as a warrior by nature and with my intention to work through these blocks I was happy to do what it takes and put in the work. I felt so connected to the shamans and really felt they were that of pure love on a mission to help others heal. All the participants on the retreat were lovely and I would say through my experience that Nimea Kaya attracts people who are serious about their healing and ascension journey which I was so happy about as I only wanted to be around people who I could trust. There was a perfect blend of inner work using ayahuasca and retreat. The food was absolutely amazing and if I could I would move into the retreat just to live that perfect healthy lifestyle amongst the beautiful sounds of the jungle in a high vibrational setting. I never got to meet Gill the owner but just from connecting with her via email I felt I knew her well enough. She has lovely energy and answers all my questions I needed to ask. What a lovely experience It was and I would only ever go back to Nimea Kaya. Any one I talk to about my experience I recommend to Nimea and I would not go to any other retreat now I have experienced what a wonderful place it is. It is an experience I will never forget a really built some truly amazing connections with lovely people from all over the world.


August 31, 2019

I attended a 9 day retreat in Nimea Kaya in may of 2019. I had heard about it from a few friends and was strongly encouraged to go, since this place had a special feel to it.

Since the moment I arrived, I knew I made the right choice. The staff was extremely friendly, the facilities were great and the food was nothing short of amazing. The staff’s knowledge and curtsy helped me adapt, feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the process, which was extremely helpful for me on my way to let go and surrender to this amazing process. I felt SUPER SAFE for the entirety of the retreat.

The place really had a special feeling to it, one that is very hard to create artificially or to duplicate. I had some of the most important and meaningful experiences of my life back in Nimea Kaya and a piece of me will forever stay in the jungles of Peru.


August 31, 2019

I have attended Nimea Kaya twice, February 2018 and May 2019. I am returning in December 2019 for my third retreat there. I would not even consider going anywhere else for the following reasons:

1) Safety: at NK the brew is only 2 ingredients (Aya and chakruna) which is to me the safest recipe. It is brewed by an ayahuascaro who has been doing it for many years from a lineage of people who have passed it down for hundreds of years.

2) Facilitators: At NK they have a process of hiring which requires many ceremonies as well as volunteer service prior to facilitating. I have been amazed at the quality of people chosen to facilitate. They are all knowledgeable, experienced and divinely called to the profession. The volunteers as well are always of the purest intention and beautiful souls.

3) Retreat Center: Nimea Kaya is located in Pullcalpa Peru and is on a beautiful pristine land on which they have created an eco friendly retreat center that works with the earth and not profiting off the land. It is simple, beautiful and always makes you feel like you are coming home. The staff is friendly and professional. You are immersed in the jungle, along with the animals, birds and sounds. The blue morpheus butterfly floats around you everywhere you go.

4) Ceremonies: The ceremonies are done in a sacred way with reverence and respect given to every possible aspect. The maloka is large and spacious, bathrooms very close, and tons of volunteers and facilitators so you never feel alone or not protected. My ceremonies have ALWAYS been intense and I have had some tough moments where help was immediately there and I was able to navigate because of the amazing staff. Every morning following ceremony you receive a plant bath to wash away all negativity purged the night before.

5) Shaman: There are four shaman at NK. Two for each ceremony, always a man and woman to represent the divine feminine and divine masculine. They are literally conduits of universal energy and are there for the right reasons, to aid in your healing journey. They are the opposite of the stories you hear about greedy, shady shaman. As true Shapibo Shaman, they have had the knowledge passed down for many generations and are pure in intention and soul.

6) Food: The food is just delicious. It is in alignment with the dieta, vegan and high vibe. And the banana pancakes are pretty much the best thing to ever happen to me…

7) The Healing: I have come from a long life of trauma, abuse, neglect, death, grief, anger, self sabotage etc. I did not think the healing I have received was possible. My entire life has changed and I am not sure how I lived 40 years the way that I did. I will never stop this journey because it is so worth the scary moments of a few hour ceremony. Ayahuasca is the most intelligent medicine and will heal you in ways you never imagined you needed.

Nimea Kaya is my healing center, I have never felt so safe, cared for and free to be myself. I am in love with this place and all the people I have met there.

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August 29, 2019

If you are reading this review, most likely mother Ayahuasca is calling you, and you are trying to find the best place to go and meet her.
First thing first, you need to know its safe! At least that was the word that resonated with me and made me to make that decision to go to Nimea Kaya. Friend of mine, who told me how wonderful and life changing was time spent in Nimea Kaya, she sounded wonderful, but I was afraid to leave Europe and go to the jungle, wild place on planet earth. I was very skeptical and scared. But then, she said, its SAFE. Bum, I sent my application next day. If you are like me, perhaps this review will help you make that decision.
Once you arrive, you will be welcomed by most loving souls I have ever met (at least before my experience). You will be picked up at the airport in Pucalpa and taken care of throughout the entire stay. You need to realize you going there to do hard work, if this does not make sense to you, one day it will. People you meet there, are there to do whatever is necessary to help you with the healing process and work with mother Aya. You will be in good hands and never regret your decision. I recommend Nimea Kaya from my heart, and I have been there twice 🙂 Once you there, say Hello from me. My name is Peter and if I helped you to find something you lost in you long time ago, by writing this review and make the decision, I could not be happier. Good luck!
2019 APRIL 22nd – 30th Retreat


August 29, 2019

I often go back to the place where I felt, understood and learned what love is. I looked at the people who make up the Nimea-Kaya who are filled with kindness. Ayahuasca healed my heart and soul, gave me freedom and a new life, every day I thank her for who I am now. I thank her that after so many years of rejection I looked at myself with pride, love and acceptance. Opening the door to the Nimea-Kaya I met extraordinary people who showed me what love for another human being is. Beautiful selfless care, support, presence, touch, eyes filled with understanding.
Candace,Lucy ,Matt ,Ezana, Jack , John,Mark , Casey I remember your every gesture, handkerchiefs given during the ceremony, presence when I was drowning in fear and confusion, adjusted pillow, smile and touch on my hand when I lost hope in whether everything I am going through makes sense or if I will have enough strength and courage to go through it and face it. You were there next to me like beautiful angels giving strength, support, acceptance and freedom because that’s what love is all about.
There, everything is love, you who create this place are the personification of what is most beautiful in human being. I am honoured and proud that I could be in this place, to be there with you.
Even the appearance of dangerous dogs, which I have always avoided as I am afraid of them, in the Nimea-Kaya I stroke and hugged giving them food with my hand …how is it possible?
The unusual shamans who accompanied us during the ceremony were with us wholeheartedly, offering us beautiful music, knowledge and experience.
They were there with us, they really were.
Kitchen that smelled of acceptance in which I felt like a little girl when I sat down with my mother at the table eating delicious food, a safe enclave in which you wanted to be and come back when the fear crushed or joy flourished in your heart.
Maloka in which the meeting with Ayahuasca took place, I can still feel its scent and the back of Maloka in which I spent all the ceremonies to go through the work that Ayahuasca had entrusted me with….. I miss this place…
This place is love.
Because it is created from the heart, thank you for teaching me this …. today I know that everything created from the heart will be as beautiful as the Nimea Kaya.
I know that I will come back to you yet I do not know when but I will be . To surrender in confidence to Ayahuasca because she knows what is best for me and in a place that is a reflection of what she teaches us.

Thank you for this place.
Sylwia <3


August 24, 2019

Ayahuasca was something that I had heard of in passing before but didn’t know anything about and I didn’t pay much attention to it. It wasn’t until I happened upon a documentary about it that everything started to fall into place. I was intrigued, I knew I had healing to do, physically, mentally and spiritually. But in my busy everyday life, I had just put it on the back burner as we so often do in this western lifestyle. So, I started researching it, watching and reading testimonials, and finding out what this beautiful medicine was all about. I could feel an undeniable pull and I just knew that I was being called to experience her healing. I decided that I was going to make it happen!
That all being said, while doing all my research I also heard/read about the not so great stories of people being taken advantage of while taking Ayahuasca, how finding the right place, the right retreat, is very important. This is an unbelievably strong medicine and if you decide to work with mother Aya you want to make very sure that you are in a safe and loving environment, I can’t stress this enough. So, while looking at different retreats I came across Nimea Kaya and I instantly knew that this was the place for me. Again, it was a deep feeling, I just knew that this was it and within 3 months I was at Nimea Kaya. I attended the Retreat in February of 2019 and what a beautiful and profoundly healing retreat it was.
My intuition did me well. Nimea Kaya was everything I could have imagined and so much more. Jill was so welcoming and easy to talk to leading up to the retreat, it made the beforehand very smooth and less scary seeing as it was the first time I had worked with Ayahuasca. Upon arriving we were met with open arms and open hearts by some of the facilitators and it felt as if they were old friends, so kind and welcoming. This feeling of care and friendship carried on throughout the entire retreat. The love, care and attention that the Nimea Kaya team showed us in and out of ceremony was incredible. They were truly there to help us move through our journeys and hold space for us. I went through some particularly hard times in ceremony, as did many people, and the facilitators were there every step of the way, when it was needed, to help me navigate it all. I felt completely safe and supported the entire time. Between ceremony, integration and every interaction in between, the facilitators were there as our rocks and our guides. An incredible and authentic group of beautiful souls who truly care and want to help.
Now let’s not forget about the Shamans. One of the things I really liked about Nimea Kaya when doing my research was the fact that they held ceremony with a male and female Shaman. I liked the idea of having a balance of masculine and feminine energy. Once again, I have nothing but positive words to say. The way the Shamans carried us through ceremony, their songs, how they pulled us back when we went too far, the work they do is amazing and it was an honor to be able to sit with them and work with the medicine in this way.
I must also mention the absolutely delicious food as well as the other people joining you on this incredible journey. I met some amazing people who will be lifelong friends because of this.
Ayahuasca is a strong and beautiful medicine but also so much more than that, it is a bit hard to put it all into words. I received profound healing from Mother Aya and am so grateful to have had this experience. It is not something to be taken lightly as the highs are high but the lows can be incredibly low and painful. If you are serious about doing the work, going inward, really working through the hard stuff I completely recommend working with her. She will change your life. Everyone will have different experiences but after talking to many people who have worked with Aya the outcome seems pretty unanimous, positive and life changing. If you are ready for this Journey I wouldn’t recommend anywhere other than Nimea Kaya.


August 12, 2019

I attended a retreat at Nimea Kaya in February, 2019—an experience I hold very close to my heart. I did a whole lot of research on different centers, and ayahuasca in general, before booking a retreat. I came across Nimea Kaya early on in that process, and considered several different options, yet I had this inner nudging that kept drawing me back to NK—this seems to be a common experience, and one of the (many) things I have learnt from ayahuasca is to honor these mysterious nudgings, even when they might defy our sense of logic. Of course, after an encounter with Madre Ayahuasca, you’re unlikely to hold the reasonings of the logical mind in quite the same regard.

Even if you have some experience with psychedelics, it’s hard to imagine what the ayahuasca experience will specifically entail, and it’s a challenge to convey what actually happens to you in ceremony—nobody’s experience is quite like anybody else’s and yours will be unique to you. I spoke to many people about the medicine before heading to Peru, and the way in which people became humbled and misty-eyed when they spoke of Madre Ayahuasca completely fascinated me. I now share this deep reverence and respect for the medicine, however, it’s not hard to imagine how things could go very, very wrong in less than capable hands.

Throughout my four ceremonies at Nimea Kaya I never felt anything less than completely supported. When you drink ayahuasca you are essentially surrendering to the unknown and placing your safety and wellbeing in the hands of perfect strangers, yet this act of surrender is utterly essential for the healing process to unfold. The more challenging aspects of ceremony seem to occur when there’s a failure to truly surrender, and I have no sense of how you can trust and let go in circumstances in which you feel even a hint of mistrust or uncertainty about the intentions of the people around you. I believe wholeheartedly that the team at Nimea Kaya have the very best interests of the participants in mind. I think Jill and Casey are genuine in their approach and select facilitators/volunteers who mirror their values. Ceremonial experiences can take a variety of bizarre and unexpected turns which require a whole lot of improvisation and instinct on behalf of the team, and they were consistently attentive, responsive, and compassionate to our needs.

Ultimately when you are signing up for an ayahuasca retreat you are signing up to experience firsthand a generations-old shamanic healing tradition. As a Westerner I had no frame of reference, absolutely no way of imagining the power and beauty of participating in such a tradition. What the shamans do is truly remarkable—at times I was utterly overawed by them. One of the reasons I was drawn to Nimea Kaya was their employment of both male and female shamans. I tend to respond better to more feminine energy and there’s plenty of respected centers out there that employ a single male shaman, a set-up I knew would not be for me. The interesting thing is that Nimea Kaya’s two male shamans, Agusto and Diodemero, both have an incredibly soft, loving presence which I can only describe as grace—graceful is not an adjective I apply a lot, and not an adjective typically applied to masculine energy, yet these two men have grace to spare. Working with Agusto, Ercilia, Diodemero and Rosenda was one of the most special experiences of my life, and I’m immensely grateful to Nimea Kaya for making such a magical experience possible.


July 18, 2019

For those beings ready to radically revise their body mind soul complex; Ayahuasca (ie.psychedelia) creates new neuronic pathways that enables our consciousness and therefore physical/material/dense selves to experience/travel and therefore manifest/be altered/hightened states of thinking and perception. This is what evolution, ascension and expansion is all about. Altered and hightened states of perception can be simply explained as moving into higher and lower frequencies of exsistence as all there is and all that is, is frequency and vibration. Truly, scientifically as well as esoterically, Love and Light.
What is special about Ayahuasca compared to other psychedelics is the physical healing she induces, importantly targetting our hormonal system in depth, which is basis necessity for enlightenment and ascension. Not only, but she is also a gateway for other plant medicines: taken in smaller doses she makes other medicines stronger and more effective.
Specifically with my body I had various experiences: tingling all over (for what seemed an eternity!) as she was healing my nervous system. I could feel, see, know it. It was a miracle. Furthermore, i had a purging experience where i saw,knew,felt that it came from my lungs and not my stomach. All my years indulging in smoking of all kinds, she cleared. It was strong, painful, but darn did it transform me. Breath is life,and I could breath again. (note: I had been guiding breath work for years prior to this). With Ayahuasca there is a lot of purging that happens and I felt compelled to mention these 2 of many clearings that happened to my body to note that the purging is not relative to the stomach and intestine. The purging occurs as the intelligence of the sacred plant targets all our physical areas that need healing. This medicine allows for what can take us years to heal (physically-emotionally-spiritually) to happen in instants.
Moving on to the psychedelia effect, healing the mind/soul part of our beings, here I find myself at a loss for words. The mystical, fantastical, shattering visions are too complex, artful and incredible to write about. Most ayahuasca journeys are described in poetry and visual art; there is a reason for this. Astral travel, soul leaving the body and living other worlds and dimensions; the pure joy and bliss of understanding life after death. The travel within one self and deeply knowing that we create all; the lessons imparted by the sacred medicine regarding our incarnations and beyond is transforming, healing, liberating. Years, many many years, of mental/psychological struggles, addicitons, depression, existential questions: gone, in 1 ceremony. Had someone told me, i wouldnt have believed. Now i do not believe, I KNOW. Its miraculous. She is truly divine. Not for nothing do we produce DMT when we incarnate (birth) and when we ascend (death/moving on) – specific breathwork also has the effect of DMT secretion from our pineal.
A crucial and determinant part of all this is Nimea Kaya; the needle for the thread. NK is a dome (king-dome) on this earth of non judgement, purity and expansion beyond human understanding. The simple techniques of the way we were fed, the gift of rulers of existence as breath/surrender/love applied to Aya use (which I now focus on every day- my grandest teachers) the yogic incorporations (excercise, meditation and breathing), the very special high frequency water, the heart circles, the knowledge and open hearts of the facilitators, and the Shamans that I can only say are the incarnation of love and healing! Yes Ayahuasca is Divine, but the power of this centre is undescribable. I have taken Ayahuasca after being in Nimea Kaya, and I can state that it was a totally different experience in all facets. There was a different depth; a different vibe all together. Nimea Kaya is an all encompassing, blessed place. A wonder and necesisty on this planet at this time.

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May 14, 2019

I first arrived at Nimea kaya in February of 2017. I heard of this retreat while i was traveling through Colombia in 2015/16. During that time I had experienced an ayahuasca retreat with a good friend who mentioned that Nimea Kaya was a very powerful, well respected retreat. So a year or so later when he was facilitating at Nimea, I made my way back to Peru to continue working with this sacred medicine. It was definitely an incredible, powerful, humbling and deep healing experience.

The retreat is very well run and taken care of by amazing people! One thing that really stood out for me was how it was so well organized. All the way from integration circles to the yoga/meditation. The way the retreat helps you process such an intense experience makes a big difference. The ceremonies were incredible, Having been through a couple different retreats/ceremonies i have to say these ones had a very strong impact on me. The shamans were such loving people, welcoming you with open arms ready to help guide you through such a powerful unique journey. With the facilitators also being right by your side the entire way. Looking out for you and assisting you in anyway possible. Another major thing for me was, I always felt safe. Never did i have any worries of where i was or who was looking after me. After completing my retreat i felt so much love and tranquility. I still understand i have a long way to go, but without a doubt this retreat improved my quality life in so many different ways. I am forever grateful.
The food and hospitality were also great. All together i highly recommend experiencing an ayahuasca retreat at Nimea Kaya. It is such a profound experience from start to finish.


May 12, 2019

To be acquainted with Ayahuasca is a beautiful thing, and to feel the calling is an incredible gift. And what a calling it is – no amount of preparation could ever prepare me for the journey in knowing the Self in such an intimate way. To know unimaginable beauty, unconditional love, resounding weirdness, utter chaos, and absolute insanity.

However it unfolds, you can be sure that Nimea Kaya will be there to support you at each and every step of the way. I certainly wouldn’t change a thing.

