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Jakon Nete is an Authentic Shipibo Healing Center that is owned and operated by Maestro Jorge Lopez Pinedo, working together with his wife – Maestra Sulmira, and her son – Maestro Wilmer. We are proud to be one of the first Shipibo-owned Ayahuasca centers operating outside of Iquitos, Peru.

This family of Shipibo healers felt called to open their own center to share in it’s purest form the indigenous healing techniques that have been passed on to them through generations and do their part in creating a better world.

Having a whole family of healers, who individually and collectively live with integrity and love, is the most distinct aspect of this center and one that differentiates it from all others


8 reviews

4 out of 5 stars
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March 23, 2018

Mi chiamo Paolo e ho 58 anni. Sono arrivato a Jakon Nete il 19 gennaio, mi sono recato in questo centro per problemi di salute con l’intenzione di fermarmi un mese. I maestri mi hanno dato da prendere mururè e unghia di gatto come cura. Già dalle prime cerimonie sentivo qualcosa di strano che non riuscivo a capire, durante la terza cerimonia mi sono arrabbiato perché sentivo qualcosa di falso nei canti dei maestri e ho manifestato in maniera sottile il mio disagio durante la cerimonia, i loro canti mi davano fastidio, non c’era energia. E’ stata un’esperienza umanamente imbarazzante. Io ero abituato a cerimonie piene di energia, energia che a Jakon Nete ho sentito poco. Volevo andarmene, ma la persona che mi ha fatto conoscere il centro di Jakon Nete mi ha consigliato di restare e finire la mia cura, consigliandomi di accettare con gratitudine quello che i maestri potevano darmi, così io ho cercati di fare. nella cerimonia successiva la maestra Sulmira ha cantato con energia e mi è piaciuta ma il giorno dopo mi ha detto che non era riuscita a dormire, che aveva problemi di salute. Umanamente mi dispiace se i maestri hanno problemi di salute ma penso che se non possono garantire sempre almeno un minimo di energia dovrebbero prendere persone più forti per guidare le cerimonie, riposarsi e curarsi. Purtroppo le cerimonie successive ho sentito poca energia. Mi sono trovato a vivere una situazione imbarazzante, io mi sentivo pieno di energie e sentivo i maestri con poca energia, sentivo che non erano in grado di guidarmi nel percorso che stavo facendo. Il 10 febbraio un’altra cerimonia tremenda, senza energia. Sentivo che stavano mentendo. Dopo la cerimonia, in risposta alla domanda “come è andata la cerimonia?” ho spiegato alle persone che hanno partecipato con me alla cerimonia questo : 1) se non sento verità mi arrabbio 2) mi sento pieno di energie ma non mi sento guidato in questo percorso perché i maestri non hanno il potere per guidare me 3) sento i maestri decadenti, e questa è una loro responsabilità, una grande responsabilità verso la vita delle persone che frequentano il centro.
Ho sentito la mia vita in pericolo, sentivo di aver affidato la mia vita nelle mani di persone irresponsabili, più interessate ai soldi che al benessere delle persone.
Così ho deciso di chiudere la dieta e di andarmene. Il 14 febbraio di mattina sono andato a Iquitos.
Adesso mi sento peggio di quando sono partito per Jakon Nete, la salute non è migliorata. Tutte le mie cerimonie precedenti erano improntate sull’amore per le persone e la vita, a Jakon Nete ho imparato che posso provare anche rabbia e odio assumendo ayahuasca, avrei preferito non aver provato queste emozioni.

In English-

My name is Paolo and I am 58 years old. I arrived in Jakon Nete on January 19, I went to this center for health problems with the intention of stopping a month. The teachers gave me to take mururè and cat’s nail as a cure. Since the first ceremonies I felt something strange that I could not understand, during the third ceremony I got angry because I felt something false in the songs of the masters and I subtly expressed my discomfort during the ceremony, their songs bothered me, there was no energy. It was a humanly embarrassing experience. I was used to ceremonies full of energy, energy that I heard little to Jakon Nete. I wanted to leave, but the person who introduced me to the center of Jakon Nete advised me to stay and finish my care, advising to gratefully accept what the teachers could give me, so I tried to do. in the next ceremony the teacher Sulmira sang with energy and I liked it but the next day she told me that she could not sleep, that she had health problems. Humanly I’m sorry if the teachers have health problems but I think that if they can not always guarantee at least a minimum of energy they should take stronger people to guide the ceremonies, rest and cure themselves. Unfortunately, the subsequent ceremonies I felt little energy. I found myself living an embarrassing situation, I felt full of energy and I felt the teachers with little energy, I felt that they were not able to guide me in the path I was doing. On February 10th another tremendous ceremony, without energy. I felt they were lying. After the ceremony, in answer to the question “how was the ceremony?” I explained to the people who attended the ceremony with me: 1) if I do not feel the truth I get angry 2) I feel full of energy but I do not feel guided in this path because the masters do not have the power to guide me 3) I feel the decadent masters, and this is their responsibility, a great responsibility towards the life of the people who frequent the center.
I felt my life in danger, I felt I had entrusted my life in the hands of irresponsible people, more interested in money than in the wellbeing of people.
So I decided to quit my diet and leave. On February 14th in the morning I went to Iquitos.
Now I feel worse than when I left for Jakon Nete, health has not improved. All my previous ceremonies were based on love for people and life, I learned to Jakon Nete that I can also feel anger and hate assuming ayahuasca, I would have preferred not to have felt these emotions.

