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Los Cielos Peru

is a Non-Profit Center located 26 Km outside the jungle city of Pucallpa, Peru. We offer 3-7, 10, & 18 Day Ayahuasca & Kambo Retreats and an Apprenticeship Immersion Program. Come join us today and lift up your soul to fly with us!

Los Cielos was started in 2010 as a collaboration of both Peruvian and N. Americans with an interest in cultivating and disseminating the use, history, traditions, and healing of the Amazonian plant curing system. We have collaborated with some of the best shamans in the entire Amazon, and our retreat center location was carefully designed to provide the most impeccable platform possible for holding retreats to heal and teach in these ways. We searched through all of Peru to finally decide on Pucallpa, in the Ucayali Rio region of north-east Peru. This area is known to have the strongest Ayahuasca vine in all the Amazon and has produced and nurtured the long careers of some of the worlds most well-known shamans.

Los Cielos Botanical Sanctuary retreat is located about 1 hour via roadway outside of Pucallpa, Peru. We sit in the “Campo Verde” part of the Las Americas village system. We are very close to the infamous San Francisco Shipibo settlement, and are surrounded by many others throughout the jungle. We are truly in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, immersed on all sides by the culture of ayahuasca.

After travelling the world, and being healed in the traditions of dozens of indigenous tribes worldwide, our founders ended their search for the world’s most adept and ultimate healing plants here in the Amazon. We envisioned a place where people from all over the world could come and get a traditional, authentic, rustic experience of being isolated deep in the jungle – and yet one where basic facilities were ensured to provide a safe, sanitary experience, so that it is easiest to let down all layers of defense and receive of the healing frequencies exuded by the plant maestras most completely. A place with clean water to drink, with no buses driving by or even airplanes overhead, and only the chirps and coos of the animals and insects to seduce our inner imaginations. A place where the living heartbeat of this earth, in its most profoundly raw and unchanged form, may still be felt when one is silent in the forest. A place where life transformations will unravel gracefully and give inspiration and vision to all.

Here at Los Cielos we offer our guests authentic, organic experiences which connect us with the living heart of Pachamama. Come to experience the mystery of life unfolding with us deep in the jungles of Peru!



The Transformative Healing Process of Integrative Amazonian Curanderismo…


The main focus of the retreat is centered around the traditional healing sessions we will experience using various modalities, including; clay detoxing, flower and leaf baths, tobacco ceremony, ayahuasca ceremony, and group and personalized diets of other master plant teas. You will be encouraged to help in harvesting and preparing the remedies we use during the retreat, as well as selected herbs for personal use, if deemed necessary in addition to the group regimen.

Our daytime activities are selected to help enhance and deepen our experience. We will have group integrations after each Ayahuasca ceremony. One day we will paint our visions with one of our local, master visionary painters. Our activities will broaden the perspective of this work’s effect on our world, helping us to integrate our healing into our daily lives. Other daily activities may include visits from Shipibo hand crafters, jungle walks, etc.. The point is, we will not only progress through our inner realms, but part of the healing process will be bringing the newfound healing into tangible realms, where we can leverage it into our daily lives, re-training our habits and personalities toward health and wellbeing that lasts.

Every morning we wake together and share dieta tea at our daily Gentle Movement practice. As the plants will help unlock our mind and heart, so too our bodies must come undone to be rebuilt wiser, stronger, more efficient tools to carry the Light in the Universe. Through this practice we awaken our bodies through a grounding, restorative, yet expansive set of flowing movement. Easy enough for the first timer, with modifications to challenge the most advanced yogi.

During the retreat each participant’s body is also guided to relax and unwind into the process of unfoldment through guided bodywork. Generally Sylvie gives each participant one hour+ body mechanic tune-up. At select retreats we will have another masseuse available for varied modalities. (One massage is included in the 18 day, a la carte at other retreats, see exact retreat details.)

This Retreat will give your body a chance to be healed in ways not possible using only one practice alone could. The result of combining unpatterning practices along with training new platform uploads to our systems simultaneously, in all dimensions of the self, is a profound approach with unimaginable results for each one of us!

The retreat is strictly electronics free except for flashlights and use of cameras, although we encourage limited use. Having a two week e-detox alone will start calming and reseting our highly sensitive nervous systems in whole new ways. Get away from the wifi and get away from the humm, and find the beat of eternal life pulsing within.

In addition to the daily routines of wellbeing, there is a progression to the work we will complete. Over the course of your time at the retreat center we will work into and back out of, our most intimate healings. In order to accomplish the most effective, efficient, and permanent healing we have designed a program that utilizes the primary components of Amazonian medicine in a certain physical, emotional, and spiritual progression. This progression will allow us to first let down our guards, then open to the process, then receive of the immense healing available to each of us, and then to firmly seal and anchor these updates into our systems.

The Traditional Amazonian system will start off focusing on elimination and purification. On the first full day in the jungle we will start out by cleansing and eliminating with a traditional purge utilizing mapacho (black jungle tobacco) and piñon blanco. These are brewed up into a purgative tea, to cleanse the entire upper GI, stomach, and organs. This process is also protective to the entire energy field, a necessary factor for the opening that is about to come.

To begin the cleanse, we will also partake of full body, clay detox packs using local clay that we will harvest from nearby waterways. That afternoon we will receive plant baths, sopladas, and go on to partake in our first night of ayahuasca ceremony. Each ceremony day we will harvest, prepare, and administer floral plant baths to each participant, in the traditional manner.

During each day our activities will engage us to learn about many master plants of the jungle, as well as an immense number of medicinals. During the 18 day Intensives we will cook our own ayahuasca over 3 days, and use it in sacred ceremony for the second half of the retreat.

In total, we will have 8 Ayahuasca Ceremonies at the 18 Day, and 5 at the 10 day, along with 3 Kambo purges at each. The ceremonies will be lead by local master shamans, along with Sylvie, and are of course fully translated. Every morning after a ceremony we will join in the maloka for group integration, to share more of our individual and collective experiences, and to gain insights from our own reflections within each other’s perspectives.

During the course of the Retreat we will eat simple jungle dieta food and be partaking of different master plant concentrations to deepen our experience and allow the healing of ayahuasca, and the jungle herself, to penetrate us more fully. Starting a few days in, we will begin taking diet teas of master plants like una de gato, chuchuasa, tahuari, chiric sanango, or Bobinsana, as determined by the shamans and staff. These plants will allow our minds and bodies to more fully accept the healing from the ayahuasca, and teach us about ourselves deeply in the process. As we harvest, prepare, and consume these curative teas we will be building a solid foundation with these master plants. We will generally be giving 1-3 total plants to each group, for a few days each or more.

We will open and close our retreat with an intention ceremony. Through the progression of plant diets, ayahuasca ceremonies, integrations, opening body movement, and of course alongside the healing energies of the jungle, we will each go through a magical cycle of inner awakening. The retreat will be sealed and protected, so that these lessons learned are held fast within each of us, and we will prepare each participant to return to their lives renewed, rekindled, and inspired to go for it, creating the life that will fulfill them into abundance, and serve the highest good for all!

