Iboga Healing Traditional Shamanic Ceremonies

Iboga Healing Traditional Shamanic Ceremonies

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  • Costa Rica
Min. Cost: 3,000
Max. Cost: 4,000

Iboga Healing is a traditional Shamanic Iboga center located in the Northern Pacific region of Costa Rica. Our staff are initiated by the Bwiti tribe of Gabon, Africa, and have worked together treating hundreds of people. It is our passion to help others find happiness and connection through this plant medicine. Iboga can allow participants to experience transformational healing, successfully overcoming depression, anxiety, addiction, and many other modern ailments.

This powerful bitter has the ability to detoxify the body, facilitating recovery from disease and sustaining overall wellness. At Iboga Healing, we use the intact root bark of the plant, which contains all the alkaloids, rather than ibogaine, which is a man made derivative.

The Bwiti people teach us to use the Root of the Iboga plant to get to the Root of what is holding us back from living our lives to our full potential.


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