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Jakon Nete is an Authentic Shipibo Healing Center that is owned and operated by Maestro Jorge Lopez Pinedo, working together with his wife – Maestra Sulmira, and her son – Maestro Wilmer. We are proud to be one of the first Shipibo-owned Ayahuasca centers operating outside of Iquitos, Peru.

This family of Shipibo healers felt called to open their own center to share in it’s purest form the indigenous healing techniques that have been passed on to them through generations and do their part in creating a better world.

Having a whole family of healers, who individually and collectively live with integrity and love, is the most distinct aspect of this center and one that differentiates it from all others

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April 28, 2017

Hi! I want to start my review by pointing out that I met Maestros Jorge and Wilmer at 2 separate retreats at the Temple of the way of light, and that I had a an amazing experience with them as healers.

* sorry for the super long post explaining my situation in detail…

I decided to visit their center this time and I wired $625 usd to Jorge on March .
Unfortunately some unexpected money issues came up to me and I wasn’t going to be able to make my trip soon.
I asked maestro Jorge at the beginning of this month if it was possible to make a refund. After not hearing from him for days I sent a second msg waited again and wrote to Jakon Nete’s email where I got “I’m sorry but I no longer work for Jakon Nete, “Guille”.
So I messaged the center’s fb and basically told me they were sorry but that I had to solve this directly with Jorge as he handles the money and that besides that my spot was held for April 12th in which they could keep my deposit because I was cancelling some days in advance. I let them know there is a mistake, that I never confirmed a date to anyone since I did not know this myself, and that I was actually trying to fix this with Jorge directly but he wasn’t responding. They said “I totally understand you, the thing is that I don’t work for Jorge, only for Sulmira and Wilmer”. (¿?)

I waited for a week and try to reach out to Jorge again and he responded that the money had already been invested and that I could visit whenever I wanted.
(Jakon Nete posted days before that they need a translator at their center for a mínimum stay of 3 months in exchange for a free stay) so I replied to Jorge regarding that the money had been already invested, that I understood he couldn’t send a refund and asked if he though I could visit in Dec then and help for a month as a translator and anything else they needed help with in exchange of my 2nd deposit instead of completely for free as they offered in their post.
He answered, yes you can come, I need a translator and I said I would confirm to him days later if this was possible for me to do. Days later when I’m going to confirm, I notice he had blocked me from his fb.

I emailed Jakon Nete kindly explaining that this was turning too difficult and I’d rather get a refund and could wait until they had a new booking. They replied they understood I wanted a refund and said “I will speak with him surely and the situation will resolve, don’t worry, that maybe he blocked me under mistake and that maybe “he is a bit under stress”.. This was my first reply from “Simona”, and she also said ” I’ll do all what’s in my power to refund your money”.
I waited days and asked if she had a reply for me and she said yes and that it wasn’t good news. That it could take months before I could get a refund because the money had been invested already and said “Wasn’t this what you expected? Of course not, I have been not so clear, I’m sorry. But actually this are going like this unfortunately”.
and that Guille told her she was wrong for promising me a refund but she was trying to be comprehensive.
That the only way she could help me was by trying to talk to the Maestros months later when she visited the center as she leaves in Europe.

I told her I had been understanding and patient to wait for almost a month, and that after the contradictory and confusing replies I couldnt help but to feel distrustful. So waiting months was not an option for me. That if I couldn’t get a solution from anyone or get in touch with Jorge then I’d try posting this so maybe a guest could offer to send me their 1st or second deposit and keep mine instead.

Then Jorge writes me from his grandson’s fb, saying he didn’t blocked me, and that it seems there is someone that wants to make him look bad with the pasajeros. I said ok, Im glad this was a mistake, and asked him again if we can please work something out with a future guest to send me their deposit since he said mine was invested already. I never got a reply again.

I let Guille and Simona know days after t that I understand this is out of their hands to fix and that I don’t understand why this situation has turned so complicated and that I have exhausted my possibilities trying to get a reply from someone or get in touch with Jorge and that I’d have no choice then but to post this.
They asked me to reconsider since this would affect Wilmer and Sulmira’s reputation as well and they were not onvolved and suggested to try contacting Wilmer to tell him about what happened and said they were sure he could help.
I sent a msg and after days of not hearing from him of days I sent a second. I could see it was read but he never replied.
I posted this on their fb and they asked meif I could please change the names of Guille and Simona for “the administrators” because they said they wouldn’t like to be involved in this and told me if I didn’t then they would take the page down. After about an 1hr of reading their msg, they send a second not so nice msg for me, saying I was taking “too long” to reply because they seen the msg was read already when I have actually waited for weeks in the same situation without using my frustration as an excuse to disrespect or be rude to anyone but always expressed my gratitude for trying to help.
They have deleted the center’s fb now, so I completely give up on this situation
I am a disappointed about the way things turned out with my experience with Jakon Nete but I am still open to believe they are honest people with integrity and that this has been a big miscommunication issue and there is a will and intention to make my refund
Until then I feel it’s necessary that future guest are aware this could happen with their booking as it happened to me.

April 26, 2017

I was supposed to go to a different center, but the facilitator I had been speaking to there had quit and told me that the owner of that place was doing a lot of things out of a lust for money and to find myself a better center. She had worked with Jorge at the Temple of the Way of Light, and recommended the center he now runs, Jakon Nete. And I am so glad that she did, because I feel like this is exactly where I was supposed to be for my first Ayahuasca experience.

Jorge and Sulmira are some of the most loving, caring people I have ever encountered. Their Ayahuasca is well known in the area and their Icaros pierce the sky. I met two other travellers there who had had their first Ayahuasca experience at the Temple of the Way of Light and came back to Jakon Nete because of how amazing the shamans are.

This is a no frills center, meaning that there won’t be any entertainment. No wifi, no excursions, no tours, no hot tub or flat screen TV. Just good healing.

Jorge picked me up and dropped me off at the airport, and took me to Iquitos during my stay so I could see the markets and buy fruit.

I got my own hut with a hammock, bed with mosquito net, toilet, and shower. The food was good and healthy. But of course the thing that made this place amazing was their ceremonies, which were powerful. I also like that this center is owned by Jorge and Sulmira, so the money goes directly to them and their center.

I was so full of gratitude the whole time I was there that this is where I wound up, because this is exactly where I needed to be.

And I’m sorry that someone left that negative review. While I was there, they were in between facilitators because their facilitator had quit unexpectedly about a week prior to me coming there, which made everything a bit chaotic for them. I’m sorry that this person had such a hard time communicating with them and that he had a negative experience there.

Alli can speak for is myself and my experience, and I know that my path will lead me back to Jakon Nete someday.

November 21, 2016

Wow ! It is really an incredible and authentic shipibo center, this family is doing really and amazing job, it is really something to see them working as one in the maloca. I am truly blessed to had the chance to meet them. So much love and peace! I can’t recommend you enough to go there! 🙂

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