Everyone here at Los Cielos has experienced these changes in our lives, and it has been apparent to those around us along the way. We are overjoyed and humbled at the opportunity to make this offering to any who come. We are here to hold the space for you to make your own journey, into the center of your heart and back. We have set in place a platform that has been shown to provide a safe and effective outcome time and time again. It is our service to this work to share this great opportunity with anyone who is willing to let themselves enjoy the benefits of the healing potential that is around all beings, at all times. It is our prayer that through this work, we are all made more aware of the love and abundance that surrounds each one of us in all situations. And as we open our hearts to the Sacred, we learn to turn even what we thought would be our most inner poison, in fact, into very good medicine.

We look forward to guiding you through this process, using the plants as our teachers, guiding us to our lives’ most important healing work. Through the depths we may have to traverse, through the stars we may get to fly, and in the end we must turn inward to focus on the seed of our inspiration, that it may grow up and into the light, where all comes from and returns. It is our intent to help you find these seeds and get them growing with vigor and beauty! What these seeds are and how the fruits will taste is an exciting journey of mystery for us each. May this earth be covered in the beauty of our mysteries’ unfoldment.


Botanical Sanctuary Details & Accommodations

We are pleased to offer incredible seclusion and jungle isolation, while also providing basic needs for our guests comfort. We strive to maintain the most rustic and authentic jungle experience while also exceeding our guests expectations for sanitation, comfort, and safety.

We all look forward to immersing you into a jungle way of life and healing, while providing a nurturing diet and environment. Unlike most retreats in Peru, our “rustic yet comfortable” retreat offers incredible opportunities for “roughing it” but also has solid infrastructure to ensure you have a very safe trip.

We caretake 135 acres and steward hundreds of species of all the main Amazonian medicinal plants. Our housing is communal, although men and women are separated. We have deluxe/couples tambos available as well for added privacy. All of our dwellings and meeting areas are fully mosquito netted and enclosed! The main focus of this retreat is your personal healing and introspection, and all of our facilities are in place to enhance this dedication we have to you, our guests.


135 Acres pristine lower Amazon jungle Sanctuary.
Deluxe communal housing. Quality mattresses, cotton sheets – not plastic!
Private casitas w/ private bathroom/shower available.
Clean toilets and showers.
All buildings fully mosquito netted.
Clean drinking water from our 180′ deep well. Gravity fed property wide via our private water tower.
110V power property wide.
Western grade kitchen. Stainless sink and clean appliances/cooking area.
Intimate ceremonial Maloka.
Access via road or waterway. 1 hour outside Pucallpa, Peru. (flights into Pucallpa via Lima, Peru 4x daily.)

Additional Features:​

Hammocks in the shade.
On-site protein – local fishing, free range chickens
Self guided plant tour.
Dozens of tropical fruits grown on site.
Hundreds of medicinals grown on site.
Delicious meals prepared from local fruits and some staples (rice/quinoa).
2x weekly laundry service.


Meet some of the Amazons’ most powerful, yet humble Shamans…

We take great pride in developing lasting relationships with everyone we work with. Our center is proud to be supported and desired by many incredible local shamans. While Isabel and Orlando are our main shamans for most retreats, occassionally we will have a guest. Each curandero is of course specifically adept at their own unique abilities, and the synergy between these amazing healers can really make for some powerful ceremony. With so much respect for their traditions and lineages, we are delighted to work with and learn from each of these incredible healers.

During the retreat each the shamans and our Facilitation team work fluidly together to allow each shaman to flourish and express their own unique talents during ceremony, while also all working togther to create a unified energy to guide and protect the group all night long.

We are very proud to be working closely at this time with Dona Rocio Isamani, and occasionally with Maestra Isabel Vargas or Don Orlando Mateo. Read their bios below.

Dona Rocio Isamani

Rocio was born in Santa Rosita, near Pucallpa, Peru and descends from a family of Shipibo Shamans. Her first mentor was her grandfather, Esteban Melendez, she was merely 9 years old. After her grandfather’s teachings she began to work and learn from her mother and step father – both Shamans – who were her teachers up until their final passing in 2011. It’s fair to stay that her life has a been a succession of mentors and teachers all under the Shipibo tradition. She has been studying and learning from many teachers for over 30 years. During those 30 years she’s worked with people from all over the world who come to Peru for healing as well as her fellow Peruvians. She’s worked on healing a plethora of diseases as well as with people from a vast array of social backgrounds, ages and demographics.

She personally has worked with dietas of many plants, her longest one was for 4 years. She’s worked arduously with plants and “palos” opening her visions and capacity to connect with you, the medicine, the songs for your healing.

Rocio has five children who live in Pucallpa and has recently become a grandmother. Her two sons have followed in the family traditions and are practicing Shamans, who occasional pay us a visit for a night or two.

Maestra Isabel Vargas

Serving as our primary shaman, we are delighted and honored to work with Isabel Vargas (younger sister of very famous Elisa Vargas), a dedicated shaman in a thousand year old lineage of Shipiba curanderas. Isabel, now in her late 40’s is full of respect and servitude to these ways, and teaches her wisdom through gentle resilience. Having grown up in a family of pure Shipibo curanderas, she has been inherited with a lifestyle saturated in Ayahuasca since birth. Her icaros date back hundreds of years and allow the curing of the medicine to enter more deeply into the cavities of the body, where the most immaculate transformations may occur. Isabel leads us in mapacho ceremony as well, where we purify our bodies to make a vessel capable to receiving the immense healings to come. A beautiful and compassionate soul, Isabel offers her generational wisdom, taking us to the heart of the traditional Shipibo ayahuasca experience.

Maestro Orlando Magin Matros

Orlando is Shaman who has dedicated his life’s work to the curing all his global family with the plants of the Amazonian selva. A pure-hearted Shaman of the Etnia Shipibo, Orlando is 50 years old. He has worked with ayahuasca now for 27 years. When very young he was pulled from a boat by a crocodile which ate part of his hand and nearly crushed his skull while holding him underwater (this is why his face is scarred). He underwent a shamanic initiation in this experience, and miraculously survived. From this moment on he knew he would learn to be a shaman, like is father and grandfather. He works with all types of conditions from physical, emotional, to spiritual and helps to determine specific plants for clients when needed in addition to our basic group diet. He says, “I work with love for all I help and to make the most positive world for all us as we share this life.”



Ayahuasca Dieta Retreats

~Personal Renewal in the Heart of Amazonia~

We are now accepting Applications for all upcoming 3-7, 10, & 18 day Ayahuasca Dieta Retreats. These retreats are designed to allow for a full integration of the incredible experience of the jungle all within the time of the retreat. We congratulate you for advocating for your own highest healing and development, and we invite you to come and experience the power of the Amazon for yourself…


Upcoming Retreat Dates-

February 10-19 – 1o Day Retreat
March 5-14 – 1o Day Retreat
March 28-April 6 – 1o Day Retreat
April 19-28 – 1o Day Retreat
May 16-29 Light Warrior Men’s Retreat – 14 Days
June 8-17 – 1o Day Retreat
June 28 -July 7 – 1o Day Retreat
August 20-29 – 1o Day Retreat
September 16-25 – 1o Day Retreat
October 8-17 – 1o Day Retreat
November 4-13 – 1o Day Retreat
November 27-Dec. 13 – 18 Day Immersion

Prices (all in $USD)

10 Day Retreats: $1325.
18 Day Retreats: $2500.
3-7 Day mini retreats: $405 +$135 per day thereafter.
14 Day Men’s LightWarrior Breakthrough retreat: $1795.

