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  • Iquitos, Peru
Min. Cost: 920
Max. Cost: 2190

Lupuna Ayahuasca Center is dedicated to provide profound healing with Ayahuasca, also Kambo, Chiric and Uchu Sanango diet and other plant diets, San Pedro.

We are a HEALING CENTER, we focus on spiritual HEALING. Therefore we only accommodate for max. 10 people.

3 highly experienced powerful Shamans  including Shaman Kev from Australia run beautiful safe ceremonies, during which one or two English/Spanish/(Czech) facilitators (Rob and Katerina) are present to assist. There are max. 10 guests in the spacious ceremonial house. On the following day there always is a group or one on one talk about the experience and how to integrate it in every day life. You can watch video reviews on our website.

We do focus on healing depression, anxiety, PTSD, physical diseases. So you have your own wooden cabin with your own bathroom (flushing toilet, shower, wash basin), you don’t share with anybody.

The Center is located at the edge of the Amazon jungle, next to a small village, to which there is a road so you don’t walk through the jungle to get to us. We pick people up in Iquitos in the morning of the 1st day of the retreat and transport on our boat to the center, about 30 minutes away. Drop off is the last day of the retreat, morning, back to Iquitos.

We dare say we offer the best accommodation for ayahuasca experience, which is single private cabins with a shower and flushing toilet. There is no sharing with other people. We have small groups of people to make sure each person receives the maximum. We have maximum number of ayahuasca ceremonies with Kambo and San Pedro included in the price for those who wish to do it and only private cabins with their own bathrooms. This is very important for ayahuasca experience and anyone serious about healing will appreciate having privacy.

There are 5, 8 and 11 day retreats, Kambo, Sanango diet are included in the price as an option for those who are interested. We make trips to see anacondas, sloths, we can do other activities, all depending on your mood and healing process. We specialize in removing negative energies.

San Pedro – in any retreat type for + $ 90

5 days / 3 ayahuasca / 1 kambo / private cabin with bathroom: $ 920

8 days / 5 ayahuasca / 1 kambo / private cabin with bathroom: $ 1,460 (you can do Sanango diet, but only 2 ayahuasca)

11 days / 7 ayahuasca / 1 kambo / private cabin with bathroom: $ 2,190 you can do Sanango diet, but only 4 ayahuasca)

24 days for profound healing / up to 12 ayahuasca / sanango and other plant diets /powerful alternative methods of healing


12 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

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February 16, 2020

As soon as I met Kat and Kev they made me feel very welcome and I was glad I chose this retreat.
The centre is in a nice place, lots of space and private tambo for privacy.
Really enjoyed my experience here, learned a lot about myself, learned a lot when I came home and will 100% return in the future… can’t forget Robert either who always hang out with us during the day and assisted in the evening ceremonies making sure we were looked after….. thank you so much guys for the

  • Member Since: February 5, 2020

February 15, 2020

I don’t travel and I don’t trust people much so going to the jungle initially was difficult for me but I had a strong calling to do this as all my other options had been expended. The beginning of the process was a shock for me but the team at Lupuna explained and helped me proceed as it was very difficult. The weight I was carrying with me was lifted, I am happy I did it, I thought it would never be possible. I understood the nature and its healing power and it seems to me that the jungle environment makes ayahuasca experience stronger. Now I trust ayahuasca, the shamans, the team. Thank you guys.

  • Member Since: February 12, 2020

February 12, 2020

I absolutely recommend Lupuna Centre. I felt very safe, comfortable, and cared for during my entire stay for an 8-day retreat in January 2020. Even though this wasn’t my first ayahuasca retreat (but it was my first time at Lupuna), I still had some fears about the medicine and in deciding to go. But I am so glad that I listened more to my sensing of trust and good intentions from Kat and Kev after talking with them on the phone. The retreat centre is beautiful, peaceful, and feels luxurious while still being considerate of the environment. Kat and Kev are such wonderful, generous and caring people, as are the maestros Jauriman and Nilton, and translator Rob. The next day after each ceremony, Kat and Kev were always there to share and discuss my experiences in depth. I can tell that they genuinely want to help people. I feel that I received healing, that I released/purged some things that were no longer serving me, and that I gained greater clarity on several aspects of myself — things that I have understood on an intellectual level, but with ayahuasca I understood these lessons on a deeper, embodied, emotional level. If I feel called again to ayahuasca, I will definitely be coming back to Lupuna.

  • Member Since: February 5, 2020

February 5, 2020

Since the passing of my brother I’ve had to deal with severe loss in my life which left me in a downwards spiral of horrible emotion, and struggle. My health deteriorated, my family deteriorated, I didn’t know how to move past, ayahuasca found me and I chose Lupuna Center after we had a phone call and I trusted them. It is hard for me as I am blind, I needed special attention and help throughout the process. Everything was perfect, my digestion was fixed, I was able to reconnect and understand my brother’s passing. I see now that he is happy and it helps me move on in my life. There is no more pain and suffering. Just love and understanding. I’m planning to go back to receive more as I see the powerful effects that ayahuasca can bring. I can’t thank the team enough at Lupuna Center. They are very loving and accommodating people. And I see they are sent by God to make life better.

