Lupuna Ayahuasca Healing Center

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  • Iquitos, Peru
Min. Cost: 920
Max. Cost: 2190

Lupuna Ayahuasca Center is dedicated to provide profound healing with Ayahuasca, also Kambo, Chiric and Uchu Sanango diet and other plant diets, San Pedro.

We are a HEALING CENTER, we focus on spiritual HEALING. Therefore we only accommodate for max. 10 people.

3 highly experienced powerful Shamans  including Shaman Kev from Australia run beautiful safe ceremonies, during which one or two English/Spanish/(Czech) facilitators (Rob and Katerina) are present to assist. There are max. 10 guests in the spacious ceremonial house. On the following day there always is a group or one on one talk about the experience and how to integrate it in every day life. You can watch video reviews on our website.

We do focus on healing depression, anxiety, PTSD, physical diseases. So you have your own wooden cabin with your own bathroom (flushing toilet, shower, wash basin), you don’t share with anybody.

The Center is located at the edge of the Amazon jungle, next to a small village, to which there is a road so you don’t walk through the jungle to get to us. We pick people up in Iquitos in the morning of the 1st day of the retreat and transport on our boat to the center, about 30 minutes away. Drop off is the last day of the retreat, morning, back to Iquitos.

We dare say we offer the best accommodation for ayahuasca experience, which is single private cabins with a shower and flushing toilet. There is no sharing with other people. We have small groups of people to make sure each person receives the maximum. We have maximum number of ayahuasca ceremonies with Kambo and San Pedro included in the price for those who wish to do it and only private cabins with their own bathrooms. This is very important for ayahuasca experience and anyone serious about healing will appreciate having privacy.

There are 5, 8 and 11 day retreats, Kambo, Sanango diet are included in the price as an option for those who are interested. We make trips to see anacondas, sloths, we can do other activities, all depending on your mood and healing process. We specialize in removing negative energies.

San Pedro – in any retreat type for + $ 90

5 days / 3 ayahuasca / 1 kambo / private cabin with bathroom: $ 920

8 days / 5 ayahuasca / 1 kambo / private cabin with bathroom: $ 1,460 (you can do Sanango diet, but only 2 ayahuasca)

11 days / 7 ayahuasca / 1 kambo / private cabin with bathroom: $ 2,190 you can do Sanango diet, but only 4 ayahuasca)

24 days for profound healing / up to 12 ayahuasca / sanango and other plant diets /powerful alternative methods of healing


12 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

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