Example of What we offer at our 10 Day Retreat

Personal Consultation with Shaman followed by the prescription of personalized dieta of a master plant(s), which will be taken each day by the participant.
Then to signify the dieta the women will paint part of your body in icaros with a temporary plant-ink of the medicinal Huito fruit.
1 Mapacho (black jungle tobacco) Purge Ceremony.
3 Kambo (Frog Medicine) Purge Ceremonies.
5 Ayahuasca ceremonies led by our Facilitators with the Peruvian Maestros.
Adjunct modalities including Sananga eye drops and Rape’ (Ha-peh) at all ceremonies.
1+ Traditional clay detox.
Flower/plant baths daily before ceremonies.
Harvest and preparation of our own medicines for the personal dietas, ceremony, culinary uses, flower baths, etc.
Introduction to numerous master plants and medicinals.
Group & Individual Integration Sessions.
Daily Morning Gentle Movement practice.
Professional Bodywork Session – 1 included. More available a la carte at $60/hr.
Jungle dieta experience eating traditional jungle foods prepared in a delicious and beautiful fashion.
Immersion into the dense Amazonian jungle and its culture.
Deluxe casitas accommodate 1-6 people.
Deluxe jungle resort setting. Pure drinking water, showers, flushing toilets, and all mosquito netted buildings.
Trails amidst our gardens and jungle. We steward a dense, protected jungle as well as hundreds of planted edible and medicinal plants on our 135 acre Amazonian Botanical Sanctuary.
Daytime activities. For example;
jungle walks, painting lessons with master visionary painter, river boat ride to visit Pink Amazonian dolphins!, visit from Shipibo crafters, Amazonian folklore storytelling, medicinal plant walks, visit to the Pablo Amaringo orignal art museum in Pucallpa, etc.
At least one canvas and supplies for painting.
A special gift.
Final Day Activity Field Trip before being dropped in Pucallpa that evening.
Conveniently located 1 hour outside Pucallpa, Peru.
Fully translated into English (1-3 translators).
Laundry service.
All accommodations included from when we pick you up in Pucallpa until we drop you off.

Your airfare or other arrangements to arrive in/depart from Pucallpa, Peru on the designated days. Please note that we leave immediately on Day 1 for the Retreat. ***Please make sure in your travel plans you arrive the day before, at the very least, to rest and prepare for your retreat. AND to depart no earlier than the day AFTER your last retreat day. ***
Hotels and Meals before and after retreat.
Travel Insurance.
Gifts you wish to purchase to take home from the markets or guest villagers.


We are also offering an incredible opportunity – our Apprenticeship Immersion Program!

Here at Los Cielos, education is a key aspect of our offerings, and an incredible modality for healing to occur through. By allowing themselves to soak into the jungle way of life for 1 to 3 months at a time, participants can take their personal healing paths very deep. This process unfolds with the container of service, a deeper commitment to the plants, and a higher standard for yourself. During the Immersion participants will engage in most every aspect of the Sanctuary maintenance, hosting a group, practicing Spanish, and experiencing a variety of plant medicines and ceremonies. All the while increasing your own personal relationship to ayahuasca and all of the jungle medicines.

$800 per month, all inclusive.
$200 additional for personalized Dieta Suave (working dieta)

Find out more about our Retreats, Apprenticing, Itineraries, etc. Visit us on our Website at



23 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

March 9, 2020

I very recently returned from a 5-day retreat at Los Cielos, which was my first experience of Ayahuasca and plant medicines.

I came back with more than I expected, and exactly in the area of my life that I was focusing on.

Most of this is down to the fact that the environment is just right at Los Cielos, I felt safe and listened to. I was able to talk about my fears and have them taken into consideration and I was absolutely able to trust the people there who are knowledgeable, experienced, and motivated for the right reasons. The combination of these things helped me to relax and ease into the experience and very quickly my fear diminished.

My experience has left me feeling that there has been a definite change in me, already others have noticed and I want to strive to hold on to the changes for as long as possible, I’ve been offered ongoig support as well. I would definitely go back to Los Cielos when the time is right. They are also constantly improving their facilities which are already very comfortable, the combination of authenticity and comfort is just right.

I would definitely recommend Los Cielos, I believe it is the right place for first time and more experienced seekers of the benefits and life changing potential of plant medicines.


November 10, 2019

There has been a subtle change in how I perceive the world around me after my experience at Los Cielos. A friend keeps telling me “there is a sparkle in your eye”. I would say there is a sparkle ignited inside of me that is radiating out through my eyes.
I was at Los Cielos for a 10-day retreat. During that time, Sylvie created a safe healing environment to experience Ayahuasca, Kambo, Mapacho, and Rapé. I felt fully supported by Sylvie and Tyler during my process. There were also plant baths available for cleansing and integrating the various experiences. I found them to be just as healing and revitalizing in the heat of the jungle.
It was lovely to interact with Rocio. Her healing intuition was right on. I had a firsthand experience in her ability to heal my physical body that has still enabled in be in less pain. Rocio also has a warm playful attitude that is heart opening.
Now, the food was amazing! The food was flavorful, nutritious, and kept to the limit of the plant medicine diet. I have so much gratitude to the wonderful ladies who made our food!
I am so grateful for the support at Los Cielos and look forward to more experiences with them in the future!


October 22, 2019

Friends and family keep asking me how my 10 day retreat experience was and its hard to find the words.

Sylvie, Tyler, and Rocio absolutely gave me the experience of a lifetime. I felt so cradled and loved during my time with them. Any need I could have possibly had was fulfilled. They so lovingly always made sure I was feeling well, and if I wasn’t-they were quick to offer remedies from plant medicine to hugs.

Sylvie is one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met and made me feel so comfortable because she knows the ways of the medicine inside out. She’s familiar with the science of all of it, has sat in hundreds of ceremonies, and has witnessed countless people’s process. Every worry I had she completely shut down and made me feel at ease. I should also note how she carefully, and with so much love oversees the actual processing of the ayahuasca medicine and how seriously she takes it. Hours and hours of constant stirring and filtering.

They are fluid with the retreats and gage how to work them on how you are feeling and how you are reacting to your experience. They are fully in tune to you and fully committed to giving you the best possible experience.

The food alone after ten days is a healing experience unto itself, pair that with the amazing teas, plant baths, ayahuasca, mapacho, kambo, and rappé and you will be walking on clouds by the time you leave.

I’ve noticed so many big changes in the way I think, and subtle changes in my attitude since being home. I feel so much lighter! so filled with light and like i’ve shed so much darkness from my body. I feel happy consistently every day since i’ve been home. I find myself smiling and it feels so good.

