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  • Beja, Portugal

Iboga treatment can be a very effective addiction interrupter, whether for opiate-based (heroin, methadone, Oxycontin etc.) or stimulant based (cocaine, crack, meth etc) forms of substance abuse, as well as for alcoholism. Iboga is also effective in combatting depression, PTSD and OCD and is also a powerful alternative to ayahuasca in terms of psycho-spiritual journeying.

At Iboga Tree Healing House*, our first priority is safety. Very few ibogaine providers operate in a truly medicalised setting. In contrast, we have a fully qualified in-house medical doctor and fully qualified nurses. All our medical team are Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certified. Our pre-treatment screening and rigorously followed exclusion criteria ensure that only those assessed as healthy enough for an ibogaine journey go forward for treatment. In addition, our clients are monitored during treatment 24/7, with continuous ECG measurement.

Aside from safety, we also prioritise a holistic treatment process. This means we offer pre and post treatment counselling as well as a wide range of holistic treatments before and after your iboga journey (holotropic breathwork, equine therapy, yoga, bodywork, kambo etc.) This is to ensure that you set the right intention before your treatment and prepare body, soul and mind for a new life after you leave us.

Finally, we aim to be as affordable as possible, despite our high staff-patient ratio. All our meals are prepared by our expert vegetarian chef, and there are over 9 hectares of grounds to explore. Our retreat is in a dark-sky area and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Each Sunday, we take our guests out for an activity, whether kayaking in the Guadiana river, hiking, boat trips, zip-lining or visiting the nearby ancient stone circle.

Our minimum stay is for 7 days, although a stay of at least 14 days is recommended. We are located just two hours from Lisbon airport in a beautiful Alentejo countryside setting – we pick you up and drop you off.

*Please note that we are now under new management and have changed location from Spain to Portugal, so all reviews prior to July 2018 were related to the former owners.


9 reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

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May 12, 2017

Having spent a genuine week with Adam and Edyta in Spain, I can honestly say that reading the obviously fake reviews they have been posting all over the internet makes me feel quite nauseous, as they describe an experience that is so far removed from the one I had with them that I feel like I am living in some kind of parallel universe, so I feel obliged to post this review, as I really cannot sit back and watch others being ripped off and conned by these two fraudsters.

I booked a week at the Iboga Tree healing house for the treatment of cannabis addiction, and on their website, they had a page (which they have since deleted after I showed them up) dedicated to how wonderful their treatment centre is for nicotine addiction, yet when I arrived, the first thing Adam did was roll himself a cigarette, and he proceeded to smoke constantly throughout the entire week, despite claiming on their website that Adam was free of all addiction. When he first did it, he could see by the look on my face how unimpressed I was, yet he tried to explain it away by telling me that he had deep routed issues surrounding his addiction that he had been unable to resolve, yet stated that he is still more than happy to treat nicotine addiction in others. However, if he is unable to resolve his own addictions, quite how he considers himself qualified to charge other people €1500 to help resolve theirs is beyond me, and the second he did that, I felt so cheated, and it immediately destroyed any faith I might have otherwise had in his abilities as an addiction practitioner, but as I had paid my money with my return flight not for a week, I was in an impossible situation, so I had to simply grin and bear it, because if I had said anything, it would have made my time there extremely uncomfortable. From that moment onwards, it was quite apparent that neither Adam or Edyta were in anyway qualified to offer the service they had taken money off me for, or had any training and experience in this field, and the dogs dinner that the rest of the week was to become confirmed my suspicions admirably.

The first thing that became quite apparent was that their treatment centre with medically trained staff they advertised on their website was no such thing; it was just a house they rented which they moved into 2 days before I arrived which they had not got organised. They hadn’t got any internet access installed, despite promising me it on their website, and they never informed me of this beforehand. There were no facilities there at all; indeed they didn’t have so much as a sun lounger so I could lie out in the sun, with the only way I could do so being if I dragged a mattress from one of the spare bedrooms out onto the balcony. Another thing that they seemed to have overlooked is that the house is right next to a racetrack for remote controlled racing cars, and when in use, the noise emanating from it with all the cars racing round the track, even with all the windows closed, was unbearable. I was lucky that no one was using it during my treatment, but if they had, it would have had ruined it and could have been potentially quite damaging, and there is no way they can ever know when that race track is going to be in use because it is open to the public anytime anyone wants to use it.

With regards to the treatment itself, I was given no pre or post-treatment support, nor was I given any preparation for the treatment in any meaningful way. Edyta claims on the website to be a trained therapist, but I certainly saw no evidence of that because I never received any kind of therapy from either of them. I had conversations with them both, (although it was difficult to understand a word Adam was saying because his English pronunciation is appalling) but these were just the kind of conversations I would have with anyone. Before I left for Spain, I was emailed an information sheet about pre-preparation, but not once was this even mentioned after I had arrived, or before treatment. I was given no medical supervision during the treatments, and the first treatment was a total disaster because I was put on old sagging mattress which didn’t support my spine with the springs digging into my back, and within 90 minutes my back was killing me meaning I was unable to lie still, which resulted in my throwing up the iboga before it had an opportunity to do its job. To their credit, they did put me through a second treatment a few days later which was better having got rid of that horrible mattress, but having done ayahuasca many times and having thoroughly researched ibogaine before arriving, I knew what to expect from a full flood dose, and what I experienced was mild to say the least. Suspecting that I had been way under dosed, I made sure I took a careful note of the doses Adam gave me, and when I returned home, I asked for advice on the Ibogaine Universe forum on facebook which is a specialised ibogaine forum frequented by most of the reputable Ibogaine providers, and was told that the doses I was given were ridiculously below what I should have received for a full flood dose, and that the dosing regime was weird to say the least. I informed Adam and Edyta what I had been told, and Adam then proceeded to go onto the forum I posted to in order to post this diatribe consisting of a pack of lies about how I was a troublemaker and that it was all my fault for refusing to recognise their magnificence. He even had the audacity, when I mentioned that I was bored out of my brain because there was nothing to do all week, to suggest that maybe I should have bought some toys with me if I wanted something to play with, which gives you an idea of Adam’s level of maturity. When I publically put him straight on the blatant pack of lies of he told, he obviously realised what a complete fool he’d made of himself and then subsequently deleted his post, but there are plenty of users of that forum who can vouch that he posted it, in fact I can direct you to the thread I created where made an additional post putting him straight on his lies.