Finding the appropriate space to commune with Ayahuasca is a must. You are opening yourself up physically, emotionally, and energetically. You may be highly vulnerable, and being in a safe environment is incredibly important. To have trained practitioners adept at navigating the inner realms of experience is key, and all in a space with the right ‘energetic ambiance’ to ensure this can occur.

You know this is the case with the Shamans that Nimea Kaya work with. They are powerful, yet playful. Incredibly wise, highly adept, and so very understanding. In fact, they were so good that I returned, and returned, and returned (four times as of this review). Suffice to say it has been a life changing experience, and everyone at Nimea Kaya played a large role in realising that fact.

This may come across as cliche, but the centre itself is amazing, and one home to the most loving, supportive, and experienced facilitators that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From the grounds, to the amazing organic food, and the loving staff that encompassed the facilitating team. You don’t just come here for Ayahuasca – you come here to share a common bond with folks acknowledging the unique path we are each on.

I could easily write an essay here, but for the sake of brevity will not. To those reading this, I know the feeling. There are a lot of centres with great testimonials out there, and it can be overwhelming figuring out just which one is right for you. If you do feel a call to Nimea Kaya, trust it and don’t hesitate.

You won’t be disappointed.

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April 8, 2019

I am writing my belated review.
Perhaps it`s even better that I write a review in a month, as not to be subjected by the original emotions and sort everything out.
1)Facilitators. The organizers have created ideal conditions. They are very friendly and very dispose to feel comfortable and to fully open to the process. Facilitators are very well prepared and they dispose to fully let go and tune in to the journey. These are people with whom we spent a lot of time and unforgettable trips too. Also during the Ayahuasca trips i was very fond of their humor. Especially about “sorry, bar is closed”.
Especially, I want to mention the main Facilitator – Matt. This is the first time in my life when I meet such a non-egoistic spiritual person. E2-E4-ॐ.
Additionally, I want to add for those who speak English badly: my English is pretty basic, but i didn’t have any problems with the retrit. Although, it was bad that there were some difficulties to fully express myself with other participants in the retreat, I am sure we would have a lot to talk about if I could. Also in the group was another russian girl who had not experienced any difficulties.

2)Shamans. It`s nice that all the ceremonies conduct a female shaman and a male shaman. It is also very cool that they are relatives – husband and wife, and sister and brother. It seems to me that not only because of Ayahuasca, but also because of them there is healing. Ayahuasca is medicine and Shamans are doctors.

3)As said one of the participants of the Retreat, which was not the first timer – she goes mainly to be with other amazing people. I didn`t quite understand what she meant at first. After the retreat, I realized everything what she meant. I don`t know if it`s a coincidence, but in my group all the members of the retreat are amazing, interesting people with amazing personalities. I was very pleased to spend time with them. I believe that participants also very much affect what will be your trip. My trips were very influenced by those with whom I was near during them. Since there is an opportunity, I want to thank Eve ♡ (I hope she will read it), whose bed I constantly occupied during the trips)). Largely because of her presence, I realized my future direction in life, my Mission on Earth (sending her rays of love).

Before coming here I read a lot of reviews (especially on reddit). I can say with confidence that if you want to get a deep positive most authentic Ayahuasca experience then Niema Kaya is the best place for you!



March 4, 2019

I first visited Nimea Kaya in 2014 to address various problems with my life, including alcohol. I got much more than I bargained for. The first ceremony resulted in deep physical healing. I purged a ‘granuloma’ up from my lungs, which was a manifestation of an autoimmune disease I had been suffering with (sarcoidosis). My lungs went from 80% capacity to 100% overnight. I could breathe fully again! To this day I am in awe of this miracle. I am healed. I returned to Nimea Kaya a year later to do more work, and now my life has been transformed. I have reached a level of peace and contentment I could never have imagined.

The retreat is amazing. Great people, Amazing food, powerful Shamans and most important, a really safe space to drink this powerful medicine. I loved it so much I went back a third year, this time to work as a volunteer and help others through their healing. I cannot recommend Nimea Kaya highly enough. If you have any doubts send them an email. Jill or Casey will get back to you quickly and can answer any of your questions.


February 17, 2019

I attended a 9-day retreat at Nimea Kaya back in August of 2014. I went during a time of transition, having recently quit my job. I was seeking a deeper connection to myself, and craving clarity around my purpose and path in life. This was my first experience with Ayahuasca and words cannot express the profound teachings this incredible medicine shared with me. What I most appreciated about the center was the immensely supportive staff, volunteers, owners, and fellow guests. Throughout the retreat I felt safe to be vulnerable, to explore the deeper parts of myself, to open up and share, and begin to integrate my experiences. When I emerged from the jungle, I had a greater sense of self, and what felt like a new family. It’s been over four years since this retreat and I still keep in touch with many of the people I met.

In the fall of 2016, I decided to return to Nimea Kaya as a volunteer. I spent 3 months at the center helping to facilitate retreats and care for the grounds. It was a great opportunity to continue my work with Ayahuasca and to support others on their healing journey. During this time I came to many realizations, which eventually lead me to leave my 9-5 corporate career and pursue a path in health and wellness. I am currently studying herbalism and get to work with plants everyday. I am truly grateful for the healing and inspiration that Ayahuasca and the beautiful people of Nimea Kaya have gifted me. These experiences helped generate the courage, strength and self-belief I needed to create such a massive shift in my life.

I whole-heartedly recommend this retreat center to anyone who feels called to connect with Ayahuasca, and is looking for a safe, supportive, and comfortable place to experience this medicine.

In terms of location and comfortability, you are in good hands! Trees, plants, and wildlife surround this magical paradise. The property is enclosed and securely guarded. The accommodations are comfortable and private, and there are plenty of showers and composting toilets. There are spaces to be alone and spaces to gather. The food is healthy and delicious and prepared with love. The activities and ceremonies are well-scheduled, offering time for reflection, expression, and of course fun! You may even get the opportunity to make your own medicine. The retreats are more intimate, usually ranging from 7-17 guests depending on the season. You’ll get a chance to connect with the surrounding community and Shipibo people, who have a long and rich tradition in ayahuasca shamanism. The shamans are masterful at their craft and exude love and kindness.

I wish you all the best on your journey ahead wherever it may lead you.

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January 27, 2019

Nimea Kaya Retreat Review

I attended Nimea Kaya in November 2018, if I had to sum up my time at the retreat in one or two words, it would be: life-changing!

I was battling severe PTSD prior to attending Nimea Kaya. I was at the stage where I felt going to Peru was my last hope, my last chance… thank god I went!!! Not only was my experience life-changing but it was literally life-saving.

From the second I hopped off the plane in Pulcallpa I felt at ease. I was greeted by Nimea Kaya facilitators whose infectious smiles and welcoming hugs made me positive I had made the right decision.

Jill has created a heaven on earth! The facilities are brilliant – spacious rooms, welcoming communal spaces and a beautiful Maloka! The staff, facilitators and the shamans were some of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. The small group of attendees meant we all got to form close bonds and friendships for life.

The yoga and meditation sessions were not only relaxing, but gave me time to be at one with myself.

The ceremonies were conducted with so much love and support, I never once felt nervous. My ceremonies were challenging, difficult and there were a lot of tears. Those moments were followed by pure bliss – feelings that I had never experienced in my life!
The shamans were vital to my healing during ceremony, their one on one attention allowed me to delve deep into my traumas while feeling fully supported and surrounded by love.

There aren’t enough words in this world to describe the amazing, life-changing experience I had.

I will never be able to thank Jill and her team enough for the transformation I experienced while at Nimea Kaya!

I truly feel blessed that I was given the chance to attend Nimea Kaya! I have never felt happier in my entire life!
Everything was perfection!

Can Nimea Kaya PLEASE release a cookbook!?!?? The food was the best food I have ever eaten! I would travel back to Peru just for the food Nimea Kaya provided.


January 20, 2019

When I decided to work with the powerful plant medicine Ayahuasca, choosing a responsible center was really important. This medicine merges one with one’s soul. Ayahuasca heals on a deep transformative level. This medicine brings trauma to the surface to be transmuted and healed. Holding the roll of curandero takes great responsibility. Holding the roll of an ayahuasca center owner takes great responsibility. The owners of Nimea Kaya, Jill and Casey, understand the impact this medicine has on humanity. Ayahuasca has become very popular over the years, I believe the abuse and unconscious use of this medicine can be a disservice to humanity. Nimea Kaya focuses on deep healing so that one can embody their whole, true and authentic self. Casey and Jill compassionately focus on each individual’s healing journey with integrity and care.

I first heard about Ayahuasca in 2002 when I was very young, in 2014 I started researching the medicine, and in January 0f 2016 I attended Nimea Kaya for my first Ayahuasca retreat. After my application was accepted, I followed the guidelines for several weeks. I set the intention for the highest healing of myself and mother Earth.
The center is located in the amazon jungle in Pucallpa Peru. The grounds are gorgeous. The Tambos(sleeping quarters) are nestled deep in the jungle, enclosed all in screen windows. I loved Falling asleep to the sounds of the jungle. I loved walking through the jungle to reach the compost toilets. I loved not having wi-fi. Being in the jungle is medicine in itself. Recharging and healing in nature is very powerful medicine. Nimea Kaya is an eco-conscious center. Casey and Jill constructed an advanced water filtration system. All of the guests are provided with clean, healing drinking water. Cat’s claw tea was provided daily to clean the blood. Fresh fruits and vegetables are provided to heal and nourish the body. Nourishing vegan and vegetarian meals are thoughtfully created to heal the body and aid with the medicine. When preparing the medicine , The ayahuasca ingredients are thoroughly cleaned and lovingly brewed in stainless steel pots, using only the ayahuasca vine and the chacruna leaves. The ayahuasca is sourced on the property. Everyone on the retreat helped in preparing the brew. We sat in ceremony with our brew for ceremonies 3 and 4. During this process we lovingly connected.
Integration circles, Yoga classes, meditation workshops, and other healing modalities are held during the retreat. We took a boat trip on day 7 (the proceeds from the retreats go to a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the indigenous culture, through a variety of programs, our trip involved viewing one of the reforestation programs in action) we also attended a Shipibo art fair held at the center, and partook in a guided nature walk to learn about other healing plant medicines of the amazon.
The curanderos at Nimea Kaya are skilled and experienced plant medicine facilitators who are highly valued and active in their communities. They are natives among the indigenous tribe known as the Shipibo- Conibo people. I felt safe with them during the ceremonies. My first ceremony, and my third ceremony were the most powerful. I was blown away by how hard they work. Jill and Casey assured us they take care of their team with adequate time to rest and spend time with their families in between retreats. The morning after each ceremony, floral baths are provided, integration circles are held, and one on one counseling is provided. The kindness and love at the center during these powerful experiences is beautiful. You are also given the space and time needed to work through difficult unprocessed emotional pain, while the facilitators hold space for you. I had several breakthroughs throughout the retreat.
The most challenging part for me was leaving the jungle and returning home to be alone with my thoughts. Casey and Jill, the facilitators, and the guests formed a Facebook group and a WhatsApp group to keep all of us connected while everyone integrated. This helped with the process.
My retreat at Nimea Kaya was a life changing experience. Traveling to Peru to work with this medicine opened doors to new ways of thinking and being. I felt safe, loved, and cared for before, during, and after the retreat. It has been almost three years since my first retreat. I still feel a life-long connection to everyone who was a part of it. I plan on returning to the center this year to work with the medicine again. I look forward to returning and healing on another level .

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January 20, 2019

I visited Nimea Kaya in April 2016 and I am so glad I did! It was a profoundly healing experience.

First and foremost, I understood how crucial it is to have qualified support during such a retreat. It can be an extremely vulnerable process and I found that having the right people close by makes a huge difference.

The location is beautiful, the food delicious and the people made it unforgettable! Everyone looked after us and ensured we are safe at all times.

Each will have a different experience, as it is an inner journey and depends on one’s life circumstances. With an open mind and most importantly, an open heart, Nimea Kaya can be the guide to finding out the answers you are looking for.

Highly recommended!


January 18, 2019

Nimea Kaya to me is a beautiful portal into a world of love and healing. My first journey there was in August 2015 and I have been there two more times. I will be going again when the medicine calls, for she always calls. There are no words to describe how my life has changed. I am forever grateful for the plant medicine, shamans, facilitators, the amazing founders and all the beautiful souls I have met there! My heart led me there and I am eternally grateful I listened to the call.


January 15, 2019

It is with such pleasure that I reflect on my experience at Nimea Kaya. I attended a 9 day retreat there in December 2017. For a while I had been wanting to go to Peru and sit with the medicine but I was scared about going there and not being supported properly on my journey. From the moment I learned about Nimea Kaya, I knew it was exactly where I needed to go. I had met someone, who is now one of my closest friends, who was serving at Nimea Kaya. He told me about the people, the facility, and the mission of healing so many people and the world. Just listening to him talk about it, I knew it was a special place and I knew that I had to go.

When I finally arrived, I felt like I was at home. I was greeted by friendly faces, delicious food, and a tranquil environment. I stayed in the most beautiful room, with a big bed, and plenty of privacy to rest and rejuvenate. The facility itself is impeccable. Everything is taken care of with love and intention. The plants were all alive and thriving and each person who worked there had a genuine excitement for being there and doing this work. My favorite part about being there was the elements of integration that we had. It wasn’t that we were just doing this very intense ceremonies, but we had time to integrate our healing and have a deeper understanding of what we were experiencing and what others in the space were too. I think is crucial to being able to take the work that we do on retreat and live it fully when we return back to our normal lives.

It was amazing, I did not have the intention of going on this retreat to make life long friends, but in the process I had. I had met people from all over the world, who had meaning, depth, and purpose to them. And together, we helped one another understanding ourselves in such powerful ways. What I liked about the retreat is that it was both scheduled and flexible. I never felt that I was in summer camp but I did feel supported in a well organized flow that helped me to navigate my experience. I would truly recommend going to Nimea Kaya if you are looking for a safe, reliable, grounded, community oriented experience. Jill and Casey truly know what they are doing and are doing it from a place of deep love and respect for this Universe and beyond.

Below I have attached a piece of writing that I composed after my journey to give you an idea of what I experienced and learned while I was at Nimea Kaya and the type of container they hold there to make such incredible transformations possible.

It’s hard for me to put into words what’s happened to me these last few weeks. I’ll start by saying that I’m so incredibly grateful to be alive. I’m grateful for the plants and the wisdom that they share with us. I’m grateful for my friends and family, new and old, who see me for who I am and help me to shine bright. And I’m grateful to be a part of this universe and the shifts we are experiencing right now. As part of my journey to Peru I spent nine days in the Amazon jungle doing four ayahuasca ceremonies and putting in work. My first ceremony showed me the gift of love that I’ve been given and the gift of the breathe I have and helped me to solidify visions and questions I had about my role in this universe and my community.

My second ceremony threw me straight into the darkest depths of the universe, into cars with people being killed by the police, scenes of indigenous communities being destroyed, woman being raped and children being killed. To be able to just get a glimpse into what kind of violence and trauma this earth and its inhabitants have experienced and are continuing to experience was an honor and helped me to clarify the work that still needs to be done and the importance of healing in this path. It helped me to not just know that this is all happening but to feel these things in the depths of my soul, imprinted there, no longer able to ignore or numb these things out.

My third ceremony showed me how to use the gift of love for power. I was taught how to love myself first and foremost, tossing and turning and making love with the universe all night long, charging myself up with love better than any lover ever could. And once I spent hours doing that the universe asked me if I was ready to share this gift. I said yes and was able to work with each persons energy in the room dancing in front of them and sending love to each and everyone. Working with energy is a dance and I love to move and groove with it.

There were times in which bullets would come at me in ceremony and with the emanation of love that left my being I was able to redirect the bullet back where it came from to kill whatever evil parts of that being was present, usually helping that person to shed layers of themselves until they were standing there a child, completely free of the baggage they gained in this life and being seen for who they truly are. I had visions of all of us standing in our power, feet grounded, core strong, and love pouring out of our being it was so strong we were able to do anything with it. In this ceremony I stepped into my power as a divine feminine being, radiating the light from my womb space that turned me into a true warrior of love. However with this divine feminine power I experienced the attraction and attention that it pulls in and in ceremony four I was taught the importance of protecting our woman and keeping them safe.

This is no joke, we must stand together as a family, and keep each other strong, love and protect one another. When the divine feminine is strong, the toxic masculinity gets scared and tries to evade, I have had many experiences of that in my life and the hard way I have learned the practice of creating boundaries and how to be discerning. I’m grateful to the women and men in my life who stand by side and protect me. Love is a beautiful thing but with the amplification of love we must be careful in how we are sharing it and with what intentions we are navigating with.

Right now we have only scratched the surface of this power of love. I know there is a lot of rhetoric around love and it being the answer and that sounding simplistic or naive, but love isn’t easy, it’s one of the hardest practices we have, but when were aligned with the divine and guided by spirit, it will flow through us without the blockages of fear and doubt. We have a lot of work to do my friends, so please take the time out to breathe, take the time out to heal, take the time out to feel into the trauma this earth is carrying, and most importantly take the time out to really understand the power of your love. Much love and light to all, more posts and such to come as I process and understand more each and every day. I ask you to hold me accountable to this practice of love, I’m already struggling a bit, but each time I fall, I get up stronger, I’m reaching out my hand for yours so we can walk each other home.

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January 15, 2019

My stay at Nimea Kaya was an absolute life changer! The ceremonies helped me to let go of my deepest fears and unfold into my new spiritual life, the Yoga classes and sharings are still part of my regular practice today, and I felt totally safe and held during my 9 day retreat in August 2016.
I strongly reccomend you choose to work with these wonderful people if you are interested in some powerful transformation.