I can’t imagine going to any other retreat center after having been to Los Cielos.


June 26, 2019

They are doing amazing things at Los Cielos. I was recently both a retreat participant and an apprentice. My journey with the medicine started a few years back at another retreat center in Peru, and I knew that when I returned I would go wherever Sylvie was. There’s so many retreat centers to choose from now and I’m sure most people go off of recommendations from people they know. This review is geared towards those who don’t know anyone to ask and who are researching on their own (I know it can be a daunting task).

Traveling all the way to the jungles of Peru in itself can be a challenging experience, and when you add the medicine aspect (especially first timers) it can make for a stressful transition. Being able to enjoy some of the comforts of home can make that transition so much easier. From the warm initial greeting/pickup in Pucallpa, all the way to getting settled into the casitas (which were super clean on arrival and had the towels all folded up on the bed like in a hotel) I felt well taken care of and this hospitality continued throughout my stay. Yes there’s tons of insects and various other creatures (frogs, small lizards, etc.). If you can’t learn to embrace it then you’ll be just fine staying inside. The casitas all have outlets to charge devices (which you really won’t be using much), comfortable beds, and are a close distance to shower/bathroom facilities (if you’re not in a casita that have attached bathroom/shower). With the exception of the few composting outhouses, all the toilets are flushing and have a sink right in the same room. I really don’t understand bathrooms that don’t have sinks in the same room. How are you supposed to get clean without water? I brought a commercial sized pack of wet wipes for that reason alone just in case and they ended up not getting used. There’s clean drinking water in every casita and the showers all have nice water pressure. There’s also high pressure spouts scattered throughout in case you need to power wash the bottoms of your shoes or whatever else. An awesome hammock hut sits near the kitchen, which is also a popular place to just chill. If you have any issue such as needing more toilet paper, or something for your headache, or clean sheets etc. everyone is quick to accommodate.

The food is really amazing. While there is fish and chicken (and occasionally armadillo) available I find I didn’t miss meat much with all the delicious vegetables prepared at every meal. Again, working with the medicine already is intense enough. Going on a strict, just-enough-to-sustain-you diet may work for some, but for people like me it seems unnecessary. All meals stayed within the guidelines of dieta and were tasty enough to require second or third helpings. Many fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown right on the property. Some sample meals: banana jungle pancakes, chicken stew, spinach and veggie frittata, veggie burgers, quinoa salad, and mixed fruit bowls.

The maloca (the open air hut where all the ceremonies take place) is a well-cared-for spaceship of love. I can’t stress enough how safe of a container it is. With all the intense healing going on in there, it’s important that the physical space that is being occupied keeps you feeling secure. There’s an attached bathroom with a flushing toilet and sink as well.

The brew itself is unlike any I’ve had as well (in Peru and in other parts of the world). You can really feel the love that went into every drop. It was with this brew where I had a major breakthrough with Madre. The combination of the brew (and the labor of love that went into making it), the dosage, and the people (shaman, facilitators) holding space, allowed me to finally work with the medicine in a way I was never able to before. I’ve always either had way too strong medicine that just left me feeling confused and shell shocked, to really watered down brew that left me wanting to go deeper (which I never could because I knew I would never be able to keep down a second cup). The medicine at Los Cielos hits that sweet spot right in the middle, where I was able to go deep but in a manner that allowed me to interface/work with Madre. I was the type of person to always go into ceremony scared out of my mind, but with the help of the shamans and facilitators I was finally able to climb this hurdle and receive deep healing while letting go of fear. Rocio, the resident shaman, is so dedicated. She really wants to help and it shows. She would always give extra attention to those having especially difficult times. And not to mention she has an amazing, healing laugh. Sylvie and Tyler, the main facilitators also share Rocio’s infinite capacity for compassion. The
dedication they showed throughout my retreats really inspired me. They would stay up all night in ceremony, singing and smudging and helping those in need, doing whatever needed to get done, only to get up in the wee morning hours to help start the agenda for that day. And then repeat again. Their love for everything was apparent, and it shows in the type of people the center attracts as well.

If you’re lucky enough you may even be able to participate in the brewing of the medicine. This will really open your eyes to how much work is involved in getting you that single cup. In addition, they really go the extra mile to help you appreciate the medicine and all of the accompanying plants that act as “helpers” (there’s a staggering amount). You can have a consultation with Rocio to determine which of these plants you can dieta with, which is something I’ve never even heard of before coming to Los Cielos. It really makes a world of difference. My ceremonies before and after starting a dieta were so different, it really changed the game for me. You will be taken on a walk throughout the property where each plant is shown and its properties explained. You can also take a guided walk right into the deep jungle as well, which is also a very healing experience. And of course once you’re back in town they’ll make sure you are shown around and taken care of in just the same manner as well.

The hardest part in my opinion of this work is what comes after, the integration. And they really emphasize this point as well. Between the shamans and facilitators, they must have thousands of ceremonies between them. So they really have the experience to lend their guidance before, during, and after ceremony. They make sure to let it be known that they are always available, and that is so appreciated. It would be cruel to take someone on such a soul-shifting journey, and then like a hitchhiker who has come to their destination, just cut cords and be like “well, good luck!” Instead, continuing with the analogy, they stay with you until you genuinely feel that you’re ready to go.

So many other things also really struck me about Los Cielos. For example, having locals sit in during ceremony was another first for me. I thought it was awesome how they’ve extended invitations for the locals to partake in the medicine (locals
and indigenous are given scholarships/work exchange in addition to free work). It seems obvious; it’s their culture, their traditions. But I’ve never come across it until I came here. The locals that make up the majority of the staff were also all amazing human beings with quick humor, and I was always delighted to be in their company.

And I must mention the animals. Los Cielos is also an animal sanctuary as well. There’s 4 monkeys, 4 dogs, a whole bunch of cats, a sloth/raccoon type animal which I forgot the name of but gives awesome hugs, and many more being added. I was never someone who would call themselves an animal lover (I’m allergic to both cats and dogs which may have something to do with it) but the healing that animals can provide was so apparent here. Whether it was cuddling up with a monkey
or feeling safe as the dogs kept watch at the maloca door, I felt nothing but pure love from them . In fact, I developed a deep connection with both plants and animals during my stay that was never there before. And for that I’m grateful.

I’m usually skeptical of gushing reviews but if you’re reading this and still unsure, go with your gut. I can say I’m usually the type to not want to visit the same place twice (with all the amazing places to see in the world why?) but I’m already planning my return. For more healing sure, but what I think it really is is that Los Cielos has shown me what it means to be of service, and I feel so called to step into that role. Wishing you much love and healing on your adventures!

  • Member Since: June 8, 2019

June 8, 2019

Just got back from a 6 day retreat and i am hardly missing words to describe the experience. From the minute i have been picked up by Sylvie and Tyler I felt so welcomed and all the team helped me through the whole experience starting from the preperation, continuing on the ceremonies itself until the proper integration afterwords. Furthermore I would also like to point out the role of the shaman Rocio, who also played a big factor in my healing process. Thinking about her heartwarming nature and her laugh still creates a big smile on my face, which i can also say about all other people working or staying at Los Cielos.

