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  • Iquitos Peru

In the rainforest near the city of Iquitos sits Maya retreat where we offer traditional Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Sapo/Kambo Ceremonies in a beautiful rainforest setting.

We have an amazing natural spring water pond for swimming, a mud bath, individual and shared traditional style rooms as well as double rooms for couples, nutritious food and much more. We aim to offer you a safe, comfortable and relaxed environment for you to experience the sacred plant Ayahuasca and the other plant medicines we work with.

We are a family run centre with first hand experience of the healing potential and spiritual enlightenment this beautiful plants have to offer. Here at Maya, we consider ourselves very privileged to be the bridge between yourself and Mother Ayahuasca.

OUR SHAMAN: Isidoro Conde Acho, of the Yagua people, was born in Masan on the river Napo one hour from Iquitos. He is 30 years old and has been studying and working with Ayahuasca for the past twelve years and is an Ayahuasquero vegetalista. Besides their work with Ayahuasca, Vegetalistas gain their power to cure from the ?vegetales?, the native plants of the region.

In order to work in this way a Vegetalista will undertake many different plant diets, in which they will spend a certain amount of time in solitude ingesting the plant itself and a minimal amount of plain food. This allows them to gain a deep relationship and alliance with the spirit of the plant. These plant spirits will then help and guide them in their healing work. The more plants they diet, the more powerful their healing will become and Isidoro is a dedicated partner to the spirit world of the vegetales.

Isidoro has been regularly dieting Amazonian plants for the full twelve years alongside his progressive work with Ayahuasca as well as researching further plants and has a great breadth of knowledge on this matter. This deep knowledge has lead to him successfully healing people from his community and visitors for a number of years.

Isidoro is a hard working, loving and humble family man and has been part of our lives in Peru and of our Maya team since day one, we feel very privileged to have him working at our centre.

At Maya we have various options of length of stay for you to choose from depending on your needs. 10 days is the shortest length offered as we feel this is really the least time possible to make significant progress in yourself and with Ayahuasca.


9 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

December 30, 2017

I stayed at Maya for three weeks this month. Words fail me to express how wonderful my stay was. David, the Shaman, is an absolute beautiful being who leads powerful ayahuasca ceremonies. He is always available for support and guidance and is a real Mensch, human being. He also has several students residing with him who are training to be Shaman. All the students are very friendly, supportive and have a lot of integrity and an immense dedication towards their training. The center is absolutely lovely, the rooms are comfortable and very adequate. There is a lovely community house where everyone gathers throughout different times of the day to chat. It is left up to the participants how actively they wish to engage with the community. I often spent time alone in my room to meditate and just be by myself, which was actually encouraged while I was on a plant diet for nine days. Dieting the plant in addition to drinking ayahuasca was a life changing experience for me. I released years of childhood trauma and suffering. I had been to another center for three weeks prior to this, so I was already on a roll in terms of working with ayahuasca. Drinking ayahuasca is not an easy path because it can bring up all your shadows from the past. However, if you are diligent and can stay with the process when it gets difficult, it is so worth it. David and the students are such great supports in this process and I would recommend this place to anyone who is dedicated to working on themselves live a happy life.


July 16, 2015

My Stay at Maya Iquitos exceeded my expectations on every level.

After being picked up at the airport by Max, the friendly driver, I was not just treated as special guest, but I was welcomed by Brett and Naho into their tranquil space in the jungle as their friend.

The location of the retreat is perfect. Close enough to Iquitos should you need city facilities, yet far enough away from everything that you are in the jungle.

The retreats facilities are clean and comfortable.The dorms are lockable.
There is a spring, clay bath, paths around the property, many private tranquil spots for meditating, reading or just laying about in the hammocks?The setting has been crafted to perfection.

The meals are amazing – I could not believe we were being served such healthy, first class meals every day! It is clear to see that Naho?s passion and creativity has extended all the way to the menu, also with a deep understanding for what foods are right for the body whilst working with the medicines.

