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  • Tarapoto, Peru

Lotus Vine Journeys represents a fusion of two powerful ancient traditions, the Buddhist Lotus and the Ayahuasca Vine. By combining plant spirit medicine with heart-focused practices, we believe our retreats offer a genuine way to accelerate your healing and awakening process. We offer full immersion,14 -day Ayahuasca retreats that include daily yoga, Buddhist meditation practices and 8 ceremonies led by our beautiful Shipibo Maestro.

The core of our work is deeply healing, transformative and life changing. We provide safe and nurturing retreats where our guests can comfortably experience the healing powers of Ayahuasca in its traditional Amazonian setting. We also explore the ancient wisdom of the dharma and Buddhist based psychology throughout the retreat. We provide a loving and dedicated team of staff so that each guest can receive an accelerated spiritual, emotional, mental and physical cleanse of their entire system. It is the teachings of the Buddha that provides Lotus Vine Journeys with the ethical grounding and overall framework for each retreat. Both the founders and the facilitators have years of experience with Buddhist based principles and meditation teachings.

We base our retreats on the outskirts of Tarapoto, Peruat the Puma Rinri Amazon Lodge. It’s an award winning, eco-lodge located one hour from Lima by plane. It’s an area of true ecological and geographical beauty in the mountain rainforest that flow into the Amazon. This spectacular region offers stunning views, waterfalls, breezes and colorful sunsets. Our beautiful location provides unsurpassed levels of comfort for a jungle experience. We offer luxuries more typical of a hotel environment. It’s truly the best of both worlds!


38 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

December 25, 2017

I went on an ayahuasca retreat because I have PTSD, and I was hoping for healing. I am not your typical ayahuasca-seeker (I can’t even handle marijuana without having a panic attack and hadn’t ever experimented with any other drug), but I had lost patience as 10 years with the US medical system hadn’t done much to help. If you listen to me talk about how I felt taking the medicine, it might not sound like the most amazing thing…I was terrified, and I did not have fun. It was incredibly challenging. But it was also incredibly healing. I remembered some repressed memories of the trauma and can relate to them better now. I am less anxious and more grounded. I am dealing with conflict in personal relationships better now. I could not have imagined dealing with these challenging experiences with anyone other than Spring. I had already met her at a meditation retreat, and she just oozes compassion and a sense of safety. I would never have had the courage to do such powerful but difficult work with anyone else. The other facilitators were also incredible, and the accommodations were beautiful, and the rest of the schedule were well designed to support the work in ceremony. I am so glad I went, and when I’m ready for another ceremony, I will be signing up with Lotus Vine Journeys!

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September 23, 2017

Lotus Vine Journeys was an amazing experience and one that will be with me for the rest of my life. The beautiful facilities nestled in the heart of the Amazon jungle provided the perfect background for deep healing.

The facilitators and maestro were truly gifted practitioners who created a safe space for us to build community and dive into our own individual spiritual and healing practice. They were available to consult as needed, and each offered their unique gifts. The facilities were wonderful and the staff was so kind and attentive. The food was beautiful and delicious.

There was the right balance of activities (yoga, group sharing, meditation, etc.) and also time to rest and relax. I would highly recommend Lotus Vine Journeys to anyone considering an ayahuasca retreat. It exceeded my expectations.

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September 21, 2017

My wife and I attended the September 2017 Ayahuasca retreat at Lotus Vine Journeys and it definitely was the right decision. The setting is on the edge of the Amazon in an absolutely beautiful lodge. The ceremonies were also held in a beautiful space called the Maloca that the lodge has built for the purpose of these ceremonies. The accommodation was comfortable with the rooms having views of the river and the mountains. The food was great and the staff at the lodge very kind and courteous.
Now for the ceremonies themselves; the Maestro, Diogenes, a Shipobo shaman, was powerful but so very gentle and loving. He sang individual Icaros to each participant and they touched the heart and comforted during the times of difficulty.
Spring, the organizer and facilitator of the retreat is truly a wonderful woman and a shaman on her own right. She is so compassionate and supporting. Her dharma talks and meditation sessions were truly a help in grounding and preparing for the ceremonies. The support staff helping Spring during the ceremonies, Janeth and Allan were truly amazing people who worked out of love and caring helping people when things were heavy.
All and all we could not think of a better place to receive the medicine of Ayahuasca. We will be back again.
Thank you Meistro, Spring, Janeth and Allan.
Mehdi and Mojgan.

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September 3, 2017

This was the most healing experience I have ever had.

Lotus Vine Journeys offered all the support I needed to go through this incredible journey that can be challenging. The combination of Dharma, yoga and ayahuasca is so powerful! So much love is put into making this retreats happen. The accommodation is perfect, in the middle of a beautiful jungle. The food is incredibly nourishing and fresh. The best facilitators I could have ever asked for, and the Maestro is a powerful healer with an incredible heart. The Maestro and facilitators are incredibly supportive, available, and with the best intentions at heart to help you through this journey. There are no words to describe the love, service and commitment they put in each one of us.

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July 22, 2017

I decided to join Lotus Vine for the June 2017 retreat. It was my second retreat in Peru, and was a superior experience in every way.

The location is spectacular and the accommodation very comfortable. The food is exceptional, and it’s clear the staff put a lot of effort into getting things right. But the thing that sets Lotus Vine apart from the rest is the way other spiritual practices are integrated into the plan. Eight ceremonies in fourteen days is an intense schedule, and, in my experience, fatigue can lead to darker experiences. But with meditation, dharma talks and yoga led by outstanding teachers (thank you Enrique and Lisa), I acquired techniques to steady the mind and body.

The ayahuasca ceremonies were facilitated with great attention. Janeth, Yugo and Allen were sensitive to each individual’s needs and the space as a whole. The Maestro Diogenes worked tirelessly, delivering beautiful icaros with enthusiasm and a great sense of humor. He’s an impressive man.