Besides of that the incredible food, proper integration of ceremonies and the nice accomodation leads to the conclusion that there is no better place to work with the plant medicine and I will definitely return at one point in time. Muchas gracias Sylvie, Tyler, and all the other beatiful people at Los Cielos!


March 20, 2019

I just got back from Los Cielos in Pulcallpa. I loved loved loved it!! The time and attention they gave me was priceless! The facilitator Sylvie and the Shaman Rocio sat down with me to discuss my emotional and physical needs. They went out of there way to make sure I had the perfect plant medicines for me while there and when I got home.
I felt safe. The environment was clean and friendly. The flower baths were awesome and cleansing. The Ayahusaca was the sweetest, cleanest, most powerful aya I have ever experienced. I loved the cozy cabins that we stayed in with our own private shower and bath.
Thank you team of Los Cielos for giving me one of the most profound life changing experiences!!
I can’t even imagine that it is possible to go to a better healing center!

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November 18, 2018

Imagine a place where you can JUST BE YOU, a place you’d be checking your old self at the door and then begin a new journey of finding your true self… Los Cielos was that place for me!

My cousin has been talking about Sylvie and Ayahuasca ceremonies for years, and even though I have been intrigued by his stories, I had hard time to believe any of them.

It was not before I felt as if my life got stuck; I was not happy with my job, living situation, friends and everything else around me. Even though I had everything I dreamt of- something was missing.

A year in the making, I was then started to look for a deeper meaning, searching the web for testimonials and videos of people who went through this process. After all, jungle living and magical broth drinking still sounded a little freaky. Getting tired of thinking about it, I decided to just go and try it myself.

Arriving in Peru was nerve wracking. Although I have watched every possible YouTube video, I was still skeptical. It all fed away once I met Sylvie and Los Cielos’ team members. There and then I just knew I made the right decision. Everyone was very welcoming which made me and all other retreat participates feel at home.

Our retreat lasted 10 days; on the agenda were many ceremonies. Those ceremonies were so profound and eye opening for me, but the best thing of this entire retreat was Sylvie. Other places may offer similar ceremonies, but no other place has a wonderful person like Sylvie. Sylvie guided us throughout the entire time, in ups and downs, making sure we are being taking care of, mentally and emotionally, around the clock.

Knowing there was someone to talk to 24/7 was priceless. Sylvie is very knowledgeable and experienced with plant medications and ceremonies. She had an answer for every silly question. Sylvie was very patience with everyone, which made me feel safe and secure.

Few months have passed since I got back from Peru, and I can definitely say that my experience at Los Cielos was one of the best thing I have ever given myself. I have a feeling that one day I will be back at Los Cielos ….


September 20, 2018

I asked a friend who was more knowledgeable about this world than me for recommendations. She didn’t say much other than ‘Trust me… just go here’. It turned out to be some of the best advice i’ve ever been given. I was aware that Peru is rife with ‘Ayauscha tourism’ so i was looking for a place that was more personalized and would be able to work with you on the journey, and suggest other plants or medicines that could help your individual issues. This turned out to be exactly that. In the months before my reasons for working with the medicine had changed, i essentially had the start of an auto-immune issue and a bacterial infection. I had been trying to heal myself via diet and nutrition and although i had made progress, it was hard going and very long winded. On top of this i would occasionally get worried and turn back to docters who essentially lead me through the same routine experimental processes that resulted in major set backs. Just 11 days with Sylvie and her team in the jungle resulted in more progress than months of healing myself. Sylvie is one of the most intelligent people i have ever met, Rosi is an incredibly powerful Shaman and Alida makes some of the best food and cared for me incredibly well! The process i went through was very physically demanding and at times i was a bit scared, the Los Cielos family ment that i was able to get through this by feeling loved and looked after.

I had an issue with previous retreats being quite vague with their explanations of the medicines. What i loved about Los Cielos is that the process here is very practical and we were given a good indication of what is happening in our bodies and our minds. On top of that ‘integration’ was something that was woven into the fabric of our lessons with the underlying theme of ‘Sovereignty’. I’d say that Los Cielos has got me 80% cured, now the hard work revolves around the final 20% which i now feel extremely confident about solving myself. Whats more i am grateful that i have to solve this myself so that i can integrate the protocols into my daily routine in the real world. On top of this i also feel more empowered every day i make small bits of progress. I think as a society we are conditioned to believe there are ‘magic pills’ that solve things for us, before going to the Amazon i was hoping that Los Cielos was my magic pill, now looking back i realise it’s not… but it’s definitely the closest thing i’ll ever get.

Los Cielos taught me how to take back my own power and remove crutches i had previously relied on. Now very close to the end of my healing journey, i am incredibly happy to be doing this in a fully natural way. I know that i am not using drugs to suppress symptoms and that i am facing things head on, by listening to my body and refining my approach. Whats more its’ put me on a bigger journey, i don’t want to go back to the same place i was before, i want to be better, i want to refine, optimize and improve as much as possible. I also want to help others who face similar challenges.

I’m writing this 1 month since i left Peru, and although the integration process isn’t easy, i still feel incredibly positive about everything thanks to everyone at Los Cielos.

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June 7, 2018

I visited Los Cielos in May with a friend. This was my first experience with ayahuasca so I really didn’t know what to expect. . . Well this place has set the bar incredibly high!
The setting of the retreat is very special, right on the edge of the jungle, very peaceful with beautiful. The whole ‘family’ there are amazing and I feel very privileged to have been able to spend time with them. The ceremonies were unbelievable, from the Maluka to the brew itself and the noise from the jungle. .

Tyler is a great guy, who made us feel very welcome. Rosio was unreal, a beautiful person who’s presence helped me in the ceremonies . .
A BIG thanks to Sylvie who is the glue that holds the whole place together, a special person who was faultless from start to finish in the retreat. Her contributions throughout the ceremonies were massive.

If I’m fortunate enough to get back out there I will certainly be visiting Los Cielos once again.

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May 10, 2018

Recently visited Los Cielos for four days.. me and a friend were time pressured to specific dates within our trip, however Sylvie and Tiler managed to accomodate us perfectly writhin their current schedule. The whole experience was an absolute treat. Accomodation spacious and comfortable, food was amazing, and the general vibe within the whole Los Cielos family was welcoming and warm throughout.. my favourite part of my stay had to be the ceremonies. Not only the ayahuasca brew itself and wonderful qualities, but also the energy and enthusiasm shown by Sylvie and Rosio during the ceremonies was something else!! Would undoubtedly pay another visit in the future. Thank you Los Cielos


April 21, 2018


I participated in an 18 day retreat as a guest and I participated in a 10 day retreat as a volunteer.

I have experienced both sides and yet a third still exists…
Every persons experience is different and if you are familiar with working with plant medicine, then you already know this.

I was refered by a friend and i have history with Sylvie, who is the owner and facilitator. So this was a safe stay for me in that way because of familiarity… If you want an Aya/jungle experience and you do not know anyone who can refer you to a safe place then consider me your friend refering you to a safe place to have your INNER experience. And if you already have experience working with this medicine and are simply pondering were to ride, then ask La Madre 🙂 Then listen… Be in the now and you’ll find and be in the heart and you’ll SEE!