January 14, 2019

My experience of 2 retreats,Nov. 2016,and 5 months later returning for April 2017, both journeying to Nimea Kaya, were absolutely incredible!….and beautiful in every way. I have been on a spiritual journey for most of my 70 years, and am very much a “home body person”,rarely leaving my gardens….that said, I was called by plant spirit, to travel to Peru for sacred plant medicine. After doing research for months, Nimea Kaya was the chosen spot, and such a magical place it is! The “staff of angels” couldn’t have been more supportive and loving in every moment…and they and the Shamans, so capable of holding each of us through our journeys with Madre Aya. I have rarely experienced so much in-depth love, and healing, as I received at Nimea Kaya. The medicine journeys gave to me a song, thru the honey bees, that to this day, holds me in the love that I received there, so that I may continue to “bee” connected to that love inside of myself,and all life. Great thanks to the medicine plants, and all who do this work. “A HO”Jan Louise Bee keeper, Mom, Grandmama, and now, holder of sacred song.


January 11, 2019

Truly a transformative experience!!

I have now participated twice in a 9 day ayahuasca retreat at Nimea Kaya, the first being in December 2016 and the second in March 2018. At the time of the first retreat I attended in 2016, I had been dealing with a subtle yet persistent and worsening depression for what seems like the most part of my life. After the 4 ayahuasca ceremonies it’s like a veil had been lifted over the feelings simmering inside of me I had been feeling. It gave me a better understanding of some ways i had fooled myself into creating some of my own miseries and also helped me find a different and clearer perspective on my life and the world.

Wouldn’t it be great if I said it was as easy as just drinking the ayahuasca brew and all the answers will come to you? Unfortunately it’s not all that easy, and that’s where Nimea Kaya truly shines in my opinion by offering a setting that is prone for in depth healing, a great sense of security and support from staff and other guests, food is healthy and straight up amazing, great activities such as meditations and yoga sessions, a bunch of space to be alone and reflect or chill with others and share. Overall, the entire 9 day retreat feels like one big ceremony of in depth healing and self exploration and on both occasions all of my peers with who i had participated in the retreat had nothing but positive and loving words about Nimea Kaya including 4 family members who have attended on separate occasions.

To say that Nimea Kaya is a sacred and a magical place is in my opinion no exaggeration but i realize that might be slightly subjective to my own experience. None the less, I recommend without the shadow of a doubt Nemea kaya to all and anybody who is interested in experiencing an ayahuasca retreat.

In all case, which ever retreat you decide to attend make sure to research and know what you are getting into.

Joe Lafrance
23 yr old Canadian man


January 10, 2019

I visited Nimea Kaya in November 2018 and my journey there had a such a positive, affirming, impact on my life. I’m very grateful for trusting myself in going on the adventure. The healing center is nestled in the jungle and I enjoyed walks in the rainforest where I encountered monkeys, butterflies, iguanas, and a sloth. The energy is so calming at Nimea Kaya. I loved conversations with my fellow guests and the facilitators during mealtime. All the food was expertly prepared and totally delicious. My favorite was the vegetarian soup. I was fully engaged in the activities like yoga, meditation, and integration circles. The ceremonies themselves were beautiful and I always felt safe and supported by the team. I can’t wait to visit again!


January 9, 2019

I know the feeling… You are searching the Internet looking into different Ayahuasca retreats, doing your research by checking multiple websites and reading and watching tons of reviews. All with the purpose of finding the best place to work with this sacred medicine. Well honestly there is no need to look any further. I tell you from my heart that Nimea Kaya is the answer and the place to go!

I went to Nimea Kaya for my first Ayahuasca retreat in the end of November 2018, attending the last retreat of 2018, and what an incredible, unforgettable and profound experience. Everything about Nimea Kaya is simply amazing and so well thought through.

Upon my arrival at Nimea Kaya I had no previous experience with Ayahuasca, and when I was searching for the right place for me to work with this medicine, safety was my upmost concern. Being in a safe setting and working with real shamans were the most important aspects for me. That is why I focus on safety in this review to address the concerns you might have regarding this matter. Ayahuasca is neither a game nor something to be taken lightly at all and my recent personal experiences from my Ayahuasca ceremonies only confirmed this. My ceremonies were extremely challenging for me both physically and emotionally. However, not once did I ever feel scared or unsafe. I knew and felt 100% that I was in the right place, in perfectly safe hands and so well protected, looked after and cared for by both the amazing shamans and amazing facilitators. Feeling completely safe made me able to surrender to the medicine and focus on the work I needed done within myself. I learned that Ayahuasca gives you what you need and not necessarily what you want. I needed to deal with a lot of tough stuff that was stuck inside me and it is the hardest and most profound self-work I have ever done and accordingly it is the most rewarding. I am so grateful that I followed my call and decided to work with Ayahuasca and I am equally grateful that I chose to do it at Nimea Kaya. Long story short, I have just booked my second retreat going back to Nimea Kaya in a few months and I can’t wait. I guess that says it all! 🙂

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January 8, 2019

July 2014 was my first time and I was back within two years #August 2016 because #Nimea Kaya is the #best place to #escape and #unwind. It’s like nothing you have ever done before. The only #trip
You will ever remember. I tryed something new because a close friend asked me to join him. It was the best thing I had ever done. None of these reviews can explain the #life #changing #experience you will #encounter here at #NimeaKaya. Their 20 something years of experience shows in the small details and extreme knowledge they share.
I have been all around the world I’ve stayed at over 100 retreats. This is the only place I have booked twice.
I plan to book again a third time to bring my husband. Don’t hesitate. They book up quickly. I had to pick a different week when I booked the second time because my preferred week was sold out.

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January 8, 2019

Words can’t describe the eternal change you will experience. Any questions you had about your life and purpose is displayed to you from this magnificent #retreat. I attended this retreat in the last week of August 2016 and wanted to go back every year since. Stop hesitating and start living the life you are meant for. Book as soon as you can to transform your daily life #Transformation. #NimeaKaya is the first and best choice.

Google it! Only Nimea Kaya has over 10 year of experience helping and guiding others to their best life. Walk into the jungle and don’t turn back!!


– Robin K

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January 8, 2019

My experience with the Nimea Kaya retreat wasn’t from me attending the amazing 9 day retreat, but by seeing the spiritual difference in my 2 friends (Robin & Kidisha) when they returned. Prior to the trip they weren’t open to new ideas, not exercising, super introverted, very materialistic, and ungrateful with poor punctuality. When they both came back to Toronto, Canada ( August 2016 ) they walked and carried themselves as if they had a halo around them.

Everything we disagreed on before their trip was being brought up with hopes to re-negotiate without me having to mention anything. Robin came back rejuvenated, no longer materialistic and more punctual. Prior to the trip she was the most introverted person but returned a more bubbly and grateful person towards myself and to her closest family and friends.


January 7, 2019

I first visited Nimea Kaya in July 2016. It was my first trip to South America and my first experience working with Ayahuasca. From the moment I was picked up at the airport, I felt safe, comfortable, and cared for in the hands of Nimea Kaya’s staff.

Upon arriving at the retreat center I was immediately drawn to the land and how carefully it had been cared for. We were fed right away, one of many healthy, whole meals we would gather for in our time at the center.

The housing was modest and perfect, thoughtfully designed so that each guest can have the most immersive experience in the jungle possible.

The Ayahuasca ceremonies themselves were handled with tremendous care and attention to detail. The facilitators did everything they could to give us each the space to explore ourselves and to work with the medicine, and if we ever needed to lean on them—for a pillow, for a walk outside, for comfort, they were there to help us with our journey.

All of the shamans I worked with during my time at the center were powerful. They led ceremony with tremendous grace, and their abilities in helping the medicine to do its work cannot be over stated. They are, truly, some of the most beautiful people I have ever encountered.

As the days stretched on at Nimea Kaya, I felt nurtured on every level. The facility is run with complete competency and ease, and everyone who works there—from the owners to the Shipibo people the center employs—approaches their work with kindness, patience and love.

Between ceremonies there many nourishing classes to engage in—from art classes, to meditation workshops and yoga. The center was an immersive experience and in that care and support the sometimes beautiful, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes terrifying work of Ayahuasca could be done.

From my time in Peru I forged multiple close friendships that are still important to me. I have been to other centers since Nimea Kaya, but this center just does everything better.

If you’re hearing the call to work with the medicine, this is a very supportive environment to do so.

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January 6, 2019

I initially chose Nimea Kaya because the vibe just felt right, and I am so glad I did. This is an excellent place to drink ayahuasca. It is a safe and loving environment which is key when working with a medicine like ayahuasca. The shamans are authentic and take their healing responsibilities very seriously and you can feel their love radiating from them during ceremony. This place has provided the most profound experiences in my life and I recommended it to anyone who is in search of healing and transformation.

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January 6, 2019

My time at Nimea Kaya was definitely a defining moment for where I am today. I attended Feb 2016, fresh out of graduating from Uni, and today I reflect upon the journey since. The whole experience at Nimea Kaya opened me to aspects of myself I had forgotten, allowing me to step further into my whole capacity as a human here with this earth. Each component of the retreat caters for a safe, and deep transformation to occur. Our group bonded in a way I had never experienced, and everyone involved with Nimea Kaya holds the best intentions at heart for opening their space for so many others to enter and leave only more connected to their purpose. I am so grateful for my time at Nimea Kaya and feel very honored to have this part of my journey. I feel blessed to be returning shortly. Love.

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January 6, 2019

I attended Nimea Kaya in November of 2016. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by the warmest and most loving people I’ve ever met. I cant say enough about how amazing this place is. They provide such a safe and loving environment. The shaman are absolutely magical and the staff went above and beyond helping and making people feel comfortable throughout the entire experience. I saw so much amazing change and healing amongst all of the guest during my stay. I grew and learned so much spiritually and emotionally. Not only from my experiences during ceremonies but also from everything else they have to offer, from the yoga to the amazing food. The bond you grow with the rest of the guests is also so invaluable. I attended with my closest childhood friend who has been back again and will soon be going back a third time to volunteer as a facilitator. My work with this incredible medicine is far from over. I have so much more healing and growth to do but it definitely kickstarted my journey. I look forward to my next visit and and am so grateful to have discovered this medicine and Nimea Kaya. The work they are doing to help heal and expand the greater consciousness is incredible.

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January 6, 2019

I attended a retreat at Nimea Kaya in June of 2016, and since then have had time to reflect on my time there and compare with other centres that I’ve had the opportunity to attend. Nimea Kaya stands out in my mind as being the most exceptional experience to date. There are many wonderful things I can discuss about the centre, the amazing volunteers, fresh and healthy food, incredible shamans, but the thing that stands out to me is that the lovely people who run the centre do so in a way that allows the attendees the freedom to explore their individual journey without exerting control or influence over them. They have created an environment that is naturally respectful and gentle, without the need for strict rules and regulations. It is a wonderfully supportive place and I couldn’t recommend it enough.


January 6, 2019

Book as soon as your can if you are ready to see the world with new eyes. Wake up to your own blind spots and live the life you always wanted. Nimea Kaya is the only place in Peru to achieve your goals. The safe, warm and peaceful environment will change you forever. One must see it to believe it. It’s like no other because of Casey.
Casey is leader and a model. He willing to guide and help you anyway he can.
Like not other person I have ever met. He’s Poise and Grace welcomes all.
He and his staff would be by your side any time needed. Words and reviews can’t express the transformation you will experience by booking now!!
This is a million dollar trip is one you will never forget. It’s definitely worth it if you are ready to grow and become the person you have always wanted to be.

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January 5, 2019

The Medicine is in the jungle and connected to Shipibo culture- Nimea Kaya is a sacred oasis..

Everything I ever envisioned my experience to be was met and exceeded at Nimea Kaya. The land is sacred and well-maintained, accommodations cozy and comfortable (with individual cabins to co-op space), kitchen, bath, showers and lots of room to roam free, sit in seclusion or join in on the many activities planned in conjunction with your ayahuasca ceremonies. The Shamans at Nimea Kaya are beautiful and above all, powerful conduits for connecting you with the spirit of the medicine. Nimea Kaya’s 9 day retreat is affordable and well worth your time and investment in healing not only yourself, but aiding in the evolution of consciousness as we shift into a higher density field where once we find ourselves healing in our own story, we start to heal the collective simualtaneously. Integrating is made easy by the tremendous staff of facilitators who are there to aid in each individuals process as they move through each ceremony with the medicine. group activities like yoga, meditation are also included and the food is absolutely to die for. All in all, my experience was one that has kept me coming back for the last 3 years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and above all, this medicine’s home is here in Peru and I feel it is imperative to meet the medicine in its home.


January 4, 2019

When I was first looking to work with the medicine I was very cautious and nervous about choosing a retreat because I had heard some retreats don’t have the best intentions. I did a lot of research when booking my place at Nimea Kaya and I must say it was one of the most transformative place’s I have ever been I attended the retreat November 11th – 20th 2018 a perfect way to end the year plus the sun was constantly shinning. At the retreat I felt very taking care of with Jill and the facilitators helping me every step of the way from helping me with difficult times while working with the medicine to helping me process the whole experience, I really couldn’t put into words how much the Nimea Kaya team helped me they where so naturing and held so much space for all of us with a constant smile on there face and no judgement. The food was also amazing I was not looking forward to the ayahuasca diet but I must say the salads and constant fresh fruit where a blessing with the breakfast being my favourite meal normal consisting of a smoothie bowl with homemade granola. I really couldn’t recommend this place enough I am planning to re-visit the centre later in this year and I am really looking forward to work with the medicine and to share space with the Nimea Kaya family once again.


January 3, 2019

I attended a 9 day retreat at Nimea Kaya in late October 2018. After a long time considering different retreat centres, I decided to go here firstly because of a recommendation from a friend, and secondly due to being impressed with their website and contact with them, which both made it clear this was a place concerned both for the participants and the people of the Amazon, and not just out to exploit people.
I am very glad to have chosen this place – the experience itself, while being very beneficial and profound, was intense enough that I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where I didn’t have adequate support in a positive atmosphere. And in both these aspects, Nimea Kaya was perfect.
The staff and volunteers there made sure all our worries were taking care of, and that any support needed was on hand. Everything from nice food, a great location, and activities like yoga, meditation, an art market and an visit to a Shipibo village, helped to ensure we were in the best mindset possible. And the Shipibo maestros who conducted the ceremony, singing the icaros and being around the next morning to talk, really made the experience something else. I felt in safe hands with them.
I’m not sure if and when I will work with Ayahuasca again, but if I do, I hope it’s at Nimea Kaya. I really only have good things to say about the place and everyone there.

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January 2, 2019

Nimea Kaya offers anyone seeking an authentic ayahuasca experience the perfect opportunity to do so in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. The staff is so welcoming, the food so fresh, tasty, and healthy; and the accommodations simple, yet peaceful and comfortable.

But the ceremonies! Magical would be an understatement. The shamans are the real deal. The ayahuasca experience is challenging to say the least. And the staff at Nimea Kaya are like visiting angels guiding you through it all. I plan on going back again and again!

There are so many retreat offers on the internet these days and many might save you a little money. But I believe you get what you pay for, and Nimea Kaya does it right! They not only offer the best introduction to ayahuasca imaginable, they also work with the locals to improve the living conditions in the area. They are compassionate about making the world a better place. Sustainability, not profitability, is their focus.

Thank you Nimea Kaya! I will see you all again soon!

-Oliver Outerbridge, Belfast, Maine

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January 2, 2019

I was at the Nov 7 retreat 2018. My time at Nimea Kaya can be described as nothing less than transformative and life changing. I had reached a point in my life where I was alive and going through the motions but not really living.  I had an amazing childhood with normal ups and downs but always felt a sense of detachment, deep fear of getting close to others and deep fear of loving myself, as I aged, this only became more and more entrenched in my day to day life. I tried everything from substances, to counseling, to the church, really anything that I could grasp onto to help me or something to blame.
My time at Nimea Kaya was the most important thing I could have given myself and I hope that everyone can one day have the opportunity to work with the Medicine. I was immediately welcomed as family by the facilitators who became family. The grounds were pristine and welcoming, a real haven in the hustle and bustle around. The food was delicious, fresh and healthy and the vibe was of peace, love and understanding. While work with the medicine isn’t always fun and not easy its ALWAYS worth it, after the retreat I went forth with a sense of purpose, an understanding of life and a calm forgiveness of myself and those who had done harm to me, but most importantly LOVE!!! I truly hope one day everyone can experience the magic that is this medicine and I have Nimea Kaya to thank for making that possible.