Now that I am home, I am even more certain that I was way under dosed because I have since done a full flood dose and the difference was like night and day. With the floods Adam and Edyta did for me, they were very light, I was up and walking within 12 hours, and didn’t really feel it got to the root of my addiction, indeed, when I returned home, I was back on the cannabis within two days which was helped along by the frustration and anger I felt about how badly I had been treated by them. However, when I did the full flood after I returned home, it was a much heavier experience where I was totally incapacitated for 24 hours and am now in a place where I am totally repulsed by cannabis to the point where I will not have cannabis in my home, nor will I allow anyone else to bring it into my home either, but that is no thanks to Adam and Edyta. Obviously the reason why they under dose to such a degree is because they would be taking a huge risk otherwise as a result of not being able to offer any medical monitoring due to them having no medical training, as well as being clueless as to what a full flood dose actually is.

I can honestly say that reading these reviews about how kind and considerate Adam and Edyta were and how delicious the food cooked by “trained Chef” Adam was make me want to throw up. Adam is no trained chef, in fact the meals he cooked for me were as tasteless and bland as they come, and the food all week was of a similar standard. There were other occasions when I had to make my own food because they would both stay in bed until late morning. Indeed, there was one occasion when, after having been up for several hours and wanting breakfast, Edyta finally dragged her sorry carcass out of bed to go the bathroom, and when she got out, I said good morning to her, to which she made an incoherent grunting noise without so much as looking at me and went straight back to bed; so I just cooked my own breakfast. Most of the week I spent sitting around the house on my own bored out of my brain as there was nothing to do and no one to talk to, and the lack of self-awareness required to show such a blatant lack of good manners to paying guests that these two displayed during the week was nothing short of breathtaking, and it does clearly show that they have a lot more work to do on themselves and a ridiculously large amount of experience still to gain before they could consider themselves qualified to do this work.

When I complained to them about my dissatisfaction with the week, especially with regards to my suspicions about their lack of training and experience, they refused to tell me where they trained and what experience they have with regards to ibogaine administration, and instead resorted to their usual tactic of calling me a troublemaker and blaming it all on me for refusing to recognise their magnificence. When I kept pushing them to stay on topic and tell me what training and experience they had, they then ignored my emails, and it is quite clear that they simply read a book on the ibogaine and thought that all they had to do was rent a house and set up a website which magically turned them qualified ibogaine practitioners. Indeed, I can tell you which book they learnt it from as they suggested I read it, and they pretty much follow the instructions contained in it to the letter, albeit not as thoroughly. It’s a very short book called “Ibogaine; Freedom from addiction Naturally” by She D’Montford, and if you read that, you will know as much about ibogaine as Adam and Edyta do. No one in the ibogaine community has ever heard of these two and they appeared out of nowhere with no background in any of the skills required for this type of work.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that they don’t have a reliable supplier for their iboga extract and ibogaine HCL. They buy their products from a company who does not have lab tested products, and the Ibogaine Universe forums are full of people who say that the quality of their products are inconsistent at best. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the company concerned as they are excellent for boosters, but any reputable provider would have a reliable source of lab tested iboga products for flood doses, and the reason they don’t is because they are inexperienced and don’t have any real contacts in this industry. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any financial recourse through PayPal because their dispute terms and conditions do not cover a dissatisfaction with the quality of a service if the service has been given, so it looks like I am going to have to get myself a solicitor and take legal action against them, which I will do because I am not prepared to tolerate being ripped off by these pair of fraudsters, however, I do understand that their account is now under investigation for using PayPal for illegal activities.

So to conclude, Adam and Edyta, are a pair of rude, unqualified, hypocritical, unprofessional Muppets who should be avoided at all costs. It will be interesting to see whether they respond to this review in the same way they did on the Ibogaine Universe forums by rubbishing my character and telling lies about me to cover up their own shortcomings, but if they do, they are sending out a very clear message as to how you can expect to be treated if you are not happy with the service you receive from them, but the one thing they won’t do it explain what qualifications, experience and training they have that qualifies them to do this work, or how they can justify putting people though floods using products of inconsistent, untested strength, because they can’t, and that is the fundamental issue that should decide whether or not you should use their services, because if I had been given the full butt-kicking flood dose I paid for and was promised, I could have forgiven pretty much everything else.

If anyone requires any further information about these two, or of my experience with them, please join the IBOGAINE UNIVERSE!!!! facebook group which I regularly frequent, and post a note asking for my attention, as I would be more than happy to do anything I can to avoid anyone else being ripped off by these two fraudsters, and I also have a copy of the webpage they deleted about their nicotine addiction treatments if anyone wants a good laugh. I have posted here using my real name which I also post on facebook with.

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