Just Say Yes and the ceromoney begins or continues 🙂

Maji- Lover of plants, life and going deep & dirty.

  • Member Since: March 24, 2018

March 23, 2018

Epic..powerful..transformative..life changing..awesome…beautiful ..healing and rejuvenating !! I have been working with Ayahuasca for almost 20 years now. I’ve had hundreds of journeys with this medicine, I’ve stayed at other retreat centers in the Amazon (Brazil) and have sat with many different shamans and facilitators…My experience at Los Cielos was a powerful healing and epic experience. I was there for over a month..I did two Dietas and an 18 day retreat. The best thing about Los Cielos is how integrated the center is with the medicine plants, the jungle, the Shamans, the Shipibo folks who work there, all the guests and volunteers are on this journey together through each retreat. They absolutely care from the core of their hearts for all of us who come there. There’s lots of love and affection for all! They take care of us. We become a big family and even when I was doing my dieta and taking time alone..they were there for me just as I needed them. I felt personally attended to and each of us was completely cared for. Sylvie and Tyler are of the utmost integrity..and they work diligently to provide space, attention and healing and for all our needs and everything that comes up. Long retreats like this can be quite challenging, yet I felt so much support, grace and ease in the comfort and protection of Sylvie and her crew. Another wonderful part of the Los Cielos experience is living in an amazing medicine plant garden. We were surrounded by so many many medicine plants, the aya vine, of course..but many more. Doing a dieta you get to work directly with the plant as it is growing right there..and it fosters a love and respect that is very personal with each plant. This experience was so authentic, down to earth ..it was on the earth in simple, but comfortable (mosquito free) accommodations. After doing the 18 day retreat, with all the different healing and cleansing medicines and modalities and ceremonies..dietas..etc, I couldn’t imagine doing a retreat in any less time. The 18 days gives plenty of time to go deep..and then deeper. I will go back. I fell in love with the place, the people and the work healed in me some deeper levels that have freed me even more. thank you Sylvie, Tyler and Los Cielos!!!


February 10, 2018

Wow. I’m back home in my country now for less than a week and I can’t even begin to fathom all that transpired for me at Los Cielos during the 18 day retreat. I was challenged to my core which enabled me to receive the greatest gifts my body, mind, emotions and spiritual self could unwrap.

After about four years of practice with Ayahuasca prior to arriving at Los Cielos, I was certain that I would simply be deepening my experience of what I had already known. To my surprise, using Ayahuasca, along with all of the other plant medicines, and Kambo, was an entirely new experience for me. Not only did I go deeper into the caverns of myself, but I also learned new ways of navigating who I am and what my life represents… that only being in the jungle could offer.

Sylvie, Tyler and the rest of the Shapibo staff were warm and caring. I always felt that I had someone to talk to if I had any questions or concerns regarding my processes… or anything for that matter! Sylvie was sure to consistently check on each one of us to see how we were feeling and ready to address what was coming up.

On one of our rest days, I received the deepest, most healing massage I believe I’ve ever experienced before!

Accommodations were comfortable and clean and the food was delicious, as well as the perfect compliment of health and cleansing for our plant medicine retreat.

I’m looking forward to returning once again, and being of service in the volunteer program. With gratitude…


December 7, 2017

After experiencing a 18 day retreat I was left wanting more. The beautiful property, amazing hosts and genuine medicine respect is held here. The overall ability to let go, let the real me surface to address deep seated issues that have plagued my existence, was honored and supported here without judgement. So I came back for 6 week volunteer immersion which was perfect for the next steps in my self discovery. Sylvie and Tyler are the best in every way. They will support, guide and give you every tool possible to allow your journey to unfold. Most of the time I was releasing physically, mentally and spiritually quite intensely and felt self conscious about my ability to perform the tasks as a volunteer. Sylvie and Tyler were amazingly supportive, understanding and gave me the acceptance to keep going. The ceremonies were the real deal….very powerful….shamans were on point. The song and music still vibrate in my head! Sylvie and Tyler hold Kambo for cleansing, which was just what I needed. It moved out stuck energy physically, mentally and spiritually! Sylvie and Tyler guided me thru with grace and ease, so I felt well cared for and safe. Overall, I would highly recommend Los Cielos for it’s personalized care and attention. This has got to be the only retreat center that will give you as much or as little as you can handle. Always with encouragement, respect and support. If you have the chance to dedicate some time for yourself, go volunteer or do a retreat, check out Los Cielos as a place you will come back to again and again! I will be coming back to volunteer as soon possible. Sylvie and Tyler have created a family like environment that is conducive to the greatest amount of (s)healing as possible. If you want to feel safe, open up your soul and make new alignments happen, this is your place.


October 17, 2017

I attended a 10 day retreat in November 2016, off a recommendation from a friend. Everything seem to point to giving Los Cielos my attention and time, so I made the journey out there myself. Everything and more I could have hoped for ranging from the quality of the medicine, the comfort of the environment (while still rustic and traditional) catering to my western needs, high quality food to stay nourished, authentic jungle access and immersion, support and communication from the whole Los Cielos family, authentic and amazing Shipibo shamans, and a lighthearted loving energy all the around the grounds to hold space for everyone’s process. This retreat changed my life in so many ways and I’m forever thankful for being guided to working with everyone there. I knew as soon as I finished my time there I would be back, and that time is coming again very soon and I wouldn’t wanna go anywhere else other than Los Cielos. Muchas Gracias Medicina Familia…

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October 10, 2017

well…it has been a little while (almost 2yrs since my 18-day retreat) and it’s hard to put words to how much has changed in my life and the benefits received from working with Sylvie and Nome and Isabel and everyone who was at Los Cielos at that time. We were Sylvie’s first group as she was the brand new program director that January. Sylvie is one of the most interesting, fearless and dedicated people I have met in this life. She is fantastic and not a little bit mind-blowing. She was always there, with a big giant Cheshire cat grin while I was going through the most difficult times….Not smiling out of any kind of superiority or lack of compassion but the smile that says….”I know this is rough right now but you are gonna be so much better after this and you are in the right and perfect place for your life to explode into light.” She smiles because she sees the light at the end of the tunnel and she knows its so incredibly beautiful.

Peru is strong medicine. The Amazon is stronger medicine and I’m so grateful to have aligned myself with these people who have been learning the ways to navigate and guide those of us who are fresh off the boat. Literally…..I was part of a group that had an epic long boat ride and 5-mile walk in the dark to get to Los Cielos when heavy rains washed out the road…but it made our experience so epic and it’s a tale that I will never forget.

I miss hearing the sounds of the jungle and the animals calling. Los Cielos is right on the edge of the jungle and I felt aware of the presence of the jungle constantly. I live in rural Oregon and I used to experience fear and nervous anxiety of living in the forests of the NW..at night..allowing my fears to rule me. At Los Cielos I realized that I didn’t have that nervousness and when I returned home it was completely gone. I sleep outside at night now, under the night sky..connected to the earth, unafraid of whatever used to make me nervous in the past.