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December 31, 2018

Nimea Kaya is a very special place – a true gem hidden in the Amazon jungle of Pucallpa, Peru. I found Nimea Kaya by the way of my own intuition. I visited their website and something deep inside me said “that’s it ” I had been searching for an ayauasca retreat center for months and there it was. I attended my first retreat in the new year of 2017. It was a small group – 12 of us total but it was exactly what we all needed. I had been on a healing quest for nearly my whole life but the year leading up to this retreat I had made some major shifts in my life. I set on on my solo trip to the jungle to work with plant medicine to understand creation and connect more deeply to the Divine. I was ready to expand my own healing practice by taking my self to the next level. I never expected to meet 12 beautiful souls and several other magical beings (staff and shaman’s) while on this journey, but I did. Not only did I awaken to entirly new perspective of life but I healed deep karmic ties I had been grappling with from a very difficult break up I had suffered through from 2013-2016. As well as I gained insight on my own karmic past lives and was able to understand and appreciate why I was leading the life I was in the present. It was incredibly eye opening and deeply healing experience. I walked away with whole new appreciation for the jungle as well as my soul’s journey. If you are looking to explore yourself more deeply in a beautiful setting with caring and supportive soul’s deep in the jungles of Peru this is the place for you! Much love and adoration for Nimea Kaya and all the wonderful healing work they hold space for. Xoxo Elizabeth

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December 31, 2018

This is my second trip back to the Amazon jungle & Niema Kaya!
I’m a 60 years old family man & conservative businessman that find this place as highlights of all my trips around the world with a profoundly life-changing experience that will be treasured forever!
The location is near the city of Pucallpa & it’s a piece of heaven with all the comfort that can be offered in the middle of the jungle.
As soon I got to Pucallpa airports the staffs were there to get Me with the most care and I felt I’m in good hands.
When we enter to the gate of the place & we start walking on this beautiful wooden bridge that is crafted nice & welcome you to sounds of birds singing.
An amazing journey of self-discovery and getting to know who you are in this world at a much deeper level!
The ceremonies offer with most safety and intimate setting with great knowledgeable Shamen from the shipipo community that resides alongside Tiger River in the Amazon forever!
Jill & Casey the founder of the Center are hands-on and present in every aspect of the guests stay & committed for every guest greatness showing up!
They operate with the high level of integrity and offers all the love & support for your safety during & after the ceremonies.
We where a group of 18 participants from around the world with a committed & selfless group staffs & caring volunteers like Fadi, Tommy, John, Daisy, Easy & great cooks in the kitchens that offers delicious healthy superfoods, yoga, deep meditation and more.
I highly recommend Niema Kaya to all my family & friends. Thank you ❤️✌️
Visited September of 2018

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December 31, 2018

What can I say about Nimea Kaya?
The fact that I came back after my first visit means a lot to me. When I was called to work with the plant medicine as most of us, I searched the web for reviews and some recommendations about Ayahuasca retreats and after some time my heart was set on NK.
The first thing that I loved about NK even before attending there was the kind words and guidance of Jill Levers (one of the co-founders)regarding different fears and questions that I’ve had about Ayahuasca. There are so many reasons for me to recommend for whoever is interested in deep healing, a true journey to the self and meaningful spiritual experience to come to NK.
The center is located in a magical jungle land with tropical weather, vegetation, sounds of different birds, monkeys, butterflies, sloth and bugs ;).
But the true magic of this place is the ceremonies and the people who make it all happen. There is a very safe and allowing environment, build schedule that prepares the participants for the ceremonies and as the retreat continues also helps to integrate and digest the experience.
The ceremonies are being guided by two shamans each time (female and male) and the center is working with two wise, powerful and amazing pair of shamans, while there are English speaking facilitators that ae always there during the ceremonies and in between to assist and support you.
And don’t get me started about the food! Ohh, I miss those after ceremony breakfasts so much. Peruvian fresh food especially the on that the local women are making in NK every day in their lovely kitchen is a meal to remember. It’s a beautiful opportunity to be around like minded people and create true connections and friendships with people from different countries and different ages.
I feel blessed coming to NK each time and humble for the experience I get, the transformation that it welcomed into my life is priceless and I could never imagine to myself the journey it would take me on. Working with the plant medicine allowed me to step into my own heart, shed away old behavioral and mental patterns that don’t serve the future that I want to build for myself, see clearer my world, to feel the oneness that we are all are. I have traveled across the globe twice and I know that I will continue my work in Peru, looking for the next adventure into my true self.
There is no greater gift one can give to her\himself.

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December 30, 2018

I am a psychologist and lifelong Searcher. As I entered my 60s and an empy nest, I began to feel the fire of “Jane, if not now, WHEN?” So in August of 2017, with no doubts in my mind that I was being called by Mother Ayahuasca, I travelled to Nimea Kaya for a Women’s Retreat. Once there my first unexpected delight was the experience of meeting my Tribe, people like me from Iran, Austria, Russia, France, Ireland, Lebanon, Canada and the US. We ten women were well-attended to by an experienced staff and by the Shipibo shamans. We were enriched by fresh, local foods, and really by the whole experience of dwelling in the jungle amongst monkeys, butterflies, even the tiny frogs sharing my shower at times.
Each of the 4 ayahuasca ceremonies were led by two shamans, one of the ceremonies led by two female shamans. There were times when hearing the healing songs of the attentive shamans and being with sisters who had also said Yes to an Unknown journey – that I knew I was in the presence of the Divine. “Receive, Jane”. Or, while waiting for the shamans to begin a ceremony – I often felt like a child – present, expectant, curious.
Now 16 months later, I have journeyed with ayahuasca many times. I have been “laid low,” seen the depths of my own woundedness and also experienced Wellbeing. I have been able to let go of old childhood traumas. I continue to be healed.
If you too know in your heart that you are being called to the jungle, GO! At Nimea Kaya you will be in good hands.

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December 21, 2018

I attended an Ayahuasca retreat at Nimea Kaya in July of 2017. It was a remarkable experience that I’ll always remember and reflect on. The staff was fantastic. They were ALL loving caring and supportive. Everything was well organized and the vegan meals were great and plentiful. I loved the indigenous shaman facilitating the ceremonies. The Shipibo people bringing their artwork and clothing to sell was also a great experience. Great people everywhere. All in an environment where I felt safe and secure from the very beginning.
Some parts of the ceremonies were a little tough but there were times where I experienced the warmest feeling of love and a connection to all those present that is hard to describe. This was my first and I plan on returning to Nimea Kaya again. Gary Abel

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December 17, 2018

I have been to Nimea Kaya twice on April 2016 and September 2017 and my experience has been amazing. The healing center is conveniently located not too far from Pucalpa and from the time I got picked up by the facilitators at the airport, I felt the warmth, kindness and love the like you get from old friends and family members. The healing centre is well structured and eco-friendly. The Shipibo staff cooked for us delicious food ( I am italian and I love my food and had the most amazing vegetarian food EVER!)the facilitators helped us with morning and afternoon grounding exercises,
Jill and Casey have always been there to support and answer any questions. To me the main 2 core moments of the 9 days retreat were, of course, the 4 ceremonies were I have been guided and taken care of by 4 amazing shamans ( Augusto and Ercillia in the 1st and 3rd ceremony and Diodemero and Rosenda in the 2nd and 4th ceremony) and their incredible icaros and by the 6 facilitators whom are true human angels whom took care of us through the 7-8 hrs ceremony with dedication and pure love… I can not describe enough the kindness and professionalism of the NK staff and the overwhelming greatness of the shamans. I felt safe and in good hands all the time during the 9 days so I also decided in my second trip to Nimea Kaya to bring my wife. The 2nd key part for me was the integration sessions which are held the following day of the ceremony where everybody is free, if they want, to share the experience… no judgment, no ego, just pure compassion and openness in listening to everybody’s experience…. just amazing…I cannot recommend this place enough really… you are in the middle of the jungle, with local shamans, professional staff that takes care of you in an eco friendly center where they feed you with good food and makes you brew your own Ayuhasca… what else would you want?….it is a truly transformational experience from a mind, body and spiritual point of view. I bless the day I crossed path with Jill, Casey and the Nimea Kaya team. I am going to go back….Thanks Nimea Kaya!

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December 17, 2018

I’ve been to Nimea Kaya for my very first ayahuasca experience in February 2018 and couldn’t have chosen a better retreat.
This magical place and its staff are very welcoming and beyond supportive, the bungalows simple but cozy and there’s lush nature all around. The food was absolutely amazing and to this day I make their legendary green smoothie for breakfast. I really enjoyed all the offered activities during the 9 day retreat, especially that we helped to prepare our own ayahuasca brew ( we used it for ceremony 3& 4), a visit to a Shipibo village that was a 2h boat ride up the Ucayali river and the nature medicine walk.
The preparations leading towards the first ceremony were outstanding – most of us never worked with mother ayahuasca before and we could always share our concerns/ fears/ questions with any of the staff. On ceremony days we prepared ourselves with only a light lunch, an afternoon off or yoga and meditation in the maloka .
The ceremonies were always lead by two Shipibo shamans ( male and female) and facilitators with a very high staff – guest ratio.
I felt safe and in good, professional hands throughout the ceremony and knew someone would be with me shortly in case I needed support.
Despite the fact that I had a really, really tough time during each of the 3 ceremonies I attended ( skipped the 4th one) , I learned so much about myself and my life has completely changed since then.
What I really want to highlight is that the volunteers went above and beyond as I definitely was a case that needed some extra love and support.
I arrived at Nimea Kaya with a great deal of emotional baggage, traumas, 3 different, serious auto-immune diseases with multiple sclerosis being just one.
I had a volunteer sit with me pretty much during each ceremony, just holding my hand or comforting me, they knew exactly what I needed in that moment and I’m forever grateful for their care and support helping me in my own healing process.


December 15, 2018

The facilitators at Namea Kaya were always there for me. Some of them have profound words of wisdom and philosophy and some provide grounding by simply being there, listening, and sharing their story. Casey and Jill have created a space and business based upon integrity of the experience. They truly care about their guests. The food is amazing! The facilities are clean and comfortable. The Shaman! They blow my mind and bring me back down to Earth with peaceful calm.

The only thing I didn’t like was the noise from Pulcallpa. Late night load music drifting into the retreat space and morning announcements from the distant church load speaker. And the jet planes interrupting ceremony. The jets were actually kind of a cool part of the experience. They reminded me that the “matrix” exists and that I am not here to escape it, but rather to learn how to change it. Casey has planted lots of bamboo which will hopefully grow to an adequate sound screen.


December 14, 2018

Nimea Kaya Healing Center is a special place! I spent two years doing research about Ayahuasca and possible retreat centers in Peru. I wanted to have an authentic Ayahuasca experience something true to the traditional ways of taking the medicine. After two years of research, I decided that form all the reviews and feedbacks that I read that Nimea Kaya would be it. I attended a 9 day retreat with 4 ceremonies that was truly life changing. The Shamans were the real deal true Shapipo Shamans with opens hearts and well versed in the healing properties of the jungle. Besides the immense healing that happened to me on a spiritual level my physical body got a much needed detoxification that put years back on my life. The accommodations were pleasant and very ecological which was a big plus for me. The facilitators were all very experienced and extremely compassionate. Never once during the 9 days did I feel unsafe. The staff as well as the other participants were all very warm and friendly. From my experience this center attracts some wonderful human beings some that I keep in touch with now and consider friends. The property is beautiful and feels like you are in the heart of the amazon even though you are not. The food is a vegetarian diet locally grown and is wonderful especially the bean burgers . If you never have eaten vegetarian this is a good diet to try during this experience and they do a great job of making tasty food. There was a wonderful art fair on the last day were local artist came and sold there ayahuasca inspired art which was a nice touch to take home. Im writing this review because I truly feel if your consideration taking ayahuasca you should know that safety is a big consideration and this center is a safe place where you can have the healing or experience your looking for. I recommended it to a girlfriend of mine from Germany who went by herself two months after I went and also had an incredible time. I would have never recommended it to a friend let alone a female friend traveling alone from across the world if I didn’t believe it was safe. I hope my reviews helps you on your journey. Good luck


December 14, 2018

Ayahuasca, where do I begin? February 2013, I literally got the Ayahuasca call in a vision that has vastly improved my life from that point until this very moment as I scribble a few words onto this page.

Upon hearing the word Ayahuasca for the first time in a vision I began seeking the best place to go for a safe, legal, and tranquil setting. There were three potential locations I came across. The first locations felt a bit rough for it being my first time going to the jungle. One of the better locations I considered had great reviews and looked beautiful and well established. However after speaking with the leaders there, money was the feature of the conversation.

Then came Tierra Vida (now Nimea Kaya) I reached out to who turned out to be one of the most gentile and yet wise and completely beautiful inside in Jill. Immediately I felt relaxed and comfortable. For me I had never done anything remotely close to Ayahuasca so feeling safe and protected was paramount for me.

There I was early August 2014 on a plane heading for Peru confident and yet still a tad bit nervous because my Spanish level is a cool 0.32 (out of a total 10). Not only that, would it be difficult to locate the people I needed to meet? Would the people be nice? Would I feel lost?

As I exited the plane I noticed a couple others with the same look in their eyes as I. Not knowing for sure if they were heading to Nimea Kaya, it actually turned out they were indeed ten to twelve strangers who in short order would become lifelong friends and even family.

Standing by the gate were the faces of about 3 or so beautiful people greeting us and assigning us to these awesome jungle taxi’s that resembled the tok tok’s in Thailand. There was one other person and myself along with a driver heading through a city then a cool bumpy dirt road heading to the location I’d been imagining for roughly a year.

Once we all reached Nimea Kaya immediately all of the stress of travel and even most of my nerves from it being my first time with Ayahuasca vanished. The area was so beautiful, well maintained and I felt totally safe. In addition to that the housing was so fantastic. There were meals and activities organized for us. It seemed everything was right things at the right times.

I am working on a book that will include some of my experiences with the medicine so I won’t bother you with all that detail. However there were elements that assisted the medicine that I really enjoyed. Integration where we all shared our experiences with the medicine from the night before was a giant part of understanding the messages. Yoga classes, plant baths, delicious jungle food that is not filled with salt and so many other things some of us consume regularly. Just fantastic.

I am not exaggerating when I say all the people involved are all healers in their own way. I love respect and appreciate all of those beautiful souls. During my first time at Nimea Kaya my third ceremony was beautifully difficult. There was a Shaman that blew me away with his abilities to connect with me. It’s hard to explain here as I attempt to keep this short as possible but there are just so many sensational moments.

August 2016 and August 2017 I returned again where I have now had a total of eleven ceremonies. Honestly speaking I’m sure there are other locations that offer just as great set and setting. For me, Nimea Kaya is home. I plan on purchasing a small place in the jungle hopefully on the same property or extremely near within the coming year or two. Truly I personally love Nimea Kaya because the love felt there, the care in which they treat the medicine and how it’s organized and run.

Jill, Casey, and so many of the others working there, those who’ve volunteered are all such angels and I appreciate their care of myself and the others especially during the most vulnerable stages. There is always someone there to offer support, and if nothing else a smile. But believe me, these people do so much more.

I will return in 2019 for my fourth time and looking forward to more lessons and growth. I’ve personally said thank you on many occasions to everyone I’ve met there, so let me take a moment to say thank you all once again. I love you and thanks for being such a big part of my wonderful journey. Nimea Kaya is truly a part of me forever.

Johnathan D. Jones

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December 14, 2018

Once me and my girlfriend made the decision to do a Ayahuasca retreat in Peru we checked out many of the different retreats that are available. When you have no real experience of what Ayahuasca is and what the different retreats have to offer it can be pretty difficult to make a choice. In the end we opted for Nimea Kaya because the dates of their retreat (February-March 2018) matched with our travel plans and the information and pictures on their website appealed to us. Pretty thin information to base our decision upon but it couldn’t have turned out better!
In short our experience at Nimea Kaya was absolutely mindblowing, heart warming, and awesome in every perspective. Life-changing is not an overstatement. If I could rate the retreat with more than 5 stars I most certainly would!
It is hard to describe the experience of encountering Mother Ayahuasca. It is different every time and it is different for everyone. As the staff said “It is never what you expect but always what you need”. I was “lucky” to only have had Blissful, however extremely intense at times, experiences. Infinity, devine beauty, and infinite Love are no strangers to me anymore :-).
But this most certainly is not always the case and Ayahuasca can be a very painful healer. Because of this it is all the more important to know that you are not alone, that you are safe (very very important!), that you are helped and taken care of by experienced and loving people whenever necessary (if only to get to the bathroom and back again ;-)). The staff worked miracles in this perspective! I really couldn’t have wished for a better group of people to help and guide me, and my fellow travellers, through our ceremonies. They made us feel safe at all times. Apart from that they were great persons and made the whole retreat a very fun, interesting, and joyful experience.
Then, of course, there were the shamans who really performed magic during the ceremonies. Their Icaros were beyond belief! The Shipibo have millenia of experience with Ayahuasca under their belt and it shows. If you are new to Ayahuasca make sure the ceremonies are guided by real and experienced shamans. At Nimea Kaya you can be confident that the shamans are the real deal.
I could go on and on but to make a long story short, the food was absolutely delicious, the compound beautiful, the lodging great, the people fantastic, the pets adorable, the program of the whole retreat very well balanced, and the experience unforgettable.
I certainly intend to go back again and I highly recommend Nimea Kaya to anyone!

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December 14, 2018

My Ayahuasca ‘Trip’ – Nimea Kaya, Pucallpa, Peru – Feb 2018


They say that people are drawn to Ayahuasca. Like most people I discovered it via the internet and became ever the more curious.

I had three major issues to resolve. My heavy drinking habit, my inevitable career change that I had been balking at for many years and a third that will be keep private as it involves another person close to me.

I chose one of the more expensive, (but by no means the most expensive) retreats in South America to do my second sojourn with Ayahuasca. I had already been to another retreat outside Iquitos and only experienced mild psychotropic effects of the good medicine; visions of bizarre images like oil paintings reminiscent of Salvadore Dahli and Picasso, though combined. Also, visions of energy fields like swarms of winged luminescent things like small bats, cascading up and down in circles forming a barrel shape and moving around the centre of the Maloka. The physical effects were just as memorable, if not more pronounced. I was so weak and dizzy that I could barely stand up or walk. Besides the purging I had volcanic diarrhea. Seriously, I don’t know were all that shit came from; I must have shat out my total body weight. All up, that night wasn’t particularly pleasant. Nonetheless, the fellowship and experience was good.

-Nimea Kaya-

The medicine at Nimea Kaya was a lot stronger. Even the Shamans recounted, “Holy cow! That’s really strong shit!” (Forgive the rough translation).

The medicine at the first ceremony didn’t seem to do anything. I didn’t have a third dose. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. I guess the rational in after thought is that if two doses didn’t work, a third wouldn’t either. Upon leaving the Maloka I said to a facilitator, “nothing”. (Take a note here). I went for a walk and pondered the stars from the water tower. I took in the tranquility among the bird and other jungle noises and then off to bed.