These things considered, I was able to unify once separate components of myself – my mind, heart and body – allowing me to bring back more from those eight powerful experiences. A lot can happen in an ayahuasca ceremony, but through the teachings at Lotus Vine I no longer feel like I need to remember it all – rather, the insights continue to live through me.

Thanks to all who worked so hard to put this retreat together, and I hope to return in the future.

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July 15, 2017

My partner and I traveling to Peru to join an Ayahuasca retreat with Lotus Vine Journeys in May 2017. This was our second visit with Spring and team at Puma Rinri.

We are both very experienced with Ayahuasca, having been to various retreats both across South America as well as Europe. Finding a set & setting which offered the right mix was a long process, after working with Spring and team with their unique approach, we could not imagine going anywhere else for future retreats. Returning as a guest a second time was an even deeper, more supportive process in all respects.

The Lotus Vine team (Spring, Janeth & Yugo) are so caring, they held a very safe and caring space, which was of critical importance to our selecting their retreat. The team and the maestro offered tremendous support both during each ceremony, and on the non ceremony days, for everyone, in particular when anyone was going through a difficult process. I was particularly grateful for the care Spring & Janeth took with me when going through a very difficult night with the Aya. Their support and attention towards all participants was incredible.

The medicine and the Shipibo Icaros were so powerful. The maestro in Lotus Vine worked extremely hard, which we have not experienced in other retreat. They delivered Icaros during the whole ceremony and provided additional work for those who were in difficult processes. Only a true maestro will have the passion to do that.

Other than the teaching, meditation and yoga, Spring and the team also offered consultations and discourses when needed. I had a bit of confusion with some visions and feelings coming up in ceremony and with the guidance of Spring and the team, it helped to move the process forward with more clarity. There is such a delicate, fine line, between guidance and entanglement with an individuals process. With Spring and the team, they are so professional and experienced, there was guidance without interfering in an individual’s process which is highly appreciated.

It was a great experience and this retreat brought us insights on how to move forward in our life with a balance manner. I also feel the Spring and the team are genuinely passionate in what they are doing, they run the retreat with love and a true heart.

After finding Lotus Vine Journeys, I cannot imagine doing our next retreat anywhere else. In writing this 2 months after the retreat, I am still in the process of integration, the work just keeps coming through. Already looking forward to returning in 2018!

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July 10, 2017

I attended the May 2017 retreat with Spring, Janeth, Yugo, and Maestro Adriano. Prior to the retreat I had no experience with ayahuasca other than some stories that I had heard about others’ experiences. I decided to attend the retreat out of curiosity, hope for some healing, and also because I’ve sat for meditation retreats in the past with Spring facilitating.

This was a great team for going deeply into journeying with ayahuasca. I felt supported through and through, both by the facilitation team as well as the community of staff and participants, many of whom were coming back for their second, third, fourth retreats with LVJ.

They are not shy about encouraging strong experiences with the medicine, which I ultimately appreciated, as I firmly believe that it meant I got to do the healing work that I needed to do with the medicine. And with these strong experiences Lotus Vine was professional and unwavering in providing the practical and emotional support during ceremonies to ensure that the set and setting supported healing. They were also very respectful and understanding when I wished to dial back on dosage as well.

All throughout the retreat the staff went above and beyond to take care of us. The food was amazing and just kept getting better. As a newer company they’re very organized and have a well-connected community but also continue to iron out details and offerings. They were constantly reassessing and adjusting to ensure we had the best experience possible. I had an amazing, life-changing, healing experience entrusting them with my first ayahuasca experience and would absolutely recommend them to anyone interested in working with ayahuasca.

June 30, 2017

I spent two weeks with Lotus Vine Journeys in May of 2017. This experience was one of the most beautiful and profound things I have ever done in my life. Not just because of the medicine (Ayahuasca) but also due to the staff, the surroundings, and the group I spent this time with. The Lotus Vine staff is indescribable, and although I went in with high expectations, they far exceeded those. The teachings, the ceremonies, the yoga, the mediation – were all put together by these wonderful human beings in the most professional, safe, and comforting setting. Being with these people on a day to day basis made this experience that much more profound for me. I cannot imagine ever doing another retreat anywhere else. Lotus Vine is set in a beautiful area of the jungle which is impossible to ignore the magical nature of every time you step outside. Being around the members of the staff here, in the jungle, and with our group members made you feel full of love. I came into this experience (as any normal person would) nervous to my bones, not knowing in the least what to expect. I left with the most calm inner peace and appreciation for life, nature, and friends that I have ever felt. That is truly a sentiment to the combination of the medicine and the members of the Lotus Vine staff that were there to help me. I love this place, I love that I chose to come to this specific retreat center – it is filled with joy, happiness, helpfulness, and love.

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June 28, 2017

I highly recommend Lotus Vine Journeys for an Ayahuasca retreat.
This was my first time working with the medicine and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
The staff was incredible. The love, care, counselling and guidance offered was heartwarming, thorough and personal. I felt part of a family.
I always felt that I was in a safe space, during ceremonies and outside of ceremonies.
I valued the Buddhist framework of the retreat as it accompanied the teachings of the Ayahuasca very well.
The location is stunning and the lodge deserves a 5 Star rating in itself.

I am forever grateful that I chose Lotus Vine Journeys to start my deeply profound and spiritual journey with the vine.

June 21, 2017

I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience with Lotus Vine Journeys. All around phenomenal experience. The space itself for the retreat center is magical. Taking daily baths in the healing waters that ran off of the mountain was the perfect thing the day after our ceremony. The facilities were very nice. The food was very highly quality and nutritious. You’re near the amazon but not in it so the temperature is WAY better. There were some bugs but no mosquitoes, which was a huge plus. The stars out at night were the best I’ve ever seen. Period.