  • Member Since: February 4, 2020

February 4, 2020

All the cliche’s I have heard are completely true.

1.”It’s like 10-15 years of therapy in one night”.
2.”Ayahuasca is more like a cheat”
3.”It’s like jumping the line at the grocery store” (I made that one up)

All I felt is love from every single person at the retreat and I felt extremely safe. At the end of my week at Lapuna, I was questioning if the cost of my entire trip (flights, hotels, lapuna) was worth it. First off this retreat is extremely well priced, but I was still questioning if the entire thing was worth it. I can say being 1.5months removed from my trip, it absolutely was. The small changes that happened every day after and the small changes that continue to happen to me have made my life much better. I am a numbers person, the week after I would guess my anxiety was down to about 20-30% of what I had prior. Now being a couple months later, I am guessing my anxiety is about 50% of what it used to be. So much better considering how much anxiety I had prior. I am so much more present. I walk slower, I reflect more and life’s problems aren’t so big anymore. Highly recommended. I will be going back. Thanks so much.

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January 29, 2020

I have suffered from mental disorders (anxiety, severe depression and suicidal thoughts) until ayahuasca called me – it called me to Lupuna Center where I participated last year in several ayahuasca ceremonies with 3 amazing shamans Nilton, Jauriman and Kevin. At first I thought treatment for my condition was impossible but I had no other options and gave it a try. The process was very tough but the results I have have given me freedom from my mental state. I am released, it feels like new life open for me. I am forever grateful to Lupuna and the team there. They are genuinely caring people who really have the ambition to help others. You will not be disappointed.


January 27, 2020

I attended Lupuna Center for 4 ceremonies in March 2019. I was very impressed with warm welcome and the hosts Kat & Kev were very understanding towards my needs. Before, I attended 2 different centers and had not so good experience with too many people in the ceremony and I had to share a room with other people but wasn’t told in advance. The accommodation in Lupuna was very comfortable, I had a hut for myself with a bathroom, which exceeded my expectations. The ceremonies were more than I expected, extremely powerful, they gave me good insight to my life. I had a lot of purging but it was worth it. I am forever grateful. If I need to do more aya I will definitely go back to Lupuna.

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January 8, 2020

If you ever feel the call of ayahuasca, do yourself a huge favour and attend this retreat! Kat and Kev are the most kind and loving hosts, and their retreat has been so well thought out. They are literally there for you in every step of the process and allay any type of apprehensions you’re bound to experience when you travel half way round the world to engage in an authentic ayahuasca ceremony. I can’t speak highly enough of Ayahuasca Lupuna Retreat! Maestro is truly a master Shaman who is also full of love and compassion.
Thankyou so much Kat and Kev, it was a truly special experience

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December 29, 2019

From the start of my process of looking into different retreat Kat and Kev were very helpful. Making my decision easier to take the trip out to Iquito peru. They made me aware of everything I need to do to prepare for my Journey as well as what I was going to expect. Everyone at the retreat was helpful and kind. If you are in search for knowledge and healing, then I would recommend Lupuna Retreat because they care about you in a soul level. My back issues since birth were fixed! During ceremony and after I felt safe. I understand that the word Jungle is scary. But really there is nothing to fear. Just remember the reason you want to embark on this journey and let your heart guide you to the decision. I am forever grateful. Thank you Ayahuasca Lupuna Retreat

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December 28, 2019

I stayed at the Lupuna Retreat in March 2019 and I can strongly recommend it to anyone who requires help. My healing was profound.I felt SO good at the end of my stay. Personal cabins with toilets and showers were great! Do yourself a favour and go there! With chronic arthritic joints rendering me unable to walk without a stick a week later I discarded my stick and was running up the steps at Macchu Picchu!

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December 28, 2019

Canadian woman who went here in may and had profound healing! Love these people! Accommodations were superb for the middle of the jungle, own hut, flushing toilet, diet provided and the price cant be beat! Small groups with personal approach, I wish this kind of healing for Canadians!!

  • Member Since: December 22, 2019

December 22, 2019

My retreat was was absolutely incredible. I was at the retreat in March 2019 my video is online. I can’t say enough about Kat and Kev and the Maestro!
My life has been forever changed through the Ayahuasca journey. I have been suffering from PTSD for 2 years or more. Thanks to Kat and Kev and the Maestro I am getting my life back. I am back in control of my feelings my emotions and it feels amazing To just FEEL again and not be numb!!
I will return to Lupuna. For more ceremonies but more so for the friendship and Love that Kat And Kev pour out of their souls to every person they meet.
I’ve been home for 3 months and they always check in on me to see how my life is progressing and how my family is. True friends are hard to come by in this world but I have made 2 new ones in Peru.
Thanks for all you have done.
Keep on healing.

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