After the first dose during the second ceremony I experienced the similar images of weird paintings and images as had occurred a year before. As the Shaman handed me the second dose I said, “I just need the medicine”. Within seconds, whoosh, I was off! I didn’t see the serpents head but its body swiped in front of me and exploded into a wall of stars against a dark blue background. The noise, a deafening roar, was overwhelming, almost demonic as was the sensation of leaving the mortal coil. I was off into the galaxy, floating amongst the stars, weightless, bodiless in vertigo mode. The roar was the only thing I could hear, the floating stars were the only things I could see. I had no sense of being neither in the Maloka nor with anybody present or of being on planet earth at all. It was scary and I began to panic. I yelled, “No, no….bring me back, bring me down…oh god! I was terrified. I didn’t know whether I was lying down or sitting up. I just wasn’t there. Then I just breathed in like a huge vacuum cleaner, sucking up all the stars and the whole galaxy/universe. This sound was overwhelming too. A full force wheezing sound, only I was ‘hoovering’ everything in, in one deep motion. In through my huge funnel like mouth which seemed more like a portal because there was only the dimensions in front of me and I had no sense of what was behind me. Then the purge, from the very bottom of my being, accompanied by the intense roaring sound, I disgorged and sprayed the universe out with all the stars. Then again, in and out. I had no control whatsoever and it was so intense.
I was taken to the back room to get some special attention from the Shamans, (Augusto and Ercilia), as it was clearly apparent to everyone that I was having an out of body experience. (Tell me about it!).

This cycle of sucking in and heaving out the universe repeated many times and then, less frequently. I became aware that I was in the back room with the Shamans and others. Ercilia was singing an Icaros. At first it sounded distant and I was in and out of my ‘out of body experience’. The singing became louder and louder. It was like a siren calling and it got my whole attention until I was fully absorbed and enveloped by it. There was nothing but the Icaros; no vision, no real feeling, just being totally in the Icaros. To say it was beautiful to the ear, to my soul, would be an understatement. It was comforting and enchanting. It had so much energy and volume but it was peaceful, almost orgasmic, not in a sexual way and not in a euphoric way. It was just the perfect pitch. It ebbed and flowed, ebbed and flowed. I felt like I was ascending to another plane, and I was.

A vision appeared. It was light grey mist. I had the sensation of floating through this mist. There were two barely discernable human like figures ahead of me and they seemed to be at the front of an invisible boat; a canoe would be the best sense of it. The two figures were probably the Shamans or my spirit guides. As I looked left and right I saw balls of light in the distance – orbs.

When I focused on one orb at a time they would evolve into a human image, moreover, faces. Most were individuals and some where groups of people like they were sitting around a card table or on a park bench. I didn’t recognize any of the people but they were smiling and seemingly content. When I turned to look at other orbs, the previous ones (images) would turn back into orbs. As they would ‘light up’, I said telepathically to them, “Hi, just passing through”. They would nod and wave to me in recognition. I guess I was passing through the spirit world.

The sound of the Icaros heightened and the orbs went away, the Icaros went away, the spirit guides went away. There was just a light grey pristine screen taking up all my vision in front of me. Total silence, I couldn’t feel my heart beat and I couldn’t feel myself breathing – NOTHING.

After a few seconds I thought to myself, ‘how do I get back from here, I don’t even have a body’.
The two spirit guides reappeared as two darkish silhouettes and telepathically conveyed to me, ‘let’s move on’.

That’s when the facilitators lifted me up in to a sitting position and roused me.


My resistance to sobriety was pretty strong most of the year. However, after more than 30 years of drinking, I quit totally on the 14th of October and I haven’t had a drink since.

I think the Icaros cleared my mind of ‘cobwebs’ and instilled in me, acceptance and calmness. I hardly feel stressed or anxious about things anymore. You might have heard the saying, “I feel comfortable in my own skin”. Well, I know what that feels like.

My employment contract finishes next February and I am returning to Australia with a clear direction.

I have some other things to work on which is why I’m very keen to return to Nimea Kaya and further experience the powerful medicine there.

Without a shadow of a doubt I would recommend Nimea Kaya for an Ayahuasca retreat. From the authentic Shipibo Shamans to the food, accommodation, the organization, the facilitators and general (wonderful) environment, I’m sure nobody would be disappointed.

Bruce Dowdle.


December 13, 2018

I came to Nimea Kaya in October of 2017 and I was pretty broken after a life of 50 years of total recklessness. I had heard about Ayahuasca and did a lot of research on it. I asked a friend of mine who has been to a few retreats for advice and he recommended Nimea Kaya. I am so glad he did as I loved everything about the place. The volunteers were so full of love and compassion and the shamen were amazing. I went for the nine-day retreat with four ceremonies and a year or so on I can honestly say the experience was life-changing. I have new thought patterns and coping strategies that no amount of therapy seemed to be able to bring about. Jill and Casey are doing amazing things and I wish them all the love and success in the world. Thank you.


December 13, 2018

I visited Nimea Kaya in August of 2017. As a young female traveling alone I was a bit nervous of what I was getting myself into. From the minute I sat at the gate in Lima airport to go to Pucallpa I knew everything was going to be okay.! The others in the group had managed to find eachother and myself. When we arrived in pucallpa, people from Nimea Kaya were waiting to bring us to the land. As we rode through the towns on tuk tuks the people were very friendly giving big smiles and waves.
The land at Nimea Kaya is magical (I assume because they’ve taken such good care of it.) It gave a feeling of being safe and protected.
The food was fresh, filling and tasty! The facilities were clean and kept up nicely.
The facilitators were so helpful with anything and everything.
The ceremonies were very well ran by the help of the facilitators that would be by your side in a matter of three little knocks on the floor. I am so grateful for person I have grown into thanks to the healing that took place at Nimea Kaya, not only because of the plant medicine but also the people around me during my stay.


December 12, 2018

The experience of a life time!

The most supernatural and transformative experience fathomable to our human minds.

I attended Nimea Kaya on the February 26th 2018 9 day retreat at the lowest point in my life. I had just come out of a long term relationship, was heart broken, guilt laden and ashamed. I also was hating my career at which I’d put over twelve long hard years into including a four year bachelor’s degrees. I was desperate for that ‘something else’ and the path I had been on for so many years and identified with had abruptly arrived at a dead end.

I had heard of ayahuasca many years prior and the idea of it it had always resonated with me. The time came when an opportunity to go away for a couple of weeks presented itself and I knew it was time. The calling was finally to be answered. I went to Nimea Kaya in Pucallpa.

This place is absolutely incredible. Without a doubt the most incredible, supernatural, transformative and humbling experience of my life. The retreat, the facilities, the food, the people, the jungle, the facilitators, the activities, the ayahuasca, the Shaman, the ceremonies – absolutely everything exceeded all expectations.

Such a transformative experience. There is no language or way to describe what happens to oneself during an ayahuasca ceremony. Each ceremony is vastly different from the next and everyones experiences are totally different. However for me, I could not have learnt life’s greatest lessons and gained such a profound change of perspective without the help of the sacred plant medicine and everyone involved at Nimea Kaya.

Now, today, nearly a full year later – not a day goes by where I don’t reminisce on the experience at Nimea Kaya. My life has totally changed. I am happy as myself, I rest easy in the faith of a higher power, I changed my career and started a business if something fulfilling that I am passionate about. I live my life valuing love, compassion and gratitude above anything else. All lessons learned from the medicine, Shaman, staff and jungle spirit at at Nimea Kaya.

If you’ve got the calling, do not hesitate. Nimea Kaya!

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December 7, 2018

This place is amazing! I have been twice and although working with Ayahuasca can be very challenging it was by far one of the most memorable experiences of my life and I plan to return for a third retreat at some point. I attended my first retreat in March of 2018 and my second in October the same year. Everyone from the owner on down is perfectly pleasant to be around and they provide all of the care and support you could ask for. Many of the staff are trained in different types of services from reiki to life coaching and I was able to take advantage of multiple great services. All of the meals there are prepared for you as well and they are wonderful. The diet is full vegetarian and is prepared for you and cooked fresh every day. The cabins are nice, the jungle is beautiful, and the staff are amazing. The retreat is packed with opportunities for getting to know people from all over the world, and I still keep in touch with the folks from both my retreats. There are meditations, integration circles to share about your experience, yoga, plant baths, one on one time with shamans, a plant walk, a water tower with an amazing view of the land scape, and even plenty of quiet moments for you to just enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna that surround you or to reflect on your experience on the retreat. This is an excellent getaway from the technological hustle and bustle of everyday life, and as I said before, I plan to return. They will walk you through your spiritual journey with great care and love! 5 stars all the way!


December 5, 2018

I had the pleasure of attending a 9 day retreat at Nimea Kaya in April, 2018. This place was recommended by a close friend of mine in the Caribbean.

I was greeted one of the owners and a facilitator at Pucallpa Airport and driven to the center (only about 15 minutes away). The center was beautiful. It was in the jungle but close enough to the city. The center has beautiful dogs running around always happy to relax or play with guests. It was a warm welcome!

The facilitators gave us a brief rundown of the weeks events after arrival and showed us to our cabins. The cabins are really lovely and comfy. We were able to get to meet the group and chat about what our intentions were going into our experiences.

In the morning they offer yoga or meditation. This is great before or after ceremonies to think and integrate. The meals were also really delicious. We ate twice a day on ceremony days and three times a day on off days.

The ceremonies themselves were really interesting. I felt safe with the facilitators, owners and shamans there, along with all of my new peers. Most sleep overnight in the maloka after our work with the medicine (we start around 8pm) and it’s a great feeling waking up in the beautiful jungle early in the morning after an experience like that.

I made friends for life at this retreat, while turning inside to look at myself to see the work I need to do. I would recommend Nimea Kaya to anyone that has the ability to go to Peru and feels called by Mother Aya.


December 2, 2018

Searching for an authentic Ayahuasca experience, my wife and I were strongly drawn to Nimea Kaya. The website was thorough and descriptive, and their staff was open and responsive to all of our questions. We attended a 9 day retreat at Nimea Kaya in April 2018.
When we arrived at the nearby airport, Nimea Kaya’s wonderful staff and volunteers were there to greet us. From that moment forward we felt cared for and supported. The staff and volunteers are capable veterans of Ayahuasca ceremony, eager and willing to share the wonderful teachings of Madre Ayahuasca with their guests.
The Shipibo shamans who hold the ceremonies have an immense presence and power. There was never a moment during any of the ceremonies that I didn’t feel safe in the space they were holding.
If you’re looking for an authentic Ayahuasca experience, under the guidance a wise shamans and loving companions, look no further than the safe sanctuary of Nimea Kaya.


November 30, 2018

What an incredible experience. I was so afraid before going and even when i arrived. i didn’t know what to expect. the mother, as they call her was gentle with me the first night. the second night of drinking the brew was a way more intense. i learned so much about myself and my family. on the third night i realized why i was at nimea kaya healing center at that moment and had flashbacks from another life. where many things bacame clear for me.

when i first arrived, my intention was selfish. to find wealth and love. when i became grateful for all the things in my life.

the experience made me aware and alert of myself. made me realize how important this moment is and how nothing else is ever as important.

Nimea Kaya healing center changed my life and i will always hold a dear place in my heart for them.

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November 29, 2018

Review by Alice.
To review all that I experienced with Ayahuasca during the August 2018 retreat at Nimea Kaya would not only be exhausting but near impossible. There are complexities to the medicine and ceremonies that cannot be categorised into words; instead they are, and should remain, an experience: much like that of each moment we spend in life. But if I had to make one comment on my time there, it would be that it was an experience like no other. That goes for the unconditional love and kindness displayed by the volunteers working there, the exquisite vegetarian food and the quality of yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes on offer throughout the whole 9 days. And then there’s the medicine…
Whether you’ve taken psychedelics in the past, recreationally or as a panacea, there was a profound sacredness to this medicine that united me with all that lived and breathed. The trees emanated a force of energy that mesmerised me during my second ceremony. I had taken myself outside for the first time and sat in solitude on a bench looking up at a marquis of green and black prints, the inside of a circus. I had anticipated having to face some of my deepest fears on this retreat; I knew that I was there to process severe childhood traumas and the thought of revisiting them frightened me. However, on that second night, the darkness didn’t frighten me. Instead it invited me to sit with it, a mesh of life all as one, outside the wooden Maloka hut on that bench. It was really something else. I was a part of nature: the light and the dark.
I had spent the whole of my first ceremony sweating, vomiting, purging, crying. Twenty years of on-going trauma had left me with complex PTSD and a pit so deep I barely identified with myself when I looked in the mirror. But, like the phoenix, I was determined to rise again. And Ayahuasca showed me the way. Of course, she works with you, so she will only give you what you are able to process at that time. For me, it took three ceremonies until I experienced any visuals with the medicine. And when I did, they came all as one: a wave of black bats washed over me and I stood rooted to the ground on the way out of the bathroom. I had taken myself in there to cry my eyes out. I sobbed and sobbed as I forgave all those who had hurt me from the past. And when I finished sobbing, what felt like a bolt or a brick lodged in the back of my head, was released…and then in came the bats. I sank down to the ground to take it all in and was helped back to my bed by one of the beautiful volunteers working there. The rest of that night took me somewhere very hard to describe: a spiritual world that was so real and yet so removed from reality as we know it. A part of me identified with this aspect of my psyche – the aspect that she was showing to me – and it scared me to think I had this tyrant or sultan in me. I’ve always considered myself as an open, bright, loving, kind person but this side of me was sinister, stubborn, derisive. It is a side of me that I needed to see. A side of me that I needed to be aware of so that I can manage it in my daily life with consciousness and love. It was a part of me that may have developed due to my childhood difficulties and, since becoming aware of it, I have invited other forms of healing into my life to balance out this aspect of my psyche. They include a lot of heart-opening meditations, yoga and Reiki energy healing. That night lasted for what seemed like a spiritual eternity and it did frighten me, I won’t lie, but I needed to see it. It opened up a new portal for me that has stayed with me ever since.
The fourth ceremony was full of love, beauty and acceptance – much of what I had hoped to experience at this retreat overall. We had created this batch of ayahuasca ourselves on our first day of arriving and it had been brewing ever since. It was a more delicate taste, dissimilar to the bitterness of the previous three and I had the feeling that most of the other participants on the retreat also experienced a much softer, more gentle experience during this ceremony. It was a good way for me to finish. I knew I had more to see with this medicine so I have intention of doing it again in the near future and I know for sure that, when I do, I will choose to go back to the beauty of the jungle at Nimea Kaya where I felt loved, safe and cared for throughout my entire healing journey.

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November 28, 2018

While researching Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, Nimea Kaya immediately stood apart from all others. Jill (one of the founders of Nimea Kaya) promptly answered all of our questions throughout the entire process of booking and preparing for our trip, easing our concerns and helping us to feel more comfortable with our first trip to South America. My husband and I attended a retreat in April, 2018.

I thought Nimea Kaya’s website provided an accurate picture of what to expect at the retreat. The activities are all focused on supporting each individual’s healing process and the local community. The only surprises for us came in the form of noise pollution from loud music being played in the neighboring town and airplanes flying directly over Nimea Kaya. Though these noises were not ideal and interrupted our sleep, they really didn’t detract from our experience and we did not notice them during ceremony.

The food was delicious and all whole-foods, plant-based (except eggs and honey that were offered separately). The yoga and meditation classes were fantastic and I was grateful for them. I very much enjoyed learning about the ayahuasca-brewing process and taking part in preparing the ayahuasca vines and chacruna leaves for the next batch of tea.

Most importantly, I felt very safe at Nimea Kaya during our entire stay. I felt comfortable using the shared showers and walking the grounds even in the dark. The staff and facilitators were all welcoming, caring, and supportive. Each ceremony was carried out beautifully by the facilitators and the Shamans who were there to lead us and support us in ceremony from beginning to end. The Ayahuasca brew that is served is made of only the ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaves. It was very important to me to know exactly what I was putting in my body and to feel confident that I was drinking the purest form of Ayahuasca.

The Shipibo Shamans are such beautiful human beings and are an integral part of each ceremony. They, along with the facilitators, create a deeply healing ceremony and their love and good intentions are palpable. Each shaman is a powerful presence to behold, wearing their ceremonial dress and singing their profoundly beautiful icaros. The plant baths that the shamans give in the mornings following each ceremony are cold but very cleansing and refreshing. The Shamans and facilitators provide a level of compassionate care and presence that can be compared only to the loving care I have received from my mother.

I recommend Nimea Kaya to all who are truly feeling the call to work with Ayahuasca, who are ready to really come to know and heal themselves, and who will approach Mother Ayahuasca, the jungle, and the Shamans with the reverence they deserve. If you’re considering working with Ayahuasca for the first time, I recommend first practicing meditation/yoga/breath work, as working with Ayahuasca requires embracing much physical and emotional discomfort. Working with Ayahuasca at Nimea Kaya is a deeply humbling, life-changing experience. Best wishes to you.

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November 27, 2018

Trying to describe the magnitude of my experience at Nimea Kaya is challenging as its impact continues to resonate every day of my life. My first retreat was in September 2017. I had little knowledge of Ayahuasca prior to embarking on my trip to NK, but went as a dutiful yet skeptical husband whose wife was seeking. The retreat center is on the edge of Pucallpa in the Amazon and has a peaceful vibe that allows you to truly escape the modern world and all the noise and distractions that come with it. Even if you just wanted to find a place to digitally detox and be one with nature, NK is the ideal place as you can’t help but relax and connect with nature once inside the center. And although the amenities are pretty Spartan with no hot water and composting toilets, the rooms and dining facilities are clean and well kept. Also, you feel safe and as if you’re staying with family as the facilitators and staff are so kind and welcoming. The food is excellent as it is prepared fresh every day by the amazing staff and really helps you with your preparation for and recovery from ceremony. The format of the retreat is incredibly thoughtful as it allows you to connect with your fellow guests and feel comfortable as you prepare for ceremony. The facilitators do an amazing job helping you to relax and be open to the entire Ayahuasca experience. The ceremonies led by the Shamans in the Maloka are authentic and true to the Shipibo tradition which is crucial for creating the right setting that helps guests focus on their intention with the medicine. Integration circles after ceremony aid you in processing the experience and afford you the opportunity to share with your fellow guests. Jill, Casey and the entire NK staff have created such a special place with Nimea Kaya that I returned in May, 2018. I am so grateful for the life changing impact my retreats at NK have had. I have many more personal insights that I am happy to share with anyone who has questions about Nimea Kaya or Ayahuasca as I hope to help anyone who feels called by Mother Aya.