Most importantly, the teaching team was excellent. Spring Washam is a master level teacher and maestro. I’ve been around a lot of great yoga and meditation teachers and I was pretty much in awe of her by the end of it. She was very tuned into the energy of the group and knew exactly what we needed each night in terms of the theme for our dharma talk. She has also assembled an excellent teaching team along with her. While I was there Yugo and Janeth were the teachers and both were exceptional. The environment that the team creates is incredibly open and loving and supportive.

This retreat also attracts a great group of people. This was a major benefit of doing the retreat with Lotus Vines. It’s definitely for people who are committed to using Ayahuasca as medicine to heal and as a tool to explore their consciousness and not for anything less. It’s for mature, serious explorers. There is a very explicit emphasis on Buddhist dharma throughout the entire retreat experience. This is one major reason that I chose Lotus Vine and it’s what I loved about it. As someone who has practiced Buddhism for years I loved how the language of the dharma framed all our lessons. It was very helpful in terms of dealing with a lot of the challenges and issues that arise with the medicine. Most people on the retreat were committed, practicing Buddhists. Not everyone particularly identified as Buddhist but it’s safe to say that close to everyone had a regular meditation practice for some time before joining the retreat. I would definitely suggest having a solid meditation practice in place before doing an Ayahuasca retreat, even if you have prior experience with psychedelics. Ayahuasca is NEXT LEVEL. And if you want to work with Ayahuasca I can’t recommend Lotus Vine Journeys highly enough. It was the PERFECT Ayahuasca experience as far as I’m concerned. This was my first time and I’ll definitely be back for another retreat with him. It was, quite literally, life changing, and dramatically so for the better. There were several people on my retreat who had been back numerous times with Lotus Vine Journeys, which is obviously a testament to their effectiveness in facilitating these retreats.

June 12, 2017

This May I experienced an Ayahuasca retreat at Lotus Vines for two weeks at Puma Rinri Lodge. I went with my brother, who had attended a year prior as well, for some family healing, as well as from PTSD and depression. A domestic violence survivor and a struggling single mother of 2 I came in search of peace from grief and sadness.

The facility was beautiful, it over looks the Huallaga River, and has bird sighting and cacao trees on sight. They offered day excursions to a beautiful waterfall and hike. The natural pool and flower baths were highly relaxing and provided an energy cleansing and grounding that was beyond healing. Though there were single units I chose a shared maloka and was so grateful to enjoy the company of 2 other beautiful women where we shared insights, laughs, healing and fun!

There were 8 ayahuasca ceremonies and a shaman sang moving Icaros to us all individually and the team of facilitators, Spring, Janet and Yugo all provided healing thru music and singing Icaros. They assisted me thru dark moments in my vision and ensured our safety thru all the ceremonies. They assisted in reconnecting myself to my body and for the first time in my life I actually felt my body, I felt the strength and beauty of myself.

My experiences with the medicine alone provided immense insights to past trauma, provided the ability to let go of the pain and grief attached to domestic violence, along with what my mission to my community should be.
There was daily yoga, group shares, Dharma talks, a women’s healing circle and many other healing activities to partake in. The food was vegan and balanced perfect for healing the body. There was fresh tilapia available though and many people enjoyed that plate.

The team of facilitators were beyond knowledgeable and the group chosen for the retreat were beautiful souls and I am grateful to have made a life long connection with them all.I have been home for a few weeks and integration has proven to be beautiful. I have started the first spiritual women’s group in my city, shed the toxic people in my life, and as a mother my relationship with my children has increased ten fold.
Lotus Vine also went over and beyond with one of their member’s Rosie and chose me as a recipient for a donated scholarship to continue my spiritual healing. As a single mother with financial burdens always on my shoulders, this was beyond imaginable. Love is real and the work will continue, I can not wait to go back!

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June 11, 2017

My experience with Lotus Vine Journeys retreat of May 2017 was the perfect blend of Buddhist teachings/practices with Shamanic Plant Medicine wisdom. Envisioned by Spring Washam, whom I would describe as a modern -day Bodhisattva and in collaboration with her team: Janeth, Yugo, experienced Shipibo Shamans, wonderful Yoga teacher Naia and the PumaRinri Amazon Lodge staff, Spring provided a safe, compassionate and supportive setting for for all of us retreat participants.
I was able to witness Spring’s open-hearted compassion, wisdom, strength and courage guiding her actions and teachings before, during and after ceremonies for the greater good of all participants as well as the community as a whole.

Janeth’s joy in service to others is delightful to experience. Her leadership is an integral part of Lotus Vine Journeys retreats day-to-day activities and ceremonies. She generously shares her knowledge and support with enthusiasm, kindness and wisdom. Additionally, Janeth designs and supervises the retreat food menu (with her own recipes) which was always delicious with fresh, local healthy ingredients.

Yugo’s steady and supportive leadership during ceremonies and daily activities was comforting and a delight to experience. Yugo was generous in sharing his knowledge, beautiful music and organizing our day excursion into the jungle to learn about plant medicine, see Ayahuasca in its natural habitat and enjoy a spectacular waterfall.

PumaRinri Amazon Lodge in Tarapoto is a beautiful location with amazing biodiversity on the banks of the Huallaga river, with mist floating over the forest and mountains. PumaRinri staff were gracious and diligent, accommodations clean and comfortable. Often, after returning to my room at the end of ceremonies and watching the starlit sky, the forest and mountains, I felt as if embraced and supported by the entire Universe, absolutely magical…

Almost a month since I took the first step on my own Lotus Vine journey, I feel that a profoundly inspiring and peaceful healing “reset” has occurred deep within my body and soul.
I am immensely grateful for this unmistakable touch of Grace, for my fellow retreat journeyers, now my friends and to Spring, Janeth and Yugo for the beautiful gift that is Lotus Vine Journeys!

