Curanderos Leonardo and Lucilla

Mai Niti Plant Medicine Healing Centre

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Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma)

Min. Cost: 75
Max. Cost: 1900
Room Features: Bug-Netting / Screens, Private Rooms, Heating
Property Features: Massages
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Mai Niti is our family run traditional Shipibo healing center based in our homeland; the Amazon region of Peru (Pucallpa). We’ve been working as Maestros for many generations, and have a profound depth of ancestral wisdom and knowledge with respect to the plants and healing.

Our aim is to awaken you to your true potential by expanding your consciousness and healing your mind, body and spirit.

Mai Niti in English means Clarity of the Earth. By living in symbiosis with mother earth, she gifts us with the clarity and insight needed to do the work that we do. It fills our hearts with joy to see the people who come here leave healed, happy and free, with a deeper connection to themselves and awareness of their true nature. At Mai Niti, we work with sacred plants in a way that opens one up to receive the knowledge and healing power the plants have to give. Among these sacred medicines we work with is ayahuasca.

At our core, compassion is what guides us and empowers us to do the work that we do. Our doors are always open to all who come in need of healing.

The Curanderos

Maestro Leonardo

Leonardo has been working with the plants since the age of 12. Now, aged 85, he has over 70 years experience with plant medicine and ayahuasca.

Maestra Lucilla

After rigorous training from Leonardo, strict dietas, and many years in isolation, Lucilla has followed in her father’s footsteps to become a maestra.

Our Center

When you step into Mai Niti healing center, you will be met with the love and compassion that are at the core of the curanderos work. You will quickly become part of the family, and the curanderos are truly here for you every step of the way in your healing journey.

Mai Niti healing center is owned and run entirely by the curanderos and their family. For this reason, they have the freedom to run the retreats in the way they feel is right, in order to bring the deepest level of healing and care to all who come.

This is also why they can offer retreats and long term stays to guests for such a low price. The curanderos feel that ones financial situation should never be a barrier to healing. For this reason it is important to them to keep the cost as low as possible for guests.

The curanderos and their family will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a truly trans-formative healing experience, and that you find what you are seeking. Living with them on their land is a truly eye opening experience in which you will not only have the opportunity to heal and grow, but to experience life in symbiosis with nature, the way the Shipibo do.


Ayahuasca and master plants can help to bring about a profound healing of ones body, mind and spirit as well as transformation of ones life, and awakening to ones true potential. These sacred medicines allow us to access deeper parts of our consciousness and psyche, and uncover and uproot the things that block us from living our true potential as healthy, happy and free beings.

These sacred plant medicines can be a powerful ally to you if you are seeking any of the following:

  • To heal trauma and deep routed psychic wounds
  • To release unconscious emotional, psychological and spiritual blockages
  • To heal physical and mental diseases at their root
  • To release deep rooted fears and doubts
  • To align with ones soul purpose and calling in life
  • To expand and awaken ones consciousness
  • To heal ancestral and family karma
  • To uncover ones innate healing abilities


The following are some testimonials from guests who attended ayahuasca retreats with us at Mai Niti:

Holly from Australia

Emmanuel from Canada

Amanda from United States


14 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

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