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Iboga Tree – Healing House

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Listed in Iboga

  • Beja, Portugal

Iboga treatment can be a very effective addiction interrupter, whether for opiate-based (heroin, methadone, Oxycontin etc.) or stimulant based (cocaine, crack, meth etc) forms of substance abuse, as well as for alcoholism. Iboga is also effective in combatting depression, PTSD and OCD and is also a powerful alternative to ayahuasca in terms of psycho-spiritual journeying.

At Iboga Tree Healing House*, our first priority is safety. Very few ibogaine providers operate in a truly medicalised setting. In contrast, we have a fully qualified in-house medical doctor and fully qualified nurses. All our medical team are Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certified. Our pre-treatment screening and rigorously followed exclusion criteria ensure that only those assessed as healthy enough for an ibogaine journey go forward for treatment. In addition, our clients are monitored during treatment 24/7, with continuous ECG measurement.

Aside from safety, we also prioritise a holistic treatment process. This means we offer pre and post treatment counselling as well as a wide range of holistic treatments before and after your iboga journey (holotropic breathwork, equine therapy, yoga, bodywork, kambo etc.) This is to ensure that you set the right intention before your treatment and prepare body, soul and mind for a new life after you leave us.

Finally, we aim to be as affordable as possible, despite our high staff-patient ratio. All our meals are prepared by our expert vegetarian chef, and there are over 9 hectares of grounds to explore. Our retreat is in a dark-sky area and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Each Sunday, we take our guests out for an activity, whether kayaking in the Guadiana river, hiking, boat trips, zip-lining or visiting the nearby ancient stone circle.

Our minimum stay is for 7 days, although a stay of at least 14 days is recommended. We are located just two hours from Lisbon airport in a beautiful Alentejo countryside setting – we pick you up and drop you off.

*Please note that we are now under new management and have changed location from Spain to Portugal, so all reviews prior to July 2018 were related to the former owners.


9 reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

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