May 16, 2017

This place was the foundation of my road to healing…as you know it continues when you return home, and that is equally as important as the work that is done here. I could not have imagined it being facilitated more gracefully. The owners & facilitators do everything in their power to guide you through your sacred journey with love, safety, peace, and grace. Living accommodations were clean, comfortable, & beautiful. Food was delicious, like seriously I wish I could bring home all the chefs. So much gratitude for Lotus Vine & the power that instills this whole retreat – Spring, Janeth, Maestros, Employees, & of course Medicine. SO blessed to be drawn to such an empowering center. <3 XOXO Tara

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May 2, 2017

If you are thinking of attending an Ayahuasca retreat, I implore you to consider Lotus Vine Journeys. The 360 holistic approach that combines Ayahuasca, Yoga, Meditation and Buddhist teachings is the perfect mind, body, spirit combination when embarking on such deep soul and subconscious work. I spent many months researching the different Ayahuasca centres, (of which there are many, some more reputable than others) and after having spent time at LVJ there are x3 exceptionally important areas to consider when undertaking such an important decision.

1. Setting
It seems that many centres are purpose built Ayhuasca centres. They have rudimental facilities for sleeping, cooking, rest and relaxation…..some more comfortable than others. I have known individuals to have turned up in rat and cockroach infested centres, with extremely basic food and facilities.
Lotus Vine Journeys take place in a stunningly beautiful Jungle Eco Lodge, nestling on the edge of the Amazonian basin. The Puma Rinri Lodge is situated on the banks of the Huallaga River, which is a tributary of the Amazon. Surrounded by forests, rivers and streams, three ecosystems of very different characteristics converge at the lodge: dry tropical forest, high mountain jungle and low jungle of the Amazon Basin. It is a stunning slice of Heaven, the brainchild and vision of a man from Barcelona who would drive past the site for many years whilst working with sustainable cacao farmers further along the valley. He manifested his vision of a luxury eco lodge, where people can come and experience the beauty and grandeur of the jungle, whilst surrounded with every comfort one could require. Comfortable rooms, amazingly healthy food (including their own fish farms for the freshest fish), swimming pool, hammocks to while away the afternoons, and 60 hectares of jungle and riverbank to explore. The owner is a delightful man who is totally attuned to the vision of Lotus Vine Journeys and has created a purpose built Moloko on the property so the LVJ ceremonies have a unique and sacred space to work in.

2. The Shamen and his medicine.
This is probably the most crucial element of any retreat. There are many shamen out there, some who are truly gifted and some who ‘purport’ to know and understand the medicine. The Maestro at LVJ, Diogenes, is a truly wonderful being! His mission to heal resulted from a healer curing his supposedly incurable son from a life threatening disease. Learning from his curandero uncle, Diogenes is a deeply gifted and caring Maestro, with humility and humour. His preparation of the medicine is exacting and perfectly executed. There were a couple of people of the retreat who had both taken Ayahuasca over 50 times each….they both said that Diogenes’ medicine was the purest and most powerful they had ever taken. I have worked with many shamen from lots of traditions, but I have to say that Diogenes created, held, and worked a sacred space with absolute power and presence. Trust in the Maestro is crucial when undertaking such deeply transformative work, and the trust in Diogenes is second to none.

3. Facilitators.
Again, such an important part of the retreat and journey. I cannot praise the Lotus Vine Team of Spring, Janeth and Yugo enough…..words are a poor substitute to explain how deeply professional, caring, understanding and supportive the LVJ team are. I was able to peel away my psychological and soul layers as I progressed in the work of the retreat, safe that I was held in a safe and sacred space by the LVJ team.
There are those in life who follow the altruistic path because they think it somehow makes them a better person, or it is an identity for their ‘alternative’ lifestyle. Spring Washam is not one of those people. She is an experienced teacher with many years training behind her. But her inspiration, her drive and her passion is to hold and help those who have come to share there innermost fears, and lay their souls bare…..and she does this through love, and uses love as the powerful tool for transformation that it actually is. She is a true teacher, and her contribution to the sacred journey is infinite and immeasurable. Her meditations and Dharma sessions complemented the sacred work, and the combination of Spring and Diogenes with the Buddhist and Shipibo intertwining of teachings was an incredibly powerful combination.
The rest of the team, Janeth and Hugo, are both trained horticulturalists. So not only do they assist and help guide and execute the retreat with humour and professionalism, but the knowledge of the living jungle around us is vast and passionate. What a delightful team to have partaken such a journey….I hope to see them again one day!

The LVJ journey is a deep one, and at times tough. Eight ceremonies in two weeks can feel relentless at times. But if you really want to delve into yourself and enact deep healing, then you must put in the work. The group of people who I met on the first day, from all different walks of life, and countries of the world, were a caring, cohesive whole by the end of our collective journey. We deeply understood that our greatest teacher is our pain, and by unlocking and unleashing that pain, so we could treat ourselves and those around us with compassion, forgiveness, and most important of all…..love.

I will never forget my two weeks with Lotus Vine Journeys, and I know that I have made friends for life with every person who undertook that journey with me. But if you are thinking of and looking for an Ayahuasca retreat, I cannot recommend LVJ enough…..and I know that you will be writing a similar testimony as myself on your return. Thank you LVJ, don’t stop doing what you do, because you do it so well!!

Love and Light…..


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April 20, 2017

I attended the March retreat. After loads of research looking for the right center I found Lotus Vine Journeys and everything about it felt right. So I signed up – 6 months prior to the retreat start date of March 17th. 6 Months went pretty quick and there I was, in Peru about to start my 2 week journey with Ayahuasca.

3 weeks later and looking back at my experience: Perfect in every way!

The setting was idyllic, right on the banks of the river with a jungle back drop, many rooms over look this outlook and it is stunning. The swimming pool and natural pools were so very welcome. The food was exceptional and the retreat center team are caring and considerate.

