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  • Rozenburg, Netherlands

♥ I*C*U Ayahuasca individual & group ♥

 Individual guiding of Ayahuasca ceremony.
(near Rotterdam, Holland)
Working with the medicine plant with individual guiding for those who are very sensitive and wants special attention.

 spiritual growth,
 emotional and body cleansing,
 trauma’s release,
 inner-child healing
 Re-Connecting with spirit
 life path clearing
 purpose clearness
 and much more…

choose from:
 1 day Ayahuasca ceremony
 1,5 day’s with holotropice breathwork & day Ayahuasca ceremony .
 2,5 day’s retraite with Holotropic breathwork & 2 Ayahuasca ceremony’s
 3,5 days retraite with 2 Ayahuasca ceremony’s+ holotropic breathwork & inner child healing day on the 2th day.
 4,5 days retraite with 3 Ayahuasca ceremony’s+ holotropic breathwork& inner child healing day on the 3th day.

Over me: (EN)
After a long search for meaning I came with my family from Israel to the Netherlands. My wife turned to be seriously ill and eventually I would have to lose her, after taking cared for her for years. It brought me even more to the question: what is really important in my life? And above all: what is my role in it?
It brought me eventually to explore, to heal myself and to find my purpose with the Sacred Voyage with Ayahuasca, what felt like coming home. My vocation became clearer:To give others loving support in their own process of coming home to themselves,from my rich life experience.

I took my first journey in 2011 and many are followd.
I became a guide in big Ayahuasca ceremony organization in the Netherlands and the last 4 years guided many group ceremony’s of Ayahuasca & Iboga.

Since 2015 I guid individual ceremony & groups at my temple.

I have seen by Travelers as a tower of strength, a frank companion, strong, sensitive, supportive, loving, confident and caring.


1 review

5 out of 5 stars
Avi Beker

June 8, 2017

Sonia Ahetal (20 mei om 15:43 · )
Amazing experience I had with you two :),
Thank you for being there for me :).
My dear brother… thank you sooooo much ☀️

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