The care and thought that Brett and Naho have put into Maya is incredible. From the day to day running of the retreat to the safely run ceremonies, their attention to detail is mind blowing.

The ceremonies – Conducted by Sharman Isadoro, were amazing. I always felt safe and have complete trust in him as a Sharman, as he worked with me outside of ceremony with other medicines, that instilled a deeper confidence in his ability.

It is inspiring to see what Brett and Naho have done in building the retreat from the ground up. Hearing of their grand plans for the future Maya is still a work in progress, but they are showing what beautiful things are possible when your goal is solely to do good in this world and help people.

Whether it be Naho?s caring, compassionate, friendly personality or Brett?s vast life experiences ( that make him such an easy guy to talk to, with his calming energy and warm gentle presence in ceremony ) I believe they are the perfect management team for such a retreat. I wish them all the success possible.

If it is your first time working with these medicines, or you are travelling to Iquitos with experience, If you are looking for a safe caring environment I have no hesitation in recommending Maya.

I have already recommended Maya to family and close friends.

When the time comes to book another trip to Iquitos I look forward to returning to Maya.

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July 7, 2015

As a solo female traveller looking to experience Ayahuasca (& more) for the first time I was so happy I chose Maya Retreat! I felt completely at home and safe thanks to Brett, Naho and Isidoro. This was one of the best experiences of my life and I have them to thank. Their knowledge and guidance of plant medicine throughout my stay made me feel complete trust and ease towards what can be a nerve racking new experience. I have so much respect for their Shaman Isidoro. He is incredibly gifted, knowledgable and has such a big heart. I’ll never forget his chuckling during ceremony. Brett and Naho go above and beyond to make everyone feel so welcome, it was just like being at home. They are such beautiful people you’ll have made friends for life. My main concern before coming to Maya was THE FOOD!!!! the ayahuasca diet can really get you down if your a foodie, but Naho and the chef Peter always had me surprised at the creative meals brought to the table everyday. My tastebuds and tummy were always satisfied! The property is so serene, thick with jungle, animal life and a beautiful pond for swimming. You can easily spend entire days swinging in the hammock in awe of the butterflies dancing through the jungle. Overall I’m so thankful I chose Maya Retreat for my experience. To anyone considering Maya Retreat for their Journey, I can’t recommend it enough! I miss Isidoro, Brett and Naho and I wish them all the happiness this life has to offer!


July 6, 2015

I have spent 2 weeks in Jungle with these wonderful people, Brad, Naho, and all others!
This was firs time experience for me, and I wasn’t sure about anything, so I choose Maya retreat.
I was met at airport and brought to retreat safely.
Retreat is located in the secluded area, and it is very quite and cozy place!
Dorms are clean and comfy, bathrooms are strategically placed :-), showers a great plus! Main house is a great place to relax before ceremonies or just swing in the hammock.
Food was excellent, prepared with love!
I loved that it was no electricity and it felt so natural and wild!
I would highly recommend this place, and differently would come back again!
Planning for next year!
Great place!
Thank you Naho, Brett, Isidoro for wonderful experience!


June 13, 2015

I just got back from the 10 day program and it was wonderfull! Brett and Naho are very good people, very caring and helpfull. Peter the cook and Eddy the maintenance guy were also very friendly and helpfull.
Isidoro, the shaman, is such a humble and caring man. He really knows what he’s doing. You can be sure that there’s no to

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June 8, 2015

If anyone is searching for a great place to do ayahuasca I highly recommend Maya retreat for a number of reasons. The people who run it , Brett & Naho, are fabulous hosts, the food is healthy and beautifully prepared, the Shaman is very experienced and really cares about the people who come to him, he has vast knowledge of the Amazon healing plants and he has a very strong but quiet presence. The accommodations are clean, private and well furnished…you don’t share ( a big plus!). The environment is gorgeous, there’s a clean water pond to swim, a mud bath and jungle to go for walks.
I chose the Maya retreat as you can stay for any length of time other than the set dates, I stayed for 16days…they also do san pedro as well as sappo, which I wanted as well, the combination is very complimentary. It’s also inexpensive yet excellent quality…no cutting corners here.
I want to say a big thank you to Brett, Naho and their crew for providing such a great environment with so much love and care.