Lotus Vine Journeys with Spring Washam as main facilitator are a beautiful team, dedicated to every single persons journey. The way the retreat was set up was very special with Buddhist teachings throughout, giving strength and support to the work with Ayahuasca. Daily meditations and Yoga, Dharma discourses from Spring every other day. Support and guidance always there. Spring, Janeth and Yugo are exceptionally gifted, naturally loving and caring individuals. And as they mentioned at the start of the retreat ‘We have your back’ So very true! I felt myself letting go as the retreat progressed knowing that I could totally give myself to the process. Above all I felt loved, cared for and safe.

The Maestro Diogenes, I loved him! I am in awe of the Maestro and his work. The power in this man is truly amazing, he held such focus for each person every ceremony. His work with the medicine and the beauty that flows from him with the Icaros he sings was just divine. Trust is crucial and I had absolute faith in Diogenes.

By the end of the two weeks everybody had been through so much and the group as a whole bonded in a profound way. Something I have never really experienced to that level. How we all suffer and all love and coming to understanding that you are never alone – we all share the same space, same pain, same love.

I came away with a feeling of understanding the depths of my pain and through compassion how to love deeper. Connecting with a group of people who on the first day were all new to me and by the end the friendships made and experiences shared will be with me forever. Magic!

Love to you all at Lotus Vine Journeys, with the deepest respect and thanks!


April 18, 2017

Excellent retreat with thoughtful facilitators, I’ve drank with other Shamans and this was the best set, setting, shaman and Ayhuasca that I’ve experienced. That coupled with the daily mediation classes with Spring a brilliant facilitator and experienced Vipassana meditation teacher and daily yoga classes will give you a real opportunity to heal and learn in a safe environment. It was a very intense worthwhile experience but it is a serious undertaking that requires hard work and a willingness to face your darkness, it is not a decision that should be taken lightly but if your grounded enough and a really ready to face yourself it is an excellent retreat run by people who really care about your progress.

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April 14, 2017

After two weeks of deep, life-changing work Iam back in my “normal” life and I feel something very deep inside me changed. Thanks to the wonderful work you all at Lotus Vine do I am able to feel more compassion and self-compassion than ever before in my life. Meditating for a long time before, practicing metta and working as a psychologist, I am deeply impressed by your loving, highly professional work, combining ancient traditions from the east and the west helping us to awaken and heal from our old traumata. Having no experience with ayahuasca before, never taking any kinds of psychotropic substances, I always felt safe within these two weeks.
And beside all this, amazing as it is, the place we stayed at was just incredible. Nature, food, housing and above all the loving stuff made this “journey to the other side” something I will never forget. I thank you from my the center of my heart and will come back. And if you read this, considering taking part of this process – do it. It will change your heart, your soul and your life.

October 6, 2016

My time at LVJ was amazing. Though this was my first time using this soul medicine, I have been a practitioner of Buddhism for 7 years. I sat two retreats with Spring so when I saw this advertised, I trusted that Spring would provide a safe environment. The LVJ team did not disappoint!

The basics: food was healthy, bountiful and delicious. Accommodations were held at a resort that we rented out (other retreat centers you’ll find are not quite as comfortable as they’ll be in the middle of the jungle with rats n roaches). The team consisted of spring and janeth as support and facilitators and a Shapibo shaman whom I grew quite fond of. His compassion and interest -coupled with his strength as a shaman- touched me to my core. The resort staff were all there to help make this retreat a success. I met many other like-minded spiritual friends who came with a level of maturity that helped to create a supportive environment. The LVJ screening process helps to curate this and root out college mentality knuckleheads.

What was most powerful for me was combining Buddhism with the higher frequency of consciousness that ayahuasca can provide. I had many deep and heartfelt insights into things like anger, love, fear, and purpose. I was able to cultivate courage, inner strength, and faith in myself. These qualities and insights will serve me well as I continue on my Buddhist path and accelerate my spiritual development. It doesn’t matter what type of esoteric experience you have if you cannot find meaning in it or translate it into action. Using the Buddhist framework helps to make this happen.

Id recommend this retreat to folks with a background in meditation and who are serious about healing and supporting the retreat community. I would not recommend this to people who are thrill seekers or those looking to just have the medecine “fix” them. We need to meet the medecine half way with effort and courage.

September 19, 2016

The shamans, the group, the helpers, the location, everything worked in divine perfection to allow me one of the deepest shamanic work I have ever encounter. I am familiar with working with Aya but this time was a whole other level. I described in more detailed my experience here: http://gauthereaugroup.com/the-experience-that-changed-my-life-forever/ and part II here: http://gauthereaugroup.com/the-experience-that-changed-my-life-forever-part-2/
With Love & Gratitude

September 8, 2016

I have known the founder of Lotus Vine Journeys for many years and without a doubt I would say that this is the best retreat option in Peru. They operate with total integrity and love. Each guest is cared for and given a lot of individual attention. This is not a mass market retreat center it’s more like a boutique hotel. The accommodations and food are amazing! The location of the lodge is spectacular and so comfortable. They have amazing beds, hot showers and luxury facilities. The meditation classes and yoga are so good and the emphasis on Buddhist psychology and self compassion has transformed my entire life. I recommend this place to all my friends! Definitely go here!

Maya Rueda

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September 7, 2016

Lotus Vine Journeys has been a life changing experience for me, for which I am truly grateful. Spring and Janeth are super compassionate and caring guides who make you feel safe and secure through the whole process. Ayahuasca is a very powerful natural medicine which allows you to look deep inside yourself and to work through traumas in your life or allows you to find your focus and love on how to live the rest of your life. The accommodation and food at the Puma Rinri Amazon Lodge is comfortable and healthy set amongst a lovely jungle/bush setting. The shamans are funny caring indigenous people whose icaros (songs) will flow into your very soul. I have no hesitation at all in highly recommending Lotus Vine Journeys to anyone interested in self exploration or anyone looking to live with a happier self in a world of happier people. Change begins with you.