It calls me, I hope to return and work or assist in the process of encouraging the Shipibo to preserve their amazing textile traditions and their connection to the earth. I miss the jungle. If you decide to go there for your healing, I wish you the best and a fruitful experience. We will be connected. I am finding that many of those who have experienced Los Cielos stay connected, we are finding a tribe, bound by powerful challenging healing experiences. We are finding our family.

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September 28, 2017

I recently spent 10 days at Los Cielos this August and it was the experience of a lifetime. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done in my life and also one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. The facilities were great and the staff was amazing. Alita is an amazing cook and had amazing energy and a great since of humor. Sylvie the owner is fantastic, she will give you all the love, support and guidance you need and will require throughout the process. This medicine is the real deal! And it is life changing. Rosio the Shapibo Shaman is off the hook and she definitely has an energy that is something else! She will help you through some tough shit!
I am very happy with my choice and was extremely satisfied with my entire experience at Los Cielos. If you are thinking about taking Ayahuasca, don’t. Just do it. It won’t be a cake walk but it will be one of the best choices you will ever make.
Best Wishes,



September 22, 2017

My friend and I stayed at Los Cielos for the 10 day retreat. The pre trip instructions were very helpful in preparing me physically, mentally, and spiritually. It talks about what to avoid bringing and by the way of food how to prep your body through diet. To have a chant and/or intention ready. Also, it talks about thinking of this trip like prepping for a surgery. I, of course didn’t know what this meant at the time but I am so grateful for all the prep work they prescribe beforehand because I wouldn’t have been ready otherwise. When we got there Sylvie picked us up from a hotel. She is confident in who she is and what she does. She believes in the path that she is taking and the path she is guiding people on. She is a Shaman. The first one I ever met, until we got to the jungle. I then met Roseo a Shipibo Shaman, Aleata the happiest, helpiest person I have ever met, and William who is a very hard working man. None of these three people spoke any English they are indigeneous to the area and I don’t speak any Spanish but it didn’t stop of from communicating to each other. They welcomed us with open arms. Tyler joined us later, he is Canadian and helps Sylvie out and is on his own healing path. He brought comedy and sweet compassion to the group.
Sylvie and Roseo set up a dieta for each person depending on what they need and what the plants tell them.
We had plant baths daily and sometimes multiple times a day.
We drank plant medicine everyday.
There was an opening and closing ceremony. Which I thought was really important for letting go of your travels and then closure at the end.
They have cute, rustic casitas to sleep in and keep your belonging in.
To start the ceremonies there was a Jungle Mapacho Purge. After that there were 5 Aya ceremonies, in between three Kambo ceremonies.
I felt so much, I let go of so much, I experienced so much while I was there. Sylvie and Rosy would sing during ceremony to help with whatever you needed. I felt so supported. They taught me a crucial connection to plants. The entire trip was life changing in a wonderful way. I have a deep connection to the jungle and to Sylvie from this experience.
*I highly recommend Los Cielos to any person who wants to have a supportive, intense, loving, compassionate, truthful, honest, fulfilling, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical ceremony.*

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September 5, 2017

J’ai réalisé une retraite de 10 jours cet été. J’ai alors eu la chance de rencontrer Sylvie ainsi que Rossillo ( chamane) et Alida et toute l’équipe sur place. L’endroit est merveilleux, tout est parfaitement entretenu et très confortable.C’est très important car durant la retraite nous passons par des états psychologiques difficiles et il est très appréciable de se sentir comme à la maison. Tout est Amour. Sylvie est tout simplement une personne extraordinaire. Elle a un cœur énorme et une puissance de guérison intense. Son énergie associée à celle de Rossillo qui est aussi une chamane très dévouée et très très puissante, rende les cérémonies intenses. C’est le lieu pour accomplir un travail de guérison personnelle et/ou de développement personnel. Pour ma part cela faisait 10 ans que j’allais de thérapies en thérapies et en 10 jours seulement j’ai pu me libérer de toutes mes entraves qui m’empêchaient d’accéder à mon moi véritable.
Je ne peux que vous recommander cette adresse.

In English:
I made a 10-day retreat this summer. I then had the chance to meet Sylvie as well as Rossillo (shaman) and Alida and the whole team on the spot. The place is wonderful, everything is perfectly maintained and very comfortable.This is very important because during retirement we go through difficult psychological states and it is very appreciable to feel like at home. Everything is Love. Sylvie is simply an extraordinary person. She has an enormous heart and an intense healing power. His energy combined with that of Rossillo who is also a very devoted and very powerful shaman, makes the ceremonies intense. It is the place to perform personal healing and / or personal development work.
I can only recommend this address.

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August 4, 2017


I went to Los Cielos close to 1 year ago. Peru was my first big trip outside of Canada and I was excited. I had been using psychedelics for about 5 years prior to the my trip to Peru as a method of exploration of self. I suppose I got what some refer to as the calling. That call came through a friend. Somehow someway I managed to make the trip happen and soon after I heard the call I found myself on a plane and soon arriving at an airport in a place called Pucallpa, I was not in downtown Vancouver anymore. I was met by Tyler at the airport which was nice because I speak 0 spanish, shame on me, I know. Tyler, an assistant guide, and friend scooped me and took me to our hotel, where I would meet Sylvie who is officially the Primary Program Facilitator However I started to view her as more of a big sister. Wise, no bullshit, oceans of love. Not perfect, which actually makes her perfect. Needless to say I was a fish out of water, not in my element at all. I felt that the staff at Los Cielos did everything within there capablilties to help myself and the other travellers to feel as comfortable as possible while undertaking this very intense inner work. I can’t say that my time at Los Cielos was pleasant but I don’t say that as a bad thing. Its how it needed to be. I did not go to Los Cielos to vacation, I went for reasons that I don’t think Im conscious of, also, I went to drink Ayahuasca. The Ayahuasca was by far the most potent, intense experience I have ever had. The whole experience was a lot to take on and I would strongly recommend for people who are going to do this, that you have your intentions in check. Because you’ll need them when words stop making sense and you realize what you are and the hilarious predicament of existence and your relationship to it. I feel like at Los Cielos they are trying to create an environment which is respectful to the Aboriginal people of the amazon and the land in which they are using for there healing centre. From what I understand they pay there staff a competitive wage as well invite staff to join the ceremony. I was absolutely in awe of Sylvie’s attentiveness during the ceremonies. As afraid as I was sometimes, Sylvies presence would help me be ok with the fear, I trusted her. One of the Shamans, Orlando, would keep the energy alive all night, working hard shifting energy, cleaning energy, loving on us. It was truly amazing the hard work this man puts into complete strangers and what he probably takes on from other people is scary to think about, I respect what he does and how he does it. My trip to Los Cielos was a mixed bag, but what isn’t. When I look back and see how much work all the staff there did for me to ensure my safe arrival, my stay until my departure, i feel moved.
I recommend Los Cielos as a safe environment for you to go, drink powerful medicine. Try Kambo, (which is a whole other story) and meet some cool like minded people who you may grow with over the duration of your time spent at the facility. For me this would not be something I would go do just because, this in my opinion a place for people to go and work on themselves and which isn’t always fun. Thank you to the staff for your work and commitment to trying to help people feel ok sometimes. love you guys.