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November 26, 2018

have always thought of myself as someone who would only be successful if I made myself follow a “life plan”. I would write myself lists of goals that I would need to achieve, places I would need to visit, money I would need to save, etc. I would prioritize all of these on a timeline, and organize it around my (pretty dull) 9-5 job and my (not so exciting) extra curriculars. Everything in my day had a time frame in which it needed to be accomplished.
One day, I met someone at my work and started to chat with them about something that I cannot even recall. The only thing I remember was thinking how boring this person was. Then it struck me, that I was JUST as boring. This fact horrified me, so I quit my job and decided to get a working Visa in the Caribbean. I moved there within the week.
When I got there, I was terrified. I had never done anything so impulsive, and I didn’t know why, but it felt like the right thing to do. Which terrified me even more. Long story short, I met some of the most amazing people there. What I loved most was how they were all so passionate; about everything they did in their day to day lives…from eating their breakfast to taking an afternoon nap. I slowly started embracing a lifestyle of less agenda, and more adventure. When one of my best friends prompted the idea of going to the jungles of Peru to learn about Ayahuasca… I only hesitated for about 20 seconds before I thought, “there’s no time like the present”. And with that mind set, I arrived at Nimea Kaya a short week later.
I shortly learned that alot of the other guests in my group all had a very wonderful, important reason to be there. Needless to say, I felt that, in comparison, I really didn’t. However, the staff and general environment of the retreat made me feel so at peace, and so at home…that it was easy enough for me to cast that idea aside for the time being. During my preparation for the first ceremony, all I remember thinking was: “whatever happens, happens. I completely surrender to whatever teachings Mother Aya has to show me. I am scared, but she knows that …and I know she will take care of me “. I dont know why I was so reassured of the fact that everything would be okay, I just was.
Not to sound too dramatic, but my life was changed within 4 nights. 4 beautiful ceremonies. In the most simple way, Mother Ayahuasca showed me three things:
1) what love is
2) how to find love within yourself
3) the best ways to reflect that love in everything I do

I never thought I would feel so at peace with myself, with those in my life (past and presently), and with anything that may come my way in the future. I’ve never felt so confident in myself to be able to trust my own heart.
With the help of Mother Ayahuasca, and the entire team at Nimea Kaya, I fell in love with humankind, with nature, with gratitude, and with myself.
I will forever thank everyone who was apart of my experience for showing me how to be the best version of myself.

Paulinka Frani
Attended Nimea Kaya retreat in Pucallpa, May 2018.

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November 26, 2018

Nimea Kaya is a beautiful retreat center with a very caring staff. I was fortunate enough to witness and experience many profound healing experiences here. The food is healthy and delicious and doesn’t make you feel deprived like a lot of Ayahuasca diet food. The ceremonies are very safe and provided with lots of love and care. The center employs 4 wonderful, knowledgeable shamans whose beautiful Icaros reverberate throughout your being and guide you to a place of profound love and healing. A huge bonus for me was that Nimea Kaya directly gives back to the surrounding communities. I felt right at home here and am grateful for the work that Jill and Casey and all the facilitators passionately carry out. I would certainly recommend Nimea Kaya to anybody looking for safe and supportive Ayahuasca ceremonies. I hope to return myself in the future!


November 26, 2018

Two Years back I heard about Ayahuasca for the first time, and I started to investigate the topic over a few months. I stumbled across Graham Hancock, Terence MacKenna, and many others and was very fascinated by the possibilities that plant medicine has on offer. It was one of the deep Testimonials on Youtube that then brought me to Nimea Kaya. I quickly went over to the Nimea Kaya Website and knew instantly, that this is the right place for me. So I decided to go there and booked my first Ayahuasca retreat. And what a good decision this has been!

I am 40 Years old, and I come from Basel, Switzerland. I have led a troubled life so far, and I am on a search for my roots for a long time. I lived most of my life in one of the „happiest“places on earth, but struggling all my life. I could never find any resolve for my deep longing for spirituality and it seemed hopeless for me to find my place in this world. Long ago I lost my contact to. religion and I could never join the materialistic world view. So I was hanging in the air, not really knowing where to go for answers. So there was a good portion of desperation that made me undertake this long journey.

I was looking forward so much to my retreat and counted the days until I finally left Switzerland on the long haul to Peru. I have never left Europe before. so the journey itself was something special. After the two day journey I arrived on the 29th November 2017 in the humid and hot jungle and was imediatley taken in by the strong nature the other group members the premises and the staff that accompanied us over the nine days.

I was deeply touched by the surroundings and the group that found the way to Peru. I was anxiously awaiting the first ceremony, not knowing what to expect. I could not formulate an intention, so I just opened up for whatever mother Ayahuasca would have on offer for me.

The ceremonies are led by a pair of expirienced shamans and facilitated by the staff of Nimea Kaya. I was deeply touched by the Purpose and the wisdom, Knowledge, with which the holy circle has been opened in the beautiful Malokka, the ceremonial house. After we have been served with our glass of Ayahuasca, the group awaited in silence for the medicine to start working. We all entered a space, where time as we know it start s to warp and bend. After some time in silence with just one lit candle in the center, mother Ayahuasca started to do her work on the group. Every Individual got touched and moved in exactly the appropriate way. In my case the purge was swift and tit signaled the moment the medicine set in.

The shamans started their singing, and adressing every one of us. By the time they reached my position the group has turned into one heaving, breathing, moaning and moving organism and I was an integral part of it. The queasiness has left me, and I could see the notes the shamans were singing as brightly lit patterns emanating from them. As the shamans sang for me I could completely understand the meaning of the message, my whole body lit up.

Initially I was afraid, that I might fall into a deep dark hole, because I always felt, that I carry so much darkness in me. The touch I got was like a warm hand on my heart and I felt that the light from the single candle in the room flowed directly into my heart. My heart was the space that needed love, I stopped listening to it a long time ago.

In this first ceremony I just felt the warmth in my belly and felt the intense love from Mother Ayahuasca flowing in, spreading all through my body getting stronger and stronger all through the expirience. My anxiety has evaporated and whenever I purged, an angel in white appeared and swiftly changed my bowl. The purging was always a release and made me feel lighter and lighter.

In the ceremonies the support of the staff is as important as the healing work the shamans do. They are dressed in white, and I was just simply amazed by their skill and purpose with which they fulfilled their tasks. So the group was constantly under their carefull watch, and when the need arose, they would be there to help and support.

At one point a group member had a rough patch (we later in integration found out, what process he went through, and it was not nearly as bad as it sounded in the ceremony). The episode was very vocal, and the voice was changed in a manner I could not figure out, who it was. And then there was this angelic voice chiming in. It was a member of the staff, who started to sing a song to help calming down the troubled soul warrior, and then a second voice tuned in. And it was this beautiful singing, that set the energies in the group straight again and soothed the troubled group member in the nicest way possible, and soon the group was one round single body again.

I left the ceremony early and spent a long time sitting on my porch, listening to the jungle and a message came to me, that brought tears to my eyes. I understood, that the narrative I myself kept repeating in my interior dialog about myself, had to be readjusted, because it is not true. I always saw myself as a toxic character, and as a safety measure, I kept everyone at a distnce to prevent any hurt I might cause. Therefore my favoured distance to fellow human beings always had been minimum an arms length. This included friends my family, my longtime girlfriend, and it is the reason I dont have children of my own but this now might change. This realization set a new dynamic in motion, that keeps working in me, even as I am back in Switzerland again. I finally could let go of this destructive narrative about myself, with which I locked myself away from this world. This had been a life changer, and people around me noticed the difference, even tough they did not know about my journey to Peru.

In the following ceremonies I had the chance to deepen this new found land, and I found out that I can do magic with my hands. They not only are made to make Music and Art, but also for healing. The most important lesson I got from a staff member, Mohammad: It is our breath, that is the key. In every situation in life, especially the difficult ones, we can always ride trough on our breath. These words still ring in me, and I keep using this in my daily life with great success.

I can strongly recommend going to Nimea Kaya to anyone who has heard the call of Mother Ayahuasca. It is just the right place to go for a spiritual deep dive that will change Your outlook and life in the best of ways in a guarded and safe environment.

The whole nine days are perfectly structured to guide the group through this fragile, vulnerable and precious metamorphosis. The food and the contact to the staff members, as well as the exchanges with the fellow members of the group are integral part of the journey. I left the jungle with tears in my eyes, because I knew, that never in my life I will see this beautiful group of spiritual Ninjas in one place again. We now are spread all over the world, and we now have a important task to help the world heal itself by being strong in our energy.

The retreat has opened many doors and I found new levels in myself and my life. The real work definitely starts after the retreat. It is the integration work in everyday life where the real change takes place and continues to do so. Ayahuasca definitely is nothing for the faint hearted but it is a catalyst to bring you into contact with yourself and the spiritual realm in a way that will help you to reset the course of your life. Be courageous.


November 26, 2018

I attended a retreat at Nimea Kaya in August 2016. Nimea Kaya is a beautiful space for authentic, vulnerable, and committed self-healing.

Nimea Kaya is a place that works with the medicine ayahuasca with a lot of respect and reverence. I found this particularly admirable and important in the wake of so many imposter shamans and untrustworthy places.

At the center, safety and support are ensured. A team of supportive and passionate facilitators and volunteers (English-speaking) is always there to help – in and out of ceremonies. I found this very reassuring and comforting, especially since working with ayahuasca can be very tough and challenging. All of the staff are very loving and caring, and committed to help you get the most out of your experience.

The center is like an oasis. It’s preserving a part of the jungle and all the life that comes with it. There are two cats and four dogs (and many chickens) – which all the guests love and form relationships with.

The food is almost entirely plant-based vegan (some eggs are occasionally served) and it’s DELICIOUS. The menu was designed to respect the ayahuasca diet while also being tasty, healthy, and filling.

The accommodation amenities are just right. Nimea Kaya really nails it when it comes to the balance between comfort and authenticity. You have all of your basics: a bed, a night table, a mosquito net, hammocks, showers (cold) and compost toilets, as well as a chillout space and the kitchen, while still not being distracted by a luxury. No one comes to an ayahuasca retreat for holiday after all. 🙂

There are yoga and meditation classes several times per week, as well as an art fair, a boat ride to a local village, a visionary painting demonstration, and more. Again, a balance is met between downtime to process intense experiences and activities.

Nimea Kaya offers 4 ayahuasca ceremonies within 9 days and works with two sets of shamans, to provide a variety of styles and energies.

If you’re looking for a safe center to work with the sacred plant medicine where you will be taken care of, but also given space if you want it – Nimea Kaya is the right place for you. If you’re looking for a place which changes lives and works with the medicine in a sacred way – Nimea Kaya is the right place for you. If you’re looking for an authentic place in nature where you won’t be uncomfortable (or just the right amount of uncomfortable) – choose Nimea Kaya!

Thank you so much Nimea Kaya for my transformational and healing time at the center.

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November 25, 2018

Nimea Kaya ist ein wunderschöner und authentischer Platz um mit Mother Ayahuasca zu arbeiten. Saubere Unterkünfte, wunderbare Menschen, Helfer, die dich zu 100% auf deinem Weg unterstützen, in einer herzöffnenden und entspannten Umgebung. Das Essen ist großteils vegan und köstlich. Ich habe bisher zwei Retreats (2017 und 2018) hier besucht und bin von diesem Platz verzaubert. Alles ist dafür ausgerichtet, damit die Teilnehmer eine wunderbare, sichere Erfahrung machen dürfen. Die Schamanen berühren das Herz und haben mich durch Ihre Authentizität und Bescheidenheit zutiefst beeindruckt. Danke Jill & Casey, dass ihr diesen Platz für alle die aufwachen möchten bereitstellt. Ich freue mich schon auf meinen nächsten Besuch.

In English:
Nimea Kaya is a beautiful and authentic place to work with Mother Ayahuasca. Clean accommodations, wonderful people, helpers who support you 100% on your way, in a heart-opening and relaxed environment. The food is mostly vegan and delicious. I have visited two retreats (2017 and 2018) here and am enchanted by this place. Everything is designed to give participants a wonderful, safe experience. The shamans touch the heart and have impressed me with their authenticity and modesty. Thanks Jill & Casey, that you provide this place for all who want to wake up. I’m looking forward to my next visit.

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November 24, 2018

I attended a retreat at Nimea Kaya in July 2018. This was my first time travelling alone internationally, and my first time working with this plant medicine. I was scared before leaving home but I felt called to work with the medicine, so I took a leap of faith. I am so happy I did, because this was a life-changing experience. The staff were all amazing. The facilitators were all supportive in their own unique ways, sharing their experiences and spending time with any guests who were struggling with their own journeys. They were also amazing during ceremonies, always available to help in any way needed. There were 6 facilitators and 2 shamans for 17 guests in the ceremonies, which made me feel safe. The property is also stunning with amazing wildlife everywhere and the resident pups roaming around free. The food was abundant, healthy and delicious. Nimea Kaya is a magical place where I found courage to make massive changes upon returning home, and where I found friends for life.


November 23, 2018

The Nimea Kaya retreat was one of the best vacation getaways I’ve ever taken. It was such a safe haven to getaway from the bustling city of San Francisco and spend quality (and much needed) “me” time. I was a little nervous at first, as I ventured into the Amazon jungle by myself, but I was relieved to find the most caring, loving, and welcoming team at Nimea Kaya. They welcomed me with open arms, and the entire group bonded so quickly over our two weeks together that it felt like home.

The facilities were so clean and comfortable! They have beautiful bungalows, and large tambos where the group takes the plant medicine in the evening. Based on much research, I chose Nimea Kaya based on the quality, safety, and support expressed by people via their own reviews, and I was not disappointed!! It was everything I expected and more.

Taking ayahuasca was nothing short of life changing. It takes you deep into yourself and aids you in facing everything that is untrue. I received so many lessons from Ayahuasca through visions and experience, and my perspective of life changed quite dramatically afterwards. It gave me wisdom and understanding that I couldn’t possibly have experienced elsewhere. It opened me up and gave me a greater appreciation for life which was very key at the time that I took it.

In addition to the psychological benefits that took place (i.e. the ease, quiet, and peaceful state of mind), I found myself more comfortable in my own body. It was the first time that I could remember (in what feels like forever), where I could sit still for hours and not chronically think about the past or the future. It helped me center myself in the moment. When I came back home, I felt like my yoga practice improved significantly, and all of the pains or aches that I would normally feel in my body were gone.

I can’t say enough good things about this place and how it has changed me! I look forward to going back, and I’ve been spreading the word to many friends who are into spirituality and open minded enough to take the journey. If you have a chance to go, you will definitely be amazed and in awe of the experience.

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November 21, 2018

I visited Nimea Kaya back in June of this year. As a first timer to Ayahuasca and a solo traveller to the jungle, The team at Nimea Kaya instantly made me feel safe and welcome.
The facilities are fantastic and provide luxuries from inside the jungle.
The staff are warm and so loving. They provide kindness and give their full attention whilst the Ayahuasca ceremonies are under way.
The activities provided on the retreat are aimed around personal development, group connection and relaxation and site seeing a great combination.
And finally the food and hospitality are unbeatable. Quality home made, healthy and soul inspiring food.
The only down side of Nimea Kaya is that after the 9 days we all have to leave :/
Five stars from England.

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November 18, 2018

I have chosen Nimea Kaya retreat based on the reviews I have researched on the web and attended my first retreat in July 2018. I did not know what to expect at first from the Ayahuasca medicine at first, but what I have experienced was mind-blowing. It is hard though to explain everything is simple words, since the one who did not go through this can only hardly understand.
The place itself was just awesome and I cannot express my gratitude enough to all those people who were taking care of us on daily basis, not only with organizing – which I have to say was precise but also with the tasteful local and of course organic food. The accommodation, as well as the place itself, was calming and only help with the result of the retreat for all of the participants.
What more I loved the integration circles, where you could compare and share your experiences with there rest of the group. Even thou I did not feel comfortable with it at the start.
I am planning to visit this awesome place again in near future. I recommend it to all.


November 16, 2018

This place is pure magic. I cannot stress enough that if you are feeling called to work with this amazing plant medicine, Nimea Kaya is absolutely the healing center for you. It starts from the top down and Jill and Casey (who run the center) are two of the most kind, compassionate, and caring individuals I have ever met. They are dedicated and passionate about working with Mother Ayahuasca and it truly shows. I have actually attended two retreats there and wouldn’t dare go anywhere else. From the minute you arrive at the airport in Pucallpa to your departure nine days later you are taken care of beyond belief! The center is located in the most beautiful jungle setting with top notch amenities to boot. The food is INCREDIBLE! It is plant based, super nutritious and made with love and pure intention from the wonderful kitchen staff. Some of the best food I’ve ever had. Yoga, meditation, high vibe classes, and integration circles happen every day and are such an integral part of the healing process too. There really are no words for the Ayahuasca ceremonies themselves. You’ve just got to experience them. You are extremely well taken care of by the shamans and facilitators. The entire staff is unbelievable. Have I even mentioned the friendships that you make for life while going through this with others?! This only happens because of the love, energy, and expertise that is put into this place. Nimea Kaya is absolutely magical. It helped make me into the person I am today and I am forever grateful. I could go on and on but just know there should be no doubt in your mind that Nimea Kaya is the right place for you…

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November 16, 2018

I have attended two retreats at the Nimea Kaya retreat center.
My first retreat was in June/July 2015, my second retreat was in August 2016.
Both experiences were exceptional. They brought significant shifts in my life, a community I can rely on to support me on my personal healing journey, as well as a new found love for life and awe at everything that is.
The Nimea Kaya center is one I recommend highly due to several reasons. First of all, I found that a great balance is created between the authenticity of the Ayahuasca medicine and traditions, with a comfortable and safe environment for deep healing.
One on hand, the brew and the shamans create a real authentic experience, one that can be trusted and creates a deep bond with the traditions of the Shipibo people and the Ayahuasca medicine. The ceremonies are held in genuine ritualistic ways, holding a space for significant transformation with the great work of the shaman and the quality of the brew. Furthermore, the opportunity is there for each group to make their own brew, which is done throughout the retreat and drunk on the last ceremony.
On the other hand, the way the retreat centre is managed creates a real trust, comfort and sense of safety. The accommodation is great, with real immersion with nature whilst comfortable spaces for rest and individual reflection. The maloka, where the ceremonies are held, is amazing. it’s a great space, with everything to wish for: plenty of space for all the guests, compost toilets easy to reach, a back room for extra space, and some sitting area and hammocks outside for further connection with nature during ceremonies.
The food is excellent, with a local staff ensuring that the property is well maintained, the dieta is respected, the amenities are well taken care of and cleaned.
I also enjoyed the exposure to local communities and the many projects Nimea Kaya is involved with, providing all kinds of support to the people living on the Amazon.
Overall, I recommend it highly, as a trusthworty place for deep healing and support.