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September 7, 2016

Ayahuasca is a magnificent opportunity to look into yourself, have a good look at your life, and have the guts to go and make changes. If you’re reading this then you are already interested in what Ayahuasca has got to teach you, and its a good idea to follow that intuition! It has been an incredible and thought-provoking experience for me. My son had taken the Medicine and I was so delighted in the change I saw in him, the Medicine has softened him and opened his heart. It was so beautiful to see that in my son, that when he suggested I try it too…I did!.You may be thinking as I was, that Ayahuasca is some sort of new hippy party drug…it’s not. Medicine is the right word for it even though you do experience great beauty. It has been a magnificent experience for me, really transformative. The Buddhist meditation and teachings has been a beautiful part of the retreat, every single lesson that Spring gave was exactly what I needed to know as a way into each ceremony and a very useful navigational tool for working with the Medicine. I felt completely supported by Janeth and Spring’s warm caring professionalism, I didn’t feel like it was a solo journey I was on, even though it was an exploration of my own psyche, I felt safe at all times. Ayahuasca is hard work, it’s challenging, it’s confronting and deeply rewarding with the self-awareness gained. And the food is great, the setting beautiful and the accommodation very comfortable!

September 5, 2016

When I got here I felt I was in the right place. It’s so unbelievably beautiful. This is an amazing place. When I met Spring and Janeth they came with a big smile and I felt I was completely at home. I felt really safe and sure I was in the right place. During Ceremony I have experienced my heart being opened, and I felt connected to people in a way I haven’t in so long. I felt like a kid again, looking at the world with fresh eyes. And a deep connection to the Earth. It’s very hard to describe what takes place in an Ayahuasca ceremony, all the answers come from within, from the heart. Maestro Diogenes and Maestra Anita were so amazing, I could not ask for better healers, they are so humble and connected to their roots and yet they have an amazing power. When they sing the Ikaros I felt I have been blessed, they gave me an incredible gift. I am so glad I have done this work with Shipibo people, they hold an ancient linage that connects them very deeply to the Medicine.

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September 5, 2016

If you’re looking for a supportive, loving, nurturing, beautiful and safe place to experience the healing of ayahuasca, then you’ve surely found it. When I received an email from Spring saying she was starting a meditation and ayahuasca retreat in Peru, I just knew this was something I needed to do. Being a first timer with plant medicine (knowing nothing about it really) but knowing Spring as one of my favorite dharma teachers in the US, I fully trusted that this was going to be the right retreat for me.

Spring and Janeth have taken great consideration for planning every detail of this retreat, from the beautiful eco lodge location, finding the most powerful shaman & medicine, the delicious food, healing yoga, meditation and dharma teachings before ceremonies, to the integration circles afterwards. It was also so helpful to have 1:1 and group consultations with the maestros and talks on how to integrate and take the teachings home after the retreat. Everything is so well planned and thought out that your every need is taken care of and your healing and learning continue long after the retreat ends.

I also really appreciated that there were 8 ceremonies, this made for a more powerful experience for me. I have been a long time meditator and have never gotten to the level of expansion through just my sitting practice or on long meditation retreats. My heart and mind were blown wide open, in a good way, and I couldn’t have gotten there with mediation alone. I am so grateful that Spring has decided to gift the world with these healing retreats. My mind and heart have been healed in ways that I didn’t even know were possible and for that I am eternally grateful to the medicine, the maestros, Pancha Mama, and the Lotus Vine family! I will definitely be back for another retreat! 🙂

The type of people that Spring attracts to her retreats are some of the most beautiful, awake, and open hearted people I have ever met and fallen in love with! If you find yourself feeling the call of mother ayahuasca, I suggest you listen. Listen to the call, go with your intuition and don’t hesitate to choose Lotus Vine Journeys…you will not be disappointed!

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September 5, 2016

I had the two most beautiful and life changing weeks at Pumanriri with Spring and Janeth in May 2015!
Coming all the way from Norway and as I had never been to this kind of retreat before I am so grateful that I choose Lotus Vine Journeys as my facilitators. I felt 100% safe and cared for the whole time by Spring and Janeth, and I could not have asked for a better introduction to ayahuasca.
The 8 ceremonies are beautiful arranged with pre- meditation and a nice atmosphere so we all could get the most out of our own experiences. The Shipibo shamans/maestros are a huge part of the whole experience and Diogenes and Anita who I was so lucky to have lead our ceremonies has forever helped me improved my quality of life!
The lodges themselves and the surrounding are so beautiful, the food nutritious and delicious and the staff at the lodge are very friendly and kind.
I would highly recommend Lotus Vine Journey to anyone, and am myself returning with some friends in July 2017!

September 4, 2016

“The Medicine has been the greatest gift that I could have given to myself. I had a wide variety of experiences that have driven me deeper inside. There is a lightness and happiness more than I ever experienced. Spring and Janeth are so loving and supportive. This has been a very beautiful, life changing experience. I am grateful” Misha – USA

September 4, 2016

I had a wonderful two-week retreat with Spring and Janeth facilitating the Ayahuasca retreat at the Puma Rinri Lodge near Tarapoto, Peru. They were both kind, professional, and highly experienced at holding the space and assisting the Shipibo Shamans that assisted Spirit Ayahuasca in our healing journeys. The location of the retreat was amazing! The views of the mountains and the flowing river, and jungle flora and fauna was breathtaking! The rooms were a mix of rustic charm and modern conveniences, exactly what I wanted and received 🙂

The food that Janeth carefully organized for the retreat was not only delicious but allowed flexibility to cater to a persons specific dietary needs to help facilitate their healing. The Shamans, Maestro Diogenes and Maestra Anita were lovely, caring and compassionate people who were always around to chat with and offer loving support. Extra bonuses of having yoga sessions and evening Buddhist meditation and local day trips to nearby sites were also wonderful additions. I would highly recommend Lotus Vine Journeys, and hope to join these wonderful people again.
Stella in Dubai

