Hermanosis Retreat Center

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  • Villanueva de la Vera, Spain
Min. Cost: 330 week end retreat
Max. Cost: 1180 one week Diet

In the present, spirituality is no longer a taboo. However, there is still a long way to go in our society, to guarantee people respect and true guidance, in their intention to reconnect with the spirit and heal the wounds of the soul. For this reason, we choose to open our doors, to integrate different disciplines, therapists and healers, who adhere to our ethical code, develop an authentic discipline with verifiable results, and consist of the suitability and humility of heart to accompany another human being in his healing.

Our purpose:

Like our ancestors, we recognize that behind every way of life there is a spirit, and our mission is to support human beings live a life connected to that spirit. We understand that the experience of being human is an opportunity to capture the gifts, which we already are in essence. Reconnecting with the spirit’s strength allows us to receive your support to self-realize, and thus enjoy a meaningful life.

Our way:

Faithful to the traditions of the native peoples and their legacy, Hermanosis has the purpose of receiving all the disciplines, religions and philosophies that work for the development of the human conscience, through humility, sincerity and sentiment. Unity: “If a brother is wrong, I am wrong. If a brother is fine, I’m fine. ”

Who we are and how we do:

Somos Todos Hermanosis is an Association for Human Development founded at the beginning by Esteban Kutzwor and Claudio Kutzwor. We believe that there is no single discipline that is the panacea and can address all corners of the human being, without weak points. In addition, we understand that the affinities of each person must be loved and honored. That is, consulted and taken into account when proposing a discipline to address their situation. From that understanding, we propose different techniques, which can treat the same situation from different angles. We do it so that each person can choose the way that resonates within them: the protagonist is always the seeker and its repair. The facilitators and their disciplines are loving articulators secondary to their service.
We seek to include approaches for the encounter with the spirit in the different stages of the human being: for the well-being of the body, the mind, and the soul. For harmony in their relationship with themselves and with all their relationships.
Our commitment is with Peace, Freedom and Diversity.

Shamanic Amazonian Diet

Diet is the deepest, strongest and most effective therapeutic work of traditional Amazonian medicine

Consists in:
Retreat in the bush for at least 7 days
Absence of physical / mental effort
Daily intake of master plants chosen according to need.
Energy care (ritual, rules, abstinence)
Strict diet
Social and sensory isolation
Accompaniment and supervision
It is a purification retreat of the body and the soul

Calendar for 2019
from 7 to 19 April DIET
from 19 to 26 May DIET

from 4 August to 1 September Summer diet.


5 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

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