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March 19, 2015

I had the most incredible time at this retreat and I would recommend this place to anyone!

If you are female and want to experience ayahasca and want to do the journey by yourself I can assure you with a 100 percent certainty this is the place for you. I came to Peru by myself, which I was a little nervous about. Every


February 18, 2015

I stayed at Maya last autumn for my very first Aya experience and I had an incredible time. I really went without any expectations, other than to surrender to the Mother for an inside out deep cleansing. Which is excactly what I received – and on so many levels. As well as Aya I had San Pedro, Kampo (very powerful!) and tobacco purges. Each helped me heal from a medical condition that usually takes months or even years to recover from.

Accommodation – was very comfortable – warm and dry and great mattresses!
Showers were lovely. The whole property was always clean and well cared for.

The environment is amazing – a beautiful lake for swimming after the medicines was not only therapeutic to bathe in, it was absolutely gorgeous to wander around in as well.

Naho’s cooking is out of this world. Each meal beautifully prepared to fit the Aya diet and so so tasty. You get hungry doing medicine work and so meal times are a time to treasure. Naho is very skilled at providing great nourishing food and plenty of it. One of the many highlights for me!

Brett always has time to listen and he was incredible supportive to me – and my fellow travellers – at each ceremony. I always felt safe and looked after. He was always around at other times too, ready to listen and be supportive.

Isidoro was a brilliant shaman and I particularly loved his singing of the icaros.
Highly recommended experience.

So my advice to anyone considering trying Aya is to go to a place that is recommended to you. And to trust in the natural healing ability of this incredible plant medicine. Get out of your own way. And don’t jump into the fear… anything you will see is from inside of you. So don’t identify yourself with your fear. Remain an observer and you’ll have a blast – however challenging the experience might be.

There will be times of bliss, and at other times you’ll wonder what the hell you’re doing there. Par for the course. Just surrender, let go and let the consciousness of the plants work their magic.


February 13, 2015

I returned from here 2 days ago, and I had a great experience !
I was at Maya Retreat Iquitos for 14 days and I had 5 ayahuasca ceremonies 1 San Pedro and 2 Sapo. I went there as opposed to other centers based solely on my instinct and due to the fact that I couldn’t find any negative feedback on line about them.
My instinct was based on the fact that the place looked neat and I could sense an ego free environment from the pictures!
I was a bit unsure that they will be qualified in shamanic aspect of ayahuasca and also in the quality of the brew, but I was willing to risk it, so I went there.
I arrived late at night and there was someone to pick me up from the airport in Iquitos and deliver me safe to the Center.
The rooms are new and comfortable, Naho does a great job cooking so food is amazingly clean and tasty. Brett has this superhuman ability to empathize with anyone and he is a very patient hoast, giving all the time I needed and never rushing me. Ishidoro, the shaman, is only 31 years old but one can feel a deep wisdom and maturity behind his sharp eyes, he is very knowledgable and experienced in “curanderismo” , working with a multitude of plants and insects as medicine.
The ayahuasca brew, San Pedro and Sapo are all made on the property and are very potent as opposed to being bought from outside, which is a big plus, one can feel the love and care applied there 🙂
Overall I appreciate most the lack of ego that I found there, felling secure by watching the care and decency that the women were treated with by the shaman and the owner, a remarkable aspect not to be taken lightly. I have heard so many stories about women being abused while under the effect of the medicine, so this is very relevant for a female when she makes a decision based on personal safety !
A great personal experience for me! I felt like I went in 3/4 full of wellness and I came out overflowing of it. Also I felt I got some of my sense of wonder back and that was no easy task, and it was a result of the harmonious human interaction that I experienced while there!
Thank you Brett and Naho!
I will be seeing you again….!

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