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  • San Ramon, Costa Rica
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Ayahuasca Retreat

     New Life Ayahuasca offers a 5, 7, 10 and 14-day ayahuasca retreat in the mountains of San Ramon, Costa Rica.  Our mission is to provide compassionate retreat program options  to others who are seeking to restore balance to their lives through spiritual and personal healing. Our retreat schedule includes 3 ayahuasca ceremonies, daily yoga, daily sound therapy (gong meditation), a massage and a trip to the beach/waterfall or hot springs. Optional Kambo sessions are also available. Spacing is limited for ayahuasca retreat to 6 participant per week to be sure we can provide individualized attention and support during such a profound experience.


Our beautiful facility  in  San Ramon, Costa Rica, is secluded in the mountains about an hour from SJO airport. All guest receive private rooms and full bathrooms equipped with hot water. Guests are invited to use our pool, hot tub and gym anytime during their stay. Our vast 20 acre property is filled  with lush vegetation, fruit trees and trails perfect for nature walks. Our facility also offers incredible views of the Nicoya Golf on the Paclific coast of Costa Rica, where the sunset can be viewed  in a breathtaking display of color.



We conduct intimate ceremonies (maximum of 6 participants) that are performed with respect to the traditions that have surround the use of the sacred medicine ayahuasca for centuries. Matt, our founder and director, acts as a guide for the experience. Matt’s intentions and passion in his work are unparalleled. There is no question of his integrity and his sincerity in his mission to help others. His presence during ceremony is strong and grounding. Matt sings Icaros, plays the Gong and Tibetan Singing bowl and occasionally drums and guitar to help guide the participants’ experience.  No participant is ever left alone during ceremony. Our ceremonies include the use of sage, palo santo, copal and florida water.



New Life Ayahuasca offers additional therapies to promote maximum healing during your retreat with us. We believe in combining plant medicines with holistic therapies to achieve a healthy balance of energies and to support tranquility, peace, and growth. Therapies we offer include Kambo, massage, daily yoga and sound therapy. Our goal is to integrate each of these additional therapies into our ayahuasca retreats, with the hope that they will help each individual prepare physically and mentally for the ayahuasca experience .



Costa Rica is the perfect destination for a healing retreat. Not only is Costa Rica the safest country in Central America, but it is said to be home to the happiest people in the world, with the country motto “Pura Vida” which translates to ‘Pure Life’. Costa Rica is also extremely easy to get to.  Flights are only appx. $500 round trip from the US, and we provide complimentary pick-up at SJO airport, making the transition to our facility stress-free. Our location in the mountains also provides comfortable conditions, not too hot or cold, with temperatures averaging around 75-80 during the day and 65-70 at night.



All ayahuasca brew provided by New Life Ayahuasca is prepared by an ayahuasca shaman in Iquitos, Peru using only b. caapi and chaliponga. All ingredients for the brew are grown on the shaman’s farm and selected for the brew based on the maturity of the plants. No datura (toe), additives or fillers are used in any way. Our mission is always to provide the best and safest ceremonies possible.



To be sure all potential guests can safely participate in ayahuasca ceremonies, New Life Ayahuasca conducts brief medical screening before accepting any participants for ayahuasca retreat.  While ayahuasca is primarily considered safe, ayahuasca brew contains MAOIS, which could cause negative interactions when combined with certain medications, so it is extremely important to disclose any medications you may be taking prior to booking a retreat. In order to reduce harm and promote safety by avoiding potential contraindications of MAOIs with foods, we provide all meals in accordance with the ayahuasca diet.  If you have any questions regarding any medications you may be taking, please get in touch.



We understand and respect the power all plant medicine. New Life Ayahuasca founders, Matt and Jeanae, first began their work in Costa Rica with iboga at our sister program through New Life Iboga. We continue to offer ibogaine therapy for psycho-spiritual growth in a joint 2 week program featuring ibogaine and ayahuasca.  We have found that participation in ayahuasca ceremonies after ibogaine treatment can have profoundly beneficial results.


17 reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Member Since: January 23, 2020

January 22, 2020

This place claims that Costa Rica is the safest country in Central America, which is untrue. People leave Costa Rica to live in Panama. I know. I live in Panama and ask those who come here why. Check the statistics. With this false claim, I must question all their other claims, although I have not been there and partaken of their ceremonies. Be careful!

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