July 11, 2017

As a student of plant medicine for about 10 years now, and having the opportunity to visit reveral retreat centers around the world and specially Peru, I can say my visit to Los Cielos has been the most profound and nurishing experience I have ever been part of. As soon as I arrived to Pucallpa, I was greeted by Sylvie and Tyler at the airport. Their commitment to ensure I was safe, confortable and at peace was immediately felt. Los Cielos is at deep in into the Amazonian jungle as you can get. Allowing you to really feel the energy of the medicines and the healing that they can offer. From the food, the setting, the way the space is held, you are in for an amazing transformative experience that will be difficult to replicate. This is not your turist trap ayahuasca retreat center. This is a place where you can really get deep work done, completely disconnected from the city distractions, yet have all the basic comforts necessary to allow yourself to relax and receive. The array of Shamans working at los cielos will allow you to understand what this work is all about, and with the expertise of Syvie and hard work and determination of Tyler, you will be assured a beautiful integration of the profound experience that you will witness. Thank you for following your calling! I can’t wait to be back. Blessings!


July 11, 2017

Has mother Ayahuasca been calling for you because you need some guidance for your life choices and a connection to your unconsciousness?

This is what happened to me while travelling through South America, meeting different people who had made different experiences with the plant medicine.

I was told that the indigenous people “Shipibo”, who practice Ayahuasca ceremomies, mostly live around Pucallpa in Peru. So, without knowing much more, i hopped on a plane and went there, kind of relying on my gut-feeling.

After a few weird encounters with Shamans (one wanted me to pay for his son’s surgery, the other made some weird hand gestures and with others it was plain communication problems as they would only speak basic english) I got the recommendation by a local café owner (Café Elixir, very well recommended!) to go to a retreat center called “Los Cielos”, run by an American Manager called Sylvie.

Not only do they offer Ayahuasca ceremonies with a powerful female Shaman (as a solo travelling woman apparently you need to watch your back when being under the influence of this potent plant), Sylvie was also specifically trained with the brazilian tribe “Huin Kun” to give Kambo treatments. (Look up “Kambo”, also called Sapo, for an intense Detox if you’re interested. It worked very well in combination with Ayahuasca for me)

Their driver picked me and a Canadian friend up to drive apx. 1.5 hours outside of Pucallpa in his jeep. When we got in, it was filled from bottom to top with amazing looking fruit and vegetables. We were excited and curious!

When we arrived at the huge compound with hundreds of plants and fruit trees we were greeted by Toto and Lulu, the wonderful dog couple that’s watching over the peremices, Tyler, who was working on the place to make it even more comfortable, three beautiful Shipibo ladies who would hug and kiss you for your welcome, and finally, the never-getting-tired William, the Peruvian groundskeeper who would take care of the waterpump, the garden, the houses and more. It already felt like our own big family.

Tyler showed us to the kitchen/living-/dining-/coloring-/common room where we were going to spend a lot of time together. There was some delicious warm oatmeal, fruit, lemonade and awesome juice waiting for us, all of it sugarfree and yet spicy and sweet.

Sylvie, the manager, soon-to-be-shaman, kambo-master and walking encyclopedia showed up in the kitchen and gave us a comprising introduction of what would expect us during the next few nights and days. It only took her about five minutes to make us relax, sit back, and know that she will do anything to make our stay as comfortable as you could imagine. The two friendly volunteers from Portland, US, also welcomed us very dearly and gave us the impression that this must be a paradise in the middle of the jungle. Which it truly is.

Every day we would receive an aromatic plant bath to clean and clear our body and mind, every day we were able to sit back, relax, think, meditate, have some awesome nutritional and diversified food, aswell as deep and meaningful conversations with each other and especially Sylvie.

During our stay we could witness and help with the brewing of the Ayahuasca, which, if done right and traditionally, takes up to ten days! Los Cielos only uses the purest ingredients for the medicine, no need for any additional hallucinogenic plants, because they take their time selecting and brewing just the right amounts needed.

The ceremonies were incredible. As it was my first experience intaking something that is hallucinogenic, it was a bit scary at first, for me as a European working girl, to be able to let go of reality and dive into the connection. The safe surrounding and the Ayahuasca telling me that everything will turn out perfectly, aswell as Sylvie and the group guiding me, helped me immensely though and i was overwhelmed with everything. The visions were powerful from the very beginning and i felt a strong connection to nature, my new friends, and, if you want to call it that, the universe (or as i like to call it, my inner consciousness that connects all my surroundings).

The Kambo treatments were intense and yet exactly what i needed to appreciate my body and mind more. It helped me focus on what i wanted to achieve within this retreat, and, big plus, it cleaned out my bad skin within only a few days! Sylvie is an absolute specialist and applies the right amount of kambo in the most hygienic way imaginable. (For me it was 4 dots, then 6 and then 7)

I already recommended this center to all travellers who have asked me about Ayahuasca treatments – and i want to recommend it to you aswell! You will have a great experience, life changing or not, there will be no regrets chosing this place 🙂

Thank you Los Cielos, you made my heart grow immensely <3

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July 5, 2017

The first time I visited Los Cielos was for a 10day retreat in Nov. of 2016. I had a 2 night experience here in the US previously lead by one of the founders that was one of the most profound healing experiences, the most I had come across at that point & I wanted to keep going.
I was welcomed in Pucallpa by Sylvie & Tyler, I met the two others who would join us & we took off to Pablo Ameringo (I may have misspelled his name) museum & then our exciting truck ride out to the center in the jungle.
We participated in Mapacho/Piñon Blanco purge as well as 3 Kambo purges during the retreat, we sat with Aya 5 nights. I will never be the same in such a positive light.
Upon my return to the US, I should admit, I had a hard time dealing going back to the life I had been living. I was a recovering alcoholic, still bartending, I had just faced the depths of emotional scars that had lead me to that lifestyle but the out here in the US wasn’t clear to me.
I applied again this time to volunteer at Los Cielos & found myself returning just a few months later, this time for a longer, more in depth experience.
I spent 2 months in the jungle, becoming friends with the Shamans & locals, making medicine, sitting with Aya & San Pedro regularly, working with others called to this medicine path & getting the first hand experience of what it is to truly love nature, to be a human being- to BE. Our lives are action & it is so easy to be enrolled in our monotonous system of 9-5, health insurance, “look forward to death because that is when we experience heaven”- type lifestyle here that we forget gratitude for everyday, for just experiencing being a soul in a living body.
Any how, I have seen the beauties of this medicine fulfill much of what I wasn’t able to reach on my own in my settings. I am grateful for the opportunities I received working with the Shaman’s at Los Cielos & the opportunities that these experiences have given me by showing me that we truly are unlimited, our only limits are in ourselves, and if I can friends, you too can break free of these.
Much love to all, I highly suggest experiencing Los Cielos for yourself. It is a genuine Ayahuasca center, devoted to the medicine, to the jungle, to the community & to collective healing.

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