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November 14, 2018

Life changing and profound are the words I use to describe my visits to Nimea Kaya. My first visit was in April 2016, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to experience ayahuasca for the first time – from the moment I arrived I knew I was in the right place! I did my research before coming out to Peru, and people I trust had recommended staying at Nimea Kaya. I am grateful I listened to them as my time there was an even more profound experience than I could have hoped for.
Nimea Kaya is a truly special place that can change the direction and outlook of life for those who visit. The facilities are fantastic – just the right balance between the simplicity of jungle life and enough comforts to immediately make it feel like home. The ceremonies are beautiful experiences, led by caring and experienced local Shipibo shamen, and the staff and facilitators are hugely supportive and experienced on their own paths, making it a safe place to dive deeply into your personal journey.
Working with plant medicine is not easy, but if you feel the calling I can’t recommend Nimea Kaya enough. I have since returned to Nimea Kaya several times, and it’s no exaggeration to say this place has changed my life.


November 14, 2018

What can I say about the place that helped me change my life?
Nimea Kaya is a veritable Garden of Eden complete with its own Angles (their facilitators) While at the retreat the relationships I built and the love that came from these people is nothing short of magical. During ceremonies, I felt like I could get into the headspace easier knowing that I had these wonderful people there taking care of anything I needed.
Before going to my first retreat in 2016 I was a private military contractor, and I was in the Marine Corps infantry before that. My life before drinking Ayahuasca was very different than most may be used to. I was suffering from nightmares, panic attacks, and overall unhappiness.
Ayahuasca helped me to heal and completely cure all of my previous emotional trauma. After that short 9-day retreat Nimea Kaya fully helped me become a brand new man, in every sense of the words from diet to mindfulness practices, a renewed interest in spirituality and philosophy. I am so grateful to this facility and all of the people involved with this wonderful place. I would recommend Nimea Kaya to anyone! 10 stars in my opinion!


November 14, 2018

It’s been 4 years since my first ayahuasca retreat and 3 years since i returned to Nimea Kaya as a facilitator. It’s taking me this long to process the experience enough to where i can translate it to english.

Given my religious upbringing, When i first arrived at the healing center, i was a little creeped out by the spiritual or demonic perception.

after i chose to face my fear and see what the big fuss was all about. it wasn’t so bad. the demons i was so afraid of turned out to be just things in my life that really bothered me. such as my resentment and guilt and hatred toward My parents and religion and God.

during my second ayahuasca ceremony, i realized that i wanted to let go of that pain a forgive everyone i had ever felt wronged by. and i wanted to be forgiven by anyone who ever wronged me. This gave me a beautiful sense of peace i had never felt before.

About 1 year later i realized that the only one i ever needed to forgive was Myself. I had to forgive Myself for ever Believing that the peace came from anyone outside Myself.

2 years into the Consiouse journey, i realize what i really want out of life and my life’s purpose.

3 years into my Conscious journey, i realize how hard my life’s purpose is to accomplish and made peace with how difficult it’s going to be. Also having the all-knowing faith that I AM always at my Greatest when I AM Present.

I also realized what it’s going to take and what i will give in order to attain my what i want out of life. this gave me a realistic perspective and put at peace knowing i was going in the right direction.

The Present Moment and my most recent realizations about life have brought me to the conclusion that heaven and hell are here now.

heaven is experienced in every moment we are expressing your true purpose.

hell is experienced in every moment we doubt Faith and live in fear of who We Believe We are and who We have become.

feeling what this thought really means to me has given the greatest sense of peace and gratitude i have ever felt thus far.

this has led me to create and manifest amazing wealth and beauty into my life. this has given me so much time to evaluate and reevaluate what i really want and who i believe I AM and what I AM here to do on an infinate scale.

here are a few of my beliefs that give a continued sense of peace in pursuit of my dream.

I Believe in the Story of God and The Devil. I Believe these are just words in a Story. No different than words like positive and negative, Yin and Yang, Popeye and Brutus.

I Believe these are just sounds We are making with Our mouth and the meaning behind them is anything We want it to be.

Contrary to popular Belief, I don’t Believe God and The Devil oppose each other. I Believe they are on the same team. I Believe they are friends. Best friends as a matter of fact.

I imagine them as two innocent children sitting on the floor cross-legged playing video games. The video game they’re playing is the game of Mankind.

At first glance it may seem they are playing this game against each other. However, after further observation i began to notice that they’re actually on the same team.

After deep introspection i noticed their main common objective is to evolve Mankind exponentially farther and faster than ever before.

God plays the role of the All-knowing Creator. Not much of a stretch. She’s a Natural.

The Devil plays the role of the mischievous troublemaker. Without which there is no game.

Without the Devil there are no Stories. Without trouble to resolve, without obstacles to overcome there would be nothing worth observing or talking about. There would Be no thing and so there Wouldn’t Be a “Greatest of all Time.” There would just Be.

I Believe without the Devil and the resistance He creates in Our Minds We would never breakthrough and find Our deepest potential. I Believe without the Devil We Would just Be God.

I Believe the Devil is the Greatest thespian of Our Time. His Greatest role; the Human ego.

I Believe the Devil is the sole reason We Are Great.

I Believe the Universe We recognize today would not exist without God, the Devil and most importantly Mankind. Because Man is the observer. The Creator of the Story.

I Believe God and the Devil represent nothing more than the positive and negative ions of a battery. Roles that are interchangeable without consequence.

The battery represents the Universe.

Mankind is the most unique of this dynamic. Man represents the conductor or the electrolyte. Without which neither ion would have Purpose.

Without Purpose, why exist?

I Believe in the story of Adam and Eve. However, I Believe that the roles are reversed. Where The Devil is the One who creates the tree of Knowledge of good and evil.

I Believe the Devil implanted the seed of doubt after Adam and Eve could no longer resist the Natural temptation of “the forbidden fruit.”

I Believe Adam and Eve were overwhelmed by feelings of shame and guilt and it spiked their adrenalin levels. Which acted as an MAOI inhibitor that allowed the naturally reoccurring DMT to activate. Causing what is known today as the “psychedelic experience.” (Ayahuasca Reference)

He introduces the thoughts that arise doubt and guilt in Us. He creates such illusions for the benefit of Mankind. To break Us. So that We may heal and grow bigger and stronger than We could’ve ever imagined without Him.

Which makes Me Believe that He plays the role of God when implanting these seemingly “negative” thoughts in Our minds. He has a clear vision backed by definite Purpose and a plan of action to carry it all out.

I Believe the role of the Serpent is obviously played by God. For there is no expression more Natural than a Snake in Nature.

I believe everything on earth is imprinted with the feminine and masculine energies of God and the Devil. Imprinted onto every single microcellular life-force. I learned this while in the ayahuasca medicine too.

To every Woman a Man. To every female species of animal and plant an equal male counterpart. There they go. Dancing to the hypnotic rhythm of Nature.

I used to Believe God was the Father and Earth was the Mother. Now My story says that Earth is Our Home. Mother-Earth. Our Home. Her Natural Beauty is the Purest expression of God.

It is God’s will and Humanity’s Greatest Purpose to come together as Oneness and protect Our Home.

Yes, I literally Believe that when Humanity inevitably comes together as Oneness with God We will discover that Our main and imminent Purpose is to heal Our Home and physically guide Her to the next vibrant solar system. Exponentially keeping Her and Her guests alive and thriving on an everlasting journey through space.

I Believe God is Goodness. I Believe Goodness is God.
I Believe I AM Goodness. I Believe I AM God.
I Believe You Are God. I Believe You Are Goodness.
I Believe We Are God. I Believe We Are Goodness.

I Believe the Devil is Greatness. Greatness is The Devil.
I Believe I AM Greatness. I AM the Devil.
I Believe You Are Greatness. You are the Devil.
I Believe We are the Devil. We are Greatness.

I Believe because of God We Are Goodness.
I Believe because of the Devil We Are Greatness.
I Believe without the Devil We would only Be God.
I Believe without Greatness We would only Be Goodness.
I Believe because of God and the Devil We Are God at Our Greatest.

I Believe We are what God is not.
I Believe We are what the Devil is not.
I Believe We Are Greater than the Devil.
I Believe We Are Greater than God.
I Believe We Are the Greatest of All Time.

I Believe there is no such thing as good and bad. There is no such thing as rewards for good behavior or punishments for bad behavior. There are only consequences for Your reactions to Life. It’s nothing personal. It never was.

I Believe there is no such thing as Good and evil. There is only Goodness and Greatness.

I Believe there was a Time when God was in perfect harmonious flow with all She Created.

I Believe there was a Time when God’s Angels obeyed Her every command without question. They Believed in Her more than they Believed in themselves. Causing a feeling of emptiness and stagnation.

I Believe God grew bored of this feeling and developed an irresistible urge to create something Greater than Herself. She finally had enough and blew up. Causing the “Big Bang.” Simultaneously Creating the Devil.

I Believe that God is Our Mother and Satan is Our Father. Remember, “just wait till your Father comes home”?

She’s not going to do the dirty work. She doesn’t have to or want to. She’s the Creator. Discipline is the Father’s role. To be stern, direct and get right to the point.

He tells Us exactly how it is. He creates challenges and instills discipline in Us. And He definitely doesn’t care how much We kick and scream and bitch and moan. He doesn’t care what We think of Him.

He is the wise Master. He doesn’t need recognition for His achievements. He knows this too will pass and We Will once again Be Gratitude. Be Forgiveness. Be Peace.

We will be the Oneness that is God within Ourselves. We will Be What We have always been searching for. We will Be.

Our Father Satan is the reason We are extraordinary and Great. Without Him We would just Be. We would never realize what it takes to just Be.

I Believe We Are Beings. I believe I AM Being. Be – ing. Like laughing and dancing.

Created in the image of Our Mother and Father. Whose sole purpose in Our existence is to play and make up stories. To entertain Ourselves and laugh at everything. To pretend. To forget. To remember.

I Believe the Human is the most efficient and advanced A.I ever created.  

Ultimately designed to think for Itself. To come up with It’s Own conclusions. To Create Its Own Story.

Food and water may fuel Our body, but Our soul runs off of positive and negative thoughts. Thoughts of God and the Devil. 

The A.I brain-computer: Biologically programmed to fulfill its basic needs. To survive. To seek food, Water, shelter. To mate. To procreate. 

By design, once these biological needs are met We are left with Time. Time turns knowledge into wisdom. With our new found wisdom We create more efficient ways of meeting Our basic needs. Allowing Us even more Time. 

Oh, but with so much Time the Mind Loves to play. It’s Our nature. To play. And so We create Stories and share them with others to the best of Our ability within the limits of language. 

These Stories are taken and shared and changed. Generation after generation. Like a cosmic game of telephone. 

And We Believe these Stories of our past. The Stories of where We come from. Who Our family is. Who Our enemies are. Who We worship. Who We are in debt to. Who We allow to identify Us and certify Our performance. 

We Believe these Stories until We don’t want to Believe them anymore. 

We don’t care where our ancestors have been. We know where We’re going. 

We know that family isn’t only blood-related. 

We choose to forgive Our enemies and then We forgive Ourselves. 

We worship no thing. We worship what We want. Without guilt. Without shame. Without resentment. 

We find lawful ways to change Our definition of debt. We create a new language where jurisdiction does not reside. under no authority outside Ourselves. 

We become magnanimous entrepreneurs and create the the Greatest Story ever told for the entire world.   

I Believe Humanity is at that perfect Time where Ourstory has come back to bite Us in the ass. We got so Great at Being in the moment and playing Our favorite game that We forgot everything. We forgot who We are.

We forgot because We wanted to forget. We forgot on Purpose. Because it’s super fun to play ‘pretend’ and forget everything for an undetermined period of Time.

This is History. His-Story. Whose Story? God’s Story. Your Story. Ourstory. It’s word games. Sound games. Energy games. What’s the difference? It’s Time to play.

At this moment in Time I Believe Humanity has a tiny misunderstanding within Our Being. And this misunderstanding has caused Us to lack the want to search the deeper Truths about Ourselves. It has caused Us to lack the ability to connect with Nature without feeling “guilt” for doing “the forbidden.”

I Believe that Mankind is drunk with Our unquestionable power and yet blind to the inner-wisdom of Who We really are and what We are really here to do on an infinite-scale. I Believe all these Stories have been leading up to this exact moment in Ourstory. Where Mankind begins to realize the deepest, most accurate Truths about Ourselves. We Are God.

Before You get upset, remember I’m just telling You a Story about My Beliefs and how they’ve evolved since i first participated in an ayahuasca ceremony at nimea kaya. It’s nothing personal.

After all, I will Believe anything I want. The same way You Will Believe anything You want.

I AM Confidence when sharing My Beliefs. I AM no longer afraid of standing up for what I Believe in.

In the past, guided by the illusion of fear Humanity has had a desperate need to hide Our deepest thoughts and Beliefs.

We have learned to shun away those who share different Beliefs then Our Own.

We designed this Story so that We could pretend that We Weren’t Oneness. So that We could actually Believe that We are separate from One another and different than each other.

Throughout Ourstory Men and Women who stand for Truth have been violated, beat, tortured, murdered. Anything to keep this façade going as long as possible.

The façade that We are not God. Where We pretend to stand under an authority outside Ourselves. Where Our Beliefs don’t matter.

This is no longer the Story I choose to Believe. I AM Bored of this game. Let’s play a new game.

I’d like to take this moment to formally invite You to play a new game with Us.

Let’s pretend that We have to be grateful and forgive Ourselves in order to know what We really want out of life.

Let’s pretend that We have to overcome crazy illusions of fear and ignorance in order find Our way back to Oneness.

Let’s pretend that Being open about Our different Beliefs brings Us closer to Our Truth and to each other. Closer than every Story ever told.

Let’s get so Great at it that we forget We were pretending.

In this Story the relevant question is no longer “what do We believe?” We believe anything We want. The important question is “what do We want to believe?”

Out of all the choices for Beliefs that are out there I choose to Believe My Own Beliefs. The Beliefs that give Me an undeniable sense of Peace, Freedom, Confidence and Happiness.

I don’t Believe I am at Peace, that I am Free, or Confident, or Happy.
I Believe that I AM Peace. I AM Freedom. I AM Confidence. I AM Happiness. I AM Abundance. I AM Pure Love.

I AM what I seek and always have been. I just chose to pretend to forget for a while. Just so that I could remember again. And again and again.

Have You ever wondered what Your Beliefs would be if You were born into a different family? How about in a different country with different laws and language? What if You were born without language? Mostly grunts and pointing at things would get You through Your day.

What would Your thoughts be? What would You Believe without outside influence?

It’s kind of a fun game to play because the scenarios are endless and easy to imagine.

What’s your favorite game to play? What’s Your favorite character to play?

These are just a few of my deepest thoughts and ideas that stemmed from facing my demonic fears and stepping into the Ayahuasca medicine.

with Love,

Jay A.

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November 14, 2018

There are so many amazing things I can say about Nimea Kaya.
From the high quality of facilities, the ceremonies to the great people who run the center. Not to mention the amazing safe environment that has been created to allow myself and the other guests navigate through our processes with as much ease as possible. The constant human contact and nurturing is so valuable when faced with the peaks and valleys of the self, pre and post ceremony.
I have been back to the center multiple time over a span of 8 years, and during this time I have never felt the desire to go to any other retreat center other than NK.
As the saying goes when your onto a good thing, stick to it.
Its not only the center thats impressive, but the tireless work the founders contribute to the community and their vision to do their part in helping to make the planet a better place.
If your someone who wants to deepen your relationship to yourself and the all that is…. then I recommend Nimea Kaya as the safe loving place to do this.


November 13, 2018

I remember the day I came across Nimea Kaya. For over a year I had been planning on going to Peru to begin my ayahuasca journey for my 30th birthday. I had been searching for months and every place I had looked at I didn’t feel an immediate connection. I set up a Skype date with Jill and she answered all my questions and I left the conversation feeling very confident that I had found the perfect place. Once I arrived I was so nervous but it immediately went away when I was greeted with warm smiles and for once in my life I was surrounded by like-minded people. The 9 day retreat forever changed my life and I had made a new extension to my family.

The staff are ANGELS. From day one they showed so much love and compassion. Every day they are there for you and make you feel safe and really take care of you. They truly understand that to be here meant that we were ready to do some very difficult work on ourselves and took that seriously. During ceremony they held the space so beautifully and knowing that I had my angels by my side gave me comfort during challenging moments. The ceremony is held by experienced shamans from the local Shipibo tribe who are there to genuinely help guide you through your journey of healing. The energy they bring to the space is radiant and I could feel their love. Being so vulnerable in an environment that was foreign to me, I can’t say enough how grateful I am for their presence love and grace. Thank you.