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September 3, 2016

I was really interested in trying Ayahuasca to deal with some serious emotional problems. I had been meditating for several years but I still felt stuck especially in my heart. I have been in therapy for years to heal from my childhood, which was very physically and emotionally abusive. I think my therapy and meditation practice have helped a lot however I still felt really blocked. Prior to coming on retreat I hadn’t been able to cry for over 10 years and I felt very disconnected from everyone in my life especially my girlfriend. This retreat exceeded my expectations on every level. At first I thought 8 ceremonies would be way too much but now I see how much I needed it. I think the environment and the focus on compassion really worked on me. By the 5th ceremony my heart finally opened and wow what a release! I really started to forgive people and begin to allow others to love me. I cried a lot. It’s sounds kind of cheesy but I feel really different. Spring is a life -saver, what an incredible teacher and facilitator. The meditations before our ceremonies were my life- line because the ceremonies were powerful. The people at Lotus Vine have so much heart, man it’s inspiring. I am a better person now and I am planning on coming to the March retreat as well. Good luck in your search.

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August 30, 2016

The July retreat was my second time coming to Pumarinri with Spring and Janeth. To say that my experiences were profound and life changing, would be a gross understatement. You couldn’t ask for a more loving, caring and supportive environment for exploring the inner workings of your heart and soul.

I cried a quantity of tears that would surely equal hospitalization level dehydration if I hadn’t been so vigilant about drinking the freshly popped open coconuts from the super friendly kitchen. I slept at all hours of the day and night, but almost never during “normal sleeping hours”. Those hours were reserved for drinking a mind opening concoction brewed by the happiest shaman I’ve ever met. I haven’t met many shaman, mind you, but he’s a beautiful and special light in this universe all the same. I fell in love with myself first. And then with a group of people who were strangers, then friends and finally closer than family.

One night I met a few of my demons and I got scared, so scared that I was trembling with fear and trepidation. I knew in my heart of hearts that all I had to do was find Spring and Janeth and I’d be safe. Two things you should know here: first, they were only about 20 feet from me at the time and second, on the happy shaman’s medicine, 20 feet could easily be equated to the Sahara. So, with focus, determination and strength that I didn’t know I possessed, I started out across the vast desert on hands and knees. Eons passed, time immeasurable spun out into the distance, and still I crawled towards my oasis of safety. Finally, with a whimper, I found them and dissolved into a puddle at their feet, so grateful for their presence. When, from some unknown region of the universe, a hand began caressing my arm and the sweet loving voice of Spring entered my world, “Dixie, honey, are you sure you want to lay on the floor? We have a nice pallet for you to lay on…” I had a few thoughts in that moment, didn’t she understand what I just went through to get here! Now she wants me to move!? And, thank goodness, Spring is here! I’m safe! And, yeah I probably shouldn’t lay on the floor in the middle of a dozen other people making their own treks through their own deserts. That night, laying in a crumpled pile on the pallet Spring directed me to, my heart transformed into something new and wonderful. Irrevocably, I’m changed. The first step was trusting that I was safe and that Spring and Janeth would help me if I needed. The second step was overcoming my fear of crossing the desert. I would say choosing the perfect ayahuasca retreat is much the same, and believe me, Spring and Janeth have got your back! It all comes down to confronting the desert now!

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August 20, 2016

Truly, I doubt that anything that I will attempt to write here will adequately convey the profoundness and the beauty of transformation that anyone who has decided to join the Lotus Vine family experiences. Although ayahuasca itself is a powerful teacher in any setting and whatever retreat you choose you will have your dose of unbelievable journeying, this retreat will provide you with the tools that will make your journeys meaningful and the results lasting. These tools will help you navigate through layers of your unconscious mind ridden by painful psychological conditioning, of which we are often unaware, to release and recognise your own powers, wholeness and holiness that are waiting inside to be seen and acknowledged, and to make you aware how intimately you are connected with the whole creation.

Spring and Janeth are two huge pieces of love, wisdom, care and ease who are always there for you in any situation effortlessly and invisibly. They make sure that you enter each ceremony well furnished with the knowledge you will require to traverse the realms of the non-physical, and that you are safe and secure during the ceremonies. They also make sure that you are in complete bliss throughout your entire time at the retreat; a 4-star lodge that hosts the retreat is in the middle of the mountainous part of the amazon forest – a place worth visiting on its own right.

The comfort of the lodge, the beauty of its surroundings, the kindness and love of the people you are with, the food, and sheer leisurely flavour of the whole experience coupled with the deepest spiritual work I have ever done are the reasons I will keep coming back to Lotus Vine, having been there twice already.

August 18, 2016

I felt called to explore Ayahuasca, but as a first-timer and a woman traveling on my own, was intimidated and anxious to find a retreat that felt safe and comfortable. I am so grateful to have found Lotus Vines.

Spring and Janette create a loving, welcoming environment that feels like family. The daily schedule offers a perfect balance between relaxing, time to integrate, yoga, meditation, and delicious healthy meals. All of this is provided against a gorgeous backdrop of jungle, wildlife, and starry nights. After long ceremony nights, the facilities at Pumarinri were a blessing to have – comfy beds, amazing views, peace, and hot showers!

I particularly valued the emphasis on integration circles post-ceremony; sharing and hearing others’ experiences helped me to further integrate the lessons I witnessed during ceremonies. I also felt consistently guided and supported by Spring’s Dharma teachings – they were a comfort to bring with me into each ceremony.

The maestros were the kindest, most open-hearted people I have met. They exuded a peace and connection that was a true joy and inspiration to be around. I felt completely held and protected during ceremonies with them.

If you are considering Lotus Vines, please go! After years of therapy attempting to move through childhood trauma, this retreat was exactly what I needed. The LV staff and maestros helped me to access love and gratitude that has expanded my awareness in beautiful ways.