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March 19, 2018

I have stayed in Jakon Nete in October 2017. Maestro Jorge and Maestra Sulmira were kind, welcoming and humble. Both are powerful healers. Special thank you to Christopher, their assistant and translator. The food was as good as the food with no salt can get. The laundry done on a regular basis weather permitting. Everyone in a group had an individual tambo, that was cleaned on a daily basis. The security guards were always on the watch, I felt safe. Their staff were really friendly and hard-working people. For me it was challenging and yet amazing healing experience. The ceremonies were beautiful, it was an honor to share this experience with Maestras and group participants. I would love to come back to Jakon Nete one day. Thank you.


December 27, 2017

I planned on staying here for a whole month for a plant diet in Nov/Dec, 2017. There were only a handful of participants at the center during my stay and I found out from the Facilitator that they currently had a substitute cook, as they didn’t want to pay for the regular cook for just a few people. The food that was prepared for us was absolutely inedible. The cook kept not honoring the prescribed ayahuasca diet and kept putting salt and sugar in the food and served us fried food and caffeinated teas. The facilitator also found rotten food in the kitchen one day that the cook was about to serve us. Please know that I am not a picky eater, however, the food here was a disgrace and even when we went to complain to the Maestros (Shaman) twice as a group, they would not change the cook and refused to bring the regular cook back to safe money. I was getting sick from the food and was not able to stay at this center to do the emotionally difficult work I was prepared to do and had done during my 3-week ayahuasca retreat at a different center the weeks before. So ultimately I felt that I needed to leave this center, as I simply didn’t feel safe here.

Furthermore, the Shaman did not seem to be dedicated to their work. They walked in to the Maloka at the beginning of the ceremonies, and first thing they would do is lie down for a while and yawn a lot. They always seemed tired and would only chant very little during ceremony. It seemed like they would just put in the bare minimum of what they were required to do.

In the end, when I felt I needed to leave and asked for 3 weeks of money back (the time I had paid for but would no longer stay because of the Shaman’s negligence with regard to the food), the Shaman at first refused to reimburse me any money at all and took absolutely no responsibility for what had happened with the food situation. The Facilitator was moderating between the Shaman and me and in the end convinced the Shaman that they should reimburse me some money at least. However, they reimbursed me $400 less than what they owed me and in the end even lied and told me they only received $1400 of a bank wire transaction from me, instead of the required $1500. When I checked with my bank upon my return to the States, that turned out not to be so, and I am simply shocked that they lied about this.

I spent altogether 7 weeks in the rainforest of Peru at 3 different ayahuasca centers, and had wonderful experiences at the other 2 centers. I would not recommend Jakon Nete to anyone and hope you will stay away and go to a high quality center.

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December 15, 2017

I have some experience with curanderos from Ecuador, Colombia and the States and I can say Jorge and Sumirah are amazing. They are strong in their wisdom, powerful in their icaros and overall very loving persons. The center is in a beautiful spot in the jungle, quite basic installations but enough for a comfortable time. I only missed more fresh fruit in the diet. I hope to meet them again and receive some teaching.

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November 8, 2017

So much care taken here. Truly a beautiful life changing experience. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough and would only go back here. I didn’t have to concern myself about anything. All was taken care of. From washing clothes, to refilling paraffin lamp, to phone recharging and wonderful, plentiful food. Beautiful people and such potent ceremony. Exceeded any expectations I could have had. Absolutely loved it. The Maestros were delightful and full of humour. As soon as my Spanish is fluent I’m planning my next visit.

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June 18, 2017

Beautiful place in the jungle and wonderful, strong curanderos!! Deepest ceremonies with Jorge, Sulmira, Wilmer and Great Maestro Abuelo! Thank you


April 26, 2017

I was supposed to go to a different center, but the facilitator I had been speaking to there had quit and told me that the owner of that place was doing a lot of things out of a lust for money and to find myself a better center. She had worked with Jorge at the Temple of the Way of Light, and recommended the center he now runs, Jakon Nete. And I am so glad that she did, because I feel like this is exactly where I was supposed to be for my first Ayahuasca experience.

Jorge and Sulmira are some of the most loving, caring people I have ever encountered. Their Ayahuasca is well known in the area and their Icaros pierce the sky. I met two other travellers there who had had their first Ayahuasca experience at the Temple of the Way of Light and came back to Jakon Nete because of how amazing the shamans are.

This is a no frills center, meaning that there won’t be any entertainment. No wifi, no excursions, no tours, no hot tub or flat screen TV. Just good healing.

Jorge picked me up and dropped me off at the airport, and took me to Iquitos during my stay so I could see the markets and buy fruit.

I got my own hut with a hammock, bed with mosquito net, toilet, and shower. The food was good and healthy. But of course the thing that made this place amazing was their ceremonies, which were powerful. I also like that this center is owned by Jorge and Sulmira, so the money goes directly to them and their center.

I was so full of gratitude the whole time I was there that this is where I wound up, because this is exactly where I needed to be.

And I’m sorry that someone left that negative review. While I was there, they were in between facilitators because their facilitator had quit unexpectedly about a week prior to me coming there, which made everything a bit chaotic for them. I’m sorry that this person had such a hard time communicating with them and that he had a negative experience there.

Alli can speak for is myself and my experience, and I know that my path will lead me back to Jakon Nete someday.


November 21, 2016

Wow ! It is really an incredible and authentic shipibo center, this family is doing really and amazing job, it is really something to see them working as one in the maloca. I am truly blessed to had the chance to meet them. So much love and peace! I can’t recommend you enough to go there! 🙂

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