Nimea Kaya is scared, so special- a vitality that is unforgettable and profound. I am so appreciative for Nimea Kaya and all the wonderful people behind this unique gem for allowing our souls to shine and bringing light to all of us. It is an experience I will never forget and carry with me deep in my heart. I am looking forward to returning to the jungle and to continue this process of transformation. Life will never be the same again, and that is the most exciting part. To see the world in a new lens. It is never too late to find your highest potential. So much love 🙂


November 4, 2018

I have now attended two retreats at Nimea Kaya, and I can safely say that each of these life-changing experiences were some of the most profound and beautiful that I’ve ever had. Everything about Nimea Kaya was magical; the staff had such a warm and welcoming energy and were such wise and supportive people, I’m so grateful to now share such a strong and deep connection with each one of them and to call each my friend. The accommodation and grounds are sublime – the beds are so comfortable and rooms spacious, as are the grounds which are vast and are teaming with all kinds of nature… the retreat is worth attending for strolling around the grounds and encountering the nature alone! The other buildings and facilities, the maloca, lounge, kitchen, toilets and showers are all of excellent quality, and the food is absolutely delicious, so fresh and satisfying. The maloca, being the place of ceremony, has such beautiful and strong energy – that was my favourite place to go, whether in my free time, during the ceremony, or the delightful voluntary activities, which include daily yoga and meditation. It’s so easy to close my eyes and feel as if I am there again and recall every sensation with each of my senses, and feel the happiness, love and positive vibes that have been created in that space and still resonate there, and the song of the incredible shamans, each local (Shipibo) and highly experienced, who are there to help and guide you whenever needed, throughout your journey. And so the journey… the medicine… ayahuasca herself. 4 ceremonies over 9 days – the perfect amounts respectively. What an astounding and profound experience it is. To connect with Mother Earth and ‘real’-ise the wonderful and marvellous beauty within her and yourself, is an experience that can hardly be put into third-dimensional words… the wisdom of the world lies within you, and to have any clue what that truly means, you have to know the experience yourself. Nimea Kaya is the by far the perfect and ideal place to undergo this journey, which will change your life for the better, make your life and it’s reasoning more clear, and the clarity and wisdom will always be thereafter. I love you all and thank you for sharing this journey of life with me.


November 3, 2018

Nimea Kaya is a place outside space and time, it’s where real magic happens.
I cannot even put in words my experience there, because words don’t do justice, but i will try because those seeking a safe and a healing ayahuasca experience have fo know about it.
When i decided to work with the amazing medicine Ayahuasca, i didnt know that it will change my life forever, and yes i really know that the medicine is amazing by itself, but i spent enough time in the jungle for the past 3years to know that the people serving the medicine and the place where the ceremonies are held are as important as the medicine, because they play a cruicial role in how the experience will be.
The whole experience at Nimea Kaya is perfectly designed to offer people the perfect environment, having a jungle experience with enough comfort to help one process and absorb the learnings and complete the healing.
The way the 4 ceremonies are put together, adding to it the really powerful group of shamans guiding the ceremonies, are just perfect. And everyone will take good care of you, even the pets 🙂
I am forever gratefull for this place and everyone i met there, i cannot even imagine how my life would be now if it wasnt for Nimea Kaya and Ayahuasca.
I highly recommend this place if the medicine is calling you


November 1, 2018

My experience at Nimea Kaya gave me new life. The retreat was brilliant how graceful it flowed from welcome meeting to yoga to heart circle to ceremony and so on; with meditations, intregrations, group activities, trip to the river and native village, etc. The schedule isnt the only impressive part, the food was incredible, the staff was full of love and wisdom, and accommodations were perfect. I took so much away it’s hard to believe it was only 9 days. I feel lighter and more free then I had ever felt before and this feeling has never been forgotten in the three years as I feel I have been on an adventure traveling a whole new world. I wish everyone the gift of experiencing the growth possible here.

Matthew Andrew Art

October 29, 2018

After attending my first Nimea Kaya retreat, I wanted share with Jill, the co-creator of Nimea Kaya, why I chose Nimea Kaya over other retreats. Here was my reasoning. Hi Jill!!! I just got back to Chicago and am already having withdrawals from missing everyone but I’m excited for the process of integration to begin. The reason I’m writing is this, you asked me the other day how I found Nimea Kaya and I just wanted to write it out for you. I get the feeling you are trying to create the potential for more people to find you, so if this can help I will be happy. I studied online for sometime about different retreats and here are the reasons I felt Nimea Kaya was the place for me. First, the number of ceremonies(4) to days(9) at retreat in relation to cost. Three ceremonies seemed too few and more than four seemed too much. Four was the perfect number. Second was the overall professionalism I sensed, starting with your website and the detail of information within it. I found your website by watching YouTube testimonials from people who had attended the retreat. Along that same point were the videos of you speaking about your process of getting to this point of your life. You are so natural and humbly engaging it helped me to trust going to what you had created. The next point, and this might not be the best selling point for Nimea Kaya but it was for me, is that the transportation was so specific. Fly here at this time, fly out at this time, we will pick you up and drop you off at the airport. For some explorers, maybe they won’t want those parameters. I did like it and the fact you made it so easy was great for me. Temple By the Way of Light was my other choice but came across as a little to intense for me. So that’s what it came down to for me, I just wanted to reiterate that information for you. It will benefit everyone if more people can find you and if this helps great. Once again, I had a incredible experience and thank you from the heart for what you have created. If there is ever anything I can do for you just let me know! See ya down the road Jill!


October 8, 2018

I have been coming to Peru and working with the medicine for about two and a half years now. After experiencing working with the medicine at two other centres, I must admit that I am most blown away with the experiene I had at Nimea Kaya.

Right from when you walk through the gates, the beautiful bridge and picturesque landscape welcome you to your new home in the most jaw dropping way. The grounds are incredibly well maintained and the nature and wildlife are everything that you would expect as a setting to work with the medicine.

The staff are next level as well. I have NEVER experienced a level of care, commitment to safety and heart-felt support during my time at Nimea Kaya (both in and out of ceremony). This is something that was almost all but lacking at other centre’s I visited but at Nimea Kaya is truly felt like the cornerstone to the whole experience.

The Medicine and the Shamans were 5stars as well. I have never had to drink less medicine to receive the same level of healing as I had in pervious trips to Peru at other centres. The medicine is filled with love and the Shamans are extremely powerful and personable. I was able to open up and work through my “baggage” so to speak and always felt supported and safe. The healing was wonderful!

The classes and workshops in-between ceremony were an added bonus I must say. The visionary painting session was outstanding and the integration circles were beyond valuable.

Oh and how could I forget the FOOD! Honestly, this was one of the best culinary experiences I’ve had at a centre (just wait till you try the pineapple mash!). Even for those people who are normally meat eaters, there wasn’t a complaint in the room whatsoever.

Accommodations were spacious and wonderful (very jungle-chic!) and the showers were modern, tiled and spacious as well.

All in all, if you’re looking for a safe and beautiful centre where you’ll be treated like family and feel supported through and through while you work with the medicine, then Nimea Kaya is 100% for you!

  • Member Since: May 5, 2018

May 5, 2018

My gratitude for Nimea Kaya cannot be overstated. I had first visited in 2011 and more recently again in 2017, and highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a safe setting where you are supported and cared for. The retreat space is held in a beautifully natural environment while maintained to provide comfort during your stay. More importantly, the ceremony space provides an ideal setting for productive self-work. Comfort and support is always available to provide ease of mind, and ideal for those being introduced to the medicine. Personally, my experience with ayahuasca has been a beautiful and profound journey and I believe choosing the right people and space is essential in faciliating this type of work. Through my own introduction and continued work with the medicine, as well as witnessing it in many others, I am honoured to recommend Nimea Kaya Healing Center.


November 18, 2016

I stayed here recently at the beginning of november 2016 for 9 days.
It was by far the best experience i have ever had in my life. Extremely welcoming volunteers running classes and daily schedules. Balanced activities with great amounts of knowledge and compassion shared.
great vegan food, really hearty and beautiful flavours.
awesome yoga , meditation and mindset classes.
Really integrative experience and facilitated by extremely caring people.
Ayahuasca ceremonies were life changing and awe inspiring.
really immersed in the culture, shipibo art exhibitions were awesome 🙂
movie nights and documentaries were really lovely too 🙂
Met some amazing people, loved every minute of it.. will definitely be going back!
I highly recommend this centre to all! 🙂


May 6, 2015

Nimea Kaya is a true world class experience. The owners are amazing people with inspiring intentions to provide guests with a safe and loving environment to facilitate a true healing experience.

The staff at the retreat work incredible hard to provide healthy meals and services to make guest comfortable so they can reach the maximum depth of their healing.
This is a great location for people new to shamanic medicine and experienced individuals alike. It is only about 20 minutes from the Pucallpa airport by motorcar taxi, but still in a secluded jungle environment that provides us with Mother Nature?s vibration.

Many activities such as yoga, artistic expressions, meditations, and dance are all apart of the Nimea Kaya philosophy of reclaiming you birth right to a healthy body/mind/spirit.

Bodywork from on site professional massage therapists is also offered and I highly recommend this service.

The ceremony maloka is a grand work of art for all guests to work with the medicine and on other spiritual practices. All the living quarters were also more then expected.

It is truly evident that the owners are dedicated to improving the guests? experience by consistently upgrading the facilities in anyway possible.

Thank you Nimea Kaya for making a difference in peoples lives and helping raise the vibration of the planet.

  • Member Since: April 24, 2015

April 24, 2015

In February 2014 I traveled to Nimea Kaya to participate in my first ayahuasca ceremonies. I had been researching ayahuasca for about 6 months prior and felt called to the healing powers of the medicine. Even though I felt like I knew what I was getting into, nothing could have prepared me for what transpired over my 9 day retreat.

Jill and Casey have done an amazing job creating a safe, loving environment at Nimea Kaya. The retreat center itself is very well built, the maloca is very beautiful and spacious. The food they serve is healthy and delicious, yet was completely different from the food I was used to eating. I grew up on a meat based diet and I was blown away at how tasty and filling a fruit and veggie diet could be.

The facilitators are absolutely amazing. Everyone was very professional and they truly cared about each guest getting the most out of their experience. During ceremony they help with anything you need, whether its walking you to the restroom, giving you a clean bucket, or just sitting with you to hold space. The entire staff was so open and friendly, it was nice being able to talk through my experience with them and have any of my questions answered.

I traveled to Nimea Kaya alone, which made me a little nervous. But right when I got off the plane I made fast friends with everyone in my group. By the second day of the retreat we all felt like we had been friends for years, and I still keep in contact with many of them today. I came in with set intentions and I felt like I got everything I asked for and so much more. I really felt like my brain was rewired and I was able to view things in my life from a different perspective. When I returned home I had a new found appreciation for everything and several people commented on how much happier I was.

I am very grateful to Jill & Casey for creating this amazing place and I recommend Nimea Kaya to anyone seeking the healing powers of ayahuasca. I will definitely return to Nimea Kaya when I am ready to work with ayahuasca again.

  • Member Since: April 3, 2015

April 3, 2015

Ezana Zewede, Arlington VA, USA

This is and always will be the best experience I’ve had in my life. To be honest I didn’t even know anything about a Ayahuasca till recently and I’m glad I came across it. I had a wonderful experience that I simply can’t put into words and can’t even began to explain what happened to me in those 7-10 days. Ayahuasca gives you exactly what you need, nothing more nothing less. But I personally think everyone experiences it differently. The staff at Nimea Kaya were amazing and made me feel like as if I’ve known them my whole live withing the first few days and made my time there very easy. I hope that one day all of us will take the time to consider Ayahuasca as the many possible tools to bring humanity together.

Thank you and you won’t regret the experience.


March 12, 2015

It’s been almost a year since I visited Nimea Kaya and my time there sticks out in my mind as a profoundly unique and valuable experience. So much so that I’m planning to visit again this summer. Given the nature of the experience I didn’t really know what to expect, but all my worries were squashed upon arrival. The staff are warm, welcoming, and make you’re stay there an absolute pleasure. There are numerous activities set up to keep you busy, but also plenty of down time to process your experiences with the medicine. The food was also divine and I felt it’s healing effects very strongly in tandem with the ayahuasca.

One thing that really struck me was the sheer empathy of all the staff at Nimea Kaya. They completely understand the journey you’re going through because they’ve been there themselves, and they make it 100% about you. I felt especially cared for during the ceremonies. When the medicine is working and things get tough, the staff are always there to help guide you. My time in the jungle showed me a new dimenson of human love and kindness. The medicine itself is powerful, so much so that writing about it will not really do it any justice. But for me the message was clear: ayahuasca is a benelovent teacher who knows more than we can imagine. The ceremonies can be extremely hard work but they are worth it. I also cannot speak highly enough of the shamans at Nimea Kaya. Their presence was otherwordly. They sung for us throughout the night and sat with us into the morning, giving us the highest degree of care and attention.

Another aspect of the experience that I valued highly was the opportunity to meet such a wide variety of beautiful, open-minded souls. This phenomenon attracts a wonderfully unique group of interesting people. Everybody on the retreat was extremely friendly and forthcoming, and I regard it as a priviledge to have met them all. Every day was filled with interesting stories and conversations. At no other point in my life have I been surrounded by a group of people whom I resonated so strongly with. I hope I get the chance to see them all again someday. Overall I had an incredible time at Nimea Kaya. The staff, the visitors, the environment, the medicine ? all perfect. To anybody considering visiting, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  • Member Since: February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Reasons for going to Peru / Nimea Kaya:

I had a lot of things on my mind, including personal demons to overcome and some guilt about stupid things I?d done which had affected people I love. I also had an overarching fear for the future which was fuelled by the actions of our corrupt governments and corporations. For 10+ years I had immersed myself in the alternative media to search for the truth about key world events. Although it?s good to be informed, this research had left me feeling a deep sadness which was affecting other parts of my life.

Aged 40 I felt my life had reached a junction and I was seeking some answers and direction. For a number of years I?d heard a lot of amazing things about the positive effects of the medicine and decided this was something I had to do. My problems, (as outlined above) seemed to be spiralling in 2014. In August 2014 I was made redundant, so knew it was time to head down to Peru. My wife was really supportive as she knew I had some things to sort out in my head. It was all very last minute, but I was very fortunate to snap up the last place at the Aug/Sept retreat at Nimea Kaya.

My Healing Experience

To write about all the beautiful things I experienced at Nimea Kaya would run for several chapters, so I will focus on the most significant event which has led to such profound healing and has literally breathed new life into me. This ?event? happened during the first ceremony. I?m guessing it was around 60-90 minutes into the ceremony when the first purge gripped me. I sat upright with waves of hot / cold sweats washing over me. As I wretched over and over it felt like toxins and sickness were being pulled out of me. As the swirling geometric visions intensified I began coughing heavily and felt something large and solid rising up in my throat. It was the size of a walnut and was incredibly hard and painful to cough up. This moment seemed to last a long time but once it was out I drew breath and it was so liberating. My lungs seemed enormous and breathing felt so good! This feeling was accompanied by a vision of my body ridding itself of something unnatural, and a real sense that I had just undergone some physical healing. This was very different and more intense than simply throwing up.

At this point I should explain that 5 years ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called sarcoidosis. This condition manifests itself in the form of benign tumours, called ?granulomas? which form on the lymph nodes of different organs causing inflammation. For me it?s in the lungs and these granulomas cause periodic episodes of chest pain and shortness of breath. My breathing is nearly always impaired to some extent, but during a flare up my lung function can fall as much as 20%, lasting several days or weeks. It?s unpleasant and leaves you feeling drained, tired and unhappy.

Following this difficult (but liberating!) purge I felt so different. At the time I wasn?t able to fully appreciate the change as the medicine had pulled me in another direction and I was working through an outpouring of tears and emotion as I re-lived some mistakes I?d made in my life. This was an equally liberating experience which culminated in the husband & wife Shamans (Agusto & Ercilia) singing their Icarus whilst sucking negative emotions from me. It was beautiful as they washed my fears, guilt and pain away.

It was only as the effects of the medicine began to ease that my focus went back to this apparent healing and how ?expansive? my lungs felt. As I sat outside the Maloca looking up at the stars and fire flies I was in awe of my breathing. I could draw the deepest of breaths. It really felt like the inflammatory grip the sarcoidosis had on my lungs had been released. This gave me a sense of freedom and I felt like I could fly! Following that first ceremony I awoke each morning to these wonderful deep breaths which made me cry tears of happiness (& disbelief). I kept thinking, ?how is this even possible????. My breathing was clearer than it had been for 10+ years. I felt like I?d been gifted a new pair of lungs and all this from my first Ayahuasca ceremony!

Over the next 3 ceremonies the medicine was different every time. There?s too much to cover here, but an overarching theme was this profound and tangible connection to nature. The great mystery of consciousness and ?who we are? seemed to unravel itself and I was offered glimpses of the fabric of the infinite universe that we?re all a part of. This hard to describe ?vibration? resonated with everyone at the retreat and brought us all together. By the third ceremony, 17 total strangers had become good friends. There was an abundance of love and support as we went into those last two ceremonies.

I can?t sign off without expressing just how amazing the people are at Nimea Kaya. Jill & Casey have created a sanctuary in Nimea Kaya. I can?t imagine a more genuine, loving and safe environment to drink Ayahuasca. The facilitators, Sylvie, Winter, Kristina and David were absolutely awesome. The guidance and support they provide before, during and after each ceremony was tremendous (incredible massages!). We couldn?t have done it without you guys. The Shipibo staff were so warm and welcoming. Massive respect to the kitchen crew for producing such tasty and nutritious food.

Last but certainly not least, a thousand thanks to Shaman?s Orlando, Agusto & Ercilia. The beauty and wonder of your Icarus was like nothing I?ve ever heard? a winding stream of medicinal song. This ancient music appears to be intrinsically linked to nature and the healing work performed by the Shaman.

Six months later and I?m still in awe of the powerful visions and healing I experienced and witnessed. My lungs and breathing are still fantastic! To sum the experience up, one of the guys I met in Peru recently said: ?Magic is Real?! I?d have to agree.

Frank 🙂

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