August 13, 2016

Lotus vine journeys is the perfect place for deep Healing and growing. Beautiful people, resort, very good food and very experienced lovely meastro to help and guide you. The meditation and yoga lessons are of good support to the ceremonies.
I can recommend everybody to go here and get as much as possible out of your connection with the spirits.
I just booked my next retreat with them.

Thank you Spring & Janeth!!

August 13, 2016

I have been coming to Peru for the past three years, I searched and drank in a few places in Iquitos and with different Maestros in Pucallpa, and I can truly tell you that Lotus Vine Journeys is a very special, professional and unique retreat. Janeth and Spring, are amazing, beautiful women who put all their heart into what they are doing with many years experience working with plant medicine. Maestro Diogenes is an authentic Shipibo shaman, a powerful healer with a big heart and charismatic personality. The medicine is a profound way to connect yourself with the world of spirit on an inward journey of healing, learning and growth. Lotus Vine creates a safe and nurturing container with the optimal conditions to allow you to go deeper and further on your medicine path. Using Dharma teachings as tools to navigate spaces opened by mother Ayahuasca the blend of these two traditions is perfectly balanced.

The retreat is situated in a beautiful jungle location in Tarapoto, the accommodation is first class with all the comforts of a modern resort, but immersed in the Amazon jungle. The food is delicious and prepared with love from a carefully designed menu, the staff at the hotel are great and very helpful, and there are organized trips to different places of the jungle. As I said, this is a very special and unique retreat, an ideal place for everyone to meet the magic wisdom the Medicine.

August 13, 2016

I highly recommend Lotus Vine Journeys to anyone feeling the call of the Sacred Medicine. The retreats are unique, merging two powerful traditions: Amazonian Shamanism and Buddhism. Emphasis on meditation, Dharma teachings, yoga and working closely with authentic indigenous Shipibo shamans, makes the retreats exceptional.

The facilitators/founders have years of experience with the Medicine, and Spring is an amazing well known Dharma teacher, they give all their love, experience, care and attention to every person involved in the retreat: the participants, healers and the hotel staff; they truly care for everyone, and hold a sacred and safe space that allows you to go deeper into your healing process.

The Maestros are beautiful and powerful, always happy to share knowledge about their culture and plant medicine.

Lotus Vine retreats are held in an amazing resort, the best accommodation you can get: comfortable rooms, hot showers, pools… all in the most astonishing jungle! The food is amazing! Fresh organic foods, handmade, mostly vegan and gluten free, everything prepared with care. Being in a very comfortable place makes it easier for people to let their worries go and focus on their healing.

Besides staying in a beautiful place with beautiful and caring people, the most important part is the deep healing that you will receive at Lotus Vine Journeys. Working with Mother Ayahuasca in a supportive environment, with experienced and loving people, with a holistic approach into the healing journey makes a big difference. If you are thinking about meeting Mother Ayahuasca, Lotus Vine is the place for you.

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August 11, 2016

I can honestly say that between the facilitators, the maestro, and the medicine you will be in good hands. The accommodations and staff at Puma Rinri are great as well.
I would highly recommend Lotus Vine. Spring and Janette bring years of experience and will help you get to where you want to be.
Peace and Luv,

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August 10, 2016

Lotus Vine Journeys provided an opportunity for me to experience some aspects of Self Exploration that exceeded all of my notions and expectations. I was thoroughly impressed by the warm Staff, the teachers and especially Spring Washam’ who really made me feel at home. The location, scenery, food and accommodations were all great.

I would highly recommend Lotus Vine Journeys to those who’ve been on the fence about making the trip. You won’t regret going 🙂

August 10, 2016

The most amazing accommodations out of any retreat. If I could put 10 stars I would. Guarantied you will not find another retreat like this on the planet The facilitators know how to really care for each individual on a personal level. I can say it was a 5 star hotel in the jungle with the added bonuses of a retreat, hot showers, boat rides, natural pool, pool, air conditioning, maid services, jungle at your fingertips with of course the amazon river a few steps away.

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August 10, 2016

Lotus Vine Journeys is a gift to humanity. I have sat in a total of 8 different medicine circles over the years, and without a doubt I can say that Lotus Vine is a first class circle full of love, safety, integrity and wisdom. Coming to a Peru to do an Ayahuasca retreat can be a challenging step in one’s path. Fortunately for those coming to Lotus Vine, it’s buffered by a 4 star eco-lodge with incredible views, delicious food, and loving beings. The group of people I met rapidly transformed from strangers into family. It brings joy to my heart to think about the amount of love, healing and transformation my amazing LotusVine Family experienced over the course of 2 weeks.

The medicine that we were drinking was very potent, sourced from the Shipibo Shaman that we were working with, who lives in the Pucallpa region of Peru. This was my first time sitting with a Shipibo Shaman, and what is said about them being doctors of the energy body is an accurate description. I had some of the most powerful and transformative ceremonies of my life during those 14 days. There were some ceremonies that felt as if my psyche were put in a Vitamix, and others where I found levels of forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, and physical healing I did not know were possible.

The facilitators and Shamans were top notch. Spring is one of the best Dharma teachers I have ever had the pleasure to connect with. Her ability to weave Dharma teachings with the Shamanic perspective and provide a framework with which to enter the medicine journey is such a blessing. I fondly think of her as the Harriet Tubman of the Medicine Path, helping each individual uniquely move from darkness into light. She was an incredible facilitator pre, post, and during ceremony. Each night immediately prior to ceremony we had a one-hour session of guided and silent meditation, along with Dharma teachings helping us to prepare for ceremony. Each morning after ceremony we had integration circles. There were meditations, yoga asana, group process work, floral baths, and group outings spread throughout the 2 weeks as well. And yes, you do manage to find enough time to rest. Though there is an incredible amount of love to be experienced at Lotus Vine, for me it was the tools that I gained to enter my shadow and bring love and light into the dark recesses of my heart, body, mind and soul that I most value and will take with me for years to come. Blessings to you on your path dear reader. May your journey towards the lotus and the vine bring you much love and healing.

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